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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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31/01/2014 at 14:20

That website looks good JT, thanks.  Is it relatively easy?  I assume the kids draw the pics during school time, which is maybe why the school haven't done it before.  I am happy to suggest it and organise as long as it isn't too much work!

Matilda came home with 2 birthday cards for Eric in her book bag the other day.  One made by her and one by her friend Sophia.  Sophia's said 'Dear Eric, I want to kiss you in bed, in Jesus name Amen'  I had a good chuckle I can tell you.  Sophia's parents are devout Baptists.  I wonder how long before Matilda starts saying In Jesus name.......

Hope the ear feels better soon CM, sounds really sore


31/01/2014 at 14:21

Ah CM. (()) When is your interview for that other job?


31/01/2014 at 14:26

Oh another question JT (coz you have so much time with a new baby and all )

 I was looking at French campsites yesterday and just googled camspites loire atlantique and came across a yelloh one - was it you that recommended them?  It was near a town called Pornic and looked nice, but it is not a region that I know at all.  Anyway, geographically it is obviously a far shorter drive in France if you get the ferry to St Malo or Cherbourg but more expensive than getting a Dover-Calais ferry.  So is there a way to work out costs of driving say from Calais incl tolls and St malo to see which is cheaper when everything is taken into account?  I think hubby would be keener just to take a quick ferry and then have a longer drive but it really would be a long drive all the way from Calais and potentially v pricey with tolls and petrol.

31/01/2014 at 21:21

Thanks JT.

Chances are he isn't owned.  I would contact your vets and see what they say.  Certainly brining him in and having him scanned for an ID chip would be a start (can you catch him?) We offer a charity neutering scheme for cats where I work called C4 which is for the greater london area only, but if you look at the cats protection website you will see that there are neutering campaigns UK wide, so there may be one in your area, your vets should know.  At the end of the day by doing the right thing and bringing a stray cat to the vets to be neutered you shouldn't have to pay for it, but your vets may not see it that way.

Pizza, red wine, i pad, and lie in tomorrow as kids have parties so no park run


31/01/2014 at 21:58

it is nearly 10pm and i'm still working. J has been crying because he can't get to sleep. I am stressed out of my head

I haven't eaten any tea yet. Picked kids up from school, took E to drama and sat with J for an hour (he ate tea i'd packed and did homework etc); then picked E up and left J there (sat with E, she ate her tea did her homework etc). then drove home via GP to pick up prescription for J (he has grotty nose which has got all infected from snot and stuff); then off to sainsburys to pick up prescription. by this time it was 7.15pm. got kids to bed. it was 8.30pm. then J can't sleep and is crying. in and out; in and out to him. finally sat down and started working but still don't know if he's asleep

i have so much to do i can't even think and am panicking

which is why i'm on here

interview is next friday - at this stage i won't have any chance to prepare. had an email yesterday saying i need to arrive at 9. there are tours, meetings, discussions etc all morning and then my panel interview is 1pm. so basically i'm there nearly all day. i'm not even sure i can afford to take that much time off work at the moment. it's so mad. have no idea what i'm going to do. they have sent me masses of stuff to look at to prepare for this thing i have to do. would take me a day to review and plan it all

31/01/2014 at 22:33

an hour in. i have 1595 requirements to respond to. they all say things like "Supplier shall comply with ... aligned to...." etc. I am so seriously tempted just to write "[name of my company] will sign up to anything even if we have no idea what it means" just to see whether anyone actually reads it. i won't. i could get the sack. but tbh i have NO idea what some of this even means. so i'm literally just replaying the requirements back subsituting 'Supplier' with 'name of my company'.

31/01/2014 at 22:49

Good luck with that CM, I don't understand any of it

I am watching Ben Fogle on tv, I seem to have developed a slight 

crush on him

31/01/2014 at 22:49

I know that feeling too well CM .  All I have learnt is that if I stay calm, I often manage to achieve what I wanted in a relatively short time, instead of hours spent panicking.  However there are times when I know I am just too tired (or ill in your case ) and if I try again in the morning it all makes so much more sense.  Try to remember that it's not a be-all and end-all job that you don't necessarily need, and just do the best you can.  If it's not good enough, so be it, but you might surprise yourself.  Hugs ((())).

Caro - the one we're using is called AFPS, although I have another one here that does mugs, tea towels etc. as well called (surprisingly) Christmas Cards for Schools (

Minks - loved your description of the perfect Mummy, made me shudder!  Especially as I look around our messy living room that could do with a hoover, kids' pictures and creations strewn everywhere, along with random teddies, hairbrush, pyjamas (during the day)...!  Oh and a pile of eternal washing at one end of the room .

I managed my 5 mile run in 51 mins which I'm happy with as I was only pottering along.  My hip still hurts though, even with the exercises the physio has given me.  I'll make a more concerted effort to do the exercises - been a bit slack this week as I've been so busy and tired/under the weather.  

Sophie's swimming lesson followed by taking them both to the museum to meet a friend and her boys tomorrow morning, so no parkrun for me either - not that I fancy it in this weather!  I plan to do another 5-5.5 miles on Sunday too - first time I've ever done 2 x 5 mile runs in one week, I've always been a one-run-a-week girl, with gym classes in between to liven things up, but it's become easier at the moment to just go out for a run than get to the gym some days and I feel better for doing a couple of miles than nothing at all.  That's going to sound alien to some of you logging the miles week after week!  Also the physio has said avoid long runs for the moment but do more than one shorter run in a week if I want to, which is also the thinking behind it.

Right better get to bed.

31/01/2014 at 23:17
Good going JG!

I'm working on a bid TT. The customer has provided 1595 requirements that they want us (supplier) to meet and provide evidence that we can do. But the requirements are so tedious. I don't even understand some of them. And even those I do I can't write much about. It is a case of - yup ok we will do that. But what else can I say? It is tempting to slip in something stupid just to see if the reviewer spots what I've written. (Someone in my company proof reads it all). But I won't. That would be suicide!
31/01/2014 at 23:24

Yeah but it breaks up the tedium a little to imagine 

what u might write 

31/01/2014 at 23:25

JG- are u in my livingroom?

01/02/2014 at 07:52

1595?? That's a tad demanding surely?  I'm sure 1500 would have been plenty

hope you got somewhere near to achieving it and got some sleep CM.

of course the one day wood could have had a lie in I wake up at 6.30 coughing.

01/02/2014 at 09:52

we could have had a lie-in, but my lovely son who has to be dragged out of bed every day of the week ... now has an alarm clock ... and I've told him he doesn't need to set it on a Saturday ... hey ho. I got up, made a large mug of tea and then went back to bed anyway to read!  Luxury indeed!

CM - that sounds bl**dy awful tbh, but definitely agree it's a downward spiral once you start stressing and panicking, and trying to say STOP and CALM DOWN is pretty tough once you're in it!!

JG - do you know what, we ALL feel like that - well I do anyway. Sometimes I am so pushed for time etc that a 3 mile IS all I fit in, especially when it's holidays and my time is no longer my own at any point in the day! No one seems to believe me when I tell them this. tbh, having not run since Tuesday, I'd be delighted with a 2-3 miler!! Anyway, well done.

Off to inspect new climbing wall that is opening today - has an open day, so it's free, so it will probably be very busy. Is a trek to get to - about 50 minutes away - but kids up for it and it's blowing a hoolie out there today anyway.  Only 5 more days until my husband returns home (not including today) ... do we think I'm going to keep hold of my sanity for a few more days??? Would help if I didn't have a bu**ered back too, but c'est la vie!!! Went swimming yesterday but actually think that is NOT good for back, going to stick to bike. Actually going to dig out turbo again later ... may even go in search of a suffer fest session - OMG!!

01/02/2014 at 12:48

Golly I can't keep up with you ladies! As soon as I've read it all u have moved on! 

Huge hugs CM. Hope u r ok. Lovin the handbags EF (pages back - but remembered cos I am SUCH a shoes and handbags girl - worst bit of village living is there is no point wearin heels anywhere. They'd be trashed and/or I'd fall over! TBH will probably invest in some Merrill type boots for next winter). 

Will have to read faster to catch up. Did another park run today. Don't know time yet but it was good fun again. Will try to keep up this wk! Have fab weekends all. 

01/02/2014 at 14:40

CM, you NEED a new job. No one needs that much BS in their life!  Your ear sounds agony. Glad you have abs but hope your eardrum is intact. 

Jeez, can't remember anything else. Made it out for plod this morning with running group. Not fast and did quite a lot of walking but felt good to get out.

All these extra curricular activities are exhausting. So far Max only plays golf and tennis but both are with us and not prearranged. I guess that will come soon enough. 

Minks your SIL sounds a bit stepford to me. Is it you whose brother has financial problems?  Definitely no reason to feel inadequate, you can be very proud of K, he sounds like a real sweetie. Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow and we are going to our first super bowl party. Don't understand any of it but will be fun!

01/02/2014 at 15:55
Well done for getting out TTid!

Went to Cardiff today - battling the rugby and football traffic - for Chinese New Year celebrations but it was crap. Few lame stalls and a man making balloon animals who wasn't Chinese. Weird

Got half of my work done. N helped me! I have more to do tonight

Dreadful night with ear pain yday and aching all over today. Also have very swollen gland below my ear. Now on day 3 of antibiotics so should be starting to feel better not worse by now. Fretting a bit that I need something other than penicillin to sort this out. I really feel utterly wiped out

Kids in art class now. We were 40 mins late by time we had been to Cardiff but I thought it might be worth dragging them there for the celebration. It wasn't!! Anyway they are out in 5 mins so am sitting in car having been to shops to buy some stuff to make e a dragon to take to school. That is her homework this week. J has to make a poster about cleaning teeth. At least that is free!!
01/02/2014 at 15:56

LOL at the stepford MIL analogy TT - made me chuckle!

Well done on the plod, who cares if it involved walking. You are out and you are doing and that is what counts.

Off to inspect Lego constructions and light stove

to ski or not to ski tomorrow - if the winds die down maybe, but need to work out the 4WD in the car first!!

01/02/2014 at 16:00

OH CM, at least N there to give you a hand (()) that sounds a really horrible bug though. I agree you definitely need a new job with less BS, then you  might have a chance of hanging onto your health!!!

We drove to the wall that had the open day, only to discover you couldn't participate unless you were under 8 - so why the f*ck does it say *fun for ALL the family* all over the advertising huh? Anyway, S understandably starting crying as she is the one of the two of them who was most excited.  So took a complete extra detour to get to the other wall (which is closer anyway) and it was empty and lovely with fab staff and had a great session there. Now I just need to persuade one of my girlfriends to start coming with me on a Friday eve when hubby is home. Now that would be fabby!  So god knows how many miles I ended up driving today ...

01/02/2014 at 16:16

Grr, how stupid CC. Glad you found somewhere else to climb. 

Making muffins with Max at the moment while Os snoozes. Only from a packet mix but he loves doing it. When O wakes up we will go to dollar store to get wrapping paper and gift bags etc for friend's daughter's birthday gifts. 

CM, really hope your ear starts to improve soon. 

01/02/2014 at 17:54

Wow I would have been livid at that CC - it's not as if she's 3!  Perfectly capable  - they're just worried about their insurance.

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