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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/05/2013 at 17:16

agree fab news on the go ahead to running Caro and good luck with the shoe-buying but quite nice to start over.  Injections sound nasty

as does a standing still in the wind run Minks, we get a lot of those up here ...

09/05/2013 at 19:18

£1000 is good Karen. We spent that in France last year for ferry and two weeks camping. Will be about the same this year but more fuel costs as going to Bordeaux this year . Well maybe  after 6 hours in the car driving with the kids!!

Kids so tired this week. Not sure if its me starting work although the routine hasn't changed that much, or just mid term blues, or their best friend moving away. A lot of stropping going on though.

Was going to club tonight but am pretty shattered after new job, not used to sitting down for a start!! Also knee is a bit niggley so will rest till Sat. The weather is soooo grim I'm not fussed about running that much at the mo .

Right time to cook some dinner and try to avoid drinking wine!!!

Good running CC. Sounds hard though with no fuel or water.

Fab running Camlo. I am looking forward to some speedy 5ks, but keeping my come back very steady for now as don't want to lose my mojo again!

09/05/2013 at 19:51

With you on the 'try to avoid drinking wine' comment, MM - have noticed the number of evenings I end up with a glass in my hand has really crept up of late!  I think I have had a drink every evening this week apart from last night - definitely had wine Friday and Saturday, and then again on Sunday as no work on Monday, then lager on Tuesday as it was so hot, and another lager last night just because we felt like it. Oops.  Not running much distance at the moment so I can't even justify the extra calories!  Is your job full-time?

Also trying to persuade myself I don't need to eat a load of crisps to stave off the hunger pangs while I wait for hubby to come back from Wickes.  Bolognese sauce is all ready in the pan (made earlier this morning) so all I have to do is cook some spaghetti which will be quick, but I'm starving and starting to feel wobbly with low blood sugar so may just have to raid the cupboard ...

I'm glad I ran this morning and not tonight  as although it was incredibly windy, it was at least dry.  Wet and cool now - typical after we made the decision last night to turn the heating off; might have to put it back on again!

That sounds a tough run CC, LOL at the tea in a water bottle! 

09/05/2013 at 19:52

Sounds like we have reverse weather at the moment then, and add to that the increasingly long daylight hours - really is broad daylight until so late now, everyone loses track of the time!!

Definitely wouldn't recommend the lack of water, that cuppa was so welcome!  Didn't feel too bad without fuel but was definitely flagging for last three miles, was planning to trial a gel as haven't used one since last year on the SDW race!! Oh well, plenty of time for that next week.

Probably mid-term blues, but not long until you guys get your half-term is it? We get a couple of INSET days next week and that is it.

My two driving me demented tonight!

Definitely don't want anyone losing mojo

09/05/2013 at 21:39

Thanks for all the reassurance that I'm not blowing a fortune on our holiday. Although I let slip to hubby tonight how much the ferry was going to cost and got a massive "HOW MUCH?" back. I think the problem is we're just not used to treating ourselves to luxuries and a holiday is most definitely a luxury in our house. Just realised I didn't factor petrol into the price but as I'm planning to pay a bit extra to get the ferry to a port that is just 2 and a half hours away (rather than going on the cheapo one to Calais and driving for 4 and a half hours), it shouldn't be too much more. Sod it, I'm booking the ferry tomorrow anyway and am not going to think about the cost again!

I won't be joining you on the no drinking tonight though Minks as there's an opened bottle that needs finishing off tonight. Well, I wouldn't want to risk it going off would I  .

09/05/2013 at 22:18

I've hit the Baileys

the other thing with the nearer ferries Karen is less fuel and motorway tolls. We to a real shock the first time we went to France.  No tolls now! Think our hols with the caravan is about £900 for a fortnight (our own van that is). 

Mm - glad work went well!

cc - definite grim weather here!

cm - sounds like some good running.

caro - woo hoo to getting off the bench!

ef - best way re finances. They will sort one day! I'm still waiting mind but we are getting there!

well we sold hubby's dead car! A mechanic came and collected t or his wife tonight but still managed to get £1250 for it, fantastic!  In goink nick it was only worth £1800 (on a good day) so given we had to pay £750 for the repair it's a real hurrah!

09/05/2013 at 22:45

We're doing Portsmouth to Le Havre for the Loire valley as you guys scared me too much about the queues for the auto routes in August!  It should only be about a 4.5 hr drive when we get there, and I thought £350 for the ferry in August for four people and a cabin was pretty reasonable.

great news about the car JT.  Not sure I'm off the bench really but I will give it a go though.  The osteopath gave me the name of a colleague who specialises in iall things pelvis and birth related, and isn't far away, so if it still hurts I'll give him a try. He seems to have fixed the sacroilliac prob, or at least diagnosed that its mostly soft tissue and shown me that if I foam roll and tennis ball like mad it eases it.  But he couldn't really get to the bottom of why I have groin pain. he was pretty sure it isn't the pubic symphysis as he stressed it, pushed it etc and it didn't hurt, but couldn't really put his finger on It.





10/05/2013 at 07:17

Think I am off the bench as I am now getting more sleep, I did a run4mum class yesterday, 2 mins of running followed by 2 mins of mat exercises x 10, so a 40 min workout for £6 a session.  

We are flying to Dublin this time, we did consider the ferry just so we would have the car with us but plus fuel it was looking v expensive.  Staying with in laws so cheapish half term break, then Pembs for us in the summer again!

Caro, hope you are getting sorted now!

10/05/2013 at 08:11

No minks half time. In fact very complicated hours. Full day Monday in office, 9-2.30 at home weds ( although office this week of course), Thursday 9.30-2 as has to work around school. Then just 1.5 hours on a Friday as they have a monthy editors meeting, and gives me a chance to catch up on emails. So have to go there today for 3pm meeting, but most often can stay at home and dial in or do other stuff. 

Madam still asleep, not well poor love

10/05/2013 at 08:36

Sounds a bit like my hours MM!  Do 10-2 from home on Mondays (occasionally go in if something urgent needed but that's another £19 added to my weekly travel bill if I do, so try not to!) then 9-5 Wednesday (hubby works from home or does a short day to work around school run), 10-6 Thursday (mad dash to station after school drop-off; Mum collects), and 8-2 today (hubby drops off and I collect).  It works OK, but is tiring.  Would all be so much easier without a 1.5 hour commute each way, but we couldn't really afford to live closer to town and we like being a bit further out and away from the rat race.

Caro, sounds positive.  Sacroiliac can take a while to sort - mine took 5 weeks of pretty much two sessions a week (a huge financial ouch as well as a physical one but worth it to get it right) and then weekly maintenance sessions for a good few weeks after that.  And that was after getting the diagnosis right in the first place.  No idea what could be causing the groin pain though - does it ease when your back is looser?

Our holiday isn't until 23 August, ages yet.  Not sure I can wait that long; feel like I need one now!

10/05/2013 at 13:55

Holiday is defo a bargain Karen. It costs us £720 just to get to mainland Scotland before we even start a holiday and that's with 8 of us squashed into one four berth cabin, taking a second cabin would add an extra £200.  Which is why we aren't having a family holiday this year Just heading off around here with the caravan whenever possible. Hopefully if we can save a wee bit will do France next year. It is 5 years since I felt proper warmth when we were in Canada!

Well done Camlo on the speedy racing.

Brilliant 20 miler from  you CC.

Glad you are making progress Caro and good to hear Kinsey off the bench too.

Yay to the car JT and yum to the baileys. I did down two large glasses of wine as I made tea last night and they were much needed. Could easily have wine every night  but too much running kids around to be done. 

Hours sound good MM, will take a wee while to get used to for you all but soon settle down.

I had a rubbish track session on Wed night. Was doing 800s (on my own) and really struggled to hit pace. Was a nice night so for once I can't blame the conditions. I usually manage to hit 2.51 - 2.53 but each one was 2.55/2.56 and I only did 4 before giving up. It wasn't that the time was no good but that I was having to work SO hard to hit that, nothing in the legs and then had palpitations after each rep. I thought maybe I was getting a wee cold or something as Cameron has a bit of a sore throat/cough but nothing materialised so far. Have been rubbish at taking my iron tablets lately so maybe just that. So just did a very easy one run yesterday of 6 miles at 9.0mm and then 10 this morning which felt ok at just about 8mm. Meeting some other runners tonight while older 4 are at athletics for a sociable 5k and then a stretching class afterwards. Will be nice just to chat and catch up, its rare for me to run in company.

Edited: 10/05/2013 at 13:56
10/05/2013 at 13:58

CC I was really tempted by this

but really can't fit it in with other plans for Sept.

10/05/2013 at 17:08

Almost had a celebrity client but she cancelled - so my claim to fame for today is I almost met Pixie Geldof!

10/05/2013 at 20:24

I teach Pal Aron's son.  You'll know him if you see him .

caro - how dare she cancel and a different league to my claim fingers crossed re back xxx

Lotte - hopefully just a one off, maybe still recovering from your mileage and racing? Ouch to amount needed to get to the mainland! Our ferry to France with the caravan is half of that! Is your cost of living expensive too? Can imagine you may get caned for some stuff.

we finally have sourced A new car. Think we've got ourselves a bargain, local Carshop black Touran, hopefully it will be a good one!

10/05/2013 at 21:48

Caro - liking that claim to fame a lot, even if it's an 'almost'!!

JT - very happy with our Sharan, in fact it just refuses to die, so yes VWs are a good investment.  Just googled Pal Aron, do kind of recognise him but would never have recognised the name.

Right Lotte - I blame you ... have entered that one!!  Love the Lakes, esp in September. Doesn't go over any high tops but the scenery will be stunning if it's not raining.  Feel happier about not trying to do a 100-miler so soon after kids go back to school (cos obviously 100km is so much shorter!!).  Will have to drive there and back but figure I can't possible be in a worse state than I was after the Northumberland 100km which is probably the hardest thing I've done.  Hubby just rolled his eyes.

Kinsey - great to hear you are getting more sleep ... makes SUCH a difference to things. That sounds a good class - like the idea of mixing the running with exercises, keeps everything balanced.

Hope you had a leisurely run and natter tonight Lotte - sounds like you needed a stress-free run tbh. Hope you have hit the iron tabs ... pleeeeeease be kind to that body of yours, it's amazing, but even so!!

I did a hilly 5.5 with a friend this morning, again, so nice to run with company because otherwise I run alone. Legs not too bad but did have to power stomp up one big hill up from the river. Quads a bit tired tonight.

Off orienteering again in the morning - lets see how much chaos I can get myself into this time!!

Edited: 10/05/2013 at 21:54
11/05/2013 at 04:20

sorry girls, the black cloud got me.....  crap work, crap work and crap work.Not able to sleep and now have 2 pages of issues to get off my chest when I next see the boss! Tom vomming every 5 mins too so using the iPad in between and sat in the corner of his room crying. 

boo to holiday costs, almost meeting Pixie and not hitting targets but yippee to entering races and orienteering. can't remember anything else! 

11/05/2013 at 06:38

Oh poor you Camlo, hope you can get it all off your chest and feel a bit better.  Hope Tom is better too xx

Bleurgh, just thought I would check what Benedict had in his mouth and pulled out some bits of spider.  That is the sickest I have felt in a long time!

Happily I seem to have settled at 10 stone which is about 5lb lighter than I was even before Martha, just need to see if there is anything I can do about my middle which is a bit bloaty and very wrinkly.  Saying that I might just be carrying less muscle in which case I will probably end up gaining a bit of weight (if you see what I mean)!

11/05/2013 at 07:26

Hope you got some sleep in the end camlo, and that Tom stops puking and you don't have to work this wk end.

kinsey hubby once pulled broken glass from Eric's mouth, after he was crawling round the floor of the south bank centre!

Quite glad not to have to take a blood sample and stick needles in pixie's chihuahua actually!  And she rebooked for a day I'm not there





11/05/2013 at 09:38

Thanks girls, I think the vomming stopped at about 6am and he is sleeping now. Hve sent hubby off to swimming with Archie so I can shower, clean up and calm down. Still feel very tearful though and being tired won't help me think rationally about what I should do about work! 

anyhoo - number 1 priority today is to convince CM there are no mozzies in Wales! 

11/05/2013 at 10:57

Hugs Camlo - nothing like thmiddle of the night to lose any perspective you may have on things. Hope you can catch up on sleep.

I'm in my hotel room enjoying some peace and quiet after a busy day and 6am flight. Will be sad tomorrow to not be with M as its Mother's Day here - she's having a blast at the farm though. Feeling very sad for my lovely friend though as this should be her first Mothers Day. 

Caro I think you probably had a lucky escape with Pixie - perhaps stereotyping but suspect she's a right madam!!!

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