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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/10/2013 at 15:49

Grrrr... just lost my post. 

That's why I don't post much


21/10/2013 at 15:51

CM that is fantastic swimming from both kids and well done 

u on practising ur crawl too.

21/10/2013 at 15:54

I am constantly dismayed at people's stories of not being 

able to get doc appointments etc, my gp is fantastic, if u call at 8:30am u always get an appointment for that day. If call later and they 

can't give u an appointment for nxt day or 2 they will always put 

u throo to a doc or have them call u back within half an hr. 

It's shocking that they r not all like that.

21/10/2013 at 15:59

CC thank you, calves and heels (Plantar Faciitis playing up again) are a bit tender today but did manage to walk 2miles 

to the station to pick up car (hubby drives to station in morn and I usually run in morn after school drop off and 

collect car at end of run) and did grocery shop. No worrying niggles just another 

night's sleep needed, then a nice short run in the morn. 


21/10/2013 at 17:38

I would just cite patient confidentiality.  Even if it was something as benign as I've had the sh*ts for 2 wks I wouldn't want to have to tell the receptionists.  I would go for the bursting into tears in the waiting room.

Finally ordered my bike, b day pressie from hubby but couldn't find one in my price range that I liked.  Ok, maybe I was being fussy but it needed to look nice as well as ride well.  so I went for this

21/10/2013 at 19:00

ooooh Caro, I like that one a lot!!! I'd like a hybrid ... I love my mbk (which is 10 years old and a bit cranky) and I have a 'proper' road bike courtesy of Vixo , but I do a lot of commuter-style stuff with the kids too and would definitely love, if not able to justify!!! That said, the kids are starting to really get into mbking now .

Glad you are feeling good Tangy - can't believe it'll be no further than 6 miles on runs for you between now and February ...

So happy to have my boy home after being away since Friday morning with the Cubs at a PGL weekend down near Perth. He said it was 'awesome'  and sounds like he's had a ball. Hoping to get him in bed early tonight though ...

CM - fantastic swimming from your two - right water babies.  I was doing well(ish) with my swimming but has fallen apart at the moment what with hols and revision. Back to it once all over.

21/10/2013 at 19:09

oh, and something totally unrelated to anything at all, but caught my eye in the paper today ... in that classy rag The Daily Mail, on p25 there is an article about a Tory MP who was being a to**er to a beggar on the street ... I'm thinking ... I recognise him ... he was an university graduate when I had an office job, processing orders for an unnamed large US company dealing in photocopiers and the like, he was in my team for a while ... a dreadful sales person, and seriously condescending to boot - seems like he's not changed!!! He used to drive me nuts, was so rude ...

21/10/2013 at 19:53

He wasn't involved in pleb gate was he CC?

That's fantastic swimming CM! My bilateral breathing isn't impressive! Hope work sorts soon.

boo to pf tt. Hope it sorts soon.

congrats Brookie! Lovely news! 

Tb - hope Ben is ok now. Sounds nasty. 

Camlo - sounds like you need a hug. Loving the idea of doing snowdon in your old nurses uniform!

trying to remember what else has been said, some big hugs needed hope all ok. 

Mad few weeks, inspection last week (didn't go brilliantly but thankfully I've come out ok) someone tried to write hubby's car off on main a48 by trying to do a u turn from in front of a van on the inside lane across double white lines! I've come down with a chest infection in the process, hurrah! Not! Pregnancy fine, 27 weeks now, have no idea where time is going!

21/10/2013 at 20:32

Well I actually think this is the first brand new bike I will have ever owned.  As a kid they were all hand me downs and at uni I bought one for £20 to ride around town, which lasted over a yr before I got knocked off so knocked it on the head!  I havent owned a bike since.  M is doing another free sustrans cycling course over half term so will ask them when they're next running another adult one.  For free they teach you bike maintenance, road safety and other things, so should be done really.

TT I forgot to say I got the skates you recommended and they look really good and solid so thanks.  Hope it's not a short lasting phase.......

Back ok ish, not sore really just I am aware I need to be careful.  CM running was fine actually, and having given myself all last wk off after my 10k I was not going to miss it.  It really is the heavy, squirming, toddler wrestling that is the issue, and with hubby away for the wk end I think I've done almost a wk on my own now which is prob why it flared up.  When I use the buggy I don't keep both hands n it most of the time, I just push it along then catch up.




21/10/2013 at 20:39

I can't believe he's an 'aide to the Welsh secretary' for starters!!! Let alone he's MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham ... made for interesting reading on Wikipedia anyway ... leopard not changed spots!!!

Caro - I have owned plenty of bikes over the years, the only ones which were brand new were my first ever mountain bike - florescent pink steel thing, no suspension, when they first came out in the early 90s, and my current one that's now pretty old and trashed. All others were hand-me-downs. I still can't believe what I used to throw myself down on the old pink bike - regularly drove out to the NDW and hurled down chalky tracks etc. Came off loads too - no surprise I'm a wimp now is it ...

... anyway, back to the cell structure of muscles and how our bodies make ATP ...

21/10/2013 at 20:42

CC what exam are you taking?  I seem to have totally missed that!

21/10/2013 at 20:57

CM Eek to crap gp surgery. They MUST have emergency provision and it is the receptionists making your need appear less urgent. Phone first thing and request an appt citing chest pain (which you will have from all the crying)  and they will soon slot you in! My surgery has a triage session daily where anyone can go and wait too. I know it is extreme but is it worth changing surgery?? Or can you ask someone else to liaise with the surgery on your behalf (your counsellor, N, your friend?) Fab swimming! 

TT - do you have a roller? otherwise make sure you dont sleep on your tummy with your feet pointed down as it shortens the stretchy bits (thats an official term...). 

Caro - hmmm i feel your frustration but go steady and try to alternate which side you lug him about on. yippee on getting your bike! 

JT there are some idiots on the roads, good result in the inspection then despite all your problem kids! 


21/10/2013 at 21:04

Ohhh Caro, be careful!!! Would it be worth getting in to see physio just to be sure? Carrying Matilda too much was the start of my downfall. But then I am reliably informed its mainly due to wonky feet. Frustratingly I can't seem to get a physio apt to order my crazy expensive orthotics which is annoying as they take 3 weeks from ordering to arrive.

CM - that is just ridiculous!! I agree with Caro - say its confidential and they surely have no right to demand to know. Your physical and mental health are paramount and they have no idea of what is going on in your life. Grrrrr sorry makes me so angry. We pay for drs appts in NZ which I don't love (about 18 pounds for adults and free for children) but it pretty much guarantees an appointment when you need one. Downside obviously is that people who need to go sometimes don't I guess.

I have a bike that is sitting in the garage and has done since it came out of the box it was shipped in. Hubby and I used to do quite a lot of mountain biking together but like everything else that requires a daytime babysitter its on the back burner!

Off to Auckland tomorrow until Fri for staff training. There are quite a lot of issues in the organisation at the moment and I really hope the CEO doesn't try and gloss over them all and reflect on our 'wonderful achievements'. That's all great but quite disrespectful to everyone who is battling away at some major challenges!

I'm annoyed as I forgot that an electrician was coming at 8.15am and must have missed him by about 5 mins this morning - grrrrr.

21/10/2013 at 21:22
CM - I agree with the others. You should be able to see a GP without telling a receptionist why, and if they insist you just say it's a confidential matter which you are not willing to discuss with them. I would be surprised if a gp would write a note without seeing you (I don't think they're supposed to!) but if you can talk to someone on the phone they may then make you an apppointment. You can self-certify for 7 days, but would need a note beyond that. It seems as though you've had lots of problems with this surgery - can you think about moving to a different one?

So sorry you're having a tough time at the moment. I've been meaning to try and share a Facebook link with you for a singing workshops and concert we're doing in December, but maybe this isn't the right time! But just in's in Winchester, with our new conductor and musical director (who's one of the bbc singers), and is a rehearsal during the day and concert in the evening - December 14th. I think it will be pretty good, and I could offer you a bed if you fancy coming down, or there are nice paces to stay in Winchester if N wanted to come too - obviously only if you're free that weekend, but thought I'd ask since I know you're not able to sing in a choir at the moment, and this workshop is open to guests!
21/10/2013 at 21:25

thanks, you lot. i think i'm going to go to the surgery and cry on weds a.m.

i keep thinking i'm being pathetic. i do just want to go back to work but i can't see how to do that. i have been offered a 'good' opportunity on a brand new, major new account we have won. it's so massive we are setting upa whole new company to deal with it, and they've asked for me to go and work on it. it would be fairly long term, it's very high profile and it's totally out of the area i work in now, so would be well away from my boss. i SHOULD go for it - it's the sort of thing i would normally jump at (although it's mostly based in the N of england!). however, just the thought of having to speak to someone about it over the phone on weds is making me want to cry. so for that reason, i've told them i'm not going to do it.

great news tonight at J's parents evening. the teacher was gushing. she loves him - she kept going on about how much he makes her laugh; about how he comes out with hilarious things, and about how she loves that he says really funny things sometimes in all innocence and then realises and giggles to himself with his hand at his mouth. she was totally describing my son, and with a lot of affection in her voice and demeanour. that's why i love my kids' school.

she also said that he throws himself into everything; is really enthusiastic; tries so hard; has great vocabulary, brilliant imagination etc etc. oh and he came top in maths and in the top 6 for spelling in recent tests (Alfie or something, JT? no idea what that is!). his handwriting is still rubbish and his writing is let down by the fact that he doesn't punctuate properly, so that needs attention. but his written work and vocab and stuff is actually really good - it's just his presentation is crap. but then i think we knew that already!

it was a joy talking to her - i didn't think he would find another teacher that he gelled with as well as the one last year, but it would seem he has. what a blessing!

21/10/2013 at 21:30

Vixo - that's really kind, thank you! I don't actually have the kids that weekend, so it would be great to have a look at the link!

and sadly no, changing surgeries isn't really an option. it's the only one in the area, and last time i looked into it, the next nearest one wasn't taking on new patients. and it's also really difficult to get to the other one at busy times of days, and that's when most appointments are.

JT - hope chest infection clears up. and grr to hubby's car

21/10/2013 at 21:32

oh and Vixo - because my boss may have put my first part day of sick down as the beginning of the period of sickness in our on-line system (even though i worked part of that day, part of the next day and the whole of the following day, before then taking 2 days sick), I think I need a certificate now, as the system already has 7 consecutive days of sickness in it. my boss is off on holiday, and no-one else has access to my record other than him, so i don't know what he has put down and i can't find out.

21/10/2013 at 21:38

Headteacher's award is as CM described Caro - Sophie got it for "Fantastic learning all term and being a great class member!", nominated by her class teacher.  She hasn't had one till now, despite clearly being an angel at all times and working so hard, for the very reasons you said - she doesn't need any incentives!  She was sooo happy today though, really bouncing when she came home, so nice to see .  The good 'uns need rewards too!

Watch your back too,as I'm sure you are (as in, be careful with your back, not that someone's after you )

Glad you're doing well JT, 27 weeks - where has that gone?!

CM - seriously disagree with your surgery's system, that is completely out of order.  Can you write and complain about the lack of confidentiality of the system?  And for them to refuse to give you an emergency appointment...what if you did something stupid and your family turned round and said it was because the doc wouldn't give you an appointment?  Then they'd pay attention...

I've offered my services as a parent helper at school too, starting Thurs morning.  Don't know how much I'll do but I'm thinking a morning a week. Might as well seeing as I've not got much work and Nicky's at nursery  - cue lots of work offers coming in!

I've emailed a language company offering my services as a tutor and now they want my idea which computer my CV is on as I think my current one went with our stolen laptop  so got to knock one up quickly!  It's freelance but they need some tutors to teach French in Jan so that could be good.

Bit of a fright earlier as I was about to leave for the gym - Nicky for some reason sidestepped at the top of the stairs and rolled down .  He seems ok, just a bit bumped, poor thing.  

21/10/2013 at 22:22

CM - dont tell them you wont do it unless you are absolutely sure it isnt right for you. Can you email to say you have a few issues to sort right now so cannot talk about it but would like a little time to consider before making a decision? A new project, a new boss, some recognition.... Could be good for you? Put your practical hat on girl, make lists and tick things off, it will get better xxo 

JG - eek to bouncy child but yippee to award. cant imagine anything worse than volunteering to hear other peoples children read.... Its bad enough listening to my own! 

Vixo - are you running again? 


21/10/2013 at 22:29

camlo - interviews are on weds in brum, and it is an immediate start as it goes live on 1 nov. there isn't any time to 'think about it'. and I would stay with my existing boss, unfortunately. i'd just be working in another part of the organisation while still reporting in to him. but wouldn't have to have anything to do with him on a daily basis. I can't do an interview on weds - i'm sure of that. I couldn't even answer the phone today


I do reading group on a mon and tues with the kids at school. I am actually shocked by how badly behaved they are. some of them are very rude and cheeky. one group messed around so badly a couple of weeks ago by putting their arms inside their jumpers and pretending not to be able to turn the pages. it didn't help that I didn't know their names so telling them off was hard. I got the same group this morning and my heart sank. but they weren't as bad this week, and I made sure I worked out who was who before we started.

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