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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/07/2013 at 22:24

cc - sounds like things still hard for you. although I would have loved to have helped out with that Russian guy!

I know what you mean about time away with just the close family. I had such a fab time with my 2 down in devon last week - great to catch up with family and friends but the best bit for me was when it was just the 3 of us.

and yes - it was bloody insane for me at the weekend. Given that I don't EVER run off road. And I mean literally never. And I don't do dark. So the combination of pitch black, offroad, mud and lashing rain really did make it challenging. Tree roots hidden by squelchy  slippy mud, banks of mud, slippy grass, invisible puddles that end up nearly knee deep when you put your foot in them! I didn't fall but that's only because I went so slowly. That said, the girl who took 3 hours to do the lap did fall really badly, so I think I was just lucky really!

28/07/2013 at 22:40

The Russian guy was hilarious ... someone sent him over to me to sort out a bus for him (shuttle buses each day to wherever the days course is), it was only as I was trying to get him to tell me where he was staying, that it materialised he had nothing sorted and was hoping to bag a space on a floor somewhere! Anyway, one of the organisers has lent him a tent so he's at the campsite along with 1000s of other happy orienteers!!! Yes, we defo needed you - we could cope with the French, german and Scandinavians OK, but Russian ... hmmmm ... and apparently they are notorious for pitching up like this!

The reason you got round is called bl**dy-mindedness, and adrenaline, and how fab do you feel about completing it though - mud mud glorious mud!

Yes, things are crap really but nothing about to change atm, so trying not to give in to black clouds and keep a positive spin on things

28/07/2013 at 22:43

Wow sounds like an 'interesting' race CM!! Sounds like you enjoyed it though! And really awesome to see you doing such cool stuff on your child free days! I am sure its still as hard as ever but you seem to have come a LONG way from those early days!

We are having our own mini heat wave! Ok so its still winter but its mid winter and cold in the mornings but once it warms up its almost t-shirt weather and gloriously sunny! We spent most of the weekend in the garden. Went into town for a wander around for a couple of hours and my back was so sore when I got home. Bit of a reality check for me - I am still so limited. The operation will hopefully stop the nerve pain reoccurring in my leg which is the worst part but it won't resolve the lower back pain so will need to start working on that. Nagging fear that its not going to sort itself out though. I really miss being an active person!! I can function normally ie. do my job, day to day things etc quite comfortably but I can't do any of the outdoor stuff that I love. Ah well, need to get this op out of the way and then start working on the rest to get it sorted.



29/07/2013 at 09:41

Forgot to send some hugs to MM. Sounds like a tough time. I hope now that they n know what's happening you can get the right help (((())))

29/07/2013 at 20:35

big hugs from me too MM! Menopause symptoms suck. Agree with JT and others about branching out into something different to relieve pressure and disappointments. 

CM - madness, but sounds like my type of fun!! 

CC - wow, some great holiday and family moments but boo to bil loosing job.  How can peoplejust turn up and expect to be able to crash somewhere!??!

Hoggle - must be a worry about the operation but they wouldn't be offering it if it wasn't going to give you a better quality of life. 

JT -silly questions for you. I have entered a sea swim tri and so need to buy a wetsuit. dOes it need to be full length and long sleeves and how the dickens do I know what size? They don't seem to come in a 10 petite....... Lastly - if I normally stop each length for a little rest on a 400m and this is 750m (over 2 laps) what are my chances of drowning.....? 

I did about 20 mins of sea swimming on Saturday, scratched my legs on a submerged wall, kept being washed ashore like a whale and swallowed half the ocean. BAH! 

Went for a 10m run with club Sunday and boy did i struggle with tired legs. Rest today and then looking for a snatch of sunshine to try my new bike! 

Hope B and O are better sleeping. 



29/07/2013 at 20:41

Yes but Camlo don't you sometimes wish you had the guts todo that?  I could never in a million yrs go to another country, where I didn't speak the lingo with nowhere planned to sleep my first night - I would have it meticulously planned to the Nth degree - and prob still be stressed!

29/07/2013 at 21:55

Yeah we are back CC. Back on Friday after a lovely week in Aviemore. Spent 2 days at loch morlich and it was 31 degrees, glorious. Did a couple of wee runs and a nice cycle to boat of garten and also to loch morlich. Did a wee swim at loch morlich just in my cossie, didn't got far out though, too much of a wimp by my self. Really love Aviemore.

Camlo- I have just got a "blue seventy" full wettie. I got the medium & it just fits although hard to get on. Also got neoprene cap n socks, not wore the cap yet, just a normal swim cap. Hopefully meeting my friend this week and next week for another OW swim. It's only 4 wks till my tri & I haven't been in the sea yet, yikes. Worried about waves!!!!

CM- well done on the race. Sounds fab & mad, great experience.

oh MM that sounds rubbish, poor you. I hope you get something sorted soon. Take care.

hoggle-that must be so hard being in pain and an op is a worry but is obviously what you need ((((((()))))) x

vixo- boo to lack of sleep, so hard. Hope things improve for you

Athletics sounds good RB


29/07/2013 at 21:59

EF- how are you all doing????

CC-hols sounded good but very hectic.

we are on holiday this week also. Yay. Took C for her eye test today then we both had our hair cut. I have then coloured my hair tonight, what a faff that is!!!! Squeezed in a 11.5 mile MTB ride!

Going to a festival Frid/ Sat called belladrum, not totally loving the camping idea!!!!  I will not sleep but hey should be a laugh!

29/07/2013 at 21:59

I know what you mean girls about winging it like that - I couldn't either, I would have had the tent as well as the sleeping bag!!! Then at least I would know I could at least pitch a tent somewhere ... You should have seen his face when I was explaining that the bus was fully booked too ...

Well done on the sea swim efforts Camlo. When I did it the other month, one way I basically seemed to be gaining no distance and constantly swallowing gallons of sea water, in the other direction I flew along! Only when I got out did I notice the rip I'd been trying to swim against!! Am sure others can advise re wetsuit, but the one I got off wiggle was on special cos just one size left - but the legs are actually 3/4 length which seems good for shorter souls like us (is an Orca one).

Hoggle - agree with others re the back. Obviously I have no idea, but imagine if you have got leg pain then your back must be taking impact from that, once you can move around more freely the back issues can be worked on and may be more simple to resolve ... can imagine how soul-destroying it must be when you are usually so active. Can you bike or anything??  Fingers crossed re hubby and the job change plans though. Love your pictures on FB - your daughter is seriously cute!!

Mad day here - took kids to compete in one of the Scottish six day events today - just doing straight-forward courses rather uber-competitive age-group ones, don't want to freak them out with it all yet. anyway, I was very proud of them both. J managed to grab his map and set off completely unaided by me through a totally alien starting system on a 3km yellow course, S was going round the 2.5km white course, shadowed by me ... so I can follow but not interfere. Bless her, after the first couple of checkpoint she basically told me to go away and leave her to it! Not that I was ... but I just dropped back massively and got a lot of pleasure out of watching her scamper off, readjust map so it was correctly lined up, read the cp numbers upside and down and dib her dibber ... and then storm up the finish straight on her own!!! My little girl is growing up

School shoe buying hell in Inverness ... both measured in Clarks ... S 12.5f, J 3f ... S, we got something just fine (in an e actually), J - high instep no straps fit over his high arch and even their gs were too tight across the toes - huh??? Anyway ended up with startrite 3.5f in independent store so all happy.  Power cut and massive downpour added to excitement.

5 miles on the dreadmill for me tonight - tick!

29/07/2013 at 22:00

oooh RF - really want to go the Belladrum one year, perhaps next year. Nice hair cut and colour

29/07/2013 at 22:02

Camlo- laughed at your description of your sea swim!!!!! I have done a couple of loch swims now and did a mixture of FC & BS and found when I was tired I just tread water. Wetsuits are amazing,don't think you would drown!!!!

and wow to thinking of doing an ironman next year. It is my 2015 plan. Hopefully a half ironman for me next year !

29/07/2013 at 22:24

having just read your tips for Camlo re the open water swimming - that is EXACTLY why I have bailed on my summer attempt at a triathlon, no way I am in that shape swimming-wise ... full plans for once the kids are back at school as sea will stay warm until October . Completely understand why you went for head support though JT, mine are both pretty good now - not that S swims any discernible stroke but she is a right mermaid!

29/07/2013 at 22:38

i'm sure Scarlett would be better than me at map reading!

29/07/2013 at 23:57

I love the description of S orienteering CC - wonderful to see such confidence and keenness!!


30/07/2013 at 08:56

Thanks RB. We were registered thanks got the priority email thanks. We just didn't have crystal palace tickets being the main issue. We spent a long time refreshing the scren and trying again but got the dreaded sorry no tickets available multiple times. guess you werent trying to buy 5 tickets! The stadium is impressive but was disappointed by being funnelled through the park and not seeing it all. Am sure we will be back but will be sure to get to see some less hyped athletics at some smaller venues next year. The kids have been to Wembley this year too to see yeovil go up so they,ve done well.

I have had suggested spirulina cc. Not doing much for me though. Evening primrose oil and mecafem So far. 25mg of soya each day too. So tofu here we come! 

Am much better this week. Last week was bad. Ride the storm guess  

Enjoying the biking although binned last night as flash floods here. Never seen storms like it. Amazing views of them from the office over the bath hills. Had to come home early as Sophie was sick at nursery. She is fine though. Just don't think she likes their fish pie! 



30/07/2013 at 09:09

MM the park is not re opened yet.  Most of it is still under refurbishment, and part of it is being used as concert venues, and there was a big east end festival on in the north part of the park last wk end as well - so they will have kept the people going to the 2 events entirely separate.  I dont think its being re opened as one big park until next yr now.

30/07/2013 at 09:23

MM Yes, I had Crystal Palace tickets and you'd still have been OK for five seats. From what I've read, the stadium will now be reconfigured to remove seating and prepare for West Ham moving in, then there's the rugby World Cup in 2015. So, I'm guessing that the Diamond League will revert to Crystal Palace again next year. If so, I suggest you get tickets for that as soon as you get your priority email (normally around February). It's much less frantic and more enjoyable overall.

I sneakily did the Olympic Stadium Anniversary 5 mile race last week which involved running round the Olympic Park and finishing in the stadium. The entry came with two spectator tickets so LB and Mrs B were in the stadium cheering me on. Despite being overweight, unfit and still not healthy, I almost won the MV55 category. There's no way of knowing who was who at the time but I was only 3 secs behind the first MV55.

The Copper Box venue has just opened to the public for things like badminton and basketball and the Velo Park is due to open next year (velodrome and BMX). Ditto the aquatics centre. Should be good.

30/07/2013 at 09:38

RB - well done!  Shame on being beaten by 3 seconds!

Very rainy here - Martha has a week long swimming course luckily so we have something to pop out to regardless of the weather.  Really pleased as she is fairly confident and happy to give it a go.  Now I just need Aidan to show an interest!

30/07/2013 at 16:51

Hmmm to the supplements MM - Spirulina tastes vile but I do mix a spoonful into the dregs of a smoothie or similar when I remember, is full of loads of mega nutrients but it takes a lot to disguise the flavour/texture.  I do like a Costa coffee when I do the supermarket run, so tend to have a soya latte if I do - it's effects are probably counterbalanced by the caffeine in the coffee though!! I like tofu actually, if it's cooked right - is fantastic at absorbing flavours from other stuff so is great in stir-fries.  I have a supplement from H&B which I am about to try which has black cohosh in it, Evening Primrose makes me worse if that is possible!!!!

Well done RB - not too shabby at all really

I did five easy miles on the dreadmill last night, Achilles had been randomly sore (prob after shock of a long - albeit flat - run on Sunday!) but seemed to ease with the workout.

Mixed bag today - J on a rugby day camp across in Elgin so whizzed him over there (10 miles one way) then back and 8 miles out the other way to todays orienteering in CUlbin. Tougher courses today but S took it in her stride with me just having to intervene once. She told me I quote 'to keep my mouth zipped (this was gestured) but I was allowed to breathe!!'. So I did as I was told. Another white course for her. So 1km walk to start and then 2km round the course.

I squeezed in an Orange which is not too hard really but I DO like to miss the obvious stuff etc. So another 1km walk to start + 3km course (but I did an extra 500m cos I flew past a checkpoint - gah!!).  Whilst I was out running S managed to get interviewed by the Northern Scot so god knows what will appear in Fridays edition.  Anyway, she was happy back in the club tent with others so think we might try another on Thurs. This is such a fab family-friendly sport!

The Russian guy flew from Moscow to London, and then biked up to the Six Days!!!! so he's done a good 600 miles of biking too. Respect.

Traipsed back across to get J, who was predictably hot, tired and grumpy so we've all just had a quick dip in the sea to cool down.

Boo to the rain - we've had thundery showers.

Good news re Martha and the swimming


30/07/2013 at 17:37

Wow to the crazy Russian CC!

When my brother lived in the countryside they had a bit of a mega party and some Russian fruitpickers appeared out of nowhere and said 'we heard the music so we came' and joined in the party!

So pleased, Martha is swimming on her own already!!  The teacher said she was really close yesterday and she looks pretty comfortable doing doggy paddle I think, she has told me they are going to learn arms tomorrow!

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