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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/03/2015 at 09:25

Yes, hope long runs go well!  I did 5 in the freezing rain yesterday and a sneaky 2 this morning as hubby is off to watch rugby.  Trying overall to build up my monthly mileage but not go crazy and get injured...  

The sub 9 min miles are getting more consistent which is great, took flipping months to get to this stage.  Need to weigh myself, my bras are looking too big so have lost weight as well, seem to be holding just under 10 stone and that hasn't happened for a long time either!

14/03/2015 at 11:10

i read somewhere that it's better to start an ultra slightly undertrained than over-injured You'll be fine, Vixo - Lotte's advice is fab. My longest run was 22 miles and I felt great. The key for me was to take it really slowly and take walk breaks before I got too tired. And eating! Right from the start  

Thats awesome Kinsey  

Glad they got the lump sorted TT. Fingers crossed for the test. LOL to slimy pregnancies!

Welcome Kay Would echo what others have said re carrying on running. I was lucky with my first and went to 11 days over before I stopped running but stopped at 30 weeks with my second - just too much pelvic pressure going on for my liking! 

Argh, G meant to be napping but isn't. 

Edited: 14/03/2015 at 11:45
14/03/2015 at 11:53

She is now, phew. Stubborn little madam some days! 

Fab pics on FB, Lotte - hope the boys have a great day

PG - know exactly what you mean about the chocolate. I have been eating far too much too and with the lull in training I can't quite get away with it at the moment Less choc and more veg is my mantra just now!

Off out tonight to a ball - exciting times Ben and I are going together. I should be more excited than I am but I am also a bit nervous about it. He seems to be doing a very good job of avoiding me ATM although he isnt being unpleasant and we aren't arguing. We are actually getting in quite well but perhaps that is because we hardly see each other. He has started taking JP out a lot more on their own, which I find a bit selfish tbh and being away for ages. Working hours have got longer too. I don't know, maybe it is just my imagination but it seems that every time I walk into a room he walks out. I know he is finding the guilt very difficult to handle but surely by being with me properly it would help? Who knows the inner workings of the male brain, eh? 

14/03/2015 at 12:00

Sorry things are still difficult for you Nurofen. Will you consider counselling?  

14/03/2015 at 14:13

Yes, TT, it is in the pipeline. We are both very open to anything that will help (at least he says he is!) and I guess it'll be good to have a neutral perspective on things. I've just finished the sessions I had alone so wanted to give it a little time to settle in before we go together. CC, I'm really sorry to hear how tough you're finding it I suppose part of the counselling process that isn't really thought about as much is the preparation to move on, if that's what ends up happening. My attitude is and always has been since this all kicked off is to get myself really strong and improve my confidence so that if we do part, I'm in the best possible place in terms of my own health and support networks to manage on my own. And I will if I need to

14/03/2015 at 15:48

I can see how strong you are getting and I get how your ultra might have been a part of that confidence exercise. 

I think it's sad how many of us are going through relationship turmoil at the moment. Hugs to all who need them today (())

14/03/2015 at 22:31

I definitely found my 30mile race easier on the legs than any of the marathons I have done as I had no time expectations really so was happy to walk when needed and there is generally much less tarmac on an ultra, so it is much better on ur joints. Think it is entirely mental too, so u might have only ever run 20miles in training or a marathon but u know u get to a point where u can just keep going. That then transfers into life- u know u can just keep on going. Long distance running and childbirth  are probably the two most empowering things u can do. Both give u a huge amount of confidence in what ur body can achieve and leave u too bl**dy knackered to give a sh!t about the unimportant stuff in life ;0)

15/03/2015 at 13:52

Spot on TT

Did have a great night after all last night - evening even ended in a warm snuggle in bed and proper kisses this morning And you will see my lovely haul on FB! Lucky me

But oh my, AF has arrived with a vengeance Floodtastic Had a nice run with friends this morning though - just a quick five miler but good for the spirit. 32 miles for the week so the reverse taper is going nicely and I have actually got some SPEED in my legs, woo hoo! 

15/03/2015 at 21:23
Hey guys. Just been reading back. Thx so much for the good wishes for wee isaac. He's on the mend now thanks to antibaCS. Ethan is now sick tho! Started puking Friday night and has been poorly since. Hubby and I always seem to get really stressed with each other when kids are ill so basically spent all today sniping at each other. Carp mother's day - but then I always have to remember it's only 3 years since he lost his mum so I shouldn't expect a fuss made. But I always do.

Good news about my new niece though! Baby Ellen. SIL seems to be breezing it all so far.

I've been a bit down last couple days. It's all due to tiredness as hubby has been working crazy hours or been travelling last few wks so I've been doing all childcare and what with kids being Ill lots of disturbed nights. In the past when I've been down I've stayed off forum and U guys are so sweet and say don't don't do that so here I am! Gloomy black clouds and all! Supposed to do a 16 miler today but felt so down I actually felt ill too. Not sure if I'm tired/Ill or actually ill/ill. Time will tell I sippose! So sorry for me me me post.

Hi Kay!
Um - can't remember what else people posted. Sorry for being a total chump today but was so chuffed to read back and see your comments - looking out for me. U guys Rock.
15/03/2015 at 21:34

Aww brookie. Big hugs. Disturbed nights are just awful. They tend to make everything seem  impossible. Carp Mother's Day here too. Not sure it was linked to his mum but maybe I should just assume it was. 

just found speed skating on telly. Happy days. 

15/03/2015 at 22:26

Hey Brookie and everyone that needs one, here's a hug. As for all the perfect mothers days I keep seeing on Feb.... Hubby and I had a row this morning. He thinks all I care about is training and racing I frickin juggle it all around so my training only impacts one session a week of our family time and he goes to the gym on the same day (but hey that's OK). It makes me feel a bit suffocated as I can't do or be myself. Marriage!!! Then we had a lovely day with family celebrating Isaacs first bday.


15/03/2015 at 22:30

Did manage to do 20 miles yesterday though and went out in the evening and got back at 1.30 ( I was flagging) . I did the 20 easier than my plan stated. Think I will do 17 next weekend then taper.

Ate so much sugar today that I feel so sick.

Oh I did get some amazing flowers and a very thoughtful cushion as pressies today. Love them.

Camlo    pirate
16/03/2015 at 07:53

Aaawwwwww not such a fab mothers day for a lot of us then. 1st year ever i didnt buy a card as Nanny died last year and i really couldnt face giving my mother one after all her nonsense. 

Big hug Brookie - lack of sleep is a sure killjoy but maybe you have the lurgy too. 

Fab run PG - time on legs is much more important than no run at all. 

Boo to AF but  To proper kisses Nuro. 

Dropping down to intermediate schedule of IM training as finding the competitive too demanding physically and mentally. I want to actually make the start and your comments about being undertrained rather than overtrained made me realise i was going to burn out. 

16/03/2015 at 08:41

Sounds like you are doing the right thing Camlo.  Remember it's not your job and you are supposed to enjoy it!

Feeling down in the dumps today.  Mostly I think its because I ate so much sugar yesterday and i feel cr*p, row with hubby and the feeling/knowledge that something is going to kick off at work but not sure when/where and what will happen.  

16/03/2015 at 08:52
Belated Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mums!!!! You do an awesome job regardless of how many cards and such you got given!!!

Hugs PG - hope things brighten soon!
Camlo I think you are entirely justified in not giving your mum a card.

Nice weekend for me - always is at the farm. Was a bit intense at times as the 2 older girls were a bit competitive at times and M being bossy, R being whiny! The 2 little girls (my niece and Freya) were super sweet though. Mae is 1 and was so sweet with Freya. Anyway lots of fab sister time for me and my sister and lovely to see all the cousins together.

Hoping for some more consistent sleep this week. Freya has been waking 3 times a night (was 2) and the last couple of night has taken a bit more effort to get her back to sleep. Plus M has been waking with dreams a lot so getting up for her too.
Freya is 3 months today - she's such a sweetheart!!
Planning on going for a fast walk tomorrow - trying to loose my spare tyre so I fit my jeans when the weather gets a bit colder. They do up but it is NOT attractive!!!
16/03/2015 at 09:43

Oh guys, hate that so many of you having crap time. Big hugs.

Glad you are posting Brookie, Hope its 'just' tiredness and that the  black clouds shift soon. Take care of yourself and I hope the little guys are better soon x

Well done on the 20 PG. good call doing it slower than plan if that was what you needed. I don't think the LSR can ever be too easy so don't worry about that.

Hope AF has eased a bit Tatty.

Sun is shining again here today. Whole day to myself. Did 7 miles first thing then have another run to do later. 2 weeks today we should be in the sky heading for Spain, woohoo. Sending happy sunny vibes to you all.x

16/03/2015 at 09:46

Meant to say that sounds like a good call re the training schedule Camlo, you have so much to juggle, I really don't know how you manage.

Camlo    pirate
16/03/2015 at 18:18

Thanks ladies  

Had to post because our thread was dropping down the page! 

16/03/2015 at 18:31

Got me some acid today Wasn't getting any better so went to the doc. much better tonight now I've been dosing up on it all day! Magic stuff

Oh Brookie, big hugs ((())) I tend to disappear when things are crap too - much better when you do post. Be kind to yourself x

Pg - you didn't get back until 1.30?? That's serious commitment and I really don't think hubby can begrudge you sacrificing yourself like that. Work sounds hideous but you are dealing with it amazingly x

So, things are better but still very tricky. Actually did have a conversation about the situation last night for the first time in three weeks. It's done us good to have time not talking, I think. We were much better able to communicate, even though what was said was hard to take in. Baby steps, but we are making progress. All too complicated to go into in detail but I so relate to what you were saying the other day, CC. I'm a bit frazzled today (we did limit the chat to 90 mins but still, that was enough!) but I think that's also down to blasted AF! You know what I mean when I say I feel pale??! I certainly look it - the doctor said I looked exhausted oh well. Have had lots of green veggies with tea tonight as I've planned a LSR tomorrow on my day off. It's meant to be 2.5 hrs very slow but I shall see how it goes and perhaps cut it short if I'm dead on my feet.

right, bath time for the little ones! 

16/03/2015 at 19:30

Thanks for the hugs guys. I've been a little better today despite having both kids home poorly. I hoped my mum might be able to come over and watch kids for a bit so I could get a run in, but she was busy. And hubby out with clients tonight so I won't make my Pilates class. I pay in advance for blocks of 6 wks. Monday nights were supposed to be easier for hubby to get home (class starts at 8.30). I've asked friends in the village in the past to watch kids for 20-30mins so I ca go (assuming he's home by 9) but he has been mega late last 2 wks and cos kids are also poorly I don't want to ask mates. So that's 3 was in a row I've missed! Sigh. 

Cats get the snip tomorrow so nil by mouth tonight. They are normally affectionate anyway but now they are hungry they are all over me! 

Glad u got the acid Nurofen. Hope it helps! AF bad enough without being like a tidal wave every time! 

Lotte - you do make me feel better. I like that on your days off you do stuff for YOU ie running, without feeling guilty. It make sense really - exercise makes us all feel saner which makes us better parents/wives etc. if only the hubbies got this more! 

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