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12/07/2014 at 08:26

School fayre today, have said I'll help with something non physical, ie not spending hrs setting up or tidying away!  the effort that goes into it by a few people is phenomenal so i really hope we get a good turn out and it stays dry!  For once the SE has the rubbish weather at the mo.

we are going to Pizza express for tea as a treat for M as she also got a really good school report.  Everything that's going on doesn't seem to have affected her at all.  she does seem to have had lots of good things at school lately-on Monday she's going on a trip to a pop up theatre nr St. Paul's that only a very few children have been selected to go on, she passed auditions to get into the yr 1 choir and learn violin during school time (council subsidised lessons) next yr and she won 3 rd prize in the poster comp for the fayre.........much as I'd love to think all these things happened on merit I do wonder whether having a mummy with cancer has played a role!

Question-I have written thank you cards for the 2 surgeons involved in my care and also the amazing breast care nurse, and I bought her a bottle of wine.  that's not weird is it?  I know in my job people give us things and send cards, but I have no idea on the NHS........vixo, camlo, RF?  

Have nice Saturdays everyone.

12/07/2014 at 09:55
Caro - definitely not weird, and will be hugely appreciated. If you can bear it, it would also be great to send an email to the chief exec praising the people who you felt did a good job (even though I know your overall experience wasn't great) as these things really do lift people's days. Well done M, all those things sound amazing!

We've had a good school report here too - I gave Isabelle a pack of pens she's been hankering after for ages and she's delighted!

They have a really odd, completely non-competitive sports day, apart from one running race. They run the heats the week before in school, and only the 6 fastest from each year group (boys and girls) get to run on the day, and they award 1st and 2nd place certificates. It basically seems that roughly the same group of children get to run every year right through their school careers, and most of them never get a chance to compete or win as the rest of the day is all about taking part (bleurgh!). Isabelle is fast, and I suspect will always get a place, but it seems a very odd system, and because everything else is non-competitive, the children who were running and didn't win all seemed to be in tears.

Anyway, Isabelle came second, and got her certificate and seemed very happy with that, although she seems to totally lack any kind of competitive gene - she was smiling and looking around whilst running and didn't seem much focused on the task in hand! I came second in the mum's race, behind one of my very good friends and running buddies - she would have been mightily pissed off at coming second so I think that was a good result!
12/07/2014 at 21:10

I was thinking I would do that Vixo - I'm just going to make sure I really well and truly do not need to go back first!  Surgeon said on Wed he's see me in about 3m so I hope thats true.  Chatting to the amazing nurse, the constraints they are under makes the mind boggle.  There are 2 consultants, and between them they see 80 new patients a wk.  Of those 80, between 8-12 will actually have cancer and so will end up in the system like me, needing surgery.  The consultants are also general surgeons so don't just do breast surgery and also do on call etc.  There is 1 full time breast care nurse who seems to do the job of 3 people.  There is also 1 part time one who I didn't have much to do with, who would like to do full time but they wont increase her hours.  They are begging for another consultant and team but they wont fund one.  

It will be interesting comparing my whipps experience with my barts one.  I don't imagine it will be much better, but from what I've heard the breast area is in a brand new shiny building with everything in the same place, as opposed to whipps where its all over the place.  Plus they have 5 nurses.

M's school doesn't let parents watch sports day which is fine by me.  They posted videos of some of the races last yr on the school website.  I certainly don't think its particularly competitive.

Pizza express was fun, and for once the service was quick so we were in and out in under an hr - pefect.  I saw in the sun for 2 hrs on the gate at the school fayre, selling entrances ad raffle tickets.  We seemed to be raking it in so fingers crossed we made lots of dosh.  I didn't put sun cream on the back of my neck........its v pink!

13/07/2014 at 12:11
Martha's sports day was quite competitive, certificates for the first three in each race. Sprints, obstacle race, dressing up race and one with a ball they did as a team. Each house got points for each result too so there was an overall winning house.
Aidan did the nursery race and Benedict did the toddler race and they got certificates too!
13/07/2014 at 22:53

Well done Ted!

so I ordered a buff which arrived today.  I figured i may as well try one, and assuming I will be running, cycling, taking Eric swimming etc soon then it will be more practical than a long scarf round my head.  It's blue, quite pretty, I put it on in an attempt to embrace the new look which will be enforced upon me soon enough.  I thought it looked fine, didn't make me look like an egg head, showed it to husband who took one look at me and said 'Mystic Meg'. Great!  Thanks hubby dear, love you too.  I should make him shave his head in sympathy.

13/07/2014 at 23:05
Oh Caro, that's not a brilliant response from him. I bet it looks absolutely fine, and I'm sure on reflection he'll wish he had been a little more tactful! A colleague of mine at work has just had chemo and she seems to be embracing the hair-free look, but she only had very short hair to start with, so maybe it's not so much of a difference. I think in this weather you'd have to have something on your head to stop it burning, at the very least!
13/07/2014 at 23:29

Hope you've all had good weekends! Im sure the buff looked fine Caro - most important thing is you are comfortable with it. I guess its a case of getting used to something quite different for both you and hubby (although he could work on his tact in the mean time!).

M had a wonderful weekend! Birthday party on Friday morning with our coffee group - was a bit manic but lots of fun! Then headed down to the farm Fri afternoon. As usual M had a ball down there - she just loves it and adores my Dad so much. They disappear off for hours doing various jobs - who need a fancy party when you can help Grandad light a bonfire! He puts her to bed now (yay!!) and happily reads the longest stories! Matilda and Rose played and shared really well all weekend even with all the new birthday toys etc.

Only downside was hubbys car died on his way home from work on Friday. Looks like a complete engine failure - made even more maddening by spending $270 on a service on Tuesday and putting $100 petrol in it on Friday. We really didn't need to be buying a new car just now especially without a trade-in - SIGH!! Oh well could have happened while we were driving to the farm which would have been much worse!

M decided that now she is a big 3 year old she wanted to ride her balance bike to daycare this morning. Took about 40 mins but she loved it - definitely wont be doing it every day though!!

Camlo    pirate
13/07/2014 at 23:47

Only time for a very quick post as absolutely knackered from my first olympic triathlon today!!! Did good in my age but overall rankings were iffy, hey ho. 

i am sure buff is fine, thankyou cards fab, wine means she can take it home where chocs she would prob feel obliged to open and share at work! 

18 kids - no thanks

car worries - eek! 


13/07/2014 at 23:56
Sure buff looks fab Caro, sports direct and field & trek (actually same company tbh) r fab for cheap buffs.
14/07/2014 at 00:12

Well done Camlo!!


14/07/2014 at 12:16

Well done Camlo! Olympic is tough! Ironman next then?

And well done to Ted JT, love proud mummy moments Leave the housework, far better things to do while little ones sleep (telly, internet, hot coffee).

Haven't been on for a while and don't think I've said well done to CC either! Amazing as always, I am definitely feeling inspired to get into longer distances some day (once all my babies are older!).

Hoggle- cake looked great! Lovely that she enjoys the farm and grandpa so much. Your trips to the farm sound idyllic! Sorry about the car though, never what you need.

Caro- lovely that you're feeling so much better! Guessing sleep has improved too? Did you do ok with both kids on your own? Good idea to try out some headwear now so feel prepared, hubby will get better at commenting too Im sure

I'm not running anymore I generally feel fine but my bump is so huge that it hurts straight away if I break into run. Still doing bootcamps (minus the sprints) and when possible going to gym to use the recumbent bikes but feeling less stressed about keeping it all going now. Eating for more cake too!

Nice weekend with my dad and his wife staying, they did Hampton court flower show Thursday then hung out with us. They were almost helpful and played with the girls more than last time! So generally pleasant time had by all!

House situation heading towards worse case scenario, our buyer for our flat pulled out at last min so we need to start again putting it back on the market. Means we're very likely to lose out on buying where we are now as landlord needed it done this month. Luckily two of the tenants we have in our flat have stayed and are paying us on a week by week basis so at least we're getting some money in to pay our rent at this end! But very good chance we'll be homeless soon. Hubby is dealing with the major stresses while I just try and keep my blood pressure down!

Finally got myself a mum bus on weekend. Ford smax in the end. Really wanted my sliding doors Sharan or Alhambra but finances wouldn't stretch to it so got a secondhand smax. Hubby's beloved merc estate going next week. But he did already appreciate the smax as meant we could all go out plus grandparents at weekend rather than be stuck near home. And its so big we could probably live in it if necessary

14/07/2014 at 12:50

Sonya, yay to Mum bus. Ours is great although Mr TT doesn't love it!  He appreciates its practicality though. 

Boo to your house situation though. Why do these things always happen when we are about to have a baby?

Well done Camlo, what is Olympic?

14/07/2014 at 13:57

Been thinking just the same Ttid, why do these things happen when having a baby! Or is it bound to happen if you have enough . Hope your house build is going ok? My hubby definitely isn't keen on the mum bus! Funny how I was allowed to buy this one in my name and he owned his flashy estate

Olympic distance tri is 1500 swim, 40km cycle and 10k run. Tough cookie distance!


14/07/2014 at 18:39

House build still causing stress, I'm sure it's inevitable that it will be stressful, just wish we had a better idea of when it might be finished.

Wow to Olympic tri, Camlo you are a quiet one aren't you?  You toddle along with your training then slip these huge races in almost under the radar!

Bought Max some cheap workbooks yesterday for math(s!), ABCs and common sense type questions.  Some are at Pre Kindergarten level which he starts in August and some are 1st grade which he starts in 2 years.  He's blasting through the easier ones and even doing really well at the first grade stuff.  Just hope we can keep him interested and motivated.

Os is really coming out of himself now at 17 months.  We've come to the conclusion that he doesn't actually like us as he blooms when other people are around , poor thing doesn't get much of a look in when Max is around.

14/07/2014 at 20:50

Sonya and TTid, I feel for you both.  House stress is pretty rubbish.  I remember when we were doing all the work in our flat, it was awful.  I am about to enter the same stress myself as I am having estate agents round to value the flat and we'll look for something when we are (hopefully) under offer.  We need to move by the end of Jan for schools so best get a move on.  Btw, does anyone know if it's an issue getting a mortgage whilst on maternity leave?  I am still being paid now (I get 6 months full pay) but my last proper payment will be next month.

Well done Camlo.  Did i see you were doing Chatsworth tri?  How was it? Hilly?  Where was the swim?

I am on day 2 of the final (for now) stint of flying solo.  My daughter kept getting up from about 3am and then Isaac (baby) woke up at 5am.  Georgia then poo'd herself in the gym creche!  Only 4 more days to go!

14/07/2014 at 20:57

I think they said on the radio the other day that moving house is more stressful than divorce!  Thats why I am never doing it again!

Camlo - woo hoo.  That's fab.

Have been really lethargic today.  Took Eric for a stay and play session at his pre school this morning, 2 hrs of fun and I mostly just sat and watched him as I really didn't have the energy to do much.  Came home, had lunch put him in nursery then had a nap!  Now I'm tired again - and I slept well last night.  Am now only using piriton to help me sleep, have weaned myself off the tramadol as clearly the only reason I was in such pain was from the infection which seems to have gone.  Not taken the zopiclone for ages and don't want to start up with that again.

Still now news on what happens next or when.  It is so frustrating not being able to plan anything!  I will definitely be making phone calls later on this week  if I don't hear anything.  The trouble is I've no idea who to call apart from Nicky, the poor long suffering over worked nurse.  If I just had a date and an idea I would be alot happier and less stressed!!

Camlo    pirate
14/07/2014 at 22:47

Hehe yes it was Chatsworth. I did a race report for the european tri site which was put on tonight.

I really enjoyed it and the time flew really, much more interesting than doing a 3 hour run! The swim was quite shallow so i didnt panic once the crowding had eased and  hubby said although i wasnt quick, i did have a good stroke. We were warned not to swallow the river water but it was hard not to take the occasional gulp and at one point i went to sniff forgetting that my nose was in the water! I plodded the 1k in 30mins which included taking my wettie off and running in flipflops back to t1 (about 200-300m). Think out of about 49 i would have been about 40th at this point.

Few bites of banana and set off on the bike and even though i put gloves on, my hands still got pins and needles which was annoying. Overtook quite a few of my wave going up the hill (twice) but as the other waves set off i was also passed by lots of very fast cyclists and got quite an eyeful of barely concealed arses. Tried to sip my sports drink to keep hydrated even though i didnt feel i needed it and ate some fruit pastilles before heading back to T2. Bike leg took about 1:33 which was only about 15mph but seemed to pull me up the rankings a bit. 

Changed cycle shoes for trainers and grabbed some peanut bar as knew there was a steep climb on the run. Again I overtook a few of my wave but the hill was a killer and many were walking quite slowly. Took a jaffa cake and swigs of water at the tower but then got a really bad stitch running back down which really hampered me, managed to  get a better rhythm for the 2nd loop and ignored the jaffas and water on reaching the tower so i could blast down for the finish. Crowd support was good and we got a pint of beer for rehydration purposes! 10k run only took me 50mins!! 

Overall i sneaked under 3 hours and was 5th of 15 in my age cat, 24th of the 49 women in the standard distance. 

Hubby took part in the sprint and said no way could he have faced a longer swim (he did 750m) or 2 laps of the bike and run course. 



Camlo    pirate
14/07/2014 at 22:51

Boo to house issues TT and Sonia, not a good position to be in when preg.

yay to mum bus and birthday cakes! 

Boo to CM's continued dressing faux pas, not good wearing your top back to front! 

caro - glad infection is better and you are getting some sleep. 

Hope CC and Lotte are enjoying some chatting and probably some running and swimming! 

15/07/2014 at 12:40

Really well done on your tri, Camlo - am so impressed with anyone who can do that!  I'm a runner 100% - have no desire to take on anything like that.  Aside from everything else the logistics of three events just make it all so much more complicated!  And although my swimming has improved exponentially in the three terms I've now been doing it, I am still rubbish!  I now have fairly decent technique but still struggle with the whole stamina part of front crawl and although I can manage quite a lot of lengths I do have to have breaks.  I would so love to be one of those people who look really relaxed and effortless in the water and can keep going up and down seemingly forever, but I think it's unlikely that I ever will be.

Yes, I also hope Lotte and CC are having fun!  It will be manic and full-on but hopefully fun too!

Sorry that both TTid and Sonya are suffering from MRS (Moving-Related Stress).  We have moved house twice and it is definitely one of the most stressful things you can do. I think the second time I just took the attitude that what would be, would be and it did help, but with babies imminent it can't be pleasant facing the possibility of homelessness

Really pleased you're feeling much better, Caro - and what a fantastic present from Vixo (saw pics on FB).  That must have been a lovely surprise.  But yes, frustrating that no next steps have been agreed for you yet, and once again you are left in NHS limbo.  Take no notice of hubby's comments; he'll get used to the idea of the buff soon enough.  Not sure what I'd do in your position but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to wear a wig - although my hair is such a nightmare to do anything with, being so straight and fine, that I suppose I might enjoy the chance to experiment with styles I'd never be able to have normally!

Had a really dreadful run home last Wednesday with IMTB.  It was warm and humid, but incredibly windy and gusty - and of course, we had the wind fully against us all the way because we were on the towpath and therefore never changed direction (sadly, neither did the wind).  Maybe it just took it out of me more than I thought, or maybe I didn't notice the humidity as much because of the wind, but by 11 miles in  felt pretty dreadful; slightly nauseous and spaced. As usual IMTB hadn't brought a drink so we shared the 500ml bottle of water I had - frankly  could have done with at least that to myself.  Weirdly though, I happily run that sort of distance (15 miles) first thing in the morning on a Sunday having drunk nothing all night, maybe had a cup of tea when up, then no breakfast and no fluids during run and am fine.  What's that about?  Maybe something to do with the time of day?  I felt completely done in by the end of the run and didn't really feel recovered until the following day.

Fortunately we only have two more of these long midweek runs to do, one tomorrow (only 9-10 miles though) and then one next Wednesday.  Then I am off on hols and IMTB has only about 3 weeks until his race - for which, frankly, he is not as well-prepared as he should be!  Yet he has sooooo much time to train!  Funny how much more productive you are the less time you have!

15/07/2014 at 19:34

I cycled 6 miles today  Round trip to the hospital to drop off the wine.  Apart from it being a bit sore going over bumpy bits it was fine and I have no adverse affects.  Might have to do it again tomorrow..........

Sounds good camlo. I am really put off by transitions, also the fact that I know bu**er all about bikes apart from how to ride one so would be stuffed if I got a puncture.  

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