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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/07/2014 at 22:53
I would b mega p!$$ed off CC at both u having to rush back and miss prize giving, esp after getting 2ND lady and at rushing off 1st thing this morn leaving a tired sore u to look after kids and at not being concerned as to whether u were feeling ok and coping on ur own.
06/07/2014 at 23:09

I'd be annoyed too CC about the booking the flight a day early, but in terms of the lack of texts not sure - probably would be annoyed but can also see how tiredness and existing frustration would make it feel a bigger deal.

Holy crap my house is cold today!! I'm going to get dinner ready for the slowcooker as an excuse to stand by the stove! ALso managed to avert several crises this morning so surely I deserve a 'break' right?!!

Manic week this week - committee meeting tomorrow night, bookgroup Wed, something Thur temporarily can't remember then 3rd birthday party morning tea Fri for M then driving down to farm Thur afternoon for family party weekend - my mum and M;s birthdays are close. Phew - lots of fun stuff but s much to organise!!

Caro I hope you have had some respite and enjoyed the wedding xx

CC forgot to day awesome work on the race - you are incredible!!

Not sure who it was with the strawberries (SOnya?) but I am VERY jealous!!

07/07/2014 at 00:40

Fab time at the wedding, I can highly recommend a Jewish wedding if you've never been to one.  Lovely ceremony, lots of Hebrew singing by a solo male singer, the rabbi was excellent, very good speaker, explained it all and most of it was in English or translated afterwards.  The was dancing in the synagogue as well, e before we went to the zoo for the reception.  We could have wandered round the zoo for an hr but quite frankly I couldn't be bothered.  The sun shone whilst we were outside enjoying drinks and canapés, then when we were inside for dinner the heavens opened, and then just as the happy couple were having pics taken outside a huge double rainbow appeared....must be auspicious I'm sure.  

Still taking drugs like there's no tomorrow and squeezing gunk out of my wound.  The dressing started to leak so I have sme blood on my dress.  I had a spare but needed hubby to help so had to ask for directions to a disabled loo when clearly we weren't disabled.  I'm not sure hubby's explanations about him needing to help me change a ddressing sounded that can imagine what they thought we were up to!  Although why any e would want to do that in a loo is beyond me.

hope knee recovers fast CC.

time for bed.

07/07/2014 at 00:49

Sounds like a good wedding Caro - noting like a wedding to distract you from life! Double rainbow surely an auspicious sign!! I went to a wedding where the married couple plus both sets of parents lit lanterns and released them - both parents ones sailed off for miles and the married couples crashed and burned quite literally a few feet away - was a very awkward moment where you could see everyone thinking hmmm is this a sign?!!

I imagine staff see all sorts at a wedding but yes 'that' in a loo would be grim!!

I'm off to the bakery for a donut - can't be accused of starving this baby!!


07/07/2014 at 03:18

Ho hum, well I slept for a bit and now am wide awake again.  Yawn.

CC I never congratulated you on your amazing feat of endurance. Mi look forward to the race report.  Also I have a question for you or anyone else but you i particular-are you a fan of buffs?  For some reason I think you wear one don't you?  Am researching headwear options for when I have no hair.......and came across them, but am concerned I will look like an egg head......

07/07/2014 at 06:07
We are a bit crap at texting CC so I would probably wonder if he had forgotten his charger or his phone before I got too annoyed! I can sort of understand the annoying flight time as it's been a problem for Alan when he needs to be in the north of Europe for first thing on a Monday as the logistics don't work v well. Saying that though he did know you were racing....

Glad you had a good time Caro! Will you get a wig too? I suppose finding something that doesn't itch will be good!
07/07/2014 at 08:02

definitely not kinsey!!  

07/07/2014 at 08:50

cc - no I don't think you are unreasonable being annoyed. I would be too. since he has obviously demonstrated that his phone works because he texted you when he landed. so not like he is having network issues... perhaps there is an explanation?

caro - glad you had a good time. I love the idea of wandering round a zoo during a wedding! you are being very stoic about it all. don't overdo it tho, eh? as for buffs etc - I don't like them. a friend of mine had a lovely range of scarves which she wore. they looked amazing

have had a fab weekend followed by a bit of a nightmare. the trip to the zoo was incredible. J was a brilliant zookeeper. was very proud of him. he followed all instructions to the letter. he did exactly as he was told and behaved beautifully all day. sometimes the lemurs got really excited when we went in with them and started leaping all over the place above his head and I could tell he was a bit worried, but he stayed calm and followed instructions so as not to freak them out and also to get them some food so that they would calm down. it was very interesting that, without fail, all the animals took the fruit first and left the vegetables until last. looks like it's not humans that have sweet teeth! we went in with gentle lemurs, ring tailed lemurs, red ruffed lemurs, black and white lemurs, pygmy slow loris (the only venomous monkey in the world!), and J also fed meerkats, spider monkeys (through the bars), and he fed a skink and a bearded dragon. he also made firm friends with the scarlet macaw who absolutely loved him and got so animated every time J walked past that he caused such a racket that he started the other animals off. it was hilarious. J beamed from ear to ear all day!

unfortunately yesterday E was poorly and she got worse and worse as the day went on. I had to ship her off to grandma (who was staying with her dad) for the day as I had 11 boys for a party and couldn't have her at home if she was sick (she was - in the afternoon at his house). she was also sick in the night - she's bringing up calprofen I think. she seems to keep calpol down but it's not bringing her temp down at all. it's not hideously high - about 38.5 - but she feels burning hot. N is at home with her today so will just have to see how she goes. I am knacked as she couldn't sleep in the night - her head was aching and the drugs were just coming straight back up.

07/07/2014 at 10:06

wooooooo  second! yay. and yes - I would be annoyed that hubby hadn't thought to try and make contact. FFS!

07/07/2014 at 12:43
Yeay CC!
Was going to say I have been walking the ridiculous hilly bits but feel like my general running isn't improving because of that and the general stop/start nature of my training overall!!
07/07/2014 at 20:19
Ha ha CC, it's having kids, you don't have time to be hungry! Yes, I can run around the bottom of the hill here, or the river but only if its dry enough. I had got used to the canal at Woking and there was just hill at the beginning/end. I had got up to 7 miles before we moved but have slipped back to doing 3 to 5 milers. Need to pull my finger out and just get on with it!
07/07/2014 at 20:27

Yay CC, we just need to nobble the other lady runner and you'll be the winner!!  Hope you and your husband can keep the lines of communication open now that you have started the process.

We had a nice long weekend here as Friday was Independence Day.  Took the boys to the usual golf cart parade in the morning, followed by bouncy castle, balloon man, face painting etc then lovely long nap (me included!) before dinner out at golf club with friends and fun evening with other activities for the kids topped off with a great fireworks display.  Trying to take it easy when I can at the moment as the last thing we need right now is an early baby! 

Caro, you looked fab in the wedding photos, I'm not surprised the staff at the venue were a bit suspicious of you looking for the disabled loo! 

Oh dear can't remember anything else.  Sonya, hope your buyers stop being arses and get realistic about their offer. 

CM, J's zoo experience looked brilliant, what a great idea.  I wonder if our local zoo does that?  Hope E is better now and no one else comes down with it.

07/07/2014 at 22:25

CM I hope E is on the mend now. Glad you had somewhere to send her for the party but I can imagine work with next to no sleep is rubbish!

Apparently the Drs are calling the cough that is going round here a 90 day cough - oh good only 30 days down then!! Hubby and M between them drove me mad last night. M woke up several times - nightmare about not having any pancakes (ok I know that probably is a genuine nightmare!!) and hubby was coughing and tossing and turning all night - gah!!

Haha TT your weekend definitely sounds like you were taking it easy - NOT!!

CC - your knee has obviously decided that creaking is the best way to force you to rest properly!!

Camlo    pirate
07/07/2014 at 22:39

Not sure i am seeing all posts but...

yippee to zoo keeping and staying calm, upgrading to 2nd (wow, just wow), fab weekends of TDF, independence day celebrations and running

Boo to more lurgy, crappy communications, creaky knees and long sightedness.

90 days cough, jeez that would finish me off listening to that every night! 

JT & kinsey good to see you back on board, build it up slowly and it will be fine. 

CC - dont forget a race report please. 

Lotte - hope your niggles arent getting you down, your pics with kids look fab. 

Managed a sneaky 8 mile bike earlier while kids were footballing, want to do a long run tomorrow (12-14) then taper for chatsworth tri this weekend! Black clouds are defo circling so trying to snatch what i can. Only spoken to my mother once since Nans funeral and although i dont care - i cant believe she hasnt bothered to check on me. 

08/07/2014 at 09:51

camlo - sorry your mum is being insensitive...

talking of which, a guy at work has offered me his car parking space (I have to pay a bit for it but not a lot) because his wife is buggering off to gran canaria to be with a waiter that she met when she went over there earlier this year to be with her mum when her dad had a heart attack during his holiday. they have a 4yr old son. and she is just upping sticks and going to gran canaria and leaving him behind. good god   he is getting the train in now due to nursery proximity to train station, rather than driving. so all good for me - but jesus. what a situation.

08/07/2014 at 10:24

Helllooo. Its been ages since I last posted, I have been reading now and then but there was about 5 pages I hadn't read so forgive me for not doing a full name check. I will try to do better from now on! At least FB keeps me a bit up to date with goings on with everyone.

So happy to be on school holidays now. I am having to go into the office one day a week through the summer but the rest of the time I am trying to work from home amongst the chaos as and when I need to. . Yesterday was a good day, its just hard keeping tabs on the kids now they are older and like to go off and do their own thing with friends. Yesterday I had Emily off for the day to the beach with a friend of hers, Sophie off to a different beach with a load of her pals, Dylan disappeared over to his friends on his bike, and then I had two wee boys over to play with my little three. Co-ordinating getting everyone home again for the nights activities - gymnastics and athletics - was a challenge. But hubby came and picked the older 3 up and then me and the little three made for the beach. Fun fun fun. Just hope the weather stays fine for CCs visit next week.

Running is going really good. Horrible knee injury seems on the mend and I managed a long run on 18 miles on Sat to give me a 62 miles week. After all that time off I am feeling very focussed on my running and have even got a training plan written up to the 50k in Oct, first plan I will have tried to follow in years! Focuses on the three key weekly session, short reps, tempo and long run, then no specification for the easier days so I can fit in what I can. But I am also just appreciating being back running and getting in lots of off road miles too. Trying not to be fixated on weekly mileage and also do a fe cycles a week and core work. Not enough hours in the day is the only problem, esp so during the holidays!

Right  better get the crazy gang out of their pj's - I think wetsuiting is on the cards again, better get out the house as a family before other plans are made!


08/07/2014 at 13:29

Just back from amazing weekend in Yorkshire. Simply brilliant is all I can say. Hubbie and I have watched the tour 4 times before, 3 times on mountain stages and one other time in London when the twins were babies. Sat and Sunday were just as good as those if not better in some ways. Yes you can't beat a proper mountain stage in the Alps or Pyrenees, but Sunday was close. The weather was fab after an awful forecast. Very wet friday night, but sunny and dry for the other days. We all got sunburnt as didn't apply cream as forecast was so bad! Pop up campsite was great, much better than I thought it would be.

Wow, to CC, wait an amazing achievement, so chuffed for you. I do hope I can replicate your levels of pure determination and endurance at some point. What a brilliant time too. Did you run all the way? What were the hills like and the terrain? Makes my 9hours 24mins for 44 miles seems a shambles!!

Great to hear from you Lotte. Glad you are back running. I think it's a great idea to keep the mileage down a bit. I was a mileage queen and my legs just can't hack it any more especially mixed with speed work. I just get tight and twisted. So bike miles/turbos/x-trainer in winter and swimming all helping and max of 50-60mpw for me from now on.

I have barely run the last week as had tummy bug last week that went on for days, then away this weekend and just couldn't be bothered with the hassle as 3 families camping with 8 kids between us, just wanted to chill and enjoy spending time with them all. I ran around Harewood House estate on Monday before we left, which was stunning, just 10k and get back to it a bit this week.

Still very undecided as to next target. Think I might aim for the Bristol half properly, but with longer runs at the weekend and bike miles, then do an ultra in October/November. Very tempted by the 3x3000. Where are you staying CC? Can I piggyback?

School holidays in 2 weeks time here, so only 3 weeks till our hols in France. I cannot wait!!! 

08/07/2014 at 19:58

I so love the bureaucracy of the NHS.  I got a letter today demanding that I pay them £8.05 for the antibiotics I went away with from my little visit to A and E on Sat night.  When you think that I spent 4 hrs there, in a private room, saw an A and E Dr, a surgeon and about 5 nurses, had dressings, iv paracetamol, 2 lots of iv antibiotics and 3 different blood tests that will have cost several thousand pounds in real terms, and they are paying someone to send out letters for £8.05 that I don't owe them anyway because I have a medical exemption certificate for the next 5 years!!

Today is the first day I have felt well in about a week.  I took M to school then went and saw the nurse at the hospital, came home and obviously the exertion of the morning was too much so I had a nap.  I read a little, watched some telly, then picked M up.  It was a nice, relaxing day.  Wound is still really painful, and oozing stuff still, but I feel as if the antibiotics have finally kicked in.  Back in tomorrow to get the pathology results from the second surgery and hopefully find out more about what happens next.

08/07/2014 at 20:24
Glad you had a better day Cato, what a nuisance about the letter. I got one from the council the other week asking where Aidan was going to school which was weird considering I sent them the flipping application for his school place and only listed one school... Hope results tomorrow are ok. Shared a mastectomy photo on FB, my cousin Ruth posted it, she is an oncologist and her mum had breast cancer a couple of years ago.
08/07/2014 at 20:29
Lotte, good to hear from you, great news on running, loving you fb pics.
MM also great pics of oop north!
CM, eek to wife deserting husband and child.
Camlo, sad your mum isn't showing more concern
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