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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/11/2014 at 16:11
Could b time of yr but seems quite extreme. Never had problems with iron before but my Mum does have pernicious anaemia so suppose it could b that. I eat loads of dark green leafy foods, beans, lentils, fish, bananas, yoghurts & nuts/seeds, so doubt it would b magnesium. Hmmmm!

Have shoe dilemma too. Outside of my ankle bn getting stiff and sore for last 4-5 months. I used to wear stability shoes but got PF twice and had problems with blisters on instep. After treadmill gait analysis at Run4it in Jan they said I had neutral gait, so changed to neutral shoe but don't know if the neutral shoe causing ankle pain or if it was running with PF that caused it. Altho PF is gone now but still getting stuff ankle and also getting tightness in both lower calves/Achilles and it giving me PF type pain in very back of heel in the foot that had PF. So it really just like PF moved a few inches . I am just falling apart lol. Don't know whether to go back to stability shoe or stay with neutral and persist with stretching and exercises. Sports massage girl reckons all problems coming from scar tissue in quad from tear a couple of yrs ago so bn stretching , foam rollering, tennis balling and exercising hip/quad. AARRGGHH! So frustrating and confusing.
Camlo    pirate
09/11/2014 at 21:44

Darn it lost my post!!!

Guessing you all too busy to post so hope it is good stuff not rubbish. 

Boo to feeling worn out Tangy, i would echo Lottes advice to ease right off. Give yourself a proper rest with some good food (and some vits/ minerals). 

Didnt see Pips 5k report but well done anyway. 

Cross country for me this morning- only 4 miles but it was a nice blast! no idea where i came and frankly i dont care anyway..... i just needed the fresh air and misty sunshine. 


09/11/2014 at 23:26


TT - sorry to read about your issues.I imagine every expert would probably give you a different diagnosis. Grrr. Defo take some rest though and reasses in a week.

Lotte hope you aren't too stiff. I do this too, although don't run so far!

Kinsey - sounds like you need r and r too.


Caro - glad you are finding out about everything available. Make use if it as you deserve all the support possible.

I did bushy park PR on Saturday (i am pretty sure its the home of PR)  and my speedy friend towed me round. I got a shiny new pb of about 40 seconds - 24m31. So chuffed but it hurt like mad. Made me feel better after a shitty week. Can you believe our 'buyer' still hasn't been in contact.we don't think we will ever hear from him again. I accept things fall through but be decent!!!! Flat back on the market. I have accepted that we will probably lose the house we want and the chance to apply for primary schools in time. 

09/11/2014 at 23:39

Good to hear that you've had no swelling Caro, fingers crossed it stays that way.  My mum says her drains will need changing up to twice a week, and will have to stay on for 10-14 days.  But that means having to trek back to Norwich hospital from wherever she's staying around the country with one of us - all a bit awkward really.  She seems to want to come home tomorrow or Tues, but she's only just managed to stand and walk a few steps to her chair today so I really think it'll be better to stay in longer.  I guess she's not enjoying being there, though she hasn't said as much, but the logistics are a bit of a pain.  There must be people from where she lives who can help, but I think she just doesn't like to ask .  I'm the best of her children to look after her in terms of amount of time I'm around, and we now have a downstairs toilet!

I went for a long run (9 miles - long for me!) today, despite having not run for 2 weeks or done any form of exercise all week other than my riding lesson yesterday, and at about 7 miles my knee started to twinge .  Had to walk down some of the hills as I couldn't put weight on it, but it eased off on the flat so I did walk/run the last couple of miles.  Still twinging now when I go down steps, really hope I haven't done anything major as I've got a 10k next Sunday .  Need some foam rollering I think.

PG3 - how rude of the buyer not to even make contact. Big grr .  Yeay to park run pb though 

TT - hope you can sort your niggles out.  Is it worth a second opinion on your gait analysis?

10/11/2014 at 07:39
Back from my wonderful trip away! So glad I went it was a really special trip. Not because we did anything amazing but because both at the farm and my sisters we had such lovely family time. Wish we lived closer but I just remind myself that I used to live 24 hours away and see them every 2 years - this is WAY better. Matilda had a great time with her cousins and a wonderful time at the farm - cried and cried when we left and told me she wants to live there forever. Thankfully she did say tonight it was good to sleep in her own bed! I'm tired now and probably need to take it easy for a bit but so much going on in next few weeks there's it much chance!
Hugs to those who need them - JG sounds really tough with your mum and hard to be far away. PG that SUCKS about the buyer - it's one thing to pull out but to just hide is ridiculous!!
10/11/2014 at 15:07

Urgh Pip thats rubbish.  I hope the agents tell him how awful he is being - they have to try and work with him too!

Bushey Park is the home of Park run, I used to go when I lived in Richmond and before they branched out.  Well done on the pb!

Just met a friend from Surrey as she had a meeting in Gloucester.  Then I went to Gloucester Quays and managed to get some Christmas presents, there is a Gap Outlet and North Face one too.  Then Benedict and I went to Pizza Express and shared a La Reine, except they didn't have mushrooms (!!!!) so it had capers on instead.  Yummy!

10/11/2014 at 18:30

PG that is absolutely appalling, what a twat!  What on earth does he hope to achieve by just hiding?  Either he is legally bound to do something (in which case sue his ass!) or he's not so really shouldn't be too pussy to make a phone call and just say he's changed his mind, grrrr!  Feeling angry for you.  Hope you get some good offers and can get some action soon.

Kinsey, sounds like a nice day, but really??  Run out of mushrooms on a Monday lunchtime??

JG, sounds really tough with your mum, hope you're feeling better soon too.

Hoggle, lovely to hear you had such a good weekend.  I'm guessing that they must have continued your husband's contract then?

Lotte, hope your trip to mainland was OK.

Struggling to get my head into work today.  Really need to get on with some but head is all over the place.  Fay pretty much sleeping through the night now but I'm not, grr.  Am absolutely exhausted and could so do with shaking off this constant stressed feeling.

CM, I'm guessing your kids are with their dad at the moment?  Hang on in there.  Did T have E on her own this weekend?  That sounds like a massive step forward as I seem to recall he didn't really have much to do with her before.

10/11/2014 at 21:24

Pip that is tough

I have the kids TTid. I'm stressed too. Yes t had e for the weekend but he took her down to devon to his girlfriends and spent the time with her and her daughter...

10/11/2014 at 21:31

Haha Ttid you are becoming very American!! And yes they have made hubbys contract permenant - well it basically rolls over into being permenant. No real discussion about it but PHEW!!!


10/11/2014 at 21:46

Ooh great news Hoggle!

Just used my Tesco vouchers and got Aidan a Lego City train - would have been £80, but used £40 of vouchers and boosted.  Marvellous, one Christmas present sorted!  I may also have used the rest of the vouchers for a stick blender and food processor....

Lotte - how was your weekend?

JG - hope your knee is ok, I need a bigger route as I'm stuck doing 5.5miles as that's the longest route I have worked out so far!

10/11/2014 at 21:50

Ooh, wondering what flagged me as becoming American... Was it threatening to 'sue his ass'??  ????

Fab news about your husband's job, must help take the weight off your shoulders. 

10/11/2014 at 21:55

I have just bought Matilda and me tickets to see The Nutcracker on Dec 27th.  It will be one of her xmas pressies, in the same way Disney on ice was last yr (but slightly more cultured!) She does ballet, has her first exam coming up so I thought it would be nice.  

Lego city train sounds good.  We have booked santa steam train on the epping ongar railway like we did last yr.  £13 each which is not bad for xmas things, we get to ride the tube and a heritage bus first to get there, so Eric will be in heaven.  It was good last yr so hopefully it will be again.

Also one of the mum's my childminder knows is a manager at the picadillly line and she has offered to organise Eric and hubby a ride in the drivers cab on a tube.  He would love it so much!

Still trying to organise 2nd opinion, had professor's PA on the phone earlier asking lots of things, but she was lovely and kept apologising and saying they didn't want to make work for me but given that they are doing me a huge favour I am extremely grateful!

10/11/2014 at 22:00

I would love to do a ballet show too Caro - I think the Nutcracker is on in Birmingham. We will probably stick with a panto a bit closer though, the school are taking the kids to see Aladdin in Malvern too.

Fab to get a ride in the drivers cab on the tube, that would be amazing!!!

Hope you can get the 2nd opinion sorted out soon xx


10/11/2014 at 22:16

That sounds cool for Eric Caro!!

Yes hubbys job is a huge weight off my shoulders and he is MUCH happier now!! Comparing him to how he was when he was full time cheffing and he is an all round happier person!! Was talking to my sister about how much of a strain him only working parttime put on our relationship - esp with me working from home!! It really had a negative impact on how we were to each other. Very glad to be moving forward!!

Yes Ttid the 'sue his ass' made me chuckle!!


11/11/2014 at 08:21

i'm taking E to the nutcracker in Cardiff on Christmas eve. it was 'only' £21, which for ballet I didn't think was bad.

we're also doing the lion king in Cardiff before xmas. no panto organised this year - but they usually go with school. if they don't, i'll take them to the one in Cwmbran after xmas.

i'm taking E to peppa pig world for a Christmas special on 28 nov. it's our 1:1 weekend and she will love that. me? not so much. I booked it months ago so it was about 15 quid each or something.

have a cold brewing and feel crap. my deputy isn't talking to me again. don't know what I've done now. he's such a moody bugger...

11/11/2014 at 19:17

God I wish it was 'only' £21 here!  At least children are 1/2 price unlike other theatre or musicals which are just astronomical. 

Went to a psychology workshop at the hosp today. It was interesting.  It was entitled 'how to talk about cancer'.  Only 4 people showed up, all women with breast cancer, the other 3 older than me as per usual.  I was the only native - the others were chinese, singaporian and latvian.  But all obviously highly educated career women and were very interesting.  It's good to hear another point of view from time to time.

Supposed to go to pilates tonight but for once I think I'm going to say sod it.  I ran yesterday and today, it's cold and pouring and I think I'd rather have a glass of wine.

11/11/2014 at 19:26

And PIp the house thing is awful.  I really hope you get a decent buyer this time and soon.  To not have the guts and say I'm sorry I've changed my mind and to leave you hanging on is just plain wrong!

11/11/2014 at 22:53

Pip that's shit. I bloody hope the buyer for andy's mum's house concludes missives soon. I'm sure it's ok as he's been in to measure up for curtains and stuff but just conclude please! 

Sue his ass made me smile.

Nutcracker tastic as MR and I are taking Lou and Megan on 20/12! Or thereabouts. 

great weekend in London. Was mega sensible re alcohol. Just can't dRink like we used to!  Loved the new miss Saigon production. Lots of shopping. Poppies. Just great fun. 

Back to reality. Grumpy hubby. Now afflicted with man flu. Argh. doing another jack and Jill sale this weekend so washing ironing bagging and pricing with my mum whilst he lies upstairs dying. F also got cough and so does Lou. F is walking up with his so I spent less than 1hr in bed last night. The rest was on the floor in his room. And I wonder why my back is killing me?!

wotk is argh. Got that sodding presentation next week so need to crack on with slides. Meantime also going to see insurers on thurs, we got 9 new files between 2 of us in the last 2 days, and i am chairing our fraud conference on 28/11. Then frankly it's fecking Christmas. 

But we do get out new car on Friday . New to us anyway. Still raging at the premiums direct line have been charging me The last few years cos I was too lazy to move. I knew I was being fleeced but that was actual misselling!! Fizzing. New car premium less than half! Previous car was only with £500 at trade in. FFS. I shoulda insured third party. Still. Need to move on. And never give them business again!  


11/11/2014 at 22:54

Waking not walking lol. He's refusing to walk!

11/11/2014 at 23:47

Blimey EF you do have a lot on your plate - you are going to need some serious de-stressing come January!!

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