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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/07/2014 at 22:35

TTid - it is cost of hotel that put me off that idea. Plus fact the only ones I could afford only had buses once an hour thru the night so actually would have still had to get ypup at stupid time to get flight! And driving and parking was much cheaper... Ach well. Be fine :/

10/07/2014 at 22:35

Ypup? iPad! Up!

11/07/2014 at 11:29

CC - what do you carry your iPhone in when you run?  Have resorted to digging out old rowing kit as you can roll keys and phone in the top half which is handy but would prefer something a bit more stable!


11/07/2014 at 12:30

Awesome report. Loved it!! Think I will enter 3x3000, might read some more about it first though!! Think you will showing your heels to me CC after that running! Happy to share a room in B&b or lodge. Not so keen on camping in October. Might be ok I guess??

11/07/2014 at 20:31

Fab race report CC. brings back memories. Can't believe you have never run on a track! I do a track session most weeks. Hate it but love it at the same time! Anyway not sure why I am 'speaking' to you, probably will see you before you have wifi again!!

Feels really weird that CC will be here in the morning!

In the meantime I have the small matter of 18 kids here tonight! How do I get into these things. Sophie has 10 teenage friends camping over tonight. 6 girls plus her and 4 boys. And then my nephew is here and Dylan has a friend over. Did a bbq for tea and thankfully it is a nice night so they are mostly outside.

Did a 20 mile run this morning woo hoo. So glad to get one ticked off. Was tough as warm and I took no water but scrounged so garden taps en route! LEgs a bit weary after 10.5 miles off road yesterday and my Weds night track sesh. Was fairly pleased at that though as speed doesn't seem to have lost too much, managed 6.06 pace for 1.3 mile loop, 1:16 for 400m and 2:53 for 800. Just have to try and not get carried away, already talking myself out of my rest day tomorrow!

Anyway better go and check on kids. Hope you all have good weekends. And I hope this weather lasts so CC sees my beloved island at its best!!

11/07/2014 at 21:01
It's bn 23C on the mainland Lotte, think it going to b a shock going to Shetland and 13C.
11/07/2014 at 21:07

Wow. That's a lot of children! Hope they have fun scaring each other with ghost stories and eating tons and tons of sweets.

Am seriously impressed with the race report.and t he racing. hope the knee is continuing to improve.

Have a fantastic time on the islands. They are definitely on my hit list of p laces "I really want to visit" and the weather is perfect right now. 

Planning a big(ger than I have been doing recently) run for early tomorrow morning. Hopefully soewhere more in the 7 or 8 mile region. Then on a whim i have bought a £20 pop up tent and I am going to camp with te tinies overnight in a local valley beauty spot. OH thinks I want to take his scouting tent bu that has POLES and stuff which doesn't appeal AT all!! Fingers crossed te weather holds. 


11/07/2014 at 21:28

Haha TT I suppose. But 23C I could not cope with, way too hot. Even on our hottest day it wouldn't get ovet 16C. But it beautiful and clear with blue skies and bright sunshine, and no wind which is rare. Still sunny out now at 9.30pm and the there is not a chance of the kids coming in for a while.

Ikkle, well if you ever decide to come up and need a place to stay give me a shout. CC is staying in my BILs holiday cottage, I can get you mates rates!! They don't let it our but do let friends and family use it.

11/07/2014 at 22:54

I would freeze in Shetland!!

12/07/2014 at 08:26

School fayre today, have said I'll help with something non physical, ie not spending hrs setting up or tidying away!  the effort that goes into it by a few people is phenomenal so i really hope we get a good turn out and it stays dry!  For once the SE has the rubbish weather at the mo.

we are going to Pizza express for tea as a treat for M as she also got a really good school report.  Everything that's going on doesn't seem to have affected her at all.  she does seem to have had lots of good things at school lately-on Monday she's going on a trip to a pop up theatre nr St. Paul's that only a very few children have been selected to go on, she passed auditions to get into the yr 1 choir and learn violin during school time (council subsidised lessons) next yr and she won 3 rd prize in the poster comp for the fayre.........much as I'd love to think all these things happened on merit I do wonder whether having a mummy with cancer has played a role!

Question-I have written thank you cards for the 2 surgeons involved in my care and also the amazing breast care nurse, and I bought her a bottle of wine.  that's not weird is it?  I know in my job people give us things and send cards, but I have no idea on the NHS........vixo, camlo, RF?  

Have nice Saturdays everyone.

12/07/2014 at 09:55
Caro - definitely not weird, and will be hugely appreciated. If you can bear it, it would also be great to send an email to the chief exec praising the people who you felt did a good job (even though I know your overall experience wasn't great) as these things really do lift people's days. Well done M, all those things sound amazing!

We've had a good school report here too - I gave Isabelle a pack of pens she's been hankering after for ages and she's delighted!

They have a really odd, completely non-competitive sports day, apart from one running race. They run the heats the week before in school, and only the 6 fastest from each year group (boys and girls) get to run on the day, and they award 1st and 2nd place certificates. It basically seems that roughly the same group of children get to run every year right through their school careers, and most of them never get a chance to compete or win as the rest of the day is all about taking part (bleurgh!). Isabelle is fast, and I suspect will always get a place, but it seems a very odd system, and because everything else is non-competitive, the children who were running and didn't win all seemed to be in tears.

Anyway, Isabelle came second, and got her certificate and seemed very happy with that, although she seems to totally lack any kind of competitive gene - she was smiling and looking around whilst running and didn't seem much focused on the task in hand! I came second in the mum's race, behind one of my very good friends and running buddies - she would have been mightily pissed off at coming second so I think that was a good result!
12/07/2014 at 21:10

I was thinking I would do that Vixo - I'm just going to make sure I really well and truly do not need to go back first!  Surgeon said on Wed he's see me in about 3m so I hope thats true.  Chatting to the amazing nurse, the constraints they are under makes the mind boggle.  There are 2 consultants, and between them they see 80 new patients a wk.  Of those 80, between 8-12 will actually have cancer and so will end up in the system like me, needing surgery.  The consultants are also general surgeons so don't just do breast surgery and also do on call etc.  There is 1 full time breast care nurse who seems to do the job of 3 people.  There is also 1 part time one who I didn't have much to do with, who would like to do full time but they wont increase her hours.  They are begging for another consultant and team but they wont fund one.  

It will be interesting comparing my whipps experience with my barts one.  I don't imagine it will be much better, but from what I've heard the breast area is in a brand new shiny building with everything in the same place, as opposed to whipps where its all over the place.  Plus they have 5 nurses.

M's school doesn't let parents watch sports day which is fine by me.  They posted videos of some of the races last yr on the school website.  I certainly don't think its particularly competitive.

Pizza express was fun, and for once the service was quick so we were in and out in under an hr - pefect.  I saw in the sun for 2 hrs on the gate at the school fayre, selling entrances ad raffle tickets.  We seemed to be raking it in so fingers crossed we made lots of dosh.  I didn't put sun cream on the back of my neck........its v pink!

13/07/2014 at 12:11
Martha's sports day was quite competitive, certificates for the first three in each race. Sprints, obstacle race, dressing up race and one with a ball they did as a team. Each house got points for each result too so there was an overall winning house.
Aidan did the nursery race and Benedict did the toddler race and they got certificates too!
13/07/2014 at 22:53

Well done Ted!

so I ordered a buff which arrived today.  I figured i may as well try one, and assuming I will be running, cycling, taking Eric swimming etc soon then it will be more practical than a long scarf round my head.  It's blue, quite pretty, I put it on in an attempt to embrace the new look which will be enforced upon me soon enough.  I thought it looked fine, didn't make me look like an egg head, showed it to husband who took one look at me and said 'Mystic Meg'. Great!  Thanks hubby dear, love you too.  I should make him shave his head in sympathy.

13/07/2014 at 23:05
Oh Caro, that's not a brilliant response from him. I bet it looks absolutely fine, and I'm sure on reflection he'll wish he had been a little more tactful! A colleague of mine at work has just had chemo and she seems to be embracing the hair-free look, but she only had very short hair to start with, so maybe it's not so much of a difference. I think in this weather you'd have to have something on your head to stop it burning, at the very least!
13/07/2014 at 23:29

Hope you've all had good weekends! Im sure the buff looked fine Caro - most important thing is you are comfortable with it. I guess its a case of getting used to something quite different for both you and hubby (although he could work on his tact in the mean time!).

M had a wonderful weekend! Birthday party on Friday morning with our coffee group - was a bit manic but lots of fun! Then headed down to the farm Fri afternoon. As usual M had a ball down there - she just loves it and adores my Dad so much. They disappear off for hours doing various jobs - who need a fancy party when you can help Grandad light a bonfire! He puts her to bed now (yay!!) and happily reads the longest stories! Matilda and Rose played and shared really well all weekend even with all the new birthday toys etc.

Only downside was hubbys car died on his way home from work on Friday. Looks like a complete engine failure - made even more maddening by spending $270 on a service on Tuesday and putting $100 petrol in it on Friday. We really didn't need to be buying a new car just now especially without a trade-in - SIGH!! Oh well could have happened while we were driving to the farm which would have been much worse!

M decided that now she is a big 3 year old she wanted to ride her balance bike to daycare this morning. Took about 40 mins but she loved it - definitely wont be doing it every day though!!

13/07/2014 at 23:47

Only time for a very quick post as absolutely knackered from my first olympic triathlon today!!! Did good in my age but overall rankings were iffy, hey ho. 

i am sure buff is fine, thankyou cards fab, wine means she can take it home where chocs she would prob feel obliged to open and share at work! 

18 kids - no thanks

car worries - eek! 


13/07/2014 at 23:56
Sure buff looks fab Caro, sports direct and field & trek (actually same company tbh) r fab for cheap buffs.
14/07/2014 at 00:12

Well done Camlo!!


14/07/2014 at 12:16

Well done Camlo! Olympic is tough! Ironman next then?

And well done to Ted JT, love proud mummy moments Leave the housework, far better things to do while little ones sleep (telly, internet, hot coffee).

Haven't been on for a while and don't think I've said well done to CC either! Amazing as always, I am definitely feeling inspired to get into longer distances some day (once all my babies are older!).

Hoggle- cake looked great! Lovely that she enjoys the farm and grandpa so much. Your trips to the farm sound idyllic! Sorry about the car though, never what you need.

Caro- lovely that you're feeling so much better! Guessing sleep has improved too? Did you do ok with both kids on your own? Good idea to try out some headwear now so feel prepared, hubby will get better at commenting too Im sure

I'm not running anymore I generally feel fine but my bump is so huge that it hurts straight away if I break into run. Still doing bootcamps (minus the sprints) and when possible going to gym to use the recumbent bikes but feeling less stressed about keeping it all going now. Eating for more cake too!

Nice weekend with my dad and his wife staying, they did Hampton court flower show Thursday then hung out with us. They were almost helpful and played with the girls more than last time! So generally pleasant time had by all!

House situation heading towards worse case scenario, our buyer for our flat pulled out at last min so we need to start again putting it back on the market. Means we're very likely to lose out on buying where we are now as landlord needed it done this month. Luckily two of the tenants we have in our flat have stayed and are paying us on a week by week basis so at least we're getting some money in to pay our rent at this end! But very good chance we'll be homeless soon. Hubby is dealing with the major stresses while I just try and keep my blood pressure down!

Finally got myself a mum bus on weekend. Ford smax in the end. Really wanted my sliding doors Sharan or Alhambra but finances wouldn't stretch to it so got a secondhand smax. Hubby's beloved merc estate going next week. But he did already appreciate the smax as meant we could all go out plus grandparents at weekend rather than be stuck near home. And its so big we could probably live in it if necessary

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