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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/04/2013 at 09:21

Xpost MM - well done on the job offers, that's fantastic!

08/04/2013 at 14:34


Great racing going on! And now EF has a PPB  

Congratulations on the job, MM, that is amazing news.

TTid - sorry about your friend . Hope all goes well with nursery for Oscar.

Got back from hols last night so back to reality today with a mountain of washing and cat mess to clean up! Moomin has bowel issues so the kitchen was an interesting sight when we got in... Someone was coming in to feed them but obviously didn't expect them to clean up shi*e. Then again, I would have done. Well, I say ME, but it is Ben due to my current condition

Holiday was fabulous though, and now feel very relaxed.Had some great walks (and runs!) in the mountains. Beautiful, unspoilt terrain with virtually no-one else around. I do still have quite bad DOMS from the 5 miler on Saturday - it was 2.5 miles and up 2,5 down (trashed quads from the down!). Good job I really need to rest now. I mean, all I have done this morning is mopped the floor and done the washing and I feel like I need to go to bed! The last few days I have started to feel very sick - frustratingly not actually being sick - and there are very few foods that I fancy. My staple diet at the moment is crisps , and I can't even eat many of them! Oh well, I am sure it will pass. I hope so - I am wasting away!!!

08/04/2013 at 15:29

Quick posting as busy here and virtually no 'me time' at the moment - bah.

Fantastic news MM on the job, hope they can find you some extra pennies, am sure it's the right decision, but again, how fabby is that - great interviews and TWO job offers ... hope you are feeling up there with confidence at the moment!

Tatty - boo to feeling nauseaous and wasting away - we cannot have that ... am sure taste buds will sort themselves out though. Hols sound lovely

Woohoo to Karen and the PB, pacing - well I always get that wrong when I race these days as I race so rarely, and do speed work so rarely!!!

Can't remember anything else, will try and read back later.

Full-on day entertaining parents and kids yesterday ... snowing and freezing so did Dufftown to Keith steam railway, everything did look pretty in the snow and journeys short enough for kids not to go too mad!!  Lunch in Aberlour and then walk along banks of Spey in the sleet and occasional sun ray and playground afterwards. Sadly missed hubby who was out biking with boys in morning and left for airport before we returned!!

Parents gone out on own today - phew!! (how ungrateful does that sound? sorry, I am mean but they are quite hard work at the mo - you forget how set in their ways they become until they stay a while!!; BUT kids are loving them here and parents are fab with kids in the morning when I want a few extra minutes of shut-eye). Anyways biking this morning in forest with our friends - few snow showers but sunny now so currently on trampoline.

Will be glad to go to work on Weds morning for a rest!!

Running really not great these holidays - looking forward to getting back to it properly next week, still have about 11 weeks until my 28-miler but need to start clocking a few 18 and 20+ milers ...

08/04/2013 at 21:18
Quick post before bed from me. Fab race Karen! Well impressed. And funny we were both awake last night (& CM too!)

Hope O is ok at nursery TTid. And good luck for your return to work.

Tatty - I think I've been eating your share of the food! Hope nausea passes soon. Thankfully mine is almost over and my appetite is settling down to more normal levels. Less junk and more salads from now on for me!

And today I did some exercise! Walked at least 4 miles to nursery- work then back home again. My legs were tired by the end of the 3+ mile walk home but it was so sunny and I walked by the river it was lovely. Feels like spring is finally thinking about coming. I am sooooo happy to have done some exercise!

And MM - huge congrats! Fingers crossed for bit more money. Well done again! So pleased for you. Sorry cant remember much else now. Sleep well all.
08/04/2013 at 21:32
Woo hoo well done MM!

Karen - cracking pb, well done you!

Great pb for you too EF

Hoggle - you are being a fabulous friend. Xxx

Rf - the logistics for the tris do seem difficult! Shame though.

Caro - glad you're enjoying your new job, sounds so much more civilised!

Hmm, running kit. I have nothing in comparison to most! Two pairs of leggings, three long sleeve ts, one pair of capris, four pairs of shorts and several ts. Could be a good excuse to buy more

Things ok here. Back to school today and some normality! It's all got so complicated here. Funeral is Monday, my poor cousin also has to go to anther on Thursday as her grandma in law died the same day. Hubby now has a job interview on Monday too so can't come. Now hitching a lift back with my other uncle (Dad's brother) who thankfully is coming back this way the same day. Logistics got so difficult as not entitled to any leave so had to swap hours, child are etc. been pretty good though, had a little moment today as my cousin's daughter posted a lovely picture on Facebook. Am sure there are plenty more tears to come!
08/04/2013 at 22:45

Oh goodness JT, you don't need all that juggling along with everything else  (())

Hoggle - must have missed you somehow - it's just so sad, but I agree with the others that you are being fabulous and for your friend, I imagine, just knowing she CAN contact you if she wants to is as reassuring as if and when she actually does.

Bleugh to the cat leavings TBogle!!

Brookie - yay to exercise in the sunshine, helps with so many other things.

Mum and dad had a lovely day out today and things seem to have settled down a bit in the house so we can spend the next few days enjoying each others company rather than sniping at each other!!! Families are funny aren't they?  And I am very fortunate as my parents ARE fab and we have a good relationship as a rule.

Um - running kit: shoes:  5 ( 2 x trail, 1 x road, 1 x minimal, 1 x not for running) shorts: 5 ( 2 pairs I don't wear so should be banished), Tights: 2 (have just thrown pair out), 1 x skort, 1 x knee length, 3 t-shirts, 3 long-sleeved. Not too bad I think really??

09/04/2013 at 01:10
JT, the logistics sound a nightmare. Hope it goes as well as it can.

MM, well done! Hope they improve money a little for you.

Sadly, I have not been on maternity leave up until now. As we own the company there is no such luxury. I was actually dealing with emails etc well within a week of O's birth.

He had a good first day at nursery, didn't sleep much and sparked out at home during tummy time. Fingers crossed this new stimulation means he sleeps well tonight.
09/04/2013 at 11:31
V quick post as on phone. Looks like we have been infected by threadworms - nice. Question is, I have medicine to treat hubby and leila but will it be ok if I am bfeeding?
Edited: 09/04/2013 at 11:32
09/04/2013 at 12:06

Oh Anj, been there just recently. Nightmare. No idea on that front, have to ask pharmacist if your doc I guess.

Glad O enjoyed nursery TT. So hard for you having to work again so soon though...

Shoes -  I have loads in various stages, 3 steady running road shoes, that I use for off road too tbh, two lighter pairs for training/racing, one pair of light racing flats for 5ks etc, off roaders, xc spikes and 2 pairs of others for dossing around in. Also have a lot of running clothes, 2 capris, 4 pairs of tights, 6+ pairs of shorts, 6+ LS tops, 6+ vests, 4-ish t-shirts, 1 x running jacket and a few warmer tops/fleeces.

Good news today. Harry has just been discharged from the orthoptist for his eyesight, so just normal optician from now on every year which is much easier. Sophie just to go now and she reckons it won't be long till her eyesight is good enough to not wear glasses.

Full of cold sadly. Its finally hit me. Quite relieved tbh as just been fighting it off for weeks now and just what it over with. So going to rest until better as makes no difference now.

Right she wants lunch so best get on...

09/04/2013 at 14:40

oh dear, MM - not another cold. grr!

JT - sorry to hear about your uncle, but do hope that things are settling down for everyone now

boo to full time work already, TTid. US holiday allowances are really mean; but i guess if you run your own business, taking holiday at any time is hard to justify!

great news re: Harry, MM. E was also discharged from orthoptist last year. Her astigmatism has got worse since then but they still aren't worried about sending her back. she will always have to wear glasses. in fact, i have just ordered her some sunglasses today

back to GP this morning for J's eczema. makes a difference when you get a lovely GP for a change. she was so kind and gave me loads of information (some of which i knew from my own experiences, but some was new, as J's eczema is not contact based which mine is).

i only have one pair of running shoes. haha. i need some trail shoes too, and i need to replace the road shoes i have as they are the wrong type for my orthotics

in fact my kids have more pairs of shoes than i have, i reckon. i have one pair of boots which i wear in the winter. i always really struggle when it comes to the summer as i can't find shoes which don't rub me! i buy a pair every year and then curse because they hurt (only ever buy clarks etc as i have such wide feet). i also have running shoes, snow boots, walking boots and wellies.  E has a pair of shoes from clarks, trainers, wellies, boots, a pair of red shoes from Asda and a pair of pink sparkly shoes for parties; oh and 2 pairs of snowboots! and ballet shoes. even J has school shoes, trainers, wellies, snowboots and football shoes! for the summer they will both have crocs too.

09/04/2013 at 15:49
Oh dear, shoes...I am Imelda Marcos. 80ish pairs (on I-Pad so no blushing face available!). Same goes for running kit - far too much!!

Excellent news on Harry, MM, hope the cold gets better soon.

Glad O had a good day, TTid.

Anj - boo to threadworms Hope you can get things sorted soon.

((JT)) Look after yourself with everything you have going on x

Had my booking appointment today - very exciting Have the same MW as last time, who is just lovely. Have been very sick today though It needs to pass really soon or I will get clocked when I go back to work next week! Thank goodness for Easter hols.
09/04/2013 at 16:14
Lol shoes other than trainers I have loads. Just like you TB!

Back to the grind that is rec gym after school but nice thought that I can go home after and lie on the sofa rather than go to club and run mile reps. Yep I must be ill, or rather am being sensible for a change!

Good news re mw and booking in TB, not so good on the sickness though
Edited: 09/04/2013 at 16:15
09/04/2013 at 18:42
hmmm yes I have 4 or 5 boxes of shoes under my bed + a couple of boxes with boots in them + that doesn't include my running shoes. Generally wear either my converse shoes or converse leather boots ( bit like doc martins) all the time. Can never find comfortable shoes for summer either, tend to live in my converse or a pair of beach trainers I have. Still searching for comfy dressy sandals to wear in summer, every pair I have hurt my feet.
09/04/2013 at 19:08

I have a pair of Merrell sandals I live in during the summer, I mean literally live in, last pair fell to pieces!! Are not especially dressy but do look reasonably smart (I wear to work anyway) and just soooooo comfy.

 I do have a bit of a boot thing going on but mainly cos I rarely wear shoes and boots out - must be light on my feet or something - and I have some going back years!!! Faves are my Merrell winter ones (from last Christma) my brown leather Converse (over eight years old now), a pair of black FLY ankle boots from two years back and some fabby cowboy lookielikie boots I got in sale from Shuh for £25 (brown with flowers embroidered over them which is why I LOVE them!!).

Oh no to the vomming Tatty

Can't believe you are 'back at work' TTid already, only seems like yesterday you had him ... glad he survived his first day OK and hope the sleep fairies visit

Bugger to the cold MM, but good to listen to body (or be able to anyway!), hope it goes quick. Fab news re the eyes though.

Trip to Inverness today with kids and parents - walk round Floral Hall (hot house and gardens, small place but felt like summer in the hot house!!), then nice walk along Caledonian canal after lunch - will be a great place to take kids and bikes - dead flat and wide path. Back home and getting kids bath/bed etc.

Anj - boo to threadworms, hope you eliminate them quickly. Not sure re the bfeeding - nothing on packet? Chemist should be able to advise I would think ...

NEED to run ... NEED to run ... NEED to run!!!! Work tomorrow morning, perhaps squeeze one in before heading back home. Parents looking after kids while I work.

09/04/2013 at 19:12

Karen - well done!

Anj - I'm sure you can worm yourself when BF, as dogs can certainly be wormed when preggers and feeding  But check the bottle/ask the pharmacist.

Plotting with my friend where to watch VLM this yr.  Think we'll be in Rotherhithe around mile 9, so we see Mo.  So anyone running can you post your numbers, outfits(!) and expected time at mile 9 - time of day would help as I have no idea what time the thing even starts!  And I will write it down this time.......MM, Minks, Camlo, anyoe else?

09/04/2013 at 20:19


Chippenham vest (white with blue stripe)

Black shorts with pink trim

Black trainers with pink trim

Hmmm! Expected time for 9 miles: Anything from 11am to 11.15am I reckon? Start is 10am.

Ooo dinner ready. Like this being lazy lark, well for a few days anyway!!


09/04/2013 at 20:20

Oh and hubbie planning on going to rotherhithe too. 3 kids with his Dad, should be easy to spot!

09/04/2013 at 20:28
Sorry Caro/anj did have to laugh at the comparison to dogs!!!

Anj- hope you get rid soon...

Mm - glad the cold has hit now rather thn in a couple of weeks mm! Hope you're on the mend v quickly.

Tt - glad things went well but rah to being back in work....

Tatty - well at least vomming is a good sign, even if it does make you feel wretched!

Shoes... Hmm, I'm not as bad as used to be! But still love them! Going to physio tomorrow(took your advice to go to Cwmbran CM but couldn't see Alison for ever! Becky also recommended them). Saw my friend (neuro physio) at weekend who wasn't impressed by the advice I've been getting and advised me to get a second opinion. Fingers crossed I may get running again soon!
09/04/2013 at 20:57
Oh shame you can't see Allison. She is the absolute best...
09/04/2013 at 21:56
That's what my physio friend says too... Hopefully she employs good people!
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