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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/08/2013 at 22:03

You haven't killed it Minks! Always someone from a different time zone to pick it up!! Glad the running is going well and potential holiday drama resolved!

TTid that is so frustrating and stressful for you. I hope someone gives you a resolution soon!!

We are having major success with a sleep training clock at the moment!! Got a momo monkey clock (like a gro clock but monkeys eyes open/shut). I think I am actually in love with it!! Took 2 days to get to grips with it and now she stays in bed until monkey wakes up! Sometimes comes I but happy to be taken back to bed and stays there! Not bad considering she often wakes at 5.30 and alarm goes off at 6.50am!


07/08/2013 at 22:11

Ha ha Minks, that's usually the effect I have!! Great to hear your running is going so well, and even more importantly that you are enjoying it. It's great when it all feels like it's coming together. Holiday accommodation sounds a bit of a nightmare but now something sorted so all good.

Seals were probably 5-6m away from us yesterday - have never been in the water and that close to them. It was just a pair playing near us - they were in no hurry to go at all, kept ducking under and then popping up and looking at us right in the face! When I saw one on the beach on Sunday and tried to take a photo it very rapidly rolled into the sea so I didn't expect these to hang around. There is a sandbar about 300m away which they all hang out and bask in the sun on, these ones had obviously got bored of sunbathing!!

TT - must have missed the horrors re your land, that sounds absolutely dreadful, I hadn't realised there was likely to be problems with building, just what you don't need. Hope it all comes together and is sorted very soon.

Camlo - my body felt much like you described yours when I went on my run tonight - everything seemed to be hurting!!! Night sweats, vile moods, nausea and headaches ... hmmm ... well I definitely get all of that lot around TOTM and I definitely find the nasty moods seem to hang around a  lot longer than they used to ... I guess stress will make all these things a lot worse!

Miserable wet day here for most of it, house was desperate for some cleaning so quick whizz round and then supermarket and library with kids - well, I said to them that it's the price we pay for having lovely days out on the beach etc!! kids friends for lunch, accompanied by their dad as he's on childcare duties for part of this week ... then my lovely lovely babysitter who is disappearing to university in Sept  and I set off for longish run. Did first 4 miles with her mum and then rest on my own. 15 miles of beach running and coastal path and man did it hurt!  I am so out of the zone of regular running my body (especially my Achilles) is in shock!! Hubby did suggest that perhaps four days between long runs was not really long enough, but of course, I don't believe him!!  Much loved trail shoes are on last legs though and they've changed the darn model  ... not what I need with an ultra in six weeks time ...

Sun set to shine tomorrow

07/08/2013 at 22:19

Hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow CC - sounds like you need it!! Boo to the babysitter leaving! I don't know what I would do if ours left!!!


08/08/2013 at 12:59

I hate it when they do that with shoes, CC.  I've worn Nike Pegasus since forever (with the odd foray into something else every now and again that never usually works out) but with each model they "refine" the design - not always to the benefit of the wearer in my opinion.  The ones I'm currently wearing are two models old (got them for £28 on Runners Need so can't complain) and they are much roomier in the toe area than the newer models.  I buy size 4.5 usually but the last couple of pairs of newer models have been a lot more snug than with previous versions so I may have to chance a 5 next time and risk running like Coco the clown!

Kit has a friend here today - second playdate of the week; this is time I want back at the end of my life!   I've taken most of the week off work as Kit's been doing a summer swim school each morning and the timing is such that it's not worth my while to go into work afterwards (shame!)

Hubby and I are like ships that pass in the night at the moment.  If he's not rowing, I'm running and vice versa.  Plus regattas most Saturdays or Sundays and they are pretty much full-day events.  It'll be weird going on holiday and actually spending time together!

Boo to lack of babysitter CC.  Saying that, we don't have one either unless I ask my mum, who is always happy to oblige but prefers to go home rather than stay the night, so means one of us can't have a drink or we have to pay for a cab for her which adds a bit on to the cost of the evening.  May explain why we haven't actually been out together (just the two of us) at all this year!

08/08/2013 at 22:32

It's tough to get siters isn't it? We use my parents a bit but no one else. Glad to hear running going well for you Minks. Runs and swim sound fab CC - even if you are a bit sore now! Hope you get the building underway soon TT. house stuff is super stressful eh? 

Just popping on quickly before bed. Sleep well all and have a good day to those in other time zones! 

09/08/2013 at 00:24

We have a lovely babysitter - if only we could afford to use her more!! I'm trying to set up some reciprocal babysitting with friends but at the moment they have babysat for us but not asked me to babysit in return - will feel guilty asking until they ask!!

09/08/2013 at 02:07

We tend to take our 2 everywhere with us. Not always appropriate but we aren't good at planning   Had a lovely dinner out at our beach club tonight overlooking the Atlantic. Was beautiful. Max in bed 1 hour past his bedtime and Os now wriggling around on the living room rug. 

Trying all avenues at the moment for a mortgage. Keeping fingers crossed that HSBC can come up with something. 

Happy birthday today to another mummy. AF who I think is MR on here??  

09/08/2013 at 17:15

hi all and belated happy birthday to MM and MR. sorry to hear things are not good MM. i think i am also heading for early menopause. consultant couldn't find anything wrong with my womb or ovaries but periods still all wonky - every 2 weeks-ish. he said it's definitely hormonal and if i wanted i could take drugs, but at the moment i don't.

just back today from fabulous holiday in spain and feeling very VERY glum. we went to murcia in the east of spain and stayed in a village on the coast near puerto de mazarron. can't recommend it highly enough as it is quite rural, and very spanish. the only time we saw any other brits were when we went into the port to a chinese buffet (at J's request!). idyllic bays along there - hired a pedalo with a slide on it; spent hours in the pool and the sea. beautifully warm and clear seas. also went up into the mountains one day and fed crisps to the wild boar (hmmm - but very cool) and spent my birthday at a waterpark in murcia where the kids and i swam with sealions. hardly ethical i guess but so much fun.

dropped kids at their dad's on the way back so am now extremely glum and low as the holiday was just perfect. they were brilliant the whole time and didn't argue much at all. in fact, they even played together which is UNHEARD of!

i shall go back to sulking now - but will try a little plod in a while. the only problem with temps in the 30s is that running is a struggle. i went out twice at night (10pm ish) but it was still 29 degrees which was too hot for me. also very humid so it was not pleasant!

09/08/2013 at 21:43

Oh I can post 

Minks- bookmarks have all changed there is a new followed

 threads page instead



09/08/2013 at 22:06

Come here tom CM? Adult party starts 8pm. X

09/08/2013 at 22:24

holiday sounded amazing CM. post holiday blues are Carp and after such a fab time no wonder you're glum. Pics on FB look great - you all look so relaxed and happy! 

Good luck with mortgages TTid. We're doing exact same thing at the mo - all the documentation they ask for! It's so stressful. Hope HSBC can come up with the goods.  

gazebo thing looks cool MM. Oh and yes Minks - fab that your running is so great right now! I love times like that - & you deserve it after the disappointments earlier in the year. I just cannot WAIT to start running again when no doubt i will asking those of you who had c sections how long it was before you started again! 

09/08/2013 at 22:25

PS summer cold here - sneezing away. Rage! 

10/08/2013 at 02:27

Our winter heatwave continues - glorious days of 20 degrees!!!

CM your holiday looked wonderful and great that the kids got on so well - the photo of them holding hands is beautiful!!!

11/08/2013 at 00:09

boo to end of holiday CM, Mazzaron is where my friend has bought an apartment for us to use.... was going to leave it this year as it isn't furnished yet but from then on its fair game! Your pics are great and hopefully kids will spend the next few days crowing all about it!!! 

Menopause is just carp..... why can't it be simple?! 

hope party has gone well MM

yippee to heat waves and boo to falling off bike (yep, me again.... scuffed new bike and my elbow, but did get 39mph downhill!!)

Anyone used approved foods before? I got an order this week which would have been £87 in the shops but was £37 inc postage. All short dated stuff but I figured tinned stuff was ok and most of it seems to be ok. Wouldn't buy out of date nuts again as they aren't brill but tins of olives were 4 for £1 are are excellent. I think I can send a link which will get money off if anyone wants me to look. 


11/08/2013 at 18:29

whoop whoop Camlo, that sounds speedy AND painful!! Go easy there.

Holiday sounded fabulous CM, and lovely pictures of the kids too

Saw a fetching photo of MM and her hubby on FB in fancy dress

Weekend seems to have gone in a flash, hubby was home Thurs eve but I was in Edinburgh all day Friday - long there-and-back day but very worth it. Hubby out on bike yesterday morning, friends round for bbq late afternoon/evening; I did 10 miles this morning in my road shoes which are not trashed and fine for coastal path but NOT for Lakeland trails so need to sort that situation out very soon. Tennis in park with kids this afternoon and then hubby has gone again ... sigh

Last week of the holidays for us now, has been lovely, especially with the weather but by the end of last week I had pretty much had enough!!! I think I cope in the week usually because I don't get to see them 24/7 - hey ho, you never know, one day my husband will resolve his job situation!!

11/08/2013 at 21:06

blimey camlo - hope you didn't come off at 39mph!!

how was party, MM? looks like it was fun on FB!

can't believe your hols over already, cc. mind you, ours are trotting by now and i'm just panicking about the logistics of the beginning of term as E starts reception but is only in for 30 mins on one day during the first week. ARGH!!!! I know and appreciate school is not childcare, but really - this isn't making it easy on us working parents. particularly as she isn't entitled to attend day nursery anymore at that point, so I literally cannot use any form of wrap-around for the first week of term. the second week is a bit better - she is in from 9am until 1.45pm but even then there's no after school wrap-around until she starts full-time the following week. gah! and I've used all my bloody holiday already so I can't take any more leave. I don't actually know what I am going to do!!

I can report some running - rather worried about that because it usually all goes tits up as soon as I do that. I am doing Cardiff half in oct so am doing a 10week plan. just finished week 2 and yesterday I did 3 miles timed - first mile 8.30; second 8.22 and third 8.10 . And today I did my 6 miles slow but didn't take garmin deliberately as I was doing a very hilly route. felt absolutely fine, and that was after a walk up a (small) mountain this morning which was about 5.5miles.  I will say it is a lot easier to exercise in these temperatures than in spain. it was sweltering and very unpleasant trying to run - even at 10pm. I saw loads of people still running at midnight over there!

11/08/2013 at 21:15

can well imagine the complete nightmare CM, I am so very glad I am not in a type of job that requires me to be working some of the holidays ... hubby has hardly any holiday left for the year (and he took very little off during these holidays) and I still have two weeks of 'tattie hols' and then two inset days to go before we get to the Christmas holidays so he wouldn't be able to help much even if he was here!!

Running in heat is tough ... can remember doing a couple of runs in Thailand when we took Explorer Scouts on Jamboree there, and sweating gazillions!

Well done on the running though, fingers crossed. I've just been feeling totally shattered, the 10 I did this morning were at a decent pace considering I was running straight into the wind all the way back (1.30) on the beach, but boy I just feel like I haven't slept for weeks!!! Never mind, easy day with the kids tomorrow.

11/08/2013 at 21:21

cc - I have just worked it out for next year and I don't have enough holiday to take every day off that the kids are with me during the holidays / half terms, and I only have them for 50% of the time in the holidays and I only work 4 days a week as well. and that is if I buy the maximum amount of extra holiday that I can so that I have 7 weeks a year. it won't be so bad hopefully now as I can probably persuade them both to go to a holiday club together for a day or so during the holidays - up until now, J has been reluctant to go because he thinks he won't know anyone and E hasn't been big enough to go. but if E is going too, then he may be more inclined to agree. well - at the moment at least because they are actually not beating the crap out of each other all the time! by the next holidays that will have changed, i'm sure!

11/08/2013 at 22:25
For some reason when I came to the thread today it took me to 2010 so I have just spent a nostalgic half hour reading about what we were all doing in oct/nov/dec of 2010!

CM - I wrote exactly that in a feedback form for school. We had 3 weeks of half days before Isabelle went full time last September, and I pointed out that while school isn't about providing childcare, it's virtually impossible for working parents to arrange ad hoc childcare to cover these half days. Don't think they've changed the way they do things though! Mine will have to do some holiday clubs as we don't have enough leave to cover all their days off and there's no way my husband and I are never going to have time off together. Most of our friends are in the same situation so I assume we'll try and arrange that they go along to clubs with a friend or two - and I'll trade some days of having children here for friends loooking are mine.

We had a fantastic trip to Switzerland and survived the 1400 miles of driving(!), but not really looking forward to husband going back to work tomorrow. O slept terribly whilst we were away but for the first 6 days my parents were with us and they got up every morning with the other 2 which was amazing. She's been much better the 2 nights since we got home so not sure if it was that she had a cold, the altitude, the tooth which has just arrived, or just her being a baby - as long as I get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row I don't really care!
11/08/2013 at 22:48

boo to inconsiderate schools, worn out trainers, lack of holidays (in fact boo to working full stop...), disturbed nights and running in the heat.

yippee to some fab running from CM and CC, parties, successful holidays and kids getting on for a change.

You will be pleased to hear I did not fall off at 39mph, rather embarrassingly I fell off before I left the drive at 0 mph. Went karting today and had a laugh, kids were brill but then I dropped them off with grandma for a few days and got a call later to say I hadn't packed any of Archie's night bags. gggrrrr it is such a pain having to remember all his catheters, tapes, bags, dressings, medicine etc etc every time we go out. 

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