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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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31/05/2014 at 16:12

Glad you're back in bed and resting and sleeping well Caro, we must make sure we keep posting regularly to keep you entertained!

Hubby's taken kids out on bikes and I said I'd catch up but have just walked down to the park and back and no sign!  Oh well. 

Yeay to just one baby too Hoggle 

TT - I hated people commenting on the size of my bump, and given how big Sophie was I must have been pretty huge but obviously didn't need to be told that in my fragile hormonal state !

Feeling a bit fragile and hormonal today for some reason.  I just saw pictures of our PTA chair's hen do which I hadn't expected to be invited to as we haven't know each other that long (she took over as Sophie's teacher in Jan and I help one morning a week, plus there are 3 or 4 of us on the PTA who have got much closer recently) but I was very miffed to see several other PTA members there .  I know I'm just being silly and she's known some of them far longer than me (as in, years), but others not so long and I had thought I was counted in amongst them.  Feels a bit school playground-ish to even say it but it got to me for some reason.  Anyway, another friend who did go has assured me it's nothing personal and they'd been keeping it quiet as they felt awkward about others not being invited - then one of them plasters photos all over Facebook!  Stupid how I can still get jealous/upset over friendships at my age .  I don't hold it against her at all, I know how awkward it is doing invites for weddings!  Just me being silly. *pull yourself together woman*

Sophie's already started pestering me about what her birthday cake is going to be after some supplies arrived today!  I was going to make it a surprise, but she's pestering me so much I might just tell her - I can't take 2 weeks of this!  I'm going to make a basic Frozen cake, just blue icing with white snowflakes, is what I was thinking, with a couple of characters that I've bought on top.  My main fear is if I tell her then it all goes wrong and I have to make up something else!

31/05/2014 at 16:19
Camlo, so sorry to hear that. Hugs to you and make sure you do take time out for yourself to grieve. Always sad, even when expected.

Caro, glad you slept well. You needed it after all the sleepless nights lately, drug-induced or not! What's your treatment plan going forward? And what's your biggest indulgence so I can bring it when I come and visit you? And Breast Cancer Care it is for fundraising!

In other news, Kit's been for his first-ever run with me earlier. 1:12 miles and took about 13 minutes with a few stops, but he was SO enthusiastic and insisted on keeping on going. Seems very tired now though, maybe we overdid it? He runs around at Beavers and karate for ages though with no problem but he has also had swimming this morning. Have given him a drink and snack but he hasn't perked up much. Good job hubby isn't here - he's racing at Peterborough Regatta today - as he doesn't really approve of Kit wanting to run at this age. Can't see any harm in it though - MM's twins seem to be doing amazingly. Can see them being the next Brownlees!

CM how's the new job going?

Tatty, are you only going back to work short-term then? Hope it goes well.
31/05/2014 at 16:22

Oh yes Camlo, so sorry to hear your sad news .

Minks - if he wanted to then it sounds ok to me.  He might just need to relax for the rest of the afternoon!

31/05/2014 at 17:51

Yes, Minks, only going back to serve out my notice so I don't have to pay back my maternity pay Well done to Kit on his run! I took JP the other day (have done quite a few times) and he slept very well that night I guess they are pretty good at telling you when they've had enough!

Looking forward to the race report, Caro

Sorry Hoggle, missed to say congratulations and phew on the scan! Such a relief to get the first one out of the way - the 'is there really a baby in there' one, as I call it! Although with the way you've been feeling so yucky there can have been no doubt! 

Grrrrr to big bump comments, had a few of those ever 


31/05/2014 at 18:53
Camio (( )) its not easy losing grandparents

Caro - glad you're home, had a good sleep and feeling like using an iPad. All good signs! Get used to these lazy Saturdays for the next wee while

Hoggle - yay that all well and its a solo bubba.

TattyB, good luck for Tuesday!
31/05/2014 at 19:57
Also totally forgot to say congrats to Hoggle and phew that there's just the one!

Tatty, yay to giving up work as I don't think you were enjoying it that much? There are days I'd love to be doing the same but most of the time I do actually like my job and enjoy having other things to focus my attention on. I do find trying to juggle everything all the time makes me very tired though. Saying that I don't help myself as I never manage an early night. Early for me is 11pm and I'm up 6:15am most days. Don't even get a lay-in at weekends! Today was especially rude as hubby had to be up at 5am to get to his regatta, and still had the light on turning the bedroom upside down trying to find his racing licence at 12:30 last night ... Zzzzz.

JG, don't take it personally. I tend to be similarly paranoid about friendships but most of the time the paranoia is unjustified.
31/05/2014 at 20:47

So……my race report J  Not quite as exciting as having a baby, and probably not as gory as I was asleep for all the gory bits.

Hubby drove me to the hosp and we were there well before 7.  I was checked in along with a couple of other women (1 v old, the other prob in her 50s) who I recognized from the scan the day before.  We were shown to a waiting room where I had visions of spending many hours but within 10 mins was shown to my own room with ensuite loo.  Hubby had gone by this point, and I was being asked loads of questions by this really odd man.  I have no idea what his qualifications were (if any!) and he clearly had no idea what he was doing!  He was checking my blood pressure, temp and oxygen sats but was looking at the machine as if he had never used it before, and struggling to find the right buttons.  Then he was asking the same questions I had answered many many times, (allergies, religion, husband’s phone no, etc etc) but then looking at the huge pile of paperwork he had in front of him as if he had no idea where to write the answers.  He was Nigerian with a v strong accent, and never once cracked a smile – not a great 1st impression!  Someone did come and check on him periodically, as tell him that he was doing this wrong and that wrong……..when he asked me how much alcohol I drank I jokingly said a lot, and he totally fixated on that and kept asking me if I really drank a lot.  And when he asked my religion he then asked if I went to church every Sunday, if I took my kids to church etc etc – not any of his business!

Fortunately the real people saved me.  First came the anaesthetist, again asking the same old questions, she seemed pleasant enough but when I started asking questions that made it apparent I knew what she was talking about she became a bit more friendly.  Then came a female surgeon who I hadn’t met before, who got me to sign the consent form.  She did it an interesting way – rather than say to me ‘this is what you are having done, please sign the form’ she asked me what I thought was happening – a good way to make sure the patient knows exactly what is going to be done to them!  Fortunately I got the answer right.  She drew on me a big black arrow pointing to my left boob and did dots around the tumour.  Then the consultant surgeon appeared with the breast care nurse, and declared that I couldn’t possibly wait in the room I was in as it was far too hot (it was like an oven) and that I’d be crispy by the time he operated on me.

31/05/2014 at 20:47

So he proceeded to turn on a fan and fling all the doors open and leave them open so my nice, private room was suddenly open to the world.  However there weren’t too many people walking around so it was ok.  I was hot and thirsty and people made various noises about me not being done till 1.30 so I could possibly have some water.  But then after about 45 mins of no water they then said actually its your turn now, and this was about 10am.  So then weird guy and some other woman came back to escort me to the operating theatre – they didn’t know where it was!  The instructions were clear – she’s in theatre 2 but she checks in in theatre 4.  So they bumbled around, finally found theatre 2 and took me in there, even though that wasn’t the plan.  So we were escorted out of there and into waiting area of 3 and 4 and I was given a bed.  Then I had several more people come and check that I was who I was supposed to be and that I had black marks drawn on me, before someone came over to say they were ready for me.  I was wheeled across the corridor to the anaesthetic room and had a random chat about dogs and cats with the anaesthetist and theatre nurse.  The anaesthetist was from Calcutta and the surgeon is definitely from some part of the indian sub continent – you do feel like your’e in the minority being white in that hospital I tell you!  I was given iv fentanyl which we use as a strong pain reliever at work and the room started spinning, and then before I knew it someone was saying my name and it was all over.  I woke up feeling very comfy (the beds are great!) and in no pain – I later discovered I’d had morphine hence the no pain!  I was in recovery for 3 hrs partly as there were no beds to move me to and partly as my BP was low (normal for me) so they wanted me to have more fluids before they moved me.  Eventually at about 3pm I was moved to a nice, sunny ward, I had the space by the window and the door was open to a balcony, so lots of fresh air.

Hubby cycled over to visit me and stayed for a bit before going home to deal with kiddies.  The consultant came round about 5.30 to tell me he was happy with how things had gone, he thinks he took good margins, the tumour came away cleanly, and he only removed one lymph node which was large but looked normal (I’m not reading anything into that as I don’t want to get my hopes up!) and he said I could go home.  Oh I forgot another cool bit – another thing they do to locate the correct lymph node to remove is they inject blue dye into the boob – which then gets excreted via the kidneys so I was weeing blue for a day.  My boob will be blue for a while and it is also orange, I assume from whatever they use to sterilize the skin before surgery.  

31/05/2014 at 20:47

After a while I asked the nurse when I could go – good thing I did as she was oblivious to the fact that the surgeon had been and seen me!  Then she couldn’t find my notes……..anyway, I eventually left at about 8, which was fine.  The bed was comfy and I wasn’t in any real hurry once I knew I didn’t have to stay the night. 

I am sore, I am doing gentle arm exercises, but cant stretch up with my left arm and am holding it very protectively.  If someone whacked my boob I can imagine it would hurt!  It’s rather bigger that the other one, which is surprising.  I can’t really see it as it has a dressing on, but I am hoping its swelling and it will go down as I look rather uneven!  And it feels like when you first have a baby and your milk comes in – really big, solid and heavy.  I have a dressing change on Mon and have to keep it dry till then.  Should get the results back a week on Wednesday……….

31/05/2014 at 21:13

So my overall impression is certainly positive.  The people that mattered knew what they were doing, were professional but kind.  But I can imagine if you are not used to a medical environment, and are intimidated by medical professionals then it would probably be a pretty scary place to be.  


31/05/2014 at 22:38

That's a very mixed race report Caro but glad it was ultimately positive. what a day for you though. I hope you've been ok today, not too much pain. X

31/05/2014 at 23:23

Glad it went well Caro.

Camlo    pirate
31/05/2014 at 23:27

Agree with EF- sounds positive Caro. Hope you sleep well again tonight. 

Thanks for your thoughts ladies - was ok all day and even did my sprint tri but got really upset by my stupid aunty and then opened one of my nans cast off mags and it has her writing on all the puzzles. Hubby has taken kids to his parents, my own mum is on a jolly in germany (and isnt coming home early!?!) and my plans to see my grandad tomorrow are wrecked as he has to take said stupid aunty home. 

01/06/2014 at 07:38
Oh sounds like there are a few annoying things going on when you really don't need them Camlo xx

Glad it all went to plan Caro without too much faffing although getting asked the same questions over again always makes me wonder if anyone knows what they are up to!! Hope the dressing change tomorrow is ok too.

Now we are local we have my dad and step mum and my aunt coming for dinner tonight, it was my dads birthday yesterday so its nice to be able to do this kind of thing. I should really go for a run but am feeling not that enthusiastic!!
01/06/2014 at 11:47
Have ventured as far as waitrose and am drinking free coffee whilst using their wifi. Hubby and mum have taken kids to maldon (Essex coast) for day to leave me in peace. Feeling much less sore, arm has greater range of movement and can actually get dressed without wincing in pain.
Mum is actually being helpful, really nice not to worry about cooking or washing up at all, and not feeling guilty about it. Hubby is doing almost everything child related, so am glad my mum can do the other stuff otherwise he would be literally having to do everything.
Realised this morning that I don't think i've been to the loo in 3 days.... (sorry TMI ) but most unusual for me. so if still same tomorrow when I see nurse I will mention it and no doubt be given something delightful...

Hope things are better today camlo. Must have been hard to have seen your nan's hand writing. My mum's answer machine still mentions my step dad on it almost 2 yrs after he died-i guess it's hard to erase these things without feeling like you're erasing the person.

Kinsey there was a young woman in the bed opposite me with a huge cast on her leg-and they still drew arrows all over her to make sure they knew what leg it was!! It was kind of obvious....when I had the scan on Thurs the technician got the wrong boob to begin with but I did point out her error rather quickly!

My boob is definitely getting bigger-even Matilda noticed it this morning!! But I did read that swelling can take 6-8 wks to go down so am not too worried-yet!
01/06/2014 at 11:49
Oh and minks I think that's really cool about Kit-he's definitely old enough to do a bit of running, as long as they enjoy it.

We ordered M's new isla bike for her b day and it's coming tomorrow. Went for the smaller of the first gear ones. We are going thirds with my mum and dad so that makes it a bit less pricey.
01/06/2014 at 13:47

Glad it wasn't too bad of an experience Caro and that you seem to be recovering well and have help on hand. Was thinking about you a lot last night.

We did the CRUK relay for life last night. Always big here, over 2000 people walking which is 10% of our population. Was a lovely calm night. Very emotional, especially the survivors lap of honour and all the memorial candle bags circling the inside of the track (was held at the athletics track). Strong message of hope. I walked all night, bar a few refreshment and toilet breaks, put kids to bed breaks but other than that 12 hours of walking. Wish I'd worn the garmin to see how many miles!! But that wasn't the point. As you might have seen the kids walked too and we were lucky to get the caravan right next to the track so they went to bed, the little three lasted until midnight and the older three walked  until 4am then we got them all up for the finish.

Anyhoo, by the time we got home it was almost 11am. Have managed a couple of hours snoozing and now have to get ready for a friends 50th birthday bbq! Yawn.

Camlo (()) so sorry to hear about your Nan.

01/06/2014 at 19:50
Caro - glad it has gone ok and am very glad your mum is useful

Camlo - hugs. I think your nan basically brought you up didn't she? I know you were very close. I am so sorry
01/06/2014 at 19:53
Re running - I think they say no more than 2k for under 10s? Can't remember exactly. Our local parkrun does junior version at 2k tho so assuming it is less than that that you are doing it should be fine minks.
01/06/2014 at 20:35

Interesting race report Caro, certainly sounds a bit scary to me with medical professionals not seeming to know what they're doing or where they're going !  You sounded very calm throughout.  Love the blue boob .  I have wonky boobs anyway, they were already slightly wonky then I had 2 kids and only one working milk-boob for both (the bigger one of course!), which has resulted in one getting more stretched than the other!  Not sure anyone else would notice but I do!

Thanks Minks, I know I am a silly paranoid thing at times, especially when it comes to feeling left out of groups.

TB - exactly what I did after Sophie, spent many hours poring over school calendars working out how many weeks part-time I would need to go back for!  Went back just before Easter and basically finished in July, with Easter hols, half-term and summer hols all counting towards my 13 weeks .  It was a tough decision but I've never had any regrets, other than the salary!  People often ask me if I'll go back and I can't bring myself to say definitely no, but really I have no intention of ever going back into secondary schools.

Had a tough but good 5.5 mile run this morning - pretty warm by the end!  Lovely to run in the sunshine for once.  ITB feels a bit sore but it's all definitely much improved on how it was.  Then came home and mowed the lawn and washed the manky water play table and patio table (we no longer have a patio so it doesn't get used!), and did some Avon with Nicky.  Shattered now!  Hubby went and bought us all chips for tea though .

Back to school tomorrow, at least I've got the ironing done for once!  Weird to think it's Nicky's last half-term in nursery before he starts school...

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