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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/10/2013 at 19:31

Bad luck TTid. Hope Os settles enough to let you get some jobs done. GrandoRents who can help out are a big blessing. Your half term sounded fab CC. And golly, that poor kid JT - but poor u ha ing to cope with that kinda stuff. Hard. 

Havent read back back much yet. Did u all survive the storm?! It was a storm in a tea cup here.....

in terms of the plank challenge - it probably isn't advised 3 weeks post c section right?! could do the squat one tho - where do I find that? 

28/10/2013 at 20:17

Don't do the squat one Brookie!!!  You need to make sure all your abdominal muscles are healed. Uterus and skin recover quickly but muscles take much longer. Glad you're getting there. Not looking forward to s section this time but hey ho.  And definitely nit a ticker for you!  All that stress they gave you too. Tsk. How rude

Tt - I'm with you on the grandparents. Soo tough when no one there. Very frustrating to no nursery when he's fine!

camlo - congrats on Snowdon. You did brilliantly to finish especially given you weren't in kit!

cc - did you get in the water? Crazy lady!

just spent weekend In Barrow. No wind/rain to speak if up there. v thankful storm didn't hit as Nannas island is a mite exposed, next stop Ireland! Kind of sheltered by isle of man but not really! Met up with all family, my poor Aunt who lost her husband at Easter has just discovered her sister has bone cancer. Beyond carp but she's doing really well considering. My cousin (her youngest) is five weeks behind me pregnancy wise so lots to look forward to in new year!

28/10/2013 at 20:50

 to your auntie's sister JT, some people have no luck at all.

Thanks Caro - had a feeling you'd say that!   My mum always gave our cat milk diluted with water once a day and he lived to 16.5, and our vet told us it was ok to give our old cat (who was about 15 at the time and lived to 20) a bit of what he likes at his age so we carried on, but stopped once he died so Ralph didn't get any.

I just opened the fridge though and he literally leaps at the milk carton with both paws!  Very hard to say no to...  I must try and get it on video.  He is such a character but a little b*gger with Ralph - he's like a stereotypical annoying teenager whereas Ralph is more of a middle-aged man who likes his peace and quiet!  They're getting on ok though, once Sid calms down a bit it will be better - Ralph just gives him a clip round the ear every now and then for now .

TT - rubbish that you have to keep him off tomorrow as well, isn't that just for D&V?  It is hard having no childcare help, that's why I don't complain about the in-laws being up here now as at least I can work and we have back-up.  Not sure how things will be once they're not needed for childcare so much anymore though...!

Oh and well done Camlo, fantastic effort!

20sec plank done  thanks for the reminder - I need it!

28/10/2013 at 20:58

JG get on down and start planking!! I may join you....

Brookie - no, no, no planking. Hope you are Ok and enjoying baby cuddles. 

Boo to weather, having no grandparents or other childcare options, poorly rels and fat cats. 

Legs ok but still no desire to enter any other marathon for a considerable time! 


28/10/2013 at 22:55

I need to do the plank challenge too!! Although suspect I will be mortified at how poor I am! Got to start somewhere right?

I'm struggling to get exercise in at the moment - need to do more walking to build strength and stamina before running but it takes ages!! So am going to start walking either the daycare drop-off or collection as many days a week as possible starting with collection today - sun is shining so no excuses!!

Had a lovely long weekend here (bank holiday). Didn't go away but did lots in the garden, bbq at a friends, play on the beach and helped a friend with some landscaping (ie. digging!). Now I REALLY must knuckle down and do some work!!

28/10/2013 at 23:22

ooooh just as well I asked! Ok so no planking or squatting for me for a while then. How long do muscles take to heal then? Hoping to have an appointment at the post natal physio clinic soon which may answer my questions. Golly I sooooo underestimated recovery times after an op. I've never had surgery of any kind before so had no idea really. 

and yes - super well done on snowdon Mara Camlo. Impressed! And loved the outfit as well. That's awful about your aunt JT. Poor lady. 

jg - your cat tales always make me smile. right bed now - please let mini Brookie sleep for at least 4 hours before wanting food! 

29/10/2013 at 10:55

Hey Hoggle, sounds like a lovely weekend. And your post reminded me I'm not the only one who has been on th bench for a while. How is your back at the mo? I guess if we plan on running for the rest of our lives, a few months out whilst our bodies repair themselves is nothing in th scheme of things. 

29/10/2013 at 12:02

Brookie please take it easy!!!! don't go anywhere near planks or the like yet please ... very important to repair bodies properly and not forget that some muscles haven't done as much as they are used to for a while, plus the joys of all that relaxin kicking around your body!!!

From people I know who've had C-sections, their pelvic floor takes less of a trashing so there are some bonuses from major abdominal surgery!!!  I'm sure the post-natal physio clinic will point you in the right direction for starters though, and if not, well plenty of experience on here to help you along

29/10/2013 at 12:13

Hi all,

Brookie, great to hear from you! Did you get much sleep last nigh then?! How are you coping with new baby and new house?! Bet its frustrating not being able to move much. I've not had a c-section but funnily the women I'm friends with who've had them, and had a previous natural, have all preferred the recovery from c-section! Quite surprising I thought, but they're not superfit running mums like you and the others on here.

Did kind of know cats were intolerant to milk but never strictly enforce it when our cat licks leftover cereal from the girls bowls etc (gross aren't we ). Just taken him for his check up and he's back up to 6kg again, after getting down to a healthier 5.5. He IS a big cat though so vet reckons he's only 0.5 overweight, I blame the girls and the nanny who feed him while we're at work, excessive pouring out of biscuits while we usually weigh them!

Your poor aunt JT, and hope the new babies in the new year will lift her spirits! Can't believe the stories about children at your school, I am not much of a softie but can't bear to hear stories of child neglect. Children in need is coming round soon I see so ready for a blubberfest and lots of money being donated.  How is the bump doing?! Ready for mat leave I'm sure. I was due same time as you with Rosie and remember it worked perfectly for me to finish before xmas and not have to go back in after Pretty sure being 37odd weeks at xmas was the reason Rosie ended up weighing a Ib and half more than her sister did

Camlo- awesome marathon as per usual! Loved the pic. You are definitely crazy and not surprised you want a little time off before the next one!

Can't remember last page...

Hoggle - get walking! sounds like a lovely bank hol in the sunshine (while we're all watching garden furniture being blown around).

TT- hope Os ok and not driving you up the wall not being sick enough!

Not sure I'm up for the plank challenge, I do a little bit of plank at bootcamp and thatll do me I reckon. CC- still loving my pilates and have moved up into early intermediate class . first one was last week and my abs were sore the next day! Really good that I'm still going as I'm completely slacked off from physio exercises (as I knew I would) so it keeps me in check. I do a lot of rolling though and the knot in my right itb is always huge...

I did my best ever 10k last Sat, I know I was bragging on fb so you many know . I just cannot believe I sustained it. Never set out that quick and been so near the front. I did slow down considerably in the second 5k and thought I was going to vomit but now I have a sub45min I think I'm done with 10k, too much pressure! However I did notice my first 5k was done in 20:40. Does this mean I have a chance of getting near the elusive sub20 5k? I know 40s is a hell of a lot to knock off though! Saw Caro doing well with her times at parkrun! I definitely will never get first lady at my local parkrun! its the bushy park one and is huge (1000 odd usually) and there are always a couple of teenage girls who do it in 18min or so. My best time last year still only got me 20th lady or so.

Nice 'wind day' off work yesterday! SW trains were hardly running even by lunchtime so I didn't bother trying to go in. The nanny still came over and took the girls out etc so I did feel like I had to do some work from home so I read some papers, wasn't expecting the day at home so had nothing much with me! Hubby spent the day holed up in the spare room on his phone/laptop, appearing regularly to raid the kitchen cupboards! let the

29/10/2013 at 12:14

x-posts CC- yes the working pelvic floor must be a bonus! At bootcamp you can always tell the 'natural labour' mums from the 'c-section' mums when she gets us skipping.... 

29/10/2013 at 12:19

hmm, just noticed it cut my post off before the end there, probably because it was too long! can't remember what I said now anyway

Just popped downstairs for my flu jab, really hurt for some reason - sensitive arms


29/10/2013 at 14:17

hmmm - I got flu jab last year based on asthma, need to check with them this year as they are not listing asthma as a case for having it - do large scale vaccinations in the town hall and advertise it in the local paper. Nearly had forgotten about it. Last year I just pitched up and they weren't sure but did it anyway, think I'll try same approach this year!

Sonja - I'm not sure many people sustain much Pilates outside their classes tbh. I have to really make sure I do some, mainly cos when I am teaching I am doing very little of it myself - mainly instructing and describing and the odd demo if everyone looks REALLY confused which thankfully doesn't happen often!!

Fab effort on the 10km though, know well that feeling of wanting to vomit - only ever get that doing a 10km or less race!!! and yes, definitely able to get that sub-20 min 5km I am sure!

JT - so are you from Barrow originally then? Sorry, can't remember ... hubby is looking at a job prospect in Barrow at the moment, but having been on a course last week down South, everyone has put him off it saying the set-up (within the business) there is like something from the dark ages ... and they say women are prone to bouts of amateur dramatics!!

Ran yesterday morning 4.5 miles round forest, and then managed 7 this morning despite the strong westerly blasting away. Even had some 7mm in there today so I guess the layoff over the holidays probably did me some good ... am contemplating a 10km race in a couple of weeks, just to do a race, have no expectations as speedwork sadly lacking!  Think the dregs of the weird coldy virus thing are abating.

Camlo - hope you are recovering from that cracker of a marathon!!

Have my first sport massage client on Monday - eek. Haven't had a paying client since we moved up here. Soooo, get through Friday exam - have to say have totally had it with revision now and brain is so boggled I'm not sure what is left in there ... then need to get on the case with brushing up some of my massage stuff.

My husband spends his days working from home doing a steady prowl between the fridge and the cupboards, drives me nuts, empties them of all the stuff I have plans for etc!!

29/10/2013 at 20:44

I did wonder if hubby would ever get job offers there giveN who he works for CC!  I'm not from Barrow but mum and dad are as are the rest of the family so know may as well be! It's a funny old place. Can well imagine that the set up is from the dark ages.  My uncle moved about twenty five years ago and has some interesting things to say about the business set up as he's still in the same industry field and has dealings up there. It's a funny old place, I personally wouldn't live there, but there are places close by that I could definitely consider. Mail me if you want any info as I know a fair amount about local schools etc too. Can probably get my uncle to say about the business too!

good luck for exams! And Monday

sonya- yay to the pb. I think there's potential for sub 20 as there must have been a little part of you holding back for the second 5k. And you evidently hit your max until the  second half. Looking forward to having a few weeks paid hols before mat leave starts. Doesn't usually work that way for teachers

Pelvic floor and c sections. Hmmm.   Maybe its because I had two labours before but it's a bit of a c-, could do better! Definitely not completely trashed but not as it was!

jg - we have the opposite with our cat. She will nit drink water provided, and the mire rancid the better. If it's frozen outside she'll choose the loo over her bowl 

Full of gunk again. Bleugh! Spent day with friends at Dyffryn Garddens which was fab. Kids had a ball. It's the friends about to embark on IVF. So hope it works for them as they're fab parents and their son is despairate for a brother or sister. 

29/10/2013 at 22:15

I just pitched up and said I had asthma CC and I got one!  Am now nagging hubby to have one.

Sonya - there is no way I'd get 1st lady at your park run either!  I'll stick to small ones.....but saying that my 2 latest times were all due tpo the 14 yr old girl I was running with.  It turns out that 3 wks ago when she beat me we both got PBs so I guess having an old lady like me running a long side her spurred her on too!  

Eric has hand, foot and mouth. boo.  Hubby is all for just dumping him with the child minder tomorrow dosed up with calpol and not mentioning it, which given that he leaves for work at 6am is going to be what I end up doing.  Then I know I'll get the inevitable text at some point, and hubby will leave work at lunch and go and get him.  Apparently he has some meeting in the morning he cant miss.  Whatever.  I'm not impressed.  Conveniantly he has forgotten our agreement that given I only work 2 days a wk, that he is first port of call on work days for school and childminder.  If I worked fulltime then of course we'd split it 50/50 but as it's only 2 days a wk and I am with the kids the other 3 days, plus I am the only vet in the building and no one else can do my job if I'm not there, unlike his job.  And he then had the cheek to say that if someone employs a woman with young children then they expect that they'll be off from time to time with sick kids.  I told him that was sexist and patronising.  

29/10/2013 at 23:07

Grr I'm with you there Caro!  I think Nicky might have hand, foot and mouth (can't remember if I mentioned it on here!) as he's been complaing of a sore mouth for a few days now and is very tired and off his food (because his mouth hurts).  It does seem to be doing the rounds .  Sophie had it when she was younger and I didn't know it was contagious so didn't keep her off if she seemed well enough  - she only had a couple of blisters between her toes and possibly in her mouth so we didn't know what it was until it was probably too late anyway!  

Definitely your hubby's port of call tomorrow though!

My hubby is looking at jobs, hooray .  His current job is just useless - they really value him and give him all these responsibilites and things, but his pay is very standard and he only gets 20 days holiday after working there for 10 years!!  And one of the partners is a tw*t who constantly criticises his work for the most ridiculous reasons.  One job is in Wath on Dearne so is a bit of a commute from Sheffield but it's at Dearne Valley College (we think - advert is from an agency so no details other than higher education in that area) and is 31 days holiday plus 10 bank hols (?!) and significantly better pay.  So I think maybe the extra commute will be worth it.  Hope he goes for it, he's considering at the moment...

Meant to say yay to the pb Sonya!  Fantastic!

29/10/2013 at 23:08

How was Os today by the way TT?

Also, did anyone else know that 2-3 year olds can have the flu vaccine?  I had no idea!

30/10/2013 at 00:49

Boo to the hand, foot and mouth. Hope all little ones with it/suspected hf&m are all ok. 

Os has been fine all day thanks JG. He's not had a temp since 3:00 yesterday but I had to keep him home. Took him to work and he fell asleep in car on way so I drove my car into our warehouse and left him in his car seat to sleep. He woke up after a while so I fed and played with him then he slept again until about 3:00 so I packed up and left work then. One of the benefits of having your own company I guess. 

Mr TT is in Toronto tonight, back tomorrow so not too long as a single mum this week. 

30/10/2013 at 00:51

Oh yes, welcome back brookie and congratulations. Hope you are settled into your new home now and the wee one is doing well. 

30/10/2013 at 05:44

Hope the poorlies are feeling better, Benedict had a fever over the weekend and he has passed it on to Aidan. A bit annoying as Aidan started an intensive swimming lesson course and has only done 2 days, although Martha does the class before so the teacher has said she can have extra as Aidan ended up in a class on his own as the other little girl he was meant to be swimming was so upset the first day!  Longwinded sentence there!

I hope the rest of us don't get it as we are off to Ross after swimming tomorrow for the end of the hols to look at houses and see grandparents!

30/10/2013 at 05:45

JG, Aidan got sent the flu vac letter just before his 4th birthday so he has had it.  It was a nasal spray not an injection so not too traumatic!

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