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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/03/2013 at 12:59

Sonya, where is that soft play?  Sounds good too have an outside option too.  

Seriously think I might have to rule out some sort of reflux with Benedict, he went down from 7pm-10pm last night then I refused to feed him and he screamed for an hour during which we tried calpol, teething powder and teething gel.  He seems genuinely uncomfortable but of course babies are fickle things.  I finally got him back to sleep with a lot of upright rocking but that's obviously not what I want to be doing either, then he woke up repeatedly for the rest of the night.  Am going to taper off the night feeds again and see where we are at the end of the week, it took about 3 nights last time.  Then at least its easter so I don't have to drive anywhere which is my main worry when I'm up all night.

CC - we have a word list, rainbow numbers and reading books.  Hard to keep up with all of it and I do worry that Martha isn't as far ahead as she could be with things just because I don't have the time to be more thorough with homework.


25/03/2013 at 14:16
Thanks Sonya, wish I could say the weight is falling off but alas no. Have lost 4lb in 6wks, which is sh!te. I am eating an average 1800cals a day + exercising an average 900cals a day, so should b losing 2lb a wk, but it's not happening. Nothing new there tho. Just keep plodding on, nothing else can do.
25/03/2013 at 16:21

Oh lordie kids driving everso slightly potty and its the first day of hols. Didn't help that we had no plans for today which the kids were rather keen on as they are tired and just wanted to be at home. I got on with some jobs too. Not helped by both Josh and Sophie wetting their beds. Josh has been great and been dry for weeks now. Maybe cos tea was so late last night.

Been to the village park on bikes this afternoon and the boys hve played in the garden a bit too. So cold though I was frozen when we got back.

Anyway off to see the gruffalo at the library tomorrow morning and change the library books. Then boys going to a friends to play then they have gymnastics, so busier day. Then the usual intervals in the evening.

I have an interview on weds, so need to do some prep for that tonight and tomorrow too really.

Pulled a glut muscle this morning by slipping on some ice on a corner on my 10 miler. Feels a bit stiff now and sciatica like. Hoping lots of rolling and stretching will sort it ?

25/03/2013 at 17:27

Sonya - glad you all survived the party and Maggie had a good time. Your bumble bee cake on FB looked fab. Also glad to hear you're off to the other Stratford, no offence to us East Londoners but it sounds like a much nicer place to spend a couple of days .

Kinsey - poor Benedict and poor you. Luckily I never had any reflux issues but sounds like something to look into even if it's just to rule it out. Hope you both manage to get a bit more sleep very soon.

No running here today unless you count my nose! Was supposed to be a rest day anyway so just hope I'm a bit better tomorrow. So annoying as have been sneezing at my desk non-stop today and my nose is raw from all the wiping and blowing. Body feels fine though ... so far!

25/03/2013 at 17:42

Eric has an ear infection on one side and a sore throat, and is still getting a high temp.  But it does go down with drugs and his chest is clear so he should get over it.  I have a script for some anti bs but will wait a day or so and see how he's doing.  He's eating and sleeping fine.

Good luck with the interview MM!!

Yes, not sure I would go to our Stratford for the wk end.  Don't know how well you know it Karen but I am now working a 5 min walk from the old stratford shopping centre, so am getting aquainted with the dodgy pound shops and Latvian food markets!

Full blown cold with me

Our friends arrive from USA 1st thing Wed am, and I have cashed in all my clubcard points for 7 tickets to the aquarium, so am hopeful it will be good.

25/03/2013 at 19:22

I can just picture where you work Caro!! I lived in Leyton when I first moved to London and that shopping centre was our first 'London' experience! Was a real eye opener to a kiwi I can tell you!!! ALthough surely after the Olympics its looking smarter than it did 10 years ago!

Good luck with the interview MM!


25/03/2013 at 19:54

Ha ha Hoggle!  Not sure that particilar shopping centre has changed much, but of course we have super dooper Westfield, which is the other side of the station, next to the Olympic Park.  I get to go for walks in West Ham park at lunchtime which is v nice, and I pass lots of hotels and b and bs with names like 'Olympic Hotel' and 'Olympic Cafe' - nothing like jumping on the bandwagon.

25/03/2013 at 20:17

Oh Caro - hope the cold is over with quickly, the one I had the other week was full blown for a couple of days and then disappeared quickly, hope you and Eric are the same.

Karen - I am sure you will surprise yourself in your race - lots of positive thinking please!!! You've got some good paced runs in, I always find for me, the races I feel I will be hopeless in are my best cos I just relax and enjoy and therefore run much better!!

Sonya - agree with Karen and others that the bumble bee cake looked absolutely fab. Your hubby sounds quite the domestic God, in the kitchen anyway .  Sorry to hear the niggle is not going away, although tbh with mine I didn't run on it for two solid weeks plus a couple of weeks with short 'test' runs. When I came back after the ski holiday it didn't hurt at all for the first week and then crept back in again, but has never been as bad as original, just a continual awareness of it, hence it hasn't actually stopped me running as such. Then the plantar F started kicking in a bit, but again, massage etc is managing that.  I guess I am just interested to see how I fare, I have nothing major coming up, just the 28 mile hill race at end of June, so I figure I have nothing to lose and I am definitely regaining fitness.  Only asked about the osteo cos I wondered if it was a case of stretches etc to straighten you out again or whether you actually needed any realignment.  I know I am biased but Pilates is really good (if a little tedious), or even yoga if that is your preference.  I think the peroneal tendon is one of those ones that can either clear up quickly or kind of drag on as a persistent niggle

MM - deep breathe - hopefully the weather will improve slightly at some point for you and the holidays. It's actually really dry here and if you get in the forest it's not so bad, but out of it and the wind chill just wrecks you, not that it seems to effect S who was bombing around the garden on her bike at 7pm tonight!  Three more days of school left and I actually can't wait for the holidays ... need to get of the roundabout!!! Hope the niggle is just small, defo need to get rid of the ice, am sure that's why we've all got various niggles, I know that is the case for me.

25/03/2013 at 20:18

Thanks Karen, suspect I'm clutching at straws but neither of my first two slept this badly!

I should book us all a visit to the Aquarium, hope they would like it and its indoors if the weather has no plans on improving!

Debating whether to go to the Watercress Line Thomas event over Easter, Alan isn't back until Saturday so would have to do it Sunday or Monday... 

So cold here, my dad and step mum are meant to be going to Pembrokeshire to open up their caravan so my brother can go and stay at the end of the week, I've suggested they let him go and sort it out, its no weather to be away from central heating!

25/03/2013 at 20:19

Also loved the bee cake Sonya and your CC - really fab!

25/03/2013 at 20:23

Kinsey - S gets two books to read, and a blue book with 'tricky' words and other random words each week; J gets 30 mins reading per day, spellings plus some maths work and some simple writing challenge each week. S gets stuff on a Weds to go back following week so at least we get the weekend but J gets his on a Monday to be in on a Friday, what with the after school activities on each night of the week, it's a challenge but we manage, but definitely at the expense of stuff like S's speech exercises sometimes - hey ho.

So we went this morning any way and got some more stuff to work on over holidays which is achieveable. Supermarket, then 7.5 miles in the forest (vaguely sheltered from the biting wind). First mile a warm-up, then did two with 7.?? min mile and two with 6.?? min mile (I was well chuffed with those ), then the remaining 2.5 miles I did in my minimalist shoes at easy pace, took 1.01 for the total workout so felt good about that. The cold was right in my lungs though so was coughing and blowing a bit!!!

So the hamster died tonight after we got back from school , I thought he was awake and called Joshua only to discover that it was actually him rolling out of his nest in final death throes!!! So wish I hadn't noticed him moving and called J in. Hey ho. J pretty upset but being brave, S fairly non-plussed about whole thing ... "he smelt funny" was her observation!

Edited: 25/03/2013 at 20:24
25/03/2013 at 20:26

We gave my dad a voucher to drive a steam train on the Watercress line for his birthday this year - he was 70 - he LOVED it.  Mine have been on there for a Christmas event and enjoyed it, was a few years back mind, mum and dad took them.

Probably not a bad thing to try and rule out reflux Kinsey, soooo hard to know what to do, but no harm in asking the question etc?

25/03/2013 at 21:03
We went for a standard day out for Aidan's birthday in Oct CC and were blessed with good weather and had a great time, got off, went to a cafe in Alresford, then did the return trip. All v exciting, think the Thomas event would be a definite hit!

Sorry to hear about the hamster, my brother and I were quite sad when ours died when we were little. Well done on the speedy miles though!
26/03/2013 at 08:06

Oh I was looking forward to the hols as we all need a break from the routine, but the reality is not quite the same is it. Anyway busier day today, off to see the Gruffalo at the library in a bit. Boys friend is ill so we won't be going there, which means dragging the boys to the GP oh joy!!

Sorry to hear of the hamster. We just have the 2 cats, but the boys would love to get chickens. We have talked about it quite a bit but it won't be for a while sadly, as I quite fancy having some too .

Rough night with S. very bad cough all night and she just couldn't settle. Still asleep now though. I so wish I was. Feeling tired now and this cold weather is not helping. You need the spring sunshine to get you through these last days of mara training. Sick of getting wrapped up and yet more ice this morning, although at least I guess I could see it as so light at 6am just now!!

26/03/2013 at 11:22

I would love chickens, and even a couple of goats!!!, Scarlett wants a guinea pig or a cat, and J wants another hamster ... the hamster we can do, the rest will have to wait for consideration when we have our own house and garden, whenever that will be!!

MM - I know re the hols, I am always really looking forward to them and then quickly find myself frazzled, BUT I would say that as they get older it does feel less the case - going out and doing stuff with them is less challenging as they can do so much more without it being a complete epic to get out etc. Does NOT help with this weather though - and last year it was lovely and sunny.  Really hoping weather clears a bit so mum parents can get up latter part of next week - kids so looking forward to seeing them.

Thankfully the howling winds we've had seem to have dried up all the ice so conditions here on the coast quite dry, but not so when I head inland.

Dreadmill for me shortly for an easy five, only had one lady for pilates this morning so she got double the workout!!! 

J away in Buckie today for District XC champs - bless him, he got on team by default as not enough P4 boys, but he's fully aware of this (was counting on it) so hope he doesn't go too fast and get a stitch ...

Right, jobs to be done and dreadmill awaits.

Need to do hamster burial tonight - even I miss him, he's my little companion in the evening when the kids are in bed , never thought I'd find a hamster so entertaining but he was a right little character!!

26/03/2013 at 11:23

and yes, we have lovely fabulous daylight early now, clocks change at the weekend, just LOVE it when we get our light evenings too, even if I can't get the kids into bed!!

26/03/2013 at 12:51

I wish I could share our glorious weather with those in need! Beautiful yesterday and again today, wall to wall sunshine and flat calm. In the minus's at night but 4-5 in the shade but feels warmer in the sun. Fairly lifts the spirits. Typically I am tapering and one poxy 6 mile run this morning seems like a cruel tease!!

Treated myself to the chiropractor this morning. Haven't 'fessed to hubby tho. She said my left side was very stiff so did the usual treatment plus some work on my ankle and lower back and acupunture in my inner thigh which is tight and my lower back. Hopefully that will help the niggles!

Twins have the other twins in their nursery class over for a play so a bit mad here. Thankfully I can chuck them all outside for a play - without coats and hats!!

Our hols only start on friday. And I have cancelled our break away - too broke Hope the weather stays like this.

26/03/2013 at 14:30

we are the same Lotte, don't break till end of week.

Glad you made the chiropractor (even if you haven't 'fessed up!!), hopefully it will sort you, glad to hear it was just an easy 6 today and you are tapering ...

We are the same when out of the wind - feels lovely, plenty of sunshine. It's just the wind chill that changes things but is drying my washing beautifully!! So I have all the bedding on the line today.

I think the longer hours of daylight make a huge difference, even though I am no morning person, I definitely feel lighter and brighter when leaving the house in the mornings now.

Enjoy your chaos Lotte

26/03/2013 at 15:36

so when is your race Lotte? We are staying home pretty much, was hoping to do a night or two camping up by summer isles/ullapool ... kids and I are keen, despite the weather, hubby less so!!

26/03/2013 at 20:29
I feel like EF, just scoffed a mini pack of maltesers and part of a Maltese Easter egg (both M's of course!) in quick succession.

I feel soooo rubbish. Chest just hurts, neck and back stiff. Have been at work today and popping ibuprofen all day which didn't do a lot, took so paracetamol when I got home and feel a bit better. I guess I have what E had, poor little mite.

Friends from USA arrive tomorrow for 5 days, have to go to heathrow for 9am for them. We have fri, sat and sun all day together to do stuff, and this biting cold just makes it so unappealing! Definitely won't be going on a boat trip on the river!!

Crazily I'm heading to Pilates in a mo, as have paid for it and won't get my money back if I don't go......I said at work if my temp was fine I'd go and I took my temp when I got home and it was normal. Maybe it'll take my mind off the pain!

Sorry for me post!
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