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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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13/05/2013 at 11:47

(((RF))) Sad news.  Hope the black clouds are shifting for you too, Camlo.

My oven is minging too, I get it professionally cleaned every 6 months or so.  At £40 a pop I guess it's not cheap, but hate, hate, HATE cleaning it myself so money well spent in my opinion.  Plus it gets it ultra clean, I never think the oven cleaners you can buy do anywhere near as good a job.  What stuffs mine up is roasting chickens, which I do most weeks - the amount of fat that spits everywhere is unbelievable.

MM, you should definitely be allowed to brag - that's an amazing achievement for an under-7 and little Sophie too, bless her.  Obviously in the genes!  Boo to the furniture issue though, hope you manage to sort something out.

So yesterday I ran a marathon   Needed to do something after the disappointment of London so chose the Halstead Marathon in Essex.  Lovely rural setting, no big crowds, nice and low-key.  I had a shocking race, finishing in a second-slowest time of about 3:50 I think.  But proud to have finished, especially when all hopes of a decent time had long since faded.  I underestimated how challenging the course would be and set out for a time that would get me a small PB.  But while the undulations seemed relatively easy for the first lap, by the second they were looking (and feeling) like hills.  I have never faded so badly in a race before and it was demoralising - went from 7:28/7:30 in the first 6-7 miles to 7:40s to around 12 miles, then slipped back to 8:00s with a few really dreadful miles where I had to walk because my left calf kept cramping and I'd had a stitch from the second mile which I couldn't get rid of, and there were points where I could hardly put my right foot to the floor because the stitch felt so bad.  Afterwards I realised it wasn't a stitch, as it never went even after the race, but probably a strained or slightly torn muscle somewhere under my rib cage above my stomach.  Not sure what went wrong today really - a few random thoughts that it was too soon after London and the virus I had there may have knocked my system more than I thought.  Once I decided to do Halstead (about two days after London) I launched straight back into hard training - hard hilly runs - and maybe didn't give myself enough recovery time.  I think I've also underestimated the concept of rest this winter and have trained really hard, harder than ever before, through illness and harsh weather conditions so maybe that took its toll.  Or maybe I'm just kidding myself that a PB is even feasible - I was 40 when I ran my PB at London and I'm now almost 44; there comes a point when age becomes a limiting factor and maybe I've reached that point.  It's frustrating that I trained so hard this winter and it hasn't brought the results I hoped for and expected, but to put it in perspective I was 4th lady in my age category yesterday which doesn't seem so bad.  Just missed out on a GFA for London next year but may go back to have another crack at Halstead now that I know the course and would pace it better next time.

2013 really doesn't seem to be my year so far ... 

13/05/2013 at 11:57

Hugs RF, was it unexpected or had he been ill?  Hope you get to sleep and best wishes for the next few weeks supporting your parents. 

Been reading but not posting. MM, lovely photos on fb of your 3 at the race. S is so grown up already, such a cutie. Wow to their running but I guess with you and Mr MM as parents it's well and truly in their genes. 

Camlo, hope you fought off the black clouds. Really hope your boss is supportive when you speak to her this time. 

We are still up in the air with our house. Won't go into details as they are so long winded but still supposed to be completing a week today and we don't know for certain they will get mortgage (won't know until probably Wednesday or Thursday) and also haven't agreed final amount we will drop price for repairs found in the inspection. Pissed off as all petty stuff that in no way takes away from enjoyment of the house. It's a 30 year old house FFS, not a brand new one!

13/05/2013 at 12:08

X post Minks. Well done on your secret marathon. 4th in age category sounds awesome to me but disappointing when you had sights set on a better time. Maybe time now to give your body a good rest. 

We have had a big golf tournament here this last week, reportedly over 45,000 people here most days. We were giventickets by one of Mr TT's friends who is a caddy so went in most days and took Max a couple of times. He was so good and enjoyed seeing the golfers. Tiger Woods walked past about 3 feet away from us which was pretty cool. 

Have actually 'run' a few times myself now. Still very slow but have aching legs from Saturday morning's run which feels good. 

AF started last week and BF is over. Was mainly pumping but at least managed 3 months this time so better than with Max. 

13/05/2013 at 12:13

Grr, phone keeps stopping me typing so I have to post. 

Was mothers' day here as well as for Hoggle in NZ. Was given way more chocolate than I need but was nice. Took M and O to beach in the morning for a little while then we went to the golf in the afternoon and Max was a treasure all day. 

Max just got up so had best get off phone and sort him out. We are so nearly there with potty training but keeps having little accidents, usually pooing in overnight nappy. At least very rarely in his undies. 

13/05/2013 at 13:38

Hugs RF.  xx

Well done Minks!  Still pretty good going really.  Did you know they changed the GFA for London?  It's now 3.45 for us instead of 3.50.

Minks and Karen have you taken the kids to the Royal Gunpowder Mills?  We had a fab day yesterday, it's in Waltham Abbey so not far from either of you.  It's not all guns, depsite my pics on FB.  £22 for all of us and we were there for 5hrs.  Great little cafe and play area which of course helps, mad scientist doing crazy experiments, dropping mentos into coke bottles etc, we made and launched rockets, went on a tractor trailer ride all over the site, saw deer and foxes, shot bows and arrows, saw a film.  It's the site of one the oldest gunpowder factories in the UK, and I had never really thoight about how the artillery etc for the wars was made but now I have more of an idea.  Bloomin dangerous place to work though!

Also on Sat pm went to Walthamstow marshes.  parked at the Lea valley riding stables and walked from there, M rode her bike.  That was really fun too - and free

I have my new shoes, asics nimbus so neutral shoes as opposed to my old over pronating type shoes.  Spent over an hr in sweatshop, trying on loads, having my gait analysed etc.  I also bought the custom made insoles for £40, no idea if they're worth it but they feel really comfy, and the shoes were £40 off as they were last seasons so technically they were free   Just did my first 'run', with Eric in the baby jogger round the park.  Am doing the couch to 5k prog, seems to take 9 wks but that's ok, I guess I'm not really in any hurry.  Eric was a bit whingy, so I hope he gets used to it.  It was nap time but he didn't sleep, so he got dumped in bed as soon as we got home.


13/05/2013 at 13:38

Well done mini MM's!  Esp Harry

13/05/2013 at 13:42

RF - that is just so so sad for your poor family  ((())), thinking of you.

TT - have been enjoying the happy smiley pics of your two boys over on FB - they are both gorgeous. Well done for the BFing, I think any length of time is good tbh, sometimes just even trying to do it is challenging enough!! I managed four months for J and six weeks for S!!!

Minks - a fabulous well done for the marathon, regardless of how you felt about the time etc. It actually sounds so similar to the race report I could have written about my London effort in 2010, even down to the time ... not sure how GFA works now but it WAS 3.50 ... cos I missed it by about 30 seconds!! It could have been any factor in there tbh, not sure about age. I know I'm a little younger than you but I'm still thinking I may have another couple of years to go before I start thinking - bah!!!  Often it's not the training, but all the other factors we have to consider into our lives - long commutes for starters.  Have heard good things about that marathon though, and I DO think it helps when it's a low-key event, takes the stress out of lots of elements including pulling out before race day if necessary! Rest and easy running now please.

JT - run - surely not!!  How are you doing with the physio etc???

I have a box of Oven Pride in the cupboard, bought the other week so need to get that sorted this week.

Interesting 'run' this morning (dregs of last weeks virus and virtually no sleep last night for things children related), but thought I'd better start doing some proper race specific training for Lairig Ghru Race so headed off for Ben Rinnes, wind gusting up to 40 mph on the top and I was climbing with head straight into wind - could hardly get my breathe so I'll not lie and say I ran all the way to the top, far from it. Headed over other side and nearly knocked off feet, wind chill overwhelming so had to try and hide somewhere to get windproof layer on and double check map as wind blowing me seriously off course!! Glorious sunshine, a few sleet showers too, much leaping around on tussocks of heather, bog etc, a couple of streams to cross, landrover track at bottom calf-deep in water in places ... so 7.5 miles took me 1 hour 50 to cover!!!! Feel a bit wasted now but think it was good training??

Edited: 13/05/2013 at 13:44
13/05/2013 at 14:49

JT - basically yes, there is talk of doing up Woodbourn Stadium/track which is a pitifully small and neglected track just up the road from Don Valley, but it would be for low-class training only and is so very small.

RF - how sad for you all and especially your parents   I hope that is it for sadness and they start to see happier times now.

CC - sounds like good training to me, particularly as you managed to stay upright!

Horrible weather here today - freezing cold and sudden heavy windy hail showers (hail in May??!), I'm sitting here cold but determined not to put the heating on!

Just did a survey for the NHS with a lady who came round (I received a letter some time ago about it) - typical that she comes just after I've been for a heavy wine session on Fri night then ate rubbish most of weekend!  Plus she weighed me and it came up as about half a stone heavier than my current heaviest  though TBird assures me (on FB) that it was down to my clothes and having just eaten lunch .  Answering questions such as "how much alcohol did you drink on your heaviest drinking night last week" and "how much fruit and veg did you eat yesterday" made me want to scream "but I did run for an hour and I don't drink much and I am trying to lose weight....!"

13/05/2013 at 16:04

Ha Ha JG!  Reminds me of when I went to a 'healthy child' thing last summer at our local sure start centre.  It was basically the only thing that was on in the hols and I had Eric and M to entertain so I went a few times.  It was basically like a playgroup but they had lots of people there to talk to and ask advice.  Then a few months later I got a call just to randomly ask me a few questions, so I agreed, and it was things like 'did the group help you make good food choices' or 'did the group help you return to exercise' and I kept saying 'no', and then at the end after the poor person was a bit miffed, I said well actually I run marathons and eat healthily anyway, so please don't think your group wasnt any good!

13/05/2013 at 19:16

Lol Caro and JG! It's called Murphy's Law (amongst other things I believe)

RF- so sorry to hear that. My mum's not been brilliant. Just keep propping up where you can. Mum's going through the angry stage at the mo which is challenging to say the least...

cc - nah, still not running. Seeing physio in half term. I can but hope!

Minks - but you did it! Sounds like iyou may have been affected by the virus. Keep believing in yourself. Oven pride works as well on my oven as a professional. Just wipes off and comes up like new!


13/05/2013 at 19:46

I am a great believer in Oven Pride too JT - is fab and I love the whole 'leaving the trays in a bag thing' too!  Boo to no running still though.

LOL Caro and JG - and yes, TB is right

I wasn't last in orienteering - yay, came about middle of the pack (inc guys and gals) - perhaps feeling so pants meant I paid more attention to the navigation than the running for a change!

Think I must have got a bit hypothermic this morning - cannot get warm tonight - warm bath beckoning once J is back from cubs ...

13/05/2013 at 19:47

Oh yes Minks, sorry missed you out  - well done on your secret marathon and does sound as though it wasn't meant to be this year in terms of pb potential.  Well done you for picking yourself up and running a different marathon instead though.

13/05/2013 at 20:27

Sory to hear your news RF, hope you are okay xx

Minks, well done on getting out there and doing another marathon even if it didn't go according to plan.

CC - I know what you mean, I have been freezing today, not sure why - very cold wind here.

I had to do a hair wash on the kids tonight, had to use bribery but its the first time Aidan hasn't had a total melt down which was nice.  Martha's hair is so thick it takes forever to dry too so I hardly ever do it.  It never seems to get dirty either but there was jam in it so it had to be done!!

JG - I only ever weigh myself first thing in the morning, after food I would definitely not want to see the scales!!

13/05/2013 at 20:32

Ss hair is like that - I have to tie it up on her head in a bun for bed and will still be wet in the morning but can only ai rdry it otherwise it turns into a dried out knotted mess (my mum tried to blowdry it once and it was carnage!). Hers is washed when there is too much yogurt in it!!!

Freezing cold wind here too - feels like winter again, but then it sleeted on me on the hill this morning.

13/05/2013 at 20:41

Tangleteezer CC is what you need!  And leave in conditioner!

13/05/2013 at 21:12

I have hair that doesn't dry.  Takes about two to three hours to dry if I leave my (bobbed) hair to dry naturally!

13/05/2013 at 21:42

we have the tangleteezer and it's great, plus I use the Aussie leave in conditioner moisture mist on it if it's getting bad. TBH providing you don't put a hairdryer near it her hair is fabulous, but does get a bit birdsnesty at times because it's long, thick and wavy!  would pay lots of money to have my daughters hair though.

13/05/2013 at 22:14

so sorry to hear about your uncle RF and hope you managed some sleep today. 

boo to another difficult mara Minks - rest now girl!! Boo to crap furniture, dirty ovens, tangled hair, flat tyres and being cold.

yippee to more days out and mothers day chocs! 

Had a cathartic meeting with my (normally awful) colleague. Think we both realised it is management letting us down which makes us stress and therefore we take it out on each other. Have a plan, sent some emails with some suggestions to boss and got a positive response which was a relief. Still very fragile and tearful and now have a killer back pain too..... 

13/05/2013 at 22:23

Camlo, sounds like great progress, well done.  Hope it yields results.

Just a quickie as wanted to say thank you to CC for her nice words about my boys.  It really made me smile this morning at a time when I'm stressed ready to pop.  We still don't know if our house sale is going to go through and this is for a close date of a week today.  Will likely only know by Wednesday or Thursday.  Have nowhere lined up to go and are still doing due diligence on our plot of land so that might not even work out.  Bleurgh. 

13/05/2013 at 22:39

Big well done Camlo for tackling the source of your stress head on (so much easier to hide from it and complain!) and great to see you have made some headway. Not so good to hear about backpain though - so awful!! I hope it eases soon!!

Yuck to your stress T-tid!! These things have a funny way of working themselves out in the end - doesn't help when you are in the thick of it though!

Well done on your race Minks - you sound very positive even if it wasn't the result you were after which is great!

Umm who else? Hugs to RF - so much sadness for one family.

I survived my weekend work trip to Auckland. Conference was good but was constantly aware that I would rather have eben elsewhere! M had a wonderful time on the farm (as usual) and is totally obsessed with my dad at the moment!! Managed to catch up briefly with my sister which was nice. She is pregnant again (Rose is one this weekend). Excited for her but must admit to being jealous also. If I had my way I would be preg or trying to get preg now but its just not the right time for us yet. However we are making positive steps regarding hubbies career cange which is exciting!! He has just been accepted onto a welding course which will be the start of a whole new career. He is thrilled to have found something else he wants to do. The course starts in July and rund til Nov, then he would continue to study but hopefully get a job first and they fund. Will be a very tight few months on one (small) income but we will manage and the sacrafice will be worth it in the end for a happier hubby! Also the starting salary is better than what he is on now as a head chef!! Lots of career opportunities as well. SO will just have to wait until end of this year/early next year to start trying (fingers crossed).

Back down to the farm this weekend for my niece's first birthday. I have a long weekend too which will be nice. Matilda will think its heaven to be back there agin so soon!

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