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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/07/2014 at 20:51

oh and CC and Lotte, your meet ups looked FAB!

22/07/2014 at 21:21

Have fun EF!  I applied for loads of games tickets and got none - must have been fate.......

22/07/2014 at 22:58

I got none either Caro but out of sheer determination I got the badminton on the third wave then we've had loads of folk from down South at work emailing trying to sell their extras so I picked up Sunday afternoon athletics that way. 

22/07/2014 at 22:59

lol to alcoholism JT.  I'm fancying a wee vino myself right now. HATE creating things online.

23/07/2014 at 02:29

Off up the mountain again shortly - beautiful sunny day so should be fun! Tons of things I should be doing at home plus work but sod it all. Feeling like on a major hamster wheel at the moment so I'm getting off to play in the snow!



23/07/2014 at 02:53

Haha, have fun Hoggle. 

Caro, happy birthday to M. She looked beautiful in the photo you posted at the weekend out for her birthday dinner. 

JT, I'm impressed that you are braving all 3 in a caravan on your own. You give me hope that I can cope when number 3 born!  To hell with what people think, have yourself a nice glass of wine!

EF, hope the traffic is not too painful this week.

23/07/2014 at 21:28

Hope M had a nice b day.  She certainly likes her bike, and had lots of other nice presents.  Lucky girl.  I ate cake for breakfast and at her party and felt so odd early afternoon as I am just not used to eating that much sugar!  Had to have a large bowl of salad to make me feel normal again!

spoke to the consultant's secretary today and got a time for my appt on Friday. I asked when I might start chemo and she said it could be as early as which case we won't be going to Wales.  But I have to pack tomorrow and take the cat to work on Friday just in case, because if we do go it'll be sat morning.  And then if we don't go I'll get the cat back and unpack again!

the consultant medical oncologist I'm seeing certainly looks like she knows her stuff.  Her credentials look very good, her specialist field is genetic research of breast cancer, 


23/07/2014 at 21:30

She teaches at one of the large London medical schools, so I think I'm in good hand anyway.

booked a physio appt tomorrow as don't appear to be hearing anything from NHS physio, and I can claim up to £250 per yr in physio treatment back through work so thought I may as well.  My arm is a lot better than it was but its not normal.

23/07/2014 at 22:29

Great that you have an appointment time Caro and the Dr sounds excellent - always reassuring to know that you are seeing an expert! Yikes to potential chemo on Monday though! I really hope you get your holiday in first. Looks like Matilda had a fab birthday - I want that strawberry cake so much right now!!! ALso good that you are sorting your own physio - no offence to NHS physios but you'll get more specific treatment faster I'd say. I had a physio appt at the hospital the other day (referral from midwife) as am worried that my back might cause problems from surgery last year and carrying extra weight - it was worse than useless!!! I'm going to pay to see my own physio - will need half as many appts and get useful help!

Had a lovely afternoon up the mountain. We are so lucky to have it in our backyard (25 mins drive to the snow). Matilda is a real explorer up there and kept disappearing off down banks etc which was slightly unnerving but also cool that shes so interested and enjoys it so much!

Sounds like the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony is a bit cheesy? I don't have Sky so will have to watch some highlights tonight. We have gymnasts competing (supported by my organisation) and everyone at work is v excited - I am keeping quiet as don't need colleagues to know quite how indifferent I am to our sport!! Don't get me wrong I love my job but the actual sport of gymnastics does not excite me!!


23/07/2014 at 23:15

It has improved hoggle. It was flipping awful to start with. Mortifying. But it has definitely improved.   I actually really like gymnastics. Artistic anyway. 

23/07/2014 at 23:25

I really need it to finish so I can go to bed. 

24/07/2014 at 00:50
I love watching gymnastics, little 7 yr old girl I mind is gymnastics mad, always doing the splits and bending backwards into crab and then flipping her legs over like it's easy.
24/07/2014 at 06:58

I can't imagine what you mean EF-didn't you enjoy John barrowman singing at high volume abut how much he loved Scotland whilst wearing really bad tartan with a fake Scottish accent?!  I wonder how much of it was an Alex Salmond plug for independence.......

24/07/2014 at 07:44

It was what's her face Dunbar combined with John barrowman. Aaaaargh. 

24/07/2014 at 07:49

It was so mega cheesy was almost good though! Rod Stewart really has lost his voice hasn't he.

caro- great to hear you're getting somewhere with the nhs system! Obviously shame if holiday put on hold. Pictures of Matilda's birthday look lovely, agree that strawberry cake looked scrummy!

hoggle - good news about the scan even if sex has changed! What is your due date? Loving all your talk and photos of snow! Still very humid and hot down in southeast England but other than swollen feet I'm loving it! Better than a wet summer any day

thanks for reassurance over c-sections. JT , forgot you had a breech third time round, so you survived having three kids and being post section? I'm so concerned about not being able to do much, lift baby etc, and having to get relatives to stay!! And turbotid forgot you're soon to have a section too! Scan not til next week so will wait and see but hubby is very against me asking for a breech birth so I may not have many options. don't want to try the external turning thing but considering moxibustion if anyone tried it?!

i would be the same about tube tying turbo, don't think it matters what age or how many kids you have it is a big decision. 

House selling etc still in limbo. Possible that landlord will remortgage this place and let us stay on renting. If he does then we could just stop trying to sell our flat and keep renting it tout. Does mean we lose all the money we've put into trying to sell flat and are back to where we were, ie. in a house we don't like much with the hassle of renting a flat and paying huge tax bills, but is better than having to move. I have seen a house to rent just up the road though which Im going to look at today. Could squeeze in a quick move before baby comes....

have a nice day all! 

24/07/2014 at 10:47

Sonya, that does sound so stressful.  I only have the one child so can't comment on what it's like to have to look after other littlies post-section, but I found recovery from my section absolutely fine (undiagnosed breech, so technically emergency but baby wasn't in distress so it was all quite calm).  I definitely drove before 6 weeks and also had no choice but to lift the carrycot in and out of the car, on and off the pram base etc. within the first 2-3 weeks and was fine.  I went for my first run 5 weeks post-op with no ill effects.

Caro, cannot believe the hassle you're having trying to get your chemo sorted out.  Well done for being bloody-minded enough to keep hassling - sadly it's the only way to make sure you're heard.  The consultant sounds good though - nice to know you should be in safe hands.  Do hope you get to go away for a break though, you must need one by now.  Loved the photos of Matilda - so grown up.

Commonwealth Games opening ceremony: don't get me started!  It was so bad.  Ghastly.  The Scottie dogs were super-cute but that was about it!  I didn't approve of using the ceremony as a charity drive for UNICEF either.  Much as I admire their work, this is the opening ceremony of a major sporting event, not Children in Need.

We're off on hols on Saturday and I cannot wait.  A week in Pembrokeshire (really hoping the heatwave lasts!) and then a week with the in-laws ... mixed feelings about that part as hubby has already told me he plans to help his dad with lots of tasks in the house/garden that he can't really manage on his own.  Fair enough, but I don't want to end up hanging around their house for the whole week - it's my holiday as well!  Kit will be happy as they've recently acquired a border collie pup who he can't wait to play with - we may have a hard time getting him home afterwards!

Did the Harlow 10 on Sunday - boy, was it humid!  You can enter on the day so I hadn't bothered to pre-register and on Saturday evening I was pretty sure I wasn't going to bother given the heat and humidity.  Got up early Sunday planning just to run, then decided that as the race is so close to home it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn't do it, but decided to just take it steady and not kill myself.  Set off at a fast but comfortable pace from the start and felt the benefit of that decision very early on as I started overtaking all those who'd sprinted away at the gun.  It was a challenging course - no major hills, but undulating and a few sections offroad on tracks which were uneven and incredibly hot, with hedges either side blocking any kind of air flow.  There was a particularly nasty incline at about 6 miles which someone at the start had pre-warned me about, so I'd made sure I had conserved energy for it.  It wasn't especially steep but went on for at least 2/3 of a mile - the water station at the top was very welcome and I clocked my slowest mile of the race here as I walked through to drink properly.  As the race progressed I noticed I was passing more and more women and then there was a nice track finish at the end.  Decided to wait around for the results and was amazed to discover that despite being 3.5 minutes slower than my PB I'd managed to win 1st FV45!  So then hung around for the prizegiving and was presented with a nice trophy.  This getting older thing does seem to have some advantages!

Edited: 24/07/2014 at 10:51
24/07/2014 at 14:09

Sitting in docs at moment in comfy chair with feet up doing non stress testing. Haven't sat and relaxed this long for ages!  ;-). No contractions yet though so may be some time!

Sonya, hope house works out in the least stressful way possible for you. 

Hoggle, meant to say, bit of a shock about your baby boy turning into a girl!!  Both of our boy predictions turned out accurate, Os was around 12 weeks I think. I'm happy with either but do think it would be interesting to see what our genes produce for a girl!

24/07/2014 at 14:31

Turbotid- forgot to say, a good friend of mine has two young boys and just gave birth last night to no.3 - a baby girl! Think she's in shock! So it is possible to have a different sex after two the same! (still think I'm having a girl though)

and Rosie passed her peanut challenge yesterday! 4 hours well spent in hospital, wasn't too bad as all she had to do was eat the peanut cookies I'd made (dr provided recipe, they're really yummy!) and then be monitored for 3 hrs. Lots to play with so was ok and well worth it to have no reaction at all. She had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch today! Girl loves the stuff! Don't know what the reaction was about last year then... she is a very rashy child do maybe was unrelated or she's grown out of it.

right, back to watching brave with Maggie. Tired after a sweaty morning at Wisley where I was made to play tag with my two for quite some time! Needed our giant ice creams after that!

24/07/2014 at 15:14

I saw your trophy Minks - looks fab!  

I am so glad I am not heavily pregnant right now........I do remember it being weather like this after having M and the midwife came round and was very pleased that she was only wearing a nappy.  She said people still would dress their newborn babies in vests, sleepsuits and hats when it was 25C outside, and then wonder why they weren't terribly happy.......

Saw physio this morning who in a kind way told me that I was doing fine for 4 wks post op and not to be so hard on myself.  She did help stretch the area, gave me some massaging techniques to help the cording and scarring.  But the best bit was - she just had her 20 yr all clear from breast cancer and had the same surgeon I did 20 yrs ago!   It was reassuring to say the least.  She does carry one of the gene mutations.  I am seriously hoping I don't but if I do she might be someone good to talk to and get advice from.

Trying to pack for a trip we might not go on..........bit odd but I am really hoping we get to go!!

24/07/2014 at 18:11

Oh that's a good boost to morale Caro. 

My friend had two girls then a boy as well (and her hubby has an older girl as well!) so yes it's possible )

it'a a year since I was dressing Fraser in 11 layers in 25 degree heat and the wee scone was still cold!! He's now lying spinning the pram wheels having given up trying to spin the spin bike wheel and turning the pedals. 


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