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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/04/2013 at 18:54

oh no Caro, I'd kind of assumed your back problem was slowly improving. Ouch to £80, here it's £50 for first appt and then £40 thereafter. I always try and tie my problems in with whatever it was I first saw her about, so she doesn't suggest a complete reassessment!!!

... and no, I didn't know that about Melanoma either, but then I think my other friends son (the 15-year-old who now has multiple tumours everywhere) was first diagnosed as a toddler so I don't know how long that had been there. Oh it's a grim time at the moment isn't it?

EF - that sounds a bit grim re the ward arrangements, although can remember when I had J, there were c-section women in with us as their ward was full!!!  Agree with others though, just try and make the best of resting and keeping baby flump where IT? belongs ...

Vixo - what a bugger re the feeding!!! I guess starvation is the next step!!?

I feel like I have sand and dirt in my ears, eyes, mouth, everywhere!!! Is incredible. We need some rain to damp all this stuff down - think we get that aplenty tomorrow.

Second run done today, 4.5 so just shy of 8 for the day ... glad it was on the treadmill though, don't think I'd have been upright otherwise.

Right, best start the bedtime battles before pilates class no. 2

16/04/2013 at 18:58
Oh Caro that's rubbish. Hope this appt sets you off to recovery. I think vixo you shld just go and sing! My friend's wee girl refused bottle but when Becca's mum died I took her all day and gave her my expressed milk in a bottle and she took it. She seemed to know it was only option!
16/04/2013 at 20:27

EF - hope you are ok in there. is the food any good? can you get donuts?

i have had a right wobble this afternoon about work. sarcastic comments from male, ex-military 'solution directors' (whatever on of those is) about how there can't be any trains running out of wales before 9 o'clock in the morning if i'm not planning on getting into the office until nearly lunchtime didn't help. the word 'children' is a swear-word and they frankly don't care. i am feeling guilty about working the extra day, and stressed because E now has to go to the day nursery on the tuesday, and i really didn't need to hear how disappointed they were that i couldn't be in london today and wasn't going to get down until nearly lunchtime tomorrow. but in the grand scheme of things, i know it's nothing. just me being a bit pathetic.

16/04/2013 at 20:55
Ignore him CM. he's just lucky he never had to think about these things.

Food is bloody awful. Tiny bowl of rice crispies for breakfast then I ordered soup and sandwich for lunch but lunch served at 12 and scan was 12.05 so they didn't deliver lunch and had to beg a sandwich. Dinner was a tiny portion of tuna and pasta bake with a few carrots. The sticky toffee pudd was ok tho esp drowned in custard. Luckily Andy brought me a ton of fresh berries this am plus fruit juice and we shared some sweets and crisps. Mum and dad came by tonight with a banana and some choc and ribena.

Haven't had any observations done for a while now. I guess I shld ask about the steroid injection too. Gasping on cup of tea but feel bad asking for one. I have had one canula removed tho not the really sore one boo.

Two women now out our room but worried will get middle of the night newborns now! Other woman starting to moan from her contractions.

Right I will read for 20 mins and then call to see about steroids.
16/04/2013 at 20:58

Don't you just love working for people who don't do children CM ? And my boss is a headteacher....

EF - I was reliving your fear with you there....  Sounds very much like what happened to me when I was having Archie. I was nearly passing out due to the stress.  Hope you're on the mend though.  V v scary ((()))  And yes, get Andy (or MR!) to get you donuts or Creme Eggs or something!

Caro  -what a horrid, horrid evening for you.  Heard it on the news yesterday on the way back and immediately thought of your sister.  Such tragic stories.  Life is so, so precious.

And grr to the back.  Don't you just hate wasting money on health solutions that should be free?!  I'm going to sound like a right quack now, but I've found quite a lot of relief from a magnetic bracelet.  May well be pure placebo effect/coincidence but might be worth a try?

MM - not sure of our plans yet but that would be great if we're about.  Will let you know!  Need to speak to hubby.

Not much else.  Funeral was yesterday.  A lovely service as far as funerals can be.  The coffin had panoramic photographs of his favourite places in the Lakes on it.  Sounds tacky was actually really nice.  Stopped you thinking about crying when you first saw it as it was so different!  Was nice to catch up with family I don't often see, but very tired today as got back so late.  A 270mile trip didn't help!

Just found out today too that it's highly likely I'll be paired back up with my old jobshare again next year.  *sigh*.  She needs reigning in apparently and sorting out.  That's when I really hate being part of the management team...

Still, on the plus side, hubby got the job he went for yesterday.  Sounds like it may well really work for us and very family friendly.  Here's keeping everything crossed!

16/04/2013 at 21:00
As if by magic- the tea and toast round
16/04/2013 at 21:45

Big hugs needed all round I think!

Caro - I didn't know that it was a child that had died and that his family were badly injured as well. That is just so cruel. Also feel your pain re. expensive treatment options!! I would hate to think of what I have spent on hip/back/knee over the years! Hope it helps though!

CC - how awful for your friend. I guess they have spotted it as early as they could really but chemo on such a wee one seems so scary. Matilda has a strawberry birth mark in her groin but seems to be fading slightly and I have always been grateful as they are more commonly on the face.

JT - glad the funeral went well, alwys so sad though. My mum gets the same thing at work - pairing up with the weak/poor member of staff as she is so goo (they seem to forget that she's 64 and could do with lightening her load not the reverse!). Hope somehow it doesn't come off!

Vixo - no suggestions but really hope you can get to your singing. I'm inclined to go with Caro's suggestion - just go and she will sort herself out (harsh?! but Mummy needs time too!)

EF - so glad that things have calmed down for you. Always reassuring to feel them kicking away in there. I hope you get some sugar loaded treats soon and are able to rest up!!

Well out endless summer has finally ended and we have rain rain rain! A bit of a shock after the driest summer on record!!! Must say I am looking forward to a change in season though! And all the nice winter stews etc. We have just bought a slow cooker so will need to pinch some of your recipes as I know several of you have them!

16/04/2013 at 22:01
Hoggle I could go off you driest summer on record.... Tsk! What's summer?!
16/04/2013 at 22:02

EF - you definitely need MR and Andy in with decent food parcels if you are staying put a bit longer ... that food sounds dire (but no worse than what J was getting when he was up at Dr Grays last year!!!). Hope you get some sleep tonight - have you got ear plugs and an eye mask???

CM - you are not pathetic, it's just that you care. 'ex-military' said it all really!! Talking out of his ar*e!

JT - oh god, surely not your old jobshare, does she not need 'redistributing' rather than 'reining in'??  270 mile round trip is NOT good, but glad the funeral was a nice as it could be. Fantastic news re hubby and the job though so definitely fingers crossed xx

Well my cousins little boy has got Rhabdomyosarcoma , very rare and he's got a particularly agressive form of it - two large lumps on his jaw and 50 small ones under his skin!!! Had first course of chemo today, bless the poor wee soul. He's in GOSH so we have all got everything crossed but such a lot for a small body. That said, apparently he's feeding well and gaining weight!

16/04/2013 at 22:05
How is your back Hoggle?

EF that's terrible with the food! And I still can't believe you're in a room with people in labour and with newborn babies!

JT glad it was ok as far as these things can be. So what does a magnetic bracelet do??

CM....comments like that should be illegal! I would like to see a man try to juggle all the things you do.
16/04/2013 at 22:09
A family friend had that many yrs ago CC. Her mum had died of bast cancer then a few yrs later she got this. She was in her early 20s when she got it, which is even rarer, as it is predominantly a cancer of young children. My dad is not the kind of guy who will ring his old friend up and ask how she's doing but we just all assume no news is good news, and I'd say its been at least 5 yrs since she had it. But she had chemotherapy and radiotherapy I think, and hers was a solitary tumour in the muscles around the jaw I think, rather than disseminated like your cousins son.
16/04/2013 at 22:18
CM - just ignore, it's always men without children, or more commonly I find, men with stay at home wives, who make useless comments like that. I was asked to apply for a job a few weeks ago at the hospital nearest where we live, but one of the things that has stopped me, even thought it's the one I would have gone for first if they'd both advertised when I first applied, was that the 5 men who currently work on the unit all have wives at home and they just don't quite 'get' that I'm the wife, and therefore don't have the same flexibility as them!

CC - that sounds unbelievably tough for your friends. I just can't imagine a tiny baby having to go through that.

EF - hope your night isn't too awful!

JT - may I message you about those bottles and teats? I'm clutching at straws and willing to try anything!

I think if I was just leaving my husband with O then I'd go and let him get on with it, but he's going to have all 3, and will have to go to nursery and school, feed them and get them all to bed. Hard enough when they're all behaving but would be awful if O is screaming from about 4pm and won't stop! I will have to have a really hard think about it if we've not got anywhere after the weekend, and see what my husband thinks as well.
16/04/2013 at 22:21

Missed that about hubby's job JT - sounds very positive - fingers crossed!!!

And CM - what an arse! Ignore!! You do an incredible job juggling all that you do - and are probably more effective than him anyway!!

Ahhh got to dash to Stratford for a meeting with a club - they have all of 15 members so not sure how effective it will be!!!


16/04/2013 at 22:26
Gosh. Such a lot of worrying stuff around at the mo. I'm still reeling from Boston and the stories of that wee boy and his family. Heartbreaking.

EF - so pleased u r ok. That sounded so scary but its good to hear u being upbeat about stuff. Hang in there.

Hope your cousin's wee boy is ok CC. and glad funeral went as well as it could JT. Boo to difficult job shares and silly sexist /anti family comments. Oh and expensive osteo. Hope it helps Caro.

On phone so will post more later. Sorry for anything I forgot. Hugs all around I think TBH. sleep tight everyone.
16/04/2013 at 22:33
Vixo, I didn't bother with a bottle with B so I am only just starting to leave him with Alan but it is a juggling act with three and so far Alan has only had all three briefly really!

EF hope you get some sleep xx
17/04/2013 at 07:43
Happy birthday JT!
17/04/2013 at 07:44

Hubby found this. It seems that lots of NT properties are free this wk end.
17/04/2013 at 08:08
I had been meaning to post that too Caro. We went last time they did it and I was amazed how many people obviously didn't know about it and we're paying. It coincided with a special day they had at our local place so they had lots of displays going on - falconry, wood working etc - and was great. You've reminded me I need to dig out the printer so we can go again.

JT - thanks again for your fb message. Sorry I missed it was your birthday - children distracting me! Happy Birthday!!

Kinsey - how's the sleep going? O is pretty good at night, but doesn't like sleeping in the evening at all - I put her down but she invariably wakes up about 30 minutes later and doesn't want to go back down. It's weird because she'll have nice long naps in the day when we're actually at home, but come 7pm her ability to sleep disappears!

We have got builders in at the moment as we're changing our rooms around and are making an en suite in our biggest bedroom, which we're going to move in to - my husband has been getting increasingly worried about having 3 daughters and only one bathroom! For some reason we (he!) arranged for them to start at the same time as the school holidays, and he wasn't off, so I had all 3 children plus the builders for 2 weeks - nice! Still, it all seems to be coming together, and the plasterers are due on Saturday so most of the work has to be done by then. We've only got the radiator and a light still to decide on, oh and the carpet for the bedroom and wall tiles for the bathroom!

The events in Boston are just so sad, and I can't think too much about that poor family who were so affected. That sort of thing keeps me up at night now and just makes me want to wrap my family up and never let them out of my sight.
17/04/2013 at 08:20

God Vixo - that sounds like chaos!! Will be fab when done though

Happy Birthday JT  xx

17/04/2013 at 09:32
Happy birthday JT!
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