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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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01/06/2014 at 21:50
Gah cc - your hubby is off for a week with the boys?? You are tooooooo good to him. And for your friend. And wow to your kids' mile splits.
02/06/2014 at 01:32

Wow CC, your life really is turning into an episode of Eastenders isn't it?  A lot to deal with at the moment, especially solo. Hope you get some respite this week. 

Caro, can't add anything that hasn't already been said. Glad you have good support at the moment. I can't believe you faced it all alone on Friday, I wouldn't have been up to that myself. More hugs and hope you sleep well tonight. 

02/06/2014 at 06:18
Wow what a fabulous weekend!! 3 nights in Taupo with old old school friends and husbands and kids (been friends with the 5 other girls for more than 20 years).
Matilda had the time of her life - 4 other kids (2,3,4 &5) and they got on incredibly esp considering they're from 3 families and never met before.
Stunning weather so lots of parks, walks etc and lots and lots of sitting around talking and laughing - very good for the soul!!
Planning on making it an annual thing and feeling v grateful to have such fab friends.

Caro I'm so pleased that you've come through the operation well AND that your mum is stepping up and being the help you need! It does sound quite faulty towers at times at the hospital though!!!

Camlo very sorry to hear about your Nanny - very sad regardless of how expected it was.

CM how was the first few days at work?

Right, I need to lay down - totally exhausted (was sick this morning for first time in a week which suggests I've been overdoing it!)
02/06/2014 at 06:24
Morning! Can't remember if I mentioned Alan is running more and practically ran into a wild boar and her brood last week? We have a massive hill to run up here, I went up it yesterday and my legs are in shock today! It also comes complete with a firing range!

CC I think you are right to suggest your friend sees someone for counselling as it's pretty unusual to say that you regret your children, even if you think it!! But then I also know some people don't really get in with motherhood, horrible for your friend to be going through. And your other friend with MS, although as a paramedic maybe she knows there are worse things that can happen? Hard to stay positive though. Plus difficult conversations for you to be having!

Caro, hope recovery is going well, glad your mum is doing helpful practical stuff!

Still recovering from dinner last night when my Aunt (61) gave us far too much detail about her sex life!!!! She and my Dad can pack the wine away too!
02/06/2014 at 11:05
Lol to tmi from Auntie.

Caro so glad it has all gone well and ur Mum being a big help.

CC - wow u have a strange assortment of friends. Think ur friend having trouble with lack of maternal instinct needs to see gp before throwing a bomb in her family. Very sad! Feel for ur paramedic friend, have nothing but good things to say about paramedics. My Mum has met quite a few and they have all bn fabulous. Her only memory of having her fit a few months back was coming to on stretcher and paramedic was whispering in her ear that everything was going to b ok, she was safe and they were going to look after her. Just go to sleep and they would take care of her. Makes me cry everytime I think about it. Wonderful, kind people who treat people with compassion and dignity when they r at their most vulnerable. Like already bn said they must see some horrific things and no doubt go home most days feeling blessed not to b in the situations that they have come across that day.
02/06/2014 at 17:42

Yes I have moments like that with Facebook!  Am no longer friends with a group because of playground antics, and hence I have no contact with them at all.  I seem to be "friends" with far too many people who live locally but I never see, as clearly we have nothing much in common!  But then there's the whole politics of "unfriending" someone...

Just gave the kids jacket potato, cheese, baked beans and salami for tea.  Sophie instantly complained she didn't like it so I told her in that case she was getting nothing - she cried then ate it !  So sick of her reaction to unknown foods, been going on since she was 2!  And now it sets a bad example to Nicky, who is far more adventurous.

Wow CC, some real issues for you to deal with amongst your friends.  How old are your IVF friend's kids?  She must have some underlying issues to want to leave them, no matter how non-maternal she thinks she is.  Makes me so sad to think of families breaking up but it does happen far too often.  If anything, my own family breaking up has made me more determined to stick together as a family.

Hope you're ok Camlo.  Sending hugs your way.

JT - bummer about having to wait another year, but at least you can take your time and have a good look around, and hopefully get invited to some interviews at good schools.

02/06/2014 at 18:51

Sounds like a brilliant weekend Hoggle. Our kids just love social weekends away with friends.

CC - well done to J and S. Fantastic running and from you too. Well done. Eek to the friend, hope she does get some counselling. My niggles held up fine to all the walking. Last week I was cycling 20-30 miles each day and a 3 mile walk most days too without much reaction from the knee at all. Then I mucked it all up by drinking far too much fizzy stuff last night and deciding that the bouncy castle and trampolining were a good idea  Have a hilarious memory of me and 2 friends plus bottle of bubbly on the trampoline. I am  just glad the pics haven't made it onto FB!

So I started the week with a hangover and feeling very sleep deprived. I did manage my 20 bike miles this morning, just! Then had to spend the day helping at the cluster schools sports day.

My house is a complete tip, I am so behind with the laundry and all chores. Plus I have a mental week of stuff on at work, committee meetings and other various extra things to fit into our already full schedule. And we are down to one car again as the focus conked out again on Thursday so is back at the garage. Freaking out a little at the weeks logistics, think there is going to be some ball dropping this week.

02/06/2014 at 20:29

Yes had a shower as soon as I got home from my check up.  A supposed wound check with the nurse at the hosp less than 3 miles away still took almost 4 hrs door to door.  She saw me bang on 10am, but my boob really does look like something Frankenstein invented, quite swollen and very black and blue.  So she stuck a needle in it to see if anything would drain but it didn't.  She then wanted me to go and have post op bloods to check my hameoglobin levels, and meanwhile called the consultant to come and look.  The queue for bloods was awful as it always is - over an hr, and then the consultant had a prod and a poke and decided it was ok.  He suggested I come back again on Fri, and when the nurse saw my face she just said I could come in if I was worried.  I have had enough of that place for one week and its only Monday!

Went for a walk today, and for a coffee with my mum.  Our new cleaner did her first stint - she was very thorough and I think she thought our house was a bit grimy!  Oh well.......

Lotte that all night walk sounds amazing.  Was it literally just around the track?  I am always in awe of Moonwalkers as the thought of losing a night's sleep to walk a marathon doesnt hugely appeal.........but I guess I have more of an excuse to make the effort now.  

I happened to be wearing my breast cancer care t shirt as my PJs at the moment as my other one is in the wash, and Matilda immediately read it and asked why it said breast cancer on it, and I explained about running the marathon for them a few yrs ago to raise money.  And then she said something like and now you have breast she made the link very easily.

I am feeling a bit down this evening, not sure why particularly.  Am worried we wont be able to go on our summer hols in Aug which will make me said for the kids, esp Matilda.  I do keep stressing the date every time I see the nurse/consultant so they do know.  If I need further surgery or chemo then I will totally accept the fact that we cant go, but if I (hopefully) only need radiotherapy then although the time is tight, it should be possible to go as long as everything happens quickly.  We have to pay the balance in 3 wks so need to know by then.

Going to bed soon, have been tired today.  Looking forward to seeing Minks in the morning

02/06/2014 at 20:31
I've got a sore foot Not even running related I don't think. I ran last Tues, felt great during and after. Had planned to run Wed but Camryn was off school ill so did nothing, then work all day Thurs so again no exercise done. Then walking to school on Friday I suddenly got a really sore bit on outside of my foot. Think it coming from peroneal tendon. Have bn icing, foam rollering, taping and resting. Feels fine just pottering around house and was fine over wkend. So tried a run today, could feel it a bit on run but not bad and came and went and didn't get any worse throughout run. But bit sore again on school walk. Don't know whether to rest it completely and just try using exercise bike or do a few short runs a wk. Lochalsh in 12 days. :-S
02/06/2014 at 22:09

CC you are very that there are all sorts going on in other peoples lives. Of the 5 girlfriends I was away with 2 are considering divorce (1 with kids, 1 without) and 2 are very very single and desperate to meet someone and be able to have kids, another one is my friend who lost her baby last year - I guess that by our age everyone is starting to collect varying degrees of emotional baggage unfortunately.

Caro I hope the Frankenstein boob is shrinking and you don't have to go back to get it looked at again. I can well understand why you don't want to head back again this week and also why you're feeling down. I really hope you get some clarity around treatment soon so you can work out whether the holiday is feasible (having something like that to look forward to would be great.

Lotte I hope you survive your week with one car. As usual in awe of the amount you cram in to you week. I have a committee meeting tonight and bookgroup tomorrow and am already planning on missing the committee meeting - have exhausted myself with the trip so need to take it easy (and I'm always going to choose bookgroup over something else!). Luckily I've done lots of grant work since the last meeting so I don't feel like I'm letting them down too much!

02/06/2014 at 22:30

Yeay to a shower Caro  and I'm liking the Frankenstein boob terminology, though obviously not the practicalities of it.  Hope it settles down soon and you get some answers - have you contacted the holiday company and asked them where you stand re cancelling or postponing?

Lotte - that's great that you've had no niggles, now just stay away from the bouncy castle !  Loved the pics on FB of your race, your kids are amazing!

CC - you are a true friend, non judgmental and a shoulder to cry on/ear to bend.  I expect in a situation like that, no-one is really happy including the kids as they'd pick up on the vibes of their parents, so if a split is what will make everyone happier then that must be the solution.

Should be planning my lessons but having a serious case of CBA.  Have planned them, just need to type up my lesson plan but printer's out of ink so I can't print it out anyway!  Hopefully more ink arriving tomorrow...

Went out for a 15 min jog this morning, then Bodypump this evening.  A few niggles and tightness in the back of my leg, but not too bad hopefully.  No opportunity to exercise again till Friday now!  I'll be ball juggling this week too, we are masters at it aren't we? 

03/06/2014 at 00:08

Caro, apparently it is a side effect of the anaesthetic to feel a little down a few days after an operation so don't worry unduly about why you feel low. My mum warned me about it when Mr TT had an op years ago and he was a textbook case. 

Os has conjunctivitis. Ugh!  Couldn't leave him at nursery today but they are ok for him to be in tomorrow as long as he has had 3 doses of eye drops, even though doc said he should be quarantined for 48 hours. Ah well!

Hoggle, how lovely to have such old good friends close by. I definitely need some of that good girlie company at the moment. Although I have made some good friends here, I have no one of that closeness yet. 

Mr TT driving me a bit mad at the moment. Keeps saying he wants to spend more, better quality time with the boys but then sits playing on his phone instead of interacting with them, grr. Also he was going to pop out for quick 9 holes of golf this evening without Max but Max got wind of it and started moaning. He almost left me with 2 gripey, crying children but when I said a sarcastic 'thanks' he came back in but instead of playing with the boys he put tv on for them and sat playing on his phone and looking pissed off that he was stuck home. I told him to go after 15 minutes as it was pointless him being here. Sorry, petty but it makes me cross. 

03/06/2014 at 00:52

Sadly they're not at all close by usually Ttid! We came together in Taupo (central North Island) but all of us travelled at least 4 hours from different directions to get there!

That would make me cross re. hubby too! I hate it when they are so obviously doing something under duress!!

03/06/2014 at 01:32

What then makes me most cross is when he bemoans not having enough time with them...

Oh 4 hours?  Not so close!  Hopefully you can make it a regular get together. 

03/06/2014 at 01:33

Hmmm, it's 1.30am and I'm awake........this has happened last 2 nights.  Boob is sore so have taken some ibuprofen.  Have stopped taking the sleeping pills as didn't want to get used to only sleeping with drugs, and haven't taken the co codamol since Sat due to the effect it was having on my guts.  

JG if we didn't go on hol this yr we would only lose £125 which is the cost of the ferry. The campsite have said they will hold our deposit till next yr.  but its more the fact that we had such a good time last yr, it really was lovely spending those 2 wks together as a family, and we will definitely need it by August!   And Matilda is so looking forward to it.

TT I am often thankful that neither myself nor hubby do computer games and he couldn't care less about football either.  He is so good with the kids, esp at the moment.  He did ask me if he could go out on his bike on Sunday for an hr and I said yes, and he has been climbing once this wk but only after the kids were in bed.

ok,i need to try and sleep......iPad is not the answer!

03/06/2014 at 10:17

Gosh, I am way behind. Have read back very briefly, and am just going to give loads of hugs to Caro. Keep posting as I'm sure it will help. I do hope you got some sleep in the end. I am thinking about you so much and making sure I check myself regularly now too.

Quick post as should be working from home, but very distracted by our new chickens, just heard a racket and popped out and 2 lovely warm eggs just laid. 3rd one is sitting ready to lay me thinks. Bless them! Funny things though, I find myself just watching them for ages! 

Minks, my boys do run in a few fun runs, probably once a month at most. I never actually take them for a run, as its not good for their legs at this age to distance. Stay off concrete is best too. Better to join lots of different sports clubs and enjoy sport at this age, and enter a few fun runs but only up to 2k, no further. The odd 5k won't hurt probably but certainly not every week like some wee kids do at park runs. Their legs will be wrecked by the time they are 20! Most fun runs for U7 are half a mile, then over 7 they are up to 2k. Once they are 11-12 they can cope with longer distances in training, but mostly intervals, agility, balance, drills and can race up to 5k and as off road as possible/track based. The boys will join the youth section of our club in October once they are 8, but at the mo they are more keen on football, although Harry is rather keen on triathlon now and will probably race another in 2 weeks time, the distances are 50m swim, 1km bike, 600m run, but he was tired after this. They are doing fun run this weekend which is a mile, Sophie is going to the U7 race of half a mile. She is going to be amazing at running or endurance sport, I can tell!! She can already swim 10m, ride a bike, she got a new Isla for her 4th birthday and whizzes around on it now up hills amazing. So much energy!

I am getting rather nervous for the weekend. Am also going back to docs today as am really struggling again with being bloated, sick, tired again. All the signs pointing to gluten issues which I have wondered for a while. I am not Coeliac but could be intolerant as every time I eat it I feel a bit bloated after. So am cutting it out from today, probably not the best before the weekend, but might even make me feel better by then! I actually wonder if the symptoms I have are gluten related and not menopause, so see what doc says.

Sorry to hear of hubbie woes, mine also driving me nuts, arranging things when I've arranged stuff. Constantly on iPad or phone, but then he has been great with these new chucks, his new project! Can't quite believe they have laid 12 eggs since friday! So much 'they will take a week to settle in'!! Best get eating them!

I miss good girlie friends. I have many friends here but none I would say are best friends. My best friend is in Manchester and we hardly speak at the mo as no time. Must make time next week to catch with her.

Lovely pics from CM. How is the job going? I am sure you have posted about it, will look back again.

Right best get on with work, will read back some more to try to catch up on others news. Maybe Camlo could do a sum up for me!! 


03/06/2014 at 14:09

I am happy to report that Caro was in good spirits this morning.  It was lovely to see you, Caro - thank you for the tea and cake  although I did feel I should have been making it for you! Can't believe it rained so much - I am only 35 minutes away and it was as dry as a bone when I got back home!  Bound to feel a bit down after anaesthetic, and also a bit 'lost' now the surgery is over but you've had no real clarification about what happens next.  Really hope you are still able to go on holiday - it will do you just as much good as any treatment,|I'm sure.

Impressed at your kids' mile times, CC - Kit was rather slow by comparison.  Thanks for advice, MM - I only took him out for a run because he's been desperate to go and has been bugging me about it for ages.  But that's definitely good advice about soft surfaces - we ran the whole way on pavement, oops.  I certainly don't want to cause any damage to his joints.  He loves his karate and Beavers and gets plenty of running around time in the park etc. so will leave it at that for now.  If he insists on going running with me again I will make sure we stick to grass.

My hubby isn't into gaming or football either Caro, which I have to say I'm glad about.  At this time of year rowing takes up a lot of his time, which I accept because a) he loves it and b) he has always been pretty tolerant of my running over the years.  This weekend just gone he was literally racing all weekend - up at 5am on Saturday for a regatta at Peterborough (which his crew won) and not back until 10:30pm, then up at 5am again Sunday and raced at Eton Dorney with some seriously good crews.  They didn't do as well, but didn't disgrace themselves - currently preparing for Henley qualifiers at the end of the month so we'll see.

I'm doing Southend Half on Sunday with my fit running buddy (!) Having done a lot of races in the last few weeks (will be 3 half marathons each only two weeks apart) Ithink my plan will be to run with him and hopefully pace him to a PB rather than racing myself.  If I don't do that 'll run hard but not flat out.  Had a little trial for 4 miles of my Sunday run to see how half pace felt and I couldn't quite get there - legs are tired and I'm just not getting enough recovery time or decent sleep at the moment.  This is my last race for a while now apart from a 10-miler mid-July so I think I will use the summer to try and work on feeling comfortable at 7:00/7:05 miling (not quite sure how I will get there but hey!) and aim for a new PB in the autumn.

Would love a group of girlfriends.  Have never had one.  I have lots of friends but none really close now.  As a kid I always had 'best friends' rather than a group of friends - a mistake as eventually they all either moved away or we drifted and lost touch.  I have mum friends at school, but their friends are all generally ones they've had for years and it's so hard to break into an established group.  I really envy women who have nights out with the girls that they've known for years, or weekends away etc.

CM, hope the job is going well.

TT, sorry about the hubby woes!  Mine is generally very good so I can't complain (except when he gets all silly and thinks I'm having a fling with my running buddy )

03/06/2014 at 14:29

LOL mine is doing that Minks. I am going away with, yes I'll admit a rather 'fit' young man in his late 20s, but I am happily married and he has a gorgeous and totally lovely girlfriend whom I also like a lot, so no chance!! Plus the small matter of 44 miles running/racing on Sat might get in the way a bit!! 

Edited: 03/06/2014 at 16:37
03/06/2014 at 20:18

My mother has a cold.  She is moaning of a headache and a sore throat.  I managed to resist pointing out the fact that I have cancer and have just had fairly major surgery and I'm not moaning half as much as she is!  

Lovely indeed to see Minks this morning - and now have lovely flowers in vase by the fire place.  We talked about....running  The Drs can't stop me talking about it.  Once I am able I will definitely start biking more, as I will have 2 free days with no kids every wk.

The funding for the 15 hrs free childcare/nursery places for 2 yr olds that I applied for for Eric has come through in super quick time.  Everything was fast tracked for me - amazing what the council can do if they put their mind to it.  So that puts my mind at rest a bit for next wk..this morning he was stuck on his tricycle and I was explaining to him that I could help him off without lifting him, and he later said 'I too heavy, mummy can't lift me'  Made me sad.....

My polar loop thing reckons I got 4 hrs 12 mins sleep last night, and of that 3 hrs 34 mins was restful sleep and 38 mins was restless sleep.  Let's hope for better tonight, or I'm going back on the drugs!

03/06/2014 at 20:31
I'm not a massive fan of drugs Caro but in this case I'd take the tabs and get a few nights sleep, that will hopefully make everything seem a bit less blue xxx
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