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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/08/2014 at 18:46
Just popped on to say that my dad's rigged up wifi in the chalet, so whenever you're ready Turbo...!
02/08/2014 at 20:55

Nah Calmo, she only came 3rd......obviously didn't try hard enough.

Happy Birthday Vixo!  

So as you saw on FB I decided to do Parkrun this morning.  I went with no expectations, wasn't planning on racing, but as it was the speedie people weren't there today so I came 1st lady - a full 2 mins slower than 2 months ago.  The scientist in me finds that very interesting.  2 months of basically zero running, lots of walking and a bit of cycling and I found it HARD today!  Not surprising of course  

Got some girl friends coming over to drink wine in the gdn tomorrow evening - decided Mon evening would be a bit silly, better get over the hangover before chemo.......

02/08/2014 at 21:56

Haha Vixo, just commented on FB about that before I saw this post!  Today I'm the same stage as I was when Os decided he wanted out. So far so good though.....

Caro, you (and your sister!!) amaze me!  Only third??  Haha. You are one speedy superwoman!

Camlo    pirate
02/08/2014 at 22:45

Caro - only 3rd?? I am disgusted..... perhaps she needs to take some inspiration from you! seriously well done to your fab result and if you weren't so intelligent I'd have given you a proper tell off for racing!! 

Tangy and JT - do you think entering races gives the opposing effect to what it should? Demotivating in our cases!? 

Turbo - hope you have everything ready in case baby decides it wants OUT! 

Vixo - enjoy your hols, funny how we cant live without internet now! 

managed a very slow 5 miler with my niece earlier. Felt good as she walked half of it but at least i was out there! 

03/08/2014 at 11:18
My problem is just summer hols Camlo, I know it kind of goes to pot over hols so don't plan specific training, just ticking over. But I am doing Antonine trail race (14 Miles) in Oct and maybe local 10 k ( don't even know if it's Sept or Oct). Just don't take it seriously enough when it's not a marathon or above. Which means I just get round rather than getting a better time. But then I am not really capable of anything more with this niggling foot/ ankle injury which is now coming up for a yr suffered. Really affects my speed. Not that I have ever bn fast but I am capable of sub 25-30 min 5 k and sub 56-60min 10k when not in pain. B lucky to get under 70 mins on a 10 k just now.
03/08/2014 at 13:38

my prob is a serious dose of cba added into hassles of too hot, too hayfevery, too midgey and this weekend I've been ill. Spent all day yesterday in bed. Met MR and Megan at soft play this am which was good. Stomach still not 100% though. However I've got home and mr Flump has decided he's not well either. He always does this if I'm ill. Sort of anything you can do I can do better situation. He spent yesterday raging at me for being so ill. I couldn't even stand up! So anyway he's retired to bed leaving me to get on with it which is fine up to a point but yesterday was total carnage and he didn't leave the house whereas I will be expected to go and do the food shop today. He didn't even brush lou's hair or teeth yesterday!! Grrr. 

Edited: 03/08/2014 at 13:39
03/08/2014 at 15:04

Now feeling guilty - he's plainly got same as me. 

03/08/2014 at 16:57

But he did sugg I went to tesco. No chance! 

03/08/2014 at 17:55

oh dear EF. hope you both feel better soon...

caro - hope you are having a nice evening with friends. thanks so much for all the goodies. am doing alternate day fasting again to shift weight since I'm not running much at the moment due to work stress and general life getting in the way of everything. today was an eating day so I opened the green & blacks. had to laugh at the recommendation that you don't eat more than 6 different ones in one go so as to not overload your tastebuds! I restricted myself to 2!

have spent most of today sorting out after holidays. discovered E's really manky dressing table, caro - so v sorry about that if Matilda tried to play on it. it was covered in her lip gloss and was utterly gross!!

I have also managed to clean my car for the first time since I bought it in sept of last year. I have vacuumed it out before but never actually washed it. slattern.

I also cleaned the garage door for the first time ever. I've lived here for 2 years now...

spent small fortune on school uniform also. and that's without buying the branded stuff.

have mixed feelings about holiday. on one hand it was lovely and kids enjoyed the swimming and exploring we did. but E was utterly vile a lot of the time and had the most hideous tantrums that wrecked quite a few of the days. I was permanently in fear of her kicking off and she was awful to J most of the time. I feel really disheartened because I won't be able to afford to take them on holidays like that again so it was probably the last one we will do for a while. and it wasn't that enjoyable because of her behaviour. don't really know what to do about it. it seems to be getting worse. I have tried ignoring; reasoning; showering her with positive attention. nothing seems to work...

03/08/2014 at 17:56

cc - have been thinking about you and wondering how you are getting on with hubby while kids are away...

hope all the running mojos return. I have really neglected my running as I have been focussing on new job. I'm determined to shift some weight and once I've done that running might be a bit easier. who knows...

03/08/2014 at 18:04

WHAT you are supposed to wash a garage door?! Is that not what rain is for? 

03/08/2014 at 18:13

CM lou's behaviour can be pretty vile too. Yesterday she said that we hadn't been caring to her at all that day - stuff like that. She certainly wrecked Fraser's birthday trip to the safari park. we had a nice time ish bit most of it was spent shouting her name or arguing cos she wanted to go on the frigging fairground rides - no way cos it's about £3.00 a go - or asking for food. Drives me demented. Even in Mallorca I felt like she was the only kid on the beach where everyone else knew her name cos we spent so much time shouting at her. I have no advice only sympathy. X

03/08/2014 at 18:28

my garage door was disgusting. as caro can probably confirm! it was covered with grot all over the bottom of it where it splashes up from the drive. was well manky! have been looking at it for 18 months thinking it needed a clean!

E has become so controlling. she fights about everything that isn't exactly what she wants. she really wanted to go up the chair lifts in Bulgaria so we found some that were open. she was adamant that she wanted to sit next to N on the way up and me on the way back. until she got there when she insisted she wanted to sit next to me. fair enough. she can sit next to N on the way back. except no. when we got up there she refused to sit next to N on the way back. eventually she worked herself up into a screaming frenzy and was arguing that it wasn't fair that she had to sit next to N because J would have had more time with me. only he hadn't sat next to me at all!! but she refused to have it. in the end I went ahead with J and left her screaming at the top of the mountain with N. I was terrified that if she carried on she would end up either being refused entry to the lifts, or that if she got on and created a fuss, she would end up slipping out of them. they were the usual zero safety feature lifts - bars that came no where near her so that she basically could have slipped out - and killed herself - if she had so much as wriggled. in the end she got on and was fine, but not before she had caused an enormous scene in the café and at the top of the lifts...

I wasn't giving in to her about that. I could have done but then J would have felt I was favouring her, and she already does get away with more than she should.

the other thing she does which drives me effing mental is talk in a baby voice - ALL THE TIME! I constantly ask her to stop talking like that and occasionally she does, for a while. but her default mode now is baby voice and it drives me insane.

03/08/2014 at 19:01

CM, you have my sympathies. I really don't know how I would handle that kind of behaviour. Sounds as though you have tried all the textbook solutions. Nightmare!  Everyone assumes I want a girl this time. Am I allowed to be hoping for another boy?  Oscar is certainly way more forceful than Max was and there are no guarantees a third would also be easy but boys seem so much easier than girls. 

I just pray for it to hang on 2 more weeks and also not to be colicky. That's not too much to ask is it??!

Camlo    pirate
03/08/2014 at 20:17

Oh CM you have a real issue but you are doing the right thing being firm. she is very controlling and perhaps she needs to do this to feel safe given the mixed messages she gets from T and his side. Would explain why it is worse on holiday where she is out of her comfort zone. seems harsh to punish her for feeling this way but she needs to know there are consequences and you are keeping her safe by enforcing rules and boundaries- you just need T to do the same (unlikely!.). 

EF boo to bleugh! Good call to ditch the shopping trip, funny how we arent allowed to be ill.....

TTid-  not too mich to ask but then.... Who knows!! 

tangy - hope you get a few opportunities to escape over the hols. Even a few short runs would keep you going!

JT hope you got your run, my chest is a little tight and it does make things tough. 

Decided not to procratinate this morn and set off with a bottle of sport lucazade, some energy tabs and a freebie protein bar i had. Met a friend after 2 miles so ran with him up to 7 miles which was pushing me (uphill) at 9mm. After we split i took some drink and almost broke a tooth on the tabs which had obviously welded together but jogged on with tummy rumbling. Toilet stop at 11 miles after a bite of the peanut bar and ran out of drink but added a loop near home to make it up to 15 miles. Legs were stiff but overall was 10mm including the loo stop! THEN went for 9 mile bike with kids! Ouch!!

03/08/2014 at 21:35

well done camlo. and your boys cycle 9 miles. wow!! mine are rubbish on the bike. J cycles but isn't great. e refuses... But she is champion swimmer. swims faster than J now. when we were swimming lengths in Bulgaria she wasn't far behind me - I was swimming breast stroke and she was swimming crawl. but you won't get her on a bike. no way. never.

03/08/2014 at 23:17

Sounds really tough CM. No advice just a hug!

Had a vile Saturday with Matilda - not sure if shes unwell (no temp, eating ok when she chooses but bit of a funny tummy) but she cried and wailed ALL day about EVERYTHING! It was truly awful and def my worst parenting day ever!! Hubby was workingas well so had to manage it all on my own and got worse in the evening when he was home. Was ready to walk out the door! Luckily she was back to normal yesterday.

I wondered if anyone has any clever advice for kids who are stubborn with food? M has always been fairly fussy (likes some really strong flavours etc but quite limited with what she'll eat for dinner etc) but its got so much worse lately. She has gone to bed with no dinner several times lately as she won't eat whats on her plate (all things she is usually ok with) and I refuse to make something else. Breakfast and lunch are fine but dinner is down right unpleasant  now and I dread it every night!!

On a positive note, we managed to negotiate the morning routine with a happy family this morning - no rows and falling outs!! Phew!

03/08/2014 at 23:58

Hoggle stick with it and do not give in!

cm, never looked at your garage door!  Eric's bunny is a bit pink from the make up, but   That just means its due a wash!  M never went anywhere nr it.  And I think Ellen and Matilda are quite alike, she was vile quite a lot of the time we were away.  You reason with them, they say sorry and then 5 mins later.......she will grow out of it.  M is always a bit better than she used to be.  She had a massive tantrum at the roman ruins, can't remember why but she was screaming so much the dead Romans would have heard her!  How old is Ellen?  I am less despairing than I used to be because I do see the improvements.  

Nice wine with friends, now need sleep!


04/08/2014 at 00:22
Well our garage door is 16.5 yrs old and has never bn washed or painted and it's fine
04/08/2014 at 00:38
On eating/food I'd say stay calm, act like it's not a big deal, set a time limit that they r allowed to sit with their meal, if not eaten in that time remove it and maybe offer a small healthy snack at supper time. But no extras if not eating meals on a regular basis. I used to stress about it but after 20 yrs u get fed up fighting and I have come to accept that kids appetites go up and dwn and some days they barely eat, others they pig out. If try to keep 90% of what they r offered healthy then just relax about how much they eat. Praise them a lot if they try a new food and talk about food as fuel and how important different foods r to health and growth. As soon as they know they can use food against u they will and then ur in a whole cycle of stress and worry. A lot of my weight problems come from being expected to finish what's on my plate and being rewarded with a pudding. So I don't expect Cam to empty her plate, just try a bit of everything. But still find it hard not to reward with a sweetie.
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