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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/10/2014 at 19:43

Looks like the neutrophils got their jiggy on judging by facebook!!

TTid - please no to a 10 pounder!! Scan was fine - everything measuring average so most likely just positioning. I bumped (haha) into an old school friend who is having twins - she will be induced early the same day I would be induced if I go overdue! I haven't seen her in years but keep in touch loosely via facebook. WIll be nice to reconnect once the babies are here.

I was thinking the same thing about how great it would be if people could take on a chemo round for a friend - it would certainly share the load. Take care Caro and hope the next few days aren't too rough (or just go really quickly if they are).

Tadpoles are doing well - daycare have lent us a bigger tank so they don't have to live in a bucket. As yet unnamed - will do that today when we put them in their new home. First I have to go and source some pond water - I can just see me toppling in trying to reach scummy pond water round my bump! The things you end up doing as parents!!

Last day of hubbys 90 day trial today. He's feeling positive now and technially they had to give him notice a week ago if they wanted to let him go so fingers crossed all is good. He's certainly been happier in the last couple of weeks.

28/10/2014 at 19:50

Fingers crossed for hubby!

iklle wot was the point of a chip if they don't give you a chip time??  Fab effort either way of course!

i would have to really hate you guys to make anyone do this for you've all got a reprieve as a I don't hate any of you that much  

yes neutrophils went up to a resounding 1.7.  Whoopie do. Normal is 2.5 but they'll give chemo if it's above 1.5. It's quite scary when you read things saying

28/10/2014 at 20:21

Do you think their day before test is relevant Caro?  It seems odd that yours are always down the day before then over the level the morning of?  Glad you have got another one ticked off and hope the next few days pass quickly.  You look well in your photo's by the way, even when you are being pumped full of toxic gunk!

Fingers crossed for hubby Hoggle and also a normal weight baby - my boys were just over 9lb and that was quite big enough!

Half term so no running for me, the weather was great this morning, Martha and Aidan did a craft session a local mum organised and Benedict played in the playground for a full hour!

28/10/2014 at 20:32

It's not the day before, it's Friday as that's the day I'm in clinic.  In theory I could go the day before but that either means a trek into Central London, or go to my local hosp, with Eric in tow, wait for ages, and then risk them not getting the results back to the correct place in under 24 hrs.  it's not that much of a bother going in early on the day-my friend came and after they took my blood we had a lovely breakfast, chatted, waited, waited some more, have up waiting and went back to the hosp anyway, chased the bloods, got the results, waited some more, chased the chemo, waited some get the picture.   Only 1 left and I'm going in for a psychology talk anyway that day so the waiting will be ok.  God I feel odd.  Will take sleeping drugs soon to knock myself out.

28/10/2014 at 20:52

Hope you sleep well Caro. pleased to hear the neutrophils behaved. Bet matilda had a lovely day at longleat, weather has been glorious down south. Not looking forward to tomorrow when it's meant to p down all day, Maggie is poorly so even if we could go out in the rain she won't be up to it, and don't think I'll persuade any of my friends to risk our germ filled house. 

hoggle- my boy was 9lb8oz but it was pretty obvious from my belly! im sure you'll have a normal sized baby but not a whopper

Anyway, only a quick post to stay I'm still here just busy. House move went well but don't know when I'm going to actually finish unpacking. CC- I had packers and cannot imagine having to pack As well as unpack! Brave lady hope hubby appreciates your efforts

just remembered main reason for posting! Lotte (and any others who've had this) - went to gp for my 6wk check and he confirmed I have bad ab separation. He has referred me for physio but said to do no exercise at all!!! Im sure you said you still have separation and are obviously running?! Did you have to wait a while post birth though? Strengthen core etc? I am impatiently waiting til I can see physio and getting fed up of googling and getting conflicting info!

off to bed in mo. My hungry boy is still waking me many times a night and my coughing, sick girls are getting us up for various reasons, including nose blowing, sigh!



Camlo    pirate
30/10/2014 at 08:19

Oh no - everyone has got better things to do than post on here..... 

Boo to abs Sonia. Hope you are feeling better caro after your monster sleep xxx

Lovely day with Archie yesterday for his birthday but not easy squeezing all my working hours into half term so far. Struggled with black clouds yesterday too as my Mum didnt even phone and i missed my nan like crazy (still very tearful this morning so need to pull myself together, get showered dressed, drop kids with sis and get to work for 9...?) 

30/10/2014 at 16:20

awww camlo. hope the clouds have lifted a bit today and you have found a bit of a way through.

hope you get some good advice sonya.

laughed raucously today as I was helping a 5 year old boy zip his jacket up at hometime. conversation naturally strayed to this evening's Halloween disco and he told me he was going ot be a pirate
"Arrrrrrrrrr! me heartie!" says me "Does ye 'ave treasure to bury? gold dubloons perhaps?"

and he looks at me.

"I'm not going to be a weird one," he replies. That's me cut down to size then,

30/10/2014 at 19:08

Hahaha Ikkleginga that is hilarious!!

We are going to a halloween party at a friends house this afternoon. Never done anything remotely halloween before (its a fairly new arrival to NZ) but one of my coffee group friends is from Texas and she obviously likes to celebrate the American holidays - can't wait for her Thanksgiving party!

STarted feeling a tiny bit more organised - managed to get my nieces christmas presents sorted (going down there next week and want to take them as I won't see them again before CHristmas) and also all of Matildas stocking so that is most of my christmas shopping done!! Feels crazy early but I know I am not going to want to do it in Dec when I am either v pregnant or with a small baby.

Next week Matilda and I are going on a road trip as a chance to spend some proper fun time together before she stops being my only child! We are heading to the farm on Wed afternoon and then will continue on down to my sisters on Thursday afternoon, stay there until Sat afternoon, back to the farm until Monday morning and then back home via a work meeting. Can't wait - Getting a few raised eyebrows as will be 35 weeks but I'm sure all will be fine!

Oh and any suggestions for bad breath in littlies? Matildas breath is rank at the moment possibly due to having a cold. Obviously I clean her teeth thoroughly and even gave her tonuge a scrub but not sure what else to do.

30/10/2014 at 19:08

PS I am craving christmas mince pies badly and the stupid supermarket isn't selling them yet - how dare they!!!

Edited: 30/10/2014 at 20:48
30/10/2014 at 20:28

Ha ha, my better thing to do was sleeping.  I literally came home from hosp on tues, stayed in bed for 16 hrs, got up for a few hrs yesterday, went back to bed for 16 more, woke up at 11 am today craving chips, dragged hubby and sis to slug and lettuce to eat chips, came home and went back to bed.  It's now 8.30pm and I'm tired again!  

Hope you're feeling a big brighter today camlo.  I'm sad that I'm not doing fun stuff with the kids at half term, esp as the weathers mostly been ok.  mon is inset so Matilda and I are going to do something fun. 

Am hoping to get a second opinion on radiotherapy.  Spoke to the professor at kings yesterday who offered his help way back in May, and I e mailed him and spoken to him a couple of times.  His opinion is radiotherapy would be overkill, which is what I think too, but when it comes down to it, it seems counterintuitive to decline treatment.  So he had offered to refer me to one of his clinical oncologists at guys and st thomas's hospitals for a formal second opinion.  I just need to make totally sure I make the right decision.


30/10/2014 at 22:38

Wow sounds like you have an excellent professional resource to tap into there Caro! I can understand what you mean by feeling strange declining treatment. No point if its overkill but you also don't want a nagging doubt of what if. Hopefully the formal second opinion will help you make a decision one way or the other - very tough call. All that sleep sounds very very healing!!!


31/10/2014 at 00:46
Bad breath in children can b a sign of lactose intolerance. Nat's morning breath could have knocked u out from 6 feet away when she ate dairy. She had very little tummy issues, it was mainly her breath that was a problem. Went completely when she changed to soya milk. She still has cheese, butter and occasional yoghurt without issue but hasn't drunk cows milk since she was about 5 and she doesn't like the taste as she is so used to soya milk.
31/10/2014 at 08:42

caro - I can't imagine having to make that decision. I hope you can get some good advice. you don't want to put yourself through unnecessary treatment, but no-one can really tell you whether it's necessary or not, as they have no real way of knowing 100%. I hope you get the guidance you need to make the decision.

Camlo    pirate
02/11/2014 at 08:59

Bugger to split muscles Sonia, some ladies are lucky and even huge gaps do reduce.

Awful house challenge CC. Hope the boxes decrease and the happiness increases! 

Day trip to London to see the poppies yesterday - saw on fb that i must have passed some of you there! Only me and my Dad so we walked from Tower Bridge to London Bridge, past the monument, into St Pauls Cathedral, along the strand, Trafalgar Sq & Picadilly, up Regent St, into Hamleys, right along Oxford St and Bond st and jumped on the tube at marble arch for last bit to Paddington to get to train on time! Must have covered miles! Rest day today! 

Well done tatty on hitting 2014 miles!!!! 

02/11/2014 at 10:55

Matilda went with holiday club on Thurs and is going again with school on Nov 10th.  I was very impressed she could tell me what it meant (although obviously not really having any concept!)

Yay you're in CC!  And you have internet......phew!

Off to my aunt and uncle's for lunch today on the train, so most exciting for Eric.



02/11/2014 at 19:41

Must have been a busy weekend judging by quietness on here. Looks like MM did another ultra - any other racers?

Those poppies do look very impressive, a couple of my friends helped to plant them.

Quiet but busy weekend here - home all weekend but got lots done, gardening, sewing projects etc. Made some felt masks for my niece for Christmas and am stoked with the result (if I do say so myself!) an owl, butterfly, fox and a crown. Hope she likes them!! Presents for both nieces ready to be wrapped and taken down this week so that's one thing to tick of the must do before the baby arrives list. 

Currently waiting for an electrician to arrive (meant to come fri but cancelled). We had a bulb randomly drop out of a light fitting and smash on the floor. Guy came and put a new fitting in but another bulb dropped out and when you look at it you can see its melted it. Then over the weekend 2 more appear to have melted and dropped out - making me feel very nervous about dodginess of wiring!

CC - glad to hear you are safely in new house athough sounds like it was horrendous!! Moving is stressful enough without added pressures of a packrat and relationship strain so am sending you some big higs (and a virtual bottle of wine/gin/whiskey!!).

Caro I hope all your sleep has helped you catch up a bit.

CM - were the kids pleased to see the return of dinovember? I have had a teriible craving for my mums xmas mince pies (of course impossible as she has only just made the mincemeat) and the stupid supermarkets are not selling them yet. They looked at me like I was crazy when I asked yesterday - felt the need to point out that the had decorations, advent calendars etc so surely pies were not out of the question!

02/11/2014 at 20:30

very impressed with the long distance running photos and achievements.

oo that's weird with the lightbulbs - hope it's easily sorted. the masks sound grand. can't believe that it is time to start thinking about Christmas and that - although we were in the supermarket today and boy, they are all geared up. aisles and aisles of glittery tinselly gaudiness!

the moving sounds very stressful. hoorah! for helpful sisters - I think I missed where you have moved too - is it a long distance move? our house is FULL of gubbins - I can't begin to imagine having to sort through it to put it boxes. I think it would bring me out in tantrums and sweats.

well, I made the mistake of turning 37 last week. bl00dy disaster. appear to have developed a stress fracture in my left foot in the past week and on-going shoulder problems have intensified to the point where my right shoulder (previously known as the "good" one) is now virtually immobile. dammit. how do I get young again?and more to the point - with injuries top and bottom what sort of exercise options are available to me?


02/11/2014 at 20:34

Oh no Ikkle - if you find out the secret of youth please tell me!  CC just had to move as the landlord was selling I think, so not far.

Plenty of mince pies in the shops here.....and have ordered my xmas cake ingredients to be delivered in this wks shop.  Also trying to be organised this yr.

02/11/2014 at 23:00

Hello, I did a read to catch up and then of course, forget most of the things I was going to say.

Caro - I hope all the sleep helped and you are feeling somewhat human.  I hope you get some good advice.

Sonya - I must have missed some posts but it looks like from CC's post that you have been told not to exercise.  I am certainly no expert, but my physio let me go very gentle stuff at about 4/5 weeks.  However, it sounds like its best to be cautious.  I thought my tummy was going back together pretty well at first but I've been left with 2 distinct pouches that arent going anywhere.  Oh and let's not even talk about skin!  

IG - sounds like 37 hasn't been great so far.  I hope it gets better.  I'm 38, 39 in May.  I dont mind as I am planning a big race for my 40th so looking forward to it  How do you know its a stress fracture?

Hoggle - hope you are doing ok.  Be glad there aren't mince pies around yet.  I try and hold out until at least Dec 1st.  I am always gobsmacked when you see them in the shops in Nov with a BBD of mid Nov etc!  Seriously

The move (or not move might be better), well it's just hideous.  Our buyer went AWOL for all of last week.  The estate agents wanted us to put it back on the market but he called (after about a million missed calls) to say he was on holiday.  I had almost lost the plot!  Our buyer still has to have his buy to let mortgage approved, then he wants to do a survey and we are supposed to exchange in 2.5 weeks. We joint own the freehold and he is just being annoyingly slow and difficult and expensive.  I was so stressed last week that hubby has taken over.  I clearly cant hack it all (doesnt bode well for going back to work).  I can't even think about xmas as i dont know where we'll be living then.  And this is before I have even packed a frickin box.  CC, i am scared not to move and scared to move!  Arghhh!! Schools applications close Jan 15th.  Great.

Gym/running/cycling is keeping me from completely losing the plot.

02/11/2014 at 23:02

Sonya - I suspect your GP is saying that as they dont really know so erring on the side of caution.

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