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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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18/04/2013 at 14:32
Isabelle got the sprite for her birthday and it seems great. Can also take adults so we've both had a go - great fun. In fact, I scooted back from school the other week with O in the sling!!
18/04/2013 at 17:08
Vixo, you daredevil

Sonya, I saw your Wisley photo's on fb, we are there quite a bit now the weather is better!
18/04/2013 at 19:50

ooh vixo, that sounds fun!

Been fairly quiet today (funnily enough!)  Went to Dr and handed in the hospital letter.  Asked for a line for work and that's fine.  Also asked if I could get a quick note to say I shouldn't exercise any more (ie at gym) as then gym will freeze membership for free.  Unfortunately I got the practice manager and not one of the doctors themselves and so she told me to sod off unless I paid for it! Then went to tesco and bought a magazine and a take away skinny decaf latte from costa.  High living indeed. 

Tomorrow Lou's class are doing assembly so I need to go to that in the morning and then collect sick line and then head home for more vegging.  Cleaner due tomorrow mind you so might need to find a house elsewhere to veg in for some of the morning!  Need cleaner to come as plainly don't want to be humphing a hoover about and we have friends coming for dinner saturday night.  Nothing complicated - lasagne - so did online shop tonight to save myself going round the supermarket and will get andy to help me make it and take in and out of the oven.  Louise has her first rainbows sleepover - she's going to be exhausted on Sunday! 

We had to cut down our palm tree on Monday - gutting!  It flowered last year and basically the effort of flowering has weakened it to the point where it was looking like it would blow over and with the gales on SUnday night I really did think it was going to end up in next door's car roof.  Still, we asked the gardener chappy to make it safe and he's cut it down to a point where it might, just might, manage to grow again so fingers crossed.  Honestly, they can survive desert sandstorms but a Swanston gale...!

In case I don't get on pc again (and as my phone seems to dislike letting me on RW any more) GOOD LUCK all marathoners.  I will be watching!  I have no pangs this year about missing it though I'm sure I won't feel like that on Sunday when I'm watching. 

Going to the international diving competition at the Commie pool on Sat.  V excited at seeing all these chaps from the olympics.  Top 10 are supposed to be there.  I decided that sitting at the side of the pool does constitute taking it easy though I suppose it might not be good for the heart rate   It's the 3m platform preliminaries - 10m all sold out and the final was in the evening when Lou's at sleepover. 

Andy came home at lunchtime today to help me with the ballet run.  Two people on one run is def worse than one - firstly we forgot her ballet bag and had to go back and then when we were leaving to come home she was messing around so he put the ballet bag down on a wall and picked her up and I didn't notice so we left it behind again and he had to go back!

Suppose I'd better go up and see how bathtime going - always a late one on a Thurs as rainbows doesn't finish til 7.20. 

18/04/2013 at 19:58

Seems ok.........better to leave them to it I think!

I'm a bit tired today - I guess what more or less amounted to missing one night's sleep does take it out of you! Plus I'm finding every twinge in my tummy and every loo trip really stressful for fear of what might be going on or what I might find.  I do keep getting twinges low down and whilst I know that it's just growing and stretching I am still panicking.  I also have a fear now of starting to bleed when I'm out.  Imagine it happens at work or, heaven forbid, at court!  Having the reputation of being the one who messed the new carpets in the court or had to get ambulanced out!! OMG! I do have the midwives urgent number now programmed into my mobile though, as does Andy and I may even pack a hospital bag as one of the worst bits about Tuesday was that I had nothing - had to get a hospital gown which tied at the back and they gave me mesh pants so although they said I could go for a wander - I couldn't really, not without causing havoc!!  Even after Andy brought me some stuff he forgot socks and shoes! 

18/04/2013 at 20:01
Make sure you get *some* rest EF!

Kinsey - did the good sleep continue? I did get a few funny looks on the scooter but mainly I'm sure because I had the baby in the sling - probably not within health and safety regulations!

JT - thank you for the bottles. I gave them a go this evening and she didn't mind too much having it in her mouth and chewed a bit, but didn't really drink anything. Didn't go for the starvation routine today though! Will have another concerted attempt tomorrow as hubby is around - ill try and get out when she's due a feed and see how they get on.

Right, I'm off out to book (wine!) club so better get going. Hubby is spending the evening stripping wallpaper!
18/04/2013 at 20:53
Well that sounds like progress Vixo! Here's hoping!

EF - do rest! You have doctors orders. I don't think I ever fully relaxed after my bleed with Archie. I'd just calmed down and then at 16 weeks bumf! It's amazing how much you can bleed and sustain a pregnancy though isn't it?! Being able to feel the baby move now though does help as there's at least some reassurance. These bairns are sent to try us!

Sonia - you get used to the bench unfortunately! Think I've got my own cushion now!

Good luck marathoners! Feel quite nostalgic this week. Now I've got my asthma pretty much under control (top peak flow is now 600 so 160 l higher than my predicted average!) I can't wait to see what I'm capable of. Physioing like mad (and hoping the back specialist physio Who said no running gor another six months!) is wrong!

Oh and as for work... It now sounds like not I'm goings be reigning in two horses next year. Not only old job share but bolshy NQT who knows everything and I've now got on weekly book observations. Joy!
18/04/2013 at 20:59
Hey guys - EF funny what you said about your phone disliking RW at the mo. mine just freezes every time I try to see the thread. Soooooo annoying!

Lovely to hear from you Sonya. Yippee to sleep and bottle successes too and glad you are out of hospital EF.

Right, MM you are no 310? And Camlo, obvs I should see you with the deely boppers but what's your no?!

I'll be on narrow street in limehouse on the LEFT as you run through, can't remember the mile, between 15-16 I think roughly. I'll be towards the end of the street, where it opens out a bit before west ferry and the right turn towards the isle of dogs.

I'll also try to see you both again on commercial road on the way back in. Probably about mile 19-20. Again, I'll be on the left - probably holding a small blond toddler! You'll pass st Anne's church on your left and I'll be after that. Are there trackers again?

Minks - if u r reading, what's your number too?

Vixo - nightmare with builders. But should be fab when it's done. Sometimes it's better to do stuff all at once eh?!

CM - work nightmare! I'd missed all the build up to the London trip cos phone wouldn't let me on otherwise I would have known meeting up would be unlikely!! But maybe another time?

I have been building up again with some power walks. Feels sooooo good to be exercising again and body already feels less bloated and blobby. Gonna try a run tomorrow (probably more a run/walk type affair!) but I can't wait.
18/04/2013 at 21:01

Oh EF, it's difficult to 'rest' when life is so busy!!! But do try. Hilarious re the ballet run with two of you, and as for the mesh knickers! Hmmm definitely pack that bag.

Enjoy wine club Vixo. One of my friends has an 'abandoned wives club' on a Thur eve ... basically a wine club, which was originally started when a few husbands were away on ops or working away and has kind of grown.

My last trip to the London Mara expo was dreadful - hot day, had to take Scarlett with me (who was very good but no fun for a three-year-old) and is a long old haul on the trains.  Was the Thurs I think and not good prep!! Did get to meet RB and Anjelicats though

Lotte - you've been quiet ... am sure you are in the throws of back-to-school chaos, how are the legs now?

Inpromptu hard hilly 10-miler today!!! And it was meant to be six easy and a swim ... friend texted to see if I fancied joining her and another friend, running in a new area and as I run alone so much I thought I'd join them. Anyways, started with a 1.5 mile climb up a forest track ... we had SIX dogs with us - she walks Tilda Swintons dogs for her, so we had Tildas 4, plus the one belonging to the 'manny' who looks after her kids plus her dog!!! Wasn't meant to be 10 miles but a fab training area and not a bad pace either.  Legs feel well trashed tonight - and tomorrow was meant to be my long run ... anyway, that's my claim to fame for the year - I helped walk Tilda Swintons dogs

Vile vile weather this afternoon but thankfully avoided that. Rather fabby skies at the mo though so may have to go clamber up the climbing frame!

18/04/2013 at 21:02

and LOVE the image of you on the scooter Vixo with O in the sling - she'll grow up to be an adrenaline junkie!

18/04/2013 at 21:03
Cross posts JT. boo to irritating colleagues. Hope it's not as bad as you fear. Good that the asthma is under control too. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to get off the bench again in due course!

EF - how long will you take off work? Don't go back too soon for heavens sake. I know what us lawyers are like but people will manage for a bit longer!
18/04/2013 at 21:18
Forgot to add,Ted started Beavers last night. Got talking to another mum in running kit. She goes every Wed for 4-5 miles during Beavers. Her half pb is only 3 mins slower than me and she's keen for a running partner! Woo hoo!
18/04/2013 at 21:30
Ooh, it appears to be Karen's b day today....happy birthday! Hope you weren't at work!
18/04/2013 at 21:49

so it is - happy birthday karen! 

back monday brookie.  i'll be good tho and take breaks and no lifting huge files. bloody hope my jury trial (we have civil trials here) settles tomorrow mind you! starts on tues! 

jt that's fab re running partner and cc I'm impressed at tilda swinton's dogs

phone still wont load rw so this is kindle which is decidedly temperamental too.  

18/04/2013 at 22:03
Vixo, sleep is immensely better, he is settling v quickly if he does wake too, so unless we have teething issues I hope I will be getting more sleep from now on!

Caro, I bought Martha the maxi micro scooter, she is very happy with it. Wasn't sure about getting her a two wheel one. We havn't progressed with cycling either, she is v nervous which is odd as she is mostly a bit of a tomboy when it comes to running, jumping and climbing!
18/04/2013 at 22:17

Thanks for bday wishes Caro and EF. I try never to work on my birthday if I can help it, so was at home all day today. Was slightly sad to say goodbye to my thirties but as they say "life begins at 40" and all that and I'm taking solace in the fact that I know i look better and am generally much healthier than I was going from my 20s to my 30s, so it's all good. Had a lovely day, breakfast and presents in bed, then lunch out with hubby and Anna and a few friends over after school for cakes and drinks  (although still somehow managed to end up with 15 kids in our house!). 

Only managed to catch up a bit  so will have to read back properly but ... EF, take it easy now lady. Sounds like a scarey time what with being rushed into hospital and all that. Hope you're putting your feet up and resting as much as you can and trying not to worry (easier said than  done of course).

Good luck to all the runners on Sunday. You are all amazing, and I am full of admiration for your dedication and commitment to the training. Given the awful events in Boston last weekend hopefully this will be a real opportunity for the running community at large to show our total sympathy to those poor people affected and to prove to the cowardly gits who carried out the attacks that we are all far stronger than they are without having to resort to violence. 

Right, off to hoover up the rest of my main birthday cake now - hubby made me a giant chocolate cornflake cake and there's only a small amount left so need to get to it before the kids attack it tomorrow . Night all.

18/04/2013 at 22:20

enjoy the cornflake cake Karen!

That's my kindle packed in now too - what is going on??!  popped onto pc to see if it's the site but no, just mobile devices!

18/04/2013 at 22:26
Well, just your mobile devices EF!

Gosh, didn't realise it was a significant b day Karen- eek! Sounded fun though.

First day of second new job tomorrow, in the highbury branch. I just really hope I can get there on time without it being a total hassle.
18/04/2013 at 22:30
Happy birthday Karen. Have spent the afternoon drinking yummy wine at the beach so a little tiddled (at just 5:30pm oops). Mr TT and Max gone to play golf so just drunk in charge of baby, hopefully won't break him!
18/04/2013 at 22:46

Happy birthday Karen and a belated Happy Birthday JT I think?

Struggling to find any motivation to work this morning. Hubby has Fri/Sat off so he always has M on a Friday rather than daycare - by the time I have parcelled them out of the house I am totally not in my usual work mode! Plenty to do so really should get on!!

CM - your train ride sounded interesting!!! God I don't miss public transport!!!

18/04/2013 at 23:52
Happy Birthday Karen - glad you had a day off x
yippee to new running buddies, carb loading, good runs and trying out the kids scooters.
Boo to houses full of visitors, lack of sleep, crap colleagues and leaving ballet bag behind twice!!!
I am number 6135. Have thrown stuff in a bag ready to go tomorrow morning but not really had chance to unwind yet!
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