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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/06/2014 at 21:55

I already have the cold!!  I noticed a sore throat on Thursday and immediately started popping industrial strength vit c and zinc and it has barely touched me.....

i have taken your advice and had a sleeping pill.  But I really want to go back to being able to sleep normally.....

03/06/2014 at 22:03

Just a thought Caro but maybe don't use your polar loop thing for a while - focusing too much on exactly how little sleep you are getting and how much is 'quality' sleep could contribute to making the whole sleep issue worse. Hope the pill did the trick, I can see why you would like to avoid them, do those herbal natural ones help at all?

And massive grrrrrrr to your mums complaining about a cold! Hubby complained about having a sore back while I was waiting for surgery on mine and I nearly lamped him!
He's driving me mad at the moment - he has these phases when he is frustrated about something (usually work) and the way it comes out is an obsession about tidiness in the house so he goes round clearing every surface, any toys lying around get dumped in a toy pile etc. Totally forgets that although tidier than me he still often leaves things lying around. Drives me mad but I am doing my best to ignore as I think he really just wants me to start a row and I don't have the energy or inclination! Usually only lasts a day or 2 so hoping he can come out of his man cave soon and go back to being normal!


03/06/2014 at 22:13

Oh yes, can definitely second the annoying hubby thing! Ben is great when he has managed to extract himself from his phone. Always work comes first these days. Had a proper screaming fit at him yesterday because he promised we'd go out together on my last day of mat leave, then he ended up working even though he had said he would have the day off. So I stomped off at 12 and stayed out for the afternoon. He made it worse by not even attempting to contact me to see if I was OK or find out where I had disappeared to with our child!!!  Grrrrrrrrr. Probably not the best of days to annoy me but I think he got the message about just how annoyed I was! 

Caro, hope you manage to get some sleep tonight. I'm with Hoggle though - i know if I think too much about how little I am sleeping, it makes it worse. sleeping tablets are definitely a good short term solution, just while you're in this immediate recovery period after surgery. Hugs!


03/06/2014 at 22:18
Caro- could the sleep issue b related to the time of yr too? My sleep has not bn great the last few wks and I reckon it's just bcos it's light so early and the birds r chirping etc. We have dark curtains but it still gets lighter even with them.
03/06/2014 at 22:23

And work was OK! Well, it was just like I had never been away really. I went in, taught and came home as soon as I could. G was fine, although she didn't have much milk - but she did take some, hooray. I think they probably tried to give it her too soon after her lunch tbh, so they're going to try it later in Thurs. also, I have no clue whatsoever as to how much she has normally! She was reasonably thirsty when we got home, but not that much really, so she must have had enough. She was shattered though, bless her.

Good luck for Sunday, Minks! I would love a fit running buddy, I have to say You really are flying at the moment so I am sure it'll be another great race. 

Also pleased to report a run after work! So needed the head space. Did just over 5 miles and felt really good even though I felt really tired before I went. Told myself I would only do two miles but then I just carried on. Love runs like that. I have another 10k race two weeks on Sunday and hoping to better my time from the last one. The race is flatter so I should do it.

03/06/2014 at 22:25

Cross posts! Definitely, TT, my sleep is pants at this time of year too - well, just worse than usual!

Fab running CC. That is such a long way  Not as long as 73 miles though - love it! Would love to do an ultra one day.

Edited: 03/06/2014 at 22:37
03/06/2014 at 22:43

Hi all. Sorry. Manic! Quick iPad post before bed. 

Caro - you are sounding so stoic. I hope you do get some sleep. I am not sure if you can take it but I use phenergan. It is an antihistamine which is sedating and non addictive. It is great at knocking me out long enough to get through my early sleep cycle. Once I get past about 3am I am then usually ok. It doesn't make me groggy. You could ask your nice gp about it maybe?

CC - said it before and will say it again. You are a saint!!

tattyb - glad return to work has been ok and well done on that run

mm - hope it isn't gluten. if they want to test then you will have to start eating it again

am going to post before I lose this!

03/06/2014 at 22:48

Work? Omg. it is so different. First day last thurs and was greeted with news that one of my team had attempted suicide the week before. there seem to be an awful lot of mental health problems in the team!! Serious ones too... One guy today was introduced to me as o'tirzal drinti or similar. Odd name I thought. He sounds v welsh and looks white caucasian.  Turns out he was Bryan until he found Buddha a couple of years ago...

anyway so far I have escaped at 4pm on mon and tues to enable me to get home to kids. Ellen isn't happy with the new arrangements but I hope she will get used to it. childminder was late picking J up today from after school choir practice. Argh. They tried phoning me and T to see who was getting him. Poor kid was panicking.  Anyway childminder just got the wrong time but it wasn't great for him


i am knackered anyway so am switching off now. Night all x

03/06/2014 at 23:15

Blimey CM! Its a big adjustment for the kids so will take some getting used to and all the creases ironed out! But remember how much of an adjustment starting school, or daycare was and after a while that becomes the new normal and everyone forgets that it was different.

Hope you are all having restful nights sleep while I am beavering away working!!!

03/06/2014 at 23:47

I wish I could come to your pilates classes CC!!

04/06/2014 at 00:40
Can't sleep! 24 years ago tonight I was preparing for my 1st day in my 1st job having just finished school on the Friday. Unfortunately it was also the same night my beloved Uncle John died of a heart attack aged 28. I started my job and told no one at work what I was going through until my Mum phoned work nearly 2 wks later to say his body had bn released for burial. She had to speak to my boss on phone to ask if I could have time off to go to viewing and for the funeral. I couldn't have spoken about it without turning into a blubbing mess in front of them. They were so lovely too, couldn't believe I hadn't said anything poor souls, think they thought I thought they were some kinds of ogres. But really I just needed a reason to hold it together and some normality and if they had known from day one I would have bn blubbing every time they looked at me sympathetically. Looking back I don't know how I did it, I was 17 yrs old. Anyway another yr gone by and still feels like yesterday.
04/06/2014 at 00:50

Oh TT, that's so sad. He was so young, must have been an awful time for you and your family. The pain from these things never goes away does it?

I was planning to go out tonight to join my running friends for a drink but I am wiped out, going to take it easy and get an early night instead. Yawn!

Hope there is some good sleep being had by the rest of you tonight. 

04/06/2014 at 01:09
I know TT, his kids were only 3&6 and they still struggle hugely with his loss. They were too young to really have any memory of him. Was a huge loss for our family and my parents split a yr later. It destroyed them.

A night out with friends is not quite the same if they r drinking and ur not so I would probably have given it a miss too. I remember my friends came round for drinks when I was pregnant with Nat, I woke up on sofa with a quilt over me in early hrs. Had fallen asleep so Duncan had covered me up and friends went home lol. Great company I was.
04/06/2014 at 01:41

That is tough TT. I had been in my new job a week when my brother died and didn't turn up for the induction and they were calling wondering why I wasn't there (had asked a friend to call and explain but she hadn't!). So told my boss but no one else as I needed a place where I could just be me and hide in work and not have to talk about it etc. The years keep rolling by but it doesn't change the immense sadness does it.

I've got bookgroup tonight and although knackered am def not missing it as its my one non-baby people related activity!! Will prob be home early though!

04/06/2014 at 01:43
Blimey hope u are all asleep now;)
I am not as at work!!! Wish i was though, yawn!!! Just waiting for two patients from surgery.
Gosh TT that is very sad indeed,so young.
CC- that must be hard doing lesson plans. Yikes i wouldn't have a clue. Hope you got it all sorted.
CM- work sounds interesting,lol! Poor J.
Hoggle- hope work is going well .
Ach well better do some work i guess.
04/06/2014 at 01:45
MM- i have been tested for coeliacs but didn't have it but definitely have a sensitivity to it. When i eat bread etc my tummy is huge, feel sick and get bowel pain. Its horrible.
04/06/2014 at 07:49
My friend went through years of being really ill and having loads of tests, never completely got to the bottom of it. But was recommended to cut out gluten and improved hugely. She is able to eat some gluten stuff now after cutting it out for a few yrs.
04/06/2014 at 08:12

I was tested last summer for coeliacs. It was negative so can't imagine that's changed,  but am def very sensitive to it. Just going gluten free until ultra on sat, but then go back to wheat as have practised with bars with gluten in, plus away for weekend and I will want beer and chips after. I expect I will be loose with it, but there is something wrong. HRT not great either as sore boobs and night sweats back here too plus not sleeping again. Doc has no idea so all tests again next week!! 

Meanwhile focus on Sat, long runs not made me scrawny, big belly and certainly not lost weight doing mega runs. Can't imagine running 73 miles, 70km is scaring me! The Garmin profile is phenomenal! 

04/06/2014 at 08:42

MM my sister went through a stage of cutting out gluten altogether.  She was certainly 'loose' and it was contributing to her low iron levels as she wasn't absorbing the nutrients properly.  She is now back on gluten but definitely felt being completely gluten free for a while helped sort things out.  I'm not sure how long she didn't have any for, maybe as long as a year but not sure.

Don't worry Hoggle, am not obsessing too much with lack of sleep - I just find it interesting when I know I've had a carp nights sleep to be able to see it.  I don't know how accurate it is.  If I hadn't won the thing I never would have spent money on it.  I find when I have to get up in the morning for work etc, then I lie there stressing about how tired I am going to be the next day and it is self perpetuating, but because at the moment my lovely hubby is doing it all I don't have getting up to worry about.

I took the drugs last night and slept like a baby  I also read that its ok to take them for up to 4 wks, for some reason I thought it was only 1 wk.  And apparently I had 8 hrs 34 mins sleep last night, but almost 2 hrs of it was restless.  I thinks thats a load of rubbish as I certainly don't remember tossing and turning at all, let alone for 2 hrs!

TT I hope you managed to get to sleep eventually.  28 is far too young to die.

I bought some arnica yesterday at Mink's suggestion.  Now the bruising extends all the way down the left hand side of my abdomen as far as the top of my leg!  I'm beginning to wonder if they dropped me or jumped on me

RF are you a theatre nurse?  The nurse who was there when I went under was lovely and then there was another nice one sitting by my side when I woke up.  

Friend coming in a but then may go to westfield later as need to buy another couple of crop top type bras.  I wore a running one yesterday and it was too tight.

04/06/2014 at 12:31

I was shockingly bruised after my C-section surgery Caro, and the arnica really did help - it was amazing actually.  Apparently because my stomach muscles were so strong they had difficulty parting them to get Kit out, hence much tugging and bruising.  Was literally black from my waist down to the tops of my thighs - hubby was absolutely horrified when he saw it!

MM, that's such a pain about the whole gluten thing and the other symptoms you're now getting which the HRT was controlling before.  Hope the tests reveal something new, it's always frustrating when you can't get to the bottom of things.  Really good luck for the race - it will be an awesome experience.  Lol to jealous hubbies - mine has nothing to worry about, but not sure how he'd react if I needed to stay overnight somewhere before a race with running buddy!  Talking of running buddy, his relationship with his girlfriend is on the rocks and he has asked her to move out at least temporarily.  I told him he was making a mistake asking her to move in after only being with her for 3 months.  He was on the phone to me for half an hour last night telling me all about it/seeking advice.  Aargh.  Hubby was OK about that thankfully!

Hope you find a comfy crop top, Caro - definitely need to feel comfortable at the moment.  Can't believe your mum moaning about having a cold - how insensitive!  Had to laugh when she got lost on the way back to your house yesterday as though she's never visited or stayed before!  And boo to catching her cold but glad the sleeping tablets facilitated a good night's rest.

TT, how sad.  Hope you're OK and managed to get some sleep eventually.

CM, OMG.  That sounds unreal!  What a total contrast to your previous job!  Hoggle is right though, soon enough this will become the new 'normal' and the kids will adjust.  Bit worrying about all the mental health problems but hopefully you'll get your feet under the table and start making sense of it all soon.

Tatty, glad first day went well and yay to the run!  My SIL would say the same about my brother re. working all the time.  I think your hubby runs his own business too?  Sadly this is what happens - there is no switching off!  They went away to the New Forest for the bank holiday weekend and she said it was great as there was no mobile reception or wifi so my brother was forced to switch off from work for a couple of days.

Think I've decided not to race Sunday but just to run it with running buddy.  Feel he needs support right now so to leave him for dust in a half marathon would be rather mean.  Plus I feel a bit 'raced out' and could do with a few weeks to properly recuperate before racing hard again.

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