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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/02/2014 at 21:49

Oh hells bells cm I had a breezy day compared to you!

yes I survived. In spite of Fraser puking his milk all over me and the bed this morning. Clart that I am, I just left it. (It's changed and washed now though!) he then peed on me as I dressed him.  i wore the only thing I have which is a ted baker suit but the skirt is now so big on me that it sits about3" lower than it should and it meant it was really pencil like so I couldn't run! The burglar alarm then refused to set and said there was a fault.  Cried as I dropped him and howled all the way into town. Mainly due to leaving F but partly out of frustration at the shitty traffic and the flaming alarm.  Finally got the 9.15 train and got to office 10.15! Faffed all morning and then did some work this pm.  May have proof running in a week which I can see far enough! Left at 4and picked up Lou and then Fraser who was giggling away. he ate everything and even slept for them so all good.  

Got home and we have heat and hot water and mum had spoken to alarm co and got that fixed too. Phew!


tomorrow I am in Ed office. Hurray!

24/02/2014 at 22:02

Wow lots to read.... I am not commenting on giraffe knickers, flaming bushes or chaffed crackers...... 

Eek to mascara on kids! 

Boo to returning to work EF, bills and wasted journeys CM, limited opportunity to run (everyone but esp those with absent/ busy hubbies like kinsey and CC), working nights RF and feeling poorly TTid. 

Yippee to race CC, serves hubby right for not listening!! 

Had a fab weekend away with boys and made lots of new friends at an education day for kids with bladder probs like archie, made me realise we are the lucky ones when there were so many with more complex issues. even though he is only 5, he had a really good chat to a 15 yr old who has the same diagnosis. i was having to swallow back the tears as this lovely lad answered all of archies random questions (Mainly about sport!). 

24/02/2014 at 22:10

I did do my Lotte o clock run today, 4.3 miles at 6.45am (well that's about as early as it will ever get with me!) managed a good pace, leg and foot are fine, so fingers crossed it stays that way.  As one of my down to earth running friends pointed out to me it's not all about PBs....and I've done most of the training, lots of it in pretty dismal weather, so it would be a shame to waste it.

24/02/2014 at 22:12
Aw that is so sweet Camlo
24/02/2014 at 22:30

that is DEFINITELY why you need to leave CM - hope that contract pops through the door imminently!!

EF - yay to heat, hot water and a mum sorting out the alarm, sounds a bit of a hassle journey tho'

Kinsey - so is Ross-on-Wye back on again? May have missed that one. Weekday DVDs will keep you balanced and strong (rather than all running and getting injured!).

Camlo - saw on FB re the weekend away, it sounds fantastic and how lovely to meet other people in similar (or worse) situations.

Caro - great news re the foot. You will bomb round I am sure, hopefully foot was just adjusting to training levels ...

It's the 'race' rather than the 'challenger' ... I have up to 7 days to complete it ... not even going to think about the childcare challenges yet - is months away!  Not feeling quite so brave about 'fessing up to husband yet though but tough ...

Love my VW Sharran (never thought I'd say that), but sliding doors would make it even better.  It keeps coming back from death (local garage always tells us it's a gonner then hubby takes it down to a garage near him in Lincoln and they fix it!!). Currently on 180,000 miles and still going - hoping it will last until the summer at least as we want to go to South of France, and need it get us + bikes + canoe + tents there!!

24/02/2014 at 22:31
OBEM anyone? Loved the accents
24/02/2014 at 23:22
Really felt for the poor guy who missed his daughter's birth and his wife haemorrhaged both times.
25/02/2014 at 01:09

Phew, am knackered after 2 days of challenging conversations. Overnight trip to Rotorua to interview staff as the club is in an appalling mess then back in time to referee a ridiculous meeting with the 4 clubs where I live - god its like pulling teeth, these people are so miserable and frankly stupid!! Anyway the sun is shining and fingers crossed I am not away again for another 6 weeks and should then be back to my normal 1-2 nights every 4-6 weeks - hubby will be relieved.

Glad you survived the first day back EF - have I missed a role change? I didn't know you were working in different places.

CM I hope that contract arrives VERY quickly - sooner you are out of that place the better!!! The new job may involve travel but having one place to travel to each day will be a nice change!

Camlo - education day sounds great! Must be nice to see that there are others in similar situations to yours and find out how they manage.

How funny that 3 of us ran the Berlin marathon on the same day!!! You'd expect it with London I guess. No I didn't spot any thighs hanging out! Was too busy trying not to fall down with exhaustion - stupid knee injury meant my 4.30 marathon took 5.07 instead.

Right, I should be making the most of a quiet house to catch up on emails rather than posting on here!!!

25/02/2014 at 11:11

CC - I have race envy (I always want to enter everything, I love entering races and the build up/anticipation etc)

Sonya - we live near Tooting overland.  The area has definitely taken a turn for the better in the last few years, especially the last year.  Apparently it's 'trendy' now although go down to the high street during a weekday and you wouldn't know it!  It's still not somewhere that i would drive through and comment how I really wanted to live there.  I have rule about London and the commuter area… if I think I would like to live there, I probably can't afford to!

Re my MIL, I am glad I am not the only one who found the whole 'coke' incident awful.  She also always buys my daughter a massive packet of those awful long life cakes and insists on giving her loads of them.  She is allowed cake as a treat but homemade cake, not those awful things with every E number going.  Arghh.  I have to pick my battles as there is a history of tension with her and it causes issues with me and my OH.  On the plus side, she doesn't work or have any hobbies or basically do much, so she is always free to babysit. Every cloud...

CM - your day sounds like a really long one.  Hopefully the new job will be more considerate.

EF - Glad you survived your first day.  It should get easier as you get used to be being back.

Hoggle - yes quite random about Berlin.  Glad you didn't have to witness my wobbling thigh  

Just looking at booking a holiday in early June to Turkey on a cheap package deal.  I haven't been on a package for years but tempted by the fact that its cheap/they have kids club so my 3 year old can have some entertainment.  Trying not to think about being in the sun/swimwear/summer clothes 2.5/3 months after having a baby.  Frankly quite terrifying but might give me the kick up the arse I need.  I bought a dress for a wedding in early July yesterday.  I have no idea if i will be able to get in to it, but again, good motivation.

Due date in 2 days. Come on baby.  I've seen virtually all the films in the cinema now and can't think of much else I can do whilst i wait.  I can't face OBEM at the moment!

25/02/2014 at 12:07

Eek, far too much to catch up on.  Have read back but pretty much forgotten everything!

CC, sounds like a fab time away - am envious!  I used to do loads of abseiling and absolutely loved it - even when I once got stuck under the overhang of a cliff because rope got tangled and wouldn't go through karabiner, and no-one could hear me shouting because they were above the overhang.  Was left dangling for about half an hour before someone realised I'd never reached the ground!

CM, what a nightmare day.  I had a boss once who was so interested in me and my role that he didn't even turn up to the meeting to conduct my appraisal.  He lives close to work and had gone home for a nap instead.  I felt very valued and appreciated indeed ... not.  All the more reason to congratulate yourself for making the right decision to get the hell out of there!

Yes, Kinsey - Kit is 7 on Thursday.  Cannot believe it.  I'm leaving work early on Thursday to pick him up from school and he's requested meatballs and tagliatelle for his birthday tea   Taking him and 4 friends to see The Lego Movie on Saturday; must admit can't wait to see it either!  Then to McD's for tea (I know, but we only go there once in a blue moon as a treat).

Lol at the knickers/bikini line conversation - wow, the topics of discussion really are plumbing new depths!  I wear M&S microfiber 'boy short' style knickers and find them absolutely fine to run in.  Do not like running knickerless though, find it uncomfortable and means I'd have to wash running tights/shorts after every run which I'm afraid I don't currently do.  In colder weather they get worn 2-3 times depending on run distance ... I have no shame.  In terms of the other, I trim and shave round the edges.  Occasionally use hair removal cream round the edges if I want it to last longer but takes ages to work and I never have the time/inclination.  Nuff said.

Caro, think you'll be fine on your half - don't focus on a PB, just on doing as well as you can on the day and in the conditions that day presents.  What is your current PB? I have never run a flat half so think I could go quicker but am pleased that I'm still setting PBs at nearly 45 and have no current signs of knackered knees/hips/arthritis!

Hi to Pip and welcome.  Hope baby arrives soon!  EF, glad the return to work went better than feared - knew it would. Sonya that really sucks about your job but I know how you feel - I got moved into a shared office whilst on maternity leave (!) and didn't find out until my first day back that I no longer had my own office.  The excuse was that they couldn't justify allocating a solo office to someone working part-time hours, but I can tell you it's quite difficult sharing with the staff you are supposed to be managing.

Couldn't resist watching OBEM, felt so sorry for the guy who missed the birth.  Always find it very moving but doesn't make me want to go through the experience again!

25/02/2014 at 15:04
I actually think mcdonalds gets an unfair bashing. I always get a chicken salad wrap which is well under 400 cals and full of salad or they also do salads, compared to the calories in Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King etc or even a sandwich in most caf??s mcdonalds is by far the better option. We go once a wk after swimming lessons and I don't see problem with it, Camryn is a veg monster the rest of the wk and skinny little thing so don't see the harm. The only takeaway food that I would rate any better is subway. Even soup in a cafe will b full of salt.
25/02/2014 at 16:08

No offence to Tangy and all others who go to McDs! I am most likely unfairly anti-McD's and would not have a go at anyone who goes regularly! (I spend far too much time in starbucks which I know isn't good). And I do know they do salads etc now, but I am a bit hippy about processed un-free range meat and I know my girls would want chicken nuggets or some such so I'd rather get them in a pizza place or café where I can get them pizza/pasta. And its not a calorie thing as my two are skinny so I'm happy with them loading up on fat (and probably too much salt!) when we go out a meal as I'm strict with that at home. (Not strict enough with sugar I have to say though - they eat way too many biscuits/chocolate!). Another random reason I don't like McD's is my only real memories of the place are as a uni student in there at 3am (the one on the Strand for all you Londoners) with drunken blokes eating cheeseburgers and me throwing up in the loos (regularly..).

Oh and my hubby is a sugar/chocolate fiend. He made me laugh/cry on Sunday - Maggie's front teeth sometimes look quite yellow and he worries and brushes them for her. Literally within minutes of worrying about her yellow teeth he was eating one of his wriggly worm sweets (those very long sugar covered jelly things) and he gave one to Maggie! Is he not connecting this with her teeth?! He has loads of fillings and was fed sweets as a kid, I have none and wasn't allowed any, anyone spot a pattern...!

Sorry I'm waffling!

PipG - we just booked Majorca for early June! Its the last year before we're in school hols and wanted to go before I'm too big (I'll be 6months) and very much looking forward to it. Blowing the budget on all inclusive before we are poor with 3! Its got a kids club but only for over 4's so my 2yr old won't be able to go. Has a mini-disco which is essential for both girls And don't wish away your last days off! It'll never be this peaceful again

Minks- can't believe Kit's 7 either! Theyre all growing up aren't they. I've heard good things about the lego movie.

And in winter my long leggings are worn several times before washing too! Sometimes tops/bras. I'm sure I'm now one of those runners people gag at as I go past I've always worn knickers too, m&s standard. And just a bit of shaving goes on with me, trimming too much work! I have very dark hair and there is no way I could make an impromptu visit to the pool without a half hr razor session, especially in winter when I resemble a yeti. Do swim shorts but they don't do the job so bought some of those tri-shorts that go to the knees, very useful in an emergency

Best get back to work!

25/02/2014 at 16:34
We are all bonkers bothering about hair going swimming, have any of us ever looked at another persons bikini line at the pool? So bet no one has ever noticed ours and do we really care if some random passes silent judgement on our lack of trimming? Yet we still do it.
25/02/2014 at 20:03

Ah yes, we exchanged on our house in Ross on Fri 14th so we are all stations go, but hoping to get house decorated before we move in over Easter hols.  Its a bit bigger and a better location than the previous one, plus walking distance to school etc and it has a nursery that will take them from 2 years so I will be able to drop all three of them at the same place!!!!

Think I am looking forward to moving back to where I grew up!

25/02/2014 at 22:02

That's fab Kinsey. Good luck with the move. 

good luck to pip too. 

I have taken on a role at the same firm - heading up the firm's Scottish claims validation team. Aka anti fraud team. Idea is that I will build it up and it will be in ed and Glasgow and I can go back to being ed based. It was that or really get stuck into the disease work which is hard going. The diseases are grim and depressing and the claims are worth a fortune up here. We give way more compensation for death of a family member. 

Fraser was very smiley again today. Loulou is enjoying breakfast club too and so all seems to be going all right. 

25/02/2014 at 22:05

Cc I cannot imagine a such a challenge! Nor can I imagine the amount of driving involved to get to south of France. We used to go to half way down France when we were kids and that took us days! Tho my folks wouldn't pay tolls so it was all back roads. 

25/02/2014 at 23:03

we have a sort of plan for France to avoid lots of driving with the kids (given it was a hell of a lot easier when we lived 1.5 hours from Dover before!!). Assuming husband will have not changed job situation then he will drive the family car down to work one week, and then head down to Dover etc, meanwhile I will fly down with the kids to somewhere and meet him   tbh, once we are in France it doesn't matter, can break journey up easy with a stop wherever ... want to go to the Ardeche.  Have done back roads to avoid tolls to Chamonix one year for a climbing trip - was absolute hell and that was with three adults in car and no kids!!!  Our kids are used to the drive North to South here and we've done Vezere with them a couple of times.

I am slightly amazed I got offered a place with no further questioning required. Have told husband I've applied, but not quite mentioned I'm in yet - save that for the weekend when he's home - perhaps just before he departs again!!

Kinsey - am so pleased re the house, it sounds fab - especially the drop-offs, big house, garden etc etc

Tangy - lol re the state of bodies in pool - so true.

I only dislike MacDs because I spent two years working there and having the stuff for lunch every day I worked in the holidays etc has scarred me for life!!! Totally agree about what they actually sell and it's healthiness, things have changed massively ... and lets be honest, I don't think eating that stuff all the time actually did me any harm. Tbh it's the things like the milkshakes that are the horrors - just seeing a container of the syrup they put in them is enough to make you want to heave. 

um, can't remember what else

Glorious day here again but flipping windy again - of course. Way windier than forecast said. Went out for a wee jaunt on new bike, was a bit scary as thought I was going to get blown off and was hard going into head wind, about 15 miles though.

RF - fab training from you, I think you are better prepared for this event than I will be with my friend. That said, am waiting to see if we are still doing it - she used to lead expeditions to the North and South Pole (she's a cool chick!!) when she lived back home in Canada, and she may be dragged out of retirement to do a one-off private trip for someone, in which case her hubby will be less than impressed with holding the fort for this weekend, along with two weeks for her to do training at Easter!!! Is fab opportunity for her if it comes off though so although I will be peeved not to be doing event, will be very pleased for her.  so we shall see

God what a waffle

Am off to load car for morning Pilates and get myself to bed!!

26/02/2014 at 11:32

I like the McD's chicken wrap too by the way - we go once in a while.  Naturally the kids blimming love it!  For a while they did innocent smoothies with the happy meal so I felt that was a benefit…..

Big bonus with the house is the veg patch with a fruit cage and greenhouse!!  Hopefully once Benedict does a bit of play school I will have time to do that without him eating dirt the whole time (and go for a run too!!).

Pip - hope you don't have long to wait, my first was due on the 18th but hung on until the 28th Feb which was just a bit tedious!

26/02/2014 at 19:40
Kinsey - oo Ross not far from here

Pip - hurry up baby! There are q a few thread babies this week so maybe it will be soon

Happy bday kit for tomorrow and Martha for fri.

Having good day today. Had 1;1 time with J. Been to ape sanctuary in the Bretons and for a waterfall walk. Then received my contract by email and phoned in notice of my resignation. Will put it in writing once I have received hard copy. N was in reading with my boss when I phoned. Apparently he went white as a sheet and when he put the phone down he said "oh f@":". Hahaha.
26/02/2014 at 19:58

Hahahaha CM that is brilliant!! How awesome to have a witness to your resignation! They'll wish they had appreciated you more now!! Let the count down begin!!!

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