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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/08/2013 at 22:35

How annoying JT!  Surely they need to make absolutely sure the patient wants to know before blurting it out.

TB, I'm with sonya and everyone else on that one.  Stop now and you'll be a happier bunny later.

v tired, zzzzz

28/08/2013 at 23:46

Hi not read back properly so apologies once again - had a skim-read!

My friend has a 10year old daughter so I think that's why she doesn't get IVF free?  Many thanks EF for your reply - have passed it on.  Our uni friend has just told us she's having another girl as well so I know my friend will be in tears right now as she would love another girl .  She said her partner has a low sperm count so I guess that might be an issue, and I think she has a blocked tube or something like that.

Well into potty training here - was going really well until this afternoon at which point it turned fairly disastrous!  He's totally got the hang of his wees on potty and even managed to do a wee standing in the park today as I forgot to take his potty - bit of splashing but I can't see how you can avoid it??!  

So I've been waiting for him to poo on his potty as Sophie never did and did hers in pull-ups till she was 4, so I was delighted when he did one this morning.  Then another, then another...!  All in potty I should add though a little late on some!  Anyway I thought that's got to be it, off we went to the park.  He did his wee by a tree, all fine, walked back to the car.  Got in, sniff sniff..yep he'd done another one in his pants!  So makeshift clean-up on the pavement by the car, not too messy so not a complete disaster but don't understand why he didn't tell me.  Then this evening I thought I could smell something but he said he hadn't done one, but at bathtime I discovered he had!  Too gross to save pants so binned them!

So I don't really get it - maybe he had a bad day and had been a bit constipated and it all came a bit suddenly today, but why didn't he tell me when he'd done one??  As I never had to do this with Sophie I'm a bit lost with it tbh!  Not feeling confident in pants so much now when a poo's due...

Anyway bedtime.  Had major meltdown at kids this evening - Nicky been so naughty all day, running off constantly in shops, being silly when I was trying to get him to try on trousers etc etc, wrong time of month for me .  Scared myself a bit as I really lost my temper and dragged him across the room and he said I hurt his toes, but at least he then cried, apologised and was good as gold after that...felt really guilty though!

New puss on Saturday hopefully, been shopping for bits and bobs for her today .

Right bed, really.

29/08/2013 at 17:15

JG - my J was like this. Got the weeing down a treat but took another couple of months I'd say to get the pooing sorted. He's always been prone to bouts of constipation ever since birth and I genuinely think it took him to work out the difference between a fart and a poo! so, like you we (actually I should say I, as hubby had no patience for it and rarely dealt with the offerings!!) suffered several months of yucky pants and then all of a sudden it just seemed to click. So please don't despair, he'll get there ... in the meantime I just invested in Primark pants, and hang the environment, they got ditched most of the time if we were out and about!

Back later

29/08/2013 at 17:50

Thanks CC  yes Primark pants could be the way!

29/08/2013 at 20:07

Archie was the same JG.  only took 2-3 weeks but was a bit grim in the meantime!

saw y friend who is about to go down the IVF Zroute today. Turns out she may need the next option up (IZI?) but hormone levels and counts were much better after their hols (wit us, it must be the company;-)) so IVF may be an option again, her husband Is adamant he doesn't wnt people to know so I'm glad shes talking. Seems too much of a big thing to g through on your own. Only two of s know so I have to make sure my tongue is well and truly still! Tank goodness I'm pregnant and can't get pi$$ed and blab!

29/08/2013 at 20:11

That shheld be ICSI I've just discovered! She doesn't get funding as cut off is 38 in our area (she's just 39) and because they already have a child. ho hum .


29/08/2013 at 21:13

J only had a couple of accidents like that, JG. one of them was in a pub in the village. i had gone there with a friend (childless) and I was about 8 weeks pregnant with E, full on sickness and hadn't told anyone. J did a poo in his pants which I discovered when he said he needed a wee. I'd yanked the pants down in a rush. Poo EVERYWHERE. so there was me, retching, trying to pick poo bits up off the heavily pattered carpet in the toilet while trying to stop him from treading in them and trying to clean him up with bits of tissue paper. oh god it was dire. i was totally unprepared for it so hadn't brought through the changing bag from my chair; couldn't take him through as it was with poo all over him; friend was in the restaurant bit; couldn't even phone her as my phone was in my bag. it was a NIGHTMARE

every time i go  back into that pub and i need the toilet it makes me boak thinking they still have the same carpet down!! (the hanbury in caerleon, JT - avoid lol)

off to the Forest of Dean with kids tomorrow to campsite JT recommended. fingers crossed it works out as going with a friend who isn't keen on camping. so 2 adults and 4 kids 7 and under. ho hum!

29/08/2013 at 21:30

Ooh enjoy cm! Hope you enjoy it! We're off yo Pembrey for the first time will let you know if it's ny good. And yes, may avoid the Hanbury, well Ythe toilets at any rate

29/08/2013 at 21:39

We were probably going to need icsi janie but we agreed just to see how it went on the day and as it happens the sample was completely normal and so we did ivf. The child thing usually rules you out regardless of age. 

29/08/2013 at 21:42

lou still bad with poos. She doesn't wipe her bum properly so skid marks if she poos in school and a shout of "finished!" when at home Demanding that you wipe Her. I asked when she planned to do it herself and she said when I'm 7. Bah. 

29/08/2013 at 21:49

Andy watching some MTV awards. (A) I have no idea who anyone is (B) it's not music it's a bloody racket and (C) I can't even understand what anyone says whether they are introducing an act or accepting an award. I'm ancient. 

29/08/2013 at 22:03

Arrgghh having nightmares with our internet connection! Not ideal when you work from home!!!

Boo to accidental gender reveal JT!! Will make it eve more of a surprise if it turns out to be girl I guess!

Ewwwww - CM your story is gross but kind of funny - ot at the time I imagine!! I'm not that phased by poo (used to be a care assistant at a hospital when I was a student so child poo is nowhere near as bad as dealing with adult poo!)

RIght, too much work to do today, really must stop procrastinating!!!



29/08/2013 at 22:08

you and me both then EF!!! Have no idea about celebrities any more as I hardly watch TV - tonight I did watch celebrity Masterchef and was delighted to recognise Janet Street-Porter and Les Dennis, how sad does that make me???

Remember J and the skids when he first started school ... NEVER bought packs of pants or trunks with white ones in them!!!

CM - I think I even remember you describing that incident on here - so it's firmly embedded in my memory too

Hope forecasts are good for camping and all have fun.  J has a chance to play his guitar with some members of the Youth Ceilidh Band on Saturday in Nairn so will drop him off and then go back 1.5 hours later to listen to what they've put together. Sunday we have local Junior Champs for orienteering down in Braemar which is a complete pig to get to!!

Worked this morning in library ... and then I went swimming shock/amazement. First proper swim session for about four years . Quite busy in pool so gave front crawl a miss, but 1km of pretty much non-stop breast stroke so am well chuffed with that - will know about it tomorrow.

Going to walk tomorrow with pack laden for ultra as if the weather is going to be dire - so I can check it all fits in pack and is comfortable etc. Daren't run with it in case I break myself further!!

knackered ... crazy week, hubby back tmrw eve - yay ... off to my bed ...  zzzzz

29/08/2013 at 22:17

J is very lazy at bum wiping but rarely has any skids; he must do non-skiddy poos. haha.

have just assembled everything for camping. oh my good god HOW much stuff?! some of it may be abandoned tomorrow, like the chairs... having to take loads of towels as there is a pool so kids will want to be in that at least once a day. and we have a huge stove and big gas bottle (cooking for 6). i need a bigger car - sob! my poor ford focus will be laden down.

ran 8 miles tonight. legs feeling tired, but then i did 10 on sunday (too fast as ran with club and they are all too speedy for me); then i did a recovery 3.5 offroad on monday morning; a 5 miles with hills / speed yesterday (which was a disaster) and now 8 miles tonight. have to fit in another offroad trot in the morning before i pick the kids up as then i probably can't run until next weds as i have the kids and E doesn't start school next week and isn't even in nursery so there is NO running for me at all on tuesday even though J starts back on tuesday. may sneak onto the treadmill if i get chance on tuesday evening but i am not actually taking tuesday off and i have E at home with me (used all my holiday) so i will probably need to work in the evening. argh!

29/08/2013 at 23:12

CM make sure you put in a chair for your friend who is dubious about camping - it will improve her experience no end!!

29/08/2013 at 23:40

 to J's poo story CM, makes me feel much better !  At least I have always been prepared or it's been at far...!

EF - Sophie uses Asda's flushable wipes at home and says she doesn't like pooing on the loo at school - had a couple of skid-mark days earlier in the year, then I guess she stopped using it . The wipes do the trick though, I just try to remember to take them out with us too.  Have suggested her trying paper but she's not keen.

Been in fear of N pooing all day today too but nothing so roll on tomorrow...!

30/08/2013 at 08:04

Ooh very like Archie! He used to constipated himself which was a real issue at one point but he seems quite normal now.

cm - Whitemead has a lovely inside area so your friend shouldn't be too freaked! There's a sift play too if I remember rightly and coffee are if the weather gets really Bad. But it's not supposed to!

cc - watch your knees doing a lot of breaststroke. As an ex breastroker, that's a lot!  We used to only do that amount once a week max on stroke sessions so look after yourself hon! Reps tend to be the norm in swimming training even when training for long distance so don't be afraid to do eg 200m warmup, 4x100m free off 20 seconds rest, 6x50m off 10 seconds rest and a 100m cool dOwn.  Maybe just do the 50s in breastroke if you can, you'll be amazed how quickly 

30/08/2013 at 08:09

youll become swim fit . Good luck tomorrow! also pull buoys and a float can add in a bit of variety!

cm - enjoy your rest period. Remember lots of progress is made in the rest period.

EF- I watched te Brits a couple if years ago with my friend who is a couple of years older than me and a friend who is 8 years younger. H nd I. Had no idea, S was near distraught we were so out of it .

cc - think you and I watched the same Masterchef

right. Need to iron in Teds name labels.  Had fir gotten....


30/08/2013 at 12:26

JT - thanks for the swim tips. Very useful as I am clueless!!! Will just be trying to go 1x per week, and am intending to start having a bash at front crawl but just wimped out on trying yesterday as was a bit busy. Hubby has got a pull buoy somewhere and a float so will dig them out and brush off the dust!!! He's also got flippers and hand-pull things somewhere but will be giving those a miss

Pack weighed in about 6lb and was fine actually and reckon I could cope with a bit more. Ended up running for nearly two hours with a friend - we were going to walk as she's had ear infection etc, but she was feeling better so a nice really slow run with the odd walk break was perfect. No idea how far, guessing about 11-12 miles maybe ... stopped on beach to enjoy sight of about 30 seals all sunbathing on the sandbank about 25m away. Was fantastic listening to them 'singing' to each other!!

Right, toilets to clean and something to bake for tonights pot-luck supper at another friends house which is right out in the back of beyond somewhere!!

CM - REST please at some point, please please please don't go and break yourself ...

30/08/2013 at 12:26

Marker pen on the labels JT ... well I am a lazy so and so!!

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