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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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Camlo    pirate
18/06/2014 at 21:27

caro i guess that news was the best it could have been. Really hope you recover well from the next op and having glands out does not cause too many issues. I think the bin is an excellent place for your boob!

CC fab report, you make it sound easy.......

Ikkle - cant remember what you do to be surrounded by sporty things ? 

CM - they can refuse and you can then report delays/ glitches/ culprits to your manager and theirs. simples. 

Think I have MUG tattoed on my forehead again.... Already paying for eldests access course and bought him a car at xmas because he was skint but now he has a £250 garage bill and he thought i was paying it. Errr no love, you have joined a golf club and drive 50 miles to play footie so i think you have more cash than me. 

18/06/2014 at 21:37

Ha ha JG.  I am on the PTA, but funnily enough have done nothing for our school fayre on July 12th.  But am still on the e mail list, so have been amusing myself reading e mails about candy floss, pimms, raffles, football goals.....and then ignoring them.

no counselling at all offered.  I am on the waiting list for counselling at the charity place I went to for my reflexology last wk.  I don't know if I will do it but thought I may as well get myself on the list.  I kind of hope if they'd told me today that news was not good they would have offered me something............but I couldn't care less about losing a boob, at least that's what I think anyway.  I am most annoyed that as I will have a prosthetic boob I will always have to wear a bra......uncomfortable things.  Am hoping my crop tops will work as well.  There were two new people in the consult room today, 1 was a student dr and 1 have no idea who the other one was.  When they all piled in I really thought sh*t, one of these is bound to be some kind of psycho support person when they tell me I'm going to die, but fortunately not.  Also Nicky, the wonderful nurse wasnt there when he told me the good news, and I kind of figured she'd be there if it had been bad news.

i have copies of all my notes and reports which hubby is taking to the kings college cancer guru tomorrow, and I will have a phone conversation over the wk end with him.  

18/06/2014 at 21:38

Am kind of nervous about speaking to someone so high up in the field, so need to have lots of good questions and not sound like an idiot!

18/06/2014 at 21:56

I think in your position you could reasonably ask him anything you like, and phrase it however you like. there is very little chance of you sounding like an idiot. just someone who wants to be armed with as much information as possible. he might know what happens to your boob....

I'm a primary school teacher. our HSP (same as your PTA) are militant, vocal and bonkers. although they do all seem to get along and organise some grand things now the "bully" mum has taken her children out of our school and sent them to a fee paying school 6 miles away. they just have (very) regular meetings with our Head and try and argue against council policy, over which we have no control (!)


18/06/2014 at 22:31
Caro - glad the news was good today and that the operation will be Monday so not too long to dwell on things.

My friend who had her lymph nodes removed was also worried about the possibility of lymphodema, which is made worse by fact lifting your arm is sore for a very long time after so she was in a panic that it was lymphodema - but she hasn't had any bother in the 18 months since.

Right, off here - co-ordinating end of year collection for Megan's class. Got the lovely job of sorting out all the pics and messages the kids have drawn for the teacher before can hit the sack tonight - they are all so sweet.
18/06/2014 at 22:32

So very relieved to hear your news Caro. That wait must have been awful, can't even imagine. (())

Fab reports from the dirty girls

Welcome back Ikkle and Trendy, good to hear from you.

Will try to do better and catch up tomorrow. Busy busy busy, still only one car, mad at work just now too so can't get caught up there. We are a 7 child family this week as we have my nephew while his mum is away on a school trip (she is a headteacher).

This back to running lark is also fairly shattering me, so running unfit!! 8 miles on Mon, 9 yesterday and 7 tonight with club. Feel a wee bit of an ache so no running tomorrow and I have physio tomorrow too. Been packing in the bike miles ahead of the 50 mile sportive on Saturday. Did my first group bike ride on Monday night which was fun.


Edited: 18/06/2014 at 22:34
18/06/2014 at 23:57

So pleased to hear you got the better of the outcomes Caro with your news. I can only imagine how terrifying the wait must have been. In one sense great to have the op so quickly but a huge amount to process in such a short time so definitely s shame that not support/counselling is offered. You sound like you have excellent friends but I'm sure not everyone has that. Speaking to hubby's colleague sounds like an excellent idea - just ask what you want to know answers to - he won't worry about 'intelligent' questions I'm sure.

Being that a large part of what I do for a job involves helping committees run better, deal with internal and external conflict etc etc I know I have a long future of child related committees ahead of me however I'm going to be pretty picky about what ones I join as I can spot a bad-un a mile off now!! I'm a trustee for our local toy library at the moment and its pretty good - we have a strategic plan and are achieving lots and its an awesome service.

I'm stoked because it looks like I might have managed to sort out a business mentor for work. I have been wanting a mentor for ages to help me be more effective at my job and also develop in my career and seem to have finally found an organisation that can match me up with someone - fingers crossed!

 When is your MIL's funeral EF? I hope you got the sandwich saga sorted - $1000 sounds like a huge amount to spend on them I hope they are nice!

CM it sounds like your new team are testing the waters to see how far they can get away with things with a new manager (kind of like kids at school with a new teacher). Start off tough, you can always ease back later! Refusing to engage with a process like that is plain childish!!! Do you know if the previous manager was quite weak?

19/06/2014 at 09:48

So pleased to hear your news Caro, another op is not something to look forward to i know but at least you know everything will be tackled at once. My sister was the same as you regarding loosing a boob - she was quite happy to loose anything just so long as she stood a chance of seeing her children grow up. She did have a few issues with her arm in the early days following the axillary clearance but she's fine now - the only weird thing is she has lost sensation almost in that armpit in that she can't feel when she puts deodorant on but she says its a small price to pay! 

The chemotherapy always used to make us laugh too (warped i know!) as one of the types she used to have made her wee bight red - and i mean bright red! That is one thing that helped us all i think, was keeping a sense of humour! 

CM - can you not just fire her?!! Seems like a plan....


Edited: 19/06/2014 at 09:49
19/06/2014 at 11:07

fab news caro!

can't fire anyone trendy. this is higher education...

19/06/2014 at 11:15

just come on quickly to say Caro i am so pleased the ca hasnt spread and that you know what you are dealing with now. I know its another op to go through and there is a bit more to this one, recovery may not be as speedy etc but i know you will fight your way back to fitness as soon as your body allows you too. I would feel the same way about a mastectomy- just take it away and chuck it in the bin. As long as you get rid of the nasty bit thats  the main thing. Lots of virtual hugs to you and your family (((((())))) x

Hope your ok EF x

Fab race reports TT and CC. Made me want to do it just a little bit, lol!!!! I am terrible at remembering much info during a race so well done. You both did great.

Lovely to catch up with CC on Monday for a wee coffee and natter. We then went to H & M for a look.

Lotte- 7 kids?? yikes sounds manic. Good luck for the sportive.

Weather has been glorious here. So hot last couple of days, been fab. Cloudy this morning but sun coming out tomorrow.

Have the highland cross on Sat so getting labels on my bags etc as staying at my parents on Friday night as its an early start sat morning and they live slightly closer than here. still will have to be out the door at 6am! Its then nearly 2 hrs on a bus to get to Morvich on the west coast, arghhhhhhh.

Must go time to get M from nursery x

19/06/2014 at 14:15
Well I very nearly murdered hubby this morning. 8:30am he comes running in the house from work shouting for me to open the bonnet of car so he can chuck a basin of water over the engine. He had gone to check oil level in car as car is parked on the flat at his work and our driveway is on a slope. He checked in boot for the oil which he couldn't find, despite me having an entire conversation about how I had put the oil in compartment at side of boot on Friday before we went up North. But he never listens to anything I say, nothing unusual there. So after not finding the oil because he's an idiot, he then shuts bonnet and drives home with oil cap off. Wondering the whole way where the smell and the smoke is coming from. Opens bonnet when he gets home and it bursts into flames. Luckily for him only the plastic cover on the engine is damaged and car is fine, mechanic friend reckons if he'd driven another 5 Miles the car would have bn gubbed. Seriously wanted to kill him this morning.
19/06/2014 at 14:28

Oh no TT, glad no more damage. Muppet!

19/06/2014 at 14:32

Quick question for anyone with experience; Max had basic eye test at his 4 year doc check up which was fine but I have noticed in the last couple of weeks (as has his teacher) that one of his eyes tends to turn in when he is watching tv or looking into the distance. He doesn't seem to have any problem seeing and doesn't squint at all. Should I do something or leave it and just watch?

19/06/2014 at 15:24

Turbo- I would just keep an eye (!!!!!) on it at the moment. He is tired at present? Often when kids take things close to their eyes you will notice a small squint.

My oldest daughter has worn glasses since she was 2.5 yrs. I noticed her squint from just about aged 2 and could tell she couldn't see as clearly as she should. Same rubbish eyes as me unfortunately. My other 2 haven't got glasses and their sight appears fine. Just got M aged 3 tested not that long ago.

What a plonker Tangy. My hubby never listens to anything I say either and always thinks he is right, often he's not. Does my head in.  Actually just remembered something recently- had the 3 girls and myself at the dentist last week. Picked them straight up from school, ate lunch in the car and stopped so that they could brush their teeth before we got to the dentist.  He was asking why would I bother doing that? What is the point of going to the dentist with teeth all clean??!!!! WTF? He argued with me that most other people wouldn't do this, I told him what shite he was talking. Of course most people would ensure their teeth were clean when going for a check up, doh. Stupid man.

19/06/2014 at 15:53
I also went throo list of meals for camping, sausage and eggs breakfast one morn, bacon and eggs the next, hotdogs for lunch one day and soup the next. Got back from race to discover they had eaten hotdogs for breakfast and soup for lunch and we had 2 breakfasts the next day. Who the hell eats hotdogs on finger rolls for breakfast when there r sausages, bacon or eggs there? Dear God I despair.
19/06/2014 at 17:15
Off to chemist after work to get my toe looked at. Big toenail has come away from nailbed and has liquid and yellow crusty stuff under it, nice! Not sure if a trip to doc required or just salt baths and some DIY nail surgery.
19/06/2014 at 20:55

oooo tt that sounds a bit ick. hope you can get some sort of iodine cleany stuff that sorts it right out. or something. hope it improves soon.

fwiw I always clean my teeth before seeing the dentist - like 10 mins before. I think it's just courteous, isn't it? I'm with you, I have long thought it's what all folk do. hope we're right. the dentist appreciates it anyway.

weather has been glorious here today. ran in my lunch (not quite a full) hour. went round some fields and then came back through the river ford. It was bloomin' marvellous. knee deep in perfectly cold water, watching the minnow-type things dart out the way. then because I had taken my trainers off and my feet were wet I was one of them crazybean barefoot runners for the last half mile or so. ahhh... summer.



19/06/2014 at 21:18
Ended up not going to pharmacist yet, couple of docs on a FB ultra group recommended continuing with salt baths and maybe cutting nail back in a few days if it feels bit better. But if gets more red, swollen or something other than clear liquid comes out then go to doc. So we'll see how it goes.
19/06/2014 at 21:19
Why do kids always get ill as the wkend approaches? Every time!
19/06/2014 at 22:35

Ha ha Caro, I can imagine the PTA emails, much like my inbox right now!  Roll on Saturday...and let's hope the vice-chair decides to stay!

Ew to the toe TT, hope it clears up.

Sorry been seriously skim-reading, still catching up from last weekend!  First run in 2 weeks tomorrow, much in need of it.  Been manic with working extra days (though more money!), Sophie's birthday and party and now PTA mania and summer fair preparation!  I don't mind it as it will be a good event and I think we will raise a good amount of money, fingers crossed!  Oh and hubby's birthday on Sat!

Definitely clean teeth before dentist!  Grr to idiotic husbands too!  

Speaking of teeth, Sophie seems to have got tartar between her bottom teeth which are adult ones but growing at a slight angle from each other so there's a sort of v-shaped gap between them.  I feel like the worst parent!  I think it's because she's had wobbly big teeth for months, and wobbly bottom incisor, so it's been hard to brush those teeth properly and I hadn't noticed anything building up.  Think it's got to be a trip to the dentist but don't want to scare her .  Does anyone have experience of dentists scraping children's teeth, or am I the only shoddy parent on here?!  I hope they're gentle... I've had a go with dental floss and a toothpick, and got some off but some I can't reach.

Bed for me, too many late nights recently!

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