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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/07/2014 at 21:03

Come on, CC, where's the race report?  Keep coming on here especially to read it!  Massive well done on a fabulous race and great result - even better that original first lady was disqualified (why?) and you were bumped up to second!  Look after that knee though - creakiness can be crepitus, which was an ongoing issue for Paula Radcliffe over the years.

Lotte, great that you're back running again and being reasonably sensible about it all for a change  When I injured my back a couple of years ago and had to take 5 weeks off (which in the scheme of things I guess isn't long) I remember being SO grateful to be back out there when I was finally able to run again.  I remember thinking that I didn't care if I couldn't run fast again as long as I could run - of course, that didn't last long and I was soon throwing caution to the wind!  I do think massive mileage inevitably results in injury at some point, although you have done pretty well to escape relatively unscathed thus far. 

MM, good to see you looking after yourself and acknowledging that a slightly lighter load is the way forward for you now.  As you all know I have never been a mileage queen - 40-50 max even when marathon training - but I do feel that's helped in staying injury-free over the years (the back thing wasn't really a running injury per se).  Even on my relatively low mileage I am managing to find some speed so I hope that continues for a while longer, although I shall no doubt plateau eventually!

Caro, hope tomorrow goes OK - will be good to get some clarification on next steps.  Hope the antibiotics finally kick in and the wound starts to heal properly.  As others have said though, you looked amazing in the wedding photos and not at all as though you'd recently had fairly major surgery!

CM, loved the photos of J's day at the zoo.  Do other zoos offer that sort of thing?  Can imagine Kit really enjoying something like that.  Awful about the guy at work, what a terrible situation.

Camlo, boo to your mother but yay to triathlon - hope it goes well!

Hoggle, 90-day cough sounds terrible - I would be going demented too!

Annoyingly we didn't manage to get to the TdF yesterday as it passed through Essex/London - Kit had his sports day and so that's where we were.  It's all very non-competitive in Key Stage 1 - they do a kind of carousel of activities in their team colours so everyone gets to compete equally.  I think his team came last in almost everything - they were a child short as one was off sick, so for each event one child was supposed to go twice, but they kept forgetting and sitting down as though finished, then being made to get up again so the last child could complete.  Kit has no idea about racing either - in the sprint (which was about the only head-to-head event) he flew ahead, only to slow down halfway down the track to see where the others were and allow them to catch up, then they all went past him and he ended up last!  Was very sweet but I think Mummy needs to teach him about being competitive!

08/07/2014 at 21:35
Strangely I have 3 neighbours whose wives left leaving the kids behind with their Dads. All In a small area of about 10 houses, there is only one single Mum in that same area and Dad is very much in the picture and there on an almost daily basis. Two of The Mums who left have no contact with their kids and one died within a yr of leaving due to alcohol dependence. Mad! Can't imagine leaving my kids and even worse never having contact.
08/07/2014 at 22:02

What's your next one CC? The 3x3000. Is it 3 months?? Eeek!! Not entered yet or got hubbie approval yet!

08/07/2014 at 22:11

Glad you are having a better day Caro. So hard for you, I guess live for the moments you can feel OK?

The trouble with low mileage is you will never know over the longer distances what your true ability is. Sadly it does take more running to hit those fast fast times. I would never have run sub 3 or fast half times off 40 mile weeks. 

I know my limits now, and am loving biking but not too fond of it in the winter, so will use other xtraining then.

Cant imagine leaving my kids ever


Camlo    pirate
08/07/2014 at 22:19

Ordination oxford...hey?? CC has either been on the wine or has auto correct issues! Good that you 'know' what is wrong but not so good that it could reoccur and put you out like PaulaR. 

lotte - could you just chip your kids and get GPS trackers for them all? i am sure we will be all be chipped at some point. 

TT surprisingly my mother walked out on us (i know you will all be shocked given her motherly instinct now..). Apparently Dad refused to give her a divorce unless she agreed not to fight for us and because she wanted to remarry she agreed. Funny that! 

CM - fab to get a space but not good for your colleague. hope J has a fab birthday tomorrow (thats right yes?)

Minks - Doh, i guess school didnt realise how big TDF was going to be? Kit will soon realise what winning is about! 

Caro - we used to have people come to the hosp for medicines just to save prescription charges but you are right - the cost of chasing is just ridiculous. They reckon it is the same for charging parents for taking kids out of school. The cost of collecting the fines wont be covered by the revenue, crazy. Glad you are on the mend and taking things steady. 

MM - sounds like you are enjoying running now rather than be a slave to it. It is hard picking an event when there are sooooo many to choose from! 

Archie opened his tap messing about after bedtime so emptied a load of wee on Toms carpet and the rest in his bed (pillow, pjs, pants, sheets etc) grrr. 

went to running club but forgot my socks so rubbed a blister within 3 miles, Double grrrrr. 


08/07/2014 at 22:41
I know, MM - I guess I'll never know what my true potential could have been had I started earlier and run high mileage. But I can live with being as good as I can be given my limitations and I'm happy that I'm still running PBs at 45! I would rather not find out the hard way what my upper mileage limit is before I break! I'm enjoying swimming once a week and I would like to find a way to squeeze in a Pilates class too at some point.

Boo to soaked bedding, Camlo, and the blister

Lol at all the iPad autocorrections, CC - and looking forward to the race report
09/07/2014 at 07:12
Minks - who cares what your 'true potential' might have been! It's your hobby, and at least you're really enjoying your running I don't understand the point of a hobby that makes you miserable, stressed and disappointed, and I think Camlo put it best - why be a slave to something you're supposed to enjoy?!

CC - looking forward to the race report. I think what you manage to achieve whilst single handedly sorting out the house and kids is amazing - I had had enough after 3 days the other weekend when my husband was away!

MM - TdF sounds amazing. We desperately wanted to go, and have friedns in likley we could have stayed with, but decided the logistics were too difficult and that ultimately we would be subjecting the kids to hours and hours in the car and hanging around which probably wasn't fair. I also sang in amazing concert on Saturday night which I'd had have to have missed - but I'm still sad we didn't go! I'm really glad it was amazing and that England put on a good show - did you get any of the freebies they threw out?!
09/07/2014 at 07:46

glad you are feeling alright there caro, hope things go well today.

lottie - I think gps is the way to go in keeping track of children! we are about to trust the Girl (aged 6) to go round the corner to the park ON HER OWN with a watch and an 0clock/half past time to return and that's scary enough.

cc hope you can use gentle treatments and nurse and recover the injury without seeing too much interruption to your running.

am back at home in my own bed now which is nice. had a fab time down south but was definitely ready to come home. am running in Edinburgh at start of sept and a friend asked me how my training was going and I was all like, "oh! sept? that's months away..." turn out it isn't. definitely going to have to start running more. probably in my sleep as there doesn't seem to be a lot of free time at the moment.


09/07/2014 at 08:42

Vixo we got some freebies-nothing exciting, just sweets, drinks, and a really really gay Carrefour hat that Eric is now wearing with pride We agreed it was good fun but we wouldn't have driven a long way to see it, but given it was on the doorstep it was definitely a not to be missed moment.

wow, I  feel so well this morning (ie normal!) it's really made me realise how awful I have felt over the last wk.  

got school show now, the entire infants (420 under 7s) singing in the playground  

09/07/2014 at 13:42

Great to hear that you are feeling well Caro

Ikkle - it is scary giving them freedom! Are you doing the Scottish half? Thats my next race.

I am at work today, boo hoo. Feeling so sleepy. This damn world cup malarky means getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour is impossible. My plans for the beach yesterday were scuppered when Sophie reminded me she had a dentist appt! Good job someone int he family is organised! So we did a picnic lunch in  a castle, and then the dentist, shoe shopping for Cameron and Tesco shop with all 6 kids in tow!  I had an athletics club committee meeting last night so we met hubster in town at 6 and he took kids home while I went to meeting with my bike to cycle the 20 miles home afterwards. Meeting finished at 9pm, lovely cycle home on a beautiful night, got home to chaos. All 6 kids still up, dirty dishes everywhere, hubby and boys glued to football, and they hadn't left me any tea. Sigh!

Anyhoo working til three. Twins and Reece are at hubbys parents, older two free range in town and Emily on a wet and wild day (coasteering) with a friend. Home for a couple of hours then track session tonight and twins have football.

I am a bit like you Minks, wonder what I might have been able to achieve if I had started running earlier. But it is just a thought, I don't regret it, I was busy with other things! Don't entirely agree with Vixo, it can still be a hobby but you might still want to push yourself and find out your limits. I am fiercely competitive with myself and I always want to push myself further, harder etc to see what I can do. The problem with this is inevitably you do break sometimes but then the getting back from the lows is a huge learning experience too. I was quite pleased with how I handled my 8 weeks of no running and hubby was surprised. While I do want to continue to improve, my running is only important to me and it is not the most important thing in my life. Maybe I enjoyed the time away from it a bit. I have a bit of a mindset that if someone else can do something then so can I. So if people can run 100 mile weeks I feel I should be able to do that too. The problem is these people might not have 6 kids to run after, house work to do and work three days a week plus all the other factors of life. I have always been a bit 'well people can make excuses but if you really want something you just make find a way and get on with it'. Now I am accepting (slowly) that these aren't just excuses to do less but valid reasons and I need to pay attention to my rest and recovery and just accept that maybe you can't do it all.

What a waffle, work avoidance, haha. Better get on with something useful!

09/07/2014 at 14:03
Vixo - absolutely! It's not as though I'm ever going to run elite times and Running has to fit around the rest of our lives so high mileage just isn't possible or practical. Yes, in real terms if I were so inclined I could run at silly o'clock but I'm just not willing to do that for the sake of what may amount to only a few seconds improvement in performance. I am fairly obsessive about sticking to my 4 runs a week and am territorial about preserving that time to run but with all our other activities plus work I'd be too tired to run well if I tried to do much more or had to get up in the middle of the night to do it!

Caro, sooooo glad to hear you're feeling human again. Enjoy today!

Ikkle, my son is 7 and there's no way I'd allow him out on his own. But I guess it may be very different where you live. I would certainly not be happy for him to be alone in a park - probably a sign of the times unfortunately, but better safe than sorry.
09/07/2014 at 14:21

Crossed posts Lotte!  I think I'm with you in that running is more than just a hobby to me because even within my limitations (whether those are self-imposed or otherwise) I am horribly competitive and always want to push myself to achieve more.  But I am realistic given my constraints, as you are also coming to realise. 

One thing I've found interesting is training with my IMTB.  He is single, lives alone and can essentially do what he wants when he wants.  Yet he is always making excuses for missing this or that session, which I find really frustrating.  He doesn't have half the motivation, determination or commitment that I or many of us on this thread have.  Having constraints just seems to make us more bloody-minded!

09/07/2014 at 20:32
I think that is probably the case with any parent who leaves male or female, they don't value themselves as parents so convince themselves that their family r better without them. But sadly don't see the damage it does to a child to b left by their parent, the children often blame themselves and think they r the problem and their parent didn't like/love them enough. Even growing up and realising that the failing was with the parent doesn't undo all the yrs that that child went throo feeling inadequate. Very sad, so damaging.
Camlo    pirate
09/07/2014 at 20:41

I dont think reasons are the same as excuses..... Most of us on here have valid reasons for missing sessions or not doing as much as we want but we arent slackers (well not much!). If we were talking about sticking to a healthy diet or not overspending then i may have to admit to having no will power! 

Hope news was ok today caro, cant imagine having hundreds of kids in infants. Our school is so small both boys will be in mixed age classes in sep as they only have about 20 kids in each 'year'. 

ikkle - i let my boys play outside too and Tom and his friend regularly skip between the houses. Joys of living in a rural area. 

CC - i agree about mental attitude. I am sure that is why i slow at the end of events. Even though i am screaming at myself that I can do it i have a wee voice telling me i cant 

 Asked boss if i could attend something in london and got a no. Asked all over wales for someone else to go and noone could so i offered to take leave and go in my own time and boss has said i cant (Apparently cant represent work if you arent actually on duty). WTF! Drove to my sisters and jumped in the river to expel some frustration! managed to get wettie off in less than a minute this time so getting faster! 

09/07/2014 at 21:14

happy birthday to Karen's Issie for today. she and J are birthday twins but a year apart

caro - so relieved you are feeling a bit better. do you know anymore yet about whether you may be able to get away for a break?

glad to hear all the Scottish folk having fabby hols - esp beach tales. great job!

j has had a great day today. I managed to leave for E's sports day (she won her running race - woo. looked so elegant and graceful) and then pick J up from school and spend some time with him before out for a meal with T also. have done just enough emails this afternoon and sent out something which people have been talking about needing to get done for ages tonight - so hopefully it will look like I have been working from home!

I am doing no running at the moment. I had a bit of a blip last week when I was so exhausted I just couldn't function. I had been getting up at 5.45 to run on 2 - 3 days a week plus doing long days at work (out of the house before 7 and not back until 9pm) which were stressful, plus juggling all the kid stuff, plus too many weekends away with camping and other stuff. I felt ill so decided that the one thing I could just drop without inconveniencing anyone else was the running. I do feel physically a lot better now so feel like I could probably do with a run but work is so full on and I have so much else to juggle that I am unsure as to whether it's a good idea! especially with everything that needs sorting before we go away on holiday!!! 

09/07/2014 at 21:16

minks - yes lots of zoos do the experience thing. a number of them book several kids on at a time, which Shaldon zoo doesn't. so it was 1:1 for J which was much more personal for him and I think meant he enjoyed it more. I certainly had a great time!! also lots of zoos don't do the experiences at weekends - presumably because it's a busy time for them so they can't spare the staff. but obviously I can't take J in the week (other than in the holidays and our holidays are mad as we are always away!). but shaldon have loads of volunteers so the head keeper does the experiences while the volunteers run the zoo at the weekend.

09/07/2014 at 22:55

Happy b day J and izzie

well after yet another 2 hr wait at the clinic (I kid you not) I finally got some (relatively) good news today, all things considered.  At the second surgery they removed 6 lymph nodes, none of which were cancerous, so only 1 was cancerous in total, and the pathology of the boob showed only a small amount of remaining DCIS (sort of pre cancerous cells) and no other tumours. theory I now don't go back to the dreaded Wednesday clinic for 3 months and should finally meet an oncologist next wk or the wk after. theory again CM we may be able to get away the wk after this space!

and now the infection is clearing up I can use my left arm again!  I can tie my hair back, use 2 hands to wash it, wash my face, use a fork with my left hand.......all the simple things that I haven't been able to do for a wk as i literally had zero range of movement and it hurt like hell!  I was so freaked out that I was going to have a useless arm forever.

tomorrow I am having the kids all day for the first time in about 3 wks........hubby will be home after bed time......

10/07/2014 at 06:01


It's taken me a few days to catch up on everything but I have managed it now, but have forgotten half the things I was going to comment on.

Caro - really glad to hear about the relative good news and that you are feeling better.  Good luck today.  Do what is easiest for you with them, don't try and be the perfect parent.

CC - looking forward to that race report.

CM - I read about the password incident and completely understood.  Sometimes you just can't believe the cr*p that is produced.  I remember having a huge blow with a developer (I am a BA) as the system that he designed only sorted data according to the page you were on, ie if you had 10 pages and wanted to sort A-Z, it would only sort the data on page 1 and not on any of the other pages. I was like 'seriously'.... Also if running is the only thing that can realistically give in your life, then so be it.  Not worth stressing over.

Camlo - good wetsuit removing.  Mine takes me forever as its actually too small but the material is super stretchy.  It takes so long that i just went non wetsuit at the sprint tri I did a few weeks ago as it wasnt worth it.  I will be buying a new one in the sales at the end of the year.  Chatsworth tri sounds great. I am from Derbyshire and have always loved Chatsworth.  

Well I survived the 10 days away.  My mum was actually very helpful and did loads with my 3 year old, however I was still exhausted when I got back.  We had a wedding in Derby on Saturday so I went straight back from France to my parents which finished me off.  I was so over it all by the time the wedding came round and then I spent a few days rowing with hubby.  He kept asking me if i was ok, i kept replying that I was knackered and just wanted to be at home and then he kept getting pissed off at me.  Great! He was grumpy on Sunday as hung over and tired and i was fecked off with the whole lot.  We are friends again now though although he is off to San Fran with work on Sunday for 6 days.

On to better news, I managed to run 4 miles every other day whilst away and I managed to control myself around food and didnt even have any croissants  I am now only 3 kgs away from my target weight which i am pleased with as I have dropped 18 kgs in just under 4 months.  My belly isnt a great sight though.  I did a gentle shoulder stand in yoga a few days ago and was horrified by the amount of skin that rushed towards my chin.  I think I will be fine for the 2 half marathons in early Sept and early Oct, but its 15 weeks to Abingdon marathon so its a possibility but we'll see.  I am not going to get stressed if I cant do it.  I would sooner stay injury free than push myself too hard, too fast.

So again I am the only one up in my household.  Isaac was awake from 4.30 and I left him to cry for about 30 mins to see if he would go back to sleep.  I then decide to get up and feed him, and by the time I get to his cot, he is back to sleep and I am wide awake at 5am!

10/07/2014 at 06:30
Hi Pip, I agree being away from home is a lot more tiring, glad the first bit of hol was good though!
Aidan has woken up twice this week at 5 am to poo! Not sure what that is about, maybe a growth spurt as he has just demanded and eaten 2 weetabix!
Benedict woke everyone up at 4.30am yesterday which was nice so I feel a bit exhausted. The boys both have playschool today so I will go for a run!
Caro, great that you can move your arm! Hope today goes well and the kids behave xx
10/07/2014 at 07:57

caro - great that you are more mobile. hope you can get away . and also fab that you have had some good results back. that's fantastic news

pip - good to hear from you. hope you recover a bit!

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