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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/11/2014 at 06:51

Aw thanks trendy, and all of you for your continued support.  I read that at about 1 am when I couldn't sleep, was coughing, had a headache and generally felt pretty crappy so it cheered me up.  I guess it's just the not knowing when I am going to feel properly well again.  Yes there will be no more chemo drugs pumped into me but how long before they really leave my system and stop damaging me?  I read something that said it can take months and then there's the joys of tamoxifen and all it's associated side effects to come next month. 

Anyway, it's morning, time to get up and face the world.

25/11/2014 at 09:21

Caro - poor you.  Life's not always nice or fair  Hope you have a better day today.  xx

25/11/2014 at 17:58

Tatty - I think crochet is probably easier to pick up if you have someone to show you, although there are prob enough videos on youtube which would cover most things.  Casting on is pretty easy and I did manage to do a decent size strip quite quickly.

PG - how rude of that driver!!  Grrr!

Caro - hope you had a good day xxx

25/11/2014 at 20:39

PG - that is such a  rude comment esp coming from someone with absolutely zero self-awareness!! I used to hate some of the comments I'd get from people when running in London esp when you ran past pubs!!

I have a sick girl at home today which is NOT ideal!! She had quite a high temp this morning and was so lethargic! Of course she is fine now and wants to go to daycare but I'm guessing thats because she's had paracetamol. Daycare were laughing because when I rag she was in the background shouting and laughing.

Managed to buy a bit of time with some water and food colouring but fear it will be a battle all day long with me trying to work and trying to find things t keep her occupied! 8 working days left including today and still so much to do!!


25/11/2014 at 20:46

Caro, from what my Sis can remember it was 6 months after the last chemo dose before she felt properly well & able to cope with work again - up until then she was constantly tired, but she did have radiotherapy and i think that one of its side effects is lethargy so she may have picked up sooner without it. Although i have to say she was no where near as fit & active as you and I'm sure that will all work in your favour. I do remember pumping multi vitamins and allsorts of supplements into her to try and rid her body of toxins and encourage health! I know that she felt quite down about her hair loss so i guess psychologically she felt properly better when that grew back - which is no quick thing! She was actually more sensitive about her hair than her missing breast, but then she hadn't got a partner so predominantly she was a Mum & wanted to 'look' like she always had before cancer for the sake of her kids.

The tamoxifen hasn't given her too much grief at all - she's been on it 6 years and is prescribed it for another 4 apparently. She's also a good 10 years older than you and I'm sure in terms of recovery - age is a definitive factor contd..

25/11/2014 at 20:51

Jules wanted to tell you that what you are going to go through in the next 6 months is nothing compared to what you've been through the past 6 - and you got through that!

Book a holiday for the summer - have something to aim for - its what she did & she knew that by that certain date she WAS going to feel better, she HAD to!

She is now 6 years post op and aside from a lopsided chest (but i am too post BF!) the only long lasting effect is brittle nails still & a numb armpit! 

You've got this far Caro, you're an amazing person - as is everyone who manages to kick cancers butt.

Hugs from us xxxxxx

Camlo    pirate
25/11/2014 at 22:44

HiTrendy, good to hear from you, are you running much? 

Boo to anyone commenting on the size of your Bum PG. 

Hats off to anyone who can knit, crochet etc, love the pics of the twig xmas tree CM, you are all far more creative than me. 

Not a good day here, someone had an accident in the pool which required 40 kids to be turfed out while the pool was cleaned... Now I am not saying it was one of mine.... But..... I strongly suspect it was... Last week i had wee coming through the ceiling and now this.... 

25/11/2014 at 23:15
Lol @ 'accidents' Camlo - thank you for the Hi - I am just starting running again after 3 years of depression/grief/too much alcohol put pay to any fitness regime I may have had! However, after stupidly completing the Dublin Marathon last month with no training what so ever - it was the longest 5 1/2 hours of my life - but it was the biggest kick up the arse I needed! I haven't been on the forum as I haven't really been a 'running mum' but I'm hoping I've now turned a corner.
Hearing Caro's news reminds me of my Sis & the start of the slippery slope I went down on - I found it very hard staying strong for everyone when my sis was ill & then my Dad fell ill & died - it was a crap few years and I really struggled. I'm in total awe of you ladies who, despite the odds, maintain the work life balance & run! Whilst before it made me feel inferior I'm determined to gain inspiration from you and get back to being the person I was happy being...
Sorry what a self absorbed post! I've been following a lot of you on FB & feel I know a lot of you quite well - it's quite a surreal experience! All I know is you've kept me going ladies on more than one occasion, so thank you!
Now where are those trainers....????
25/11/2014 at 23:48

Yay Trendy So good to 'see' you on here. Loving the positivity! I too have been doing far too much lurking and not posting but I'm back now  And you have my utmost respect doing a marathon like that! Superwoman!!

PG - how very rude! Why people do things like that is beyond me and makes me very cross. 

Hoggle - glad M is better now. Loved the pic you put on FB before - she is gorgeous

Have had a busy day editing (when G was asleep). One article done - probably the one that will be my favourite. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even if my brain aches now!

25/11/2014 at 23:48

And boo to accidents, Camlo 

26/11/2014 at 08:37

I was a pool phantom crapper as a child least I can remember one occasion - and I turned out ok .......

Trendy you are definitely still a running Mum!  I have found a kindred spirit at the psychology seminars I've been going to at barts.  A chinese lady who is prob 20 or so yrs older than me but she looks incredibly young, fit and healthy.  She has a similar marathon time to me and did her first iron man in the summer.  She too is very frustrated that she is sick, and unable to run and train and find solace in something like that.  Finally....someone who understands!!  The psychology seminars are really good.  I've been to 3 now, first was on talking about cancer, last wks was stress and yesterdays was sleep and relaxation. Only about 4-6 people are coming to each one which is a shame in a way as they are a new thing put on by the cancer psychologists but hopefully once word spreads more people will come.  It's interesting hearing other people's ideas and perspectives.  

The art therapy is also very helpful and my therapist is going to ask her supervisor if I can keep going longer than the usual 6-12 sessions as she can see it's making a real difference to me.  Either that or she's enjoying seeing my stick men drawings every wk - I am so unartistic!

PG that's so rude.  I have been spat at and had rubbish thrown at me out of a car window before when running.  I try and rise above it and just think how much better I am than those people......

Poor Eric is under the weather and I feel like a bad mummy.  He's been coughing for ages and yesterday he refused to walk to preschool with my friend who normally takes him.  So I had to stop a passing neighbour to get them to take M to school, so I could take Eric, and he wailed and clung to me which he has never done when I've left him anywhere before, since the age of

26/11/2014 at 08:59

Oh and as for holidays, we have booked our easter cottage in Dorset, and we are going to Rome in May for 4 days to stay with a uni friend of mine and her family.  For summer we need to go where we didn't go last yr, in France, coz they have a our 400 euro deposit!  So really I should just book that now, so it's done.  I could do with some sunshine and warmth right now.......

I keep telling hubby that as of 2016 we are going to take the kids skiing, and make it an annual thing.  We have always said we'll wait till they're older, it's too expensive etc etc, but quite frankly I no longer care!  

26/11/2014 at 12:47

Exciting plans ahead Caro - great idea about the skiing, sometimes I think we will never be able to afford certain things so just go for it and take a risk!

Lovely words Trendy and glad you are feeling on the up again.  The hardest thing is getting out there again and finding running enjoyable as it's always hard to start with.  Start with short runs and just build up depending on how you feel.  Those muscles will remember what to do before long .  It's taken me 7 years to feel as though I'm at pre-baby fitness again, (if not pre-baby weight !) but that's because of injury and having 2 pregnancies, so I suppose technically 4 years.  Choose nice locations too like parks - so much nicer than running through a town/city.  And if you need to walk, walk.  I bet you won't do it for long before you start jogging again!

Poor Eric - Nicky cried yesterday and today when I had to go, I don't know why, maybe just a bit tired or something.  It's that run up to Christmas when everyone is tired and coming down with illnesses left right and centre!

My mum thought she might have needed an op to clean out the wound, but apparently it's doing ok.  I'm on standby to go down and get her and take her home on Sat but we're not sure when they'll either let her out or kick her out as yet!

Right must get on with planning my lesson tonight.  Nicky's parents evening tonight - I expect she'll say he's very quiet but does have a few friends?!

26/11/2014 at 12:48

Oh and  to phantom pool crappers!

26/11/2014 at 13:07

Camlo - pool accidents.  My step mum used to assist at a school and one of the kids poo'd in the pool, one of the teachers thought it was a brick and asked a kid to dive down and get it, the kid then surfaces, realises what is in her hand and lobs it to the pool side.  Chaos broke.

Caro - great news about all those holidays and skiing.  It's also nice you have met another lady who understands.  I've always found that I want to do so much more when I cant.  I had really bad depression years ago and i was totally floored by it, I couldnt get out of bed (it was so bad that I thought i had a really bad virus for weeks and weeks until i found a decent doctor) and i just lay in bed dreaming of going for a bike ride or run.  The therapy sessions sound great.  Oh and there is no way you are anything close to a bad mummy.

Trendy - welcome/welcome back.  Please dont feel intimidated by anyone.  If i ever do, i tell myself that there is always someone faster and always someone slower.  I go for self improvement.

26/11/2014 at 13:47

Great to have you back Trendy, sounds like you have been through alot. Marathon must have hurt but respect for doing it off no training.

Great idea re the skiing Caro. I wish we could do it every year. Our skiing holiday in March was just the best thing ever. The twins had just turned 6 and they loved it.

Trying to plan a family holiday for next year but can't even decide when to go let alone where! Its either caravaning in France or going to a friends villa north of Alicante, Easter, late summer or Oct?  Also has to fit in around a few running trips and my 40th birthday spree!

My sister was a bath crapper. I got really good at leaping out of the bath at high speed!

Was hoping CC would have been on with a detailed account of her weekend adventure (or have I missed it?)

Heading down to Inverness this weekend for the North District XC champs. Me, 6 boys and our male coach! Dylan and Reece, and my nephew are all running. Dylan and Reece ran a mile time trial at our track session last week. Dylan ran 6.09 and Reece did 6.39 (age 9!). I think I will have to stop racing them now as I'm not going to be winning much longer Reece is just a little running machine, it doesn't help the adults he beat that he looks about 2 years younger than he is!!

Cup of tea finished, better get back to work.

26/11/2014 at 14:48

PG3 - ha ha ha, best poo story so far!

I'm still struggling back to some kind of speed Trendy and Benedict is 2.5, however have a new route to try next week which is over 7 miles and not too hilly, have been stuck at 5 miles for ages so need to get the mileage up I suppose.  

Well done to your boys Lotte!  Should think they would beat me!

Glad the psychology sessions are helping Caro, I bet some people just get put off the idea of it without giving it a try, when they might benefit just by meeting others who are going through the same thing xx

26/11/2014 at 16:56

caro - that's interesting about art therapy. I had it in my teens when I had an eating disorder and hated it. wouldn't comply at all!

and so my nutty friend (the one I had to get involved with and call the police out about a few months ago - not sure if you remember? she was drunk and her sister took her son away and was refusing to give him back...) anyway, she phoned me last night. she's been in a relationship for a couple of months with a bloke she met on the internet. it was all going well - apparently. and then suddenly it finished abruptly. she now thinks she's pregnant... so today I've been out and bought 2 for £1 pee sticks from poundland and i'm off round her house tonight while she pees on a stick. she is the friend who makes me think maybe my life isn't that bad after all....

26/11/2014 at 18:04

Omg cm. Good luck with that one!!

26/11/2014 at 18:12

Folk on train must think I'm bonkers as I snort at the poo stories. 

Had a text from my cleaner last night which has upset me a bit. It just said won't be in on fri Jamie died. Jamie is her son. He must be 20s. he wasn't ill that I knew of so I have no idea what's happened. It's horrible though. I only bumped into her last week at the shops though and all was fine and we chatted about houses and stuff so it's definitely sudden. There was a man killed by a train last Thursday though so I am fearing the worst on that one. Just terrible news.  

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