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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/05/2013 at 15:20

Oh Camlo, you poor love. Lots of big ((())) your way. Vom/stomach bug just seems to be constantly circling over Moray at the moment, so many kids off school. Hope you manage to escape the voming yourself. Look after yourself.

Mozzies in Wales ... well I reckon Mozzies are still preferable to midges!! But of course there are not any in Wales

Agree with Hoggle that Pixie probs is high maintenance!!

Decidely dodgy guts this morning, set off on orienteering course and breakfast really didn't know which way it wanted to go but was shouting all the way around and feeling decidedly  now. But didn't get lost and don't think I was last. Legs felt like lead though. By the time i'd done my course and taken S round the short course had clocked up 5.5 miles though.

11/05/2013 at 18:26

Lol CC, thought you might be tempted by that race, now I'm jealous!! Boo to the dodgy stomach.

Yes hugs to Camlo.

Yay to new shoes Caro, boo hiss to treadmills

Enjoyed my sociable run last night and the stretching class afterwards was much needed. Then had a quick turnaround to get kids home before heading out to cinema with a pal who was desperate to see  Star Trek, not really my kind of thing but I actually enjoyed it. Maybe that was because I think I have fallen in love with Chris Pine Didn't get to bed until after 1am though and then had weird dreams all night and kept waking up.

Early start this morning at for an athletics coaching workshop (8-12 year olds) run by Scottish Athletics, which I really enjoyed. Would like to help out a bit more witht the juniors at the club.

Then a 17 mile run this afternoon. Legs were tired but did manage to pick it up and do the last 3 miles at marathon pace. And now it is time for red medicine!

11/05/2013 at 20:05

White medicine here!  I'm knackered, tricky night although Benedict has graduated to just general moaning which means I'm awake but don't have to do anything.  Then he got up at 5.40am .

My brother and his girlfriend are having a complicated pregnancy in that they are only about 7 weeks pregnant but she is in heaps of pain which they think is basically IBS, it wasn't really planned either as they are meant to be getting married in December which is around about when the baby is due.  I just went for honesty over tact and said that my pregnancies were stressful and now I wish I had sugarcoated it a bit more, but then I felt pretty crap (although more so 2nd and 3rd time), aah well, can't unsay it now.

Camlo, hope you have a better night.

11/05/2013 at 21:01

Kinsey if it helps I had horrendous ibs at the start of my pregnancy with Ted. Got taken in as they thought he could be ectopic after I collapsed in agony. Stopped within about a fortnight when I ensured with the help of lactolose that things were regulated.

Cc sounds a bit grim! Glad you survived with no embarrassment!

have missed the mozzies in Wales bit, but fairly certain cm suffered with them ib her old house...

camlo xxxx

mental day, bank, paying machines weren't working, shoe shop, beaver jamboree, town to bank, still no paying in, picked hubby up from station, back to bank, picked Ted up, went to a party, got food shop, back to party, got home, delivered bunting

11/05/2013 at 21:02

I'd made, came homemade, made tea, kids went mental as shattered, ate tea and hit the wine!!!!!

11/05/2013 at 21:05

Mozzies are alive and well in Wales. Particularly on the wetlands where I used to live. Not so much up here in the woods I have to say. Both kids get bitten v badly at their dad's tho

hope b has a better night, Kinsey 

11/05/2013 at 21:05

Camlo - hugs xx

11/05/2013 at 21:23

Big hugs Camlo ((())) hope Tom is feeling better - voms never good at the best of times - and hope you feel better tomorrow.

Drank waaaay too much rosé last night with my usual wine-o friends, stumbled home via taxi then sat trying desperately to sober up until about 2.30am by which time I gave up and went to bed, then felt like sh1t this morning!  Sophie came and told me it was half past nine, then I heard her go downstairs and say "But Daddy, Mummy didn't even open her eyes, she still looked asleep!"   Was going to do the parkrun this morning but clearly that was never going to happen!

Now just scoffed huge Chinese and feeling rather stuffed.  Ah well we had an amusing evening.

I'm going to watch the Sheffield half tomorrow.  Slightly depressed that I'm not doing it but I made the decision some time ago based on my leg muscles tightening.  I just hope I can get this sorted soon, it's starting to bother me now because the osteopath treatment doesn't seem to be doing much. I did say I'd give it one more session before switching to a physio recommended to me by a physio I've seen before, but I made another appointment last time I saw him.  The massage and stretching he does all seems to hit the right spots, and my back feels looser when I run, but the stiffening up is still happening and makes my leg basically stop working by 7 miles.

Sorry for waffle!  Glad to hear people are starting on their medical treatment tonight 

11/05/2013 at 21:38

Nodded off briefly whIle watching Harry potter earlier but not for long so am already tucked up in bed. No more vomming thank goodness. Have race for life in aberystwyth  tomorrow. 

yippee to new trainers, junior coaching, cakes, shopping and wine drinking.

Boo to hangovers and over eating, prob pregnancys, rushing, early wakers and ongoing injuries and stiffness ((JG)). 


11/05/2013 at 23:15

JT, that does sound a bit like what she has.  Her mum is a clerk on the maternity ward so it sounds like they are sorted for advice but she was in over last weekend she was in so much pain.  She is also getting lots of scans to make sure everything is progressing normally, stressful times.

Hope your race blows away the cobwebs Camlo!  And that your Chinese sorts you out JG!

12/05/2013 at 18:46

All sounds very familiar Kinsey. Ended up in out of hours as I'd passed out with the pain (retrospectively I think a and e may have been more appropriate!!!) saw a GP who was clearly a long way through the autistic spectrum who announced I was probably having an ectopic pregnancy. Got sent to RGH who seconded diagnosis, got sent home(!) with a scn arranged in Epu two days latter who then told me it was too early to scan as I was only five weeks. In the meantime my good friend who is a sonographer had checked me out (abdominal only!) and said that she'd be happy with what she could see if it was her.  Complete fiasco tbh, but lactolose seemed to sort me out and interestingly I've scarcely suffered with IBS since. Fingers crossed it's the same for her.

camlo hoopoe r4l wasn't too wet! Always fancied doing that one. Should do one year, is it still down the prom?

JG - your night sounds more fun than Park Run


12/05/2013 at 19:42

Ooo some distressing news. Hugs to Camlo to kick those black clouds. How was the RFL?

Bragging proud Mummy moment I'm afraid. Harry won the U7 race at the May miles fun runs today. Such a proud Mum . He was amazing and ran so confidently and consistently. He went off sooo fast but just kept the pace going and kept overtaking until he was in front. Awesome running and fabulous trophy. Josh was 5 or 6th, hard to keep track as Harry was being photographed an interviewed. Sophie was amazing too, so determined to run it and wasn't last bless her. The noise down the finishing straight upset her though and she fell over. Awww !! Not 3 until the 24th so amazing for her really.

Having a mare with some furniture I ordered online, very stressful. Won't go into details but colour not what we expected at all and tbh 'not as described' at all, and the company don't do pick ups!!!! They parcels are 150kg in total. Quotes coming back as £175!!!!!!!!!!!!! Massive discussions with the seller (middle man) of course. Not happy at the mo .

12/05/2013 at 19:54

Well done to your kids MM, fab stuff, I do hope mine are a bit sporty!  Urgh about the furniture, think I always end up going with John Lewis as they are quite good about things like that.  I had to pay to send stair gates back to kiddicare and that was bad enough although they offered money off with their preffered company.  Maybe they could do something like that and split the cost with you?

JT - thanks for that, hopefully knowing that other people have had the same thing happen reassures them although personally I'm a bit cross with them for not doing their maths with regards to the wedding (plus I'm still worrying about my brothers ridiculous credit card and loan debt) so they have a whole load of stress going on!

12/05/2013 at 20:43

Well done to the boys MM especially Harry, and well done little Sophie !  I'm thinking my Sophie is going to be more of a sprinter than a jogger, which I was at school (used to do 100m and high jump but never quite good enough at 100m to get anywhere) - she always sets off running somewhere but after a few minutes she's complaining she's tired!  And she loves to have races with her friends (and generally beats them!).

I had fun watching Sheffield half marathon this morning with Sophie although I was quite envious of the runners - much better conditions this year as well, I managed to pick the year it fell on a heatwave!  Cheered on my friends in town as they passed then hopped on the tram to the stadium to see the first man cross the line (and my friends again!).  Sophie managed to win an enormous Winnie the Pooh on the tombola - as if she hasn't got enough teddies !  But was obviously delighted.  Then we all headed to Caffe Nero for lunch/coffee and had a good natter.

Still gutted they're going to close and demolish Don Valley stadium though, it's quite unbelievable that Jess Ennis trains there but they can't find the few thousand pounds it needs to be updated.  It was built to host the World Student Games in 1991 (I think?) but Sheffield Council managed to agree to paying loads of it themselves and will be paying it off till 2024!  Still seems such a waste though, a stadium is such an asset for a city.  No idea where the half marathon will begin and end if it goes either .

Anyway, I headed to the park this afternoon and did just over 5.5 miles which I haven't done in months due to snow and/or not feeling fit enough to cope with the hills, but I felt great today .  Hamstring still tightened up but I managed to ignore it which I suppose could be considered progress??  10k race next weekend so I'm feeling happier about that now.

MM - nightmare with the furniture.  I always thought they would pick up again if they'd delivered it but I guess I assumed wrong!

12/05/2013 at 21:32

fantastic running from your wee ones MM, clearly in the blood. Is always interesting to see how they progress, some seem to be naturally gifted from the off, others take a while to find their place. Definitely allowed to be a proud mummy . Bugger re the furniture though, I don't buy big stuff often, but like Kinsey, tend to stick to the big names for ease, especially as I have to buy so much online anyway. Hope you get it sorted.

Kinsey - remember you talking about your brother and his problems, so can see this developing nicely!!!  All such a worry.

Mad old day for you JT the other day - sounded crazy actually.

Great to hear you had a good run today JG, well deserved I think.

Camlo - hope the RFL helped lift the black clouds a little for you.

Had a run free day today, but have run six days straight this week and after feeling so  yesterday was feeling out of sorts and tired today anyway. But rugby this morning and a massive hoovering and clearing out session this afternoon that was well overdue, although oven definitely needs tackling this week for sure!!


12/05/2013 at 21:39

CC were you putting the nausea down to hormones (or have I got confused!), I'm feeling quite bleurgh some of the time but I think its just my cycles restarting.

i exercised 3 times this week, exercise DVD, run fit class and a run today too!

12/05/2013 at 22:19

I think in this case it was actually the dregs of whatever evil germs were circulating our house last week - everytime I ate or drank something Fri eve or yesterday, stomach gurgled and was really sore etc. BUT I do get nausea issues with hormones too, although not so much at the moment - ie the week before my period arrives I can get constant sicky feeling (bit like morning sickness) which just nags away continually. So was a bit confusing this week as I had that arriving too!!

Get you with the exercise, what with CM and her 9-milers, Caro buying new trainers and running on a dreadmill ... whatever next!!

12/05/2013 at 22:25

Oven Pride Cc! Almost cleans itself and leaves it like new. My oven was BOGGING!

Whoop whoop mm! Definitely in the genes rah to the furniture! Have you spoken to Consumer Direct (citizens advice these days I think, as if it's not as described surely you have recourse?

jg - I can't believe it about the Don Valley Stadium either, will that leave Sheffield without a stadium then?

Right, must get sorted for tomorrow!

12/05/2013 at 22:26

I might start running again if only....

13/05/2013 at 09:46

Apologies, have not read back yet. Just got into bed, was on a night shift, really need to get some sleep as back on tonight but just heard my uncle died so am very sad. Feel so so sad for my dad, it was his only brother left. His other brother died just over a year ago when my other uncle & Aunty died, it has been a sad 18 months for my parents.

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