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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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05/08/2013 at 13:20

Yep Hoggle 40 today. Not feeling great about it, but having a down day anyway. 

05/08/2013 at 14:35

Aw hope you have a good day MM, I am 40 next year and not looking forward to it already!

05/08/2013 at 18:00

Trip to docs and am now on HRT. I soooo hope it works. Off out for dinner which is nice as grandad here to look after Sophie tom. Was hoping to go out on bike with hubbie but torrential rain not inspiring

05/08/2013 at 19:28

Oh MM (((()))) as well as  for the birthday. I have to say, I am actually finding being 40+ just fine, at the end of the day it IS just a couple of numbers and one just happens to be a 4!!! Hope the HRT kicks in and helps you.  I am sure much has changed since HRT originally came on the scene, as with many things, what doesn't work for one person may be the absolute solution for another. Just look after yourself and don't be too hard on yourself either.

Camlo - well done. Have never done the whole lot, but have walked them all individually at various times. Can get pretty wild up on those Yorkshire peaks - remember coming off one of them on a climbing club Christmas do, where it was blowing a hoolie and absolutely pishing down (hence no rock climbing was to be done!!).

Ha ha to the unprepared on the other Three Peaks. Going way way way back now, when I was a newly qualified Summer ML (mountain leader) awardee, I got drummed into leading groups for Operation Raleigh (Raleigh International now) on their annual fund-raising efforts on the Three Peaks. Did it twice and swore never again - as just as described, many had not a clue about kit or navigation and I had no idea who I would get until we all piled into a minibus on Friday night .  Good fun though despite some of the dramas

05/08/2013 at 19:40

Sounds like better weather up here - just been listening to info about floods in Coventry etc. Had one downpour a couple of hours ago and that was it!

Pretty busy with school holidays stuff. A bit of orienteering last week for me and the kids - I even managed to be 13th out of 109 competitors on the Light Green on Friday - this is awesome for me as usually I make loads of silly mistakes and just do dreadfully. Of course, if it hadn't taken me five minutes to work out where I was at the start I would have been even further up!!

Did local 5km race up our hill to viewpoint. Is on road. I was 4/15 ladies (16/38 overall). There is a 'killer mile' on the hill (most of route uphill) and I was 2nd fastest on that . Should have pulled my finger out earlier in race but didn't want to crash and burn so left it a little too late push it, only just missed 3rd - bah. Just don't do enough shorter races.

Ran with Scarlett on her bike day after and did some reps up tower in the forest.

Did a long run on Saturday afternoon but was so windy I could hardly breathe at times, let alone run, so had to walk stretches to catch my breathe. But was off-road on good terrain for my ultra and managed about 17.5 of the planned 20. Legs actually felt great but had the start of a blister on Friday orienteering and that kicked in big time so think I will be wearing my old knackered shoes in Sept as these are not worn in enough.

Did lovely bike ride with kids and hubby on Sunday - 9 miles all told but horribly rutted and bumpy where the forestry vehicles have carved up the forest - bah - so was hard work for S but she took it in her stride on her bike, loving her gears.

Dentist for kids today - passed with flying colours

J has a watersports days tomorrow down in the bay

Running is generally ticking over, using the dreadmill for easy stuff and trying to get a couple of runs out on the real deal in the week if poss. Into last two weeks of hols now - half happy half sad really, having lots of fun but am needing some return to normality too!!

05/08/2013 at 23:07

I really hope HRT starts to improve things for you MM and that you managed to have a nice evening.

Cant believe school holidays are ending soon CC - seems like they just started (well probably doesn't feel like that for you!

06/08/2013 at 08:20

good luck with the HRT and hope your birthday was ok after MM. 

yippee to good dentist visits, excellent orienteering placing and fab exam results in TT's house (saw on fb)!

Boo to going to work....... 

06/08/2013 at 17:44

spent ALL day on the beach today . J had a day booked with sailing club in the village - all day doing a mix of water sports depending on weather/wind etc - he ended up sailing all day much to his delight as has never done that before ... so S and I settled in on the beach with friends who had older siblings doing the same. Then they departed at lunchtime so we had our packed lunch, built a fabee sand fortress thing (S said it was the nicest day she'd spent on the beach with me ), and then when for a quick swim - with the local seal colony in tow - before collecting J, ice cream and then biked back home again.

So best get off here and sort some tea for happy seafarers! and then summon up enthusiasm for another 5-6 miles on the dreadmill tonight, wearing my pack  50/50 chance of that happening at the moment!

And then some homework for Pilates - have training day on Friday so trying to refresh my knowledge of circulation, heart valves etc!

06/08/2013 at 17:45

and no Hoggle, holidays don't feel they have just started ... but they are going far to fast in many ways, if I could have some of my usual school term routine (ie getting out on my own occasionally) then I'd happily have some more weeks like this for sure!

06/08/2013 at 17:51

Just looking at some of the holidays pics - looks like Karen has found some sunshine in Wales ... I was very tempted to 'like' the picture of her husband and his six-pack, but thought it might seem inappropriate!!! Very impressive though

06/08/2013 at 21:59

Thanks cc.  Doc thinks it will do the trick, but does mean I'm on them for 10 years if the 3 month trial works. Better than getting stress fractures and osteoporosis later on though. My GP runner friend convinced me. Also being checked for coeliacs and having a scan of my ovaries just to cover all options am sure both fine. Being 40 not worrying me. This is awful though and I've had enough! 

06/08/2013 at 22:02

Yes MM, it IS awful and I can quite see why you've had enough!  Good to get everything checked out, and YES, is way better than stress fractures and osteoporosis absolutely. (())

07/08/2013 at 08:31

eek not looking forward to getting older at all...... 

had a lovely yomp over some hills with club last night but 5 miles took well over an hour and my knees and hips were screaming!! I am also getting hot flushes, headaches, nausea and bad moods but was putting it down to work stress. 

CC well jealous...... hope I can give my kids the same experiences as yours. 


07/08/2013 at 09:39

Your beach day sounds fantastic CC!!

07/08/2013 at 11:30

Hope all you lovely ladies with birthdays have had lovely days. There seem to be so many at the moment and I think I saw someone wishing CM a happy birthday today too. 

MM, did you have your party already or is that still to come?  Hope the HRT works for you. You are usually such a positive person so it's sad to hear you are down. How is your job working out?

CC your day on the beach with S sounded awesome. Describe what you mean by swimming with the seals, how close are they?

Hoggle, I can't believe you've had your op already!  How is your recovery progressing?

Camlo, 3 peaks; wahoo!  Well done. 

Things still the same here, still in hideous limbo and don't know

07/08/2013 at 11:34

Have finally managed to find my way back here - my RW settings are all screwed and I no longer appear to have any bookmarks that work.  No idea what that's about.  Rarely get time to post but wanted to wish MM a belated happy birthday and to say that I was so sorry to read about the early menopause.

I haven't really noticed any difference being 40+; as CC says it's just a number.  But it sounds as though the symptoms have really been dragging you down.  I can understand your reluctance re. HRT but I'm sure it has improved greatly since it first appeared on the scene - and as the risks of osteoporosis and stress fractures are increased with early-onset menopause I definitely think it's worth a shot.  I really hope you get on with it and it helps with the black clouds.  It sounds as though you're not in a happy place right now so I do hope things improve for you quickly.

CC, your posts always make me wish I lived where you do - it just sounds SO idyllic!  Loving S's comment about her day on the beach with you

Camlo, great achievement on the Three Peaks and a big well done, can't believe you were out running again so soon!

After my disappointing marathon experiences earlier this year I've been enjoying lots of offroad running over the past few months, taking advantage of the great summer we're having and the lovely light evenings (which are already starting to draw in a bit - sigh).  Been doing a lot more hilly stuff and I'm noticing huge improvements in my running - I feel strong at the moment and I am really enjoying it.  After the Halstead marathon I had a dreadful few weeks where my pace was going backwards even though I felt I was giving 100% effort.  In hindsight I think I overtrained (too much hard stuff, not enough easy and recovery runs) and because I was annoyed with my performance I didn't allow myself any time off after the marathon either   So no surprise really that it's taken a while to bounce back.  But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that ...

Off on holiday in a couple of weeks, after a minor panic on Sunday night when we got a phone call saying the house we were due to stay in had been badly damaged by fire and was no longer inhabitable.  Of course (Sl)easyJet won't refund under any circumstances if you have to cancel your flights and our insurers told us that as loss of accommodation did not prevent travel to the destination we were not covered.  So mad panic to find alternative accommodation for the same dates as we'd booked.  Alternative now found and paid for (£100 more but hey) so back on track - new accommodation actually looks nicer so may have done us a favour!

07/08/2013 at 11:37

Grr iPhone stopped dead on my post. 

Still don't know what we are going to do regarding our land. Banks keep dangling hope in front of us then whipping it away just as we get optimistic we might be able to build. 

Really missed being in uk this weekend as my baby cousin got married. Looked as though they had a lovely day and would have been so good to have been there with the boys.

The boys are fab though. Os is a chunky wee beast, tried on a 12 month pair of dungarees and he's popping out of them at just 6 months. Getting a lovely smiley character though and Max is still so sweet. He's discovered the library (they have book mobile every 2 weeks at nursery and I took him on Saturday to our local one too). He is obsessed with diggers and trucks at the moment (what small boy isn't!?) and picked himself 2 books about trucks which we are reading several times a day at the moment  

07/08/2013 at 11:39

Minks great running. Where are you going for your holiday?

07/08/2013 at 14:18

Spain, TTid.  We've been staying at the same place for the last 3 years (house damaged by fire owned by my SIL's parents) but have managed to find an apartment about 3K further along the coast from where we usually stay, so we know the area and where things are.

Bummer re. your land.  There's nothing worse than having hopes constantly dashed

07/08/2013 at 20:03

Jeez.  I come back and I kill the thread.  Back to lurking ...

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