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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/02/2014 at 22:39

Amuse bush  love it!

B*gger to the boiler, just what you don't need after a nice break and when going back to work.

Just put One Born on series link .

Pip - love your story, made me laugh!  Good on you for carrying on!

Agh my sister is having relationship problems, again.  She's engaged and they've just set a date for 30th August, but she's just told me he's slightly Asperger's which makes sooo much sense as he's getting quite het up about having a big wedding as it's freaking him out.  My sister has every health problem going and is regularly depressed or tired or both so very hard going I imagine.  What a pair .

And my anorexic/self-harming friend from school is back in hospital being tube-fed .  Just don't know what to say really, she's been like this since the age of 15 and is now 35, I just can't see her ever breaking it which is so sad.

Anyway, bed for me and half-term, yippee!  I'm planning on nipping out for a quick 2 miles after Sophie's swimming and before lunch with MIL tomorrow morning...risky but there's no other time to go!  Massive pub lunch today too - being ill is so not good for my waistline!

21/02/2014 at 22:46

I got zapped on my bikini line and under arms. Was a £99 deal on groupon. Didnt work perfectly but am generally presentable and it's a lot less maintenance than before!  Wee trim every couple of months! 

underwear wise I like markies seam free meryl shorts to run in (Under my capris!) I used to wear a string but basically there's no point. I'd still be blocking daylight should my arse get exposed! 

21/02/2014 at 22:48

Mare to Sis and friend jg

cm I hope you get some sleep. 

i now have 3x oil filled radiators.  Mum dug them out the attic. Haven't had to rely on those for heat since I lived in Aberdeen as a student (why I rented a flat with no heating is beyond comprehension). No hot water tho. 

21/02/2014 at 23:06
Zapping sounds fab, although don't reckon it would b possible or desirable ( from a embarrassment point of view ) on the undercarriage part. Not so much bikini line that is problem. But would love to just have all unwanted hair everywhere zapped off permanently. I use epilator on legs and wax underarms, bikini, top lip. But I have waxed for many years so legs/ underarms don't actually need done that often as there is less hair now. But tend to get lazy with legs over winter and the first springtime epilating is not fun.
21/02/2014 at 23:12

Yeah CM,  I'd feel kinda uncomfortable about that too. Especially if your kids haven't even met J & M. Weird. Caro's right about an appropriate approach to this situation and maybe also right about T? I don't know much about him as think it all happened long before I joined thread. It's the bedroom sharing that I thiink

seems a bit weird. But hope it all goes ok. 

Our parkrun cancelled again tomorrow cos of floods (still!) means I will need to haul my ass out on my tod. Never as easy! 

Hope everyone ok. Been a while since some have posted. Thinking of you all! 

21/02/2014 at 23:18

Sorry I didn't refresh page before posting so above is a bit out of sequence. Nightmare about boiler EF. Hope centre arcs was good. Fab story pip! Mad weather here today too. But some amazing rainbows! 

22/02/2014 at 07:48

Has anyone heard of a make of shoe called Rieker?  I am looking for new work shoes  as my ancient merrill ones don't give much support anymore, and after a day like yesterday where I was on my feet all day I really noticed it.  

Ecco, merrill, and dansko all come in around £100 but I found these for £60 so am tempted.  Seems silly to be happy to pay £100 For running shoes that I chuck after 6 months but not for work shoes that I wear for far more many hours!

22/02/2014 at 09:35
I have been howling (quietly!) reading the last few pages! I'm in the no pants category - never seen the point of wearing cotton pants that will get sweaty and wet under technical fibre shorts which are designed to keep you dry and cool. Maybe also because I used to do a lot of cycling and would never wear pants under cycling shorts/tights as way too much chafing potential. I'm also in the trim and epilate camp, although like Tangy, I do have to think twice before taking the children swimming in the winter, and have had a few "oh well, hopefully we won't see anyone I know" moments when I've forgotten!

Thanks for your thoughts pages back. We went on the train so no weather concerns and got to Switzerland without any further mishap in our friends Alhambra. It was amazingly kind of them and we wouldn't have been able to go otherwise, so I'll need to do some wine shopping today and give the car a good clean before giving it back to them! We had a good holiday but Isabelle was really quite poorly and spent 3 days not able to do anything. I had taken the grand total of 2 calpol sachets with us as got rather distracted by the car dramas and forgot my usual check list of essentials, so I spent 3 days crushing up paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets and trying to get her to take them mixed with various things in order to get her temperature down - I'm sure I will now overpack children's medicines forever now! Anyway, she had 3 days of skiing and one lesson and enjoyed what she did, which is the main thing, and husband and I had a couple of days of sunny mountain time which was fab - we were sorely in need of a bit of relaxation and time together.

But wow, skiing is expensive, ,and if we didn't have somewhere to stay there's no way we'd go. I think we will have to have a serious conversation about whether it's something we want to keep doing, as with kit - either buying or hiring - for 3 of them, plus lessons and lift passes, it's a major major financial committment. Jury's out at the moment, but there were lots of very posh people in verbier when we skied over there for the day - hooray Henry's out in force!

EF - hope your return to work isn't too awful. I think the waiting is in some ways worse than the reality, and you'll slot back into it ok, but I know that going back part time is definitely easier than when I was full time so I empathise hugely. Hope you're not too cold - do you have an immersion heater for water?

Right, must go and sort out the house, which is utterly trashed - bags opened and stuff everywhere! Isabelle is at her swimming lesson and then they're going down to see what's happening with our car which has been at the garage while we've been away, so I had better make it look as thought I've been doing something useful!
22/02/2014 at 09:41
Caro - have you thought about going the other way with shoes? I have some merrell barefoot type shoes which I now wear for work and my feet are more comfortable than they've ever been, and I'm pretty much on my feet for 12 hours at work.

Someone asked about cars - Sonya? We love our Alhambra (I think the current problems are a computer glitch rather than an issue with the actual car) and would definitely recommend one. If you want 3 full size seats, which I'd definitely recommend with 3 small children, you're quite limited. My husband did all the looking as I'm not really too bothered about specifics as long as it does want we need, but I know he considered the vw sharan, the Alhambra and the s max. He discounted the ford as too expensive, and went backwards and forwards between the other 2 but eventually decided that the Alhambra was much better value for money and had some better features. Whatever you get I would say that sliding doors are an absolute revelation, and I would never go back to a family car without them - a huge plus when you're loading and unloading multiple small people!
22/02/2014 at 12:49
All my running pants are microfibre not cotton so they aren't as bad as cotton and they were comfortable and chafe free until the last 6 months. But I am guilty of chucking them in tumble drier which shouldn't really do with lycra, so think I just need to get some new ones. CM thanks for very kind offer of posting primark pants but it's just pure laziness on my part not to go get them myself. In fact my Mum lives in bannockburn which is very close to Stirling so it's not that much of a detour to go on a day I am at her house. Will try next wks long run knickerless but will do some 'gardening' 1st and if that doesn't work will see if can get new pants
22/02/2014 at 12:51
The one bonus of being a glasses wearer is that u can't see how hairy u r when u go swimming
22/02/2014 at 13:38

Can't be fixed til Monday now as needs parts. No immersion so no hot water. Luckily we do have an electric shower downstairs so used it today for the first time ever! Can't bath the kids and can't wash up! 

22/02/2014 at 13:39

I get round the swimming in winter problem by wearing a tankini with shorts! 

22/02/2014 at 13:46

Kettle for the washing up.........but PIA EF!!  And really bad timing.

Glad you are back in one piece Vixo.  I would love to ski but know what you mean about the prices.  Thats why I've done most of my skiing in Eastern Europe!  Although have been to Val Disere once and really loved it.

Thanks for shoe advice.  I do feel I need some decent cushioning between me and the ground though, esp after my recent scare with plantar fasciitis.  Have found this website called zalando which has tonnes of shoes and offers free delivery and return, so I might buy a few then send back the ones I dont want.  Still less time consuming than actually going shopping!

So I ran 12.5 miles this morning.......and foot and shin feel fine........quads are rather trashed but at least I can cope with that.  So still not discounting my 1/2 which is 2 wks tomorrow.     we shall see!

22/02/2014 at 16:26

Carovet - I am in Tooting, SW17.  We keep talking about moving but it never seems to happen.  We have to face the roller coaster of school applications next Jan and most of the schools around here are pretty bad, so it may happen then.  One massive issue I have is that my husbands expectations are WAY beyond the budget.  I might have to get Phil and Kirsty in to give him a reality check as I don't seem to be able to.

I might have to test out some of these running pants when I get back to it.  They sound like a good idea.

Massive thumbs down to broken boilers and friends with issues, and being in pain.

Carovet - which half are you down to do?  I guess if your shin and foot feel ok after 12.5 today you should be ok?  Maybe give it a few days and see how they are.  Do you have much planned of the rest of the year?

22/02/2014 at 18:01

You are about as far away as you could be from us and still be in London.  We are in S Woodford on the London/Essex border in NE London.  Luckily for us the schools are good, and more importantly we got into one!  Now it's only secondary schools to worry about........

I am always amazed when I watch Location Location how expensive property is in other parts of London.  I look at people prepared to spend twice what we paid for our 3 (now 4) bedroom house on a 2 bedroom flat with no garden just because they want to live in Hampstead, Wimbledon, Chiswick etc etc.

I am hoping to do Roding Valley half.  It starts 1 mile from home, and is run on roads I run all the time so I know the route like the back of my hand.  It is 2 laps and very hilly!  You can enter on the day so I don't need to make up my mind yet.

Just walked 3 miles, and legs feel fine.

22/02/2014 at 19:15

My friend is in tooting Pip. She has two little ones. Her name is Sarah Fisher (tho actually i suspect she probably still calls herself Hardy!) she has mairi and Isobel. She's not a runner however. You never know though, you might know her thru nursery or sth. She says the same re the schools 

22/02/2014 at 20:08

Glad the holiday went well Vixo, though boo to poor Isabel being ill.

I've never been zapped...I used to use the hair removal cream on my bikini line but since I had kids I just don't have 15 mins to wait around and apply/remove the cream, so I've got a bikini razor (Gillette I think) which does the job if you don't look too closely, and I can do it in the shower!  Legs needed shaving today but no time as I squeezed in a 2 mile jog before going out for lunch with MIL - felt a bit chesty still and head didn't feel brilliant, but I managed.  Just tried out my foam roller for the first time .

CM- meant to say, it is weird for people to share a room with your daughter who you've never met and, more weirdly, that E's never met.  I would never expect my kids to do that - they'd hate it!  

Lunch out was nice but I'm TOTM and MIL always gets on my nerves at this time of the month!  Sophie was trying to fish a piece of lime out of her glass of water, so MIL stuck a fork in which had fish on, leaving fish floating in S's water!   I commented and she said "if you hadn't said anything she'd never have noticed" Grr !  Anyway, just me being grumpy probably !

Lovely sunshine today though still cold and windy.  I even walked to the shop just to enjoy it a bit more as we spent the afternoon stuck in a pub with very slow service!

22/02/2014 at 22:10

Oh yuck to fish in sophie's water

havent found out how E's "sleepover" went but T did say she had thrown up in her bedroom doorway this morning. Hahaha. Not haha to the spew (poor lamb) but haha to the sleepover guests having to step over it. Was just a random spew apparently. She has been fine all day. 

22/02/2014 at 22:54

More of a mwahaha I would say CM 

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