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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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31/01/2015 at 14:26

Have discovered it is a banned substance in doping, but it tends to be used by male body builders!  They inject themselves with testosterone, but that can also cause excessive oestrogen production, so then they would get man boobs and lay down fat. So they take the tamoxifen to block the effect of the oestrogen, ie to mask the fact that they're taking testosterone.  It doesn't say anything about it making you run faster.

31/01/2015 at 22:40

Any secret tamoxifen benefits have been well and truly paid for caro so enjoy them! Sorry it's making you feel pants though. 

CC I'm looking forward to reading your race report! Weather Baltic here but no snow.

Just as well as got our other "new" car today. Traded in the banger and got a fiesta. I do love a fiesta! It's lovely. It's my sixth!! Learned to drive in my mum's V reg (v at the end not the start!) and since then I've had a Y reg inherited from my gramps then I bought my first car which was a J then two S reg. this one is a step up with snazzy things like air con and Bluetooth! It's just over 4 yrs old. Got a great deal on it so am well pleased. 

In the true moral of be careful what you wish for I was trying to work out how to get out of a dinner on Monday night and now tonight I can feel a cold coming on. Argh. But explains a truly horrific 10k run home from swimming. It was slow and painful and I had no air and I was miserable and wished I had cash or my phone on me so I could catch a bus home. The only thing is that if I have a cold I am surely justified in taking night nurse or something....maybe actually catch some zzzzzzs. The bach flower remedy isn't working other than to give me really wild vivid dreams. I may have taken a wee bit more than they suggest mind you. 

Ah well. Waves to all and catch up again soon when I'm off my phone. X

31/01/2015 at 22:45
Thanks for Pilates info CC AND Caro. That makes sense. I like the working by stealth bit!
PG - how did house move go and what have I missed about your work? CM - your work sounds bananas due to your colleagues. !! But seems like you are coping well with it - & your descriptions always make me laugh. EF - just read about your hubby's silly bosses work request. Nightmare. Sorry for not name checking everyone. I'm playing catch up.
Caro your parkrun times are amazing. I did 26.24 in the snow over our parkrun fields (mostly an off road course) and thought that wasn't bad!
31/01/2015 at 22:47
So who's doing ironman? RF? And nurofen has an ultra coming up. Waiting with great anticipation for CC's race report. What else have people done/got planned that I've missed? MM is doing race to the stones I think?
31/01/2015 at 22:53

Latest decision on hubby's work is that he basically has been told do it and get over it. His contract from 8 years ago turns out to say he can be asked to work from 7-7! So on Monday he is putting in a flexible working request for 9-5. Rules say he can still be asked to work extra but there's precedent for those on altered hours eg 8.30-4.30 not being on the rota. As in none of them are on it. and some of them have altered hours just for easier travel, nothing to do with childcare. They are going to realise that he is deadly serious about this and being as awkward as possible. One other woman said she couldn't do it for childcare reasons (it covers various teams) and HER boss and team leader is doing her shifts himself as he's generally in at that time anyway. FFS!! 

31/01/2015 at 22:54

And brookie I did Pilates for years. I loved it. in fact I've been doing the odd bit round the house as must get back into it. It works wonders. 

01/02/2015 at 13:31

Hey JT - do you know ages ago when I reloaded page on my new (first ever!) iPad i noticed your post opening the thread had gone. I thought it was weird and nearly posted to say where has JT's opener gone - and if I had we might have realised sooner! Kicking myself now of course! But glad u r back. And yes. Would never ignore anyone. 

So pleased youve moved PG. Yes it's soooooo stressful. Can't believe I did it at 37 weeks. No intention of moving for YEARS YEARS AND YEARS now. They can carry me out of this house! I love it so much. 

Cold snowy parkrun this morning. My feet were skipping all over so didn't do that well. 

Ok so question been meaning to ask for past few weeks - I've just started a new Pilates course. Never ever done it before. Enjoying it. Main aim was to increase my flexibilty and core strength to try to stay injury free with my running into my twilight years! But...........what am I supposed to notice?! How do I know if it's helping me? How do I know if I'm getting any better?! What exactly am I aiming to achieve with It? What does Pilates do for you?

CC obvious person to answer but I know lots of you do it so all thoughts and help welcomed! 

Havent read back properly yet but nice hot weather sounds amazing HGoogle. Hubby's job situation less so. Hope yday wasn't too dull Camlo! 

01/02/2015 at 13:38

Oh sorry somehow reposted old post?!

Camlo    pirate
01/02/2015 at 15:51

Whoops brookie has gremlins!! 

I am doing an ironman distance event in July (but not organised by the ironman brand so may hace to forfeit my tattoo...)

interesting about hormones and tamoxifen having subtle effects - i am having blood tests this week and GP has suggested HRT if i am menopausal as it is recommended to anyone under 50yrs. I am still getting my mirena changed though as do not want any surprises. Is HRT a good thing? Would rather stay crap at running than increase risks of other things? 

nearly lost my baby today..... He went to a party with another mum as i was cross countrying and was coming hime with another mum.... Except party overan and they didnt actually get back until 2 hours after expected... Was totally panicked! 

CC - good idea about being flexible, hope you stay injury free, sort family life and then can enter some nice things as they come closer. Post your report and we'll tell you if it is too long!!! 

Hoggle - send us some sunshine! 

EF - funny how the people making the rules generally dont have to work the odd hours. 


01/02/2015 at 17:42

I think HRT increases your risk of breast cancer, but I think they'd only be concerned if you had a family history.  I know I will never be able to have it.  My cousin is having it, but with my diagnosis was going to discuss it with her Dr.

My tri isn't till July and it's piddly distance, not even Olympic.  800m swim, 31km bike and 7.5km run

01/02/2015 at 19:45

2 hours Camlo?!  That's a long time for a party to overrun!

Bleh - I have the stomach bug so 1st of Feb a total washout here, no run and NO WINE.


Camlo    pirate
01/02/2015 at 21:43

Kinsey - i was sooooo worried even though i kind of knew deep down he couldnt have vanished and was probably still playing (which they were). Boo to bug x

Caro - that is not piddly - like saying Usain bolt tries less that Mo F. You will have to work harder during your race as it will be quicker pace. 

Hubby home today from a 4 day bender (stag do).... He has admitted he is far too old for it and just wanted a cup of tea when he got in! 

02/02/2015 at 06:44

I get twitchy when hubby disappears for too long with the kids Camlo - obv try not to let my control freak out too often!

So cross my Sunday was spoilt by sickness.

CC - let us have the race report - don't mind how long it is!

Lotte - hope you have recovered from Up Helly Aa!  I did watch some of the parade on the web, looked fantastic, must be breathtaking to see first hand.

02/02/2015 at 07:13
So who's doing ironman? RF? And nurofen has an ultra coming up. Waiting with great anticipation for CC's race report. What else have people done/got planned that I've missed? MM is doing race to the stones I think?
02/02/2015 at 07:18
Argh. Total gremlins!!! Everytimr I ipen the page it repeats my last post! Sorry guys!
02/02/2015 at 08:43

blimey camlo - i'd have been doing my nut. 2 hours is a long time. i left E with a friend's mum and daughter yday as i took J and friend's son to Machen to play rugby. (omfg it was FREEZING and there were no teas / coffees in the clubhouse!!!). when i dropped friend's son back, E didn't want to come home with me as she was having too much fun. so i agreed that friend's husband would drop her back when he got home from playing golf. the agreed time came and went and i started to worry - even though i knew she was in their house! in the end, i phoned as it was an hour later than we'd agreed, but she was already on her way then. i can't imagine how you must have been feeling!!

02/02/2015 at 14:50

wetsuit advice girls

So have been looking to hire/buy a wetsuit, and had no idea it was so complicated (or so expensive!)  I have found this one from decathlon

does it look reasonable?  I am not about to start doing them every weekend and need a super duper expensive high quality one.  I am also confused about what you were underneath it?  A tri suit?  Cycling shorts and top?  I assume you don't wear you can see I have no idea.  This is why I signed up for a training day in May as I have a lot to learn.........

Camlo    pirate
02/02/2015 at 20:30

Caro - if i am just swimming i put my swim cossie under but for an event i wear my sports bra and trisuit so you just peel the wettie off and then put shoes, number, helmet on and off to go. Most people say try before you buy as fit is very important but i got one off ebay and thankfully it is ok. 

Boo to sick bug ruining weekend! 


03/02/2015 at 08:24

Snow day woo hoo. Off for some sledging soon before it all goes! Not so woo hoo for running in. I usually like running in snow but it was pretty deep and felt tough this morning.

Mind you that is the theme of my running at the moment. It is all feeling hard. Nothin in the tank and just so fatigued all the time. Sigh. Feeling a bit despondent about it to be honest. I think its the iron thing but I thought it would be picking up again by now. Supposed to be racing a half in 5 weeks, haha that's a bit of a joke. Wouldn't bother with it except flights are paid and can't be changed. Waiting to hear about the 100k and if I get selected. Other than that Island Games half is the only other firm thing on the calendar. (Brookie was asking) Don't feel I deserve to run for either Shetland or Scotland the way things are going. Ho hum. Not feeling sorry for myself but  last year was pretty shite in running terms and this year looks like being the same.  Maybe I am on the downward slope now I'm turning 40! Anyhoo trying to improve my eating and sleeping and keeping my mileage a bit lower (for me) at 60mpw. See if things pick up. Its only running and not that important in the grand scheme of life I know.

Kinsey, cool that you watched some of the UHA procession. It is an awesome event.

Hubby has a job interview today.  Fingers crossed for him. Not entirely sure if it would be a good move, would throw up car sharing problems and shift work which would end up in us spending about £60 a week extra in fuel but no real pay increase from current job. But at least it has further career opportunities and would be permanent. So we will see. Its his decision at the end of the day. Oh he just came through seeking outfit advice, he is such a scruff! Better go help! 

Edited: 03/02/2015 at 08:30
03/02/2015 at 10:37

Hi Folks

Not been in here in ages, but I need a kick up the proverbial to get back to running.  I just seem to have no time, and then when I do get a spare half hour, I have no motivation.

I ran the River Ness 10k in September, and my plan was to keep up the training for the Inverness Half in March.  I had entered the Culloden 10k in October, but got a stinking cold and couldn't run.  I then coughed all the way till Christmas!  Finally managed to do parkrun on 3rd January - my 2nd run since the 10k.

Hubby's work is mental busy in January, so he was working every weekend, and was away a couple of nights every week, so I was on kid duty - school drop offs make me late so I don't feel I can then run in my lunch hour.  By the time I get home, feed the kids, do homework, bath them and get them to bed, it's 9:30 and I haven't eaten......

I had made up my mind that this week I'd get back to it - run at lunchtime from work as many days as I could.  Came to lunchtime yesterday and I just couldn't be bothered!  I have my kit in the car, but the overnight snow is like a skating rink, so I'm not sure I want to risk it today!


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