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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/09/2013 at 14:14

Wave back to lotte  

Please try to focus on comment that u were too thin a few 

months back and now look good

25/09/2013 at 15:47

Hello. I second tt there lotte. This lady thinks you look good, that's the great thing - you're looking good NOW! 


Awe struck at idea of anyone doing a masters. After sol ad this year I am never ever doing another exam.

Lou has her pal round to play.  she's been super excited but I can hear her whining that they are to share so who knows how it's going to go. 

class sounds hell jt. 

also in awe of ultra runners (or yuk tree rubbers per auto correct!) 

brookie good luck with move and ttid I hope that it all works out. We are trying to re mortgage just now and I can't stand the stress so could not cope with yours! 

25/09/2013 at 16:27

yuk tree rubbers  love it!!!

I think you did fantastically well EF to get the exams you were doing - what with getting and then being pregnant, working AND studying and having a lively child already too - pretty damn amazing!! Good luck with the play-date ...

Lotte - waving back to you. Know what you mean about the juggling, and I don't have SIX to sort out ... I've worked in library on days I've not been teaching Pilates last couple of weeks and is set to continue for next couple to, sometimes I genuinely don't know what hat I am wearing!!

No one would believe us if we said how troubling it was to accept comments saying we look well ... I DO know what you mean though, whilst I've never suffered from eating disorders, I think I'd be lying if I didn't say I, like others have been prone to bouts of getting it out of perspective. Thing is, sometimes I think we DO know when it's gone a bit the other way (ie going a bit too much a 'lean running machine' that is all sinew and muscle and not a lot else!!  I knew when one of my friends saw me from behind mistook me for a European youth when I was meeting her for a run, that I had clearly had lost what little remained of any curves!!! And then when things settle down a bit, and perhaps life is getting in the way of the training it is all too easy to let things start getting out of perspective.  I guess we need to remember we have amazing bodies that do pretty awesome things, whatever we think they look like.  And you do look FAB Lotte!!  that was a waffle and I'm not sure I got my point across quite right ... sorry!!!

Back for proper read, need to get pizzas in oven and into kids before guitar lesson run and tonight's Pilates class.

25/09/2013 at 18:34

Lotte, as ever I broke into a little sweat just reading about your life - living it would probably kill me!

Hoggle, if you find something that successfully kicks you up the butt, please send it over to me.  I am useless at the moment.  I am in work all on my own as Mr TT and our other full time employee are in California together and I have loads to do but can't seem to get anything useful done - Facebook and Candy Crush are my guilty pleasures today .

Some of you might have seen the picture I posted onto FB yesterday of O's blister on his arm.  Camlo suggested molluscum which I initially thought it wouldn't be but after popping yesterday it was up again this morning and he also has something similar on his hand.  Nursery haven't said anything so I'm going to keep my head down and my fingers crossed for now.  Poor little O definitely has more health issues than M had.

EF, good luck with the play date.  I'm sure the whole 'sharing' concept will become a little more familiar to Lou once F is a little bigger, she has had that charmed life of being number one in your house for so long that it's probably a little alien to  her!  Also fab news that F has gained so much weight.



25/09/2013 at 18:38

Yes definitely our own perception of our size can b way off, 

I thought I was fat b4 I had kids when I was 9stone, which at 5ft 7 is 

thin but healthy. At the other end of the scale I had no idea til I seen 

myself in photos just how big I was at 16st 5 and now I am in between it varies. Sometimes I see photos and think 

OMG I look much thinner than I think I am, then I see photo 

in running gear and think OMG I look much bigger than I think I do. 

So I find it's safer to go by weight/bmi and clothes size to judge where I am size wise. The mirror and photos 

r not a good method.

25/09/2013 at 19:27

so true Tangy re the mirror and photos!!

25/09/2013 at 21:30

And never look at yourself in running gear o gauge weight, it has to be the most unforgiving clothing for something that should make you feel good

Tt hope o is ok. i think the second is always more prone as the big ones are germ bags!

ef - hope tea was ok! Nothing worse than if it goes pear shaped! 

Wave to lotte!

half day today, hurrah! TGIW for me

25/09/2013 at 21:53

Thanks JT, no word from nursery today so I'm assuming he's not broken out all over in hideous blisters!

Oh jeez, the mirror is not my friend at the moment, Mr TT and I have stopped drinking for a few weeks (not that I was a heavy drinker) and are seeing the benefits of that but not got the exercise and food intake under control yet.  Still look pregnant....

Tangy, you look so good in the photos we see of you, still struggle to see that you have so much weight left to lose.

Lotte, loved the photo of your clan, they are a lovely looking bunch of kids.  What is the birthday girl clasping so firmly in front of her in the picture?

25/09/2013 at 21:56

I second TTid, Lotte - read through what you manage to achieve and felt in awe (and a bit freaked!!). You only need to think of the wide range of comments you get about bump size when you're pregnant (huge about to pop and oh gosh your tiny on same day spring to mind!) to realise that everyone has a different perception of how you and they look.

I hope O's spots clear up on their own Ttid - are they painful? We have had a rough couple of days with M behavious-wise. She started showing a lot of interest in the toilet (asking to sit on it and wipe her bum after doing a poo in her nappy etc) so got a stool and seat and suggested that she might like to use it to do poos on. Woah - total freak out! And then some really clingy drop-offs at daycare, general whineyness etc so I think it was clearly too much too soon and she's not ready. Frankly I'm glad, I'd rather wait til summer at the least!! So were forgetting about it completely for a while. Must admit after a really unpleasant evening I was thinking that I'm secretly looking forward to a few days away next week even if it will be super busy! Took a lot more time getting ready for daycare this morning and no tears and happy to be left so need to focus on that for a while!




26/09/2013 at 20:50

So Lou just said the f word. Admittedly it followed on from reading the word yuck but she sure knew what she was up to. And she said it to grandma in front of me. How does one deal with that? I've demanded to know who has said that - she won't tell me,  is saying she made the word up. This is not true though cos she has a great big guilty smirk on her face. I've told her if I hear her say it again I will ban telly until after Christmas. I actually meant that too. But what to do? I am sure it's her best pal at school who's said it. she was round here yesterday and it wasn't the amazing time she hoped for. Lou struggled with the girl hauling out all her stuff and showing no regard for it. My wallpaper got marked which I'm unimpressed at too. right now I can't decide if I need wine or chocolate more. 

26/09/2013 at 21:05

Oh I would have both EF!!!! I would just explain that saying that word is not allowed & explain why & give a consequence if she says it again. It's difficult though. 

R comes out of her room every night & comes up & down the stairs several times for different things. A drink, a waffle, the toilet ( has an en suite!) can't sleep, etc etc. normally still awake 1.5 hrs later. So tonight I warned her that if she came downstairs tonight I would take her diary/ notebook of her. Told her did she understand what I had just said & made her repeat it back to me. Anyway so far so good, she is still in her room!


26/09/2013 at 21:08

mine know that if I hear words like that at home then I will be removing money from their pocket money jars!!! They know there are words that are just 'rude' and not used ... haven't even needed to go into explanations of what the words mean, just that they are not appropriate ... they seem to have got the gist ... at the moment anyway!!

nice though isn't it!!!

feeling so weary and knackered this evening I've demolished the best part of a large bar of Dairy Milk - I don't even like the stuff, was just there, left over from Js bday party as it never got used for a game. So now I feel totally yuck!!!

Great day with Js class (P5s) and the P3 class today out in the woods all day, walking and making rafts and just being outside. Totally brain-dead tonight though.

Knee still bit trashed from ultra which is annoying as rest of me feels recovered ... think it's basically runners knee from the quad getting so tired with all the descents. Obviously need to rest it ... but need my running for my sanity!!! Gah! Doesn't hurt especially when I run, just afterwards.  Going to try and not run for next few days (well with hubby away I can't unless I hit treadmill anyway) and hopefully it will go away!!!

Hoggle - how is your stair climbing going???

TTid - hope you are surviving OK with Mr TT away and enjoyed your getting out, is so important I find, nothing worse than spending all your time talking to just yourself and two small children, does nothing for the sanity at all ... (())

Hope the black clouds bu**er off though, far too many have been hovering over us lovely ladies

Right, off to see if I can find some kind of tranquillity and saneness with a soak in the bath ...


26/09/2013 at 21:13

Ah the joys of toddlers Hoggle, right monkies eh. Defo wait until properly ready to potty train, waist of time & effort  if not ready in my opinion.

lotte- u look fab & oh my your life sounds chaos!!!

wetsuits are the most unforgiving things ever, worse than running gear. I look like an elephant I really do. Horrible.

huge shock( not!) usual rejection letter from London yet again. 

Met some ladies today( wife's of some of the men in the cycle club) for a ride. Was fab. We did 12.2 miles then sat on one of the ladies decking as it was sunny and had coffee, cake & chat. Was lovely. Mostly forest tracks but some single track stuff also. Couple of them pretty fast n experienced but we went an easy pace so grand although totally knackered tonight!

-am doing the Nairn novice tri on Sat.

26/09/2013 at 21:20

Evening all. Reading but struggling. badly.

26/09/2013 at 21:25

Come and struggle with us then CM ((())).

RF - a lovely day for riding and sitting on the decking I say  good luck for Nairn Tri ... I suspect some of my harrier friends will be doing it too.

26/09/2013 at 21:59

boo to flippant comments making us paranoid, blisters (molluscum or foot and mouth?), black clouds, being stupid busy, packing to move, housework, the wetsuit look and saying the F word (Tom was saying rhyming words and shouted it out in front of my aunt once).

Yippee to birthdays, vegging out, new cars and bike rides.

Not sure whether I will actually do the masters, have to find out more and then see if I can get funding, do the travel, find the time etc etc.... 

London - A rejection for me and hubby too (he was delighted not to get a place). 

Big hugs CM, saw that you had had lots of driving today which can't help. 

26/09/2013 at 23:06

Hugs to you CM ((()))

I have my friend who lost her baby earlier this year coming to stay with her partner and another couple (all old school friends). I'm so looking forward to seeing her but will be sad also.

My stairs were going well CC until my physio showed me how I should be doing it (ie. wihout stupid knee dropping in so I have to concentrate much more now. I skipped it this morning as a mens cricket team appeared to have gathered at the bottom of the stairs I use an audience while I slowly walked up the steps in the correct manner!

Just listening to the news on the radio and a Chinese man has grown a new nose on his forhead to replace one that was removed in a car accident - bizzare!

Happy weekends everyone!

26/09/2013 at 23:24

18month old boy I childmind went throo stage a 

few months back of saying f**k sake a lot after hearing his 

daddy say it, caused much hilarity amongst the other kids. 

He also used to point at cars and shout 'man-van-car' which sounded more like man w*nker, could b very 


Fortunately it passed.

27/09/2013 at 08:56

LOL TT! EF, I would definitely have had the wine and the chocolate, as RF says! Well, no wine for me ATM but I am sure that will soon change once baby is out

Hugs to you CM xxx

Boo to marathon rejections. I didn't bother this year as I had just found out I was pg and could not be arsed with another rejection (this would have been the sixth in a row). There has to be a better system, surely?!

Lotte, you truly look amazing! I know what you mean about the looking 'well' thing though...I hate it when people say that to me!

LOL at th cricketers, Hoggle! that would have put me off too for sure. 


27/09/2013 at 14:03

Been reading but no time or energy to post generally!

I agree you look great Lotte but I would also take comments like that the wrong way - I am the queen of it!

Boo to marathon rejections - did anyone get in?

EF - eek to the f word!  I would be inclined to ignore it as she is probably trying to get a reaction out of you if she knows it's rude, but you could just quietly say next time she wants the tv on "no because you said a rude word so no tv today" or something??  Not sure how I will deal with it!

Sophie asked me yesterday if I knew Summer's mummy as she'd been invited to her house to get a tattoo  - fortunately I don't know her!

Had a bit of a chat with her teacher yesterday actually as he said she's not mixing very well at playtime and tends to sit on her own quite a bit .  Feel so sad for her, but she doesn't really seem upset by it.  He thinks it's because she thinks she's not allowed to join in, or if she's playing with someone and someone else joins in, she can't play anymore.    She's always telling me how certain girls tell her they've got enough people and she can't play so I was aware of it slightly.  Not sure what to do?? Have spoken to her about it, but if the girls are being cliquey I'm not sure what to suggest to her.  I said you don't always have to ask if you can play, just go and join in, but if they say no you can't join in then that's just mean in my book!  Does anyone have experience of 5/6 year olds socialising habits?  She's also one of the younger ones in her year which I thought may have something to do with it.

Other than that I've mainly been working this week - got an extra 2 mornings covering someone and an extra day and a half next week, so that's good though it means I'm working 4 days out of 5, but only 2.5 full days in total.  3 days over 4 next week so at least I'll get more money .  I've been enjoying teaching at the "main" site of the College - the students are much harder working and everything's just a bit better organised.

Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield for me on Sunday (10k) though I've been eating tons of chocolate and biscuits this week so not good preparation!  Nice to be able to just go to a local race sometimes though.

Nicky's come home in a complete change of clothes from nursery today - I think he just didn't want to use the toilets there and did it in his trousers . Generally he just hasn't used the toilet there and has either waited till he gets home and sat on the potty or done it in the park!  Not sure how to get him to like sitting on the toilet?  I've tried the extra seat and everything and he has weed on a normal toilet but seems quite scared, plus I find it hard to get everything pointing in the right direction when he's sitting on the toilet - any tips??!

Right I'm shattered, roll on bedtime!  I'm helping to set up a school choir with the PTA so got to email about funding possibilities.  

Sorry that was a very me post but I can't remember much that's been said !

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