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21/05/2015 at 08:47
Thanks Kinsey. Good to know it's not just me. I am also in the dog house with my eldest because I squashed a cockroach! Apparently he liked the cockroach and I was mean to kill it. He was in floods of tears and we had a big row. I pointed out that he and his friends spend the lunch breaks at school torturing ants but apparently that is different because ants can bite you. One of those days when I just want to go back to bed
21/05/2015 at 10:17

Must be tantrum season.  We had 5 separate meltdowns during lunch out last weekend.  But I suppose they were all major traumas in a 3 year old's mind:

"Ok, do you want pasta, a sandwich or sausages for lunch?"

"I don't want sausages!!!"

"Ok, how about pasta?"

"I......DON'T......WANT.......SAUSAGES!!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*

"You don't have to have sausages - what do you want?"


"I......DON'T......WANT.......SAUSAGES!!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*

(repeat ad nauseam)

Eventually ordered pasta.  Sister had fish fingers.  Fish fingers came on a red plate, pasta on yellow.

"I didn't want yellow. I wanted red"   *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream* etc., etc., etc.

"I didn't want water in a cup, I wanted a bottle!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*.....

"I can get my own fork!  I don't want that fork!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*

"I wanted to sit on the red chair.  YOU sit on the brown chair.  DO IT NOW!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*.......


At least she's consistent.....

21/05/2015 at 22:09

Nightmare.... We are just about of of the random tantrum stage but every now and again Archie will still lose it and we almost have to jump out of the way! Why dont restaurants know that coloured plates are a certain cause of arguements! 

Hope results are ok Nessie

Just realised next week is half term but naughty mummy has not booked football and not got childcare for Thurs or fri.....oops. 

21/05/2015 at 22:22

Ooft. We are just entering tantrum time. Gonna be a long road. 

Yesterday at 16:21

Oh Nessie, what a nightmare!  Oscar's latest is 'I do it!'.  I've given up fighting that one as it's usually something he can't do like opening a wrapper on food or reading a book so I just let him try and the next thing is 'mummy help me'.  He's also specializing in the 'I don't want it' about something you give him to eat.  Instead of forcing the matter now I just put it out of his reach and only give it to him when he then decides he DOES want it.  I have a 2 strike rule on that one though, after the 2nd 'I don't want it' it goes for good!  Who knows what I will have resorted to in 2 weeks after 2 whole weeks of parenting alone, I'm sure he'll get away with murder as my nerves and patience wear even thinner!

LOL about the cockroach, nasty great things.  I'm trying so hard not to pass on any of my bug hang-ups to my kids so have to remain all cool when the big suckers walk through and casually scoop them up in the dustpan and throw them outside (rather then standing on a chair and throwing rolled up socks at them while screaming like a baby!).

Yesterday at 17:14

Urgh - could probably not cope very well with cockroaches - ewk!

B is the same when he grumpy - nothing is right and its all wrong and he's going to make sure she all know about it!  Its tiring!

I'm in that phase of thinking he will totally not be prepared for school next September as he really doesn't want to try potty training and is not interested in getting dressed by himself.  I think I also felt like that about Aidan though so I think I'm just doing a bit of advanced worrying as we have 16 months to sort it out!!

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