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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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05/03/2015 at 21:48

Just lost a massive post.  Something I am NOT grateful for.

All feeling are valid, no matter how banal they seem.

Can't face typing it all again.  FFS

05/03/2015 at 21:49

I agree CM about everyone problems/stresses being valid. I was having a moan to my sister about evenings on my own and she keeps saying at least your husband hasn't been deployed to Iraq for 8 months (as someone she knows husband has). I wanted to say although I sympathise for them and appreciate that would be much more crap it has nothing to do with me , my situation and how I feel. I'm still allowed to feel fed up and have a moan sometimes!

Just finished my pilates dvd - I am so WEAK!!! I am determined to rebuild my core (and this is weakness from surgery etc as well as pregnancy) before embarking on running. I'd like to not get broken! May take some time though!

I used to do long runs along the Grand Union canal Minks (although I was the London end) when I lived in Maida Vale. Then moved to south London and shifted my runs to along the Thames. I used to catch the train out to whereever and run back - lovely place to run!

Another ok evening bedtime-wise here. Still a LOT of calling out but I think now I have a plan I am finding it easier to feel in control. She is pretty creative about ideas to get my attention!

Hubby home today and has taken Matilda out although after the most perfect weather yesterday, it couldn't be more different today - windy and wet - yuck!! Might be a library trip this afternoon to find a couple of DVD's for M as weather looks crap all weekend and hubby working.


05/03/2015 at 22:02

I agree. We all have some sort of issue to deal with and I know that for me it can be the most trivial things that get me the most revved up.  

MR and I made it to intervals on tues which was a big plus for my week. Pt last night but next week I am doing another crazy down n back trip to Cardiff with a 3hr training sesh in the middle oh joy. Happily my pt is actually away next week so I'm not missing out but I guarantee I don't make it to the gym next week.

hubby and I have a date on sat. Omg. Unheard of.  We are using a voucher i got for my birthday for a fairly decent restaurant - The Honours.  It expires on Sunday hence panic to use it as it is £80!   Hope to heck he's on better form than tonight.  I'm downstairs on iPad and he's upstairs in a strop which originated from the new recycling regime in edinburgh and the new tiny bins we have been given for landfill. I reckon half of ours will be filled with nappies. That's bad enough but he sorted it all out for the new regime only to realise it doesn't start til 19/3 so all the rubbish is in the wrong bins. Oops. 

Sleeping better now I've discovered nytol.  What amazing stuff. Shame you can't drink with it tho as on a weekend I find myself thinking ooh I could go a wee vino and then thinking oh no I can't as otherwise I can't have a nytol and I won't sleep.

what else. Um. My new solicitor joins my team on Monday. Hello nice to meet you here's your PC and This here full filing cabinet is yours! 

05/03/2015 at 22:13

I sort out things like mot etc. as well. He wouldn't think of it. Probably doesn't even know it's due 31/3.  however he does do all the dishes and all the washing and ironing so he's pretty decent really. 

Had a chat with Lou's teacher about her maths (in)ability. I don't get what they are up to over this whole numeracy thing. They've gone backwards and now they've got so many strategies that she's like a rabbit in headlights if you ask her sth as she doesn't know which one to use. They were doing money and change but apparently that's maths not numeracy. But they were supposed to practice change as their homework. Or part of it anyway. So we duly tried and she was shit at it. not just a wee struggle but hadn't a fecking clue. So I asked wth and teacher said to me today that they are still doing counting on and counting back in 2s 3s 5s etc and don't really do subtraction as such.  So it's enough to understand what change is and not know how much. FFs they are P3 they did taking away in P2 so why the backwards step?! Apparently it's an Edinburgh council thing - some sort of council wide numeracy initiative. Well the trams were ed council too and look what that cost us!  Have got a load of carol vorderman books off amazon and weirdly she's really into them and enjoying doing the workings so we will have a bash at that. teacher says it's more pronounced for her cos she's so good at literacy stuff and reading that she really feels it when it's harder. Hmmm! 

05/03/2015 at 22:15

right must shower and sort clothes for tomorrow. House has been tidied for cleaner so that's something. 

06/03/2015 at 00:02

Yes definitely agree that everyone's problems and issues are valid. It's so personal and as EF says sometimes it's the smallest things that get you but sometimes I think that's just the straw that breaks the camel's back. 

Camlo, hope you are ok. 

Definitely trying hard to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have but unfortunately it feels so hard when I constantly feel it could all be taken away from us. Still very stressed but trying to enjoy the kids and where we live. 

Currently feeling very grateful as sitting in hot tub, everyone else inside watching Octonauts, just finished off a bowl of raspberry cheesecake ice cream and waiting for  palate to clear so I can start on glass of red Mr TT just brought me.  

Love to all. Hoggle I'm glad bed times are getting better. 

06/03/2015 at 10:28

Don't worry too much about the money thing in maths, EF.  It's a difficult concept to grasp that it's simply addition and subtraction but with coins.  It doesn't help that there are lots of different ways of making the same totals in our currency and I think children can find this confusing.  If I laid out 100 pennies Kit would make sense of that; what he struggles with is the concept that a single £1 coin is exactly the same as 100 pennies, that £2 is 200 pennies - and as for the notes!  Just keep practising it with her.  Kit is quite good at 'normal' addition and subtraction (he can tell me different methods - partitioning, column, etc) but he does struggle with money.  I try to be patient with him but what does wind me up is when he patently doesn't know the answer and has no idea whatsoever but just guesses.  We're talking random, wild guess rather than anything remotely educated.

Hubbies - we've been having a few problems which I won't go into but they're not related to general day-to-day stuff really.  And hopefully are being resolved.  He's quite good on the domestic front but does tend to forget certain things.  Kit has karate Monday and Friday every week, finishing at 6:15 on Monday and 6:00 on Friday.  Every week on Mondays and Fridays I get a text asking me to pick hubby up from a train that gets in while Kit is still at karate - why can he not just remember what time the classes finish??  And it occasionally winds me up that on a Wednesday, which is when I do my midweek longer run and the only night he has to cook, he never starts the dinner until after I get back even though he knows what time that will be, so we end up eating really late.  But hey, in the scheme of things I guess these are minor irritations.

And I agree - problems are problems no matter how small.  If they upset us and affect our happiness and wellbeing they are not trivial and shouldn't be dismissed.

06/03/2015 at 10:50

Today I am thankful that it is raining which might encourage me to do some housework . And there is athletics on the TV all morning

I am no longer in a grump with hubby and was only in a grump yesterday because its that time of month... apparently

Reece has been selected of county football trials this weekend and next. So nervous for him and its for the under 11 team and he is only 9 still. So trying to keep his expectations low but at the same time encourage him, its hard! My boys are all completely football mad (unfortunately).

06/03/2015 at 12:12

'Don't compare what you see on other people's outsides to how you feel on the inside'  Indeed a problem is a problem no mater how small.

My turn to be in a grump with hubby - not a grump really just we are on a hugely diff wavelength regarding his dying Dad and it is upsetting me.  if my dad had only a few wks to live and was in a hospice I like to think I'd be visiting him often, spending quality time with him, talking to him (not just about the weather!!) etc.  We went out for dinner last night and I suggested that today (he's taken the day off to see his dad and help his mum) he tells his dad he loves him.  I mean how hard is it to say I love you to a dying man???  Oh my god, you'd have thought I suggested putting arsenic in his tea or something.  I was just told that diff families approach things differently.  I pointed out that if I were on my death bed and hubby came to visit me for 1/2 hr once a wk and my kids couldnt even talk to me and say they loved me then I would seriously feel I'd failed as a parent/wife.  I've never been specially close to his parents, they are not emotional/touchy feely people at all, but his mum did finally break down and cry today, which may help, who knows.

Anyway, I'm waffling.  It's terrible wishing someone dead but we all just want this to be over sooner rather than later, his dad included.  


Edited: 06/03/2015 at 12:14
06/03/2015 at 14:17

Caro sounds really tough.  I guess all you can try is to be supportive and make gentle suggestions. If he doesnt want to do it then i guess its his call after all.  Must be hard though as the last thing you want is for hubby to wish he had said 'i love you' and didnt do it.  

Minks hope the issues are being resolved.  Hubby and  go through waves. I honestly love him to bits but i find him quite hard work sometimes as he'll suddenly drop a whole heap of sh*t on me and tell me how unhappy he is. When he explains his reasons, i totally get it, so i am working hard on not getting to the point of the sh*t being dropped again.  Oh and I do most of the organising, house stuff, kids stuff. He is pretty good and very capable with the kids, gives me plenty of time to go off racing and training but i do have to ask.  That said, be careful what you wish for.  A friend of a friend's hubby is too involved with the kids and drives her mental.  

Ttid - thinking of you. Do you have any timeframes for a decision? (assuming this is visa related)

Lotte - good luck Reece.

My baby turns one next week. I will then no longer have a baby.  I've enjoyed the baby phase much more this time around, mainly because i am more confident.  I will not be having any more though (even with my shitty job and the fact that i get 6 months paid mat leave)

Half marathon this weekend but just doing it as training. Feels a bit pointless but my sister wanted to do one so i said i would go with.

06/03/2015 at 15:39

Just spoke to hubby, he is on his way home and it seems they did actually communicate better.  His mum had a bit of a breakdown (finally - it has been long overdue) and apparently his parents actually talked to each other as well.  F in L has said he wants to go home (last wk he was just saying I don't care where I am, doesn't matter, I'm going to die anyway) so a hospital bed will be delivered and there will be marie curie nurses there o/night and district nurses there in the day.  they have said maybe 2-4 wks left.....but who knows really.  I am relieved.  I also asked hubby to ask whether there was anyone available for his mum to talk to (she is getting so stressed it is making her ill) and hopefully that will be organised too.

Enjoy 1/2 PG3.  My back is so much better today since seeing osteo again last night.  He thinks swimming almost definitely aggravated it, esp as I breathe only to the right.  Now just need to be a bit more sensible

06/03/2015 at 20:16

Grrrrrr my turn to lose a post! Oh well I'm sure it was mostly drivel!

All ok here although sad to see the huge turn in weather . Not ready for this awesome summer to end!!

Camlo    pirate
06/03/2015 at 21:32

Boo to us all being the main cook and bottle washers. I think we all need maids. Boo to baby phase finishing PG, to visa woes Ttid, wet weather Hoggle and bedtime dramas. All worries are just as concerning as others and i am just as stressed about a 'minor' thing like forgetting to put the rubbish out as i am about serious stuff like my mother! 

Yippee to football trials and fab race report Nuro. We must celebrate the fantastic stuff going on for us - we have fab runners and fab children between us! 

Caro - How did work go? Hope you can continue to support each other through this difficult time. 

Was going slightly mad so did an hour run, 1: 20 swim and 1:40 turbo yest. Haha 4 hours in one day certainly cheered me up! Mum transferred to mental health hosp today - she tried to pull wool over their eyes but luckily sis put them straight and she is in for at least the weekend. 

I have the Elan Valley round the lakes 20 miler tomorrow, of course i am treating it as training but i have still studied all my results from previous years and so will be aiming to beat 3:03! 

06/03/2015 at 22:34
Just wearing the kit means your absorbing it's exercising properties!

Completely knackered tonight but have implemented a new stricter bedtime routine aiming to have both kids in bed by bedtime. Still getting lots of mummy mummy delay tactics but I'm being tough. If Hubby is going to be working evenings for the foreseeable future I need to reclaim my evenings for my sanity!!

Today was a 2 beach visit day - yay. This afternoon I left Freya with hubby and M and I went swimming. Need to try and do more with just her but not easy yet.
Impressed to hear of all this talk of ultras. I suspect that my body would just not play ball if I considered it. Working hard at building it back up though before I start running again.
Nutofen your race report was fab - do you think the way you've handled the last few months has shown you how strong you are, you sound like you have more confidence and self belief if that makes sense? Sounds like the honeymoon period is over though - can imagine it feels flat.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend planned xx
06/03/2015 at 22:37
An old friend is in town as she was supposed to be going up the mountain but the weather is bad. She text me to ask if she could stay here in return for cooking me dinner (hubby working). I told her she's welcome to stay anytime but that I would shamelessly accept her offer of cooking - Yay!!
06/03/2015 at 22:43

booo and hugs to all  caro - yes, I'm with you on the telling people you love them.  I don't see my parents as much as I'd like to, and my family are being a HUGE support at the moment and i'm making sure they know how much I love them for just being them, something I've probably not always been so good at doing.  

I haven't read the previous page to see what prompted the hubby thing, but yes, TTid took the words right out of my mouth - the small things are usually what breaks the camels back!! very envious of the hot tub.

EF - I am sorry but I did chuckle at the recycling debacle!!! Not tried Nytol.

Minks - sorry to hear are having problems hugs

Camlo - glad to hear your mum is where she is meant to be so go and do your 20-miler tomorrow and enjoy

LOL Lotte at the hubby thing too ... time of the month seems a great excuse ... my hubby says that he thought all my emotional rantings on the phone the 'I can't do this any more', 'I can't cope any more' ones were all to do with PMT hence he didn't realise  it was a real problem :-O

Bit crap here - but of course, you knew that!!! Had a counselling session this morning ... tough going ... hubby throwing everything he's got at me to try and get me to change my desired state, is truly horrible to see him so miserable and know that I am the general cause and still remember how I got to this place!! Lots of anger on my part that it has taken me to finally draw a line in the sand for him to pull out all the stops

The plus side is that I have been running ... 17 yesterday down in the Rothiemurcus forest - no real adventures (ice, snow or river crossings) I turned around at the point I was going to have to wade thigh deep snow melt as I was feeling a bit wimpish!! Lovely new glen to run into though and will make for a great 23+ miler next month I think  4 miles today in the forest nice and easy - legs OK but stiffening now.

Hoggle - sounds good re the bedtime routine - finding what works and sticking with it is good!!

06/03/2015 at 22:44

but Hoggle, please please sort the core out before you try any running

07/03/2015 at 17:48

I killed the thread!!! Hope you are all having good Saturdays  lazyish day here - J had a schools XC this morning in town. Actually feels warm here ... well it would if not for the HORRENDOUS wind, really strong gusts chucking everything around the garden ... grrrrr ride for me in the morning with the girls - been months since we got out together, looking forward to a bike with some blether and cake

07/03/2015 at 18:59

Busy day here. Did a 22 miler, exactly 3 hours so 8.11mm pace. Then had to stand and watch Reece play football for 2 hours, then Tesco shop. I have run 76 miles so far this week. Planning another 20 miles tomorrow but might cut this down a bit, will see how the old body feels. Also have to incorporate a 5k hill race so need to be careful, I'm thinking to run the hill race with Reece or Dylan.

Got my first iron injection yesterday. First time I have had to bend over and bare a  butt cheek to a doctor since I was about 5 years old I think Good news though that the coeliac test was negative

Hope the wind dies down for your bike ride CC. Never went to inverness as you can tell!

Camlo did you beat your 3.03. Fab training yesterday.

Enjoy your date EF.

07/03/2015 at 19:43

CC  I think everyone was enjoying the sunshine.  It's been glorious here today.  I did just over an hour on my road bike this morning which was good but when I think about my half ironman in a few months time, I guess its like patting yourself on the back for doing 5k when you have a marathon looming. I shouldnt have really entered this half as i cant really juggle marathon and HIM training properly.  It's too expensive to pull out though.  Oh and the fact that i am getting a new bike when my cycle to work voucher appears in April.

Lotte great news about the coeliac test and respect for standing for 2 hours and going shopping after a 22 miler.  Awesome running this week.  Do you think your body just adjusts to the higher mileage or have you always been able to sustain a high mileage?

CC hope you had a nice bike ride.  I really miss group cycling (aka a good excuse for a cake stop and gossip).  I used to go every weekend with a club but it took half a day which I cant really do now.  I wish i could do everything

Camlo how did the run go?

I haven't mentioned much about work as i am really paranoid about saying too much on a public forum but i am still there, still trying to work out what to do.  I have made people aware of the situation.  The dodgy comments have stopped but the situation is still the same. The bullying that is being done to my team mate at the moment is, quite frankly, disgusting.  We are trying to be as supportive as possible. Odious is probably the best word to describe certain people.  Not fun.

Anyway, the sun is supposed to shine again tomorrow I think so I might dig out some suncream for my half (i have to cream up my face as i get bad freckles and pigment over my lip that looks like a tash! lol)

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