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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/04/2013 at 10:25

Vixo - drumroll please - Benedict slept through for the first time last night (if you count 5.30am as 'morning'!).  I persisted with no milk and no picking up, just shushing and patting, going away to my dads was a setback, but over the last few days he was only waking once so hopefully I will be getting a lot more sleep too from now on!

Happy Birthday JT!

17/04/2013 at 11:17
Happy birthday JT!

And well done benedict!!
17/04/2013 at 11:51
Vixo I'm sure you've thought of this but what flow of teats have you been using? If slow flow then maybe try a faster one and perhaps the greater instant gratification will help? I do remember Lou found slow flow hard work!
17/04/2013 at 13:28
Kinsey - glad to hear its getting better!

EF - I have tried all the different variations I can think of, but after reading your suggestion I swapped over to one a friend gave me which is a size 3, and she probably came the closest she has so far to taking it! The problem with the fast flow seems to be that the milk just pours into her mouth, and because she doesn't really drink it is he often ends up coughing a lot.

I am trying the 'if she's hungry enough she'll take it' approach. She screamed for about 45 minutes with me trying intermittently to give her a bottle, but she almost came close at one point. She has now fallen asleep lying on me without having another feed, which is good since she's not crying, but bad in that I haven't eaten and am quite hungry! The crying was hard to cope with because I know this isn't for her good at all, and really just me being a bit selfish. I can cope with a bit of cryin when they're trying to get to sleep as we all need sleep, and they're usually much happier afterwards, but this doesn't feel as good. Wondering whether I should just give up on trying to go, and accept that you just can't do some things when you have small children.
17/04/2013 at 13:50

Oh Vixo, that's a difficult call, guilt is not a nice feeling anyway, but as mums I think we get double the load!!  I would agree that sometimes it does feel it's not worth the hassle/stress but only you will know really. Not a lot of consolation I know!

Interesting your comments about the job you didn't apply for, so very true unfortunately.

Apparently my little 2nd cousin (I think, can't work out the geneology!!) has got something that only two other babies have had in the last 10 years (plenty have had it when older), wow, that is some odds isn't it?

17/04/2013 at 14:38
Blimey, that's odds you don't particularly want CC! In the best place though. Trip was 270 miles each way, went up Fri and back Mon. 540 miles in one day may have finished me off!

Woo hoo Kinsey! Now you know he can do it it's easier to be harder with him!

Vixo - our Hv told me to go out with Ted and leave hubby with it as there's more chance they'll take a bottle from Dad as they know there's no milk. Not sure how right that is! Bottles packed and ready for PO. Apparenly NUK are better as the teat acts more like a nipple and as the latex is softer easier for them to manipulate and swallow. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Going out Fri. Quiet one today as hubby has had to go to new place of work to help with interviews for employees for new job as its a new dept. if I ever hear of comments like that made to CM I'd lynch him! And yes Vixo, men who have stay at home wives have NO idea...
17/04/2013 at 16:15

oh cc - how awful for your cousins

well after all my heartache yesterday, emails up till 11pm last night, phone calls from 9am this morning asking me when i would be getting into london as i was so critical to progress and was holding it up by not being here (err... i had to do the school run first), i got here for just before noon, and was then told to go away until 2pm as they were too busy with project planning to talk to me.

been sitting in meeting room with one guy since 2pm and he is on his third coffee break... am NOT impressed

the girl i really need to work with is in reading today. could just have gone there instead and been there by 10.30am. gah. and tomorrow, the guy who did all the shouting at me about being here isn't here anyway. so i am staying over just to meet with the girl who lives in reading, who is coming here tomorrow to meet me. so again - could have done reading!!!

but the good thing is that the female lead (who was as bolshy to me as the bloke yesterday) has kindly cleared her diary for tonight so that there is no need for her (or me) to rush off and we can work all evening...

i need a cup of tea.

17/04/2013 at 16:50

oh Christ CM, I would not have been able to feel calm and reasonable about any of that I think!!!

570 miles in one day IS a killer, I've only done it once with the kids and we were all wrecked!!!

Kinsey - progress indeed, and as JT says, now you know he CAN do it ...

New hampster purchased so kids v happy. It's a girl apparently ... anyway it's a caramel colour so it's called Caramela or Carmela - I can't work out which tbh

Just over 7 miles this morning done in the pishing rain but glorious out there now.  Hills today and was pleased to feel good on them, better than I usually do anyway.

Funny hearing all about our sand storm epics on radio two travel reports etc. Apparently they had snow ploughs out South of Elgin yesterday to clear the roads (that's where I've just been to buy hamster).

17/04/2013 at 17:04
I was thinking of you when I heard it cc! You've hit national news!

CM - I have no words...

Vixo - bottles in post!
17/04/2013 at 19:43
She cracked. 8 and a half hours after I last fed her she drank a bottle of expressed milk. I then didn't have any more to hand to give her so I fed her myself, and now, poor mite, she's in bed exhausted. I think I might have to have a large glass of wine tonight! Now to see if she can do it again tomorrow. Thank you so much for sending the bottles JT, she took loads of air in with the one she eventually drank from, so will be pleased to try yours as I think they will be better.

Was supposed to be out running with some friends but my husband not yet back from work, so I'd better get thinking about what we're going to eat, and try and make a decision on the radiator for the new bathroom!
17/04/2013 at 21:11
Phew! Back from expo. Rather nervous now, especially when we walked past tower bridge. OMG! Chilling out now. Hubbie gone away for night with work, so hope I sleep OK as never really do when he is away. Best get packing tomorrow!

Having wobbles about the kids being in London this weekend. Am sure will be fine but the uncertainty not good for marathon preparation. Carbo loading starts tomorrow!

Fab news Vixo. Hope it works tomorrow too.

Happy birthday JT. Hope you have a fab evening and night out on Friday. It was a group on voucher for the castle. Some sort of battle reenactment weekend.

Off to bed soon...
17/04/2013 at 21:52

Oh bless Vixo, hope you had that well-earned glass of wine!

Hope you sleep MM, it's the reverse here - I sleep better when hubby is AWAY!!

Totally understand your wobbles, I know I'd feel the same, but thing we need to be optimistic I guess. Just too horrible to think about.

Survived teaching my new pilates class tonight - was sooooo nervous, two ladies I've never met before plus my friend who's daughter babysits for me (but who's been to the mega experienced teacher that everyone else goes to!!!).  Went OK I think, but still feeling my way through working out whether people are properly aligned or not!

Also off to bed soon

17/04/2013 at 22:13

Just seen on FB that EF is home safely and resting.

Caro my back has improved hugely - no leg or back pain any more and managed a long walk the other day. But I still have most of the muscle weakess. I dont know whether this means that it will slowly improve (nerves take a long time to recover) or stay the same. Hoping hoping hoping it is recovering and can avoid surgery but don't want to stay like this forever either (ankle rolls all the time as the muscles on that side don't work, still limping a bit, can't run etc).

Had a phone call from GP yesterday to find out what DR's I was with in 2002 - ACC (who pay out to cover treatment etc) are looking into a back injury I had in 2002 - mostly likely will try and claim that it was an existing condition and therefore not an accident so they shouldn't cover. Hoping its clear that its not related and frankly it happened 12 years ago!!! I will be seriously annoyed - they try anything to avoid paying out these days.

You hace reminded me CC I need to get signed up to a pilates class - just because my back doesn't hurt now doesn't mean it is miraculously cured!!! I would so come to your class!!

Off to the toy library to exchange toys (this is when working from home is really fab!!) Quiet at work so can pop out and do jobs!


17/04/2013 at 22:21

Glad things are improving Hoggle!

MM and Camlo where are you staying?

So according to the friend I am watching on Sunday with we are going to be just before mile 9 on the LEFT.  Apparantly you run over a bridge with a red metal bridge to the side of you, then the course narrows and you turn left, and we will be around there somewhere.  If I see you I promise to yell my head off!  Last yr my friend spotted all the people I was looking for so hopefully she will be as good this yr (frankly I'm crap, my eyes start to hurt!)

Minks, if you're reading this let me know your number so I can yell for you too!

17/04/2013 at 23:38
Yippee to EF getting home, Vixo winning the war, JTs birthday and CC's hamsters and trumping the Pilates classes (not trumping during of course.....)
boo to insurance companies trying to duck out Hoggle, to poorly children yet again, to sexist bullying colleagues CM and sandstorms CC ????
MM was the expo good? Any bargains?? I won't be there until Friday or Saturday. We are staying in the premier inn on fleet street and now CM has sorted me out i am walking to charing cross to get the train to the start... have started carb loading in a big way.... well not just carbs, food in general!
18/04/2013 at 09:15

It was OK Camlo. I mainly walked around trying all the different protein and energy bar samples!!!

More mile were there and sweat shop with some good prices. Not much else though tbh, but enjoyed the day out.

Most interesting was a machine you could stand on that printed out loads of stats about your body. I have 14% body fat, only 13% in my core which I thought was my worst bit  and I am over 50% skeletal muscle!!

I have to wear a number on my front and back, don't remember that, but there you go!!

Carbo loading started with large bowl of museli, seeds, special K, yoghurt and fruit and a bagel with jam. That must be 150g of carbs, so just another 300 or so to go for today!! My nerves are riotous so not sure now many carbs will be stored tbh as when I'm like this I burn calories like I'm on fire!

Off for a wee 4 mile plod and some strides in a bit once this food has gone down!!!

Caro we are staying in a house in Woolwich in the Royal Arsenal, just east of Greenwich. Only about 10 mins from start but will have to go round to avoid road closures. Eeeek! Great deal at £500 for the 3 nights, I thought for London. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 kingsize ensuite, and 2 with 2 single beds. The owner is moving one single bed in with the other two so grandad has the room with one single. Perfect! Kitchen/lounge etc. Right on the water front so taking kids scooters and has a wee park in the middle of the complex.


18/04/2013 at 09:22

wow, MM. you are lean. I think I'm about 30% fat. hahaha.

18/04/2013 at 09:55

I doubt it very much CM . I think you would be very surprised...

What was also interesting is that my right arm had 1.5%, thats 5% more muscle than my left arm. I guess thats from carrying kids?

18/04/2013 at 10:20
Hello all,
Long time no post and just did a speed catch up! Have kind of been sulking due to injury and not wanting to read all good training going on and VLM etc. but then changed my mind and had 10pages to read! Plus all those with long going injuries, Caro, hoggle, JT, JG made me feel really silly to complain about my mere 6 weeks on the bench.
Anyway, quick post before off out to meet some friends. Too much to catch up on but just to say huge relief about your sis Caro (and fab time too although I know that is not what will be remembered now) and great news that EF is out of hospital and all is well with baby.
MM and Camlo - despite being jealous I am hugely excited for you for Sunday! Who else is running?! And personally, I wouldn't change my plans on spectating at the marathon, that would mean avoiding all mass events - Olympics, Tour de France etc - and just can't live like that. Obviously completely respect anyone who does want to avoid it, the urge to protect our children from any danger (but then we should never drive again after all the nasty accidents recently....). Will stop droning on, must get to dreaded softplay. Back later for more waffle
18/04/2013 at 13:40

Does anyone recommend a particular 2 wheel scooter?  Am just thinking in advance for M's b day, so looked at the micro website expecting there to be an obvious choice but there are loads. The cheapest is the 'sprite' which looks good and robust and is reasonably priced for a b day present, and it lasts to age 12 apparantly, then there are loads more, going way up in price, with names like 'speed' and 'rocket' which sound a bit scary.  Also there's the maxi micro which is just a larger version of the mini micro with 3 wheels, but I don't really see much point in that, unless anyone can give me a good reason.

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