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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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20/08/2013 at 22:57

Good physio session - she said the range of movement in my muscles is actually much better than I think but I have stirred up my neural pathways which is what makes a stretch hurt or feel like I have to stop early. She showed me an exercise and got me to do it a load of times (gently bringing knee to chest while bringing arms down towards hips pulling on a band) bad explanation but then got me to reach to my toes and I could get 2 inches further. Anyway she hasn't written me off yet!! Once she thinks I have the very basics working as they should we'll move onto core etc. She wont let me start pilates until I can breathe correctly!!

I sympathise with Ian! Did he have the discectomy in the end Caro or just a cortisone injection? It really was way more simple than I thought it would be and hopefully the nerve compression is sorted so I can just focus on putting myself back together. I'm currently learning how to stand properly so its a long process but I think I have found the right physio for me now. Its when I think about the range of thinks I automatically don't do now - like jumping down from a gate which I wouldn't have thought twice about before - makes me feel OLD!!!

Anyway positive attitude!!

21/08/2013 at 13:34

Thanks for all the potty training tips. Know what you mean about parents - my folks were on at me to start E when he was about 6months?!!! They seem to think they did that with me. Yeah right. Rose tinted memories methinks - and perhaps the influence of those towelling nappies! 

21/08/2013 at 16:15

Great to hear the physio session went well, Hoggle. Must be really frustrating  

Sounds like a good tempo session, Caro, with some strength training thrown in for good measure  

Loving all the new school uniform pics on FB. They all look so cute. JP is back to school 2 weeks today. I go back a week on Monday, for the Monday and Tues (INSET days), then I am meant to work on the Thursday but I have a GTT in the morning so I am having the whole day off (this is probably taking the pi** but I seem to recall I felt really rubbish after the last time I had one). Then I am only in for two half days the next week and that is me done . I have been a tad crafty with my mat leave in that I am going as early as possible so a to maximise my pay. Sounds weird, but it's because I am going part time. My rate is based on my previous 8 weeks of salary, and as I am technically full time until the end of August, the sooner I leave, the more I get if that makes sense!). My head teacher is really, really narked but I couldn't care less  

21/08/2013 at 16:15

Hehe, random smiley face at the start of post - it was meant to go at the end!

21/08/2013 at 18:27

Well your head teacher should question how they determine maternity pay, not get mad at you!  It's common sense, so of course you're going to do it!

21/08/2013 at 18:53

I'd do the same too Tatty! I know loads of people who do overtime weeks 15-25 to get mire mat pay. He should thank himself lucky you couldn't do that too. Mine works out really well. Due date 20/1/14 so will work till Christmas, mat pay will then kick in 6/1/14 and baby will be at latest 13/1/14 so hurrah and all that! Seeing my infamous consultant next week which could be interesting!

cm/camlo thanks for the round up, much needed! Camlo were you impressed with my ironman efforts? had to reread twice when I saw it

brookie - definitely wait till ready, have a large group of friends who ended up with toddlers who wear pants and had to change them several times a day!

hoggke - fingers crossed you're on the mend!

hope all those north of the border had a smooth transition o school!

cm - erm, wtf with e's transition?! Five half days maX and off we go!

great hols, lovely weather, only tarnished by just discovering that tb was there t te same time! Spotted her photos on Facebook! Trying to sort logistics for next year but not sure how! 

21/08/2013 at 19:51

No transition here - straight in to full days, worked fine for Martha!

Actually went for a run this morning as Alan was here.  Only 2 miles but its a start (again), really not feeling much enthusiasm for exercise though really!

Just put too many chilli flakes in my courgette pasta so it doesn't taste of much - oops!

21/08/2013 at 20:11

Ha ha I just put too many chilli flakes in our stir-fry Kinsey .

Yes Brookie, definitely wait - my argument has always been if they don't know when they're weeing, they can't be potty-trained.

Although on that note, after our first day of success on Monday, we haven't had another wee on the potty .  He's either asked for a nappy to do a poo (not sure how to get him round that one, never managed it with S) and done a wee at the same time, or had a nap so weed in nappy, or this evening we had to take S to gymnastics and he weed while we were there (didn't tell me till bedtime - had a pull-up)!  Feeling a little demoralised...  We tried staying in yesterday morning but failed coz he did a poo.  Maybe I'm stressing too much because of him starting nursery.  I wanted to just go for it and ditch the nappies, but the practicalities are too complicated for me of going out somewhere and taking a potty so I just put a pull-up on but maybe I need to stop...I hate potty training !

Sorry me me me!  Weird that some kids are going back to school already - got another 2 weeks here.  Just starting to get their uniform together, spent a fortune on shoes yesterday!

Hubby's fed up with his job at the moment and has been looking at other jobs - he does this every now and then though and then doesn't follow it through.  Hope he does this time, one of the partners sounds like a right tw@t 

21/08/2013 at 20:40

i can't really remember what I did with Aidan JG, he started telling me he was weeing though and then we went with an incentive which I think was an Octonaut toy that he would get at the end of the week if he had ditched the nappies.  

He was very dramatic about only using his massive potty to start with but slowly progressed to using the toilet and is now finally standing up to do wees.  The poo thing went a lot more smoothly than with Martha although he did resort to going in this morning nappy for quite a while.

Oddly he had two night accidents when we stayed at my Dads the week before last but has been fine since then!

JT - are you going to find out what you are having this time?  My brother and his girlfriend had their 20 week scan yesterday and its a boy!

21/08/2013 at 21:26

Had courgette pasta for dinner too Kinsey! Decided not to add chilli flakes as intended to have leftovers for the girls, however none left as I went back for seconds 

Have been awol for a while too, mainly due to annoyance at ipad/iphone posting and being lazy on fb! Been reading though.

Woohoo to a pink one tb! Great to be going on mat leave so soon too (whatever the boss thinks!) and well done getting off the ADs too.

JT- are you going to find out then?! Your due date was Rosie's due date, she appeared on the 17th instead. I just jokingly said to hubby "when we have no.3.." and he went all serious and said he really doesn't want anymore. I don't at the moment but always like to entertain the possibility! I have a very hardwork 18mth old (think Caro was saying similar about Eric!) so no desire for more! She is a lot harder than Mags was, refuses to talk and has perfected a blood curdling scream to vent her frustration at everything that annoys her (a lot of things annoy her...)

Brookie- not long to go for you! Where has the time gone?! 

Hoggle - glad you had a good physio session. You are doing amazingly considering what you are having to go through. I would be ranting far more! Can't imagine how tough it is. I've been a complete nightmare to be around with nearly 6mths of no running and I've still been able to do other exercise! Will you try for no.2 whilst getting sorted?

And talking of running, I've been doing some! Like CM I am scared to jinx it but last 3 weeks have seen me slowly get out there for short 3-4 milers, concentrating on form and doing lots of physio exercises and so much rolling of my itb that I'm constantly bruised up my right side! Not sure what changed but I have obviously been doing a lot of glute work for months then physio decided to tape me up and do a bit of acupuncture. Since that session I have been able to run! Still feel twinges and she is concerned about fatigue if I do over an hour but I feel like I'm progressin. Pilates starts in September which I desperately need to keep me focussing on my core. Dread to think how much I've spent on physio since Feb... But anyway I am a happier bunny as hubby will confirm (with a perter bum apparently ).

JG- can't add much advice to potty training, Maggie felt like a late starter (vs some of her friends) but she was 2 and 10mth I think and did it very easily once I persuaded her to try! No idea if Rosie will be similar, not sure I believe that second children train earlier...

Have now forgotten last page! Some great hols happening, lovely school photos of all the scottish kids. 

Oh and any camping advice?! Going on our first camp with kids on Friday, with friends who've been before and on a campsite so nothing hardcore! Hubby took a lot pf persuading so any tips on making it enjoyable gratefully accepted! We have inflatable bed and I will be buying beer and chocolate. What else..?

And also going to cottage near Hay on Wye the weekend after bank hol, if any of the Welsh crew know the area?! Best go, got meringues, cream and strawberries to eat...

21/08/2013 at 21:38

potty training - bah to oldies who make you feel guilty if you haven't started at 6 months. Of course 'back in the day' mums were home all day and babies used terries but not now! The later you start generally the easier it is, I waited until boys were ready around age 3 and had minimal probs (although Archie has totally regressed and pees absolutely everywhere). Musical potty was a hit too. 

Physio  - glad to hear positive stuff Hoggle, you will get back to it soon but you are right not to rush! 

Caro - good deed award to you xxx

School starts - crappy arrangements with no flexibility can't show much regard for parents. Mine had full time places from the term before their 4thbirthday so were in feet first at 3y 10m each. No probs at all. 

Mat leave - go for it, you don't get much concessions in life and most employment works against you so of course you are going to work out what's best for your family rather than what's best for your boss! Doh! I was made to feel guilty for going off and my childless colleague constantly digs at 'mums getting special arrangements' even thou she never starts work before 9:15 and takes all her annual leave in the school holidays! Frances is a lovely name TB! 

JT - cant believe I think I actually forgot you were having another!!! Guess no ironman for you anytime soon! 

Well done to running Kinsey but boo to the chilli flakes Kinsey and JG. 

Wanted to do another double day so took swim stuff with me to join the girls on a bike ride. OMG with several afraid of hills and another on a bike too small it took ages, 20 miles took 2 hours which didn't leave enough time for my swim! Hey ho. 

21/08/2013 at 21:44

ooooh cross posts Sonia - I am only an hour from Hay, beautiful area and lots to do horse riding, play barns, walking, nice shopping (and ice cream) in hay, canal and theatre in Brecon. Fab running and yippppeeee to a pert bottom! 

21/08/2013 at 22:14

Yes lovely to hear from you TB and Sonya. 13 wks to go Tatty! Wow. Are you def having a c section? Mine is booked at 39 weeks so I hope I last thAt long. E was 37 wks. 

So pleased you have a good physio Hoggle and hopefully u and Sonya will be back running vigorously again soon. Caro - great story about the dog! Camlo - nice owe with the double day. Um...,, yes JT v wise re early mat leave. It's th way forward! 

Baby brain has set in & can't remember anything else. Sorry! Sleep well all. 

21/08/2013 at 22:30

Camlo school as are not there to act as child minders for working parents I'll have you know

sonya, fab that you're running again.  Eric is funny, yes hard work but more because he's so physical, big and heavy.  Occasionally he screams when he wants something, but he's got a few words on the go 'cup' (even if it's a wine glass!), shoe, bunny, pepper, ball, spoon, and he understands loads.  He counts to five, but more because he hears me threatening Matilda and counting not because he's some kind of maths Genius.  He sings quite a few recognisable songs-row row, happy birthday, my bonnie lies over the ocean(!) and does quite a few things when you ask him to.  All I remember wi Matilda is that the terrible 2s started at 18 months, so I'm kind of expecting it all to go a bit pear shaped rather soon........

off to Cornwall tomorrow, back tues.  




21/08/2013 at 22:46

great to hear all these benchers getting out running again!!!  Sounds cautiously hopeful Sonja ... and yay to a pert bum , mine seems to have shrunk and dropped  ... sigh ... and  to Caro for her good deed for the day.


Camlo - boo to the slow bike and peeing children (not in the right places!!)

Tatty - agree with others, that 'so what' re the maternity leave!!  Fab news re the antibs too  

had a day where I didn't feel like I achieve anything ... I did but in a chaotic way. Ho hum, struggling to adjust to routine again ... have church booked for Pilates classes on a Weds morning ... have two weeks to find at least three punters (that will cover weekly hall hire) - eeeeek though.

Taught yesterday x 2 and then again tonight. J back to guitar after school so S and I had a nice paddle in sea at Nairn while he strummed - daughter insisted on stripping off and skinny dipping in sea and then asked why I wasn't doing it either .... ummm 5.30pm on the beach with the dog walkers - perhaps not! Don't want her to have any hang-ups about nudity etc but equally, even I won't do that

No running today, trying to preserve niggling calf but probably doing to destroy it in long run tomorrow - want to try and get one last proper long one in before event in a few weeks time. We will see.

J is 9 on Saturday - how? So need to sort his party out - have five friends coming over and planning to do some Geocaching (well set some of our own up hopefully).

Missing stuff again, I know, but brain is blitzed at the moment. Lordy knows what I'll be like next week when I have some library shifts to do too ...

Have fun in Cornwall Caro

22/08/2013 at 13:50

Mmm, chilli. I have got a real thing about spicy food lately - the hotter the better. I would probably have devoured your dinner, Kinsey! I am loving these green olives stuffed with habanero peppers you can get in Tesco and eating them at every opportunity  

yep, head is just going to have to lump it. She has a bit of a track record at being awkward with people on mat leave (and generally, tbh) so I am taking it all with a pinch of salt. I am only planning on going back for the minimum length of time required so that I don't have to pay back part of my mat leave (which works out as the last half term only) so I am even more in 'don't care' mode I am going to be a stay at home mummy The business is doing super well so it is affordable.

my bum is looking a bit flat nowadays And my legs look like they have all wasted away! Mileage is still ticking over but it is minimal compared to the 35 ish per week I was clocking before pg. Great news about the running, Sonya and Kinsey! 

Brookie, how long have you got to go now? Section is for definite - was strongly advised to have one because of risks of another traumatic birth. JP got badly stuck and I really suffered afterwards mentally (sounds melodramatic but I think I had post-traumatic stress). The section will allow me to stay more in control of when and how it happens and I like tha idea  


I have Mister Maker here today JP making things with buttons, felt and lolly sticks! He has wanted a quiet day today as he seems to have a poorly leg Ben thinks it might be irritable hip. He is complaining of pain going down from his groin to his knee and has been limping a bit. It is better now after some Calpofren but will see how he goes and take him to docs tomorrow if needs be. He was meant to be going on a trip with holiday club (to the space centre somewhere in Leicestershire) so he will be gutted if he has to miss out. Hopefully it will be better by then.

enjoy Cornwall, Caro


22/08/2013 at 14:03

Achey hip seems to b very common problem, was it CC's little 

man who had bother b4? My eldest has had problems all through her 

teens as did me little cousin. Doc checked out Nat's hip and says it is nothing 

to worry about, she will grow out of it. Just to take ibuprofen when it's sore 

and try not to wear trousers that are tight around hips as that Can 

aggravate it. Said it's more common in boys apparently.

22/08/2013 at 14:44

TB - even though my births were uncomplicated I think I was in partial shock after Benedict, glad you have a section booked, is 'Frances' measuring big?

Rainy here this morning but its dried out now so we can get outside.  Its a long day at the moment with B trying to climb everything in sight!

22/08/2013 at 19:19

I remember your birth story Tatty, was a bit of a shocker! Hopefully you can enjoy it a bit more this time. Our current set if babies/bumps is really pushing the c section stats up isn't it?. I have no choice this time and I have to say its really nice not o have to agonise over what to do for the bbest!

also have you tried the little peppa dew  red peppers with cream cheese in? Was addicted to those with Archie. Coop ones are the best . Think you may like them! 

Cc - fingers crossed you get your numbers for class. You're really starting to branch out! Lol to the skinny dipping!

caro - had to laugh about how Eric knows how to count to 5... 

Kinsey/ Sonya - no not going to find out but absolutely convinced it will be another boy! 20 week scan a week on Monday. 

Enjoy Hay, somewhere we keep meaning to go. 

Slightly more awake today. Yesterday was a shocker! Most the washing done so on the road to sorting. Off to mum and dads tomorrow so hoping bank holiday traffic is kind (ha!) still better than trekking off to Devon unlike my neighbours. Grim thought for a bank holiday weekend!

22/08/2013 at 19:21

Ooh forgt to say, midwife's reaction when I told her of size increase between Ted and Archie (7lb 2oz to 8lb 1oz) was ooh, I think it's as well this one's a c section, that's a big increase! 

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