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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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26/06/2013 at 07:51

I thought skimmed milk was higher in calcium + vit d 

than full fat. But I believe the reason for making sure u 

r getting enough vit d is that they have found a connection between 

low vitamin d levels inutero + developing ms in later life

26/06/2013 at 08:03

Camryn is generally a really good eater except she likes 

very little in the way of carbs, except sweeties. But she eats 

loads of veg, meat + fish so I just go with the flow + let her 

eat her gums, chocolate mousse + mini roll for pudding 

as she needs the calories. If u take the sweets out her diet 

she eats the perfect diet for a woman who wants to lose weight 

breakfast is usually berries with total yoghurt + syrup 

lunch typically chicken, brocolli, carrots, cauliflower + gravy 

dinner pork chop with a mountain of curly kale 


doesn't like rice, pasta, potatoes + only small amounts of 


she does like most fruit too

26/06/2013 at 09:58

M would eat fruit all day long if she could. I struggle with getting her to eat 'proper' things - she's not a big meat fan so Shepards pie, lasagne type things are a no go. Usually it's a carb and some veg and some meat and usually she'll eat the carb and a bit of veg. Meat gets chewed then spat out often. At the moment I'm offering a sensible meal with something she will eat included and put no pressure on her. I do need to get a bit tougher about not letting hubby give her crackers etc before dinner, and giving more challenging meals - I often just give her what I know she'll eat. Drives me mad if I let it but try not too. outside of dinner time she's great at trying new things even if she then doesn't like them. 

Mum coming up tomorrow for the night - cant wait!! Lovely sunshine as well!

26/06/2013 at 11:30

mine are pretty good, but use almost exactly the same words as Vixo in the evening - you could have been me!!! So there are no alternatives, they are not going to starve and if they go 'lite' on a meal it's not the end of the world.  When we are all tired though I don't bother to serve up more adventurous stuff, I save that for when we are all in the right frame of mind!!

Tonight is my tough night for food as we eat picnic style in the car on the way to guitar!!

final dentist trip and last filling done hopefully ...

very easy 5km this morning beforehand

Been a bit grey here this week weather-wise but not cold, think Sunday we had the most rainfall we have had for months and months, we definitely needed it though as it is sooooo dry.

LOL at Archie and the wet pants Camlo!! Hope the appt goes OK.


26/06/2013 at 14:06

Yes I think it's that getting stuck in a rut, offering the same things all the time that I'm worried I've got into.  So I was thinking, what else could I try with them, then I just despair when Sophie won't even eat boiled potatoes (soaked in vinegar ) and has decided she no longer likes courgette!  But I agree with CC - it is all about being in the right frame of mind - yesterday I was not in the right frame of mind, knew she wouldn't eat all of it so got extra wound up when she didn't!  I do say "oh well, don't eat it then" now when she has a look at what I'm making and complains.  And yes it's all separate things on the plate with whatever's new in a tiny portion that she has to eat - I just wish I could make a big lasagne or something and we all sit down happily to eat it.  Or maybe that kind of family doesn't exist...!

Sophie starts gymnastics tonight at 5pm which will be a bit of a logistical puzzle around teatime etc but hopefully it'll work ok!

26/06/2013 at 14:51

I never have much time or opportunity to post these days but thought I'd pop in to (hopefully) offer some reassurance to those with fussy eaters.  As some of you who have been posting here for a long time may recall, Kit was a total nightmare with food.  Trying to get him to try something new was fighting a losing battle and the only things he would eat were a few savoury dishes I'd made specifically for him when he was weaned (a very bland chicken casserole and an equally bland beef or lamb one).  He wouldn't eat fish fingers, sausages, pizza, pasta, or any of the usual 'staples' - bolognese, macaroni cheese, jacket potatoes ...  He did like carrots and peas and would eat potato if it was hidden in a casserole.

Everyone used to tell me to put whatever it was I wanted him to eat on his plate, give him time to eat it then remove it if he wouldn't and not give him anything else.  Rightly or wrongly, I couldn't do that and would rather give him what I knew he'd eat so at least I knew he'd had something proper to eat.  The worst point came when he even refused the few dishes he could normally be relied upon to eat and we went through about three weeks of him refusing to eat anything but toast before he decided to eat my casseroles again.  He was always happy to eat breakfast and yoghurt and there were times I used to dip things I wanted him to try in yoghurt in an effort to persuade him.  The only person who didn't worry was my mum, who always believed that in time he would get past the fussy stage and would eat normally.  I wanted to believe her, but I'm not sure I really did.

But she was right.  I never pressured him into trying things, but eventually it came from him - he would gradually ask to try things he'd see us eating and I think the thing that made the biggest difference was making the effort to sit and eat together as a family every weekend (we can't do so during the week).  I started cooking a roast every Sunday and gradually he started to accept more and more foods.  It took a long time but he now eats almost everything and I would certainly not describe him as a fussy eater.  The only things he really doesn't like/won't try are baked beans, ham and raw tomatoes.  It's only relatively recently that he started to eat pasta and he now says it's his favourite food!

So I just wanted to say don't despair - I do believe that most children come round eventually.  For me the key was not stressing at mealtimes (I used to be terrible) and eating together as a family regularly.

26/06/2013 at 17:47

My stepdaughter was a terrible eater, very fussy + ate very 

little, she grew out of it but then unfortunately developed an 

allergy + cannot eat any uncooked veg, some veg she can't eat 

even cooked + can't eat any fruit. She salivates over the stuff 

now wishing she could eat it, changed days from having to fight 

to get her to eat every meal.

26/06/2013 at 18:45

What a horrid allergy TT. Must be awful for her.

camlo - hope all went wwell

minks - good to hear from you!

I've been struggling with wed, Thursday and fri food wise. Swimming 5.30, beavers. 5.45, trampolining don't get bak till gone 6. Having to do reheatable stuff or kids just get junk which is no good. 

Apaarently milk has to be full fat as it has more vit d. To prevent neonatal ricketts I believe. Was told to have plenty of sunshine and get free vits at some point!

house currently chaos. Ordered new carpets for lounge, hall, stairs and landing at weekend. Currently trying to get gloss work sorted before they come next Thursday! Still my minging mahogany n bannister is going which can only be a good thing!

26/06/2013 at 18:57

we had picnic tea on a park bench in Nairn today ... no jogscotland so went straight from Ss haircut after school guitar.

Do agree they get past that phase definitely, J used to be far less adventurous than he is now. Also agree that some time spent eating together is definitely worthwhile, even if just at the weekend, which is what we always try to do. Sometimes the simplest stuff is the most popular - mine positively devour oven-baked salmon - nothing on it, just baked and served ... but two months ago S wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!!

I have a friend who is allergic to vegetables and a fair few items of fruit too

Full-fat milk is not exactly mega, high-fat food anyway.  Not that I like it cos I don't, but in the grand scheme of things it's not evil diet-wise and we all need *some* fat in our diet.

Just been told my car is terminal ... sigh ... knew it was on the cards, is over 10 years old now with just shy of 150,000 miles on it ... but even so . I hate being so reliant on a car, but such is life with rural living and kids with such a busy life!! (oh, and the small matter of the mainly absent husband!)

26/06/2013 at 21:04

Thank you Minks and good to hear from you, that really made me smile .  I think time at the weekend eating together is something we should do more.  Sophie has improved loads from when she was younger (she was the only child I knew who wouldn't touch yoghurt till she was at least 2!)  and she is sooo much better at trying things now, and knows she only gets treats if she eats everything which often works as an incentive.

So thank you so much ladies for your support - I knew I could rely on you to give me sound advice .  I feel like I've been virtually hugged .

Boo to the car CC, it's such a b*gger when they need replacing as it is such a big outlay initially, which most of us don't have sitting in a spare bank account.

Just been to a pretty dull circuits - had a guy covering the usual guy, couldn't hear him half the time and all we did was stand still with a mat doing a succession of exercises!

10k race for me on Sunday in Penistone.  Beautiful route so I'm hoping to enjoy it, and for my first race pain-free.  Fingers and toes crossed.

27/06/2013 at 13:45

JG - it's definitely worth persevering with as their tastes do change. Lily is 10 now and although she'll at least try most things and isn't too fussy, there are still a few things that she's not keen on. In the last couple of years though we've seen a real change with her enjoying food with strong flavours much more. I do think eating together as a family as often as you can is really important though. I know that mine are more likely to try foods because they see us eating them but I also know I'm lucky that I can manage to get home from work in time to have a family dinner pretty much every day. Hubby is a brilliant cook and has dinner on the table when I get home - kids mostly always have the same as us unless he does a really spicy dish (although he'll often add chilli to a lot of the meals he cooks and then just lets the kids add natural yoghurt to cool theirs down a bit).

Oh, any lying to the kids is always good to get them to eat stuff. Issie decided a few weeks back that she didn't like prawns anymore so we told her that the ones on her plate were actually "chicken prawns" so they tasted just like chicken (which she loves) and she then ate them all. She's now convinced that the "chicken prawn" exists and checks when we have prawns that these are the chicken variety and not the normal ones!

Well tonight is Lily's school production of Alice in Wonderland and she has the main role of Alice. She's been working really hard learning all the lines and her solo songs (all 5 of them!) but I think I'm actually more nervous than she is. Really just hope she enjoys it as she's been a bit stressed and upset on occasions when she's struggled to remember some of the words to the songs. Personally, I think the parts are too large for her age group - on top of the songs she tells me she has 57 lines to remember. Anyway, fingers crossed it all goes okay and they have fun doing it.

27/06/2013 at 15:18

I do find it hard to second guess what they will like from one day to the next.  Aidan has eaten cheese and pickle sandwiches two days running after spending weeks saying he didn't like cheese!


Good luck Lily!

Haha - chicken prawns!  Most meat in this house gets called chicken when they start getting iffy about it!

27/06/2013 at 16:06

yes, Salmon was pink chicken for a while here!!

GOOD LUCK Lily - that's a lot of words, I agree Karen!

27/06/2013 at 19:09

Well for lunch Eric had parsnip mixed with tomato sauce, potato and smoked mackerel, and for dinner we all had quiche and spinach.  I am lucky, they are not fussy in the slightest.  We eat together maybe twice a wk, and they do get fish fingers, chicken nuggets etc which is fine from time to time.

now am at the coughy stage of the latest cold, which means I'll be coughing my way thou consults tomorrow.  Great. 





27/06/2013 at 19:18

Good luck Lily!

the only curry Ted will eat is his cousin's ahem, favourite

cc - boo to the car . We're really pleased with our Touran, v fuel efficient etc. I know the 55 shape ones arent so great fuel wise( neighbour had one), I think it's the 105 engine which is the good one Which is about 56 plate on I think. My Meriva has been great too if you're after something smaller. I've done 50,000 miles in five years so plenty of time to find out! Know a lot of people (and I mean most people who've owned one!) who have issues with any of the Meganes, be it saloon or scenic. May friend swears by her Citroen people carrier too.

knackered today. Archie managed to lose his footing and dive into the side of his bed and head butt it last night at bedtime. Massive lump and turquoise within seconds, probably half the length of his forehead. Cue trip to RGH. Waited 1.5 hours to see triage who told us two children were in front. After another 1.5 hour


27/06/2013 at 19:25

(It's now 10.45 and Archie has utterly lost it) and seeing five teenagers go in front, admittedly with broken bones but happily chatting to parents I enquired where we were, still two in front. At this point I had a hormonal melt down of I can't cope any more nurse was vile and told me I couldn't push in and i would be irresponsible to take him home (even though he was obviuosly fine by this point) in. Appreciate that but try looking after a melting down two year old with everybody glaring at you even though you're in paediatric a and e! Not sure what happened, but was seen within 10 mins. Triage nurse very obviously hasn't organised it as she was obviously peeved! Think maybe dr had seen age, symptoms, tantrum (Archie not me!) and used her noddle! Finally got out at 11pm. Nightmare!

27/06/2013 at 20:03

That's terrible JT - considering he probably just needed a couple of quick checks you would have thought they would have done that first rather than leaving you waiting!

27/06/2013 at 20:38

that's totally cr*p JT. When I used to go to Frimley Park with J and his various knocks and bashes, the waiting could be ridiculous but they had a fab triage section which got us off home a few times without waiting around for nothing.

Ultimately we want a VW Transporter like Lotte has - is perfect for all our biking, kayaking and camping adventures with the bonus of even being able to sleep in it too (me thinking of all my stupid adventures I have on my own!!). But I think for the time being (cos they are really hard to come by AND very expensive so will take a while to source) we'll probably get an older Subaru (they are all over the place round here) - can hammer them around anywhere over all sorts of terrain (and some of the roads around here are just evil). Agree Tourans are good. No way hubby would consider buying anything French!! He was bad enough when I mentioned something Japanese ...

Hope Archie has no ill-effects from fall though.  Mine are v tired, S just come out with a snotty cold so I am trying to avoid succumbing to that before my race on Sunday, and J is just totally shattered. One week and counting to school holidays ...

27/06/2013 at 21:10

oh blimey JT - not what you needed!

well, I am planning half marathon training. foolhardy given that I have probably run about 8 times this year! however the antibiotics are working and even though i'm still coughing, it's now not productive (HUGE globules of green gunk are not nice to be coughing up non-stop). I am still having palpitations so I am going to be VERY sensible and take it ueber-easy, doing a very gentle return to running. theoretically. until something else goes wrong

gynae apt on mon at the spire in Cardiff.  slightly apprehensive given GP's reaction to tales of fortnightly bleeding but i'm hoping it will be something and nothing...

27/06/2013 at 21:18

Is that with Mr Bhal cm? If so he's supposed to be very, very good. He's the guy who sorted me out during my miscarriage. Anyone who works with him rates him highly. Yay to no more green gunk!!! Did no one ever do a sputum sample then? Hope you're on the mend. Think the thing with your training is take it easy and not expect any pbs, unless training goes amazingly. Just run and enjoy

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