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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/11/2014 at 09:58

Thanks PG3  and for the good luck vibes IG!

Mum's op went well apparently though she now has drainage bags (similar to what Caro had I'm guessing??) for 2 weeks so I hope there are no problems with those.  I'll give her a ring in a minute but she seems quite happy with things - probably enjoying being waited on by hospital staff for a change!

Boo to house moving - another hater of moving house here!  I think in the future I'd like to move to somewhere with a better garden (ours is quite big but on a hill which limits its use) and possibly to be nearer secondary schools, but right now we have zero cash for that!!

06/11/2014 at 14:46

Make sure she leaves hospital with a bag to carry the drains in.  If they're anything like mine they are cumbersome and heavy.  I used one of M's bags, stuffed them in and tied it to my belt.  The swelling thing she's talking about is lymphodema. I have no idea how it's works with legs, but it was one of the main things I was worried about with my lymph node surgery.  It can happen at any time apparently, which is why I can never use my left arm again for bloods samples, injections, blood pressure etc etc, and in shouldnt carry heavy things with my left hand.  I also should avoid getting scratched and bitten.....ha ha.

06/11/2014 at 14:47

JG the only way you find out how effective chemo has been is whether it comes back or not.  There are no scans to check, because there would be nothing to see.  

I just got signed off till end Jan, so at least now I have a focus.

06/11/2014 at 16:58

Great day for me - not  So still no news from our buyer.  Both my husband and the estate agents have been trying to contact him and nothing.  I know where he lives (local) so i cycled past his house today and saw the fecker sat at his computer.  Not looking good is it?  I was also due to go to the hairdresser today so i treked in to town and was just about to sit down when i got a call from the nursery to say that Isaac wasnt eating, sleeping and kept crying so could i get him.  Legged  it back to pick him up, gave him some milk, put him to bed and then he just ate dinner, seems fine - great!  So i have no one to buy my flat, i have to tell the people we are supposed to be buying off tomorrow that it looks like we cant buy the house and my hair looks sh*t.  I did at least manage a 70k bike ride this morning.

06/11/2014 at 20:22

Boo to crappy day PG3 and annoying when children are ill at school/nursery then fine at home !  70k bike ride sounds impressive though .  House situation sounds a nightmare, I really feel for you .

Thanks for the tips Caro.  My mum said she hadn't been told she would have drainage bags, and she will need to get them changed/removed(?) at Norwich hospital as well, but she's planning on going to my sister's when she's discharged, then I'm going to go and pick her up and bring her to ours for a few days.  But that might not be able to happen if she has to stay near home .  She's lost a bit of feeling in the top of her thigh as the surgeon had to go through a nerve, which may or may not come back.  He's removed 20 lymph nodes from her groin area and 12 from higher up in her pelvic area.  I just hope the higher ones come back clear, otherwise there's no knowing whether it might have spread any further.  She'll probably be in till Monday so I'll try and give her a ring tomorrow.  I feel really far away and helpless .  Funny really as she drives me up the wall when we're together!

Caro - great to be signed off till Jan, gives you a break at least over Christmas.  I suppose then a clear scan is what you want, if there is no way of checking the effectiveness of the chemo?  Keeping everything crossed for you - you are such a tough cookie!

06/11/2014 at 20:52

I don't have feeling in the top of my left arm or arm pit any more.  It was really unpleasant to begin with, couldn't lean on it as it just tingled like mad, but its better now.  Feels very odd when shaving, but I haven't had to do that in a to be some perks I suppose.

Hope your Mum's results are clear, the waiting is the worst, esp if your mind goes into overdrive like mine.

I just signed up to something called "look good feel better' in jan - a free 2 hr pampering session at Barts, and apparently I'll get loads of free goodies, makeup, skin products etc to keep.  I know bugger all about makeup and barely use any but I might learn something.  I am also going to another charity and having reiki, yoga and a massage in a couple of wks.  Plus Barts are starting weekly psychology talks starting next wk for 2 months, all about living with a cancer diagnosis, stress, relaxation, fatigue, sleep etc so I plan on going to some of them.  and this Sat I am going to meet some more online buddies!  Yes I have become fickle.....I now belong to the Younger breast cancer network for women under 45, and there is a London gathering on Sat - lunch, tea and a pub.  About 30 people are going I think, I know one of them......should be a laugh.  

06/11/2014 at 21:21
Sounds fab Caro bet u will hav a laugh. Take advantage of every course offered, I went on a stress management course yrs ago through the scottish childminding association, best course I ever did. Has gotten me through my Mum's I'll health, hubby being out of work, mortgage arrears, D's head injury etc etc. made me a much more relaxed person who doesn't stress about stuff. Has also stopped me going insane while minding the screechiest child that ever lived, I feel for his poor Mum, honestly don't know how she hasn't had a breakdown. I only have him 2 days a wk 8 til 5, and he screeches much worse for his Mum as she has way too much patience.
Camlo    pirate
06/11/2014 at 22:56

Arrrrrrgggh to crappy buyer letting you down and then missing your hair for another crappyish reason PG. Good job you had your bike ride done.

JG hugs to you and your poor Mum, i echo caros advice to get a bag to support the drains as they can tug and pull. Good luck for job interview. 

Tangy - would take a blimmin miracle for me to survive a single day with a screechy child! 

caro - glad you are getting proper time off work agreed well in advance so you don't have to fret about it. Sounds like you are flat out busy with all the treatment and add ons! Hope the meet up is light beat. 

IkkleG - i would certainly attempt a bike, totally different to running with much less stress on foot and joints? You can always stay close to home to test it to start. Any idea when they will remove lump? 

Stuck in a hotel for work so made sure i picked one with a pool and (stress buster) kept plodding up and down after a yummy tea (inc wine). i was feeling ok so kept going and managed my whole ironman distance of 3.8k in about 90mins. Well chuffed! 

Camlo    pirate
06/11/2014 at 23:02

Kinsey - forgot to say our council got a grant for an outside gym project. Spent cash putting random bits throughout a local park where it is now overgrown, mouldy and in the main totslly unused. I stumbled across it one day but couldnt reach half of the stuff. Waste of time. 

07/11/2014 at 06:41

I can think of at least 3. Outdoor gyms within a few miles of our house, all the same and sponsored by Adidas.  The one in the parkrun park is always busy on parkrun morning, usually by Asian women in full on saris or Muslim dress. 

Swimming sounds good camlo!

think my sister and I are going to see mr turner at the movies today.  Haven't been to the cinema in forever.

07/11/2014 at 17:57

Def counting the minutes here until my glass of wine CC - also flying solo, hubby off to US for a week - obviously he thinks its a holiday camp being stuck at home with the kids 8 days.....

We are both moaning about how unfit we are and how exercise doesn't seem to be getting any easier - must be our age!!

Hope the cinema is good Caro - would also love to see an grown up film!!

07/11/2014 at 22:00

Ho de Ho!  B is a bit poorly as well so no doubt it will be a holiday camp with not much sleep!

07/11/2014 at 22:39

No alcohol for me tonight. Had to sell raffle tickets at the variety concert in the local hall. Really need to learn to say no. Sophie was playing with her fiddle group but some of the acts were a bit painful on the ears

Been a couple of day of wild weather but seems to have gone calm now. Fingers crossed it stays that way as I have a silly o'clock 20 miler to do int he morning.

Off to Aberdeen on the boat tomorrow night. Reece has a gymnsastics competition there on Sunday so its a 14 hour boat trip down on Sat night, competition then 14 hour boat back on Sunday night. The downside of island life hey!

CC - be great to see you at the XC. If you are stuck for childcare we can look after them with our athletes. Do you remember Cindy? she is coming as her boy Finn is running so she will keep an eye on them while we run! Another logistical nightmare weekend, Friday night boat to Aberdeen, Sat morning drive up to Inverness, then as soon as the XC finishes we drive up to Scrabster for boat to Orkney, drive across Orkney and catch boat back to here!

What kind of socks have you got? I am having a slight panic about my Brecon Beacons ultra, may need to actually put a bit of thought into kit. As in its winter and conditions could be crap. Plus I think the route is maybe tougher than I first thought. I am so dumb, elevation stats mean nothing to me!!

Yay to the signoff caro x

07/11/2014 at 22:49

Wow sounds as though they run some good services at Barts Caro.  I think my mum  could do with some help on dealing with it all, as she says things like - well it never really goes away does it, and it's ruined my life etc.

Rang her this evening and she said she'd been feeling a bit woozy all day, probably due to the stronger painkillers she asked for.  She tried to stand up again and sat in the chair briefly, helped by physios, but then fainted!  She's not been eating much so that probably doesn't help - she's in the surgical procedures ward I think, so a lot of A&E patients involved in RTAs etc, so all a bit weird for her.  Wish I could just pop down and visit but it'd be around a 3 hr drive each way .

Thanks for all your thoughts anyway, sorry for going on about it a bit!

I still feel really tired and picky over food - Nicky's the same so I'm putting it down to this crappy bug we've had all week.  Hope I'm up to my riding lesson tomorrow and maybe a long run on Sunday, although I won't have run for 2 weeks by then.  My friend came over today and stayed for lunch so we had a nice chat about pretty much everything - love my girly chats from time to time .

Rubbish weather forecast tomorrow so I hope we can still get to the fireworks display - kids will be disappointed if it's cancelled.  I took Sophie to Disney on Ice after school today which was fun.

Good weekends all!

07/11/2014 at 23:01

(()) JG. You have a lot to deal with at the moment. Hoping things go as well as possible for your mum. Really tough not to be nearer to her at times like this.

07/11/2014 at 23:09

Jg - you haven't been going on and its a really tough situation. You need some support, even if we can only do it virtually.

Been tidying the flat all day for a couple of viewings tomorrow. Back to square one. Sigh...

08/11/2014 at 07:45

JG alot of the things I am only just finding out about now.  The psychological support is certainly invaluable though.  It seems a lot of big hospitals have 'maggies' centres for cancer patients, Barts is building one but it won't be open for a yr or so and the closets ones to me are in west London, so too far to trek there.  But barts has a macmillan advice centre which is a start, and then I have sort of just found out about the other things.  Hope she's a bit better today- I was on    general surgical ward too, no fun!

08/11/2014 at 11:34
It's sad that services r not provided fairly for everyone and it's just ur luck whether u stumble across what is available.

Don't know what is happening with me, not bn right since bad run 2 wks b4 Antonine trail race, training had bn going ok ( apart from foot pain hav struggled with for a yr) had built up to 13 Mile run (ATR is 14Mls) so was well prepared. Then had to abandon that run half way through as was just exhausted. Had put it dwn to TOTM being due. But haven't bn right since. ATR was really really hard and I walked all the hills, hills I had trained on with no problems a few wks b4. I finished last and felt like I had ran 50 Miles. Have had dodgy hip flexor ever since. Bn stretching, foam rollering, tennis balling and strength training as well as going to Pilates. Have only run 3.1Miles at a time and at most twice a wk with rest day between and still feel like I've run a long run instead of only 3 bl**dy Miles. Have bn going to Pilates now for 10 wks and not usually sore after it, but yesterday and today my glutes and shoulders/arms have bn killing me after Thurs class and don't think we did anything particularly different from usual. I know I had a minor sore throat and earache for couple of days after ATR so that probably to blame for why it was so hard, but really can't believe that can b to blame for struggling with any exercise for wks & wks & wks. I feel totally fine otherwise, just ache more than should for such little amount of exercise
08/11/2014 at 14:49

Ah TT - see my post about hubby and me feeling totally wrecked by doing exercise too, wonder if its the time of year??  Hope you feel better soon xx


08/11/2014 at 15:28

Frustrating TT. Maybe just time of year or body asking for you to be kind to it for a bit. Low iron? Low magnesium? Some people might think they are mumbo jumbo but I really rate the trionz magnetic bands. Other thank that maybe a week off totally?

I did 21 miles at 6 oclock this morning after 5 hours sleep no tea the night before and a slice of toast before I went out. Asking for a bad run but it was weird, first 10 miles were a slog and hated it. Then got to top of biggest hill around here and it was so lovely and sunny and I felt better and picked it up a bit. Then the last 3 miles I managed to run at marathon pace feeling strong. Then stopped running and felt dreadful! Arrived home to grumpy hubby who had slept in and then was late getting to athetics which he coaches. We basically passed on the doorstep. He had forgotten he was supposed to take Emily and drop her on his way, she wasn't quite ready and he wouldn't wait, so I had to jump in the car and zoom her to her friends as they were heading for a party together. So no stretching and I totally siezed up. Then to top it off while I was in the shower Cameron let the rats out of the cage, I am ok with them from a distance but don't hold them! So I had to just leave them locked in Emily's room until Dylan got home to catch them!

Anyhoo 75 miles for the week and no running tomorrow as will be in Aberdeen!

Pip -  well done on the 5k today woo hoo!

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