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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/07/2013 at 17:00

CC- well done on your the race. Enjoyed reading about it, hill runners sound like a scary bunch Sounds like a tough route, maybe I'm glad I didn't try it. Too technical for a roadie like me I doubt! Lovely pic of you - what is on your hands? And is that compression shorts underneath? I am wondering whether to invest in some because I still have ongoing groin/pelvis/butt/hamstring issues on left side. Wonder if they would help. I do have a pair of short skins I got a few years ago but they don't feel tight enough to make much difference? Been at the chiro today for a clonk and hopefully that will see me through Saturday.

Was just so delighted to read EFs news. Hope they are all doing well.

So jealous of the hol Sonya, my sister is in the States now and another pal is in France so with all the pics on FB I am feeling rather envious.

Mind you weather here is ok and I'm managing to keep the kids well busy now they are on hols. Yesterday we did a lovely long walk, they all really seem to enjoy being out walking so I hope to do a lot of exploring over the summer. Cliffs are a bit scary though, especially with Reece and Cameron around!

Was good to hear from MM, nightmare about your tumble, hope you are well on the mend now.

Starting to panic a bit about my run this weekend. Think I was a bit impulsive, I haven't put the mileage in since Edinburgh 6 weeks ago, well a couple of 80 mile weeks but not been back up to 100 mpw since the 100k race in March and starting to worry about that. Maybe I'd have been better off just to put my head down and get in a solid training block but then what the heck you only live once. There is no pressure and I am not going to push myself for a time, just get it done, try out oa few things and use it as prep  for the 100 miler in Nov.

Having a shoe nightmare. My Hoka shoes came and I've worn them quite a bit but only as far as 10 miles. My other trail shoes I've only done up to 16 miles in and got blisters and my lightweight road shoes were fine for the marathon  but will they make it 75 miles on trails? Thinking to start in them and then maybe have the Hokas in my drop back around the 50 mile mark? I don't really know what to do.

Anyway enough boring running talk;)

RF that cake looked fab. Did you follow a recipe or make it up? I might try to copy it for Sophies birthday next month.

Right better get on with tea. Kids have sailing later, even in the holidays we still have heaps on, bah!

03/07/2013 at 17:03

Hairy Dieters Sonya fab book, yummy recipes and help you lose weight too. The chilli is the best I've ever made.  Holiday sounds fab.

i had some amaxing chocolate from a handmade place in Bath. Beyond yum!

hoggle - hope you had a lovely catch up and your friend coping.

all still ok. Keeping everything crossed now. Just the odd brown smudge so hoping that's the last. Might just be a respite till the next time from what hospital said but I can hope!

03/07/2013 at 18:53

Oh JT, I really hope that is the last for you, so so stressful, not what you need at all (())

Sonya - your holiday sounds fantastic but boo to still not running ... any light at the end of the tunnel?

Chocolate - Green & Blacks definitely, or Tesco's cheap alternative is OK too, but yes, I have expensive tastes in that for sure - I have a lovely collection of G&Bs from my birthday

Lotte - you will be fine on Saturday I am sure, but just remember it's NOT a race and really do use it to practice stuff. You will probably have way more miles in your legs than some of the others taking part I imagine. As for the shoes, put all sorts in your drop bag ... I don't know what the terrain is like I'm afraid but if it's decent then perhaps start in your lightweights and see how it goes? Apart from the last few days it's been really quite dry and conditions underfoot our way are not that bad.

On my hands I have a pair of highly technical Tescos fingerless gloves - I have such bad circulation that I lose all feeling in my fingers if there is a hint of a breeze!! And if they get too hot I just roll them down - I was glad of them for first half of race but it was baking once we hit the forest. I bought those compression shorts for SDW last year - not sure if they made any difference injury-wise but they stop my backpacks rubbing me, and I couldn't decide how cold I'd get in the pass on Sunday so that was my compromise . I am sure you would have been fine tbh, the roadrunners get their own back on the hill runners on the flatter stretches, that's where I managed to reel people in at the end anyway

04/07/2013 at 07:37

Yeah well done on your race CC, sounds tough. Fab result I think also. You amazing hill run you!!!

cant help with the shoe problem Lotte, I have nae clue am afraid! Oh dear to there still being lots of activities going on even in the holidays ???? luckily swimming & stagecoach that the girls go to stop in the holidays, yay!

also very jealous of your hot hol Sonya, sounds nice.

loving Camlos amazing wardrobe, wowee missus!!!

lotte- good luck for your race, have every faith in you. As CC says just treat it as a practice run & don't go mad eh!!??? And yes I would imagine you have many more miles in your legs than most!!!! Enjoy 

thanks for the cake likes!!!! I was well impressed with ma sel but it actually wasn't that hard, just took a few hours to do. Got the recipe of the Internet, just put " cake with mud and pigs" into google!!!! 

04/07/2013 at 07:46

The girls were very impressed with it. I also bought a moshi cake out of tesco just in case as that what she wanted. Busy day yesterday but R had a good time.

this week has been hectic so far, not stopped. Only managed to squeeze in 5 miles on treadmill yesterday morning this week, yikes that's terrible. Will have to try and get a run or cycle tonight & tomorrow night. On Sat I'm on another night shift, sigh so wil feel rough on Sunday so might try and do a longer bike ride to fit in some miles this week.

JT- poor you, very scary. Look after yourself now n take it easy.

oh and MM"s fall sounded nasty, hope your on the mend doll.

CM- hope your not going too mad if your chest is still a bit carp.

choc- LUV dairy milk, yum ma favourite, tastes like heaven.

well this afternoon am meeting a friend at a loch and I'm going to attempt to get in and swim, whether I do who knows, I do not like cold water!!!!

sorry getting harassed by the girls as they want on the iPad to " feed " their stupid blooming furbies. Have an app on it that feeds them!!! Betta go...............

04/07/2013 at 08:05

about to fly home - good training session (spent some time lying on floor but luckily my colleagues are goos bunch so didn't feel too foolish!

Had a great catch up with 3 lovely old friends. Gabriel is doing ok but I think the fertility treatment she's doing now is holding things together so hoping for a positive soon to keep her going. I can only imagine the desperate need to fill that space - not to replace Fletch but to be a mummy again. 



04/07/2013 at 11:09

I dare not go near dairy milk RF - something in it that makes you eat it compulsively ... and then feel seriously sick!!   Boo to all the nasty work shifts, sounds like you are doing a fantastic juggling act though!! Cake looked awesome. Hope your swim goes well.

I went in the sea for a 'proper' swim this morning. Tide had just turned to go out so didn't need to wade out far and the waves were really small, worst bit is there is a funny tide that runs at an angle along the shore (was swimming along shore not out to sea) so on the outward leg it was almost impossible to get my face in the water!  On the return leg I could get my face in no probs, but oh boy, ice cream head-tastic!!  so probably did about 250m and did put my feet down at my turnaround point, but it was a start!

Meant to be packing but between speaking to my sister and my mum to finalise visiting arrangements I don't seem to have achieved much and now off to get hair cut. Hey ho, that'll be me packing at midnight then!

Have sitter tonight so am off to running club - first time in months so will be nice to be sociable.

Was shocked this morning to hear my kids getting up at 6.45, making their breakfast, clearing it all away etc, then they got dressed and J said, I'm really tired I think I'll go back to bed now (fully dressed!)!!! Anyway, for the first time in WEEKS we were not late for school.

04/07/2013 at 11:11

Not sure when you depart Shetland Lotte for Inverness but a massive good luck, just go and 'enjoy' it , as you say, a really good opportunity to try stuff (including the shoe dilemma) out without it being about a result!  But will be thinking of you, forecast is meant to be warm.

In fact I am panicking as sister says it could be 30 degrees next week, that is more than twice what we are used to on a hot day!!!!   So excited to be seeing my family though , haven't seen sister since Christmas  

04/07/2013 at 11:14

Good luck Lotte and have a fun trip CC!!

04/07/2013 at 16:18

Quiet again today must be the sunshine. .cc -   Your trip sounds great. Does that mean you get to your old house too?

hoggle - hope things work for your friend soon. Terribe o have to go though feti,ity treatment I get there too.

rf - wish you were nearer, I'd probably be grabbing o to lend a hand With e cake!

lotte - good luck and most of all, enjoy!

dificult day today. Had new carpets fitted In lounge, hall. Stairs and Landing.  Consequently, nowhere to sit, no telly and no access to playroom. Archie refusing to play in bedroom. coupled with having a gripey tummy all day (constipation I think)I'm fed up on top f all the other stress. Oh and hubby isn't responding to texts as to whether he'll be late. Last night he said he'd b early and came homstat 6.30 at least 30 minutes later Han normal!


04/07/2013 at 22:53

Thanks for the good lucks. Feeling not 100% all week with a scratchy throat and snuffy nose first and last thing but it hasn't really come t anything. Of course it has to be my totm too, bah! I don't leave until tomorrow afternoon 3pm ish, fly into Inverness about 5pm then will have to get into town to b&b then meet up with the others for a lift to Fort William at 9pm. Race starts at 1am Sat morning.

Trying to put food into drop bags just now, no idea what to take so its a bit of potluck! Mainly flapjacks, bananas, creamed rice, gels. Sure I should be better planned but...

Enjoy your hols CC. Sounds lovely, how long are you away for.

JT, you certainly didn't need the stress of that today. (()) look after yourself.

RF and CC you are both nuts. I can't for the life of me understand why you would willingly put yourself into cold water!

I see MM has been out of her purple princess. I must dust down my bike next week and mix up my training a bit. Haven't done proper cycling for ages just on the mtb with kids lately.

Right better get off to bed as no idea when I will next get some kip!


05/07/2013 at 08:03

Good luck lotte. (Autocorrect sugg = lot trotter!)

jt I hope that this is the last of your scares. I know only too well how stressful bleeds are but at least had the comfort of knowing the probable cause. 


I will post properly on a pc. Fingers are enormous so typing on i phone is hard - and feet and legs are huge too tho don't affect ability to type! Got tons of fluid figuring op so have ballooned! 

Thank you for all your thoughts and congrats. Cxxx 


05/07/2013 at 08:04

Figuring = during. 

05/07/2013 at 11:52

Lotte - pot, kettle, black??

05/07/2013 at 12:34

Ha ha Caro!

EF - any news on a possible escape time?

lotte - boo to not feeling 100%....

cc and rf think i'll leave the sea swimming to you too especially as the water's probably  still at its coldest after this years winter!

hmm, well had to stop cursing hubby after I realised I'd not managed to send any messages!  Ho hum. Still gripey today if ou get my drift. Have beedrinking lots and eating lots of fruit but nothing working so far. Rah! have hit the fybrogel which I don't like taking but I think needs must. Off for a curry with friends tonight too so hoping that will help!

05/07/2013 at 20:08

V quiet!  How are you doing EF?  hope everything is going well xx

Good luck Lotte!

Janie the first few weeks were worst with me, I used Lactulose throughout in the end it was unbearable otherwise.  At least its free on prescription too!  

Martha has had nits, I did a dose of Hedrin shampoo two days ago but nit combed tonight and I suspect the teeny tiny brown flecks were either dead ones or something more sinister so think I will comb every couple of days until we are clear.  Didn't enjoy it much as her hair is long and it was a chore!  We have had letters home so regularly from school this year that I had actually relaxed checking a bit plus its difficult to know what to look for when you've never seen it either - urgh!!

05/07/2013 at 20:53

Ah no to  the wee beasties Kinsey, hope they make a quick exit. We"ve not had the delights of their company yet!

EF- the pics of u all r lovely & wee baba is soooooooooo gorgeous. Hope the swelling goes down quickly & that your recovering from the section.

Lotte-good luck with the race. U start at 1am???!!! Oh my

Janie-hope the curry helps!!

i also wke up full of sniffles, headachy etc etc, not sure if its just my hayfever or a cold or a mix of both but meds taken today which have helped a bit. R"s hayfever is really bad at the mo, needs piriton a few times a day and also got some eye drops for her. Poor thing.

watching the tennis with a wee baileys n brandy!!!

well I you would have seen on FB eventually braved open water swimming yesterday and so pleased I managed to get in , not freak and swim a bit. It was my friends first proper OWS also. Wore a borrowed wetsuit which is not a tri specific one and it was ok. We did mostly BS as was a bit weird putting face in the water and seeing darkness but did manage a few strokes of FCC. In the water for aprox 50 metres & did a bout 1 km so quite pleased for the first time.

apart from that all I"ve managed to fit in this week is a 5mile treadmill run and a 10 mile MTB last night, arghhhhhhhhh school hols and a manic week. On a night shift tomorrow night so will have to try and squeeze in a wee run in the morning & a 

05/07/2013 at 20:57

cycle when I get up Sunsay afternoon!

M not well, has a high temp & not eating much, poor thing.

down at the local auction mart today & bid on another wee old chest of drawers for £2 & a small conservatory furniture for £15, yay.

anyway apparently the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so hope u all enjoy the sunshine x

05/07/2013 at 21:03

Hi ladies. On hols in Italy - reading but posting tricky as wifi is dodgy. Home tomorrow so will catch up then BUT 

congrats to EF!

well done on race CC

Gpod luck Lotte. Sorry not to name check all - best post now before I lose this again! 

06/07/2013 at 22:08

Hmmm, anyone could be forgiven for thinking its a sunny day.

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