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11/11/2013 at 13:32

I am very much done with the idea of birthday parties. especially now that J is going to be 8 next year, the parties seem to be longer and involve activities (cinema, mini golf et) and you have to supervise them all as their parents don't stay! fortunately J is quite select about his friends and is happy only to have a few. He wants a laser quest party next year. E, on the other hand, is a social butterfly and probably wants the entire infants school to come to hers.

I have started my citalopram, and now I am not sleeping. I wake up usually about 3 hours after going to bed and that's it for the night. I am consequently utterly exhausted. still signed off (until 21st) so took myself back to bed this morning once I had done the school run and dozed for an hour. felt very guilty but actually I am off sick, so what the hell.

J is exhausted too. not sure if he is just run down or if it is all too much for him at the moment. E brought her first school reading book home on Friday and read it to me. amazing how they pick it up really! it was hilarious though - she had the line 'Fat Cat is looking at the bird, too'. so she read up to 'looking' and then paused. I could see her going back over the word, and I said 'you've read that one, you need this one now' (pointing to 'at'). And she said 'no - there's something wrong.  L-oo-k-i-n but why is there a 'g' at the end. There's no 'g' in lookin'.' She wouldn't believe that it is in fact looking - she has never pronounced the 'g' at the end!

11/11/2013 at 16:37

Ugh, why would you spend so much on your child's birthday?!  I've never done a "paid for" party, if we invite lots of friends then it's a run around the house job or now we go somewhere and everyone pays for themselves (although actually we paid for the kids' train tickets this year for Sophie's party and took a picnic for everyone).  Fortunately Nicky hates parties so no need to bother with them for him at the moment!

It is amazing isn't it CM - I'm still amazed at the words Sophie can read that I expect her to struggle with.  Basically the only words she can't read are ones she's never heard of before, and she's only 5!  I remember to start with she pronounced the g on the ends of -ing words, but I was never sure if that was a Sheffield accent thing.  Parents' evening tonight... 

I had a fun night in Manchester on Sat but feel I'm paying for it now, so tired!  The kids had missed me which was very sweet, even though I'd only been gone 24 hours!

Hope J's ok CM, I think they do start to get tired around now on the run up to the Christmas hols.

Tried to tell Sophie off for not going to bed last night when she came down at about 7.40pm, then saw she'd written out all the numbers counting back from 100 in was hard to get cross about that !  The girl really does love her schoolwork, little nerd 

Got another pb in the parkrun on Sat too which was good, especially as I felt full of snot when I was running !  Still just over 31 mins so not very speedy but it is a hilly route and known to be slower than other flatter routes.  I'm doing Leeds Abbey Dash on Sunday which is a flat route apparently.

Right better sort some tea before Grandad comes round to babysit.


12/11/2013 at 13:52

Gosh, we're going to drop off the first page soon so thought I'd better post

Agree re. parties, they do seem to get bigger and bigger! We did Maggie's 3rd at a softplay, did really enjoy being able to leave the mess to someone else! All we had to do was a cake (stressful enough!). And there's no way she was opening the presents! They had to be stretched over several days otherwise she would just rip off the wrapping, give it a glance, before immediately moving onto the next one..

CM- hope you're ok and the side-effects of your ad's are wearing off, is that an ssri? Love the reading from all our clever kids, not that Maggie is reading yet, although knows her letters. She was telling me how she was using her imagination with games with her teddies, can't believe she's only 3 and a half. I keep worrying about Rosie who hardly says any words yet, whereas Mags was speaking full sentences and singing nursery rhymes by 20mths... Always need something to worry about

Well done on the parkrun pb JG! Especially on a hilly course and when full of snot! I've been slacking off with the running due to a sore throat/cough/cold thing lingering on. I haven't been that bad so really should just get back out there. Signed up for bootcamp this evening so at least that'll get me moving and hopefully motivate my expanding backside!

Oh and rather randomly wondered if anyone interested in a kindle fire? Hubby bought one a few months ago to use for work email (and books of course) but then found out he couldn't access work email on it. It now gets used solely as a kindle by me which is ridiculous. Anyhow hubby has been saying he's going to sell it for weeks now and never gets round to it so thought I'd see if any of you girls want to make me an offer?!


12/11/2013 at 18:53
On the topic of parties - a Facebook friend had a huge bouncy castle at her daughters first birthday party. Hubby told me off when I made a snarky comment but seriously - what a fuss and expense?!! And it will only get bigger each year! Perhaps I'm a grinch!!!!

Marathon road trip under way - 650km driven yesterday and 3 meeting done. Left home at 7 and got to hotel at 11pm so am knackered ! Not so much driving today and one meeting is with a colleague which will be nice then another evening meeting. Zzzzzzzzz
12/11/2013 at 20:18

I have to admit changing my style regarding parties as time has gone on, last year I did a soft play party for Martha and 13 friends, it was £9 per child and included hot food and a party bag.  I found the amount of work in getting the house tidy and preparing food etc quite stressful and soft play was a lot easier.  For Aidan this year I hired a lovely clown called Tooty Frooty - she took over for an hour of the party and that too made it a lot more enjoyable for me.  We only had 9 kids!  Ah well, you only live once!

I definitely wouldn't do present opening at the party though - and I totally wouldn't invite any more than I did as even if there are brothers and sisters involved Martha still ended up with about 10 presents that she really couldn't appreciate as she just ended up with too much stuff!

I mentioned Martha sprouting extra molars - I looked it up on the British dentistry website and its normal, they get adult back molars before their milk teeth start falling out.  Who knew!

12/11/2013 at 22:20

Nice to know I can be right about some things, even if it is only teeth!

12/11/2013 at 23:45

Sonya - I have a friend who's looking for a Kindle but I don't know much about these things so is that the same as the one you've got?!  She is looking for one for about £30 I think ideally but would probably consider up to £50.  No idea if that is in any way a reasonable offer so feel free to reject it!  Apologies for being vague...

14/11/2013 at 14:16

Agh I killed the thread with my dimwittery!

14/11/2013 at 17:21

Yes it has been very quiet on here lately.  I hope that our usual chatty ladies (CC, CM where are you?) are OK.

Hope MM is OK too, I saw a post on FB recently and think she is stressed, thinking of you MM if you're reading.

Speaking of teeth, I spotted a couple more of Os's sprouting this morning, up to at least 6 now, he's not a fan of showing them off though.

He has another horrid bite on his arm.  Was just red and looked like a mossie bite a few days ago but then turned into a blister again.  Someone at his nursery suggested a spider bite or maybe he is allergic to whatever is biting him.  I've not seen any spiders around the house but we do have a bit of an ant problem so I'm wondering about that.  Huge ants, bigger than the usual type we get in UK.  We put down some poison at the weekend and are definitely seeing less now so hopefully seeing the last of them

Parties, yes an interesting discussion.  I agree about the opening of the gifts but I guess that it is done more for the benefit of the givers than the recipient.  The mum at the 2nd birthday party we were at on Sunday did open all of the gifts (with Max's help!) but the birthday boy wasn't at all interested.  There must have been 30 or so gifts though.  Max would flip out with that many new things so I really don't know what to do for his 4th, it's just way too much stuff.

14/11/2013 at 19:35

hello, am keeping head above water (although it feels only just at times!!!) and have been kind of skim-reading but not had a chance for a big post!! Two weeks of solo parenting, along with Pilates classes, a fair few library shifts and all the after-school stuff, and heaven forbid, some running means the balls are all in the air and not always in the right order!!

Like I think Lotte said, hats off to those doing full-time work and family life, at the moment I'm doing at least one if not two library days plus my two Pilates days and it means that if I want to run then the state of the house is definitely bottom of the list!!! Hey ho, life is for living and all that

Teeth - well S is chewing absolutely everything at the moment and then I remembered J doing just the same about the same age (6.5) as all those teeth are moving around, growing, falling out etc etc ... in fact she's got one about to come out and I can hear 'ow, ow, ow' as I speak, not sure what I am supposed to do about it short of pulling it myself - erm no way!

Those bites sound nasty TT - eek.  Saw Tangy had a nice shiny piece of running kit awaiting use

I managed to juggle my kids out to others on Sunday morning and went orienteering and it wasn't a total disaster plus was an absolutely GORGEOUS day to be out crashing around local woodland. Although woke up to find horrendous bruises all over my shins where I hadn't noticed what I'd been running through - oh so attractive!!  Managed a few shorter runs squeezed in between work and then yesterday I went out with a guy from the orienteering club who works from home, so he skived off for and hour and a half and took me on a proper run in the woods - proper in that we didn't run on a single bit of proper path - just animal tracks the whole way and boy was it tough. 8 miles and my legs felt trashed at the end although I don't ache today. Fantastic training and loads of little hills which added up to about 700m of climbing all told - who says you need blooming great mountains to get the climbing in. Anyway I've seen a new side to Culbin Forest and definitely how I can up my training ... definitely going to do a lot more running like that. Average pace worked out about 12 min miling but we didn't stop hardly at all and definitely makes you pick your feet up if you don't want to stack it ... can you tell I enjoyed myself??

14/11/2013 at 19:38

Got nice scratchy throat tonight though so know I'm going to get the disgusting cold J had last week. FLying South to Bristol airport tmrw afternoon and hubby collecting us so we can head across to mum and dads for a couple of days (we have INSET Mon & Tues) so really looking forward to that.

Parties - well S had her first *proper* one this year, in that we had eight girls from her class round + her + big brother and a friend of his who were in charge of music. Two hours, simple games and some basic hat decorating and then an early party tea with cake. She was delighted.  J had his first proper party up here this year as finally he had some boys he wanted to invite. So three hours, six boys, one big treasure hunt, tea and off they all went home = very happy. Next year I reckon I can bung the boys in his room with Lego for a few hours and then bung a couple of pizzas in a bit later and they'll all be happy!

14/11/2013 at 19:41

When I've finished packing for weekend away I'll come back and read what I've missed so sorry for those I'm missing.

Tangy - I am intrigued by the posting of pictures of packed lunches on FB ... they are way more inventive than anything I've ever done ... I do the pots of fruit, but those bits of cucumber with chicken stars in them - I'd never be organised enough to that; very impressive

14/11/2013 at 20:06

LOL, I only did the chicken stars cos I had cut some 

cucumber stars and the outside had stayed intact so 

on spur of the moment I cut some chicken stars and stuffed

 them in the cucumber holes. Just hoping that making 

her lunch more interesting looking she will eat more. 

I have a large collection of cookie cutters I have amassed 

over the yrs, so it's easy. Actually makes the laborious task 

of nightly packed lunch making a bit more interesting. Although 

went dwn the lazy route tonight and bunged in a dairylea dunker.

14/11/2013 at 20:07

Should check out eats amazing website, those lunch boxes are 


14/11/2013 at 22:16

 luckily for me Matilda is non fussy and eats everything I give her, but I do think its probably a bit monotonous sometimes.  However at the moment I find it hard to get inspiration for main meals so packed lunchs barely get thought about, and just get thrown together!

14/11/2013 at 23:33

that's what my packed-lunches are Caro too ... like you I struggle for inspiration for evening meals let alone the rest sometimes. One of the best things when hubby gets home at weekend is having someone to cook more inspirational stuff for! The kids are generally pretty good and S especially but there are times when I want to cook just a bit more grown up!!!

Just found another bl**dy tick which wouldn't be extracted kindly - when do these darn things die off ... imagine trying to tweezer one out from under armpit on ones own - no wonder I couldn't get it all out! Serves me right for that off-trail run ...

Right, packing just about finished so away to bed is me ... zzzz

15/11/2013 at 08:13

Ticks - yuck

Birthday parties - eek

Juggling life - impossible

Lunch boxes and plank challenge - wow, in awe....... 

Wobbly teeth - snap


Black clouds - many, hubby even booked next weekend away for my 40th and i have sulked like a 'ungrateful baby' because i am missing our club 10mile race. 

15/11/2013 at 17:05

((Camlo)), I guess the first step to chasing away the black clouds is to acknowledge they are there and recognize that your irrational behavior is due to them.  Hope you manage to pick up soon and definitely in time for your weekend away.  There will be plenty more club runs but you're only 40 once (but you know that).  Do you know where he is taking you or is it a surprise?

Only 2 weeks until our holiday, I have to keep reminding both of us as this is the first holiday we have booked in advance since 1999 and it is creeping up fast.  We are still really busy at work and I don't want to end up panicking at the last minute.  We do have thanksgiving here though the 2 days before we go away so will be home from work for those.

Lunch boxes on FB look lovely.  Thankfully the boys get food provided at nursery, they would never get anything near as exciting as that if I had to make sandwiches.

15/11/2013 at 22:16

Camlo- i wouldn't thank Hubby for booking a weekend away either as it would mess up my routine and I would be the one who had to pack for everyone. But actually reading your post and typing this one made me realise how awful that is and what an ungrateful madam I would be. So if he ever does do such a thing (highly unlikely) I will stop myself before I sulk and remember that (well I'll try).

15/11/2013 at 22:19

TT- Your mention of 1999 reminded me of post on facebook today, my cousin had posted that it was his eldest son's 20th birthday today and he was born in 1993. I felt so old that someone who was born in the 90's (just a blink away) was a fully fledged proper adult.

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