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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/02/2015 at 16:30

Work ok.  Am currently doing an online webinar, as I have rather a lot of cpd to catch up on!  Have remembered how to work the computer, and spayed a cat, as well as seeing several appts.

My kids eat amazingly well, I am very grateful for that!  Of course they love sweet stuff but we generally don't have it in the house.  They would rather have muesli or shreddies for breakfast (Grandpa buys the multipack fun kiddie cereal at his house which they have once in a blue moon) and love things like peanut butter.  We have  sweetie tin which all sweets from parties etc go in and they get dolled out once in a blue moon.  The xmas choc is still in the cupboard, and now the valentines choc is there too.  I have eaten more of their choc santas than they have.......mean mummy!

Glad funeral was ok JG. 

Back is dodgy.......only taken 1 ibuprofen today and am just being very careful.  Cycling is fine and I did cycle to work today which I have never done before.



25/02/2015 at 16:55

God you all put me to shame and I thought I was quite strict!  Kids get weetabix or sainsburys  version of shreddies and Cheerios. They can have fruit on it but we don't put extra sugar on anything. i struggle with school snack tho and tend to give cereal bar or soreen or crisps on a Friday. I've eaten most of her Christmas smarties - have now replaced entire large tube with so far 10 tubes of smarties!! I do give them both scotch pancakes quite often as they're easy and cheap and well liked and at the weekend Lou gets toast with jam to accompany her cereal. We don't have biccies in house cos i wld eat them all. I do find it's almost impossible to get kids yoghurt or frontage fraud without a ton of sugar. I used to go to great lengths to find some where sugar wasn't the first or second ingredient but then I decided life was too short. And to expensive! 

On way to Edinburgh as is my gym night tonight. So to have energy I had my first creme egg of the year and a packet of mentos. Whoops. 

25/02/2015 at 16:56

*too expensive. 

25/02/2015 at 16:57

And * fromage frais!

25/02/2015 at 17:20

Creme egg EF, mmmmmmmm yum I think I need one of them to give me a sugar rush for swimming tonight. Feeling very tired.

25/02/2015 at 18:30

We do have fromage frais but they don't get them every day by any means.  Do you have to provide a school snack?  We don't, and they get fruit at school or raisins.  I do try and bring them up with the everything in moderation idea in their heads, and that exercise is good for them. 

I'm hungry!

25/02/2015 at 19:58

I used to have to provide a snack for school but now they just get whatever school have which is fruit or a carrot.  I know from what they have said that some kids take other stuff in but school are quite clear its just meant to be fruit.

We normally have sultanas on breakfast rather than sugar, weetabix, cornflakes, rice krispies or bran flakes but I think most of those cereals still have added sugar.  B will eat plain porridge.

I've been doing my diet for the last few days and its no sugar at all, no fruit, no carbs.  My body seems to quite like it and it does seem to cut craving stuff in between meals but I do eat at kids tea time as I don't think I'd last until the evening.  Anyway, its part time now and I will blow out over the weekend as its M's birthday and party, Alan's birthday and his parents are staying.

Still chuffed with my 8 miles on Sunday, did another 5 today and my legs are tired but the trend does seem to be that I'm getting a bit quicker - phew!

Well done on your first day back Caro - hope your back feels better soon too xx

Camlo - hope that you are getting support too, so sad that your mum has done this, especially when you were all trying to help her. xx

25/02/2015 at 20:00
Isabelle gets given fruit or carrots for school snack. She says they're just whole carrots, which they eat as they come!

Mine seem to have shrunk their repertoire of 'acceptable' meals (all my doing, I'm sure!), but I'm determined to get them eating more again. They'll eat vegetables, but have also become rather fond of the chicken chunks in breadcrumbs - which isabelle insists on calling chicken goujons (I just know we're going to feature on the 'overheard in waitrose' website soon!!) - and fish finger type meals. The small ones eat a huge range of stuff at nursery so I know they will...I just need to find the energy to make different stuff at home.

Hope your back is feeling better soon Caro, and glad work went ok. My appraisal is coming up so I'm also on the cpd point trail - we have a requirement to get 50 points (equals 50 hours) per year, and it's hard to do without spending money on it!
25/02/2015 at 20:08

They are carrots as they come at the school here too - must be said they don't look appealing to me!

We eat too many ham sandwiches here, or pitta bread, hummus and ham.  Cucumber is the most widely accepted 'vegetable', its hit and miss with most other things though.  Quite a lot of antipathy towards tomatoes too!

25/02/2015 at 20:31

Well done for getting through first day back Caro!

we do provide snack hecause although they get fruit some days there's no rhyme nor reason for when it is given. I tried giving fruit but invariable she didn't eat. it as it took too long to eat and she wanted to play. Bananas are more scoff able  but get too bashed.

Went to gym. Great sesh. buggered now tho. Clearly 2 creme eggs are the stuff of champions. Yeah I ate the second one. It was 70p for one -robbery- or 2 for a quid. 

25/02/2015 at 20:50

Have pretty much stopped eating any processed meat, so no ham or bacon and only the occasional good quality sausage.  I never really buy red meat, apart from mince once in a blue moon, and even then I tend to dilute meat with lentils.  Hubby is ok with it, he was never a meat and 2 veg kind of guy.  Lots of chickpeas, beans etc, all of which the kids will eat.  I am making loads of home made soup and bought myself 2 new leakproof pots so I can take it to work.  I need to increase my repertoire - I tend to just cook a tonne of veggies, plus stock and whiz it, so if anyone has any yummy veggie soup recipes let me know  I also still make all my own bread so I know exactly how much salt and sugar goes in it.  I do buy wraps and pitas from time to time, but usually wholemeal.  I figured I ate pretty decently and still got cancer......but no harm in continuing to try!  And eating too much meat isn't great for the planet either......

We have to do 105 hrs CPD over 3 yrs minimum.  Last yr I did 13! That included the 10 hrs of free reading (you're not allowed to include more than 10) There's lots of free online stuff, and I always like the London vet show which provides at least 15 hrs, but I missed it last yr as it was just after my last chemo.

Going to visit my friend who is having a bone marrow transplant tomorrow.  She had chemo all last wk, then the transplant yesterday and now has to stay in hosp for another 3 wks.  Hopefully she's up for seeing me - she seems pretty chirpy on FB.  She's in Barts and I have an appt anyway so would be nice to say hi and bring her some magazines and choc.

25/02/2015 at 20:51

Hubby going to Ed tomorrow for the day EF - I'll tell him to wave!

25/02/2015 at 20:59

Yep large wave! If he's fly in tell him to wave towards the ski slope

gosh your cpd sounds onerous. Ours is 20h per annum but you have to tell the Law soc what the purpose of it was and what you gained from it or some such chat. we can do 5h of personal study and the rest has to be group based which is much harder - and costlier- to achieve.  You also have to do a min of 5h management based training.  However you can include seminars which you give as part of your own cpd so I am doing ok as I had partnership conference in nov, also our fraud conference in nov and I am providing training to insurers on Friday as well so I think I am well clear and the cpd year only started in nov! 

25/02/2015 at 21:01

Hope your friend is ok Caro. andy's mum said the bone marrow biopsy she had was the most painful thing she had ever had in all her days. 

Jg glad funeral went ok. Families are so quirky though!! Just argh sometimes. 

25/02/2015 at 21:04

Meant to say well done for your 8miles Kinsey. It's such a good feeling when you make a breakthrough. 

25/02/2015 at 21:10
Caro - my cpd was similar when I was on mat leave, and we have a limit on what we can do online as 'distance learning', but I think I'm almost there for this year!

My friend made a good soup which I've found the recipe for online - delia smith chilli and chick pea. I added onions and peppers when I made it, and didn't have any coriander, but it tasted great when she made it the proper way! I usually make soup exactly the same way as you - veg, lentils, stock, and blend!
25/02/2015 at 21:10

Ta EF - now all I have to do is not get injured!

Butternut or parsnip soup with either smoked paprika or rosemary or a combo of all of these is pretty good Caro!  Can mix it up with roast garlic, peppers etc too.

25/02/2015 at 21:17

EF the friend's brother gave the bone marrow so I guess he's the one who will be in pain.......apparently they get 2 litres of the stuff out of you!!  Yikes.  She has a condition called aplastic anaemia - which was only diagnosed during routine blood tests before her breast cancer surgery!  Some people get all the luck......not.  She's younger than me I think, and has a daughter the same age as M.  She has been having twice weekly platelet transfusions and twice monthly blood transfusions for about 9 months.  She came and visited me on the chemo ward a couple of times so now it's my turn.

25/02/2015 at 21:40
Husband is out cycling and I'm watching a bbc programme on birth...lotus birth anyone?!! I cannot imagine carrying around a placenta, still attached to the baby, for up to 9 days. This woman has just admitted that it smelled disgusting last time, and she's planning the same thing again - why?! The next one is turning her placenta into a smoothie. Ugh.
25/02/2015 at 21:42
Caro - I hope your friend is ok, that sounds like a really rough ride.

I am awake and waiting for my husband to get home from his bike ride/pub visit. Not because I'm worried about him, but because if I go to sleep and he then wake me up (which he would!), it drives me crazy and means I then spend hours awake! One of the guys he rides with just automatically goes to the spare room on bike ride nights, and one of them sleeps on the sofa - mine obviously isn't well trained enough!
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