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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/06/2014 at 21:35

haha camlo - you and I have opposite views on the ironman question!! must show that I have a guilt complex eh?

09/06/2014 at 21:36

Lets pair them up camlo.......I'm not sure when the funeral is but I hope it goes as well as these things can.

minks I was sort of thinking along the same side as CM re toyboy, and whether you are completely sure he doesn't harbour any feelings towards you.........

glad job is interesting CM.  I can be pretty good at bullshi**ing too on occasion- a good skill!


09/06/2014 at 21:41

what I can't get over is the amount of PAPER at the uni. every meeting means everyone prints everything out. every email; every document; the agenda; the minutes. everything. everyone sits there with everything all printed out. and no-one refers to any of it!!! today the Security Director had printed the IT department's business continuity plan out. it is hundreds of pages long. we didn't refer to it at all. why do people do this!? I print nothing out. ever... unless I absolutely have to. and even then I chance it usually and email it to myself on my phone if it's a bar code and hope to get by without a hard copy. my home printer hasn't had any cartridges in it for about 2 years!

09/06/2014 at 21:51

Having had a whole week to observe the brats, I'm sure that it wasn't a food issue it was a parenting issue. Clear rules and boundaries, consistently applied would have sorted out 80% of the bad behaviour. Time after time I saw one or other of the parents issue a threat or a bribe and then not follow it through consistently. It backfired on them big time as neither Mrs B nor I nor the grandparents (when they stayed with them) would babysit for them, so they never had a night out together while they were here in the UK. The father did, of course, manage to have plenty of nights out with his erstwhile mates, leaving his hapless wife with the brats.

I'm with CM on the toyboy holiday question. I bet he'd try it on with you Minks once you were away. Even if he didn't, I'm sure your husband wouldn't be happy.

09/06/2014 at 22:02

Before I was made redundant, I used to be an IT consultant in a firm run by accountants. I used to turn up for their silly, pointless, time-wasting meetings without anything printed out and I never took any notes. I didn't even take a piece of paper in with me to write on. I read the agenda online beforehand and the minutes online afterwards. When people asked me about it I just said that "I don't do paperwork".

Now I'm self-employed and I don't have to waste my time in "internal meetings".

09/06/2014 at 22:19

what sort of IT do you do, R_B? I know nothing about IT, in spite of being employed in IT since 1998-ish! I sat in a supplier management meeting last week where they were talking about motherboards and chipsets and I had less than zero clue what they were talking about. I am responsible for running the Service Desk for Cardiff Uni now, which is a huge step back from where I was (in monetary terms as well - was earning this much around 12 years ago!). But am hoping it pans out to be a better long term prospect from a personal point of view. No travel. Although ironically I need to go to Birmingham Uni later in the month to a conference where all the Russell Group Unis get together to talk about their IT provision. Birmingham used to be just about my least favourite place to travel to! and now I have to go back there. although I'm not allowed to drive my own car - I have to hire one??? what is THAT all about??

09/06/2014 at 22:26

I help charities with their IT CM. I have an IT background and worked (in non-IT roles) in charities (as well as being a volunteer) for about 15 years before becoming a consultant. Charities have quite specific requirements for accounting systems and databases (membership, fundraising etc.) and I help them specify what they need and identify potential systems (and with procurement). But I also help them with IT strategy and information security management - which are more generic.

Money isn't everything - providing you have enough!

09/06/2014 at 22:28

Hiring your own car CM - that sounds mad!! Oh well, can you hire a fancy one?!

Matilda has become really annoyingly fussy again with food so would have probably said similar to your friends child RB, I don't play up to it (well try not to - I'm not perfect!) but its driving me mad at the moment! It just bugs me when she won't try something that I know she would really enjoy!.

Midwife this morning and heard the baby's heartbeat which was cool - always a relief when you haven't felt movements yet that its still in there doing what it should. Hubby came with me and looked a bit freaked as my blood tests came back with a false positive for syphilis! Re-tested and was fine but he looked mortified! Low risk for the NT screening as well which was good news. Can't remember if I said that the consultant who did the scan was fairly sure it was a boy which is cool. Luckily we will get lots of hand-me downs this time round and a lot of our early stuff is pretty gender neutral.

Trip away with toy boy- hmmmm, on one hand sounds like a fun trip however I can see how hubby might be less than impressed too.


09/06/2014 at 22:32

good news, hoggle

R_B - ok, can sort of understand the kind of stuff you do. and could possibly have done with you in my information security meeting this afternoon. got away with throwing in the odd reference to confidentiality, compliance, integrity and availability. seemed to be enough to convince her that I knew what I was talking about! (I didn't)

09/06/2014 at 22:33

I persuaded hubbie to let me have a weekend away and we shared a log cabin. I had the bedroom and he had the sofa bed. Worked fine. There were loads of other runners  in the hotel so we joined in with them at dinner and breakfast. 

I will write report tomorrow when I'm wfh on lap top not iPad! Will read more then as bed calling although am also now hungry again!!!!

Camlo    pirate
09/06/2014 at 23:01

Hahaha just saw messages on hubbys phone along the lines of missing you and sweet dreams.... Was slightly freaked and hastily read back through his conversation but only his pal on game of war missing him since he stopped going on there! We have now fully discussed the ironman opportunity and he feels it would be a step too far going away with another man unless there was a group going. I have said he is a spoil sport! 

Good to hear heartbeat Hoggle

RB - i totally get your paperless approach, hate carting bags of paper around but sometimes feel a bit rude using laptop when no-one else is. 

CM thats a definate suggestion to make then to save the uni money! When work gets skint towards the end of the year we get a ban on printing and they wont order paper! 

MM - looking forward to report. 

10/06/2014 at 07:10

It's taken me a few days to read the posts from when I was away and have now forgotten half of what i wanted to post!

Ttid - I am right in thinking you have been getting annoyed with hubby?  When i was pregnant mine went through a stage of being really thoughtful, it was over xmas and new year so i was 7 months.  I felt that he let me do virtually everything with Georgia and i was working and i was knackered.  I had a big chat to him and then he was brilliant and has been really good since then.  When i was heavily pregnant he took G out most weekends and let me get some rest.  He does like his phone though.  I have to say, i have a real problem with people and their friggin phones.  Everyone is obsessed by them.

(daughter just got up, posting this and back for more later)

10/06/2014 at 08:32

I know Pip, drives me bonkers when hubby stands in the middle of the kitchen staring gormlessly at his phone!!

Benedict actually slept through last night, that would be the fourth time so far!!

10/06/2014 at 09:35

OK here goes girls...

Drove down on Friday night. TB (its OK hubbie calls him my TB too!!) is a teacher and had to go on a school trip friday, so we left about 4.30pm. Not too bad a journey, stopped in a dodgey pub on way down in a random village off the A30 for huge lasagne carb load. Sat very heavily but not too bad. Arrived about 9.30pm. Lovely wee lodge/B&B/cafe in Sennen. We had a log cabin detached from the hotel, other groups running were in a surf lodge and in the B&B. Packed out stuff up for the morning, set alarms and went to our separate beds. 5 hours later alarm woke us. Hadn't slept well, never do before these things though. Quick change, bodyglide over everything that might rub, anti-histamine, HRT, suncream, grabbed food. Drove to lands end, only a few mins down the road. Parked up in the pitch black. No record of either of us having paid for the bus. Grrr, not a good start to the day. We would have to register at Lizard! Got onto an old, rusty, very uncomfortable double decker bus at 4.15am. OMG, a start to the day of endurance an hour on that, so so uncomfortable.

Scoffed a cliff bar and banana. Arrived regsitered, chip on etc, queried about payment of bus. Annoyed me!! 

Got down to Lizard Point, boiled up some water and scoffed some gluten free oats with honey. Handed in checkpoint bag and then we had the race assembly/briefing.

6.25am we were off. Very very slow as single track obviously, should have maybe gone gone closer to the front as I found it frustrating but was a good thing in the end. Spent 4 hours over taking!

Water station 1 came very quickly, quick top up and onwards. Checkpoint 1 at Church Cove, fab support with relay runners waiting as well.

Feeling good, slightly tight hip flexor but clocking 9-10mm. Next water station around 16 miles I was getting thirsty, stopped and necked water. Should have added electrolyte here. Still felt good though, running most of it apart from bad hills. Pretty runnable, although this last 6 miles was very rutted and narrow with a lot of steps up and down and scree. Checkpoint 2 was a welcome sight, not many bags had gone through the checkpoint, my running TB had gone on ahead when I took off my jacket but we said we wouldn't stay together. Scoffed banana and cliff bars, jelly babies, then off I went again. Should have drank electrolyte here, lesson learnt. Still felt good. Trotted on...

10/06/2014 at 10:19

...was jumped upon by video man and filmed so can't wait to see that, unfortunately he also told me I was in 3rd place. I wish he hadn't as I wouldn't have felt so cross when I fell apart later . Anyway felt great still, loving the scenery, stunning crystal clear sea, sun was getting very hot though!! Loved running past St Michael's Mount in St.Ives, how gorgeous was that. 26 miles water station on the outskirts of Penzance and I was very thirsty, alarms bells ringing. Quickly shoved nuun tablets into bottle. Could feel cramp pulses, getting worried. Road running through the town for a few miles now, clocking some quicker miles 8.34-10mm here, but was feeling jaded now from the heat a bit. Hmmm! 2 ladies came past me with Solo numbers. Damn! A few more but they were relay runners. Nice chat to one lady, it was her 4th effort, she had run some very slow times in previous years but felt good this year, she was a V50, good effort. She went on I struggled up the hill out of Mousel. Damn was feeling tired now! 14 miles to go! Still more road then it turned suddenly into off road coast path. Legs of jelly on hundreds of steps, and now rock climbing! Checkpoint 3 arrived at Lamorna Cove. It was manic here, cars everywhere, a bit stressful. My calves and hamstrings were pulsing cramps. I scoffed some crisps and necked more electrolyte. Started to feel better. Another lass went by me here, but not much I could do about it. My TB was here too, he was struggling badly with cramps. We had to climb out of Lamorna Cove on our hands and knees. OMG, really! 11 miles to go from here and I knew it was going to take a long time! I was clocking 14mm at this point! Running was virtually impossible it was so rocky and I was terrified of falling. We then arrived around 35 miles point at the what people describe as Satan's hopscotch, the biggest boulders ever. Legs cramping and wobbly we had to get from one side of this ridiculous beach to the other on rocks that also wobbled. It took forever!

10/06/2014 at 10:34

More miles passed in a blur. I couldn't eat anything now my stomach was fine but I just did not want food so I just drank loads. Some easier running punctuated the steps and rocks. Steps were huge though and those down just cramped by hamstrings as I'm not the tallest person! Last section of rock climbing up to the Minarc Theatre. Wow that was amazing, lined with folk cheering you on and the final water station at the top. 4 miles to go! Caught up properly with TB now, we chatted briefly, he was just walking now, couldn't run a step without cramping so I carried on. My club mates told me I would beat him and I did! He is much quicker over shorter distances. Those last 4 miles went on and on, up and down, more steps, more rocks. I could see Land's End, I could see loads of people but it wasn't getting closer. Another lady sprinted past me with half mile to go. Ahhh! Past the buildings, past the folk screaming, where was the finish, where were the flags and person holding the tag clocker. Saw them. Ahhh finished 9:24:54. OMG!

I immediately thought I was going to chuck up. Managed to get my tag taken off and got my medal and tshirt then laid on the ground. First aid man rescued me as I was hyperventilating! TB appeared and got me some tea as I was shaking like a leaf! Recovered after that, then TB started to feel sick too!

We had done it though and the pride of achieving that is immense. Yes you know me, I know I could have done better , but was 7th lady, 50th overall out of 198 finishers. 300 or so started, so it shows the drop out rate! I beat many of the relay teams with that time too! I have learnt so much about ultra running, and I'm told that race is worth a 60 miler on better terrain. So going to look for a 50 to see what I can do if I can run a bit more during the race, for the autumn with maybe a marathon warm up! Any recommendations? I did minimal training for this off a 3 month lay off, so have to be pleased really.

Remarkably my legs feel pretty good, tight hamstrings after sitting and my toes are still very sore, am about to lose two nails, but feel pretty good. Still very thirsty and tired but good. Thanks CC and Lotte, I think I have found my new running quest. Should have maybe picked an easier one for my first though!  But that is my TB fault!

10/06/2014 at 10:42

Oh and gluten news. I think I'm fine. I think I will lay off when it affects me last week, but was fine with wheat in the race. Might lay off pre-races to prevent stomach issues. I cancelled bloods this morning as thought they might be slightly astray the results given my biochemistry is probably all over the place after Sat! Post-poned till next Tues.

God I'm starving again!

I can understand re: Minks toyboy and holiday. Guy I went away with it was very different, he has a lovely girlfriend, he is happy. I am happy, we just share this love of mad races and he's good to train with, nice company. We were both doing a serious event and chances of any hanky panky were very low! Yes he is very good looking and very nice but he is pretty selfish in his attitude to life, and I've told him that numerous times. He does whatever he wants and his poor girlfriend is left behind. He is doing the SandMan Ultra next year MDS, nutter! I won't be joining him!

I also like the paperless approach, trouble is kids love drawing/art so we do have so much waste paper everywhere.

Right must do some work, very distracted!

10/06/2014 at 11:36

I enjoyed that report MM. I know the route well (including the rocky bits by Mousehole and Lamorna Cove ), although you must have gone off track as St Michael's Mount is nowhere near St Ives!

I know what you mean about finding an easier one - the first marathon I did started at Lands End and went straight up the old A30 for 26.2 miles to Redruth. There was only about 1 mile that was flat (through Hayle).

Eeek to the (false) syphilis test result, Hoggle!

I'm with you on the phone business PipG. Running along the pavement in London is so much trickier nowadays with so many people wandering along in their own little worlds with a phone glued to their ear. My own particular bugbear is women who take their toddlers to the playground and proceed to ignore them while they talk on their phones.

10/06/2014 at 12:04

Ha! Yes no idea why I wrote St.Ive's was thinking St still!! Brain has not recovered if I'm honest. The concentration level involved for 9 hours was immense!

Edited: 10/06/2014 at 12:04
10/06/2014 at 12:45

Or more usually its the childminders with the kids in the playground who are on the phone ignoring the kids they are paid to look after!  Althought obviously not TT!

great report MM!  So how far was it?

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