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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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29/07/2014 at 19:50
Which castle Caro? Was going to ask the welsh contingent about Ogmore, my aunt said the beach is lovely but she hadn't been for years!
We are in Ross so Brecon is quite a trek however we are on the A40 so Newport and Cardiff are less than an hour away. Good luck for Chemo in case I forget next week, hope it is bearable xxx

JT hope you can sort out work, what a nightmare, especially getting the news and the person then going off on hols. Totally shit.

Martha had a fab swimming session today, so exciting seeing her development. Aidan is still learning and is struggling with coordination however I think the class is too big for him. Need to find him a smaller group or a couple of one to one lessons to get him going as the current situation is a bit of a waste although at least he is confident in the water despite failing to move through it!
29/07/2014 at 20:28

Good to have a start date Caro but yes v scary. I've heard you can stop hair loss through wearing an ice cap(?). Random I know but fellow solicitor managed to get that and kept her hair through her breast cancer treatment. Worth an enquiry? 


29/07/2014 at 20:36
JT - thats crap. Can you go above your immediate boss to the local authority (presuming its like Scotland where teachers are actually council/local authority employees?). Presumably they're not on holiday for the next 6 weeks either so might be able to help?

Its a cold cap EF - my friend used it and kept her hair (although it thinned considerably). You can't use normal shampoo, straighten or colour it though. And you need to wear it at least hour pre-chemo and hour post-chemo so does make the chemo day very very long. But worth it if you'd like to try and keep your hair Caro?

Camio - take it easy. Puking hours later doesn't sound ideal!
29/07/2014 at 20:47

We went to cyfathfa castle today Kinsey, in Merthyr. CM recommends ogmore and so far her recommendations have been spot on.  

yes it's called a cold cap.......but the consultant said its more like a helmet than a cap.  Frankly I cannot imagine sitting under an ice helmet for several hrs for something that only has a 50% chance of working.  I didn't know about having to wear it either side of chemo either, another good reason to say no!  I am fed up of hospitals.......although apparently the chemo ward in Barts has a wonderful view of st Paul's.......lucky me. 

29/07/2014 at 22:17

I would say having a wibble now its all becoming real is very understandable Caro. Have you got anyone with a god listening ear to plan a lunch date with on Monday (or will that not work with school holidays - ok maybe a playdate!). Sounds lie you are making the best decision for you re. wigs etc, And very sweet of M to get a buff to keep you company. It sounds like she is taking it in her stride so far.

Hubby starts new job today so fingers crossed its all going well. It has totally upset my morning routine as never had him getting ready to go at the same time as I am getting Matilda ready to go - I was a grumpy cow this morning so will need to apologise and find a way to accommodate each other so we don't start every day bickering!! He asked me to sew a button on his trousers this morning - doesn't he realise I have everything planned down to the last minute in the morning grrrrr!!

Had a meeting with 2 people from my team yesterday - 7 hours driving plus 4 hour planning meeting = long day!! Our manager couldn't give us details but reading through the lines I think our CEO is about to get sacked for gross misconduct - yikes!!! We are a very small organisation so this will have a massive impact. She said to 'hold on tight its going to be a bumpy ride...'

29/07/2014 at 23:49
Ok so i have only read this page, cant keep up, must try harder!!!
Oh Phil n Alley are great Litre, great experience for S. Your kids are amazing ????
Am at work,boo. Already tired and its only 11.40 pm, yikes!!!
Caro- glad that you n the family have managed to get away, great that you are staying at CM's house!!! Scary about starting chemi but at least you know now what's happening. Enjoy the rest of your holiday x
Gosh typing on my phone is really annoying so cant write much, maybe type more later in night if quiet to keep me awake!!!!
Yes so i have obviously lost the plot, imagine entering an ironman, flippin nutter. At the moment i know i could never do it but in hoping if i follow a 30 week program i will make it round by the. 17 hour cut of time!! Sugar i get nervous just writing that
, arghhhhhhhhhh. My aim from now to until October is to swim more, improve my stroke and hopefully get back running. Am seeing a physio tomorrow. Still plan to do the puffer in January & then maybe do a marathon as a training run. Yikes. Not sure how i will fit in the training yet.............
30/07/2014 at 00:49

Hahahahaha RF 'do a marathon as a training run'!!  Those words alone sound nuts!  Knew you would sign up, good for you! You have such strength and determination that I'm sure you'll do it and amaze even yourself. 

Hoggle, hope your husband's job works out well and you can work out a good morning schedule. Really though, sew on a button in the morning!?!?  Hope the fan doesn't spread the sh1t too far when it hits. 

Caro, glad you have some idea of a plan now. My friend is just finishing her 2nd lot of chemo and still has her hair, although a little thinner. Maybe you will not lose it?

30/07/2014 at 04:54
I hope so Turbo. The girls i work with have said i am nuts to contemplate an IM. Been thinking how hard i found the 3 marathons i did and how slow i was!!! Oh dear. Been reading a bit tonight about training, saw a doable ' get u round' 30 week program.
30/07/2014 at 12:38

What are the distances for a full IM?

30/07/2014 at 13:05
Long!! 3200m swim, 112 miles on the bike, and then a marathon (I think!)

RF - you're bonkers! When are you going to find the time to do all the long rides (and runs!)?! Is your littlest starting school? I would love to do a half IM again, but I'm not sure I see a full one in my future. Although, having said that, my husband's senior nurse just did IMUK and she was 50 ths year, so maybe when the children are all bigger...!
30/07/2014 at 15:03

Not sure yet Vixo, a ha ha. No she doesn't start school for another year so yes I am very silly. I will try my hardest to make it to the start line but who knows if I will achieve it but I can but try. Just worked out I have 20 wks before I start the 30 wk program which will start the week of Christmas. I am going to try and get a couple of lessons from a swim coach in August to improve my stroke and hopefully get me faster and more efficient in the water. The only real way to get swimming sessions in is to go on my way home after a 12.5 hr shift but it will have to be done. I started of by going this morning after my night shift & did 50 lengths. Dying to get back running, seeing a physio later. Knee only little sore now but will get it checked & see when I can start running again. I will then build up to half marathon distance up until Christmas.The bike I will just keep it ticking over for the next 20 wks with a bit of MB training for the puffer in Jan. Will try and get a couple of 50 mile road rides in before winter and the it will be turbo in the winter.

30/07/2014 at 17:45

You've certainly taken your quote on facebook to heart - as you seem excited and scared to death at the same time!  Those distances just scare me, never done anywhere near any of them alone, let alone strung back to back!  Actually I have probably done half of each of those distances, swum a mile, cycled 60+ miles in a day, run a half marathon but not on the same day and collapsed in a heap afterwards. You're a legend RF, if you manage to get yourself fit and to the starting line, I'm sure you'll do it.

I'm now at the pregnancy stage where my arms and legs are not long enough to do everyday things easily as my bump just gets in the way.  I have had to move my computer closer to the edge of my desk so I can reach the keyboard.

I'm a little freaked out as I am off to the hairdresser in a minute - when Os came early (36 +6) I had just had my hair done.  I am 36 + 3 bag almost packed!!

30/07/2014 at 17:48
Good for you RF. I'm sure you'll make the start line...and the finish line, but I'm not sure I envy you the process of getting there! I've done 2 half IM races, and though they're expensive, they do put on a good race, and I think if I did another I'd probably go for an 'official' IM race again. It will definitely be an experience, and crossing that finishing line will be absolutely amazing - keep that in your mind when you're on hour 4 of your turbo session over the winter!!!
30/07/2014 at 17:49
Ooh, exciting Turbo. Can't wait for some more baby news!
30/07/2014 at 17:55

See, that's where you and I differ Vixo, I CAN wait!!

30/07/2014 at 18:17

have just done a mega skim and I know I'll miss loads but will try anyway:

Huge hugs to TTid - you do amazingly well, is so so hard, even when you do have friends it often doesn't feel the same. I DO think school will help - routine, regular people, a bit of headspace (even with the others kicking around it's still one down for a few hours!!). Hope you got your hair cut without disruption!!

JT - you definitely need a new job. From what you've said on here about the classes/teachers/kids you deal with and the advice you've given me with queries I have etc, you are fantastic at your job and seriously under-appreciated. Hope you find a solution one way or another.

Eeek to the vomiting Camlo - however I have a friend of mine who managed to vomit, whilst driving , on his way home from a run the other week as he'd not hydrated enough and got seriously overheated.

Caro - sounds like you are having a fab time away. Wibbles definitely allowed at this point, very easy to be pragmatic when it's all happening at some undefined point in the future. I couldn't be arsed with a cold cap either.  Was reading Trail Magazine today and they did a short interview with Nicky Spinks who holds the ladies record for the Bob Graham Round (66 miles, 8223m ascent in the Lake District with an unbroken record set by Billy Bland back in 1982).  Anyway, she had breast cancer in 2006 and has clearly made quite some recovery!!! Lovely re Matilda and the buff wearing.

Boo to grotty kids tantruming, but fabby to Lotte's talented bunch. Ali and Phil are playing at the Findhorn Foundation next month, just trying to work out if I can go and see them.

Yay to RF and the ironman - yes, I know it's bonkers but sometimes you have to just try anyway ... and you are incredibly strong mentally and physically and the mental aspect has such a big part to play in these things (definitely when I think of ultra running and the difference it makes there).  Sometimes I think it's good to be scared by something you've entered but then I am wired wrong anyway!!

30/07/2014 at 18:23

Hoggle - OMG to the button sewing in the morning, I'd have been seriously steaming at that - no question!!! Hope hubbys new job goes well though and your work scenario isn't too bumpy and stressful? - eek

Mammoth driving and visiting round for me - 7.5 hours on Sunday afternoon down to grotty hotel room on M6 - kids were fantastic actually, and then another 4 hours on Monday. No way I could have done the drive in one go on my own though so I'm glad we made the stop off. One night at my sisters - so great to see her, not seen her since Christmas and the cousins were made up catching up with each other. Man it was hot though!!  Then across to my parents yesterday afternoon (short drive of 1.5 hours). M&D so excited to see kids (last seen them at Easter).  Was a relief to sleep in a bed on my own last night without S kicking me about.  Then I drove to airport this morning (2 hours) and flew back home - so I guess I've driven a good 700 miles since Sunday!!

Mixed feelings about a weekend with hubby on our own, he's doing his favourite head-in-sand routine and we spent most of last weekend bickering about everything and anything and walking on unseen eggshells ... really not sure where this is all going but anyway, at least we have peace and quiet to try and talk about stuff uninterrupted.

30/07/2014 at 18:25

and yesterday I RAN  a whole 8 miles, met up with my old running buddy (my other male running buddy) from when I lived South. Was great to catch up and I said could we do something short and gentle - ha ha ha ... was great running round Frensham Ponds and through my old running routes though. Could feel niggles but nothing too drastic so fingers crossed. Off out to brave the gale that seems to be gusting outside in a moment for a very easy 3-4 I think.  And then I need to decide what to have for tea and plan my day tomorrow to make the most of being ON MY OWN

30/07/2014 at 20:19

Wow CC, mammoth trip!  How long do you and your husband get alone before you go and get the kids/he goes back to work (whichever comes first!)?  This bit of space will be so good for you both.  Are you just staying at home this weekend or do you think it might be good for you both to go and do something you love together like climbing?  Just to remind yourselves why you got together in the first place....

Woo hoo to a whole day to yourself tomorrow, promise me you won't waste it doing housework or laundry!!!

Back from hairdressers and so far so good!  Although it was a few hours later last time!  The funny thing is that exactly the same happened to a friend at the same hairdressers too about 2 1/2 years ago.


30/07/2014 at 20:24

Lucky you CC (having a day to yourself!) hope you enjoy it!  Hope your hubby can put your time together to good use too!

I think I need a day off, the kids are driving me around the twist!  Everything is a pain in the arse at the moment too, my curtains are a saga, the table I ordered had to be replaced, i need to ring up about the parasol that goes with our garden furniture as its not right either, for some reason it all added up to me feeling awful today but I think I'm also mid month as I'm having a breakout and my hormones are all over the shop probably.  Crap.  We are also debating getting the roof done which is expensive, the bastard rotten window frames need sorting etc etc

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