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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/01/2015 at 12:19

Deep breaths plumber is here digging up concrete floor to expose leaking internal pipe. Omg what a mess. And I need a new floor now. Deep breath. This isn't the external Welsh water leaK. This is just the internal one. 

25/01/2015 at 17:11

So somehow I came 1st lady in my 10k this morning  Bloomin freezing, 2 lap course in Hyde Park - put on by Run Through who I have never heard of before, but they were very friendly, well organised.  There was a lady in front of me for the first 3k then she stopped to tie her shoe, and ended up about 12 secs behind me - must have been my day  I don't think I get a prize of any kind, but I'm happy, and I managed a PB in the process.

Had a delicious breakfast with my friend after, then came home and took kids to olympic park.  Hubby was going to see his folks this morning with them, but F in L pulled his feeding tube out o/night so is back in hosp, so he is there now.  Later on we are going out for dinner in central London with friends over from Switzerland this wk end, and actually getting a babysitter.  I am really looking forward to it but will be shattered.

Will the internal one be covered on insurance CM?  When we had our massive bathroom flood when Eric was newborn and they had to rip apart floor, walls and ceiling it was amazingly all covered, incl finding the leak.

25/01/2015 at 17:32

You are amazing caro! 

Not claiming on insurance as excess is 600 quid for water leaks and that doesn't cover the repair! Paid £150 for the repair today. I knew exactly where the leak was anyway. My friend's hubby, who did my kitchen floor, will replace the hall flooring with the same stuff that is in the kitchen. The kitchen cost £300 and the hall is nowhere near as big. Can't imagine it will cost more than £150 for the hall floor so there was no point claiming on insurance. 

25/01/2015 at 17:59

My brand new garmin malfunctioned as well - or should I say the garmin operator malfunctioned.  I thought I'd set it up right but obviously the top screen was showing my fastest pace and how many calories I'd burned!  No distance, pace, or anything useful!  It did beep at me every mile which was something.  I wonder if I would have been slower with it because I would have worried I was going too fast.....

25/01/2015 at 20:41
CC - you should do the race I linked to when we were in Switzerland last summer - the course is brutal! I think you should have as many days at altitude beforehand as you reasonably can. I usually feel short of breath going up the stairs when we first arrive at 1550m!

Caro - great running!!

CM - hope all your leaks are sorted soon!
25/01/2015 at 21:12


quick skim read & watching 'walking the Nile' now so won't say much.

Thinking about you all and sorry some of you are having a really hard time of it at the mo, massive hugs to you all (((((((()))))) you are all amazing, just you remember

CC- u will do the loch Lo man tri missus, so there!!!!! Still haven't told hubby I entered it, ahem!!!

Training went well this week, 9 hrs done, first time in the 6 wks since I managed every session, lol!!!! It won't happen very often I imagine!!! Flip it's hard work!!! Swimming is so boring and its a 2.5 hour round trip. The lochs are about 3 degrees so will be giving them a miss for a bit methinks, brrrrrrrrrrr.

As u seen from FB the puffer didn't go well and am still fuming with ma self, ah well. Hubby and I both were not feeling on form- he has had a really bad diarrhoea bug since Thursday night and wasn't looking awful. Hope he keeps it to himself. Have been making him bleach the toilet all the time, not impressed. !!  So broken sleeps as he has been up to the loo!

Just ate 2 bags of monster munches, ooooops!!!! Not the diet of an athlete, ha ha ha!!!!!!

Caro- u are awesome, a Pb, what a star u are.

CC- when can we meet???? Your ear could be wax???

CM- sorry to hear all about your crappy water and tax problems x

Camlo-good training. How's it going? Do u follow the swim stuff in Fink? I haven't!!!! Prob should as I am crap.

25/01/2015 at 21:34
Although, as discussed on fb, Switzerland is crazy expensive!
26/01/2015 at 10:27

Very inspirational Caro!!  Well done!

Aidan off school with a sick bug, he started being ill at about 9pm last night and still can't keep anything down.  Haven't had any of them keep being sick for this long before.  

26/01/2015 at 13:13

Ah poor thing Kinsey, not nice. Watch he doesn't get dehydrated. My husband has still got that diarrhoea big since Thursday night. He still went to work despite me telling him not to and the whole 48 hour rule but of course he completely ignored me. I mean what do I know, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Started taking that feroglobulin iron liquid, yuk!!!

One hour run this morning, yoga tonight. Have ten hours training to do this week, flip it's tiring!!!!

26/01/2015 at 14:10

Jings it is ages since i managed a catch up. Not enough hours in the day or days in the week. Don't usually work a Monday but I'm off tues/weds this week for Up-Helly-A' woo hoo. Thats our big annual fire festival. Love it. A whole night of partying on tueday night, following a full day of Viking parading etc. I will only get home at 10am Weds morning, but instead of worrying about not being able to train as usual I am viewing it as part of my endurance training! Luckily hubby has the day off, he isn't going out for UHA (men only in the squads and mostly women at the halls)

Last week was tough running wise. Just totally wiped out after the whole period and cold thing. Still getting palpitations but the legs are starting to feel a bit more lively again. Only 6 weeks until the Inverness half so need to get on with some decent training. Had a bloomin hangover yesterday after a girls night in so after this week I need to try and reduce the alcohol consumption a bit. You dry January ladies are putting me to shame!

CC - hope you get your ear sorted. I have fallen in love with the idea of the Manaslu Trail Race and also Le Grand Raid de Pyrenees. Sigh, pipe dreams, will never be able to afford them or even if I could that time away would be impossible. Maybe in 10 years time. (Who am I trying to kid, by then I will be even more broke trying to fund 6 kids through uni, first homes etc!!) Anyhoo, hope you can do TdS. Hope that foot is well on the road to recovery now.

Big hugs to those who need them.

Get better soon Aidan.

Congrats to speedy Caro.

Stick at it with the mindfulness/meditation CM.

Good training RF.

Jealous of the skiing holiday plans, we went to Sestrierre with Crystal last year and couldn't fault them JT.

But we have booked an Easter holiday to Spain woooo hooo. Going to a friends Villa near Denia, which is about halfway between Alicante and Valencia. Villa backs onto hills and trails but still pretty close to the beach too.  Flights for the 8 of us was £1400 which is pretty good, but then it cost us £400 for the ferry off this bloody island (!) we need two nights accom in Edinburgh (x2 rooms so another £200) and the mega bus fare is £100. Then there is the huge cost of hiring a big enough vehicle out there, which at the moment we can't find anything cheaper than £600. Would be better to hire 2 small cars but not very keen on that!  Ach well that's what credit cards are for. )

Right better get some work done. Sorry I have waffled and not name checked you all. Waves to Camlo, TT, PG, Hoggle, what I would do for some of your sunshine. I got hail bruises on my run this morning!!

Maybe get back on later.


26/01/2015 at 17:23

Eek to your holiday costs Lotte!  We have booked a week in Ireland and Easter, will hopefully be more fun than previous as sleep has improved here so we won't be total zombies.....

Aidan has perked up, finally stopped retching late morning.  Had a bit of tea so fingers crossed...

RF - urgh to the diarrhoea, hope he gets over it soon.  Still waiting to see if A's was bug or food poisoning, Benedict has been a nightmare all day and messed around by the toilet any chance he had, picked up Aidan's toothbrush and stuck it in his mouth, and also used Aidan's cup so if it is a bug I'm doomed!!!

26/01/2015 at 22:09

Ooh Lotte we went to Javea many years ago, which is not far from there.  Loved it - best holiday!

Boo to sick and diarrhoea bugs, hope they keep them to themselves!

Hugs to those that need it too ((()))

Decided the other day that Sophie hasn't had friends to play for donkeys, so invited her friend round for tea.  They had a lovely time - I always get a bit nervous, especially when I have to pick them up from school too!  Sophie doesn't actually seem to like playing the same games as other girls - she's desperate to show them how to complete a level on Sonic (her current fave!) or play hide and seek or run around the house or something, and they always want to play with her Lego or dolls!

I'm also a bit fed up of the 3 hours of college teaching that I'm doing.  It's a right faff for such a small amount of time and money, plus the head of department has got me teaching maths as well as English, so there's more preparation for me as my maths is distinctly shaky!  And now they want to do a departmental observation.  I'm feeling more and more that I'm done with teaching, I've been trying to "keep my hand in" for a few years but it's got less and less, and now I've got this admin job at the Uni I'm leaning more towards a quieter life.  I'll drag it out till June I think, then maybe say I can't do anymore next year.

26/01/2015 at 22:11

Oh and Lotte, I love your Up Helly wotsit!  I remember you talking about it a couple of years ago and I watched the video and everything, then I've seen it on programmes like Countryfile or similar - looks fab!

27/01/2015 at 11:21

hope poorlies are feeling better and no more spews

i *think* welsh water have fixed the leak. i have a huge hole at the top of my drive - can't get my car on the drive but the hole is on the pavement (yippeeeee! not mine to fix!!!!). i looked closely last night and i can't see the meter spinning any longer so i guess this means they've fixed it. haven't heard anything from them. if that's the case, then i shouldn't have to pay anything at all!!! which would be amazing.

and i'm so excited cos i've just booked really cheap flights to inverness to see CC at easter (RF not sure if you are around also?? flying up late on 28th march and back on 2 April). having a day in Inverness and round Loch Ness first and then have a car to take us up to see CC. i am ridiculously insanely excited about this.

we won't make our 2 week trip to scotland in the summer now - that just got too expensive when i looked at how much it would cost to hire a campervan which i wanted to do, plus the trip over to shetland (sorry, lotte ), but at least we can do a flying visit for Easter.

i am fizzing with excitement. which is rather sad really!

27/01/2015 at 11:22

is it Dylan's birthday lotte? i seem to remember he coincides with Up Helly Aa!

27/01/2015 at 16:07

Oh wow CM how exciting. Don't know what I will be working yet but hopefully be of a couple of those days anyway.

I live about 50 mins North of Inverness so could come and meet ya's ????

Today I have done a 40 min road ride, 15 min run and hour swim.

Camlo    pirate
27/01/2015 at 23:08

Haha RF - i see some fink influences there.... I did the 45min bike but then an hour run as need to cram sessions in early to get a rest day on Saturday as want to do XC on Sunday. I have to say I am bloody knackered and struggled to maintain 10min miling today! Starting 90 min swim sessions tomorrow night (home at 11pm) so that will probably finish me off!!!! Back killing too. 

Lotte - cant wait to watch the hellyhoowatsit live!

CM - fab about the water fix but make sure you put a fiver a week away now to stop any panic in the future! 

JG - sounds like a lot of stress for a few hours! 

Kinsey - hmmm why do they like to chew toothbrushes that dont belong to them?? 

28/01/2015 at 06:41

Gah, bloody sick bugs, B has it now, although he's not as bad as Aidan was.  

Bloody annoying, new running shoes arrived yesterday and I can't go for a run!!!

CM - fingers crossed WW have sorted everything and you can breathe a sigh of relief!  

Lotte - hope you had a good party night!!

28/01/2015 at 12:54

Ah no Kinsey, nightmare to the sick bug but yay to new running shoes, whoop whoop. Hope u can try them put real soon.

Camlo- I am completely knackered. Went to bed at 8.30 pm last night!!! This morning I did 2.25 hrs on that bloody turbo, omg.........the lady garden does not like it!!!! Watched a film so there was sweat n tears!!! According to garmin that's 958 calories, wtf, surely should be more for that torture, he he he!!!!!! This is day 9, can't wait for Sat for a rest day. Wow a 90 min swim sesh will be good but getting home at 11pm not so good.

its snowing here again, very inconvenient. C and R have swimming lessons after school which is a 40 min drive away and they have missed the last two wks due to bad weather and dentist appointments so really can't miss again.

Tomorrow I have my friends dads funeral then straight into work for my PDP and then a tracheostomy update. Mara is going to my mums and she is going to take her to her first swimming lesson. Have booked private lessons for her so it will be one to one as the other two have taken years to just be able to swim and it's ridiculous.

Ah no huge snowflakes now.Anyway beta go and see if M is eating her lunch. Can still feel those palpations in my chest. Look forward to a coffee n blether with the lovely CC on Friday ))

28/01/2015 at 12:55

haha camlo - a fiver a week wouldn't have helped in this situation when i would have been looking at multiple thousands if it had all gone wrong!! it was potentially the kind of money that i will never have lying around in a 'just in case' fund. i have one of those that can cover emergency car repairs and boiler breakdowns. but not foundations of house collapsing and entire outside of property needing digging up

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