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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/07/2014 at 22:20

P.S Caro, you are welcome to house sit here, look after our cat and chooks! 3 eggs a day at the mo from the chooks


17/07/2014 at 23:11

Hello ladies. Sorry for gate-crashing.  I've just found out I'm pregnant with number 3. I'm wondering if you kept up running during your pregnancy? I was pretty fit before I had number 1 and managed to keep running up to 23 weeks.  With my second I wasn't as fit and never really kept running up at all.  This time, I've been running with a club for about a year - we train on Tuesdays on a track and Thursdays are usually an effort session. I also do a long run at the weekend and a couple of shorter runs during the week if I can squeeze them in. I know I'll be fine keeping up the shorter and easy paced runs but wonder what people think about keeping up with the speedwork? I feel completely normal - i.e. don't feel pregnant! I am only five weeks though. Would love to know what you think

Edited: 17/07/2014 at 23:16
Camlo    pirate
17/07/2014 at 23:21

Hi flipflop - i would be careful with speed sessions or anything which causes a spike in heartrate but then if you are used to them i guess it may be ok. I ditched all exercise when preg so am not a good advert! 

Boo to crappy appts Caro, expensive childcare, oven cleaning, packing and having to co-ordinate new houses

Yippee to raffle win, holiday plans, happy kids and theatre trips. 

sooooooo tired. 

17/07/2014 at 23:43

Warning rant alert!!

Hubby started work at 5.30 this morning so took the car with him which meant that I had to walk to daycare reluctantly as am knackered and then walk across town to where hubby left car to collect it, except the buggy has a flat tyre which was only discovered as I headed out the door already slightly late. Couldn't fix it so had to make M ride her balance bike under duress and with bribery!! She was a star and was pretty tired when we got there. Forgot her lunch box so just went and dropped it off - she was the only child still at the table finishing morning tea - eating all the left over carrots as the poor thing was starving!! Grrrrrrrr to hubby - its his damn car that's out of action but somehow I'm always the one inconvenienced by it as I wasn't prepared to drop him off at 5.30am!

On a positive note we went and played in the snow yesterday and Matilda absolutely loved it - spur of the moment decision and so worth it!

Caro sounds very very frustrating to be in such limbo at the moment. Why were you having to change hospitals?


18/07/2014 at 03:18

Hi flipflop and welcome. Expecting number 3 here too but was not such a regular runner as you when not pregnant. Gave up very early on with this one. Joints way too painful to run, can barely walk some days now!  Others have run way into their pregnancies, some even winning park runs when very obviously pregnant!!

Hoggle, grrr I feel your pain. Sounds similar to a scenario we would have here too where I would just grin and bear it but would never hear the end of it if it was the other way round. Snow sounds fun and loved your pics on fb. 

Caro, keep nagging, frustrating but you know it's the only way you'll get any progress. 

18/07/2014 at 07:26

God stupid thunder storm!  It was sooooo loud, and long and kept coming back!   Need sleep......

hoggle, it's because several of the big London hospitals are grouped together into NHS trusts, so although my local hosp is whipps cross it has fairly recently become part of barts NHS trust, which includes 2 other hospitals including barts.  Whipps doesn't do chemo or radiotherapy, so the oncologists and all the kit are over at barts.  They also have a brand new trust wide computer system which became live on the day of my first surgery, and no one knew how to use it for weeks, which really is very annoying when you need someone to do something!  

18/07/2014 at 07:54

caro - what a nightmare for you.

and boo to the car issues, hoggle. poor M...

argh - go on holiday at 1am. cat needs to go to cattery today between 10 and 12. locked catflap last night inbound only as cat wasn't in. cat was on my bed in the night, meaning all should have been ok this morning. however - no cat. so he's got out of the catflap even tho it was locked inbound only.

N is at home but a) no cat and b) even if cat turns up, he won't be able to get him in the catbox as he is scared of doing it and the cat will freak.


18/07/2014 at 11:34

I heard on the news that over 3000 flashes of lightning were recorded over south last night Caro, obviously most of them over you!!

18/07/2014 at 14:02

Hope cat comes back in time CM........and good luck with the 1am departure.

If we stay in your house I imagine you'll be able to tell

Just had 2nd hr with psychologist, it was quite apparent how stressed I am about the current limbo situation so she also said she'd try and see if she could help but couldn't make any promises.

She thinks I'd benefit from 'art psychotherapy' - absolutely no idea what that is!  


18/07/2014 at 16:34

cat came back. N put him in the carrier and he broke out, dragging the carrier behind him up the stairs. poor cat...

i'm still at work. we've had a hell of a day again. major major major incident resulting in very probable massive security breach. whoops. still I managed to co-ordinate things but got nothing else done all day. gah.

30 mins left and i'm outta here for 2 weeks. not sure what access i'll have from Bulgaria so toodle pip all and hope very much to come back to a house bearing evidence of Caro's occupation


19/07/2014 at 10:59

Just cycled 11 miles, now off for lunch and to see Matilda  

Camlo    pirate
19/07/2014 at 11:07

raining here too..... JT if there was a decent play barn or indoor thing I would come up to Aber but dont fancy walking along the front in this. 

Glad CM got off ok, hope you get to have a break too Caro.

Black clouds have descended big style over the last few days, think i am tired and work has been usual crappy (boss refused to let me go to a meeting in London which would have been a feather in my cap, and then when i offered to use annual leave said she didnt think that was allowed (which was rubbish)). Big fall out with Archie yest who was also tired and crabby and managed to pull the kitchen cupboard door off while i was trying to put him on the naughty step! 

19/07/2014 at 18:18


Am still sweltering here. We went to a local 'country' show here this afternoon and I am sticky and hot. Did my first park run this morning in over 1.5 years and managed a 27m40. It was a 25 sec negative spilt as it was congested on the first lap but I was pleased. My pb is just over 25 so a way to go but a good start. 

Fitflop - welcome. I ddidn't run when pregnant either time. The first pregnancy I tried and I felt awful and I was injured in the second. I would say don't go too hard or get too hot. Listen to your body and people who don't run will probably tell you not to as they think you shouldn't do anything whilst pregnant! I swam with a club and did body pump during pregnancy and my fitness is coming back. I had a c section in mid March and I did my first triathlon about three weeks ago. I am with Jane that it does come back quite quickly. Oh my physio told me that its important to keep strength up as that takes longer to get back than cv. 

Baby crying so best go, sorry wanted to do more replies. Caro hope you make some progress with dates so you can get away.

19/07/2014 at 21:07

hey flipflop - congratulations on number 3! how very exciting! I think I ran til about 5 months ish with both my bumps - which pretty much coincided with the winter and icy/slippy running. i kept up the distances (was training for half marathons in the first trimester with the Girl) for most of that time but after one cross country run in the driving snow and mud underfoot i had to ask myself what i was actually gaining from doing it. not just cos i was 20+ weeks pregnant but just in general i wanted to maintain my feeling of fitness but wasn't out to improve it so i didn't do anything that took me far out of a comfort zone.

Pip - i am so jealous - there are no park runs local to me and they sound ace. that's a good time to get and it sounds like you feel quite confident that you can improve on it.

Camlo - hope you have had a good day today and clouds are lifting a wee bit.

Did a 9 1/2 mile hilly run this morning. no idea of time - but it was probably about 1.25 (ish?). I felt like we had gone a lot further - i was pretty whoomphed out depite a porridge breakfast- and i was a bit when i mapped it out on the computer when i got home. ho hum. all builds stamina and character. probably.

here's a question. if you had £20 of JD sports vouchers what would you spend them on?


19/07/2014 at 21:35

IG - I would put it towards a garmin or similar (if they do them) so you know how far and fast you have gone! Seriously I blummin love mine...

20/07/2014 at 19:21
Thanks so much for all your advice ladies. I am going to listen to your wise words and cut out the speedwork. I struggle to run in this heat anyway so glad to Have an excuse!! Just going to run slow and easy a few times a week for as long as I can.

IG I's also say a Garmin. I love mine too
20/07/2014 at 20:03
Do JD sports sell garmins? I thought it was more of an Adidas track-suit kind of a 'sports' shop!!
20/07/2014 at 21:32
Only thing I have ever bought in JD is converse shoes
20/07/2014 at 23:20

Must have been a busy weekend for everyone as its been quiet on here! Hope CM is enjoying Bulgaria!
COngratulations flipflop. I'm 20 weeks preg and def not running at the moment as was out due to an injury before getting pregnant so can't advise but I know some others on here ran for a long time. Sounds like cutting speedwork is a good idea though.

Caro I hope you get some information soon - nothing like limbo to make you feel like a number in a  big system rather than a person.

We had a nice weekend away in Rotorua. I had 2 events to go to for work so took the family along as it meant free accom and petrol! Good to get away somewhere for a few days and Matilda enjoyed herself. 20 week scan today, finger crossed!


Camlo    pirate
21/07/2014 at 00:08

I am here!! Managed a 13 mile run earlier but it was very hilly, very sticky and not particularly fast but at least it was time on legs which i need. Jumped in the river after to cool the legs but they still feel sore.

Good luck for the scan Hoggle. 

IG if they do a garmin then fab but otherwise i would stock up on basics like socks, swimming stuff or footballs. 

Tom just been in crying because his nose is sore from rubbing it while he sucks his thumb.... Another reason for him to stop then! Grrrrr. 


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