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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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15/08/2014 at 18:34

I bet my husband online - not on a chat or gaming sight though I can assure you!  We met 10 yrs ago this yr.  


15/08/2014 at 18:50

Ooh, do tell Caro. What sort of site?

15/08/2014 at 21:12

My uncle and aunt met online over 20 year ago, way before it was the norm.  Bless them.  They said that they were totally in love before they had even met (he was in London, she was in the US).  Still together, still in love  My bro and his wife met online about 14 years ago.  It's defo the norm now. I met my husband in a bar, which was the norm in 2001!

15/08/2014 at 22:06

Can't remember what it was called.  It was just an online dating site, but one supposedly only for graduates (don't know how they checked).  He was my no 1 perfect match supposedly - and the only date I went on.  The rest as they history.

16/08/2014 at 09:47
Aw PipG that's a lovely story about your uncle. I had forgotten you met your hubby online too Caro.
We met at the rowing club which is about the only place you do meet people when you are rowing training 6 days a week!

Over 5 miles done, pace improving despite erratic training!
17/08/2014 at 13:07
Flip its quiet on here! Where are you all??
I am at work so just popped on during my lunch! Busy in here today. Pouring rain out so doesn't feel so bad working!
17/08/2014 at 13:33

Another 20 mins today, split under 9min miles, I think previously I have got my overall splits down by doing a shorter faster run.  Must make sure I do a long run next weekend otherwise its a waste of time!

Had friends to stay last night, great to finally have a house where asking people to stay is easy as we have the annexe!

17/08/2014 at 14:12

Yes, very quiet. Hope you're all out running/having fun. 

Currently sitting on Max's bed nursing Fay while the boys run riot around the house.  Eek. Oscar has just come in with a huge handful of felt tip pens which he is merrily removing the lids one by one and then putting them back on. Just hope he wasn't out there redecorating. Not sure what Max is up to but he's too darn quiet for my liking!

Nursing going ok. Just giving one bottle in the middle of the night at the moment but nursing the rest and she seems to be doing well on that. Not managing the timing of my pain medication very well at the moment so having more pain than I need to have but that's probably not such a bad thing as at least the pain stops me overdoing things.

17/08/2014 at 15:34

Max's best friend's mum has just come by and taken Max to the beach with them for a couple of hours so it's just Os, Fay and I now. Another friend will be here soon to keep us company for a while. Might even take advantage and have a shower!  Fay is sleeping and Os is currently noshing raisins. Actually quite peaceful and relaxing. 

17/08/2014 at 16:34

Have anyone's kids had 'shark teeth'?  Matilda's 2 permanent lower middle incisors are growing behind the deciduous teeth which are wobbly but have yet to fall out.  Apparently 10% of kids get this, and sometimes the baby teeth need to be pulled out by the dentist.  Wont be able to get her there for another couple of wks so just wondering if anyone else had it and if the baby ones did eventually just fall out.

At my dad's and just cycled 18 miles with hubby.  It took 90 mins.  I have no idea if that is good or not - I know nothing about cycling!

17/08/2014 at 16:35

TTid - where is your husband??

17/08/2014 at 17:05

No shark teeth here yet! Sounds great in the cycle ride Caro, no idea whether that's a good time or not but surely just getting out there and feeling fit is most important for you right now (would never tell you to rest).

was also going to ask where's hubby Ttid?! when did you get let home? Glad all is ok despite rough sounding c-section. Fay is gorgeous and I am incredibly jealous you're already cuddling your new baby!

always amazed by people meeting online and it actually working out! But I guess that is very common now and probably a lot better than adverts in newspapers like in the olden days! tt- I would be nervous too but she sounds pretty sensible so fingers crossed all will be fine.

hiding in the living room while hubby makes pizzas with the girls. I am 38 weeks now and so ready for this baby! Was no way this uncomfortable or big either time before. Have eaten ridiculous amounts of chilli and ate an entire pack of dates yesterday (need to stop doing that when realised its about a 1000 calories per bag plus makes my digestive tract very active!).

my mum is staying but is at the cricket today so got some peace. She is really winding me up this visit and dreading how much more she'll get to me once I have three kids stressing me out! Was told I couldn't go into labour today because of cricket, she also brought her dog when I asked her not to and has said some things to Maggie (and Rosie) which really upset me. Does make me more conscious of what I say in anger at the girls and not to turn into her so some good comes out of it! I know I should be grateful to have family members close to me and who care about the grand kids but things are so much more tense when she's here. Anyway, enough moaning! Must go hang out with my lovely family in the kitchen  

17/08/2014 at 17:07

And well done on your running Kinsey! 

17/08/2014 at 17:57

Just seen of FB that a friend had her 3rd boy yesterday........

I am secretly harbouring triathlon/duathlon ambitions Sonya so am interested at what sort of base I'm starting at.  I just have zero clue!  Might have to wait till next yr I guess.......

Maybe your mother will cause you to go into a labour inducing rage 

My dad has bought us village butcher local ribeye steaks for dinner  I realise that wont float your boat Sonya!

17/08/2014 at 18:33

Mr TT is actually playing golf this morning. He was already signed up to play (remember baby was not supposed to be here yet!) so with all the offers of help we had we figured he should still go. I have actually enjoyed the morning and it's been nice to catch up with a friend.

Max still not back from beach so I guess they are having a good time. I'm sure he'll be needing a nap soon though so expect they'll be here soon. Could use a nap myself actually, yawn!

17/08/2014 at 19:18


Sonya, I hope that baby comes soon, even if it just provides a distraction from your mother  Oh and cricket is much more important than a baby isnt it?  Dont worry about the calories at this stage. Pretty soon, you'll experience the biggest days weightloss day ever!

Ttid - glad Mr TT had an excuse.  I thought he was going to get in all sorts of trouble here.  Fair enough it was arranged before the baby arrived.

Caro - I wouldnt worry about bike speed.  I race at probably approx 30kph but I struggle to get anywhere near that in training. A lap of richmond park takes me just under 25 mins and its only 11k.  At the speeds you run at, i am sure you would be good on a bike. Oh and enjoy the ribeye.  I have steak envy although I did go out for a posh dinner with my 2 bezzas last night to a michelin star place (My Dad laughs as I always called them Mitch-el-lin stars until he told me I was saying it wrong about 2 years ago)

Still on baby teeth and no teeth in our house so no idea about shark teeth.

I managed 9 miles today which is good as i have a half in 3 weeks time and I have a sprint tri next weekend, so i wont do a long run then.  I should have enough distance in my legs to get round okish.  Unfortunately the 9 miles miles had a 20 min break in it as i had to do a slow walk with a seriously clenched bum and i suddenly needed a poo and wasnt near a toilet.  I was v glad to finally get to one...  Nice

17/08/2014 at 20:39
Urgh to your Mum Sonya, not really good timing for her to stress you out. Mine has reached new levels of madness and I don't enjoy having her around the kids but havn't thought of a solution!!

TT - the sleepy first few days are always good for Dad to do stuff! Hope the pain passes soon. Sounds like Fay is feeding well xx

Pip, great to do laps of Richmond Park, I did all my marathon training there in 2004. Gah that's 10 yrs ago!
17/08/2014 at 23:25

Congrats TT!  What a lovely surprise .  Hope you are healing ok.

And Tangy - eek to Nat and boyfriend, one of many trials I expect we all have to face with our kids as they grow up!  I guess if she is a sensible girl, knows about precautions, stranger danger and when to admit she's wrong, she'll be fine.  It may be that they try it for a while then give up on it?  He sounds like a decent type though, better than some scruff she met in a club .

Sonya - feeling your parent frustration!  Hope it's not too awful for you.  I've just endured a week on holiday with my MIL and am quite keen not to do the same next year...  Combination of her being patronising/irritating and me having TOTM was not good!  Tomorrow I'm off to Suffolk with the kids to see my mum for a couple of days so that may well finish me off .

So Scarborough was nice but my TOTM but a bit of a downer on the holiday for me which is annoying.  Also felt as though the in-laws didn't really want to do anything so we sort of drifted around a lot and didn't visit as many places as I would have liked.  Hey ho.  Then today had an argument with hubby as it turns out he thought I was the messy one in the house (and I think he is!) - the CHEEK!!  I had a brief rant about maybe I'll stop doing all the washing etc then see how messy everything is...grr...we haven't really resolved it yet but are at least speaking 

Ooh and I've got a second pair of trainers at last!  Half price on Sportsshoessomethingorother so £40 plus postage - Saucony ones similar to some I've had before.  Tried them out on a 5.5 mile run this afternoon and they were super comfy.

So before my hols I did a blitz on exercise (for me) of about 5 days in a row of different forms of exercise which nearly killed me, then did nothing but my glutes workout and a few sit-ups all week, eaten crap,yet I felt good on my run today!  How does that work??  Maybe all that pre-hols exercise worked?!

Anyway sorry for the ramble. Must go to bed as planning on leaving at 9am tomorrow.  Hubby back to work so will be miserable too...

Sorry if I've missed anyone - will try to keep up a bit now things are less manic!

18/08/2014 at 07:26

oh joy. work begins again today. I appreciate that as a teacher I have shedloads of holiday and I really am grateful for that but I am dreading the return to work. so many reasons to dislike it and sooooooooo difiicult to switch posts up here... ho hum. I am hoping that the thought of it is worse than the reality. it does mean that i now have literally NO time to run (unless I set a 5am alarm - although the OH wouldn't be impressed if he had to get up to deal with a child early doors).  We have increased the hours we have class contact so I can't fit it in to lunchbreaks any more. Have been putting off trying to work out how on earth i can keep running and working but I guess I'll have to start giving it some serious thought.

shark teeth? is that an actual thing? I thought the OH was calling The Girl that as a cheeky thing - not because it is a known condition. Learn something new everyday! The Girl has had two bottom wobbly teeth for the whole holidays and the two adult teeth are poking through the gum behind. I think it's quite sore for her but I am more likely to get her to fly to the moon then get her to allow anyone to take them out. (dentist included)

No idea about cycle times there Caro, but it sounds good. the faster supersprint triathalon cyclers seem to cover the cycle leg (10km?) in 23-25 mins in our local triathalon series. does that help?

40 quid sounds like a decent price for good trainers. I scrimped on the last pair and it was a mistake - i have to alternate using them with the previous pair as if i just use them i get achey legs. i need to replace them. i think online might be the way to go.

glad to hear new babyness is going well.

hope there is more new babyness soon and at the right time for those waiting 

right - better go and make my lunch for the day.


18/08/2014 at 08:12

gah chaos in Cardiff this morning. NATO summit coming to celtic manor (about 2 miles from my house) on 4 - 5sept so they are barricading Cardiff in by the looks of it. go figure?! anyway it's to do with Obama and co coming to dinner in Cardiff castle, but the chaos is enormous and it's still 3 weeks away!!! they have shut roads everywhere. I am probably not going to get out of my village when the summit is actually on. doubt i'll get anywhere near the M4...

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