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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/08/2013 at 09:27

Got to be done, EF. You need a good roomy boot for shopping (shoes, not groceries) and plenty of room for little ones in the back. Some friends of ours have the Mazda 5 and they really like it - they've only got the one child so you are definitely justified I've got a Renault Scenic which has been great, if a little expensive to repair. I like it because it has the space of a people carrier but it's not too big. That said, it doesn't really get driven much now as I prefer Ben's car (Jag X-type), which is also really roomy but fast too

It is soooooo quiet here. Ben still in need after a long day working yesterday and JP in his playroom with cars - or at least I think that's what he's doing Will enjoy my cup of tea while it lasts! 

Camlo, you'll surely make the 2013 challenge with your ultra and tri miles! I am hoping to get to 2013k with walking but we will see...

25/08/2013 at 09:31

Quiet here too. Loulou at tennis with MR's Megan and Fraser crashed out in his gym after 5 mins so now asleep in pram. Soooo much I could be doing and yet I'm having coffee and on here! 

we have Mazda 6 just now which has enormous boot but I like idea of extra seats aaa an option. Also looking at vauxhalls zafira as seem to get a lot of or your money and there are more available than Mazda 5. I'd really love a ford but mainly cos I want heated front window!! 

25/08/2013 at 09:40

tho I still think I'm not old enough for a people carrier! I'm not 40 til next yr! 

25/08/2013 at 18:06

Hmmm. Apparently our car is only worth £1k. It's admittedly rather old at a 56 plate and has 77000 miles on clock but still. A grand and there was no scope for negotiation. Bah. And the car we looked at had a massive scrape down one side and the best they would do was attempt to take it out with a buff. FFs. and Andy having hairy fit over cost and a self pity moment over fact he doesn't earn enough to let us drive sth betteR. Then got home and friend arrived to visit at 4.15. Had forgotten!! Thankfully I made flap jack yest. Phew. 

25/08/2013 at 18:29

 A 56 plate isn't that old!!!! Never had an estate car before the focus I have now (bought while on drunken holiday with car salesman) but I love it. 

Yippee to flapjack but boo to having to share it. 

Hilly 10 for me first thing, really got me puffing! Was going to swim later but got stuck into garden instead


25/08/2013 at 18:36

EF - I just looked on auto trader and a Mazda6 on there same age as yours is asking a lot more than a grand! 

25/08/2013 at 19:37

Sorry can't help re people carriers  .

I'm after a bit of advice for my friend from all you IVFers out there:  She has a 10 year old daughter and for about the last 5 years has been trying for a little brother or sister with no success.  They've had tests done and they both have problems so have been told IVF is the only route.  She's 38 so not got time on her side.  Basically she can't decide if IVF is the route she wants to go down as it would work out so expensive (£5k a go) and disheartening if it doesn't work.  It has a 20% success rate apparently.  Personally I don't think she'd cope emotionally if it didn't work, but she is so emotionally attached to having another child she even cries when she hears of friends who are pregnant with their 2nd child...  Is IVF worth the trauma though?  Or should she just accept what she's got and learn to come to terms with it??  So hard for her 

In other news, I got another parkrun pb yesterday !  12 seconds off so not huge but I'm pleased.

Went to see my friend's new baby today in Manchester and pleased to say I didn't feel broody .

Also we're getting another moggy next weekend hopefully - rescued one called Ruby, she's very cute .

Hope you are all enjoying your bank hols for those who have them!

25/08/2013 at 20:59

hi JG.  IVF is definitely stressful.  I was 38 when we did it and we were told success rate was more like 30% but that is also clinic dependent.  If you've had a child before I think it's slightly higher still - though they don't say that - and it will very much depend on what is wrong with her.  For us the decision was made because I didn't want to wake up at age 42 and think Feck, I wish we'd tried that.  The initial outlay is a lot - we were £5K as well but as we had extra embryos that we froze we would "only" have had to pay £800 per further shot to have those embryos put back.  My friend in Leeds had ivf too and her first two shots failed and the third worked - however the three shots all came off the one lot of drugs and embryos.  I think it's important to make a commitment to each other that after a certain number of goes that you let go of the idea if it doesn't work.  We agreed we would do the drugs part once ie the expensive bit and then we would use up all the frozen embryos and that would be that.  I found it hard just to accept what I had and come to terms with it without at least trying once.  I rationalised that it was the cost of a new car (how ironic given today's chat!) and we paid for it with a 0% credit card!  I got lots of M&S points   If she wants to talk please get her to message me on FB and I'm happy to talk about what it entails in full.  We did the short version of ivf but friend in Leeds had to do long version.  All the clinics vary.  It's a really tough one because I really don't know how I'd have coped if it hadn't worked for us.  I just didn't really let that be an option in my head and we were lucky.  It would have been all the harder with my sister being pregnant. 


Well done on the pb.  I've decided the garage gave us a derisory offer for car because frankly they don't want the hassle of having it.  It's easier to give us a shite offer and have us sell it privately and return with cash instead. It's narked me though so I won't go back if I can help it!

25/08/2013 at 22:12

Hey guys - yes busier on here than it has been! 

Hoggle - so hear you on the 2 yr tantrums! E isn't toooo bad but bedtime and dinner time can be tough - basically just when he's tired. Routine helps, & lots of advance warnings - eg after this game it's dinner time, after in the night garden it's bath time etc. and I am learning to pick my battles. Ok so you don't want to wear your coat, well, you'll get wet but nothing worse and frankly, it's not worth a screaming fit! Usually if he refuses my request initially (coat, dinner, bath) he will come round after a bit. 

IVF sounds tough. I am getting super stressed about our house move etc but hearing those stories puts it in perspective. 

Gkad people are having good runs too. And good luck with completing 2013k walking tatty. I have up when I found out I was pregnant. Big wimp! 

Sorry I cant remember much else and on phone so hard to scan back (& post for that matter). Yay to new cat tho JG. AND PARK run PB. an double sessions Camlo. And fingers crossed for a new car EF! 

26/08/2013 at 01:43

Ok so if anyone needs a good dose of perspective - my sisters friend has just been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer (secondary's in liver and lungs). She has a 1 year old and they were about to moving to San Francisco in 5 weeks for hubby to start dream job with Google. Her family is in Australia and his in France and she has roughly 2 years.

BLOODY AWFUL!!! She feels fit and well at the moment so its even more unreal I think although chemo to prolong life will soon put paid to that.  It has reminded me that even if my back never improves much from where it is, I am still fit and healthy etc.


26/08/2013 at 08:59

Oh Hoggle . Life can be so carp. That's so tragic. 

interesting re IVF. my friend who we were on hols with is about to go down that route as after five years trying they've had no joy.  Son is a few months younger than Ted. From what I can gather he has slowed down and she's 39 so time not on their side... Really hope it works as she is a brilliant mum. When I got pregnant with Archie she asked what the secret is and this time I dreaded telling her. Not because she wouldn't be pleased, but as a part of her I know is screaming out. 

EF- we have a VW Touran which is fab. Just a thought, so you have a Car Shop near you? That's where ours came from and they offered us £1000 for a non 

26/08/2013 at 09:08

Running, needing £800 of repair work, dented back panel, (extra work!), Saab 93 with 127,000 miles on the clock! It was a 56 plate too. Also, if you want 7 seats, check how big the rear seats are, many aren't big enough for children out of car seats let alone adults. Touran works in that way.

Tatty - out of interest have you had electrical issues with your scenic? I was advised not to buy one because of that...

Welldone on pb JG!

so much to do. Went to mum and dads this weekend. Really tired but half way now (well in my land 19 weeks!) sorry all those who've hone overdue now hate me! Garden  grass is so long a football has neatly disappeared and flower beds are none existent. Ho hum!

bought some lovely mamas and papas bedding at weekend but think in going to take back. It's the Timbuktales range but I'm sure the curtains are too big for window (not in Stock so had to order) and although the coverlet is beautiful probably won't be on that often so will possibly leave not the most interesting room which may be bland? Can't make my mind up! 

26/08/2013 at 09:09

And also not sure if its too girly!

26/08/2013 at 13:37

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted here for ages,  not since the summer holidays started I think and that was 8 weeks ago! How time flies. I have been reading when I can though, I do like to keep up with what you guys are all up to.

We had a brilliant summer, just stayed at home but a couple of jollys with the caravan and a lot of beaches, walking and socialising with friends. The first couple of weeks we also managed to redecorate 3 rooms and move the kids about so that now the girls each have their own room and the twins are in the girls big old room. It meant I lost my office but with laptops and being in the office 3 days a week (10 - 3) from now on it was just a glorified dumping ground anyway and boy did it feel good to get it all cleared out.

My baby boys started school last week and are loving it. Not such a big deal really for them as they were at the school nursery before anyway so just a longer day and in uniform! They have had homework everynight which I am not loving mind you. And they even have school swimming tomorrow.

As you probably saw on FB I raced the Speyside way on Sat. Had a great race and managed to retain my title. Boy did I have to work hard for it though. Was pushed all the way by the 2nd lady. We ran together until almost 30 miles, at one point I had kind of resigned myself to 2nd place and was trying to convince myself that would be ok as long as I beat last years time but then she just started to fade a little and I took my chance to push! It hurt but it was worth it and I finished 3 mins ahead of her, 32 mins quicker than last year too which isn't bad over 36.2 miles!

I was pleased because after my last ultra at the beginning of July I did my usual of not taking much rest and expecting to bounce back... but I didn't. Had a few weeks of poor running and lost my mojo, but then managed to pick up in time for a 100 mile week and then a 2 week taper before Saturdays race. So trying to do the recovery a bit better this time around!

Right better stop skiving, but I will try to keep up more now on. Should be easier now that I am in the office more


26/08/2013 at 19:01

Argh I killed the thread... maybe I should go away again!

Having a shoe dilemma. They seem to have discontinued my workhorses - my asics sky speeds, cannot find them anywhere and the pairs I have are buggered. I do 90% of my miles in them... what now? Argh. Did you sort out your shoe problem CC?

26/08/2013 at 19:32

Grr Lotte not what you need! Only solution ive ever found round that is to go to the local running shop but im getting the feeling that's not possible! is it worth starting a thread n here to see what other users have done? Sounds like a cracking race though a 32 minute pb is awesome! And yes, do rest. We all know what you're like.  

26/08/2013 at 21:28

JT, yes! Right pain it was too! Early this year, the whole dash display just disappeared all of a sudden - when I was going round a roundabout, which seriously freaked me out. It cost about £400 to fix and it is fine now, but the problem we now have is that when it was done, the mileage counter reset itself to zero and there is no way to get that mileage back. so it basically looks like someone has clocked it to be fraudulent . Hence it is probably only worth about £800 now. Hope things work out for your friend. Someone I work with has been through two IVF cycles now unsuccessfully and it was pretty heart wrenching I know she was pleased for me, but then I know how you can be pleased for someone and then sob your heart out in private. 

Hoggle, that is awful And with a little one so young too. You are right in that it gives you a whole new sense of perspective on things. My auntie (my mum's twin) has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It is quite advanced as it has spread to her lungs and stomach lining. Oncologist has said she has a 30% chance of surviving 5 years. She isn't young (66) but it is horrible all the same. Like your sister's friend, it seems worse because it has all been so sudden. I am pragmatic but hopeful that she may be one of the 30%

lotte, good to 'see' you, hope the legs are holding up after your amazing efforts!

JG, does your friend not get some IVF for free? Work friend had 2 cycles on the NHS. Guess it depends on area though?

Had some retail therapy today as some of you may have seen. I hid the price tag from Ben, haha Had another spurt of energy after we got home and started sorting out bedding in the nursery. Bought a few boring things too, like fitted pram sheets, so wanted the cupboard to be tidy to put them in. This also entailed moving the nursery furniture around again (I think this is the third time!) so I am quite tired now. I need to learn to pace myself better though - was completely wiped out yesterday. I am pretty sure it was low blood pressure though, as I had a headache and felt dizzy on standing. Ate loads of salted popcorn last night, which seems to have done the trick! 

27/08/2013 at 11:52

Can't keep up myself at the moment either - so sorry I haven't really read back at all!

We had a Sharan and it died but despite being a 'people carrier' I loved it as could get all we need in it. Sitting on driveway gathering dust so need to ebay or gumtree it I think. Has 149,000 on the clock, fab bodywork but just some dodgy electrics no-one can sort. So now I have a black Subaru with starting issues and 100,000 on the clock, that I have to load bikes on roof using a stool and destroy my back every time!!! Wanting my Transporter very soon ...

Lotte - no, haven't properly sorted shoe problem. Have noticed that Run for It are selling the old style roclite alongside the new style, but kind of resent the fact they are charging full price for last years model!!! At £90 it's a bit ouchy ... I have a pair of Saucony Peregrine 2s which I got of with a 20% voucher from Js rugby boot purchase. They are mega mega comfy and I did 23 miles in them last Thurs with no blisters but I think the heel-toe drop is a bit less than my old shoes and am worried it may be contributing to my calf problems - gah!!! So may have to bite bullet and spend the money ... having just paid out for ballet lessons and guitar lessons and school dinners plus bought some kit for pilates, this 8 week block money is all spent!!!

Awesome racing from you Lotte - can't imagine you being happy settling with 2nd place at all. What a PB though.  So rest is going out on road bike??? I guess it kind of is???  I haven't run since last Thurs as calf/Achilles was seriously grumpy. Going to try a run in a little while but did mbk and road bike last couple of days.

Just under three weeks left until race so need to have calves in fine fettle to cope with 4200m of ascent/descent in the 100km ... food stations are looking awesome though - sticky toffee pudding for starters

I have been getting really giddy when standing up last week or so, have always had low blood pressure but has been happening more often than usual, fingers crossed just a weird blip as I don't have an excuse like TB!

J was 9 on Saturday - had a small party, 7 friends out on heath doing Geocache style hunt with phones looking for treasure we'd put out. Think they had fun just running up and down sand dunes, let alone looking for stuff. Trampoline play and sausages and cake seemed to sort them all out nicely. So much more relaxing and pleasant than the 12 screaming 6-year-old girls we had for Ss party!!

Right, need to do some revision, a short test run and get to supermarket as cupboards are totally bare ... and prepare tonights class.

Think my foray into teaching in a hall isn't going to come to much on this occasion - no takers as yet, but then, after I'd agree with hall maintenance guy to use it, he then tells me about another lady going to be teaching there on a Tues am and Fri pm ... only a small community so unlikely to want that many Pilates classes there in one week ... oh well, all my other lovely ladies keep coming back anyway.

Am thinking of perhaps seeing about marketing myself as almost a Pilates Personal Trainer - 1:1, small groups 2-4 people in their own houses if they prefer ... not sure yet ... but need to think a bit outside the square I think but do really want to stick with the small groups.

Sorry, random waffle there which probably makes no sense but should not be on here. Will try and catch up properly later in week but hope all those growing bumps and their mums are well etc.

Edited: 27/08/2013 at 11:53
27/08/2013 at 14:33

CC - sorry to hear you have a calf niggle. Sounds like you are looking after it though and I'm sure it will be fine for the 100k. Food sounds yum! I am getting better eating on ultras but then on Sat I had 5 gels, a banana and a creamed rice. But at no point did I feel low on energy so it must have  been ok. That running warehouse site is good for comparing heel toe drop of shoes. Sometimes it can be really hard to find that info out. I have spent an hour looking at shoes on the internet this morning and it is doing my head in! I got saucony kinvaras a month or so ago which I do like but they are 4mm drop and I don't think I could do 80+ miles a week in them yet. Plus they would probably wear out really quickly. There seems to be no replacement in the asics range for me although I did email asics to ask and I have had a reply asking for my phone number so maybe I will find out! Might try the saucony Ride 6  but they are 8mm I think, my sky speeds were 6mm.Not sure how much it really matters anyway. I did ponder the Hoka Kailua comp road shoes too. Decisions decisions!

I was thinking about your pilates. My pilates teacher (who is a friend too!) has always done her classes by going around the local community halls but this summer she has moved into a new venture and is now a partner in the injury clinic (physio, podiatry, pilates in one building) and doing most of her classes there. Making quite a thing about it being good for rehab etc.(She is still doing a class at her mums house just along the road for 6 which I will be going to as I can't justify driving half an hour each way to get to another class. )Anyway if you are interested you can look at her FB page which you will prob find through my FB. Other things she has done is spoken to some of the bigger businesses, schools and council offices and got them to book lunchtime classes (block of 6) in their premises for staff.

27/08/2013 at 16:24

Thank you Lotte thinking about my Pilates , and sharing those thoughts, there are some really good ideas there ... the link with the physio/podiatry etc is a good one as are the ideas about councils and businesses etc too ... will go off and seek her page out . Will also look up the Running WArehouse as you are right, it's really difficult to find out the heel drop stuff. My Peregrines are 4mm and my roclites were nearer a 6mm I think so yes it is all very confusing and crazy!!  I am almost drawn into trying a pair of Hokas at some point even . The thing with less mm is it will potentially put more strain on the calf muscles, but then again, can 2mm really make that much difference? In fact I don't know why I am in such a flap about spending out on a pair of Roclites again when the last pair did me 800+ miles!!!

5.5 miles flat run this morning but with sand and shale which challenged calf/Achilles but no niggles fingers crossed - have even succumbed to purchase of some compression calf guards - god I'll look like 'all the gear and no idea' at this rate!!!

That sounds like plenty of food for your race on the weekend - not dissimilar to what I consumed when I did my 30-miler over on West Coast in June, I think on Lairig Ghru I used 3 gels and a banana for the 5 hours I was out.  Am anticipating being out a fair while for this race, just hoping I make the cut-offs OK ...

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