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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/10/2013 at 14:28

Blimey such a lot of bad stuff going on. Great big virtual hugs to all who need them, it can surely only get better.

First week of holidays past here already, boo. Took the caravan away for a couple of nights which we all really needed and enjoyed. Weather was really lovely and we did a brilliant long walk yesterday. But today the weather is dire, howling wind and rain and I did not enjoy my 20 miler one little bit... but its done and I can eat chocolate, drink tea and look forward to some of the red that you ladies were scoffing last night!

My mum us down your way CC, in Elgin hospital having her hip replacement. Gave us all a scare the night before last as her blood pressure plummeted and they had to call the crash team twice. She seems to be doing ok now and I spoke to her a wee while ago and she had just been up for the first time. My dad is away with her and sis has flown down today to see her and pick up my nephew who has been spending a few days with  his dad.

CC hope hubby made it home. Flybe are hopeless and they are our "life line service" to the mainland. Grrr.

Feeling shattered today but only to be expected as have been full of the cold all week. Yesterday I did two runs (4m and 7m) and our 4 hour walk and then the 20 miler this morning before breakfast cos hubby had to be out to coach athletics, so maybe I can be forgiven if I flop with a book for an hour while the kids are watching Atlantis on the iplayer! It is the weekend after all!


19/10/2013 at 18:54

eek, not good for many of you, big hugs to you CM- did you get a sick note? 

Boo to losing a parent for Mr Hoggle, cant be easy even though contact was limited. 

Yuck to tummy bug Tatty, he can't pass it to you can he???? If so banish him to another room! 

Yippee to holidays, running and Kinsey looking at homes only an hour from me! 

Went on a easy 10 this morning which turned out to be a VERY hard 12 taking 2hr40 followed by bootcamp circuits which literally put me on my arse..... was feeling waves of dizziness and sure I am going to be stiff as a board tomorrow! Maybe giving blood this week when I have a mara next weekend wasn't a sensible idea?? 

19/10/2013 at 18:56

sorry Lotte, forgot to say hope your Mum is ok now. Must have been scary. Well done on the 20! 

19/10/2013 at 20:30

Not unless you've got it stashed in a fridge somewhere to get re transfused into your veins next Fri night Camlo!

19/10/2013 at 21:44

eek that's scary Lotte - she's at Dr Grey's then, just 20 minds from here ... if they need anything let me know! and I mean that too.

our holidays are flying by way to fast for sure

great running though Lotte, esp. with the the cold too, chilling out is a must!

predictably little running here as every  spare moment spent with head in text book!

hobby returned eventually. unfortunately they are his only option too, but currently into Aberdeen which makes it worse as still a drive from there - the Inverness flight leaves Birmingham early. currently he drives Waddington to Birmingham (2 hrs), catches flight, then 1.5 he river this end. hey ho!

very odd with just one child - me not like it!

arrange virus this week, ear ache, no energy etc but hoping to run it out tmrw once husband back from bike ride!







Edited: 19/10/2013 at 21:46
19/10/2013 at 22:11

CC, its odd isn't it, Aidan is in Ireland with Alan and it seems so much quieter without him!

Lotte, hope your mum is ok x

20/10/2013 at 14:47

Gggrrrrrr i have rushed about doing washing, mopping the floor, putting a loaf on, making soup, getting roast ready for tea, taxing my car etc etc etc while hubby has slept off his hangover..... 

20/10/2013 at 17:45

Huge grrrrrr, Camlo! You're meant to be tapering!! Make him make it up to you later 

Lotte - scary stuff about your mum, hope she recovers well from her op. 

CC, that must be weird! Hope your virus goes away. Kill or cure with a run!

well, fortunately we haven't been struck down with the lurg.  Ben is much better now, although he was completely wiped out after a trip to Tesco before! His nose is getting there too. The stitches have fallen out, along with some other indescribable gunk which he took great delight in showing me before . Gross!

Lovely autumnal day today - wish I was out for a run! Guess it won't be that long in the grand scheme of things though

20/10/2013 at 19:54

Lots of hugs and medicine needed on here at the moment.  Hope things start looking up soon.

It was a lovely autumnal morning, managed to drag my sorry a*se out for a run eventually, having convinced myself no-one else was running and there was no point...I really can talk myself out of the best of things!   Anyway did a really quick 5.5 miles so was pleased with that, then met 3 friends in the pub afterwards, so all was good in the end .  They're badgering me to do Conwy half in a few weeks - we went on holiday there this summer so it would be a lovely course, but the furthest I've run in the last few months is 7 miles and I just don't think my legs would cope !

Half-term in 4 days, yeay .  Sophie has got a Headteacher's award which will be presented in the Sparkle and Shine assembly in the morning - the parents of the child go too but we have been sworn to secrecy by her teacher so she has no idea!  She'll either be delighted or burst into tears...fingers crossed !

Then off to meet my friend's baby  - another Martha.  Bit p*ed off with work at the moment, in that I don't have much and we are seriously short of cash all of a sudden, but not much I can do really.  Need to start using my free mornings to go for a run!

Not much longer TB but still frustrating!  I remember my first run after I had Sophie - running on the grass in the park with a big grin on my face!

20/10/2013 at 19:57

Well i decided that if you are going to do a race in fancy dress then it may as well be one that you arent aiming to get a PB in...... So i have hunted out my old nurse uniform, complete with watch and belt and am going to run snowdon in it! taking iron tablets now and going to make sure i get early nights (promise). 

Yippee to some cracking races (been on fb) and glad Ben is better Tatty. you will be back out there before you know it, pushing a jogging buggy and cursing the cold! 


20/10/2013 at 20:42

LotteI hope your mum has recovered now and is feeling the benefits of the op! Tell her that the closer you stick to the strict recovery guidelines the better the outcome is (apparenty men generally have a poorer outcome as they do too much too soon). My mum had her first done last year and is having her second done next year, Dad is having his done in 2 weeks! Guess what I'll be doing in my 60's!!! 

Good weekend here. Friend seems happier and hubby is dealing well with his Dad's death. SIL has put her head in the sand but am not surprised. Made fatal mistake of sharing some thoughts about SIL to hubby - stupid!!! He got sooooo defensive! Its all stuff he says too but I forgot that its ok to be honest about your own family but not about family-in-law! Whoops - will keep my opinions to myself now on that one!

I'm on a mission to try and combat being tired tired tired all the time. Some new vitamins, more exercise and better eating. Hoping to be bouncing about soon!!

20/10/2013 at 21:20

What is a head teachers award JG?


20/10/2013 at 21:30

in my kids' school, headteacher's awards seem to be given out for noteable efforts being made. J got one at the very end of his first week in reception for settling in well as he was one of only 3 kids in the whole class who hadn't gone to the school nursery. I think there is a bit of a 'rota' system in place to ensure that they incentivise the kids who need a bit of encouragement. I know one of the mums asked towards the end of reception whether there was an issue because her child hadn't ever received a HT award and the rest of the class had all had at least one, and they said on the contrary. her child was always so good that she didn't need one!??!

J had 3 or 4 in the first year or so - one of them, notably, was - according to him - for 'not hitting the girls when they tried to kiss me in the playground like I usually do'. he swore absolutely blind that was what it was for...

parents don't get invited in to see them awarded at our school. they seem to award one or two a class on most Fridays from what I can tell. and the headteacher calls them up to the stage to collect the certificate in front of the school.

21/10/2013 at 08:54

No such thing at our school.  The only thing they make a huge deal of is attendance.  If, at the end of term you have been at school every single day, the head comes to your class and gives you a certificate.  Matilda got 2 out of 3 in reception which she was really pleased about, and it makes her understand the importance orb being there.

21/10/2013 at 10:22

well I have just phoned the surgery today as I need to see a GP to get signed off sick. I can't see a GP until 5/11 and they won't let me have an emergency appointment. so their suggestion is that I phone back in 48 hours and see whether the GP will sign me off sick without having seen me... hmmm...

21/10/2013 at 10:27

Oh CM, that is poor - why won't they consider it an emergency? I would say it is pretty darn urgent! How long can you self certify so at least you don't have to go in? Hugs xx

21/10/2013 at 11:02

I was off sick last week. I worked a bit on Mon and Tues but took some time sick; I then worked on Weds and was sick on Thurs and Fri. But I think my boss marked me down as sick in the system from Monday, because he told me on Weds night that he had marked me as due back in on Friday. So I don't really know when I need the sick note from - whether it's Monday or Thursday (should be Thursday really). He is now on holiday so I can't ask him.

Just the thought of having to go back to work because I can't get signed off is making me want to cry.

21/10/2013 at 13:20

those receptionists at your surgery are such jobsworths CM.  It is not their business to know why you need an emergency appt, they are not in a position to triage you and make that decision.  Can't you get a telephone consultation with a GP?  They have started a walk in 9am thing at ours now so you just turn up - havent had to use it yet but never had a prob getting an emergency appt before anyway.  Ours is also open one Saturday a month too now from this month I think, but I can imagine those appts get booked up pretty fast.  Phone again, tell them you need an appt today for a genuine emergency or you need to speak to a GP.  

6 mile run in the rain with Eric this morning, after swimming.  Tow path still a bog but oh well.  Silly question but those of you with baby joggers did you clean them every time you took them out in the wet?  Or just think sod it it's going to get wet again soon anyway?

My back is bad today in a whole new way.  On the left which is the other side and it's totaly caused by and related to lifting things, more specifically, Eric!  His swimming always hurts my back but this morning it just felt different, and I am being so careful now.  It feels like it could 'go' aat any time, whereas it never normally feels like that.  The running helped actually, but it's things like the awkward position you need to get in to load Eric into the car.  Anyway, have taken diclofenac and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Our Bangladeshi neighbours came round with some Eid food last night, so we have genuine takeaway curry for dinner tonight and their cooking is so good!  yum.




21/10/2013 at 14:08

CM - Caro is right, get back on the phone to surgery. They absolutely should be able to offer a telephone consultation with a GP, in our surgery they actively encourage it as it's so darn impossible to get a proper in-person apt, and yes, it's got bog-all to do with the receptionists why you need the appt.

Caro - eek to the back, no point saying 'be careful' as it's impossible I know - my back never started to get properly right until I could stop lugging J around when he was walking as he was such a lump!!! The minute I get any twinges I get straight into rehab exercises mode!!!

Did my undulating run up onto the fells yesterday - beautiful afternoon after blustery morning.  10 miles but boy did it feel hard ... feel incredibly unfit at the moment, just haven't got back into stride again after ultra I think!!! Then did 3 this morning with S around the bike trails in our woods. She had me racing her up and down the jumps , like my quads needed that today!!! Lovely day for it though as was really sunny this morning and is 14 degrees. Then we picked loads of blackberries before heading home.  Tarte tatin tonight with the leftover pastry from last nighs Jammy Dodgers I think .

Revision really a struggle at the moment - just feel like the info isn't going in properly! Hopefully something MUST be???

Camlo - looking forward to pics of you on Snowdon mara

and a very very well done to Tangy on her trail race yesterday. Have read the reports of it and seen the hill profile. Girl you done good

Cleaning of buggy - erm, not really. Would hose off occasionally if it got REALLY muddy, but then it was an extremely old rather rusting model anyway.

So looking forward to getting my boy back tonight.

Edited: 21/10/2013 at 14:09
21/10/2013 at 14:23

caro - you have to tell them what the appointment is for, and they pass this onto the GP so that when you go in the GP starts talking to you about whatever it is that you have said you need to see them for. eg 'so your throat then. how long has it been sore?' etc.

I asked if the gp would phone to talk to me about the sicknote and she said no. I have to phone back on weds and see if the gp has written one out. I think I will go down because then I will stand there and burst into tears (which I can do at will at the moment) and perhaps that will enable her to suggest how I can see or talk to the Gp. I don't really want to go back onto antidepressants but the counsellor suggested that I may need to and it would be good to be able to talk to the GP about that, but obvs if I can't get an appointment for over 2 weeks, there's not going to be an opportunity.

caro - i'd be careful with your back and the running buggy. I know you said it felt better after you ran, but i'd still worry about the position you need to have your arms in, and also the impact of running when your back is so fragile. I know what you mean about feeling like it could go at any moment. it's awful.

i'm doing no running at the moment. but I have just swum a mile, half of it front crawl. wayhay. I usually swim about 90% breaststroke but having seen J and E at their swimming lesson yesterday, I was embarrassed into practising a bit of front crawl. J is doing really well now and has mastered bilateral breathing. E is swimming lengths and is REALLY speedy. she swims about twice as many as the other child in her lesson because she's like a torpedo in the water. her breathing is a bit random. she's fine if she has a float to hold on to when she is practising, but when she just swims, she moves her head to the side to breathe but I don't think she actually breathes! but then there are many grown folk who haven't mastered bilateral breathing so I think as a 4yr old the fact she can swim 20-odd lengths in a half an hour lesson (as well as lots of bobbing around while the teacher is with the other pupil) is a great thing!

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