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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/08/2014 at 10:57

A neighbour gave us masses (and I mean masses) of home grown broccoli. Anybody got any good recipes for things to make and store... was thinking broccoli soup but never made that before!

Edited: 22/08/2014 at 11:00
22/08/2014 at 12:25
Well I had nearly 4 wks of rest and there was no change in my calf knot/ sore foot as unfortunately walking & standing & sitting aggravate it just as much as running & cycling. Having to keep my leg straight all the time so it doesn't tighten up it's so bl**dy annoying. Roll on Thursday and sports massage.

After school today I have the Macmillan Cancer research ice bucket challenge to do so beware mwah mwah mwah
22/08/2014 at 17:33

There's no bloody way I would pour a bucket of cold water on my head for love nor money.

just did a hilly 4 miler along beach, sand dunes and up a hill, past a beautiful church half buried in sand dunes.  

My friend and I took the 4 kids to a theme  park today, whilst the dads went cycling.  Lots of fun, quite tame but not may queues and the kids loved it.  They will sleep tonight!

the countdown has begun.  3 days till chemo.  Ugh.

i too am not looking forward to autumn.  It's my b day soon and x mas seems to suddenly creep up on my after that even though its 3 months.

my sister is very kindly taking a leave of absence from work and going to come over to be with me during chemo.  Not the next one but the last 4.  She will go and do stuff in the weeks between sessions when I am back on my feet.

22/08/2014 at 18:39

Every day is a day closer to being rid of it Caro, hang in there, you sound as though you are handling it all so well.  I missed that you shaved your head in the end - good for you   Does your hair grow back at all or does the chemo completely stop the growth?  How many rounds of chemo do you have to have?  Sorry for all the questions, I must have missed some posts along the way.

No way I'm pouring a bucket of iced water over my head either!  

I've been sneezing constantly for a few days though it seems better today, no idea what's causing it.  I am always slightly allergic to house dust and our cats if they malt a lot, but never had this kind of reaction before.  Very weird.  Sneezing repeatedly when driving is not good .

Hope you can make a decision on your busy life Lotte!  Great that you are back running again though.

I'm feeling decidedly lardy after my holiday, and had to miss BodyPump last night because hubby and I would have missed each other by about 10 mins which is not worth getting a babysitter out for .  Had a bit of a mope about lack of permanent job/where is my career going and ate lots of biscuits instead !  May drag myself out for a half hour interval session after the kids have gone to bed but not really feeling it right now...!

22/08/2014 at 22:36

6 JG, the final one is supposed to be nov 18th.  Hair hasn't fallen out yet so still a grade 1.  My leg and armpit hair are not really regrowing after I shave now.


Camlo    pirate
22/08/2014 at 22:51

Fab swim CC but boo to missing appt.

Broccoli doused in some kind of white sauce would freeze i guess. 

minks - IMTB did fab to get sub 12 hours. 

I guess managing the side effects of chemo may be like us all finding our own ways of dealing with morning sickness. What works for one may not work for another. So pleased that your sis is coming Caro. 

Grr to housework, why oh why cant they invent more self cleaning items. 

Got a call today from hubby who had fallen through a floor at work..... Huge scrape up his leg and numerous on his back, cut on his head glued and steri stripped. Thank god that was all! 

23/08/2014 at 08:06

glad he's ok. must have given him a bit of a shock.

sounds like you are making good use of the time between chemo sessions. I bet the kids loved the theme park

did you make it our the door joggergirl?  I hate sneezing when driving - it's than microsecond of shutting my eyes. which is strange because when I was younger I used to dare myself to drive (on fairly quiet roads) with my eyes shut and see how long I could go for before I caved in and opened my eyes again. ha ha ha ha. what a wazzak.

does sound like a bit of a timetabling nightmare, lottie. sounds like 3 weekends in a row might be coming up.

no idea about broccoli. I nearly always mix it with cauliflower (cos they are similar shapes??) and bake it in a cheesey sauce. or cut it up very small and have it with pasta and blue cheese and olive oil. our house erupts in protest when I bring out the broccoli anyway...

sorry to hear so many folks are carrying injuries.

need to do a c. 2hr run today. but no idea when I have any hope of fitting it in. blinkin kids. blinkin working husband. grrrrrrr

23/08/2014 at 09:07
Yum broccoli, I love it don't usually do anything other than boil/ steam it though or stir fry.
23/08/2014 at 09:16
Well the walk to the toilet this morning was interesting. Try to keep leg straight when sleeping and flex ankle every time I wake but still hop-along when I get up in the morn. Quads r also a bit achey after this wks walking/running/cycling after 3 wks of exercise inactivity.

Can't b bothered getting up got nothing planned today except housework and pouring bucket of cold water over Hubby.
23/08/2014 at 13:58

That's so great about your sis taking time off to help you through the chemo Caro - couldn't ask for greater devotion than that.  Let me know if/when it's OK to visit again at any point though; would love to see you if it's not too much for you.

Camlo, nightmare about hubby - glad he got away with just a few cuts though.  It coud have been a lot worse.  Yes, IMTB did brilliantly - 1:25 for the swim, 5:37 for the bike and 4:32 for the run.  Now it's all over of course he thinks he could have done better on the run (and having trained him, so do I).  But he did the sensible thing and was reasonably cautious having never run that kind of distance before so definitely there's potential for shaving some time off.  He's already decided to do another one same time next year so it looks as though our days of long runs home from work may not be over!  But next year they will also have some purpose for me as I'll be training for the ultra.

JG, I am allergic to autumn!  I know it sounds weird but as soon as we get the heavy dew in the mornings and general dampness I start to sneeze.  I am bad with dust (good excuse to never do any housework!) and mildew is a nightmare.  I can never help out with jumble sales (bummer!) because the damp, dust and mildew covering all the crap people get rid of just sets me off big time.  I'm fine with pollen, dogs, cats etc. though but it gives me a second reason for disliking autumn!

No I don't fancy the ice bucket challenge either, so hope I don't get nominated!

Been for a nice walk in the woods this morning with Kit and a friend from school, and his mum.  She then gave the kids lunch and I'm having them this afternoon so she can get out and sort out school uniform for her eldest.  Means I can get stuff done indoors too as Kit will be occupied.

Fantastic training Lotte.  If you feel like doing the Royal Parks next year instead of this year we could meet up as I'm planning to do it too.  Kept getting invitations to do this year's but managed to resist as haven't really done the training I'd want to do (despite all the extra long runs with IMTB).

23/08/2014 at 14:28

Tt, your final comment was so funny. If you'd been living on Mars for the last month and didn't know about the ice water challenge, that comment would be so off the wall!

Camlo, yes glad your husband not more seriously hurt. Must be a bit of an occupational hazard. Hope he heals quickly. 

Caro, that's awesome that your sister can come and stay for so long. Will surely help your recovery to have someone on hand to help with all the logistical problems as well as some moral support. 

Planning a quiet relaxing weekend again this weekend. Weather is roasting so I'm sure we'll head to the pool at some point. 

Next weekend is a long weekend here. My friends are throwing me a baby shower on Saturday which is very sweet of them, especially as the last one was only 18 months ago. Then on the Monday we have been invited to a partypin the afternoon at the house of one of our new neighbours. I think it's quite a friendly road we are moving into with a lot of families with kids so am looking forward to meeting some more of them. 

Hope CC is enjoying her weekend in Edinburgh and didn't get toooo carried away with the G&Ts last night!  ;-)

23/08/2014 at 17:00
That's what I should have done today: should have left teen to babysit and got train throo to Edinburgh and CC and I could have hobbled round Edinburgh together and gone to pub. But no I cleaned the bathroom, washed dishes and caught up with the clothes washing
23/08/2014 at 22:04

Great to have your sis for support Caro - and not having to shave your legs or armpits is at least one small bonus .  

Ouch, hope hubby's ok Camlo!  Sounds nasty.

Ikkle - sadly no, I felt really tired and was asleep by 11 which is very unlike me!  A cold evening run is not nearly as appealing as a warm one .  But also I felt as if I was coming down with a cold, and I do tend to listen to my body with these things - if I don't feel like a run it's usually because I'm not 100% rather than being lazy! I had a riding lesson this afternoon which was good, especially as I've had to miss a few weeks through one thing and another (one thing was a hangover !).

Minks - I googled the sneezing thing and saw that you can be allergic to autumn!  I would be the same at a jumble sale as I am terrible when doing any cleaning or sorting out in the house.

We were planning a trip to Thomasland on Monday but the forecast is not good .  Tomorrow's is better but then I'd miss my run so I don't really want to do that.  Damn weather!

23/08/2014 at 22:19

That's very kind of your sis Caro.  She will be such a support for you.

Minks I understand what you mean about jumble sales too - I can't even try stuff on that I find in my drawer because I will sneeze myself stupid.  I've been terrible the last few days.  15 sneezes in a row whilst driving.  It's not safe!!

Amid all the hubby bashing - and mine is equally guilty of the sulking because I have declined his advances at 2330hrs - but he has actually done something very sweet.  He has booked us dinner next Sunday at Heights restaurant which is the restaurant in the hotel we got married in and where we held the wedding breakfast and then we get to watch the Fireworks Concert from the balcony there.  Am so chuffed. 

Have also booked a girls' weekend to London in November.  7 of us - all schoolpals.  We've got Miss Saigon tickets booked (and I have started stocking up on tissues already!) and we are going to go shopping and have afternoon tea and then go for Peking Crispy Duck in Chinatown after the theatre.  It's our 40th celebrations!

23/08/2014 at 23:18
Sounds fab EF

So is the autumn allergy related to moulds? I have developed very itchy nose this wk and wondering if it's mould related.
24/08/2014 at 13:00

How's your hubby camlo? 

24/08/2014 at 13:02

I'm sneezy year round to be honest but the last few days of the working week were horrendous. No idea why!

24/08/2014 at 15:04

Would love to see you again minks.  Could potentially meet for a lee valley walk if the weathers nice or something.  

Just cycled 18 miles on the camel tril then had rick steins fish and chips for lunch.  Now packing up to drive home  

24/08/2014 at 15:05

Oh and my hair is starting to fall out. What's getting a bit worried that it wasnt going to after I'd shaved it all off!

24/08/2014 at 15:37

Ooh I'm envious enough of proper English fish and chips, I bet Rick Stein's were delicious!!!  Yay and nooo to hair falling out Caro. 

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