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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/03/2013 at 12:55

Having two big ones make it seem like B might be little but he's not really!  Martha was 116.5cm Lotte so she's about as tall as Reece!  There is a girl taller than her in the class but I saw the dad and he looks like hes about 6'7" or something, Alan is 6'3" which is why mine are all quite tall but its odd as Alan's parents are titchy in comparison!

We have a party to go to later - 4-6pm which is probably not ideal but the weather is now a bit limiting as it's 1c very wet and keeps snowing.  I'm meant to be taking the boys into my old work tomorrow as my old boss is going to be leaving in a while so my links to work are slowly fading away...

Caro - hope you are feeling better.


24/03/2013 at 14:44
Get well soon Caro. Thanks for all the kind words and sensible advice girls. I think I was just having a down day. I didn't weigh myself at all last pregnancy as I didn't think I'd cope with it but I thought I'd put all those issues behind me. Perhaps not! I won't be doing it again though!

Glad the athletics trip set off Lotte and hope they get off the boat. Well done on the LSR tangy. Happy birthday (belated!) to the birthday kids. Hope parties and cake making went well. Day out at the aquarium sounded good Sonya. Is it worth visiting then?

Sorry you can't make marathon though. But at least Stratford (upon Avon I assume?) is a lovely place to spend a weekend.

Is te discovery centre ( in the east London Stratford!) good then? Maybe we should meet up there Karen and Caro as its handy for me. Although your kids may be too old for it? Not sure what ages it covers.

On and hot tubs, dunno about technicalities but when I was 6-7 months pregnant I went to the Blue lagoon in Iceland. It was amazing. I just made sure I didn't get too hot, stayed in the cooler parts of the lagoon ( which were still pretty hot) and didn't stay in too long. So I guess same rules would apply to a hot tub?

Have a great holiday anyway!
24/03/2013 at 15:34
think I read somewhere that advice not to have hot baths etc is based on research on pregnant sheep where foetus exposed to high temp for very long period of time (meaning months) can develop defects but that does not mean that 30mins in a warm bath/hot tub would have same result, it's a big leap to make. The baby pool at my local swimming can b like a hot bath sometimes, it's full of pregnant women.

15mile LSR done, felt much easier than 13miler 2 wks ago. Even tho it was icy, snowy + the 5.5miles along the canal were torture, was practically running at 45 degree angle against the freezing cold wind, made the 3miles uphill at the end feel easy tho, was relief to have wind coming from side/behind + not to b on the flat. Much prefer undulating routes, too much flat is hard work.
24/03/2013 at 16:06

My boys are pretty average now. Josh is pretty tall I think compared to many in the class but then they are old in their year. Harry is pretty much the same as the other boys but is 5cm shorter than Josh. Sophie is tiny. Still wearing 1.5-2 clothes and she is 3 in May. Some 2-3 are OK but most drown her still!!

Very tired achey legs after 23 miles along the canal between Devizes and Bath. Good morning out with the club as it is supported by buses and we get water en route etc. Averaged 7:35s with 2 x 5 miles at MP with 2 miles at 8s in between. Managed 6.45s for the first 5 miles but couldn't hit sub 7s for the 2nd 5 the path was just getting too muddy with enormous puddles and my plyometrics jumping was severely drained by that point!! That and the wind seemed to suddenly turn direction! Also possibly the 3 large glasses of wine last night didn't help. Oh and the baileys that we stupidly decided to have at 9pm!!  Still a good run with good company and good banter on the bus on the way back. Very very muddy legs though!! Such a shame as we usually get sunburnt on that run each year. 0 oC this year!!

Fab coaching course yesterday. Lots of new stuff to digest. Managed my two runs. Hubbie had been a star and made carrot cake. Soooo lush!! And made pizza with the kids, made the dough and everything. Have to leave him with them all more often!!

Makes 86-ish for me I think this week. One more heavy week to go, but won't so heavy as 10k on Easter Monday...

Hubbie out for 3 hour bike now. Brrrrrr! Kids watching Kung Fu Panda and playing on the Wii as just too cold out there. Hubbie survived an hour or so at the park with them this morning. Best get off here and the chicken in the oven and peel those spuds. Ugghh!

Hope you are feeling better Caro. I am pretty much there I think now. Legs still feel sluggish but then 85 miles would do that anyway!!

24/03/2013 at 17:05
Wow to a good hubby, pizza dough & carrot cake. Mine would never do that for sure. Great mileage also MM, no wonder your legs are tired. Lucky him getting a three hour bike ride! Could have done with a wee bike ride myself but sadly have had no exercise today. Could have fitted in something little but pretty tired and CBA!
Well done tangy on your LSR, challenging weather.
Brookie-DO NOT weigh yourself. Put the scales away. I didn't weigh myself, what's the point in depressing your self over it. Your growing a wee miracle inside you, that's the most important thing at the moment. The weight will disappear in the few months after you have the baby.
Hope you all enjoyed the party Kinsey.
Tired today after 5 hours sleep, yawn. Hubby hungover. Went to a ceilidh up here last night, was good fun. But means today I have eaten just rubbish.............
Decided in the end to do the triathlon in fort William. Early start, 6.30am for a two hr drive. A lot of waiting around as they set the slower swimmers of first. Sitting by the pools side was boiling and gave me a headache. I did 9.07 mins for my 400 metres so pleased with that. Meant I was number 30 for the bike n run which meant I was 30 th out of the swim ( out of about 70). Then everybody got dried n dressed ( so different to a normal tri) and the bikes were sent of starting at number 1. It should have been a mixture of road and off road but there was lots of trees down so unfortunately ended up being all road. The 5 miles out was a total killer, gale force winds n sleet, people got blown of their bikes, I just wanted to stop, was not pleasant! At the turn a round it was fab though as got totally blown up the hills, was flying!! Did push myself and did the 10 miles on my mountain bike in 36 mins. Then it was the 4 mile run, same route, my feet were numb & took about half a mile for them to thaw! Legs were tired and wanted to stop but there was no way I was going to. I was passed by a few guys on the bike n run but I also passed a few. No way was I letting a lady pass me though. At less than a mile to go I could see a lady in from of me so I tried to pick up the pace and got gradually closer to her. At about 400 meters to go I passed her & legged it so she didn't pass me. Turned out she had had a stitch the whole run and just couldn't stay with me! Was well pleased with myself to finish in 34 minutes. So was 1 hr 19 altogether. 30th position, 2 nd veteran lady and sixth lady overall. Not too shabby!!!!
Home at 4.30 hrs and then back out with glad rage on at 6 pm.
24/03/2013 at 17:07
Oh and yes a fair few people recognised me from the adventure show, was really funny.
My friends are now away, can't bear looking at their house, much sadness
24/03/2013 at 17:09
Glad rags on that should say!!!
24/03/2013 at 19:49

Fab going RF!  Funny to be recognised, you celeb you!

Brookie have been to the discover centre twice.  I know people who rae about it, have kids parties there etc, and it's ok, but I didn't think it was anything special.  Craftie things which Matilda enjoys, but coz of the age gap with my two its then hard to entertain Eric.  Plus it's not free, and I don't think it's any better than any of the museums which are free.

Actually someone told me about this place at the national army museum in chelsea that is supposed to be good, but I've never been.  Looks worth a go though.

Still feeling coldy, keeping myself doped up with ibuprofen, and Eric too.  Going to take him to the Drs tomorrow I think just to get his ears and throat looked at.  He's supposed to have his swimming lesson but I don't think that would be the best idea!

24/03/2013 at 20:22

I took B last Monday Caro, it was just teething in our case though and potentially a virus as he had been getting a temperature on and off.  

Long day, soft play from 4-6pm was good really and everyone should sleep well!

24/03/2013 at 20:56

Oh very sad RF ((())) Good to see you are a celebrity though! I miss my best friend a lot (she's from NZ but left London at the same time we did and lives in Melbourne now). She is getting married on 13th APril and Matilda and I are going to stay at her prents with her (sadly not Melbourne but Hawkes Bay) from the Tuesday for the week so that we get to catch up properly as I will have to 'share' her on the wedding day! I am SO EXCITED!!!

Nice weekend here, went to a brilliant farm park on Saturday with hubby and M - lots of really friendly animals to pat etc. Matilda loved it and the first thing she says when she wakes up now is Animals! SHe was so sweet this morning she made me show her some pictures of Rose (cousin) and said 'friend'! First time I have heard her use the word!! They will probably end up hating each other but my sister and I like to imagine them being good friends as we are so close (although we did hate each otehr until we were about 18!!

Had an interesting discussion about living here, work etc with hubby on Sat night. He is still so unhappy in his work and doesn't know what to do next and decided that he wants to move to Christchurch. We need to talk about it further (we need to talk more fullstop!) but I really think he needs to completely re-train (pointed out he has anotehr 25 years of working to do so needs to get it right now!) and that it makes sense to do it where living costs are much cheaper etc! ANyway the converstaion was much more positive last night so hope we can make some progress!! Mum is going to babysit on Thur night when we go to the farm for Easter so that we can go out for dinner. WIll be so good to have an evening out together - so rare!!!

Sounds like it was seriously cold and miserable all weekend, I hope that spring is nearly there!!! We have the opposite problem -a never ending summer (worst drought in NZ history) which means that the entire North Island has hose pipe bans. Very stressful for my parents as the farm is so dry.


24/03/2013 at 21:01
Great going on the tri RF. not too shabby at all - pretty brill I'd say!

Glad run today was good MM - and what a star of a hubby! Sounds like your running club are a good bunch.

Pics of parties on FB today are so adorable - looks you had good weekends CC and Sonya.
24/03/2013 at 21:32
Both hubby and I have teeny 5 ft 2 inch mums but our girls seem to have missed that short gene and Lily is second tallest girl in her class. Measured the 2 little ones today and Anna is 99cm at age 3 and Issie 111cm at just over 5 and a half yrs.

RF - brilliant racing from you again at the triathlon. Hope you're enjoying your celebrity status too now you're famous

Brookie - meant to say before definitely don't even think about the weight when you're pregnant, it's only temporary weight gain after all. I put on at least 4 stone with each of my pregnancies and it took me about 6 months each time to get it all back off. Took some effort to get it off but wouldn't have it any other way as thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancies and eating enough choc and cake for two (or 3, or 4 ). Didn't realise you we're E London too. Think my eldest is probably a bit old for Discovery now she's 10 but I'm sure the other 2 would love it. Haven't been for a couple of years though but definitely up for a Running Mums trip sometime after Easter if you and Caro fancy meeting up.

MM - yum to hubby's carrot cake, we're still working our way through a lemon drizzle cake I made a couple of days ago - can't stop eating these days and I'm not running anywhere near the mileage you are. Idea of 86 miles still mind boggling for me, I thought my almost 30 this wk was pretty good going!

TT - nice going on the long run!

Um, on phone and can't remember anything else from last page (sieve brain!). Have had runny nose all day today, really hoping it's just a reaction to the stupid cold weather rather than the start of a cold. Feel fine apart from the nose so far - fingers crossed!
24/03/2013 at 21:42

Oh goodness I have kind of speed read so bound to have missed plenty so I apologise now!!!

Yay to the long runs completed this weekend - challenging conditions countrywide. Good to hear you sounding +++ MM, naughty naughty with the alcohol though, not that it seems to to you (or Lotte) any harm!!!!

My hubby will cope with kids and cook, but not stuff from scratch like pizza dough and cakes - has NEVER made a cake to my knowledge, but then he doesn't like them.

Caro - hope you feel better soon but sounds a good call taking Eric to drs, peace of mind etc ...

um - hot baths and tubs, well I love a hot bath and a looooong soak but couldn't do it much during pregnancy with S as kept coming out in horrible unbearable itching, and wasn't even that hot.  I'd enjoy it if I were you.

Brookie - good call to put away the scales, pregnancy can be tiring and challenging enough at times without adding those kind of extra challenges!!  Time to enjoy the miracle of your body and how it adapts. I was always frustrated in pregnancy by the restriction it put on my physical activities, stopping the climbing and running when it got too much, struggling to climb mountains cos my belly got in the way and threw my balance, but I did love my round belly and my cleavage!!!

RF - that's a FANTASTIC race from you, esp given the vile conditions too. Love that you are something of a celebrity too ... so what is next??

24/03/2013 at 21:50

Heights of children, well J at 8.5 years is 140 cm so about 90th centile for height, can't remember weight but less than his height (he's grown an inch since Christmas), S is 117 cms, she has very long legs though and again, weight is less centile than height but can't remember.

Crazy weekend here ... started with the round trip to Aberlour for orienteering yesterday morning, a bugger of a journey over windy back rounds, so glad I didn't have S with me, she'd have been sick for sure. Anyway, J and his friend did their course in the sleet and snow in decent enough time and didn't get lost.  Dash back over the pass and drop of friend and collect S who'd been playing with her sister. back home and finish sorting party stuff with hubby. Nine screaming 5/6 year olds, truely horrible!!!  J and his friend ran most of the games and i had them all making party hats too. S very tired as she was up at 5.50 am, I did say she couldn't get up until it was light ...

Rugby tournament all day today ... Hubby did first leg while I went for an 8-miler along the coast, then I took over so hubby could come back, pack and head South. Js team got to the semi-finals though so we didn't leave until 3 (kids been there since 10 am outside all day). S only did one game with micros and then gave up as her feet cold apparently (I wasn't there so no idea!!!).

So 45 miles for me this week in total, including a 15.2 (to be exact Caro ) long run, so happy with that despite the niggling ankle. Is so wierd as doesn't stop me running but is not happy either - hey ho!! Most weekly mileage so far this year, so feeling fit anyway.

Boo Sonya to life on the bench. There is lots in  S-u-A for a lovely weekend though, a butterfly farm nearby etc, but I KNOW that is poor consolation.  Have you seen an osteo since having babies?

Brain can't think any more so I am way to my bed I think. Apologies for what I've missed.

24/03/2013 at 21:51

Oh yes, Hoggle ... good to hear you are managing to talk. Is really hard though, I can feel some of what you are going through as we have all sorts of 'kind of' conversations like that.

24/03/2013 at 21:52

TT - I agree with you, much prefer undulations to flat too.

24/03/2013 at 21:53

and I feel a really bad mummy, we have a speech therapy group session in the morning and I have done none of the exercises this week with S, what with school reading, activities and school celeigh it just kind of never happened - BAD mummy ...

24/03/2013 at 22:56

CC - sounds like you are doing a million things at the moment so not surprising that a few speech therapy exercises didn't happen! You made an awesome cake instead!!!!


25/03/2013 at 11:48

CC- yes, as hoggle said you do a million things for your kids and are certainly not a bad mummy! Crazy weekend plus a 6yr olds birthday party too. And what a gorgeous cake! You are very artistic.

Brilliant running too! So running through a niggle seems to be ok for you? Wondering how soon I can try running again and if I need complete recovery or just get back to niggle status. Keep thinking that I still have the miles in my legs to complete the marathon (albeit slowly) if I can actually run at all by then! Haven't seen an osteopath ever, is it worth it on top of the physio sessions? Spent all weekend holding baby on my left side. Might sign up for another spin class tonight then physio tomorrow.

Sorry, no more moaning! Will definitely look up the butterfly farm near Stratford and might see if one of my many relatives who are coming up to watch me not run can babysit one night then we could go see some shakespeare!

Karen- its definitely Stratford up north not east london! I still think you're on for an awesome half marathon time, but obviously I dont want to put the pressure on Talking of heights I must measure my girls. Apart from hubbys 4ft something mum we are all tall so assume they will be. But you wouldn't know it from the clothing sizes. MM, my now 3yr old was wearing an h&m size 18-24 t-shirt yesterday! Gap is the only shop that seems almost correct in terms of age and sizing for my two.

I took incredibly hot baths when pregnant both times round, also sunbathed in 30C spain, ate raw fish, eggs etc etc. Everyone should only do what theyre comfortable with of course. Brookie- london aquarium is great, v expensive but we had 2-1 SWT train tickets and M was free. First took M when she was ~18mths and she loved it back then too (she is fish obsessed and we have to go round twice cause she runs so fast from tank to tank).

Rf- sounds like a great tri! You are superwoman at the moment! And famous Big (()) about your friend though.

Hoggle- good to have the discussion with hubby and hope you get a good dinner out later this week. At least he didn't say he wanted to go back to the UK. Didn't realise drought was so bad over there.

Caro- hope you and Eric are feeling better. Has he still got a temperature? I feel like a bad mummy for not taking Rose to the dr now. She has had this cold for a week or two and still has the cough badly, can properly hear her hacking her lungs up at night. She seems fine otherwise though, not eating much I guess... We did manage to infect everyone who came to the baptism with the lurgy too, my sis, mum, the godmother and her family all completely full of snot now. Its good to share!

Tt- yet another storming LSR from you. Are you losing weight doing all this training?

MM- great run too! Must be so good to have company on tough ones like that. Are we all taking bets on it being 25C on london marathon weekend then?! Your hubby sounds ace too, definitely leave him in charge more often, did he even clean the kitchen up too....?! My hubby is also the pizza dough making type, all bread is hand crafted as is cake etc. I made Maggie's birthday cake but we have a kitchenaid so actually just involves mixing it in that then chucking in the oven, joint effort on the crafting it into a bumblebee and icing it though. We had takeaway curry afterwards and I'm amazed I ate it all after my attempts to eat all the leftover choc buttercream icing and cake trimmings

Maggie's birthday party was a great success, 19 toddlers and lots of parents! All the dads came too, mustve been the cold weather and no sport on telly Should say that we had it at a softplay so thats wh

25/03/2013 at 11:52

post cut off...

we had it at a softplay so thats why I enjoyed it so much! We booked one with a outside area too (with goats, pigs etc) as thought it would be nice as the weather is always ok in March... but only two boys and their poor parents ventured out. Maggie cried her eyes out when we had to leave. Didn't get out of there til 6 (meant to be 5.30 finish) and straight to bed for both of them when we got home. All the presents stayed in the car to be opened bit by bit during this week! Hubby then whipped up a yummy spicy beetroot soup and bread, nice glass of wine, more cake then bed. Great day (despite the lack of running!). I was quite against paying for a softplay but it was worth every penny!!!

Must go, nearly lunchtime and I've done little work...

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