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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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27/06/2013 at 21:42

No it is Mr Davis. all free as I have paid my excess thru my calf physio. No one did sputum sample. She wanted me to have erythromycin but I know I can't take that. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive about is the fact that I had these antibiotics in Jan and got ill again after that. Only time will tell I guess. 

27/06/2013 at 21:48

Boo to broken cars, hospital triage with bumps, gynae appts, allergies, having to learn so many lines (eek), palpitations and snotty, Germy kids! 

YIPPEE to pink chicken,chicken prawns and gullible kids! race prep and plans! 

CM good luck with appt and agree with JT to take it slowly with any plans. 

Minks - all the stress over eating and you are proof that it all comes good eventually. we should take a leaf out of your book! 

Am sat in a hotel room as on a 2 day course - had a good gym session and a nice Thai curry without constant demands for drinks, toilet etc. lush! 



27/06/2013 at 23:58

JT - that's awful about the wait. Hope Archie is okay now. They really should take the age of child into consideration more, especially in the evenings when these young kids should be tucked up asleep in bed so are going to be massively overtired as well as potentially unwell. 

CC - sorry to hear your car is dead. We've been wanting to trade up to a 7 seater for ages but couldn't afford it but a friend of my mum's is selling a Zafira which is 3 yrs old and only has about 12,000 miles on clock. Anybody else got one? Hubby thinks it might be too small and there won't be enough boot space with the extra seats out. I'm your typical girly driver and just wondered what colour it was!

Thanks for good luck messages. Lily was fabulous!! So relaxed and confident, only a tiny bit of nerves sneaked in which meant she didn't hold some if the notes for as long as she normally can but overall fantastic. So proud, had tears in my eyes when I met up with her after the show. She absolutely loved doing it too and was on such a high she couldn't sleep so we had a cuddle on the sofa catching up on the tennis until 10pm. Next stop, the west end stage !

28/06/2013 at 08:12

Karen - we went for the Touran n because the rear seats are bif enough to take an adult. Big sister was with me and ruled out the Toyota Verso because they were too small. Lots only have seats really big enough to accommodate a chiabout to about 7/8 max so it's worth all piling into onoff that makes sense and stick the adults in the back row to make sure they can tolerate it!

cm - my friend who works at uhw in sonography rates Nigel Davies too. He can be vey blunt though as will tell patients they're too fat for him to scan ! She then has to pick up the pieces... Don't think you'll have that problem though

28/06/2013 at 08:40

oh god now i'm paranoid JT!

wow karen - she sounds like a real star! amazing!

i have left my notebook with 2 weeks of meeting notes in it in hemel 150 miles away and i don't even know where. it hasn't been handed in and i have no idea where i left it as i was all over the building. today was my day for typing up too. ARGH!!!!

28/06/2013 at 09:15

I have a zafira Karen, yes when all the seats are up there 

is very little boot space, room for an umbrella buggy + some 

blankets and jackets and a bag of rackets, toy swords and 

sticky tennis. 

But I have sat comfortably in the rear seats on several occasions and you can also 

fold dwn one rear seat and have extra storage. the boot is huge when both are folded 


Mine is a petrol almost 11yrs old and have only just had to replace the exhaust and 

brakes in the last yr, it has done just under 60000miles. Takes about £65 to fill tank + does about 450miles to a tank on short journeys, 

more if doing longer journeys. 

Mine has needed very little money spent on it, sailed 

through it's mot most yrs without needing anything 

and mechanic says it's in fantastic condition for a car that age, 

couple of tiny rust patches that can barely see unless looking for them. 

And I have to admit it has not bn well looked after, rarely gets a 

service and lucky if it gets washed twice a yr.

28/06/2013 at 09:18

mine was also 3yrs old ex motability car with about 

15000 miles on clock when I got it.

28/06/2013 at 09:19
We've got an Alhambra and love it. Hubby looked and looked and went round in circles about what to get but decided that for the price, the Alhambra was best. I would say that if you've got 3 children you want the biggest 7 seater you can get - sharan if you're going vw or the Alhambra, of the ones we looked at. You'd be amazed, but it's still quite tricky to get 3 car seats across some of the smaller 7 seaters - remember you have to get a hand down beside the seat to actually do the belt up, and some of the high backed boosters are quite wide (less of an issue when you've got older children I guess, but for babies and children in stage 1 seats it's definitely slmething to think about). Also, sliding doors are absolutely the best thing created when you're getting children in and out of cars.

CM - glad you're feeling better

JT - sounds like very odd 'service' at the A&E, but glad he's all ok. Children do eggs on their heads very well when they're little - alarming to look at!

Right, am supposed to be packing for camping - hubby has taken all the children down to school and then to sainsburys so won't be impressed if I've done nothing by the time he gets back!!
28/06/2013 at 09:43

i need a new car too. have just started discussions with my financial advisor about how to fund it. i have savings but he would rather i got a loan because rates are so low right now. i don't like loans!

i won't be in the market for a big job (!) but i need something that will put up with me doing 100s of miles a week for work. i do a lot of mileage. mine is a 56 plate and i have done 100,000+ miles in it

any recommendations? 4 door, nice big boot for camping, reliable. i'm not going to do new new but need it to be quite new

28/06/2013 at 10:44

We were doing the whole Alahambra/Galaxy/Sharan debate when we got mine eight years ago.  Agree sliding doors would be fab, also was going to say what Vixo did about room for child-seats (which ties in with JTs comments about fitting adults into car in back). Ours is fab for that. I rarely have all seven seats in so boot is huge and the other seats can have their backs flipped down, seats tilted up, or removed for even more space!  TBH, the Sharan only really started costing money last couple of years, and for it's 150,000 miles it's been a star!! Hey ho.

Never understand point of new new, lost value as soon as it's off the forecourt!!

I love the look of the Skoda Yetis but sadly they are too recent a model so not out on the second-hand market at a decent price yet.

Skoda are good actually, VW engine technology under the Skoda bodywork etc. Have a few friends with Octavias and the like (I know it's not a 4-door CM, but an estate).

B*gger to the left behind notebook!

Hope you have a decent weather forecast for the weekend Vixo ... bit mixed up here but am hoping the South will be lining up some decent warm temperatures for the next month all ready for our drive South next Friday!!

Been feeling rather wrecked the last few days, snuffly, coughy and tired and had vile headache last night - one of those ones where you feel sooooo sick!  Clearly tapering does not agree with me - am definitely not feeling the sprightliness I need for a race on Sunday . Hey ho. Nice pre-race logistics too - train Forres to Aberdeen (1:50); bus Aberdeen to Braemar (2 hours or thereabouts); night in Braemar Youth Hostel, all raring to go on Sunday morning .  BUT will be great to pop out into Aviemore at the end of the race and hopefully hubby and kids will be there to meet me.  Anyway, best get rid of germs first!!

TT - that sounds a right star of a car!  Loved all the pics of Camryn and her specs. J was insistent he wanted to wear his Harry Hill mock ones to school this morning, I persuaded him out of that one.

I need new glasses too, my current ones are falling apart, but thought I'd get over the shock of dental bills before we started on the optical ones!

28/06/2013 at 11:18

i meant 5 door. not 4! i was wondering about skoda actually. even though the word skoda actually means pity. that has always put me off somewhat. i don't want a vauxhall. i know a number of you have them but i had such a bad experience with a past vauxhall and with the dealership in newport that i don't want to go back there. can't get to dealers in cardiff easily (logistics of taking car in etc are a nightmare) so it has to be newport-based cars for dealerships for now.

oh dear re logistics for race - i hope you feel better soon!

28/06/2013 at 11:48
Thnk skodas are pretty good CM - you get lots for your money. My dad doesn't buy anything without pondering and researching for years (quite literally sometimes!) and he's just bought one of their 4wd ones fr the snow in Switzerland.

It's raining here and we're packing to go camping - hope it stops! Have just had blazing row with husband. He said that I was getting too stressed with organising everything and it would all 'work out'. I suggested that maybe it was *because* I always do lots of organising, rather than in spite of, that everythiing does normally work out when we go away! I don't think there's an option for not being organised when you're taking 3 small children camping - is there? At least not if it's going to be vaguely enjoyable. We're going with some friends who have a 'teepee style' tent apparently(!) , and we have a 6 man tunnel tent, which will fit us in fine, but we don't have a porch or anywhere safe to cook in now that there's lots of us. I suggested getting one of those big tarps that come with poles and guy ropes which you can use in various different ways so that we can make a sitting/cooking area which will be good if it's raining or sunny. He seemed to think this was a ludicrous idea and that it would all be fine - he wouldn't be drawn on how he pictured all 8 of us cooking, eating and sitting in one place safely! Ah well, rant over - he's gone out to buy it and we'll see how we get on.
28/06/2013 at 12:25
And there are actually going to be 9 of us - don't know who I'd missed out! They have a 2.5 yr old and an 8 month old.
28/06/2013 at 12:50

perhaps one of the tents could become the dining/eating area throughout the day? One of our friends has a tunnel tent where you can effectively have the fly up without the inner and we've used that in similar situations. We bought a big add-on awning the other year for our tent as it doesn't really have a dining shelter area (is a small *family* camping tent) and this is fantastic actually. WIll try and find a link for it but will be later on (with a view to a future purchase perhaps). It WILL all be fine - but yes, only because of your preparation!!! GGrrrrr to hubby, all sounds very familiar though ...


28/06/2013 at 13:17

And here!

cm - was it the Cwmbran dealership you had issues with? They're the ones who claimed they'd done the recall work on my car and didnt leaving me with potentially lethal steering! VW are pretty good in Newport on a sales side. We got our new car from Car Shop in Cardiff in the end. Got a really good price but they were a bit slow. Know loads of people who swear by Motorpoint too. And don't worry about Nigel Davies, from what I can gather he doesn't  'do' people who dont look after themselves so obese really annoys him. All that said he's supposed to really know his stuff. 

well done Issie! Missed that earlier, sorry Karen.

vixo - the egg was very impressive. I think it was probably the size of two! And turquoise . now getting lots of comments about it. And yes as the interesting service, it is RGH. An anethesitist friend has commented it's the worst hospital she's ever been to for dealing with a and e patients and she's worked in a few!

28/06/2013 at 13:59

We're camping tomorrow night too, but looks dry for the wk end fortunately!  Only 1 night, and no cooking involved so shouldnt be too bad.  Pulled the camping chairs out of the shed yesterday and thats about as far as I have got!

28/06/2013 at 14:26
The thing is, if we were going for a week I'd have a bit more food and a few more changes of clothes, but otherwise pretty much everything else is the same - cooking stuff, eating stuff, sleeping stuff etc. good thing we've got a big car!
28/06/2013 at 15:27

Oh, and those vehicles you lot are discussing....once they have 7 seats and sliding doors they are mini buses, not cars!

28/06/2013 at 16:13

I know Caro, my sister lovingly refers to my deceased car as *The Bus*

That is the worst thing about holidays Vixo, two days, weekend, one week = same large pile of kit!!!

The Subaru we have at the moment has a very small boot so I will be doing some very compact packing for our trip South. Thankfully I'm only doing one night in tent with just me and the kids so that will be v lightweight, our other *camping* is in the Yurt so positively luxurious!!

Just waiting for sausage rolls to finish cooking (for tennis tea after S's tennis lesson) before legging it back up to town to pick up son and friend from badminton and then back to tennis to join S and the rest! 

My kitchen sink tap has just exploded everywhere and the gusting wind has randomly blown a load of ash through small window and all over my treadmill ... sigh

On the plus side, just watched the P4-P7s summer concert and it was FANTASTIC, really happy uplifting stuff

28/06/2013 at 16:16

We like our s-max, 3 car seats across back plus 2 fold down seats in boot, handy for when granny and grandad are here.

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