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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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05/10/2013 at 10:59

Oh Camio - hugs to you all (( ))

Yay on park run PB Carovet. EF and I often struggle to keep up with the speedy teens at intervals so well done!

Hope all the pregnant peeps doing OK - Brookie, TBogle and JT?

Managing to read, but just never time to post ... waving to you all.

Quick question for JT - remember your failsafe choc sponge recipe that you once posted on here years ago? You don't have a version of that for just a plain sponge do you? I'm not enough of a baker to know what to substitute the cocoa powder with (if anything at all) just to get a plain sponge! 

05/10/2013 at 19:23
MR - 2 eggs, 4oz of butter, sugar and self raising flour. Mix together the sugar and butter, add the eggs and mix, then add the flour. For a good size Victoria sponge cake I usually use 3 eggs and 6oz of the others - basically use twice as much of the other ingredients in ounces as you have eggs. Hope that helps!

Camlo - hope you have a good holiday and can get some relaxing and fun time while you're away.

We have had a full house here today - 12 adults and 11 children for lunch (they left at about 6!) - so I'm now going to sit down with a glass of wine before having an early night!!
05/10/2013 at 21:03

Soooooo tired...........

05/10/2013 at 22:06

mad day for you then Vixo! Well-earned glass of vino for sure

I had 9 kids here for tea last night but had their mums too so was no bother and they sat and ate in the garden anyway as is so warm at the moment.  Then spent the morning biking in the forest with same kids and mums and lunch at house of one of the gang ... this is how we survive when husbands are off biking ...

... said husbands then disappeared to a beer festival this afternoon , staggering back in about 8pm

Planning to get some studies in tomorrow morning while husband takes kids to rugby and hopefully squeeze a run in before that lot too.

After being away last weekend and doing 'boy' stuff the weekend before, and spending all day today doing 'boy stuff' I am about ready to lynch him (this has been made very clear!!!).

Hey ho ... one week to half-term and oh boy am I looking forward to it

Sorry for whinge-a-thon - hormonal and ranty at the moment!!

06/10/2013 at 08:09

thanks ladies, gave myself a kick up the bum and went for a 'long run' yesterday as only 3 weeks to snowdon mara. Great for the 1st 10 miles and slowly seized until I could literally  run/ walk no more and phoned hubby to fetch me after 20 miles when house was virtually in sight! Went to see Nan and gave her a big hug as off to gran canaria tomorrow, Dr could not say when (weeks or months) but it is likely her heart will just pack up and frankly it could be anytime. 

Yay to speedy parkrun, nice to be paced but did you manage to out sprint her at the finish???? Pesky children with oodles of energy making it look easy!!! 

Good luck getting your head down today CC  and wow to all your massive catering efforts!! 

Had a hot sweaty boy in with us all night so now I am dog tired and stiff as a board...... 

06/10/2013 at 08:46

No I did not!  And she breezed to the end with a real kick, leaving me sounding like the wheezy old asthmatic that I am!  Plus on the second lap she turned the wrong way so I as yelling at her to turn round and she didn't say thank you at the end.  But there's no way I would have got a nearly 30 sec PB without her as I tend to just not put in as much I effort if I know there's no women in front of me.

as soon as I stopped I was literally surrounded by flying, biting flies who were attracted to my sweat, and i now have about 20 bites on my legs and they are awful! I don't know what they were, I have never been bitten by things like it in this country.  Stupidly because I knew quite a few people there I was standing chatting after, so they were feasting on me.  It was awake at 1am slathering them in anthisan but I don't think it helps, as I've just put loads more on and they still itch!

going for a walk/bike ride in the forest today followed by a pub lunch.





06/10/2013 at 15:46

eek to those bites Caro, sounds grim; fab effort on the running though with those creaky asthmatic lungs!!! I find September/October are the few months where my lungs feel pretty good - no pollen to clog them up and no cold to aggravate them ... yet

Walk/bike in forest and pub lunch sounds lovely

Oh Camlo, that is just so so sad .  I was out of the country when my granny died (a long time ago now). In one way it was good because my last memories of her are good ones (she died in hospital very quickly of stomach cancer), but equally I didn't get to say goodbye properly as when I went away I didn't even know she was seriously ill. (((()))) though.  WELL DONE on that run though! You will be fine for marathon, you will still have all that endurance from the ultra too ... and you are a tough bird!

6 steady miles for me on coastal path and through forest - is so warm here at the mo, says 18 degrees on temp gauge although wind means it's not quite that warm but had to strip down to crop top as was melting ... thankfully no locals to scare!!

Good 1.5 hours on bones, what they are made up of, different types etc etc.

Muscles tomorrow ...

06/10/2013 at 17:59

Good work CC and good running too.

Camlo (()) but great running, well done. So envious of you doing Snowdon, you will be fab, CC is right you are a tough bird!

Caro - woo hoo, well done.

Had a great weekend here. Friday night we had a get together with friends in the local hall, 8 couple and 20 kids. Great night. Pool table, table tennis and lots of balls and music to keep kids entertained, plenty of wine to keep adults entertained. I learnt that trying to go a pogo stick in high heeled boots after a bottle of wine is not a good idea! Yesterday me and a friend took the girls (my two and her daughter) for a girly day out which involved ear piercing. Emily fainted after she got hers done and friends daughter refused to go ahead with it after that. Sophie got a second hole done. Then we had a lovely lunch before heading into town. Today a long family walk up a big hill and home to homemade soup and a pretty laid back afternoon.

Pity its Monday tomorrow but like CC only a week until Oct hols. Woohoo

06/10/2013 at 18:48

ah that sounds a lovely weekend all round Lotte, looking forward to that kind of girlie stuff with S as she gets older (although not the inevitable hormones that go with it).

Definitely a pity it's Monday tomorrow as weekend has gone waaaay too fast. Hubby commented on that and I did point out that it was probably 'cos he spent half of it not here!!! Anyway, he's away off to Aberdeen and back Thursday thankfully. Having him back for the weekend made me realise how much I had been unravelling on all fronts. Even snapped at one of my friends the other night after teaching Pilates and felt soooo bad, thankfully we sorted it but just been so tired and frazzled. Definitely need those holidays.

06/10/2013 at 19:05

Lotte I think I could have told you that

06/10/2013 at 21:43

Thanks Vixo ... you're the Mary Berry of the thread!

06/10/2013 at 22:26

Can anyone recommend good kids roller skates?  Guess what M wants for Xmas.......

06/10/2013 at 23:29
07/10/2013 at 07:03

They look nice but too big. m's feet are only a 9, and they start at 11.  Does anyone have any smaller ones, that are similar?

07/10/2013 at 17:18

I think they'd b fine Caro, Camryn got hers last Xmas and she was just 

going from a 9 to a 10 then. She still can't go them without holding hands mind, but they will fit for another yr 

or 2 so no hurry.

07/10/2013 at 20:13

ok, thanks TT.  

08/10/2013 at 14:19

Next question - do I bother with all the safety gear?  I learnt to skate without knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards etc!  Plus it'll be winter, she'll be wearing a million layers of clothes anyway.  

08/10/2013 at 15:32

Sorry Caro Lou was hopeless at skating so we canned it. She did have the safety gear tho as one of the kids on our old street broke her arm roller skating. 


Just exchanged texts with brookie. She's got no Internet or wifi. She's got her section tomorrow though so I will keep you all posted. 

08/10/2013 at 16:17

Camryn just wears her cycle helmet and cycling gloves, tends 

to b her bum she falls on and they don't do a bum pad lol

08/10/2013 at 17:33

Good luck Brookie 

Seem to be having one big long Braxton Hicks today! Someone needs to move. 

LOL at the bum pads, TT 

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