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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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26/03/2014 at 12:49

how is it nearly friday CC? we are only barely over the hump

26/03/2014 at 14:19

Haha CM, I think that's CC exhibiting a 'glass half full' attitude!

Well, we have had our mortgage approved, woo hoo!  We sign it all up on Friday, was such a relief to get the email yesterday afternoon.  Build has started already, we gave the builder the go-ahead in the hopes we might possibly be in before baby born (already creaking at the seams in our 2 bed place!).

Sonya, I can't believe your 10k time!  Well done, not sure I've ever run a 10k race but that sounds super speedy to me even if not pregnant!  I'm not running now, probably could manage a slow plod but not managing to make it out, maybe will try at the weekend.

Well, we launched our new product yesterday on Kickstarter, I think I invited you all on FB to like our page, would be very grateful if any of you know anyone who likes the latest gadgets or are into home design to take a look at our Kickstarter page, it's a really cool product (at least we think so!!) and we are looking to raise enough on Kickstarter to get it into production.

MM, exhausting day indeed, eek!

Got our anatomy scan tomorrow morning, hopefully all will still look good.

26/03/2014 at 14:48
Yippee to mortgage approval, being nearly Friday, getting out for bimbles, fab 10k times and getting through busy days.

9 mile run in quite pleasant weather for me, 4 miles at tempo pace and faster than last wks tempo run @9:44mMs followed by 21 miles on exercise bike. The cycle of shame cos I didn't do my planned 5 mile easy run and 8 miles on bike yesterday, so added the miles onto today's planned 8 miles on bike. Rest day tomorrow and then 18 miler on Friday. Pales into insignificance compared to my neighbours 28 mile run today, a wk and a bit after she ran D33 and she posts on FB that she's feeling refreshed after it, good God she's not human lol.
26/03/2014 at 16:05

Sounds like awesome running to me Tt! Especially adding a wee 21miles of bike to the end! There will always be someone to pale into insignificance next to (lotte ).

TurboT- yippee to the product launch (i'll tell my gadget loving hubby about it) and yippee to the mortgage! Would they really finish it before August?! I cant imagine UK builders managing that Why is it that we all do house moves/renovations when babies are on their way/just arrived. We have decided to try and buy our rented house, he is going to sell so would need to move if not. I know it shouldn't be so stressful as we won't physically move but still got to sell our rented flat in Earlsfield and sort all the other gubbins. And guess what, then do renovations! Will be after baby is born but want to entirely redo the downstairs of the house - I may have to move out - 3 kids with no kitchen/washing machine, in winter....

And turboT, are you finding out the sex?! We're going for another surprise although I will be shocked if its not a girl again!

Sorry about the niggles MM. Hope they can be calmed down enough for marathon and then an enjoyable ultra. Yep, I definitely have more time now I'm pregnant and not marathon training as would've been happening!

Well done on the PB minks! Glad you're enjoying the shorter distances. I think we all know the feeling about not doing either 'job' well! When I read about yours, or CC, MM, lottes juggling I realise I don't have it too bad! The fact mine aren't actually school age yet makes things a lot easier. I'll be finished with job when Maggie starts school, eek!!

I think I'll have a coil fitted after this babs. Would like hubby to get snipped but I'd still like the hormonal coil then would feel happier that even with no periods I'm getting the hormones. Bet he refuses to be snipped if I mention the coil though

And lastly I've been thinking for a while of retraining as a PT when I'm officially unemployed (with not much to do except look after 3 small children...). My hubby is supportive and I was getting into the idea after finding a parttime/weekend course but my sis has put me off saying I'm too old and won't want to do it for more than a few years as I won't want to be a 50yr old pt! And that it is has nothing to do with my degree/phd/years of postdoc - what a waste etc. Need some positive comments please! (Think Karens hubby now pts?).

26/03/2014 at 16:16

We are currently planning to not find out this time but like you I will fall over if it's not another boy.  I expect I'll have so many scans before the end that we won't fail to notice if it has some 'extra' body parts!

I'm thinking of getting permanently fixed during the section this time (eek, as I wrote that down I realized I don't actually know what it entails or the ongoing effects on my body!  I'm so not informed about my body ).  Anyone have experience?  How much extra time does the procedure add to a section?  I'll be 44 by the time this one is born, definitely don't need to be still having babies as I get closer to 50!

No advice for you on PT training but I'd say if you think you'll enjoy it go for it!  I would have no hesitation having a PT in their 50s, I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would prefer it to some 20 year old.

Regarding the time it takes to build a house here compared to UK, the house is actually going to be timber framed (we would have referred brick/block but that would have made it too expensive and it does seem that most houses here are timber).  That seems to go up really quickly, they should be pouring some footings today for the foundations so that should be exciting!  Fingers crossed the builder can meet his schedule but if we have to wait a month or so then it's not the end of the world.


26/03/2014 at 17:11

Definitely need some house building pics on FB TT!

It is so not nearly Friday, nor is it a nice day!  Did 5 miles in the pissing rain, biting cold wind at lunch, my hands went numb.  But I did it

Well my bestest friend had 2 little girls then managed to pop out a boy so it is possibly NOT to have 3 of the same sex, despite this thread making it seem like it isn't.  I have no idea about tube tying TT - I assume that's all they do.  Would you need to have a general anaesthetic to do that on top of the section or would they just do it all under the epidural?

We are planning an extension/new kitchen next yr and I am already dreading the no kitchen, washing machine etc aspect of it.

Minks I will so get you to do a 10k or 5 miler yet!  You know you want to

26/03/2014 at 17:22

I guess I have a load of questions for my doctor when I see him/her next

26/03/2014 at 18:01

Sonya give the pt thing a go. If you are good, it shouldn't matter what age you are. Also you should get a great price for your place in Earlsfield. Prices are nuts now (although I suspect they probably are where you are buying also).

For anyone facing time without a kitchen, I had this for a few months. Its no fun but my slow cooker was a godsend. I bought packs of pre chopped veg and meat and just added water/stock/tomato puree etc. It saved nights of endless takeaways. Building work is truly horrible but it is worth it. One tip, get on top of your builders from day one rather than being nice. So many of them take the p...

The baby has slept all day, could be in for a hard night. I even bathed him to wake him up but just fed a little and went back to sleep! Nervous!!!

26/03/2014 at 18:08

Pretty sure they'd do it with the spinal anaesthesia - I was offered it when I had G. Erm, no, I want to pop out at least another one 

Sonya, that sounds like a fab idea! definitely a gap in the market there. 

Waves to Minks!

Have a dopey, post-feed baby on me so had better take her to bed. Hope she sleeps better tonight - did three night feeds last night (9.30, 11.30, 1.30). Yuck. Pretty sure she is having an almighty growth spurt as she is very fussy on the boob and napping slightly more in the day. She also hasn't 'been' since Sunday so I await that nappy with some trepidation. Will see how she goes over the next week or so and then might start  on some baby rice if no improvement. At the moment she is still gaining plenty of weight on just boob milk so I am in no hurry, but I had got used to 11 hours at night!! She is a big girl - has jumped from 75th centile at birth to 91st now. Tbh I think she would have been on 91st or higher had she not been evicted early. Guess she is catching up! 

26/03/2014 at 19:27
Pt I used when I got married was late 40's I would trust an older pt more, more experience. A lot of his clients r 40-70, that's the age group with money to spend on a pt.
26/03/2014 at 19:52

It is definitely almost Friday where I live!! And its a beautiful day here! We are having a glorious autumn!! Cool in the mornings then stunning warm days. Seriously dry though, I've give up planting anything in my garden until watering restrictions are lifted and my parents farm is still major drought!

I have a friend who is in her 50's and re-trained as a PT/pilates instructor. She's built up a fab business and a lot of our age and older women prefer her to someone younger who doesn't understand the challenges of exercise as you get older or after having children.

M was a 91st percentile baby TB - its great because even if they are off their food for a bit or sick, you're never really worried about their weight or if they're eating enough!

Off to the farm tomorrow for the weekend - can't wait!! Sister and her kids will be there also so will be lovely and a break from general job worries. Had a huge row with hubby - he is quite a tidy person and I'm not a slob but normal (I think!) and as he's at home too much he's being really pedantic about tidiness. I snapped and went off on one which seemed very out of proportion to the issue but was all my frustration boiling over. Bit part of the problem is I am used to having the house to myself when I'm working and having him home for the last 2 weeks has been so distracting!

Found a house we'd love to buy and can afford mortgage-wise but can't afford repayments until hubby is working fulltime - sigh!!! Sorry forgot I was planning on being more positive today!!! Right, best get stuck into work as have various jobs to fit into my day as well!

26/03/2014 at 23:05

It HAS to be nearly Friday because the yesterday and today have been ridiculously crazy and me and the children are on their knees (S sobbed all the way home from Js guitar lesson and I felt so guilty as she should have been in bed early etc etc ... but then if she'd not been wandering around at 1am giving me "muuuummmmy, I caaaaaan't get baaaaack to sleeeeep" in a sobbing wailing tone, perhaps we'd all feel a bit better!!!! Glass half full - yes please, I'll take it.

Anyway, classes for the week all done - phew, and no other library shifts either - double phew!

Will check out your page TTid, not seen, and defo yes to pictures on FB of build

A massive  to the racers at the weekend who did fab, what with falling over (Minks) and pregnant (Sonya)

On the subject of PTs - absolutely go for it. Your SIL is talking b0ll0cks in my opinion!!  I am intending to be a Pilates teacher for many many years yet, and also want to add PT into the mix at some point in the next couple of years. Our population is living longer, and despite the horror stories we read in the paper, our older members of the community are becoming more educated on the benefits of health and exercise, and want help, and are willing to pay for it. Two of my class members are 60+ guys who are having PT with a lady I know who then sent them to me for Pilates. They are both quite fit and mobile (despite one of them having had a hip replacement), and they want to stay fit and mobile.  I definitely agree people quite like the idea of someone who's a bit older - has more experience and you'd have a lot to offer - especially having had children recently too. When I worked as a gym instructor we were an equal mix of 20-something lads, and part-time older women and it was a great mix of experience.

4.5 miles on the beach today and for once the wind was blowing me on the homeward leg - that NEVER happens. Clear blue skies and sunshine again, and was almost still light when I got home at 7.30pm from guitar run.  Still a few niggling aches, but I have finally managed to replace my road trainers - most recent model and it's still the same fit etc as the original - bl00dy incredible, you wouldn't believe how many pairs of trainers have gone backwards and forwards to Wiggle and!!! Just need to sort the trail shoes now ...

Tangy - fantastic running from you  enjoy your rest day before the long one ...

Edited: 26/03/2014 at 23:08
26/03/2014 at 23:08

Photos on FB now CC. 

Yay to no more classes for the week!

27/03/2014 at 08:03

Sorry no pics from me as the swimming pool and x-trainer in the play room are not the prettiest!! No mara or ultra for me. More complete rest, odd swim as can't get to the pool for more than that, Monday, Sat, Sun are my only options sadly. X-trainer maybe although she isn't sure if that is aggravating it. But that's it folks. I think I've pretty much decided that's it for me. Can't bare the let downs anymore, so no more highly competitive running for me For a while.

Rubbish day at work, review which has resulted in a demotion and another 6 month contract. After working full time hours and being paid 21 hours, ignoring my kids etc that's what I get. Time to look around me thinks. Apparently I have generated enough enquiries with my new branded website pages. They've only been live 2 weeks!!! Not a happy bunny.

Sorry, very me, me, me. PT, go for it Sonya. I am toying with Coaching and combining with writing about running/coaching now I have editing experience. 

Now have delightful pink with flying skulls rock tape!! Maybe I'll take a pic of that for you ant the view from my xtrainer! 

27/03/2014 at 08:12

Oh mm, massive hugs (()) your way. Definitely need to look around re the job me thinks! And yes, picture of the tape please!

27/03/2014 at 08:22

((MM)). Sounds rubbish all round. Yes definitely look around for other work - your boss sounds as appreciative as mine...

I am raging again - my boss has brought in 2 contractors, plus 1 external from Vodafone and is transferring someone in from another team but ... still won't let me leave as we are 'under-resourced'. My current assignment ends at the end of this month and ... I have NO OTHER ASSIGNMENT TO DO. WTAF????

27/03/2014 at 11:08
Makes u look good to ur new employer tho CM, fact that old employer doesn't want to let u go.

MM that's a shame about injuries, hope u can at least get back to a point where u can run for enjoyment, sanity, health & fitness, even if the competitive stuff is likely to b a thing of the past.
27/03/2014 at 12:57

Oh MM sending you big hugs. What a shitter, both knee and work. Chin up chick, it can only get better. xx

Someone save me from packing hell...

27/03/2014 at 14:08

(((MM))) Really feel for you love.  How crap, both the knee and the work situation.  Definitely worth looking around for something else - it'll be easier than last time you were looking as you have recent experience.  Life's too short to be unhappy.  Get yourself mended and then perhaps just aim to run for pleasure for a while (if you can) - there's more to being a runner than just racing. 

For me it's about head space, time to myself to reflect/think/analyse. I know I don't have your history of super-fast marathons, hundred-mile weeks, and 10K races under 40 minutes and those are hard to walk away from.  But it's also about what else you've got out of running all these years, all the memories of those runs on dark, icy roads in winter storms and those cool autumn mornings when the air is ripe with the smell of mist and cut grass - those are the things that you don't forget and they make you feel alive, and that feels good.  That feels SO good.  So don't give it up, just find something new to take from it, make your peace with your past achievements and take a new direction.

27/03/2014 at 15:24

((MM)) Definitely time for a new job. I would buy your book

Now it really is nearly Friday, CC! Know that feeling well! Ben is away tomorrow and Sat but then I think he is actually staying in the country until the end of May

poo finally arrived this morning - ew!!! One grotty nappy. 

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