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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/04/2013 at 09:55

Oh Camlo - poor you to no sleep, poor Archie too. And horrible horrible about the deaths, people always have to have an opinion don't they - regardless of whether they have the facts or not. But agree, that bikers probably come in for more accusations than others which is unfair.  I've done the ODing on water in London - first one I did I stopped about three times on route for portaloos - so that must have added about 15 mins to my time surely!!

Minks - exciting news indeed re the kitchen, nightmare it's taken so long to diagnose the leak though.

JT - yay to the orienteering, glad you are getting into it, well done on the light green too. That's my max at the moment - I am just such a crap route-planner, which is my main problem I think. Make it too complicated for myself!  It is a great way to expand running though.

Minks - . We have a massive event up here end of July/1st week of August - Scottish 6 Days, event centre is just down the road so all local clubs are involved but people coming from all over the world!!!  Possibly world championships here in 2015 too - apparently this area is world class orienteering terrain, who'd have known!

Can't type, hands done their usual after running outside this morning, is pathetic and seems to be getting worse , and I was wearing gloves too and not even that cold. Anyway, 8.5 along beach as tide was out, bit in the woods too. Lovely apart form the return leg which was straight back into a 40 mph westerly - intersting resistance training!!

Hope Lotte has a good run over at Balmoral today - 15 mile trail race, her free entry one I think.

Right, need to get showered and take S across to rugby, hubby already gone with J who starts an  hour earlier.

Much fun climbing yesterday, except didn't realise the wall didn't have ropes and forgot ours. Good hour or so of bouldering though, S is an absolute natural - love watching her, and according to my husband 'I still have it' even if I do know about it today!!

28/04/2013 at 17:12

I see Lotte did fabulous as usual, wish I had a bit of her talent! 

CC climbing is obviously your first love, hope you find time to fit more in, 

Pulled my toe nail off to find a lovely one underneath and so thinking I should 'get back to it' I went for a gentle 3 miles...... OMG my thighs are trashed again and feel like I did on finishing last week!!!! hmmm more recovery? 

28/04/2013 at 18:18

definitely more recovery Camlo ... LOL at the nails ... I think this year is the first year I don't have a regrowth thing going on!!!

Yes, would definitely love some of Lotte's run talent for sure ... awesome running from her.

Was thinking today, how the hell do you keep up that kind of weekly mileage and not feel totally trashed (and you MM with your 70-80 mpw), have done 50+ the last two weeks and am soooooooo tired!

Yes Camlo - climbing is very very special to me (strange really as never got into it until mid-20s and an ex-to**er of a boyfriend) but kind of buried it as was impossible to fit training in, let alone weekends away etc.  Lovely to see kids enjoying it but don't want them to feel they HAVE to do it cos I do, so we will see ...

28/04/2013 at 21:41

My feet don't feel right if I haven't got at least one dodgy nail 

so sorry to hear sad news from Caro and Camlo

LOL at all of the naughty words. 'Twunt' is one my favourites. It sounds so innocent but is clearly not

Still feel bleugh. Some days are better than others, but nothing tastes right! Ah well, 10 weeks this week, so it should hopefully settle soon. I am just a bit worried that it is twins now, what with the general hideousness and the most ginormous bosoms I have ever seen (on me, anyway!!). All will be revealed 3 weeks tomorrow

28/04/2013 at 22:27

10 weeks Tatty, how did that happen?! But at least feeling bleurgh is a good sign.

Cc- hadn't realised it was a short green yesterday, is that the same or slightly more difficult than light green? Not worked that out yet! Yesterday was quite easy to navigate tbh, lots of buildings to negotiate round so picked a lot of road running routes where poss. My family frequently head into your area for orienteering and we have/had a few members of the GB youth squad

Camlo - hope Archie is ok and you survive the funeral. We're they the couple on the tandem I heard about on the news?

Minks - orienteering is a great way to widen your running. It's very friendly, only thing I'd say you need is trail shoes as some terrain is a bit challenging. I've ditched the compass for now, I was quicker without as the maps are very detailed so easier than a compass!

Another chest infection. Can't believe it. Doc thinks it's Lower tract so need to be careful. Sigh. Knew it wasn't good news when he only needed to examine three points of my chest... Steroids and abx again. Rah!

28/04/2013 at 22:37

10 weeks Tatty - wow, hope the bleugh passes soon though and LOL to ginormous boobs!  Really quite like that word Twunt!!

JT - Green is harder than light green I think, so a short green means that it is shorter than the usual distance for that level I guess!  I am even more cr*p in urban orienteering than I am on normal stuff!!! So given your orienteering heritage, we will be expecting great things from you once you kick the germs etc ... Noooooo to more illness, is this blood* weather that doesn't help I reckon.  Hope the meds kick in quick for you.

I don't bother with a compass at this level, can see how it would benefit for harder courses. 

Forecast of strong winds pretty much all week for us I think, and certainly heavy rain tomorrow

29/04/2013 at 00:22

I really must look up orienteering here - I think I'd really enjoy it!

Busy busy today - heading up to Auckland first thing tomorrow for staff training, not back til late Thur night so 3 days away from my baby

Won't complain though as these days away are what allow me to have all my afternoons free. Just seems like loads after a long break with no trips since Feb. I'm away 2 days in Mid May (Sat and Sun including Mothers Day!) and then anotehr night at end of May - should then be able to hold out til for a while I reckon.


29/04/2013 at 00:36

no JT not tandem - it was a motorbike. 

yippee to big boobs, boo to sickness and having to work away from home.

Just entered the  ballot for next year - CRAZY!!! 

29/04/2013 at 09:00

OMG ur a glutton for punishment Camlo, good luck tho.

29/04/2013 at 09:17

Aarrgh! 3rd attempt at posting this. 

Mr Tangy rides a motorbike, makes me feel sick when hear of accidents.

He has pins in his leg + no kneecap or spleen + burst his bowels in 

an accident b4 I met him. Bike slid on diesel on a bend + went under a lorry.

Poor lorry driver wasn't at fault at all but in most cases it is the fault of the motorists.

Too many have an attitude that they own the rd + motorcyclists, cyclists, runners etc shouldn't b there 

+ somehow deserve to get guy just for being there. Disgusting!

29/04/2013 at 09:19

*hit not guy

29/04/2013 at 11:24
The A&E docs I used to work with called motor bikes 'donor vehicles' because people come off so badly after accidents on them. I'm not sure they're necessarily involved in more accidents, it's just that you're so vulnerable if you do have an accident. I can't believe the idiots who ride around on them wearing just normal clothes and a pair of trainers - they should all have a look at the aftermath of a person v road incident and see just how much skin you can lose, even if there are no other vehicles involved. Not nice.

How horrible to lose two people together like that Camlo. Was your son close to them?

Definitely no marathon entry for me. I just don't fancy running London at all, I think if I ever wanted to do a marathon I'd do something in the the autumn, and on a much smaller scale. It all seems way too stressful from reading here!

Builders were supposed to be here this morning, ,but they're not. We had a weeks break last week as they were waiting for a window, and it was lovely to have some peace, but I'd really like to get the house back to normal now - the upstairs looks a bit like a jumble sale, with stuff everywhere, and it's starting to get to me! We've also now got things arriving at all the wrong times - super king size mattress coming tomorrow with nowhere for it to go, oops!
29/04/2013 at 11:39

As someone who sees zillions of RTAs for a living as well there's no way I'd ever go on a motorbike.  It doesn't have to be you who is driving badly for it to be you who comes off worst and the injuries that I have to read about are horrendous even when people survive.  Tho I'm now also completely terrified on any large motorways and the A9 is just beyond me. 

oh god I'm having a bad day and this is another me post only it's not really about me but about things happening around me which are sh!t and which affect me mentally.  There were 3 of us expecting at work.  The other two are ahead of me - one having a section on Friday and the other due on 3 June.  The girl due on 3 June lost the baby at the weekend.  I am just devastated for her.  she's ages with me (just four days younger).  We don't know what has happened yet.  She also had terrible morning sickness - was off about 10 weeks with it.  She is supposed to be off til next March as she's getting married next February.  I can't cope with all this.

Also last night i had a weird episode of flashing lights.  I've never had this before - sort of zig zag lights in my right peripheral vision.  They would flash and then move away to the very edge of my vision and then start over.  Went on for about 15 - 20 mins.  I self diagnosed ocular migraine and was fairly lackadaisical about calling midwife although I did start dialling NHS 24 during the attack but dialled the wrong number.  but i don't and didn't think it was related.  However after poor Karen now as well I have called midwives and left a message to call me back for reassurance over it. 


29/04/2013 at 12:38

Oh dear EF, its always the worst time to hear news like that when you are pregnant too, I think you have to try to put it to one side and not worry too much as it is rare for things to go wrong but those are the stories that stick with us.  Hope the midwives call you back soon xx

29/04/2013 at 12:52

I know. I keep telling myself these things are rare and then I think yeah but it happened to Alanna 4 weeks ago and now Karen and then one of my friends from my ante natal class lost baby at 32 weeks as well and I think it's not so bloody rare! 

29/04/2013 at 13:23

My friend whose daughter is 2 wks older than Eric had a bad miscarriage last wk, at 11.5 wks  She called me to postpone a metting then when I did see her she told me but I'd kind of guessed as now is the time to be trying if she wants a 2 yr age gap.  She was very philosophical, and I keep thinking about TT and JT and how they conceived after and now have lovely babies so hopefully she will soon too.

EF how sad for your colleague, and for you too.  I have all faith that you will have a lovely baby at the end of ths so stay strong and hang on in there!

Motorbikes - no way!!





29/04/2013 at 13:26

Midwife ok with my flashing lights! Thinks episode of low blood pressure so no worries but if it happens again phone triage not nhs 24 and will prob need a bp check. it's always low tho so I'm not worried about that. 

29/04/2013 at 13:43

Ps sorry about your friend Caro. Having kids should not be this much misery. 

29/04/2013 at 14:23

EF, so sorry to hear about your friend, yours too Caro. As you say, it really shouldn't be so difficult. I conceived really quickly after my MC so can offer some hope but I was so early on in comparison that they will have a much bigger grieving period ahead of them than I had to deal with. 

EF, I bought a blood pressure monitor when I was pg with Max as kept having dizzy spells. Was only $40 or so, well worth it for peace of mind. 

29/04/2013 at 14:54

EF, so sorry to hear about your friend, yours too Caro. As you say, it really shouldn't be so difficult. I conceived really quickly after my MC so can offer some hope but I was so early on in comparison that they will have a much bigger grieving period ahead of them than I had to deal with. 

EF, I bought a blood pressure monitor when I was pg with Max as kept having dizzy spells. Was only $40 or so, well worth it for peace of mind. 

Oh yes, Oscar 3 months old today and slept through last night, woo hoo!!  On a less woo hoo note, Max woke up at 4:00, grr!

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