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05/06/2014 at 21:46

Oh dear Hoggle, only 11? hrs to go........

JT I have to say I haven't understood a word of your debate with the council over nursery places, but have been willing you on all the way!!  I have been amazed how the exceptional funding for childcare for Eric has worked out almost immediately, with everyone pulling out all the stops for us - I always assumed anything council related was full of bureaucracy and red tape and geared for failure.  I really hope it all works out for you - esp as you bloomin well work as a teacher in one of the less desirable schools etc etc......

Wine and dinner yum - am making lots of typos but correcting them so you dont think I'm too trashed

night all xx 

05/06/2014 at 22:45

Bahaha to wet knockers and knickers!


06/06/2014 at 01:50

Yep too many woman is a nightmare (might be the downside of that commune that has been suggested on here at times!).

Also people just massively loose perspective on things so they blow small things hugely out of proportion, and don't get me started on holding onto grudges........

06/06/2014 at 07:54

that's why i'm glad I work in IT - more blokes than women (still). the women there are tend to be of a type in the techie teams though. extremely bolshy!!

JT - what a nightmare re nursery situation. seems like they change the rules to suit them and no-one is prepared to stand up when it's unfair. surprised at welsh assembly government though. would have thought they would have been more effectual!

have been at work at 7.30 last two mornings. if I get in early enough I can find on street parking about 10 mins walk away. if not, I have to pay £5.20 to park in a metered area... I can't get in that early when I have the kids though

have walked straight into loads of network and login problems this morning. not affecting me cos i'm not on a managed workstation. but no-one on a desktop can log in. ho hum

camlo - thinking of you. dress sounds fab. hope you are managing to sleep ok

caro - glad you had a good night. hope you slept also! i'm finding the light mornings mean i'm awake at about 4.30. just go back to sleep and alarm goes off. gah!

06/06/2014 at 08:00

Had a lovely evening, but didn't sleep well.  I'm sure the wine and salty food didn't help in that dept.

vet practices are notoriously bitchy places to work, too many femals, and a lot of the nurses are very young.  That is why I am so glad I only work with 3 other people in each branch and they are all older (ie my age) and sensible, and no one is horrible at all.

my mum, I think I have just come to the realisation that she is never going to change.  each time she comes I hope that it will be different and it never is.  My sister and I have been e mailing loads about her the past wk, she has already written her off basically, so perhaps I need to do that too to stop the disappointment.  She was talking about the dates of Easter next yr and saying maybe she should come then, and I really felt like saying why bother, you clearly seem to hate every minute you are here, and make us miserable in the process.   My sister said she felt like getting on a plane and throttling her for the way she is being right now, esp given she's meant to be here to support me.......

theres always rumours of our schools removing the sibling link, which would of course be a total disaster.  How on earth would parents be able to get their kids to two different schools?


06/06/2014 at 08:38
My Mum was talking about that very thing the other day Caro, her Mum was a drinker, always had a glass of whisky in her hand and it used to really bother my Mum. But she eventually just decided to let it go and accept her for what she was, we loved our Nana to bits and weren't damaged in any way by her drinking. Whereas falling out with her, demanding she not drink around us or refusing to visit her would have caused us upset.
06/06/2014 at 13:35

needing some perspective. came in at 7.30 this morning thinking I could leave at 4. T has had to take kids to school as I had to get into work. Nick is picking them up as I can't get away in time. I told them I would meet them at their drama class. Now I can't leave in time as my deputy has asked to leave at 4.30. I feel very sad about this. J won't care. E will be devastated. it is a non-issue really. they are fine. they are safe. they are with someone they love. but I still feel sad that I can't be there for them when I said I would be...

06/06/2014 at 16:41

It's rubbish cm but I'd big up nick's Interest. He was so keen to see you at drama etc. it is white lies but makes them feel good. 

06/06/2014 at 20:20

I guess it helps kids learn that plans change and we can't always predict things.  Hope you've got them this wk end.  Matilda knows full well that Mummy and Daddy go to work so we can go on nice holidays, eat nice food etc etc, I know I am lucky that it is only 2 days a wk.  I am already feeling bad that I am 'palming off' Eric next wk one extra morning and afternoon with his childminder. It's not his fault he's a boisterous 2 yr old.  But he will love it, have fun and I will get a chance to rest a bit - although I am bored already.......

Camlo    pirate
06/06/2014 at 20:57

Thanks folks, i have dress, flowers arranged and got my Nans nursing buckle and watch to wear but.... My mother is not coming home early from her hols so funeral isnt until next Friday. 

CC oops i meant knickers!! promise! 

JT - Is it a funding issue or physical space in the nursery, only that a child 'costs' the same whichever school they are in but if the classrooms are busting at the seams i guess that is more inflexible? 

Caro - you will need rest and if you can get some help grab it. i have no issue palming my kids off whenever i can without your health concerns! 

CM - new regime is still new, kids will have to suck it up like lots of other kids. Mine were last to be collected from after school club yesterday and today but work is work. It puts food on your table and a roof over their heads, keep playing the lotto though! 

TT good to hear your grans drinking didnt affect you, doubt i would leave my kids with my mum now even if i was desperate as think she is drinking too much. 

CC - all the sand, marsh and bogs will give you legs like fatima whitbread? Glad it was a good run today! 

06/06/2014 at 21:34

Camlo there is no way I would let my mum look after them for any period.  I guess it makes it easier that she lives so far away as there isn't any question of that, but I did used to think when they were older they could go and see Grannie in America on their own for a week or 2 in the school holidays - now no way.  Aunty Vicky can have them instead

Glad you have things sorted......hard for you to be doing it all with your mum not coming to help.  Hubby and I were discussing whether M should be at his Dad's funeral last night (I know, bit premature but good to be prepared I suppose) and we both are on the same wave length and think she should come aged 6.......I don't know what other people think about that.  Obviously not Eric, unless F in L somehow survives the odds and lives for another 4 yrs!

Right, back to the drugs tonight I think.  Night all and bon weekend!

Camlo    pirate
06/06/2014 at 21:44

Caro - my eldest is a bearer (age 23) but youngest 2 (7&5yrs) are defo not coming as do not want them seeing so much grief and I dont want to have to deal with them if i am upset (which i will be). my unlikable aunty (married to my lovely uncle) is bringing her daughter & grandson (age 8 or 9) despite them not seeing my nan much and in my opinion is bringing him 'for the experience'. Apparently she suggested that perhaps  grandad should reword the wills as it leaves money to 'grandchildren' with all of our names but she thinks as my uncle considers her family as his own they should be added.... Er NO. 

06/06/2014 at 22:01
I was never left alone with my Nana but we visited and stayed for the day having Sunday dinner etc, but don't remember being left in the care of any of my Grandparents so didn't think anything of it. I thought my Nana was quite cool, she was quite loud and bolshy and I never connected it with her drinking as a child. In fact my neighbour reminded me of my Nana and I never even realised that was because she was a drinker either, until it was pointed out by another neighbour. She unfortunately was a very very heavy drinker and died a few yrs back leaving a young son who I later childminded for. Very sad.

If it helps I resented not getting to go to my Granny's funeral when I was 12 and I know my cousin is very resentful that she didn't get to go to her Dad's funeral and she was 6. I would definitely take Camryn to a family member who she knows well's funeral.
07/06/2014 at 00:07
CM that is really tough - I wonder whether her seeing how guilty you feel etc partly encourages her to tug the heart strings harder.
You're never not going to feel guilty but perhaps if you presented a more pragmatic front - ie. yes it is sad that you aren't there during the week as much but you need to work to provide nice things for the family and avoid overcompensating then she will be able to accept and adapt to the new situation quicker? She's also probably had more of you than usual while you have been finishing up your old job which will make things seem like a more drastic change? Hugs though it's really tough, M has started saying how much she misses me when I go away for work which I suspect she'll do more now she's older.

Keeping fingers crossed for you JT re. a place.

Caro it sounds like a hard change of mindset to make re. Your mum but might protect you a little from disappointment. So hard that she can't suck it up even in this rather extreme circumstance.

EF thinking of you xx

I'm feeling miserable and low - awful cough and head cold and can't take any drugs. K working Saturday so have resorted to a movie on the iPad so I can go to bed. Hubby has invited a million (8 adults and 4 kids) for Sunday lunch tomorrow - sigh! He'll do all the cooking but he'll have plenty of jobs for me! He's really excited and I'm dreading it!!!
07/06/2014 at 00:09
Sorry read that back and hope I don't sound harsh CM - I suspect you wear your heart on your sleeve with the kids and they take their lead from you. Hope you've got them this weekend
07/06/2014 at 14:10

Hi girls! Quick post from very hot majorca! Girls both having a siesta (too many late nights of mini disco and dodgy entertainment shows tiring them out ) and I was going to sunbathe on the balcony but have retreated into the air con. So am playing on the ipad of course. 

Lovely hotel by beach, all inclusive so am getting even huger through the continuous cake/pastries and icecream I'm having (plus the 3 course meals at lunch and dinner). Turbo - I'm humongous too, been wearing my bikini and did have a nice comment off a couple who said how good I looked, until I said I wasn't due til end of august! Massive bumps are us They actually have a free fitness programme - step, spinning, aeorbics, pilates and I had done a couple but now they've decided they can't have a pregnant woman doing any of the classes (except aqua!), guess its insurance but am annoyed as it's too hot to do much else and I can hardly run anymore! Maybe I should get up early and walk on the beach, girls are certainly not waking early and i don't have the usual all inclusive cheap booze hangovers!

wanted to say glad all went well with op Caro. Pleased to hear you have the extra help for Eric (if he's anything like Rosie at the moment...tiring- mentally and physically!). And I'm not sure if you know of it but there's an fb group called Run Mummy Run which I've joined, think tatty is on it? mostly posts about runs unsurprisingly and far too many on diets annoyingly, but there has also been two or three women posting recently on their post chemo or mastectomy running comebacks. Very inspiring and lovely posts so thought you might be interested. 

was going to say more but big girl up and wanting to play ponies....


07/06/2014 at 17:12

When I was 18 weeks pregnant with Eric we did our Mark Warner hol to Eric and and I did the 5k timed runs every morning, plus hired bikes and did the guided mountain bike trips.  I would have been furious if they'd said I wasn't allowed!!  But glad hol is good otherwise - enjoy  Might look at run mummy run.........just not sure I need another excuse to be drawn to the computer.

Had a lovely afternoon at something called the Thurrock Thameside Nature reserve, nice sunny walk, lots of cows, a few big ships in the Thames estuary, and I very randomly bumped into someone I worked with a long time ago which was nice.

Boob sore, which I guess isn't surprising, but I'm a bit fed up of it now.

and yes JT everyone likes scaremongering, so am not wasting time worrying about it.

07/06/2014 at 21:25
At Martha's last school there was one mum who was always basically spreading gossip about the rule changes, made the application process just that bit more annoying and stressful!
08/06/2014 at 06:40
JT Last time I bought I found the Tesco opticians site quite competitive, plus you get points. Spec savers had their own brand which was cheaper though when I went recently.

Talking of boobs, its a year since I stopped feeding B and I still have milk - eek!
08/06/2014 at 07:42

It's me with the cheap lenses.


up since 4.45 with Fraser. Fed him 6.30 and he puked over me.  Meantime madam has sneaked downstairs before her 7am rule and stuck telly on (6.30 as she told me she was closing the doors as she wanted to read aloud which was a sneaky lie) so telly off and Lou sent to her room. I'd have got over the extra tv if she hadn't been so devious. Andy has put his back out but refuses to do anything about it. Won't take p/k unless I nag him and hasn't even used the diclofenac gel or the heat pad but equally won't get up to see Fraser or anything. Trying to keep a lid on it in present circumstances but getting frustrated with the crippled martyrdom. 

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