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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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30/06/2013 at 16:56

Oh yes and I forgot to mention my moment of idiocy as I shut the car boot with the key inside...!  Fortunately I had everything I needed for the race so found a nice marshall who let me borrow his phone and rang hubby who duly arrived just after I'd finished with the spare key!  Not my finest moment...

30/06/2013 at 19:20

Well I am alive from my race, but now rather tired!! Will come back tomorrow with full race report... I enjoyed it, but really struggled with breathing today (think I have been fighting cold all week), and having checked my peak flow tonight I can see that I would have had a problem, (usually PF sits about 420, this evening it's at 350 so not especially great!!)

Very very very windy, as expected, either blowing directly into your face or shoving you from behind but somehow I didn't stack it and remained upright throughout!  Found it REALLY challenging underfoot, lots and lots of boulders and you couldn't not concentrate for long!

Anyways, just squeezed in under five hours with 4.58 for the 26.68 miles, was hoping for quicker but found the technical stuff harder and also conceded lungs were not going to help me today.  No idea of placing etc - there were some very serious, hardened hill-running ladies out there so I have no delusions of grandeur that is for sure!

Anyway, need to get kids off to bed before I fall asleep too

30/06/2013 at 19:26

oh JG rubbish that mil invades your space, good intention but perhaps if she took kids for a few hours instead??  Well done on race, feeling poorly prob means a pb was never on the cards today so fab on you for getting round. Whoops to Car key- easily done! 

CM - how much do you reckon you will get for your existing car? Am thinking about eldest and he can't afford too much so a high miler might suit his budget!!?  Hope your kids arent fighting too much.... 

Hoggle - hope you are OK, not fun being in pain and knowing you can't avoid lifting kids, housework, driving, etc

I see Lotte has booked flights for her 75miler, no backing out now! 

Hope CC has survived her race and anyone else running today.

Went to club and did fabulous, boggy, hilly 14 miles. Some tightness and pain down left leg but nothing too worrying I hope. Some lovely friends then gave us a garden table and chairs so we collected them and had a BBQ, fab! 

30/06/2013 at 19:28

cross posts CC - glad you are ok but not so good to hear about breathing probs.

30/06/2013 at 21:18

Well done CC and happy birthday too! Hope you feel better soon xx

30/06/2013 at 21:42

well done, CC! that is a fab effort on feeling under par

camlo - I have no idea what I would sell my car for yet. haven't really looked into it. it's a 56 plate focus 1.8 petrol. it has 102k miles on the clock. full service history. interior bears evidence of kids (!) and exterior bears evidence of my inability to avoid gate while parking on driver side bumper (just scrapes - nothing major). to be fair it has never caused me a single problem but I realise that it may well do shortly!

well done JG - sounds like a challenging course!

I ran again today. 10 min miling at times. get me. anyway I did 2x12 min runs with 5 min walking in between. and I also did 20-ish min walk to get down to the flat where I ran, and 20 min back. so was out for 1hr10 min in total. survived. back starting to hurt though. has been pain free whole time I've not been running...

30/06/2013 at 22:01

Well done CC! 

I'm after inspiration for presents for 5 yr old boys.  Less than £10 please!

lovely night campng, nice group oF people, Eric and Matilda slept fine, I slept about as well as I always do in a tent.  Fab weather, beautiful place.


30/06/2013 at 22:06

5 yr old boys - Ben 10 anything; Lego Star wars / Harry Potter / Batman themed anything. You won't get Lego itself for that price but you can pick up Lego character themed stuff - pencil / pen cases, notebooks etc. J loves them. Or since it's summer, how about a water pistol (mwahahaha) or a garden skittle set? or a space hopper?

30/06/2013 at 22:24

Well done on the runs this weekend! CC that is AMAZING regardless of your poor health!! Well done to JG - how annoying re. keys though!

Was just thinking MM hasn't been on for a while - I'm guessing very busy juggling work and home!

Specialist appointment tomorrow morning (thank god). Tried to offer me 13th August until I explained what was happening and they saw the urgency! Felt terrible phoning my boss this morning as we are soooo short-staffed at the moment and she is carrying a lot of other peoples work already. She is so lovely though!

Soooo it looks like the surgery is unavoidable - of course I then had a freak out about it going wrong, being paralysed and in my 2am mind confined to concrete paths for the rest of my life - over dramatic or what?!! To be honest this last couple of days has been so awful that I know its the right thing as this could just keep happening every few months if not and the thought of that is terrible!! The pain has improved somewhat today so I am able to get some work done and not just pacing around grimacing!! Hopefully it means I get more sleep tonight as well - 3 hours is not enough to maintain sanity!


30/06/2013 at 22:41

could be that your lungs are expanding after initial morning dip cm and getting the stuff out? I usually ind mornings are gunktastic and wane by afternoon.   Your mother would have driven me demented!

jg only wy we sorted was for hubby to face the reality that his parents interfere. Was a horrible process but basically their behaviour when Ted was born was what sorted for us. Was the only thing we used to properly row about back thEn. We've found other things since.

crazily decorating here for arrival of carpets on Thursday.  Hall stairs and landing just about done, just top gloss o do and a quick squizz ith the emulsion. Lounge needs gloss and emulsion. Crazy times!

30/06/2013 at 22:51

Grrrr to annoying in-laws! You should all be thankful that we are no in touch with mine otherwise you'd be sick of hearing me complain about MIL!! And I totally know what you mean about someone meddling with your garden!! Mine is a total mess at the moment but grrrrrrrrrr to anyone who points it out.


01/07/2013 at 09:09

Reading but can't keep up girls and never time to post. Had bad accident last weekend in a 5k. Stupid muppet floored me in full flow running downhill ( feeling good for once so 5.30-6mm around 1,5k point). He hurdled a marker cone! Knees cut to shreds especially my right knee which is still bleeding/weeping (probably should havit had stitches tbh). Pelvis bad, back was but whiplash eased now. Worst is the deep deep bruising in my right knee joint and shinbone. Leg looks grey And impact hurts quite a lot. My summer is ruined. I did run the Cotswold relay leg on sat but only cos it was too late to find a replacement and i am the quickest we have. It's certainly not helped recovery and I've never been in so much pain. That leg has hills like nothing else. Downhill was sooooo painful. One chap said I was shouting out 'Ow!' With a every step at one point. I was 5th and should have been 2nd!  The team came 3rd after bristol and bath so we did well. First on my leg is rather quick! Anyway another week off and see how I am then. 

I do have a nice new purple princess though! White handle bars and seat and shiny new white shoes to match. Once I can bend my right leg I'm looking forward to testing her out 

13th anniversary today. Unlucky for some. He is a good bloke though. Took me out Thursday to see 'A comedy of errors' outside theatre. It was brilliant. 

We have an smax too. I love it! We just bought a trailer too, so now it has a detachable tow hear too! 

TD day so off to Dyrham for the day.

Edited: 01/07/2013 at 09:15
01/07/2013 at 13:00

Ooh MM that sounds really nasty, hope you can rest it a bit (next to impossible with kids!).

Happy Anniversary!

Poorly boys here, took B to doc after a weekend of high temp and there is no infection but he is so unhappy and is now v snotty and starting to cough so no doubt we will end up back there if it gets worse.  Aidan woke up with eczema on his face which was weeping yesterday morning - out of nowhere - very odd, we are wondering if it was an allergic reaction to suncream?  It dried out over the day and is just some tiny scabs now - i put sudocrem on it overnight as I havn't got any eczema stuff as he has been clear for over a year!

01/07/2013 at 13:38

Kinsey - my friend down South, her son is allergic to normal sun cream - he reacted in EXACTLY the same way to  Aidan so I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same.

MM - that sounds horrible, sometimes people are amazingly stupid . Do you think you ought to get any of the bruising checked out? and I guess you've done the chiro/osteo for the rest? I know when I stacked it a few years back during mara training I ignored the fall-out from my fall and it caused all number of knock-on effects!

Yay to the purple princess though, hubby has bought be a lovely purple outdoor (Rab) jacket for my birthday - is windproof but has a warmish lining too. Will get lots of wear.

JG - well done for toiling round that race on Sunday, sounds quite a challenge, esp if feeling under par, have no doubt you get under that 1 hour on the next one. I did chuckle at the car keys incident I'm afraid as it's just the sort of thing I would do!

Sympathies on the interfering In-laws. Thankfully it's not a problem for us, but when mum was up last time she took it upon herself to go through all the leaflets we keep for visitors about stuff to do and get rid of any duplicates - erm no! Including all the maps I have for our local forest - she had to go and dig them out the bin for me as I deliberately have lots of those maps for my runs

Hoggle - so sorry to hear your back is such an ongoing saga , middle of the night is never a good time to be analysing these things though!! Hope they get you in for surgery very soon.

Camlo - your bedroom sounds fabby, I am envious!

Sounds like the camping trips went well for Caro and Vixo so a big YAY to that.

Race report will have to wait until tonight - but then I am sure you don't really want a waffle-a-thon from me anyway.

CM - take it easy with all that green gunk!!!

3.5 easy miles for me this morning, ones I could have done without but had to get back to our remaining car after dropping hire car back at garage, thankfully mainly downhill, but even so, would rather have waited until tomorrow for that run!

Edited: 01/07/2013 at 13:39
01/07/2013 at 13:44
MM - sounds horrid, hope you're better soon

Kinsey - Isabelle gets terrible reactions to suncream and I have to be really carerful about what we out on her. The reactions can also be made worse by the sun so it's a sort of double whammy. Hope he heals up ok.

Thanks CC, camping was great. Definitely a success with them all, and I'm sure we'll be back out again over the summer. The quantity of stuff needed was a bit daunting, but I'd much rather be prepared and have too much when we're out with the children - and make sure it's fun. The campsite was definitely basic and rustic - composting loos and a tap in the field. There were facilities at the reception area but that was a good 10 min walk from where we were camped so not particularly accessible. The field was pretty much just a field with much of it on a steepish slope, and loads of stinging nettles everywhere, but the children went pretty feral and didn't seemed too bothered by the stings - couldn't get them to keep shoes on anyway!

Must get off here and make use of the hour while smaller ones asleep before we've got to get back to school a washing and tidying to do!
01/07/2013 at 14:19

Where were you Vixo?  I can definitely recommend Tanners Hatch YHA for a spot of camping.  We had a lovely time, beautiful spot, 1 mile walk from main rd where you have to leave you car (although we did drive down the dirt track to unload the car then I drove it back up again, as there was no way we were lugging all our stuff!) Had about 25 adults and 15 kids or so for our friends 40th.  Had a very decadent breakfast yesterday of naan bread, scrambled eggs and eton mess!  Yum.

01/07/2013 at 14:20

Oh and MM that sounds bad  I hope he at least apologised!

01/07/2013 at 14:53

oh blimey MM - that sounds awful. hope you are ok

like the sound of your camping, vixo. showers and washing facilities generally much overrated as far as my kids are concerned. and they are as happy to pee in the wild as anywhere else!


just seen the consultant at the Spire hospital. he didn't tell me I was too fat, JT - I had been worrying about that ever since you mentioned it. I had a womb biopsy (bit like a smear only hurt more lol) and need a scan to check for nasty things. but he actually just thinks i'm not ovulating which is why i'm not getting any PMT symptoms and the absence of hormones is meaning my cycle isn't regulated which is why i'm bleeding all the time. it could right itself - but if it doesn't, i'll need hormones to regulate it (which I want to avoid. i'd rather just put up with the bleeding!)

01/07/2013 at 15:16

Sorry CM! Didn't mean to worry you. glad you got some answers though.

mm - ouch!  hope youre sooN on the mend.

cc- sounds a challenging run. Nothing worse Han lungs going on you. 

Jg - sounds a toughie so don't be too downhearted.

hoggle - hope appt goes well

vixo that campsite sounds great. Glad you survived and it was worth the stress.

had another bleed today. Was substantial and lost a large clot. all seems well on scan but there is an area of bleed in the left horn of my uterus which apparently can be fairly common with a bicorunate uteru

01/07/2013 at 15:19

Uterus. Hospital were great this time. Possibly helped by arriving at 5am! Not completely out f the woods so must take it easy and have to go straight in if any more bleeding/clots due to my history. Was admitted for several hours to ensure bleeding died down. Biggest problem was they couldn't see the neck of my uterus to see if it was open or closed. That could have settled everyone hours earlier!

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