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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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Yesterday at 21:50

Just popped on to say hello!

caro - lots of love and hugs coming your way. You are very determined and if it is the worst, if anyone can fight it, you can. Xxx

erm, Hohhot sounds like congrats are in order! I have 3y3m between all of mine and it's a fab age gap. 

Pip - Archie is 3y6m and is definitely in that phase too! Give me strength!

not read back, sorry all it would take forever! Resolve to try and keep up again. George is now 14 weeks so finally coming out the. Other side! All well here, just would like a bit more sleep

Yesterday at 21:51

Hohhot???  Some things don't change! That'll be Hoggle then!

Yesterday at 22:02

Oh Caro thats pants. (((   ))))  As EF says heres hoping its the long stop on the results and they'll let you know sooner as the waiting understandably has your mind all of a spin.  And as Janie says if anyone can fight the fight its you. I've had 2 good friends diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 18 months - both of whom felt exactly like you do now but they've come through with flying colours, kicked its butt and theres no reason they won't live to a rude old age.



Yesterday at 22:07

Thanks guys, I knew I could count on you.  Ttid the issue is the inconsitency between the resultsof the fine needle test and the biopsy. The needle test only removes a few cells that go on a slide and are looked at under the microscope.  That, as I found out today showed signs of cancer, but to confirm it they also need to see it on the core biopsy, which uses a much larger needle (local anaesthetic and scalpel blade required for this one) and takes a chunk of tissue from the lump.  So what probably happened is the first time the radoiographer missedthe lump and sampled normal tissue.  I had a mammogram 2 wks ago which showed nothing, not even the lump.  Tnetrouble with mammograms in younger women is that breast tissue is v dense so you don't see much.  I guess it gets less dense as you age so they become more useful.  So the radiographer said I would probably get sent for an mri next as that will be much clearer.  I also have enlarged lymph nodes under my left arm and of course now I know they're enlarged I keep comparing them to the ones under my right arm which aren't. 

My uncle had breast cancer in his 60s, its rare in men, only 200 cases per yr in the uk.  He's fine now, but his wife also had it.  They are to anyones knowledfge the only husband and wife couple in the uk to havehad it. They bothhave done lots of fundraising for breast cancwr care, and publicity in raising awareness of the disease in men.  Some of you may remember when I ran the london marathon the first time I didit for breast cancer care and it wasbecause of that that I went to downing street and had tea with cheree ( lucky me!) As she is patron of thecharity.

Not gong to work.tomorrow.  idid after the last biopsy and it was sore so being sensible this time.  I have had to tell my managers and have told my sister but not my parenst.  My dad was in norfolk last wk and it was hard keeping it a secret but at the same time I didn't feel the need to worry him, plus it would have ruined the holiday.

Night all


Yesterday at 22:09
Oh Caro, that is all kinds of awful. As the others have said, we're all here for you, and all fingers crossed that the news is good. Are you going back to the hospital for the results? I can ask on a doctors forum I use what the usual time frame for a result is if you want? Let me know through a message here on or Facebook if you want me to try and found out more info - it's not something I know anything about but I should probably have access to someone who does. Stay busy and hug your family lots and try not to imagine all sort of worst case scenarios until you know what you're dealing with. My thoughts will be with you this week.
Yesterday at 22:10

Thank you monkey runner, that's exactly what I needed to hear


Yesterday at 22:12
Sorry Caro, cross post. I can understand not telling your parents yet. Hope u get some answers soon.
Yesterday at 22:25
Ditto everything everyone else has said Caro, just the fact ur a runner gives u a head start if the results r bad. And I know two close friends who have both beaten breast cancer, one this yr and one who is now 7 yrs clear. Sending lots of love and hugs ur way x
Yesterday at 22:26

So sorry Caro. Much hugs and sympathy. I can't add any more than the others have. My MIL had it and survived. She died of pneumonia 5 years later.

Anything we can do in the way of support. If you are down this way and need a shoulder do come round for a cuppa. Things like this certainly out your life into perspective.

The waiting is not great I must admit, surely there must be a quicker way?

Yesterday at 22:39

Big hugs from me too caro, such a worry for you but you are young and fit so in a perfect position to kick butt. 

hope the biopsy site heals quickly and isnt too sore for long, dont think there is any reason why you cant take regular paracetamol etc (or wine....). Take care xx

Yesterday at 23:29

Lots and lots of hugs Caro. Hoping and praying very much that you have caught it early if it is cancer xxx

Edited: 22/04/2014 at 23:30
Today at 08:58

oh caro, i'm so sorry to hear that. i too know lots of people who have had breast cancer diagnoses and gone on to be absolutely fine, including T's mum who had it in her 40s and is now 70 and still buzzing around the place. also a running friend in her 40s was diagnosed year before last and went from 'oh yes a benign lump', to 'oh maybe there is something pre-cancerous', to 'oh yes definitely a cancerous lump' to 'oh mastectomy required' to 'no chemo though' to 'oh yes chemo required' over a space of a couple of months. she ran london this year and is feeling and doing really well. it was the uncertainty and yo-yoing between diagnoses that was the worst for her, but she got through it all and has made loads of great friends now and has an incredibly positive outlook on life.

the waiting is the worst, but thank god they are being thorough and checking the biopsy again. i know of people whose GPs wouldn't take them seriously in their 30s when they present with a lump, who then ended up with very late stage breast cancer having been fobbed off several times. so like tatty and others, i'm hoping that it's early stage if it is cancer and they can get you on treatment asap to deal with it.

you are bound to think about all the bad outcomes - don't feel guilty for doing that. and do try and get some support for your mental health (and hubby's) from your care team and associated folk so that you can get the support you need.

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