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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/06/2013 at 17:44

And what is wrong with mini buses Caro! Our VW transporter is fantastic. Long wheel base and I use it as a substitute garden shed. At the moment the twins bikes are in the boot along with a huge  box with wet weather gear, some fishing rods, all 8 lifejackets and wetsuits, all the beach bucket and spades, a skateboard and god knows what else! But you are right CC they are so hard to get hold of secondhand. Hubby had to go all the way to St ALbans to get ours after our accident which wrote off our first one. It has over 100,000 miles on the clock ('06 reg) but finding anything with low mileage was impossible. We had a Zafira as our first people carrier but unlike TT I did not like that car. Admittedly that might be because it went on fire in our drive one night. But the boot was non existent if you had all 7 seat up. We replaced it with an Alhambra which was great. We had 4 kids at the time and took the middle seat out of the middle row and it was so spacey and comfortable. But the arrival of the twins meant an upgrade to a transporter. Our other car is a ford focus which has been very reliable.

So anyhoo, it is the holidays woohoo. My headteacher sister has just left, she forced me to drink some bubbly with her. Well I couldn't let her down could I ! And I have another run to do later which could be interesting.

Well done Lily.

Happy hols Vixo.

Good luck for the race CC. I will be looking forward to hearing all about it because I was so tempted to do it. Hopefully another year. Currently trying to make my mind up between the Great Glen Recce next weekend or the Clyde stride the following week. Argh, can't do decisions. The great glen lot were so late coming back to us about it going ahead, its not really a proper race this year but sounds lovely and I think I could just about manage it without too much extra cost but then maybe I should stick with the Clyde stride although I kind of feel a bit like been there done that and not too motivated to do that one. The plan is to do one or the other, then recover and concentrate on speed and training for Loch Ness before building up again for the 100m in Nov.

Right better get some food on the table I guess.

28/06/2013 at 17:45

We have a volvo V70, and when we have another adult to cart around Matilda goes in the front, because even I find it a big squish to go inbetween the 2 car seats in the back!

28/06/2013 at 18:14

I think you should do the Great Glen Recce Lotte, as you say, you've done the Clyde stride anyway. Would be a no pressure event I imagine as it's a recce rather than a race  - think they are planning for it to 'go live' next year.

Ha ha to running after some bubbly.

LOL at the mobile shed, my Sharran is like that at times.

Starting to look forward to race now I think, was just feeling so grim and shattered but now I know why (damn female hormones) so I could do without that on race day but at least it explains the grimness!!

Am about to open the wine myself, will abstain tomorrow evening but tonight I genuinely feel like I NEED some!!

28/06/2013 at 20:22

It's a source of fuel cc, I think you can justify it as carb loading

love the idea of a mobile shed, my Meriva is like that too. I discarded hubby's willies (lol! Left that autocorrect, should be wellies!) as they smelt too bad!

so cute tonight, Archie started trampolining last week with Ted. We arrived tonight and he said 'my bounce mummy, thank-you mummy!' 

28/06/2013 at 20:23

Ps would love a car with sliding doors, so much easier on school run! (We have no choice than to drive...)

28/06/2013 at 21:11

we have no choice either, my only fear would be small fingers stuck in sliding doors, but then we've done the 'lets put my hand in by the hinge and shut the door' thing with the Sharran so not sure which would be worse!!

LOL at willies ...

Hubby been home two hours, already slammed a door on him  and suggested maybe he should stay away, wine working it's magic now though so domestic bliss restored!!

28/06/2013 at 21:30

oh dear must b something in the air, hubby + I were 

getting divorced for a few hrs the other night. All sorted 

now, money worries, hubby still out of work + obviously depressed 

but won't see doc as thinks he'll have no chance of getting a 

job if they see he's suffered depression and he was on another 

planet for over a wk with back spasm that turned into entire 

torso spasms and was on seriously horrible drugs that just 

floored him. 

So bn a wonderful couple of wks. 

28/06/2013 at 21:58

Poor you TT, sounds very stressful.  Hope he is a bit better now.  Hope you can convince him to see a doc, might make all the difference xx

Hubby took M & A to school BBQ which was an evening thing, hope they aren't up early! They had pony rides which they were v excited about!

29/06/2013 at 02:11

I feel your hubby's pain TT! Walked too far with mum yesterday (ie not far at all but clearly too much for pathetic old me!) and now have a flare up of the old nerve pain from the start of this back injury feeling despondent that I will never be back to normal - have forgotten what normal was!!!

Hubby has manflu so we have had several roads as both lacking in sympathy!!

29/06/2013 at 08:30

Hope the back eases off after a day or 2 Hoggle, I am sure 

it will improve over time.


Right need to get up, showered + organised, taking Camryn +

her best friend to see the jousting today. Could b a long day 

as they are both little bossy madams + fall out every 20mins 

29/06/2013 at 09:00

good luck with that then TT, S is exactly the same with her best friend too!

 to the back Hoggle, soooooo frustrating for you

29/06/2013 at 11:20

oh dear, boo to stinky willies, grouchy hubbies, big eggs (yes had to scroll back to remember what that was about!!), changing cars for buses, hormones, lost notebook and injury flare ups.

yippee to Lily being a star, wine, cute phrases, wine, camping, wine, jousting and er wine? 

We are on the finishing straight with the extension,hubby has excelled with my dressing room (will try and post pic on fb) but I have been reduced to tears finding curtains for the bloody bedroom window as need blackout and a stupidly wide width. Carpet on Thurs and bed coming next Sat hopefully so then we can MOVE IN!! 

School fayre later so just been to cashpoint 

29/06/2013 at 11:50

Camlo - can you buy the fabric to make them? Or, can you find curtains you like that can be lined? I shout if you get stuck, particularly if you find the curtains as I'm quite prone to relining with blackout lining, you can get the fabric fr just £3 per metre off eBay and then it's a doddle thereoN in. Email is if you need advice. X

29/06/2013 at 17:40

JT - it was the Vauxhall garage in Newport that we had all the trouble with. was a while ago - prob 6 yrs. J was a baby. Car was a nightmare (even tho really new) and the garage were shockingly bad. I vowed never to step inside again

yippee to extension camlo! as for lining curtains, I would never try. Prices of curtains make me weep. I am just jubilant that I have used precision screwdrivers to change battery in E's toothbrush and managed to hang 3 pictures (although I did make 2 holes in the hallway trying to get 1 pic up there before I abandoned it as a bad job!)

about to head up to Wentwood to start my walk / run schedule for half mara training. still coughing - am actually coughing up green again having had a couple of days of no green. argh. am going to take it very VERY slowly (will have no choice really!)

29/06/2013 at 22:31

Boo to coughing up gunk again CM, take it easy on the training.  Your DIY skills sound as good as mine 

Hope your back improves soon Hoggle, and hope hubby improves too TT.

Had a bit of a carp morning myself really - probably woke up in a mood because it was hubby's turn to get up but he didn't think it was, so by the time Nicky had been in and out and lost his little cat etc etc I was pretty much awake anyway, then he gets up grumbling away, and all I can hear downstairs is him getting cross and Nicky yelling.  Not really conducive to a nice lie-in .

Anyway to make matters worse, MIL had offered us some "spare, expensive" weedkiller the other day, clearly saying in her own words "your garden's a mess" (she is a keen gardener), so I ignored the underlying meaning and said yes no point in wasting it.  But in the meantime her and hubby had arranged for her to come and weed our garden this morning, so at 10am she turns up .  I can't explain it and I sound totally unreasonable, but basically I do not want her, or anyone, doing my gardening for me!!  Hubby never does any gardening so he clearly thinks nothing of someone coming in to help, but to me it's MY garden and when I look out of the window I feel a certain pride that I made it look that way.  Yes it is a mess at the moment, which I was just saying to myself the other day, and fully intend to sort it out.  But no, SHE has to come and interfere, again .

Sorry, rant over.  I know that most people will say, what are you complaining about,  she's helping you out because you haven't got time, but this is the woman who bought things for our house and installed them, all without even asking us, and also the fact that hubby never even asked me.  Rant definitely over now .

Took out my frustration on helping to touch up Sophie's school this afternoon - she wanted to come along too and had great fun painting a bench and a wall!

Then stand-in swimming teacher for her lesson this evening who had us all singing the Wheels on the Bus at the beginning - for a class of 4/5 year olds?!!  Felt rather babyish.

Anyway, I will stop grumbling and instead look forward to my 10k race tomorrow, which I hope I am not going to melt in  - will update tomorrow!

EF - how's things?

29/06/2013 at 23:39

I am gutted that my nerve pain in my leg is back - give me standard back pain any day!! Pain killers don't work and no comfy positions to sit/lie. Hubby working so its a LONG day at home!! I will be calling the specialist tomorrow and suspect the operation is back on cards - god knows how we'll fit everything in!

trying to be positive and failing badly!!!!

30/06/2013 at 07:32

Jg - I feel your pain. I think until you have someone like that in your family it's impossible to really know how it feels. FiL is banned from our garden as he puts in plants that I can't stand and are usually invasive crap and then do something like pull up 'dead' roses. All without askiing of course .  Good luck today!

cm - please be careful if its still green... You could make it ten times worse again. Only had to use Newport dealership once, about 18 months ago and thy were ok tbh. Not sure if its t same franchise now.

am so tempted at some point to write a post with all the autocorrect in...

Should get p, major DIY weekend, lots of painting o do and two parties today. Only have to stay for one though, hurrah!

30/06/2013 at 08:51

Thanks JT .  Love that your FIL is banned - I really hope I don't turn into the MIL from hell who can't help but "help" constantly, when my kids are in their 30s...  People keep asking me how it is with them living so close to us now and I say "yeah fine" but right now I want a bit of space!  Hubby and I haven't mentioned it at all so a distinct frosty air between us though we're still getting on on the surface.  Then I saw an email from her to him last night asking if he wanted her to do more weeding, which has annoyed me even more because I wasn't on the email!  Also I can't mention it because I shouldn't have read it .

Hoggle - ouchy ouch to your leg, I can only imagine how awful that must be.  Stay positive, it may not need operating on and if it does, you will manage - your health must come first. ((()))

Anyway, it is cloudy at the moment though it forecast to be really sunny but fingers crossed the cloud stays!!  I'll be putting Sophie's "Once" suncream on today!

30/06/2013 at 09:03

tell hubby to man up. you don't need to let on that you saw the email - just that you want to be consulted if she asks about doing stuff in the garden. my mum was like that - she would sort my wardrobe (and T's too) and throw out all the stuff that she thought was too old!! she would throw out flowers that I had which she thought had gone past it. she wasn't so bad in the garden because it wasn't her thing but NOTHING was sacrosanct in the house. she would clean and reorganise my kitchen cupboards, moving things to where she wanted them to be because she couldn't reach them in some cupboards. drove me MAD.

good luck today, JG

haven't coughed this morning. seem to start when I take my inhaler - then I cough up loads of gunk. is that normal?

30/06/2013 at 16:53

1:03 so another slow one  - hilly first half though and massive hill through 5k point which very nearly reduced me to a walk!  Kept feeling sick and having tummyache on and off too which is unusual - thought I was going to chuck up for a minute after the finish so moved away from everyone!  Hey ho, I gave it everything, roll on the next race .

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