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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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18/03/2014 at 15:03
Hope it passes quickly CM, I'd have done the same, wouldn't have bn able to throw it out.
18/03/2014 at 15:49

Oh dear -i hate it when i forget to put things in the fridge and it is wasted. 

Pip - if bottle works then go for it. Are you getting enough rest? It can be hard looking after a toddler to put your feet up but without it your milk will suffer and could be why he is draining you so easily (or perhaps he is indeed part piggy?).

grrr to throat caro, hope you have something for it by now

eek to thunder storms Tt, do you get many? 

Day off today so started off paying a few bills and registering all our new club members on welsh athletics (yawn), did a huge aldi shop with a tonne of fruit and veg then went swimming. i thought adult only session would be quiet but it was full of pensioners nattering as they pootled up and down. Just got my head down and did front crawl lengths for nearly an hour!!!!! Will sleep tonight! 

Still struggle to get any speed when swimming and even the grannies can breast stroke faster but apparently my stroke looks ok so guess it is just practice. 


18/03/2014 at 16:13

Well I have antibiotics, no children and am in bed.  I waited over 90 mins at the GPs this morni g.  I so preferred it when you could ring up as an emergency and you got an actual appt.  it's first come first served but they prioritise kids under 5, so every time one walked in, even though I could see it running round the waiting room causing merry mayhem, it was seen first.  Meanwhile Eric really behaved very well for the first hr or so, with stories and an apple, then he started trying to leave the building, play in the loo, go into the consulting rooms whilst other people were in there, scrunch up leaflets and chuck them about etc etc.  by that point I felt so Ill I didn't really care, and I think most people were sympathetic as they saw how long we had Been waiting.  

Anyway, I saw a GP I'd never seen before, who gave me the usual Schpeel about viruses, then wrote me a prescription for amoxicillin and told me to only use it if I still felt bad tomorrow.  Yeah right.  I went straight to the pharmacy, got the druhomeland took the first dose.  I then took Eric to a cafe with toys as he'd been so good really and we shared a flapjack.  I then proceeded to have a coughing fit and spray coffee everywhere which was rather embarrassing.  On the way home I let Eric walk a bit but then he started being silly so I put him in the buggy and he cried all the way home, which made me feel sad.  Then when we got hme I just crumpled on the stairs and started sobbing as I felt so ill. Poor ric didn't know what to make of it!  I managed to give him lunch and dump him in his cot for his sleep before crawling into bed.  I lay there with such a sore head and throat i could barely move.Meanwhile I texted childminder to ask if after school club could walk M home and drop her at the door and very kindly she offered to have them both between 4-6 and feed them then bring them home.  So I just gave them Eric, Matilda looked very forlorn bless her as tues is her only day at home after school, and both kids had dentist appts which she was quite looking forward to ( strange child)

Edited: 18/03/2014 at 16:14
18/03/2014 at 16:18

But now I am back in bed, I have called and e mailed work and left messages saying I won't be in tomorrow which I really hope they have got as no one has replied.  Amazingly after only 2 doses of amoxicillin I do feel better, to have gone from feeling like death to human in 4 hrs is not a coincidence I feel.  And tomorrow I shall rest and recuperate in bed ready to face the world again.  One thing I am trying to do as I get older is to sometimes look after myself, coz if I don't no one else will, and I have spent too much of my working life putting everyone ahead of me....

anyway, time for tea and rest before the kids come home at 6.  Hopefully hubby will be home soon after, he has a big meeting today which is why he had to go to work.

18/03/2014 at 17:06
So glad U got the antibiotics Caro, it is amazing how quickly they work. I suffered badly with tonsillitis from a toddler until I was about 30. Touch wood I have only had it a couple of times in last 10 yrs. Have bn in tears on floor on numerous occasions with it so know exactly how u felt. Have had two family members hospitalised with severe tonsillitis after not getting antibiotics. I am all for not overusing antibiotics but there is a big difference between a viral sore throat and tonsillitis. Painkillers don't touch it at all and it's not worth ending up with septicaemia or damaged heart valves from infection spreading trying to fight it yourself.
18/03/2014 at 17:32
Every gp I have seen has said the same thing caro when I have had throat infection. Big lecture on abs not working. Then given me prescription. Then told me not to take it unless it gets worse. And I always start them straight away and feel relief within hours... Rest well!

I have stopped squitting but feel crap now. Nick has had to take kids to rugby for me :/
18/03/2014 at 20:49

Yuck CM, I'm the same, can't bear to throw away food, hope you're over it quickly. 

Caro, get well soon too.  I've only had tonsillitis once and couldn't get to the doctor as I was on a course for work, suffered it for about a week (can totally sympathise about the sleepless nights on that too) and when I finally got ABs it was significantly better in a matter of hours.  Max has enormous tonsils, his doctor has never mentioned it but I'm sure he'll need them out.  I know of 2 people recently who had them removed as adults and they suffered hideously, way more than you would expect for something so 'simple'.

I think it was Camlo who asked if we get a lot of storms.....OMG yes!  Bigger and better than most I ever experienced in UK.  Luckily I like storms as it would be terrifying if not.  Don't much like them in the middle of the night though, yawn!

18/03/2014 at 21:25

dont you worry about your house being sucked up like the wizard of oz?? 

18/03/2014 at 21:47

Don't say that Caro, we are hoping to start building our house this week, reluctantly in wood not brick/concrete. Jacksonville has not had a serious hurricane since the sixties and that was just a roof off, what are the chances that all changes this year?!?

18/03/2014 at 22:14

ooooh no, definitely don't want Wizard of Oz moments!!

CM - have had a few of those do I/don't I moments myself but am ALWAYS dubious with things like chickpeas - must have read something somewhere that put the fear of into me!! Anyway hope you feel better

Caro - yes, have had the odd sobbing moment like that - got flu after doing a marathon when J was about 18 months old, hubby wouldn't get it that it really was FLU, felt like death, was flipping awful. Anyway, totally agree about looking after yourself etc, so hope a good rest up tomorrow will sort it for you.

Shattered here today for no real reason ... although two hours at the swimming pool on a Tuesday does finish me off a bit, S has lesson 3.30-4 then J 4.15 to 5, by the time J gets dressed and we are home, then tea, bed, Pilates teach - gah!!!

J is such hard work at the moment, I feel like I am continually chivvying him and nagging to get even the easiest things done. If I could leave him to get on with it I would!!! Of course, at the weekend, when hubby asked him to clear something up he just did it!!! Anyway, have agreed with hubby that we are coming up with some consequences and he will chat with him at weekend.

Scary thought the other day, he's 10 in the summer, in just 7 years I could be waving goodbye to him off to college/uni!!! , pointed this out to husband that with him working away like this, that time will disappear faster than he knows it ... am clearly becoming desperate and resorting to emotional blackmail to try and put a rocket up his backside to sort his job out!!!

Anyway, hope the poorlies feel better soon, I am off to pack up kit for morning class and turn into bed

Made homemade pesto tonight ... was yummy but too much garlic in it, keeps repeating!

When I make homemade sausage rolls, I just cover the entire sheet of pastry with the sausage mix (usually put some crushed garlic and herbs in it with) and then roll it into one big sausage and slice it making sausage whirls instead of rolls.

Vixo - agree about the whole shoe thing, if I wear heels any time they kill me very quickly!!

18/03/2014 at 22:51

So glad you have antibiotics now Caro - a day in bed sounds exactly what you need!

CM I hope you are feeling better too!

Well M wore pants all day at daycare and then at home quite happily and only one accident at home (none at daycare). Almighty row this morning about wanting a nappy but when I said if you wear your pants I will push you to daycare in the buggy instead of driving she said sure fine and put them on as if the previous hideous meltdown hadn't occurred at all! I have a tendency to overthink things and this was probably one of those occasions!

Hubby at home with a sore back. I should be really sympathetic after all my back problems but he does tend to bang on and on and possible exaggerate (well in my opinion!)) so I'm having to be kind and patient and secretly thinking toughen up!! Bad wife!!!


18/03/2014 at 23:17

On the 6.52am to B/ham tomoz. Really shouldn't be up reading!  Big waves  

19/03/2014 at 08:17

hope caro is better.

interesting re chickpeas, cc - i know about needing to cook them properly but tinned ones i thought would be ok

oh god how LONG is my daughter going to take with breakfast this morning. she asked for cooked breakfast which i've done and it's taken her 40 minutes already and she's still going. HURRY UP!!!!!

19/03/2014 at 10:33

Caro - you poor thing.  Sounds awful but glad you are on the mend now.  Crying is 100% permitted.

CM - poor you with the squits.  I bet you wont want to make that chickpea meal again for a while.

Brookie - LOVED your fb post last night.  I had an awful day yesterday and it made me laugh.  Husband and i were both stressed and tired and arguing and he reversed our new (not brand new but the most £ car i have ever owned) car into a pillar in a car park.Luckily we have protected no claims so should be ok with insurance (this is what he told me anyway) but £350 excess.  Could be worse but not great.  We then argued all the way home.  Made up when we got home.  Joy...  I made a mental note not to take a 3 year old to the supermarket again, she was grabbing everything and just what we didnt need.  online deliveries all the way.

Hoggle - i think most men cant handle pain/illness.  Mine cries out in pain if i squeeze a small spot.  

Edited: 19/03/2014 at 10:35
19/03/2014 at 11:12
Yeah mine makes a lot of noise and gets tourettes when he is in pain. I never even made that much giving birth on gas & air. We have no sympathy in this house as it is just a standing joke now, we laugh cos it's so ridiculous. You get quick referrals to ooh gp though when they hear him screaming in the background lol.
19/03/2014 at 12:57

Well ironically it's my hubby's turn to go and sit and wait at the GPs today.  He cut his leg a few days ago, and now it's nice and infected and he's squeezing pus out of it.  But you never know, they might just say its a virus and to go home and wait for it to get better on its own.

i am feeling so much better, still wiped out but not in pain, and I have an appetite again after eating very little for the last couple of days.  I have done a bit of pottering this morning, after having a lie in as hubby dropped the kids off. I have been reading my book, dozing, watching trashy telly in the I pad.  Just what the dr ordered.  I have not set foot outside and I don't intend to until I have to tomorrow!

bummer about the car pip.  I would have been so mad!!

19/03/2014 at 13:53

oh dear caro - good for hubby on seeking advice. most men would put a bit of savlon on it and say it would be fine...

been to see the therapist again today. some help with assertiveness this time. and some challenging thinking around my relationship with N...

19/03/2014 at 14:17

Hope you are better soon caro. I have had a stonker of a cold for almost a week. I knew it was brewing before my half marathon so I was just glad that it waited until after. Haven't felt too ill just very snurty and a chesty cough linger now.

Sympathies on the car Pip. After spending 4 weeks without our big car (and lots of £s to get it fixed) we had it back only for less than a week when hubbys car decided t conk out on his way to football last week. Arrgh. So it has been in the garage all week, needs new fuel pump so more inconvenience and more £s. Make me want to cry. At least they didn't both break down at the same time I guess.

Madly busy week after a manic weekend. Sometimes it all seems a bit much but hey ho. Had Reece's class assembly this morning, then had to zoom the 20 miles to town for the funeral of a family friend, a lovely lady who has worked for our family business since before I was born so very sad. F-ing cancer. Then zoom to the music festival to catch Emily's class performance (just) then into work for a couple of hours before I have to pick hubby up at 3pm.  zoom the 20 miles back home for kids finishing school,(via the shop to buys something for tea as all cupboards are bare) then have everyone (plus an extra one) fed and out of the house by 5pm, drive over to a friends to pinch her car then I take older three back the 20 miles to town for gymnastics, athletics and my track session while hubby takes the younger three plus Reece's friend to football in friends borrowed car. Should get home just after 8pm by which time the kids will need a second tea/supper and at some point we can all collapse into bed. Sometime I really do wonder why.

Anyway being on here is not productive so better get on and stop moaning!

19/03/2014 at 18:07

blimey lotte - that's some logistics!! hope it all works out

i can't find my decree absolute. i can find the letter from the solicitor which says 'attached is your decree absolute' but i have obviously detached it at some point (i think it was for evidence of my divorce when i had to update my security clearance at work) and who knows what i have done with it!! i need it for my new job. i am supposed to provide evidence of my name change. i don't have my marriage certificate as i had to send that in when i got divorced. but it said they accept decree absolutes. i have my nisi but no absolute. argh.

i have found all my professional and academic certificates since i got my degree (fortunately). i don't have my A level and gcse ones. my mum will have those so there's no way i can get the originals and god alone knows what boards i did for all of them. i really HOPE they don't want to see them!! it's about eleventy million years ago anyway so i seriously doubt it's relevant. it's not like i have applied for a lecturing post and am trying to blag it

19/03/2014 at 19:32

Hope you find it, CM. I am forever misplacing things that are important - I usually file them away in a safe place that is so safe things seem to disappear! I lost my PHD certificate for about two years, oops. 

Glad you're feeling better, Caro. Sounds like you were well entitled to a cry! 

Lotte - sorry to hear about th funeral. Hope you get some chance to rest after your manic time. Know what you mean about wondering what it is all for sometimes! Since Ben started his new job in January, i am practically a single mum on all but one day in the week, and then quite a lot at weekends if he is away. Don't know how single mums actually do it all the time! I don't mind really though, as his salary now means I don't have to go back to work I am only going back to serve out my notice (in June, for seven weeks of 0.4). 

TTid, ooh, a new house! How exciting! We will have to come and visit you when we are in Florida in July

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