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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/03/2013 at 10:27
ooh sitting in a hot tub looking at a frosty sky, bliss!!!!
Boo to bench warming, cancelled trips, voms and worry over school screening.
Yippee to fab distances and pace Karen & Anj, school concerts, cheesy films and getting a recall interview MM.
School screening varies from area to area and having a high referral rate could say more about the person doing it!! We do height, weight, vision and hearing on school entry, parents where a 'genuine' prob is detected are very grateful and those where potential probs are later found to be normal or growth issues are raised are less so! Vixo, as you know a simple cold could throw a hearing test and vision tests are not particularly reliable in school settings so no point worrying until you get a proper test.
We have snow but it's ok on the main road so I am thinking maybe a run is possible if I wear offroaders to jump on the verge when necessary.
23/03/2013 at 10:55
Brookie - step away from the scales!! You are growing a baby! Try and relax and let your body do (and eat) what it needs to be healthy.

Happy birthday to S! Not a baby anymore! (Also really like the film knocked up!). My baby was 3 on Wednesday, left Rosie at the childminder and took Mags into London to the aquarium, had a lovely time (forgot how easy trips are with only one child!). I have to make a bumblebee cake for her party tomorrow. Can't believe last year we were in the garden and this year I'm worried about people not making it because of snow! (Although slightly less toddlers wouldn't be a bad thing...).

I'm on the bench too! have been sulking all week but trying to get over it, for my poor hubby and family's sake! The peroneal tendonitis is still there and I also have some strange pain the whole way up my leg if I even attempt to run (like severe shin splints I guess). Physio on thurs was great, I had to take both kids and Rosie screamed throughout so I kept having to hold her and demonstrated why my right side is screwed - due to hip carrying of 1yr old! She has given me lots of posture stuff to do and said I've probably been out of alignment since first baby as I only had a short gap between the girls and didn't do high mileage. Also learning to carry Rosie on my left side. Anyway, marathon is looking increasingly unlikely, no running for 10 days now. I could still do it if I could run by now but still a no I'm just peeved that we still have to go to Stratford as all paid up. Enough moaning, it could be much worse and sorry to Caro, CM, hoggle and anyone else with far more ongoing injuries than me. CC- you give me hope that ill get better though as you sound like you're getting the miles in!
Did a spin class this morning to get some cardio in. Wish I had found my padded cycling shorts though, ouch!

Sorry for me, me, me post.
Hope Eric is feeling better Caro, did he sleep ok?
Camlo had a poorly too? And Anj with the puke! Get well all!

Who was it with a non sleeper? Kinsey? Hope he is improving, can't remember if you were going to try tough love?! Been doing a bit of that with Rosie who has been waking up yelling a few times a night since her cold. She shares a room with Maggie but doesn't disturb her! I left her yelling last night and Mags slept through it! (But if you sneak to the loo anytime after 4am she is straight out of bed).

Karen- great running! Reckon you're on for sub 1:45. I wasn't running that fast in training and did 1:43. Tt, MM - mara training going well too! Impressed with dreadmill sessions MM!
Lotte- glad your niggle was only a niggle. Boo to the boat, must be v frustrating for them.

Interesting about eye sight and hearing tests. Didn't realise they would all get checked at some point. Kind of expecting one of my girls to have astigmatism and/or long sight because of my eyes.

Best go entertain yelling toddler...
Edited: 23/03/2013 at 10:59
23/03/2013 at 16:29

Sonya - sorry to hear you're still out of action, that's such bad luck . So is that Stratford in E London you're going to stay in? That's just down the road from me and Caro - Discovery Centre in Stratford is good for kids if you're looking for something to do while you're there.

I'd love to do a 1.45 half but I only really have one gear so don't think the race time will be much quicker than training. Also, when I ran the route yesterday I stopped my watch every time I had to wait for traffic when crossing the road and reckon that if I hadn't it would have added at least another 4 minutes to my time. Plan is just to enjoy it anyway as there's about a dozen parents from the school all doing it and getting sponsored so it should be a fun day.

This weather is absolutely bonkers! Can't believe it's snowing again and it's nearly April! It's not even fun snow, as not settling here so kids don't want to go out and are driving us potty because they really need to get out and do something. I'm escaping myself for a bit though - heading out layered up now for a slow recovery 4 in it. Bbbbbrrrrrr

23/03/2013 at 16:30

EF - yep, this crappy weather is all your fault . Have a good time at Centre Parks.

23/03/2013 at 17:12
SonyaB we are all a bit poorly but am going to give it a go over Easter when we don't have to be anywhere!

Snap Vixo, Martha is also 91st for height and 75th for weight, they checked eyesight at school too so it was all normal.

Brookie, def don't stress about weight when pregnant. I didn't weigh myself at all with mine as I was massive and I'm so busy running around after them that it didn't take long to get back to normal.

CM good news about running!
23/03/2013 at 18:34
oh sorry EF, didn't think about you not being allowed to use the hot tub, and you can't even console yourself with a glass of wine! Heyho at least you are growing a wonderful baby and not banned for a crappy reason!
Brookie - I think I gained 7lb the day I conceived...... bin the scales and don't worry about things you have no control over for the next few months.
Sonia, day with Maggie sounds lovely but not good about continued bench warming and having to consider deferring the mara.
Karen - hope your run was ok, looked freezing earlier and extremities vulnerable to cold but do you find body soon warms up and then you are still cooking inside?
Kinsey - sending good luck vibes your way. Don't forget to tell her what you are doing at bedtime but keep dialogue to minimum once she is in bed.

Wanted to do a LSR this weekend so set off in offroaders only to find most of the roads were clear by us. Have been reading about LSR's purpose and need to 'run on empty' so apart from a mouthful of snow I had nothing. Did nearly 17 miles in just under 3 hours but knees trashed and I was starving, thirsty and therefore slow as hell towards the end with lack of energy! Hope it worked!
23/03/2013 at 20:26
lol Camlo, I very nearly had a mouthful of snow at end of my intervals on wed, as was dying of thirst, but was only 200yds from house so held on.
23/03/2013 at 21:06
EF - I looked into the hot tub/hot bath in pregnancy thing. It seems to be not recommended because there is a higher risk of you feeling faint or fainting when pregnant if you're in hot water - your peripheral blood vessels dilate in heat, and because of the changes in your circulatory system when you're pregnant, your body isn't as good at adapting as it is normally (it's a risk normally anyway - we quite often have people who come in after fainting on standing out of the bath). I couldn't find any evidence that there was a risk of boiling the baby, or anything like that, after all, there are people who live in very hot climates who manage to grow healthy babies without them ending up overcooked! This is a long winded way of saying that I couldn't find anything sensible to suggest that spending some time in warm water was going to do me or the baby any damage - but be careful when you stand up!!

Kinsey - Isabelle was 115cm and 20kg apparently. She's certainly taller than a lot of her class. You no longer need to be jealous of the baby sleeping - I feel like I've spent more of the last few nights awake than asleep thanks to one child or another!

Sounds like there's been some good running going on. I'm on the bench thanks to a cold and tiredness. I'd like to feel better soon!
23/03/2013 at 21:13
Oooh interesting! I did wonder about why it's a no cos I have hot baths but in truth I don't last more than 15 mins in a bath.

Packing. Need bigger case cos got so many jumpers for us all!
23/03/2013 at 21:21
Get well soon vixo. My cold is nearly better thank goodness.

Random qu - anyone got a quick easy cure for ulcers on the tip of the tongue? Ouch.
23/03/2013 at 21:26

I had Martha up at 4am the night before last - she was excited about an impending play date.  If she tries that again future play dates might go on hold for a while!  

Hubby has gone to Texas for a week, very jealous as its 25c there.  I need some sun!

At least the snow didn't settle today!  Lotte - shame about the boat, the cancelled the major distance men's rowing race of the year on the Thames that was meant to happen today, must be said I think its probably the first time its snowed for the race although I do remember one year where it was scorching hot!

Sonya - hope the injury improves quickly, lugging heavy babies around it def not good, B is over 10kg already!

23/03/2013 at 21:27

Ouch EF - I got those when i was pregnant too.  Bit of bonjela?

23/03/2013 at 21:30
I looked into the hot tub thing too and I think there was maybe some risk of infection in a public hot tub?

EF have a great time at Center Parcs.

I don't expect any sympathy from any of you with your cold and snow but it has poured with rain all day today here, thunder and lightening and tornado warnings! Means we have all been cooped up inside all day. If our friends can get a sitter we will all go out for a 'grown up' meal tonight. Otherwise they will bring their little one here and we'll get a take out. Hoping to get a quick 40 winks now as exhausted. Yawn!
23/03/2013 at 21:44
Yeah I have bonjela and teething gel as well! Never got this with Loulou.
23/03/2013 at 22:01
Matilda is titchy compared to Isabelle. Not exactly sure but bought her a coat in the next sale today, only ??15, size 5-6 115cm and it's huge!! To be fair, she has been wearing her current one for 3 yrs, as we bought it when she was 2 and it does still fit, but prob won't by next winter. Plus it's pale pink so is always needing washing. The new one is black, how sensible.

Eric been very sad today, lots of tears, lots of drugs. Eating ok, but will def pay a visit to the drs on Monday if still not right. Gone on too long now, can hear him coughing his lungs up little man.

Birthday party no 3 of the wk end tomorrow morning, then hubby has suggested a visit to Westfield (giant shopping centre next to Olympic park) in the afternoon, purely because the weather is so foul and its inside and warm, but it will mean a visit to sweatshop for me and maybe new shoes.......
23/03/2013 at 22:23
All of isabelle's school dresses and trousers are age 6 so they're long enough. The problem with the trousers is that they're then way too big round the waist so they hang down and are a bit long - but the age 5 ones are several cm too short! In the summer I just get her to wear cropped leggings under everything and then it doesn't matter if the dresses are short - they just look like tunic tops.

We've got 2 birthday parties next weekend, including one on Easter Sunday which I think is a bit weird, and have had a party every weekend for the last 3 weeks. Busy time of year!
23/03/2013 at 23:08

poor Eric.

I bought Loulou some trousers from Debenhams a week or so ago - lovely green cotton ones and a pair of jeans.  Age 7.  She's just 5.5! 

24/03/2013 at 08:15
Daddy in kitchen making breakfast, me trying to ignore two children screaming, daddy screaming at Matilda.......should I go and help?? Or stay in bed with my headache and sore throat feeling sorry for myself??.........think I'll give it another 5 minutes
24/03/2013 at 08:55
haha Caro, tough one isn't it?? can you shout for child to come and snuggle in with you? so noise stops but you don't have to move.
I obv have the shortest kids on here, Tom is 6 but wears 4-5 and Archie is 4 and wears 3-4. poor eldest is 22yr so well past growing and is only about 5ft 4 which he hates, at least youngest 2 will have inherited some potential off their dad!!
hubby put blind back up in our room yest and we all slept in until 8:30 hoorrah.
good luck TT who should be out on her LSR now.
24/03/2013 at 09:23

Don't know about that Camlo, my lot are titchy too. The twins are a day older than Vixo's Isabelle but Lewis is 101cm and Cameron is 104cm. And Reece who is 7.5 years old is only 117cm. Sophie is the titchiest in the secondary school. Emily and Dylan are a more 'normal' height compared to their classmates!Reece has also only lost one tooth so far, and their are kids the twins age losing teeth!

So the swimming trip was cancelled but the athletics trip went (soph, Dylan and Hubby) but after a bumpy trip down the boat is currently off Aberdeen harbour (usually docks at 7am) unable to get in. If they aren't off the boat by 10am they will miss the comp... fingers crossed.

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