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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/02/2014 at 16:57

Wise words Brookie, totally agree if u have had eating 

disorder in past u should avoid any kind of diet and just 

stick to healthy balance. 

I did do atkins about 11yrs ago but other than that 

I have only tried calorie counting and 5:2 fast diet, don't 

go in for all these mad cabbage soup diets and the like. 

03/02/2014 at 17:26

lotte - just checked the dates for the ultra. i don't have the kids the weekend of the november event; but i do the weekend of the december one. doesn't make a whole lot of difference really. i can ferry you anyway as i will make sure N is here to kid sit. on the november one i would probably be able to get you from the airport as well (assuming you fly into bristol?). on the december one would depend on whether N here by the time you arrived on the friday...

03/02/2014 at 20:31

here we are again. 8.30pm and i'm working (same stupid bid!). and i'm waiting to see if J is going to go to sleep.

talked to his teacher today and she says he's very stressed at school and also his writing is off the scale awful. he isn't coping with her 'criticism' of it either... hmmm.

and E came out of school today with pooey pants. dinner lady hadn't let her go back in to go to the toilet at lunchtime. she had had a wee before she went out but then suddenly she needed a poo and wasn't allowed. so she ended up pooing herself but didn't tell anyone and sat in it all afternoon. she hummed when she came out. no-one had noticed. will have to have a word tomorrow.  apparently they definitely aren't allowed back in once they have gone out. how stupid is that??

03/02/2014 at 20:42


03/02/2014 at 20:54

That's awful CM.  She's 5 for god's sake.  As far as I know Matilda could go at lunch time if she wanted to - I think there's a loo in the playground.  I shall ask her.

03/02/2014 at 21:15

i think the reason they don't let them go back in is because they've had problems with all the kids wanting to go back into school to use the toilets and presumably the teachers are on their break so there isn't anyone in the school to supervise them (that's what i'm assuming). and i know it must be hard to tell whether a kid needs to go or not but i'm not happy about that. fortunately she wasn't that bothered about it (she didn't tell me - Jacob smelt it when they got in the car. i hadn't noticed before because we'd been outside but she really did hum when i got up close!). but we had to go straight to piano lesson for J so i had to take her to tescos, buy new pants and a load of wipes. poor lass. i was more worried about the state her bum would be in but it seems ok. even though it really was EVERYWHERE.

03/02/2014 at 21:17

Oh god CM, that's horrible, poor E, she must have felt mortified. Mine are definitely allowed back in for the toilet - I mean they've just had lunch for goodness sakes ... it's hardly rocket science is it!!! Glad J is in the land of nod.

that programme ... the main thing I found interesting was the diabetes point, and the way the brain works. I know when I've hit a *low* point on a long ultra, quickly absorbed carbs have sorted me out. I think on longer races it's not as straight forward as carbs OR protein, it's the right thing at the right time.  I know I eat way less carbs than I used to, but I do eat them, albeit I try and make it wholegrain or as unprocessed as possible.  And I do have something sweet every day - today it was a homemade chocolate muffin I made at the weekend. Full fat cheese, yogurt, butter.  If you are going to be strict about what you eat, you definitely have to work a lot harder to ensure you get the balance of nutrients you need too.  I guess we all have to work out what is best for each of us - Lotte clearly manages to run on what she eats, but might not work for someone else.

As for the races Lotte - depends how you want to finish your year I guess, from what I know, the MCN one is definitely a little more off the beaten track - you won't get canal tow path etc in it I believe. Ironically, the guy that set up the MCN races, originally worked with Martin from Likeys on the Beacons Ultra (they were working together when I did it in 2009). Somewhere after that there was a falling out and now there are the MCN series too. So I guess it depends what kind of a challenge you want? I always have great plans for December but it all goes pear-shaped in the lead up to Christmas!


03/02/2014 at 21:23

Back to osteo today, more work on trigger points and myofascial release, had needles stuck in too as muscle really didn't want to respond.  Is only running that aggravates - dragging my friends 5-year-old up and down a ski slope yesterday didn't aggravate it, nor did belaying my two at the wall on  Saturday. So trying to back track to what set it off and can only think shoes - kind of kicked in after I did the Lakeland ultra with my back kicking off. Anyway, bracing myself for a trip to run4it in Inverness as has been ages since I had my gait checked. I ran all last summer with no problems at all, only been since I binned my old trail shoes this has flared up. Of course, that model no longer made   Was really interesting though - she showed me a picture of fascia (tissue that surrounds muscles etc), some of it runs continually throughout the body - so you could have a problem in your shoulder but the pain could emerge in your toe!! Interesting fact of the day  and explains a bit how you get referred pain ...

03/02/2014 at 21:26

and Scott Jurek's veggie chilli IS yummy and very easy to make. I couldn't be as disciplined as him though ... unless I had someone else helping out on the cooking front and feeding the rest of the family for some of the week, some of his recipes the kids really wouldn't buy into and cooking two separate meals is not something I need to be doing

03/02/2014 at 21:47

ah well i had cereal again for tea. ho hum. did eat roast with kids last night, and i did have very healthy soup at lunchtime full of green veg, spinach, leeks, sweet potato, mangetout, green beans, sweetcorn (all the leftovers from last week basically). so not done toooooo badly today

WHY did i answer my phone at 9.10pm? it was guy from work asking me to pick up ANOTHER section. sob...

03/02/2014 at 22:18

i have conceded defeat. 10.15pm and i'm trying to write about architecture management, when i don't understand what it is. and no, it's not about managing buildings (i might be able to write something about that). this is about enterprise architecture and roadmaps for technology. WTF? i don't even understand the words. i managed to write 3 paragraphs on the toolsets we would use (which i thought was pretty good). then i saw the rest of it, went and got the haribo, ate half a packet, still couldn't understand it, so have now given up.

at least at this rate i don't need to take a day's holiday for my interview on friday. i think i've worked enough hours to take my non-working day on friday this week

03/02/2014 at 22:43

Well that's one good thing to have come out of a bananas work task about architecture management!! work sounds tough right now. I think that's awful about E and the loos. Surely there ought to be enough playground staff to allow for one to take a child to the loo?! Poor E. Glad J slept better too. 

Interesting about referred pain CC. Hope you get the pain sorted. Wonder if it is shoes? Home made muffins sound yum. 

03/02/2014 at 22:44

Also - clearly a running ignoramus here - but who is Scott Jurek ? 

03/02/2014 at 22:55

He is a fab US ultra runner (but unless you are especially into that side of things you wouldn't have a clue - I didn't for a while!!) who has completely changed the way he eats and what he eats.

I'm not convinced it's shoes alone, but could well be a contributing factor as is only thing that has changed significantly since the summer when I was running just fine. Maybe I'm just getting old (well I am, but I still expect high things from this aging body ... just need to treat it a bit better to achieve such things!).

Like going to bed, which I am now doing. And so should you CM - that all sounds like a pile of bo**ocks and no number of packets of Haribos will make any difference!!

04/02/2014 at 06:54
Sonya I was jealous too, I was away for work and hubby and M seemed to have a great time.
I'm glad J got to sleep easily tonight CM, my brother had terribly messy writing and used to get a hard time about it - surely her criticism will only increase his stress and make the writing worse. Tough one to manage but other peoples suggestions re. Relaxation are good ones. As for people running after 9 - that's OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
I'm sure there were other things I was going to comment on but brain is fuzz!
I got stuck behind a bad accident on my drive home today - truck vs motorbike (apparently going too fast and crossed centre line) - rescue helicopter needed - very horrible! Plenty of time sitting in the car reflecting on what's really important in life!
04/02/2014 at 07:59

Just looked him up. He seems to live in or visit Boulder, Colorado a lot. That's where I lived when we lived in the states. Lucky guy. It's AMAZING there. Sometimes I wishes my parents had stayed there. But it terms of inspiring lifestyle, living there for a while started them on a life long path of eating better and exercising more. He looks an interesting guy. I shall read more! 

04/02/2014 at 07:59

Waves to Hoggle and Sonya and everyone else ! 

04/02/2014 at 09:22

Scott Jurek is a legend, book Eat and Run is well worth a read Brookie. And if you haven't read Born to Run (Christopher MacDougall) yet you need to!

Ultra runners are a really inspiring bunch.  Kilian Jornet, Anna Frost, Emilie Fosberg, of course home grown ones like Robbie Britton and Lizzie Hawker... and most of them write blogs which are worth a read.

Actually this by Sage Canaday is probably worth a read re the fat/carbs thing

04/02/2014 at 10:25

oh my god the pain. feels like knives inside my head. went back to GP and she confirms that ear drum has perforated. so she's just given me more painkillers. and told me to go back in 5 days for referral to ENT if it's no better. it is worse than labour pain. can't breathe through it.

04/02/2014 at 12:09

Oh CM. Cant they do anything sooner?! Can they give you stronger painkillers? They can't just leave you to work through it! 

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