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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/10/2013 at 22:17

This is a FOUR yr old????  So is it nature or nurture?  What are the parents like?? 

25/10/2013 at 22:22

Yes I foun his age quite upsetting actually. How can a 4 year old come to that. 

25/10/2013 at 22:30
Wow JT, teachers definitely don't get paid enough to deal with that! And how sad that a 4 year old already has that many problems. How long til maternity leave?

I made it home safely (many flight delays so was lucky to only have a 15 min delay).
Weekend pottering around at home is in order I feel! Lots of gardening to get done, luckily M loves helping in the garden so that's her entertained!
25/10/2013 at 22:39

God JT, I'm shocked, absolutely shocked tbh.  Listening to the sorts of problems and challenges the kids have in your school really makes you realise a lot about the other side of life. That there seem to be so many in one place is incredible - or am I being naïve here??  No wonder your job-share is struggling ... frankly I'm amazed how calm you always sound. That just must be such a stressful environment - admittedly rewarding when things work out but ... well ...

... and yes, plain rude not to turn up, but as said, a reflection of the care (not) attended upon these poor kids

CM - clever you

Hoggle - lost track of time zones but hope you are back with your family.

Hubby home tomorrow lunchtime (he's been on a course all week and left booking his return flight so late it was too expensive to come home tonight!). Lets hope it not canx.  Think J is really missing him as hasn't seen him for two weeks since J was on PGL camp last weekend.  Which he absolutely LOVED, 'awesome' was about the only word I could get out of him. He's been shattered for rest of week though.

Essentially no running for me this week - have been studying late into the night after kids in bed, knock-on effect being too shattered to get up early to go on treadmill (burning candles at both ends & solo parenting don't mix well!). Also been sleeping REALLY badly too, so it hasn't been pretty!!!  And then I had extra kids for childcare yesterday but they all play well so not too bad but a long day none-the-less.

BUT lovely other friend had S this morning for me so J and I could go and do some orienteering coaching (couple in club getting coaching qualification). So I got two hours in one of our local forests and it was just so good to be out and away from kids for a couple of hours

J off to music workshop tmrw with Youth Ceilidh Band from our local Feis (traditional music classes) in morning and then to Landmark (Adventure Park in Carbridge) in afternoon with the group so he's excited about that. Bit scary though, all these things he's starting to do without me ... my eldest is growing up, lovely to see the growing independence but  too

25/10/2013 at 23:00

Sounds like your kids have had a fab half term cc! Really looking forward to orienteering again

As for the other stuff...

Caro it's hard to say. There are definitely some serious psychological issues going on. Medics are currently in dispute as to what, but he flips, and when he does it's psychotic. He's absolutely tiny, but can pick up a two foot plant pot full of soil and throw it which is no way normal. 

The age is the most distressing bit about it. I hope it's an attention thing tbh as in child puts something round neck, parent reacts, child gets attention. I hope it's that simple. Hopefully the I hate screaming was just a coincidence. I have to hope that or sanity will go out  of the window...

as for the parents, Dad babies him, mum, I can't make out. Some agencies are saying she's a nutter, I find her very plausible and think she's just at the end of her tether. Difficult to say.

Ef - it's mainstream.  School is actually generally fairly easy. However, our usual free school meals indicator (so no snobbery in your last posts, it's used as a measure as it is linked very closely to the level of special needs) is generally less than 20%. Not mega low but not massive either. This class is around 55%. Tells so much. 

hoggle - 16.5 days

As for being calm, I think I have to be. If I took this lot home with me every night I'd go doo lally tap. That said I frequently wake worrying about them... I guess it's like medicine, you have to learn how to switch off to a degree or it would consume your life. However, when a child is in your care you can't fail to take adegree of it home. Probably why you guys are hearing so much about my class here! 

26/10/2013 at 00:24

JT- sadly ur stories sound pretty commonplace going by my teacher 

friends, my running buddy is a head teacher, parent of children I have minded for 

12yrs is a deputy head and my brother's best pal is a teacher. They all work in different 

council areas and all have similar daily examples of kids who live 

in horrendous situations and social services do nothing 

to help these poor kids. I despair listening to them. I had to go to 

yet another child protection course on Thurs night and just seems 

like a monumental waste of time. I have been very lucky, 

all the kids I have minded have had happy homes. Just as well as I have absolutely no faith in the care system doing anything to help kids in abusive homes from what I have heard from teacher friends. 

26/10/2013 at 14:40

Tt - not sure if you know about the Yaseen Ali case? Mother killed him and then set fire to the home? That was my school and an example of social services in Cardiff.  Job's are starting to roll in social services...  They just wouldn't listen. 

26/10/2013 at 21:14

Sadly all too common JT, I try not to blame 

social workers, I think they have a horrible job, 

I tend to believe it is higher up than them.Don't know that for sure 

mind it's just a hunch. But we all know that the outcomes 

for children in care aren't much better than for the kids left 

with neglectful, abusive parents. Until that changes, nothing is going to 

improve. They need a generation of cracking dwn hard 

on those families and removing the kids early so they can 

b adopted and loved young enough for the damage to b undone. The 

cycle of abuse has to b stopped. 


I have a lovely friend who fosters 3 kids who were terribly neglected. 

The 2 eldest were assessed as being 2 when they were 4+5, both had to 

have all their teeth removed. They have bn with her for 3yrs now 

and have completely caught up with their peers, but they 

still remember their parents and how they were neglected.

Their little sis was under a yr old when she was fostered and thankfully suffered 

no ill effects from her neglected babyhood, well none that can 

b easily measured. But disgustingly she was actually separated from her 

siblings for the 1st yr, the intention being to put her up for adoption. Thankfully 

they are all together now.

26/10/2013 at 23:18

Eek lots going on.

Glad you are home hoggle.

Did snowdon mara in my nurse uniform and found it blimmin tough (what mara isnt) so no desire to do it again!! 

27/10/2013 at 01:40
Sorry I had to laugh Camlo - most marathons are on the flat and people find them really tough! You did one up a mountain ........
Awesome work though! I hope your legs are kind to you tomorrow!
27/10/2013 at 09:05

Snowdon marathon is reputed to be tough - well it's got a blooming great hill (or two or three) in it!! Not sure of the route but I know from many years spent in that part of North Wales climbing/walking/scrambling that the climb through from Capel Curig to Llanberis is a bit of a horror!!! So very well done, esp for doing it in a nurses uniform too!!

Yes, agree, social worker is not a job I could aspire too, so tough these days, also with TTs comments about the system.  One of my good friends here is a teacher and she has some shocking things to talk about sometimes, not because she's having a gossip, but just needs to talk it out sometimes to a completely unrelated listener.

Managed to run last night - hurrah. Went along coastal path up to Roseisle Forest, took a map from an old orienteering comp I'd done up there and used it to try and locate various contours etc. Is the most fantastic running terrain for off-road, kind of difficult to describe but lots of pine trees growing out of what look like giant ant hills (hence LOTS of contours to negotiate), ground is firm but covered in loads of pine needles so quite cushiony too!! Was a wee bit creepy running around there at dusk. Took head torch but just about made it back without using it. Nearly got taken out by a crazy collie though - owner clearly wasn't expecting a runner to appear out of the dark and collie wasn't having any of the orders so I got quite a fright.

Rugby training on Lossiemouth Beach for the kids now so best get sorted. Hmmm, may pack wetsuit for me and go for a dip!!

27/10/2013 at 09:23

ooh creepy CC, I find pine forests creepy places in the daylight.

There is one at back of loch I run round and 

it is so dense u can't see anything through 

the darkness, nothing grows in it, I always run 

a bit faster along that bit of path

27/10/2013 at 23:19

Hullooooooo!!! feel as though I've been away for ages!! Moved house a month ago today and only got phone line & internet connected this week just Gone. Before that j couldn't even get 3G on my phone. I had just enough signal to get FB now and again but could never see any comments or post anything ! I could " like " though. 

so I haven't read back yet and can't wait to do so. I had a text exchange with EF  & I think she passed on the news about baby Brookie 2 arriving safely! 6lbs 13 oz in the end so not as much of a teeny tiddler as the doctors feared. Phew ! Elective c section was amazing. So wonderful. - but oh boy, it is easier to recover quickly after even a fairly horrendous natural birth I reckon. Can't imagine ever running again & tummy still a little swollen at nearly 3 weeks post birth. EF - when did you run again?

 Anyway , been missing u all. Will read back now. Sorry not to name check folk but I have no clue what's been happening and just wanted to say hi again first!! 

28/10/2013 at 05:47

Hi Brookie!  3 weeks already!  How are you getting on with the new house and new baby?

hope the recovery is going well, I'm sure it feels like ages but it won't be that long until you are out there again xx

28/10/2013 at 09:47

Hi Brookie and congratulations!  Just take things slowly and you will be back out there running before you know it.

Hello to everyone, I keep reading but not posting - hubby was beside me last night so didn't want to post !  We've been down to Suffolk to my mum's this weekend which was nice though always a bit boring.  The kids had a great time at a farm park nearby on Saturday though - horse and cart rides, barrel bug rides, pony rides, train rides...!  Nicky is shattered though, he didn't sleep either way in the car!  Nap this afternoon I hope...

Must remember to start this 30 day plank challenge...someone remind me please !

Day in today waiting for the boiler man to come, raining outside, going to be an "entertain the kids" day when really I need to get the house sorted for friends coming on Wed!

Anyway enough waffle, apologies for not name checking but I have been reading and thinking of you all.

28/10/2013 at 13:21

Caro - I have a vet question!  The first time I got the milk out of the fridge in front of Sid, he was leaping up mewing his head off and batting it with his paws!  So I gave him some, but now he wants it all the time which I don't let him do, but is it bad to give him any at all?  Also he eats like a horse and goes over the amount recommended on the Hills packet if I let him - should I give him more if he wants it or stick to what it says?  I don't actually know how much he weighs but I'm guessing about 5kg.  Ralph is over 6kg and was much lighter when we got him a a young cat, so I don't want the same thing to happen with Sid!  Thank you 

28/10/2013 at 14:37

No milk ever!  Cats and dogs cannot digest lactose in cows milk.  And stick to the packet.  The average cat weighs 4kg so 5 sounds quite big already!  25-30g twice a day.

28/10/2013 at 17:16

U could get lactose free milk or cat milk (little cartons next to catfood that is also lactose free) if u really 

want to give cat milk. But it is also extra calories.


Start the plank challenge JG

28/10/2013 at 19:05

I didn't know cow's milk was bad for cats. I'm sure it's all we used to give our cats when I was growing up. They lived to ripe old ages too. 

JG - start the plank challenge!


28/10/2013 at 19:07

Just had to collect Os from nursery with high temp, grr. Little bugger is fine, getting into everything here at home. Just given him some calpol but won't be able to take him in tomorrow. What a pain. Could really use some grandparents right now

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