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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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30/09/2013 at 12:54
Sorry, just a really quick one for CM - you might think about worms as a cause for the night time tummy pain and discomfort when weeing. Shouldn't cause a temp, but the odd symptoms at night could be explained by them (I know this from reading about them when Isabelle had them - yuck!). Hoe she's better soon.

Fab running Lottie, you're amazing! I did think about you when i was doing my race, running your half, then 'jogging' back to the start, all in a time quicker than I was managing!!
30/09/2013 at 13:20

oh blimey, vixo. you are right. yuck yuck yuck!!! i will keep my eyes peeled for worms. i assume it's a case of just inspecting the - erm - poo to see if you can see any? and her bottom too. boak.

wow lotte - amazing effort. glad you had a great time

cc - i spent most of yesterday at a rugby tournament with J. again it was a gorgeous day and i was thinking of all the other things we could be doing (including mowing the lawn!!)

thanks for your thoughts, girls. i'm still struggling but hoping now that i'm feeling physically a bit better, i can get out and do some running again which should help. as long as my bl00dy calf muscle holds up...

30/09/2013 at 14:00

we had worms again - our friends youngest brought them back from nursery and then all our kids were playing together last weekend etc ... so was off to get jollop for that on Saturday morning, then S found a tick behind her ear just as we were leaving for rugby yesterday morning and I managed to make a hash of removing it so a bit is still in and being bl**dy stubborn about coming out. Think I'll have another dig tonight otherwise I guess it's a trip to the nurse to see if they can remove. Get so confused about ticks - whether it's OK to leave the bit behind and let body do it's work or to go for complete removal. Add to that the mahoosive bite S developed on her leg when I was off on my ultra ... guess that's what happens when you have kids that love rolling around in the great outdoors ...

Hadn't realised your calf was still playing up CM (()).

30/09/2013 at 14:11

Hello all, just a quick post to say hello. 

Boo to poorly children, worms...(we had them a few months ago) and bad calfs. That has taken a while to heal CM. 

Lotte - brilliant on your marathon time. Yes on a flat course I am sure you will comfortably do a sub 3. So London next year? 

I did a half back at the end of July which was very disappointing as I tore my calf two weeks before, I did 1.58, then did a much more enjoyable half at Windsor yesterday and finished in 1.52 which I am pleased with as it was pretty undulating and hot. 

The F word... oh boy, when we came back from our travels L told her Grandpa to put his effing fork down whilst eating lunch one day. She was only 3.5!! Goodness only knows where that came from.  Luckily she knows what to say and what not to say now. 

Boo to mean girls too JG. Can you tell her to ignore them and play with someone else? Luckily L tends to play more with boys who seem to be less cliquey and mean... 

Anyway, crying baby woken from her nap early. Back later. 

30/09/2013 at 14:27

I also started my degree last weekend, which is 5 years part time...every other weekend. It's very full on and the anatomy needs to be learnt to such a high level, so i'm feeling very overwhelmed by it all. I'm hoping revision techniques and learning methods come back to me pretty quickly!

30/09/2013 at 14:56

i think we have been very lucky not to have worms before. wouldn't she be itchy if she had them? she isn't complaining of itching - just stomach ache (which is low down) and sore bits when weeing.

my calf thing has flared up again, anj. i think it's because i ramped up the training for cardiff, which i'm now not doing, and had scaled back on the orthotics (at podiatrist's advice) and so it started niggling again because of the increase in mileage. my back has been much better since i have scaled back the orthotics, but i just need a bit more support on the right orthotic to stop the calf issues. she's put more in now but because it's all inflamed, it's taking a while to settle down.

30/09/2013 at 16:04

good luck with that studying then Anj - I spent an hour earlier starting to reacquaint myself with the bones of the body (all 206 of them - I can remember that anyway). I've got two papers left to do for my Pilates to bring me up to Level 3, same as personal trainer, so it's the A&P that you do for that basically. Tomorrow it's muscle origins and insertions ... thought I'd break myself in easily this week (given I should apparently know most of this!!!).

30/09/2013 at 16:26
CM - don't know that they always cause itching. I think I'd treat if I were you and see if the tummy ache goes away. I can't think of much else that only causes symptoms at night, and the treatment is at least quick and easy - might be worth a go?! Children waking crying at night complaining of itching or soreness is pretty much pathognomonic for worms I think (as long as they're well the rest of the time - which I know she's not at the moment, so it may well not be in her case I guess!!).

Some children often get tummy ache when they're poorly - something to do with enlarged lymph nodes in their abdomen it think (my memory of paeds is a little hazy!) - but I don't recall it being only at night. Anyway, something else to think about!

Sorry, having read that back I can see it is pretty much a garbled mess and probably not very helpful! I'd better get my thought processes more in line before I go back to work!!

I'm not at all jealous of those of you studying and doing exams. I think my anatomy and physiology is now mostly limited to the stuff I use day to day so I'm pretty sure I'd fail all the exams I once passed!
30/09/2013 at 16:49

If has mild bladder infection I'd get her drinking loads 

of Cranberry juice and also avoid blackcurrant juice. 

30/09/2013 at 20:24

yippee to PBs and super speedy racing but boo to trashed legs and injury flare ups.

I always think of worms when my kids wake in the night for 'nothing'. Treated Archie a few weeks ago as he mentioned a tickly bum one day and he defo had them in the poo afterwards. I told the teacher but they put a reminder about nits on the newsletter instead...... er they are not the same. 

Ran 5 tempo miles tonight but pulled my back lifting Archie into bed and now in agony. Stupid, stupid,stupid why do I still lift a nearly 5 yr old?? 

Hope new kitty settles ok and hope studies aren't too hard.

Nice to see you back Anj!! 


30/09/2013 at 20:42

Thanks all - esp Vixo. I think she is becoming a hypochondriac. She cried for an hour after school about a sore ear, which disappeared once we got home and hasn't re emerged. But she then told me her wee hurt again at bedtime but with a grin on her face so I think she is lying. 

JT - sounds horrendous. Look after yourself. 

J had had his first piano lesson tonight - he seemed to love it and came home and practised

30/09/2013 at 21:18

she's sooooo like Scarlett CM ... reminds me totally of an episode we had a couple of years ago. She genuinely was ill to start with, but then the symptoms weirdly kept coming and going all week. Thankfully my sister was staying with me, and was the calm voice of reason that she really was fine, I thought I was going mad!!!

JT - I think you and Tatty need to swap blood pressure levels at the moment - somewhere in the middle is a balance. That sounds grim though (())


30/09/2013 at 21:25

hmmm had a tickly bottom myself after that conversation so have popped a tablet too. Bet I have got them from the kids. 


30/09/2013 at 21:26

HI all - been reading but zero time to post.  Should have posted last wk when I was in America having the most lovely, relaxing, wonderful, sisterly time with big sis.  I slept so well, I really felt recharged when I left.

Well done Lotte, JG, Vixo, Ang I think for races, and any others.  Lotte you def have sub 3 in you - if you just focused on training for 26.2 miles and not 126.2 miles!!

So 2 quick ones - one regarding our dear children's behaviour......Today a mum of one of M's good friends came up to me and told me M and Anna (the trouble maker from last yr) have been calling her daughter fat.  I was MORTIFIED!  Technically it is true....but that's obviously not the point at all.  I had a quiet, calm conversation with M who at first denied it but then started chanting "fat pants" and giggling.  Anything else I can do?  I basically just said we shouldn't call anyone names about their looks at all.

Secondly - anniversary gift ideas??  Hubby is actually going to be climbing in the peak distrcit on our anniversary but I'd sstill like to give him something small.  Apparently it's sugar or iron for 6 yrs.

Did Park run on Sat for the first time in a yr.  As M now has gymnastics on a Sat am and needs the car I ran there (3.2 miles) which was a great warm up then caught the bus home.  Ran 21.14 so not a PB, but still managed 1st lady  Going back this wk to see if I can get that elusive sub 21.  

Going to do the 10k in a couple of wks, prob without Eric in tow, but there is a 1 mile fun run so I think M, Eric and I can all do that with Eric in the buggy.  I did a trial run with M yesterday just to see if it was feasable, and she did a mile in 14.22 which I thought wasn't bad at all.

Saw osteo this evening for a good clunk and glute massage.  Shall prob go every couple of months or so just to keep me in check.



30/09/2013 at 21:58

Ooh well done Lotte!

Not sure what to do about the name calling Caro, maybe have a word with the teacher and get them to read the riot act too?

Not had worms here yet but remember having them when I was little and they definitely itched!

30/09/2013 at 22:36
CM - a good sign of them getting better is when they start enjoying being ill!

Caro - you're fast, good running! Maybe you should add in that sometimes, even though something is true, you don't say it to people as it can be hurtful. I try to give examples to Isabelle in this sort of situation of things that she might find upsetting. I have no idea if it helps, but I aim to get her to agree that she wouldn't like it, and it would make her sad, if someone said something similar to her. I think it's hard because we tell them they have to always tell the truth, but then start telling them that actually sometimes they shouldn't...
01/10/2013 at 10:03

any name calling is no good - is the message i try and give. so you mustn't say someone is fat as a way of teasing them, just as you mustnt tease someone for having white skin, brown hair, green eyes, big feet etc. it's in kids' natures to tease (well, some kids anyway). so i try and move it away from 'not telling the truth' and steer it towards not insulting someone because they are different from you. they don't listen though. they're kids.

E was fine overnight. so i'm not sure it is worms. no evidence of any worm-based bottom activity either but she does tend to sort her own poos out now (yay - but sometimes ewww).

01/10/2013 at 13:35

Ah yes, JT, you can give me some of your BP . What's going on in school at the moment sounds awful for you - take care of yourself and don't feel guilty about going off early if you need to.

Caro - great running! Sub 21 is just around th corner, I am sure. Oh dear to the name calling It is very difficult to get them to understand sometimes! I would tend to go along the same lines as Vixo and get her to think about how she might feel if someone called her names. You must have been mortified!! Presents - I would go with the sugar idea and buy him some sweets

Lotte, no wonder you are sore - enjoy the rest!

Great news on the running improvements

CM, glad E is better Know what you mean about sorting out their own poos...Poor JP has had a sore bum lately (a very small haemorrhoid) He seems better now after a trip to the doc, but the post prune regime poos have been interesting to say the least! He eats plenty of fibre and drinks plenty, so I am a bit confused as to why he has had bother, but I wonder perhaps if it is hereditary as I also suffer.


sorry way TMI in previous paragraph!!

01/10/2013 at 13:37

Oh, and I appear to have accidentally entered th ballot for next year's Berlin Marathon 

01/10/2013 at 16:13

lol at the tmi!!!! Thankfully aged 9, js pants are not so grim these days ... but S can still be a bit more miss than hit at times!!!

I really should drag my ar*e across to the Inverness park run one Saturday as would be good to do a timed distance on a relatively flat course, need to email them and see if it's OK for wee ones to do perhaps just the one lap. Hubby out biking usually on a Sat morning, equally I could probably trust mine not to disappear for 25 minutes or so while I ran ...

Caro - good to see you coming back on form though, am sure you will beat that time down in no time, equally good to hear the body is holding together!

So Lotte, have you resisted a run yet, or have you instead been on your bike? I bet you haven't been able to do nothing . I definitely reckon Arnica is good stuff.  Am thinking of entering next years Great Glen Way Ultra (that one you previewed and won back in the summer) so will want the low-down from you ... think entries are open for November ...

Taught Pilates this morning but my class were useless - too busy gossiping to concentrate so took half the class time to get everyone on track!!!  Good fun though. Managed 1.5 hours of revision but got side-lined by my friend who's son has cancer - basically it's a matter of when now rather than if , but he keeps on rallying!! Anyway, she needed an offload so side-tracking was worth it.

Did a whole 2 miles on dreadmill with no knee pain ... the stretching and rollering might be working ... totally failed with keeping away from trainers

Anyway, I have two lots of homework to oversee now so best be off here ...

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