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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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27/07/2013 at 08:10
Good shopping Camlo!
27/07/2013 at 08:39

Golly, you picked the wrong night to go to Westfield! The athletics was very good, although I have to say that the event it replaced (Diamond League at Crystal Palace) was much better from a spectator point of view (and a lot cheaper). Thanks to the Olympic effect, they can get away with charging twice as much and putting on half the events that they used to.

I managed to get home in 35 minutes by pelting out of the stadium after Bolt had done his stuff and running to the tube station. I didn't fancy being stuck behind thousands of people queuing for the tube.

Looks like we'll get soaked today though - thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon!

27/07/2013 at 09:11

Ooh, just ran!  Must make more effort to get out there, bloody baby had me up twice in the night and the other two woke at 5.30am so enthusiasm for exercise is seriously lacking!

27/07/2013 at 10:06

Caro - the receipt tells me that I got a trek domane 4.5  C WSD 47cm in white shell /rage red! Defo entering the sprint  tri in Aberystwyth now and thinking my ironman may come in the form of the Tenby long weekend this time next year...... all fired up. 

Yippee to seeing athletics RB, not good about cost and having to leg it just to beat the queues (good that you can though!!).

Fab running Kinsey - small things make a difference and even if you are knackered just a wee run will lift you. 

Good luck  CM today and hope everyone has a fab weekend! 

27/07/2013 at 11:02
TT - happy birthday to Nat! What a beautiful young woman she is.

Kinsey - ha, was just coming on here to ask if you'd sorted B's sleep, and if so, how. O was awake at midnight, 3, 5 and 6, and then slept until about 10 - which obviously I couldn't! She has had a streaming cold, but I'm not sure why she's waking so much - have tried less clothes in case she's too hot, more clothes in case she's cold, with sleeping bag, without sleeping bag, etc etc! I'm shattered, and it's seriously affecting my patience levels with the rest of the family. The other two have at least been sleeping really well, but who knows what will happen when we go away.
27/07/2013 at 11:22

Thank you Vixo, still struggling with her being referred 

to as a woman tho , my baby . So glad she is more 

interested in her school work than boys, feel sorry for Mums 

who have to deal with boyfriends with their teenage girls much 

younger than Nat.

27/07/2013 at 11:29

My Mum was married and 3months pregnant with me 

when she was Nat's age. Altho turned out a good thing for my Mum 

as she got ill at 30, which was obviously easier having 2 children over 10, she could have had 2 toddlers to deal with or not have bn able 

to have kids at all if hadn't had her kids so young

27/07/2013 at 11:36

Vixo - its his molars so I can hardly blame him.  Mine have all been quite rubbish until they got their teeth.  I medicated him early evening and at 2 in the morning but he was also quite sweaty at one point.  He is a lot better generally and when he's on better form I just go back to shush and pat without lifting him, however when he yowls like its hurting that all goes out the window!

TT - funny you mention that about boyfriends.  Martha has been kissing boys at school which I am discouraging, but should I be worrying?

Nat does indeed look gorgeous!

27/07/2013 at 20:03

We are at the para event tomorrow. Yet again we missed out on tickets for friday and sat. I am so peeved about the whole thing tbh given how much time I give up as an athletics coach and my boys well Harry especially is very talented. Nevermind far too much hype. We'll go to something less hyped next year like the tour which tbh excites the boys far more, but at least they finally get to see the stadium.

On here realy to ask if CC and maybe Lotte can recommend light hydration systems. I am going for an off road marathon event in October but also with this heat would like something I can run easily with for long runs. I am not fond of the whole rucksac thing and had an awesome camelbak waist with tubes and sac not bottles but they don't make it anymore and its rotted in the cupboard. Bought one in desperation after a horrific hot run last week which left me an awful tummy, and its just not good so have sent it back today.

I have been diagnosed with early menopause and have been suffering from quite bad depression, massive highs then massive lows, hence not been here, plus no time at mo. Just about OK but looking at options. So pleased I've made my running decision to avoid time based road events for now. Pretty OK this weekend but was sooo bad Monday and Tuesday. HRT is not an option (well it is but not going there!!) so looking at others with a lass in the club who has had depression previously and is a nutriontist.

Hope all good. Been reading a bit and kids of know whats going on. CM you are a far better Mum then I. I think I get by but I do shout and I'm not fond of too much mess, but am fine not in my house etc. So mud baths etc in westonbirt on walks etc as long as I can get it all off and clothes changed before they hit the car!!!  I am not great with craft but they make massive pictures now which span the whole house, stuck together with sellotape and I just let that go. Sophie and Harry also mad for dressing up. Amazing mixed up costumes.

Right best sort the grumps going on with the boys as I just turned off the Wii in the middle of a football match. Bad Mum!!  It is 8pm though...


27/07/2013 at 20:56

Nice to hear from you MM - hope the work is not getting you down - or at least trying to fit it all in around the work rather than the work itself.  As for the tour next yr, it literally is going past the end of my rd so if anyone wants to come and stake out a good place to watch with us you're more than welcome!  It's on a Monday so I'm hoping they take the kids out from the school, but maye the logistics of that would be too hard.

I'm not that fussed about not going last night or today, partly coz I dud see so much olympics, but also because the chaos last night with people trying to get back to the tube was so bad compared to the olympics I think it would have really pissed me off.  

Had yet another barney with hubby tonight as am getting slight stressed about packing for holiday.....maybe he bore the brunt of my hormones  Poor man.


27/07/2013 at 22:52

Hi MM, good to hear from you even if life does sound pretty stressful.  It's a bit of a short straw option being a woman sometimes, I have had some unpleasant night sweats which just make me realise its next stop menopause.  Hope you can find a fix!

27/07/2013 at 23:02

Well the athletics was great again today. We went prepared for a downpour but it was roasting hot instead. So crowded, though, and the Usain Bolt hype is just silly - three hours of top class athletics and then, as soon as he come on to the track just to line up, everybody is on their feet taking pictures with their silly big iPad cameras.

Top tip is to get the DLR from Straford International afterwards - no queues.

It's not hard to get tickets for the London Diamond League MM. Just go on the UK Athletics e-mailing list and you get priority booking when the tickets go on sale in February.

28/07/2013 at 21:36
JT - I'm not sure what's wrong with her! We've all had a cold so I think it's that, but it will be interesting to see what she's like when we're away, and my husband has certainly had awful hayfever this year. I think though, that she's probably just not going to be a great sleeper!
28/07/2013 at 21:51

((MM)). Hope you manage to have a nice birthday though - hopefully you will have some fun and that will make everything seem a bit better

I have had a wicked weekend - did the ThunderRun 24 in Catton Park. The first few hours were blisteringly hot. One of the guys in our team did two back to back laps (2x10k) and got heat exhaustion. And then the thunder and lightning started at about 6pm and it didn't stop lashing it down until about 4.30am so it turned the course into a complete quagmire. I did the first lap in the blistering heat at 12 noon; and then I was supposed to do one at 9.30pm and another one at 4am, but the schedule got all screwed by a missed handover, someone taking 3 hours to do a lap, and I ended up just doing one at midnight (after I had been woken up about 20 mins before, having had 2 cans of stella at 8pm-ish thinking I wouldn't have to run until 4am!). It was truly the hardest thing I've ever done. I did it in walking boots as I have no trail shoes. The mud was up to my shins as was the water in places. It was pitch black (obvs) but I did have a torch. However, it was such a battle to stay upright.

So I only did 2 laps in total (2 of the guys did 3 laps, but the rest of the team of 8 only got 2 in); so it wasn't arduous in terms of mileage, but it was absolutely mental. Once the rain stopped, the sun came out again and then the people who ran in the morning were struggling with the heat PLUS energy sapping mud up to their shins!!

28/07/2013 at 21:59

Helloooo, have been away far too long, but I got back from holiday and was so overwhelmed with everything that it's been easier to lurk than post!!!

Loved reading EF and Lotte's race reports!!  Wow to EF, that was all pretty full-on - but amazing too and I love his name (and yes, I was figuring it was a boy after all your 'subtle' hints') .  Awesome running Lotte for your debut Great Glen race - and a race record set for others including yourself to try and beat - fantastic!  Sounds like you cruised past everyone

JT: I think you were talking about life jackets re an inflatable canoe? We have two Yak buoyancy aids, so not life jackets and therefore no head supports, but that is what we got last year when we started taking our two out in the kayaks - they have under-leg straps and are fully adjustable etc.  Just as well seeing as we have now purchased second-hand off a guy hubby works with, a 16 ft Canadian Canoe - came complete with two adult buoyancy aids and paddles and other bits and bobs.

MM: bugger to the hormones, but I guess the plus (if there can be one!) is that it has been diagnosed ... my mum struggled for years as even though she'd had all the tests that said she was early-menopause; the bl**dy consultant (a woman) wouldn't help her because she was still having periods and told her to basically get on with it!! Big hugs though, being a big sufferer of hormonal mood swings I totally get how it must feel. Any nutritional tips welcome!  Hydration packs - well I have several (what a surprise) - a cheapo one I got from Tchibo (don't exist any more), but my main small one is this although I didn't pay £70, nearer £50. Is perfect for all my events needing minimal kit and doesn't have a waist belt (I hate them as never sit right). Do you have a Go Outdoors nearby - often have quite a selection.  Agree with JT that taking the foot off the gas with a change of direction will be fantastic - I think it's time you just enjoyed your running ... you have so much else going on.

Hayfever: yes, they said it was going to be pretty hideous this year because Spring and Summer were delayed so it all came at once. I think most of us will agree with that? I don't get wheezing or sneezy but I definitely know my lungs are not working as well as they should, even with the hayfever stuff!

28/07/2013 at 22:02

Ummm, what else ... CAMLO has bought a fabby new bike = yay and is all fired up for Ironman = fantastic, you put me to shame ...

... I have pulled out of my triathlon ... have done no swim or bike training and currently just about keeping some run training going (without that treadmill I'd be going insane!).  Feel annoyed and frustrated but with life as it is, holidays are never going to be good training-wise for a few more years yet - of course, there is always the vague hope we will live together again sometime soon!!

Vixo - is getting no sleep, nooooo, this is not good and makes me very horrible (almost as bad as when I don't run!)

RF - looks like she was having a fab time down in Aviemore/Glenmore on holiday - are you back yet?

Hoggle - are you being operated on yet or has it been and gone?

28/07/2013 at 22:07

Our trip South was manic - as expected. Great to see everyone but tbh all a bit too much and as usual as shattered upon return as when I left!!  Waddington Air Show was the start of the heatwave so we all baked there. Was even hotter at my sisters so we canned our plans to explore London, bit stressful as her hubby lost his job while we were there so they are sweating a bit (and so are we as they pay our rent!), but great for the cousins to catch up with each other.

Lovely time with mum and dad (and a few days with hubby but without kids), walking stretches of the Dorset Coastal Path and jumping in the sea whenever we could. Then starting to head North stopping in Coventry for more family catching up and hubby meeting us so we could then head up to the Lakes and our Yurt short break. Man did we need those few days on our own - wish we'd had longer, but hey ho. So more throwing ourselves in rivers and lakes and exploring and drinking wine etc before coming home.

28/07/2013 at 22:10

Parents/parenting ... hmmm ... I shout far too much but my kids know I love them, in fact we joke about it quite a bit, I should shout less but hey, I'm human and I am quite stressed at the moment.  I had a great upbringing - but that doesn't mean it was all calmness and sweetness - far from it - my dad was away loads with work, often last minute, and frequently longer than intended so mum sailed the ship and it was rocky at times. But my sister and I were loved and knew it.  I don't mind mess, but I am way better at entertaining when we are outside.

28/07/2013 at 22:17

Running - why the hell did I bite the bait Lotte dangled of an ultra in the Lakes ... training ... oh am I worried ... I did a 15-miler yesterday morning, the longest run I've done since Lairig Ghru, you'd think I hadn't run at all in the last four weeks - I can't tell you how much it hurt!!! Just hoping I can get a couple of proper proper long expeditions out over next few weeks.

Did awesome run one morning in Lakes though, from campsite, 6.5 mile loop up onto fell behind Rydal - from sea level, up to 500m in first KM , didn't run much of that KM, and reminded me how much power walking I'll be doing in this ultra. Have purchased nice shiny new vest pack with birthday money though as current one won't be big enough for essential kit I'll have to carry ...

right, now I've bored you all to tears I will bugger off

Big orienteering comp going on up here Scottish Six Days, so we have 3500 orienteers currently residing in and around Forres. I was helping on information desk last night for four hours , good fun though - especially dealing with the Russian who had arrived by bike, speaking little English, and having no accommodation plans, just a sleeping bag.  Taking the kids round some courses tomorrow but don't think I'll get any in myself , but by the time the World Championships come to Inverness in 2015 the kids will bebig enough to fend for themselves a bit more hopefully and I might get a look in ...

28/07/2013 at 22:19

blimey CM - that sounds fantastic - in the way that things a bit mental are!!! Sounds like you had a ball  well done

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