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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/07/2014 at 11:07

raining here too..... JT if there was a decent play barn or indoor thing I would come up to Aber but dont fancy walking along the front in this. 

Glad CM got off ok, hope you get to have a break too Caro.

Black clouds have descended big style over the last few days, think i am tired and work has been usual crappy (boss refused to let me go to a meeting in London which would have been a feather in my cap, and then when i offered to use annual leave said she didnt think that was allowed (which was rubbish)). Big fall out with Archie yest who was also tired and crabby and managed to pull the kitchen cupboard door off while i was trying to put him on the naughty step! 

19/07/2014 at 18:18


Am still sweltering here. We went to a local 'country' show here this afternoon and I am sticky and hot. Did my first park run this morning in over 1.5 years and managed a 27m40. It was a 25 sec negative spilt as it was congested on the first lap but I was pleased. My pb is just over 25 so a way to go but a good start. 

Fitflop - welcome. I ddidn't run when pregnant either time. The first pregnancy I tried and I felt awful and I was injured in the second. I would say don't go too hard or get too hot. Listen to your body and people who don't run will probably tell you not to as they think you shouldn't do anything whilst pregnant! I swam with a club and did body pump during pregnancy and my fitness is coming back. I had a c section in mid March and I did my first triathlon about three weeks ago. I am with Jane that it does come back quite quickly. Oh my physio told me that its important to keep strength up as that takes longer to get back than cv. 

Baby crying so best go, sorry wanted to do more replies. Caro hope you make some progress with dates so you can get away.

19/07/2014 at 21:07

hey flipflop - congratulations on number 3! how very exciting! I think I ran til about 5 months ish with both my bumps - which pretty much coincided with the winter and icy/slippy running. i kept up the distances (was training for half marathons in the first trimester with the Girl) for most of that time but after one cross country run in the driving snow and mud underfoot i had to ask myself what i was actually gaining from doing it. not just cos i was 20+ weeks pregnant but just in general i wanted to maintain my feeling of fitness but wasn't out to improve it so i didn't do anything that took me far out of a comfort zone.

Pip - i am so jealous - there are no park runs local to me and they sound ace. that's a good time to get and it sounds like you feel quite confident that you can improve on it.

Camlo - hope you have had a good day today and clouds are lifting a wee bit.

Did a 9 1/2 mile hilly run this morning. no idea of time - but it was probably about 1.25 (ish?). I felt like we had gone a lot further - i was pretty whoomphed out depite a porridge breakfast- and i was a bit when i mapped it out on the computer when i got home. ho hum. all builds stamina and character. probably.

here's a question. if you had £20 of JD sports vouchers what would you spend them on?


19/07/2014 at 21:35

IG - I would put it towards a garmin or similar (if they do them) so you know how far and fast you have gone! Seriously I blummin love mine...

20/07/2014 at 19:21
Thanks so much for all your advice ladies. I am going to listen to your wise words and cut out the speedwork. I struggle to run in this heat anyway so glad to Have an excuse!! Just going to run slow and easy a few times a week for as long as I can.

IG I's also say a Garmin. I love mine too
20/07/2014 at 20:03
Do JD sports sell garmins? I thought it was more of an Adidas track-suit kind of a 'sports' shop!!
20/07/2014 at 21:32
Only thing I have ever bought in JD is converse shoes
20/07/2014 at 23:20

Must have been a busy weekend for everyone as its been quiet on here! Hope CM is enjoying Bulgaria!
COngratulations flipflop. I'm 20 weeks preg and def not running at the moment as was out due to an injury before getting pregnant so can't advise but I know some others on here ran for a long time. Sounds like cutting speedwork is a good idea though.

Caro I hope you get some information soon - nothing like limbo to make you feel like a number in a  big system rather than a person.

We had a nice weekend away in Rotorua. I had 2 events to go to for work so took the family along as it meant free accom and petrol! Good to get away somewhere for a few days and Matilda enjoyed herself. 20 week scan today, finger crossed!


21/07/2014 at 00:08

I am here!! Managed a 13 mile run earlier but it was very hilly, very sticky and not particularly fast but at least it was time on legs which i need. Jumped in the river after to cool the legs but they still feel sore.

Good luck for the scan Hoggle. 

IG if they do a garmin then fab but otherwise i would stock up on basics like socks, swimming stuff or footballs. 

Tom just been in crying because his nose is sore from rubbing it while he sucks his thumb.... Another reason for him to stop then! Grrrrr. 


21/07/2014 at 07:41

Good luck with the scan Hoggle.


21/07/2014 at 12:39

good luck with scan hoggle! Loving the snow pics!

Welcome and congrats to flipflop! I'm nearly 8months pregnant with no.3, did continue running but had to shorten distances due to pelvic girdle pain, I'm now just feeling too heavy (and hot!) so only doing a bit of bootcamp for core strength, although still intending to go swimming..!

I have been confirmed as big by the midwife, but not enough to worry them (except worries me who doesn't think my stomach can stretch any further!) and very frustratingly she thinks baby is breech. I think shes right as baby feels v different from last time. So I'm booked in for a scan in a week to have a look. Fingers crossed it has moved as last thing we need right now is a c-section. House buying/selling still all up in the air...

Enjoying being in my air conditioned lab today, was getting mighty hot down in surrey last week! I was very grumpy with the girls on several occasions just because I was too hot, and had my first experience of hugely swollen feet/legs! Not that I had time to rest them, especially with hubby at the cricket all yesterday too. Anyway, not moaning really as I do love the hotter weather!

Pip - well done on park run! Was it the Lambeth 'county' show?! I remember it well Was down your way meeting old nct friends in wimb park. Went to the water park bit and of course it was chaos, really struggled to keep track of the girls. Think it was you asking about mortgages and mat leave? New regs mean everything is much harder but if you're already got a return date set and then will have full pay it shouldn't be a problem, will probably involve extra phone calls. We pushed our recent mortgage app through just before I had officially told the uni I was pregnant. Bit cheeky but saved a lot of hassle (although was still a huge palaver about my fixed term contract - like they had never heard of one before?!).

Camlo- wow to 13miles! In what I assume was hot conditions! Hoped it helped with the black clouds.

Ikkle- well done to you too, nothing to be sad about surely. Can't wait to say I've done a run of even one mile again!

Caro - hope things are getting sorted by now. Must be so, so frustrating not to be able to make plans. Well done on the bike rides though

Right, best go do some work while I'm still being paid Have to take yet another day off this week (for Rosie's peanut challenge- hours of sitting in hospital with a 21/2 yr old - joy), so that makes it only 8 days left til I leave for ever. eek!

21/07/2014 at 16:48

Gosh I didn't know Rosie had nut issues.  What a pain! I was just saying to a friend today how convenient peanut butter is for Eric's lunch.

So first thing this morning I texted my nurse to let her know how pissed off, stressed etc I was about lack of communication, not keeping me informed about when I should be seeing an oncologist.  I said if I didnt hear from Barts within a few hrs I would be contacting PALS (the complaints people)  So by 11.45 I'd heart nothing so phoned PALS with a no I had on the reply they'd sent to my original complaints letter.  I spoke to a very helpful lady who said she's look into it and call me back.  Meanwhile I heard back from nurse Nicky who had spoken to the general manager who was going to escalate it directly to the oncologist as there was still no appt for me on the system.  Then I heard back from PALS lady who told me the name of the consultant I'd be seeing and said she would be in touch with his secretary.  Then I heard back from the nurse who had spoken to the secretary and she was waiting for permission to overbook the clinic as all clinics were full this wk due to annual leave.  And then finally, about 1/2 hr ago I had a text from the secretary telling me I had an appt on Friday afternoon.  Don't know what time yet, but at least I am in the door!  It was really stressing me out as today is 28 days after my 2nd surgery and 53 days after my 1st, and according to NICE guidelines I should start chemo within 31 days of surgery, which os this Thurs!  

Anyway......I am slightly less stressed than I was this morning.  And we might get to go to Wales JT........what are your plans next week ?

21/07/2014 at 18:46

Blummin heck Caro, you've got enough going on without all this.  Well done for getting yourself heard.

Sonya, hope you are ok.  Personally I was chuffed to be given an emergency c section but i guess recovery with 2 kids, not driving and all the moving stuff going on would make it hard.

Just waiting for hb to come home so i can go to swim club. My lower back is feeling a little dodgy.  I remember this when marathon training a year after i had Georgia.  I am trying hard to do my core exercises but suspect i might (!) be overdoing things.  Anyway i will stretch, see a physio and plough on.  I have another sprint tri on sunday.

21/07/2014 at 23:12

Scan was all fine and everything within normal ranges - phew! Matilda was somewhat put out that the very confident prediction of a boy by the 12 week sonographer in fact proved wrong and yesterdays sonographer was very very confident we are expecting another girl! Not sure why they bother to tell you things at the 12 week scan when the chance of being wrong is so high (she said she'd put money on it!). Taking a little bit to get my head round it but really just happy that all looks healthy and as it should!

Had to laugh Sonya at you losing your temper with the girls in the heat, I did the same this morning but because of the cold! Trying to defrost a windscreen that kept re-freezing while M shrieked from the back that she needed gloves all while being late for midwife appointment - grrrr! Good news is hubby bought a new car (well truck I guess - not sure anyone will know what a Toyota surf is) last night for a reasonable price. This juggling 1 vehicle is already driving me mad so can't wait until he picks it up!!

Peanut testing doesn't sound fun Sonya. My sis has to do the same with her daughter soon with egg testing. Are they hoping she's grown out of it?

Caro I am glad you have kicked ass and got an appointment - it shouldn't have to be like this huh!!! I hope the week goes quickly and you are able to get away before chemo starts.

Camlo was it you who casually throws in comments about a 13 mile run - you are so understated in your running - youre awesome!!

Anyway very very sunny and cold here so hoping to get up the mountain to play in the snow tomorrow. Can't today as ferrying hubby around grrrr!


22/07/2014 at 17:26

Hoggle, great news about your scan being all good.  Hope you enjoy your tramp around in the snow tomorrow.  Quite envious!  Yay to husband's new truck, that'll make life easier.  Has he found some regular work yet?  We needed a welder, wish you were closer!

Sonya, that's a worry about Rosie and peanuts.  Hope all goes well.  So are you giving up work forever when number 3 is born?  Woo hoo!  Wish I could.....

Still wibbling terribly about having my tubes tied after this one born.  My head says 'yes, are you crazy lady?' but my heart says 'do I have to?'.  Welled up in the doc's office when asking her about it so she handed me a tissue and some information about other forms of birth control.  Really don't like the look of the little devices they insert though, they look nasty!  Really should do it as I'm 44 now, shouldn't be even thinking about more babies...

Caro, glad you are getting some progress with hospital, hope things work out so that you get to go away.  It sounds as though your husband's work must be being quite flexible.  Hope he's not got any more trips to HK in the pipeline.

House being painted inside now and we have chosen all of the tile for floors and bathrooms.  Still loads to  be done until it's complete but am starting to feel it might actually happen now sometime this side of Christmas!  Won't be in before baby but that's OK.

How old is Tom Camlo?  Max still sucking his thumb and really starting to see it in his front teeth.  When we remember we put a plaster on his thumb in the morning to stop him sucking it at school but he still chomps away on it in bed and in the evening.  Would really love him to stop but I know I was older than 4 when I still sucked mine.

22/07/2014 at 19:19

How about hubby getting the snip TT?  That seems to be the norm here- we do most of the painful bits after all!

glad news good Hoggle.  Now you'll get a big surprise when he/ she is born!  Matildas sex was acuaretely determined at the 12 wk scan, but the person did say don't go and buy everything pink!

so no appt time.....but at least I have a text telling me they are making arrangements for me to have an appt, with the secretary's tel no, so she will be getting a call tomorrow.

made a private physio appt for thurs to have my arm looked at as have heard nothing from NHS, and can get £250 physio per yr thru work so may as well.

matilda is 6 tomorrow!!

22/07/2014 at 19:22

Thanks ladies, glad to see you appreciate how unusual it is for me to do any long runs!! Training for a sept mara so need to get my arse in gear! 

TT - Tom is 7 and his upper jaw is very narrowed with a huge overbite now. I am officially designing a device now to 1) solve the problem and 2) make me rich. I use a mitten with the hand part cut off so just the thumb and a wristband really, he does pull it off when asleep but at least he is settling without the thumb when we remember. 

Boo to car troubles and cold weather (only for you Hoggle), bad back (take it easy Pip), completing family / wanting the option of another (TT) and allergy tests

Yippee to getting appt Caro and your fab cycling, healthy scan Hoggle, finishing nursery and schools for the summer and of course more glorious weather! 


22/07/2014 at 20:42

hello, well I'm on a PC for once and I don't know where to start to comment on everything that's happened when I've been away.  Lots of amazing running been going on.  The race reports are awesome.  saw Minks had a great result this weekend too.

Caro - very relieved you are in the door now.  I was explaining your predicament with all this to a pregnant running friend  who was stressing about the incompetence of the system herself.  She's been told to get a growth scan asap but "there was no one in who could make appointments".  She saw her midwife last Thurs, tried to make the appointment herself on Friday, finally got an appointment made on Monday afternoon and will have the scan on Thursday.  That takes her to 38 weeks.  It's only a week but when they say asap and in terms of pregnancy there's a definite end point she figured that seemed a long time!

Hoggle glad all well with scan even if the gender change is a shock!  Though I'm sure I was told that if they say boy then that's usually right because you have to see something to think boy whereas if you see nothing and say girl it might be because "it" was tucked away!  LOL I'd be wangling another scan somehow!

Happy birthday to Matilda for tomorrow.

hello to Flipflop and Pip you take it easy - no hurry!

Sonya and TT glad you are both doing OK as pregnant ladies.  I confess that on Sunday night I did have a little thought of "what if we just didn't bother using anything" - given my history it is theoretically unlikely to mean anything anyway and then the sensible head went NOOOOOOOOOO!!  But I had another twinge on Monday when I met said pregnant friend.  I don't really want a third but I'd like to keep Fraser little for a bit longer.  Can't believe he's 1!

Holiday was awesome. Have already booked to go back - well I've reserved the accommodation pending confirmation of flight dates and will book flights asap in October.  We did nothing.  Like NOTHING.  Beach, back to apartment for sandwich, slump on balcony reading for an hour or so til fractionally less hot, back to beach, home for showers all round then feed Fraser and out for tea for the rest of us afterwards and he simply partook of anything he saw that he fancied.  Tuna steak went down well.  Complete with mango and ginger and lime!

22/07/2014 at 20:50

Didn't know about Rosie and peanuts either- that's a mare.  Hope it's just mild if at all.

Oh and Sonya I know a c section sounds inconvenient but remember (a) you'll know a precise day (b) you can go to the dr earlier than 6 weeks and get the OK to drive again and (c) I still say that having done both I'd take a section any day.  Not that I am, ever again, comments above notwithstanding.

Am feeling a bit blobby at the mo - not been eating well - just the whole hospital, death, funeral, now house sorting and executry dealing combined with holiday and general lethargy.  Need to sort myself out as did so well but can feel the slippery slope.  Got the Glasgow half in October theoretically so need to start training for that anyway.

Was thinking about Brookie the other day?  ARe you there Brookie?  Are you OK?

My mum is doing almost all my childcare for Louise these holidays and she's gone and got cited for jury duty.  FFS!  She'd better not get picked.

Commonwealth Games starts tomorrow.  I'm already totally over the travel - though tonight's mare was caused by Celtic playing Champions League and this morning's chaos was due to a body on the line- never good - but it's going to go a bit mental and my commute is 2h each way as it is.  But I'm seriously excited about seeing Mo on Sunday and looking forward to the badminton too.  The opening ceremony I'm not sure I am going to like.  Apparently there's Subo and Scottie Dogs.  Jeez that's just the image we like to project of Scotland. Tho goodness knows that's better than the ruddy irn bru gaudiness of the athlete's parade uniform!

22/07/2014 at 20:50

Tea's ready, might pop back later.  Got to order thank you cards for both kids for their birthday presents so suspect that in a moment of frustration I may end up leaving the site.....

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