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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/10/2007 at 11:40
Forgot to say - going cold turkey and just dropping breastfeeding is obviously not ideal for the old boobies. They are rock hard today, so had a very entertaining bath earlier this morning to try and relieve myself a bit where I was seeing just how far you can scoosh breast milk - rather impressive the distance you can get...

Off to Sainsburys for my savoy cabbage as well, got to try and avoid mastitis now!!

19/10/2007 at 14:19
MR, I went cold turkey with the breastfeeding after a week of trying and failing and being thoroughly miserable with it.  Know exactly what you mean re. the boobs.  I was in absolute agony for a couple of days.  I didn't get mastitis thankfully, but for a day or so I felt quite flu-ey with the discomfort.  Savoy cabbage leaves do help - but don't do what I did and forget to take them out of your bra for hours: mine came out cooked!!  I also found when the engorgement became unbearable that a hot flannel pressed on my boobs helped - it allowed a small amount of milk out which seemed to relieve the pressure, and I didn't want to express as such as I didn't want to encourage more milk to be produced.  They do say to wear a fairly tight-fitting supportive bra on the most uncomfortable days, but I have to say on that day it was at its worst I wore no bra and just stuck a couple of breast pads inside an old t-shirt (the picture of elegance, but I just didn't care!)
19/10/2007 at 22:44
all all,
janie, good news that Ted found his hands today. But not so good re 4-5am. But it will only get easier. I have this piccie of you helping him find his hands in the dark of the night. Good luck with the dummy.. or rather lack of it!
As soon as WInnie was born she was sticking her fingers in her mouth - but whenever we had a scan, we didn't once get a clear one of her face due to the fact that her hands were always in the way!
Ted sounds such an angel - are there any more pics to share - perhaps on Facebook?? I would love to see them. He was early wasn't he in the end, but sounds as if he is getting there re weight. Love him.

MR, I know what you mean about boobs if you dont feed. If I've been out (and not feeding) they swell and leak all over the place! Not good when your at a Prince concert with the girls! ; D
Also have visions of half cooking the sunday lunch in your bra! hee hee! Cabbage stuffed down the front!
Could you not pump abit out, to free some of the milk, and then gradually reduce the milk flow - or would that increase it??

I do have one question for all of you. When I had Winnie, I had a half dose of Pethidine. 11 weeks on, and my right thigh is still numb, but is extra sensitive. If anyone touches me there, it hurts but if I run something down my leg, I cant feel it at the spot the needle went in. I even did a test today, and dug a pair of scissors in, but stopped as I couldn't feel it. When I took them out, it had cut the skin!

Has anyone else heard of this, or had this - and any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys.

night night
20/10/2007 at 12:09

Hard night with Megan - despite out best efforts with GF she won't settle at night at all and grizzles/screams from her bath through both her 7.30pm and 11pmish feeds. Finally got her to fall asleep with lying on the sofa at 2am!! She is much more sleepy and settled during the day (when the neighbours are all out and wouldn't be troubled by her screaming anyway!).

Any tips for getting her reversed round - DH and I are quite exasperated by the whole refusal to settle at night, neither of us have had a decent or warm diiner for 4 or 5 nights!!

Additionally, any tips for how GF fits with bottle-fed babies since the take bottles in 15 mins so you're not spending all that time breast feeding - what do you do with the little mites for this additional time? Can't figure out how to keep her waken during the day ither - she sleeps thru nappy changes, hoovering, TV and radio at full crank, me singing to her, musical toys, the whole (she's currently being subjected to some Justin Timberlake from my iTunes whilst i sit here and type!!).

Mitts, the boobs don't seem too bad today (touch wood). DH got wrong kind of cabbage yesterday so my mum is coming round with a savoy cabbage at lunchtime. Megan still seems OK with formula though which is good.

Hoping to get DH to post some fotos of Megan - possibly on his Flickr site but wil let you know when they are up!
20/10/2007 at 20:12

Good luck with the dummy withdrawal Janie... my friend has just had to do it with a 3 1/2 year old and it wasnt pretty so prorbably better now!  A couple of weeks will make all the difference with the thumb contol, mine can get it pretty much first time now and they have suddenly got so much better at settling themselves off to sleep because of it.

So jealous you went to see Prince Mitts.... good??  Cant help with the pethidine sorry.

MR - you poor thing sounds like you are having a rough time of it, could be a touch of colic unsettling her in the evenings.  I know osteopathy has really helped some babies I know, may be worth considering if things dont settle.  Not sure about the keeping awake in the day.... I let mine sleep but did wake them for feeds 3 hrly as they were little (advised by the hossie).  Had to use some cruel methods including stripping them off to a nappy and blowing on them!  As for occupying them, not alot you can do at that age but my 2 would always enjoy looking at us face to face and we would mimic thier expression etc, they can poke thier tongue out in response to you doing it very young so tried to get them to do that or yawn alot!

20/10/2007 at 20:49

MR - hope things improve for you soon. It's such a nightmare when you can't seem to do anything right for them AND you're not getting enough sleep! JP was a bit upside down for a while in terms of being awake at night and asleep in the day. At one point he thought that 6am was a suitable bedtime! So I tried to bring his feeds forward and also limited his daytime naps to no more than 2-3 hours. He managed to shift his bedtime back then by about an hour and a half a night, and now he goes to sleep anywhere between 10 and midnight. I did feel a bit mean waking him up, but it saved me from going nuts!

Have had an OK few days since I last posted. JP is a bit colicky, but we're managing to keep on top of it with copious amounts of Infacol and making sure he doesn't feed too often. I'm doing mixed feeding, which is going well. I felt bad initially about using formula, but he has been so much better (and so have I!) that it's worth it. It works out that he has 1-2 bottles of formula a day, and Im either expressing or breastfeeding every 4 hours or so. This seems to keep the old milk supply up!

Must go, hungry child to feed! Oh, and forgot to mention that he was weighed on Thursday and had gained 15oz in a week!!!!!! This was after the 3 week growth spurt though. So he's 11/5 now. What a whopper!

21/10/2007 at 15:15
All quiet today on here! Also forgot to say yesterday that I went for a 'proper' run outside! Did 2 miles, which felt absolutely fine. I don't think my stomach muscles (or lack thereof!) appreciated it much, but they'll just have to get used to it!
21/10/2007 at 22:49
Just a quick one... janie, I have Winnie on baby facebook! ; D
Obviously I have far too much time on my hands!
Winnie is on there... Winona Jean Taylor... I would love to add Ted as one of her friends...
As I would like to add JP too!

TB, have you put JP on there??

Good for you getting out for a run, It does make you feel so much better!
I'm out tomorrow with my friend. managed 3 runs last week. ; D
have to lose weight though- really upset that I put weight on since having the baby!
I was pre pregnancy weight 2 weeks after, and how, well, I've put on half a stone!
How naff is that.

Anyway - going to go. having abit of a sad day today... need to pull myself out of it!

21/10/2007 at 23:22
Mitts - don't beat yourself up on the weight thing! 2.5 weeks in and I'm still a stone over my usual weight, although this is mainly due to fact I stopped running at 10 weeks and indulged in crisps and chocolate for the remaining 31 weeks I was pregnant! So I've nobody but myself to blame here! And typically now that I've had a section, I'll have to wait a bit longer to return to running. JT - how long did you wait after Ted was born before trying a run?

JT - thanks for the bedtime tips. We're trying quiet time, feed, book bed as we're so kak-handed at bathing her its simply been causing upset and unsettledness at bedtime. So we're doing baths in the morning until we can get Megan used to it actually being a nice experience (she screams blue murder at the minute). Megan is going to sleep using a dummy at the moment too, hoping she'll work out that her fingers are more interesting before we get too reliant on the dummy!

Righto, must go - should have been in bed hours ago as am on the 4am feed...
22/10/2007 at 10:05

Mitts - hope you're feeling better today - I think it's normal to still feel up and down for quite a while (I definitely have good days and bad days). Don't talk to me about weight! Despite running (now back to 10-12 miles a week) I have 1.5 stone (!) which is refusing to shift.  Admittedly, i could ease up on the cakes a bit, but I tried to cut down my food intake a bit a few weeks ago and had a couple of days of feeling really lightheaded.  I'm just hoping my body is holding onto the excess because I'm breastfeeding and it will all magically disappear when I stop ....

TB and MR - great to see you both on here - hope things are settling down for you now - in my experience the first few weeks are a real rollercoaster - I thinkit's easier to accept after the first baby, but obviously 1st time round you've nothing to measure it against so it's really hard work. MR - Re: running after a section - (I'm copying this from a post I did a while ago so you don't have to read back!) : I had my 3rd c-section with Eddie 9 weeks ago - I started run-walking after 4 weeks, then gentle running at 6 weeks - now up to 10-12 miles a week over 3 runs. Not fast but enjoyable!  I tried to stick to the same rules as when I was pregnant - eg listen to your body, don't get dehydrated (v. important if breastfeeding), don't run if really tired etc.  I'm really enjoying my runs now, especially getting out in the country.

Well, Eddie seems to have gone backwards a bit this week in terms of being settled - he did a fantastic week of sleeping for 8-10 hours each night, then a couple of days ago went back to waking up after 6 hours and last night went down at 9pm, woke up at 12.30 and then 2 - aagh!  Then DS1 came in at 3am because his duvet had fallen off - luckily mrbob went and sorted him out and even more luckily it's half term this week so we didn't have to rush around getting ready for school this morning (as a result I'm sitting here in my pyjamas!). I've just put Eddie back to bed and am trying to get him to settle himself in the hope it might make nights a bit better - after some initial grizzling he seems to have found his thumb (he's been trying for a while but it's very hit and miss) so hopefully that will help.  It's all quiet at the moment ...

Sorry I'm not getting much of a chance to check back and reply to everyone - hope everyone's getting on OK. It looks like there's been a lot of really helpful advice too - I'm trying to read the thread even if I don't get round to posting!

sb x

22/10/2007 at 16:33
Mitts - remember that sleep is one of the things you need plenty of in order to maintain a healthy weight, and with a new baby sleep is not exactly something we're getting a lot of is it??! So it might not be that you're actually putting on weight, might just be your body's way of trying to conserve energy by hanging on to every calorie you put in there... but hope you're not so blue today.

22/10/2007 at 21:47

Mitts - would echo the weight thing - don't worry! I'm still 11lbs heavier than pre-preg, but it is coming off gradually. I'm hoping to lose 1-2lbs a week so I'm back to where I was by Xmas. I have a theory that cos JP is so big, I put on extra fat to help with feeding him! Or maybe it was all that chocolate I ate...

Will put JP on Facebook next time I'm on.

JT - that sounds so much like my FIL...Bless him, he keeps buying loads of stuff that we will never use (politely accepted and then put to the back of the cupboard). What are weaning cubes???

Another 2 miles tonight! But it does take me longer to get ready now, what with the padding and having to wear two bras!!!

22/10/2007 at 22:36

Have to say though JT - weaning cubes are FAB!  I have masses of them so I can make huge amounts of various purees/mashed veg and freeze them all: saves having to cook more than once every couple of weeks for Kit.

MR, sounds like you're having a bit of a nightmare at the moment.  It's quite common for new babies to confuse night and day - you have to re-educate them that night time is for sleeping!  It's a bit brutal but (and I think you're doing this already) you might need to make her day naps shorter and wake her if she sleeps for too long.  Otherwise she just may get all her daily sleep requirement during the day which you definitely don't want!  It does sound as though she may be a bit colicky too?  We were very lucky as from the outset Kit always slept really well between 7:00pm and 10:00pm so we had "us" time almost from the start - I can only remember eating in shifts on two occasions when he wouldn't settle.

He also loved his bath from the word 'go' so it became part of his bedtime routine very quickly.  I think initially we only bathed him every other day as were worried about drying out his skin but soon progressed to daily baths.  His first bath at home was the one and only time he pooed in the towel!  Could be worse though - he's never actually opened his bowels IN the bath (a couple of my friends' babies have!)

I had a C-section and I started back running after 7 weeks.  I then launched straight in to 3-mile runs every other day and ended up straining my lower back, which resulted in another two weeks off running, so I do recommend the cautious approach!  When I was able to resume I started literally with 1.5 mile runs, progressing to 2 miles after a week or so.  I'm now back up to about 20 miles a week (before pregnancy I averaged about 30-35 unless marathon training) so am getting there.  Mitchie Moo was right - the longer runs DO get easier.  A couple of weeks ago I ran 8 miles and my legs were so sore and stiff it felt like I'd run 18 - yesterday I ran 8 again and was absolutely fine.  It was a beautiful sunny, crisp, clear autumn morning and it felt SO good to be out there.

Those of you with pounds to lose - keep the faith: it WILL come off.  Even though I hardly put on any weight and am very tiny, it still took about 5 months to feel that my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me properly again.  That said, I think my waist is permanently slightly larger than it was so you may have to accept not being EXACTLY the same as you were pre-pregnancy - but hey, small price to pay for our beautiful babies, eh? 

Kit now has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom ones - bless him!  My gummy baby has gone forever   He'll be 8 months next week: REALLY can't believe that. 

23/10/2007 at 08:11

JT - great to hear about the thumb!  jacob found his at about 12 weeks as well.  i don't know what he'd do without it now.  it's cracked, swollen and disgusting from being in his mouth all night - and a lot of the day as well!

i don't work Mondays, so would be interested in coming along to eeeeezzzeeeeplay, although jacob will be the biggest i guess - not that he will care as long as there are bigger children to beat up somewhere.  is it next monday?  and what time?

MR - it sounds like you are having a really tough time, but it's not unusual at all.  the memory fades a bit, so people often don't tell you about the really grim first few weeks.  i had no sleep for 8 weeks with jacob because he was colicky and even though he would sleep for a few hours at night, he would make such an awful noise in his sleep that i couldn't sleep.  he would also only go to sleep if lying on our chests on his front.  he would not sleep on his back at all, and would just yell and scream. in the end, i got so desperate that i put him in his cot on his front at 8 weeks of age and he just sucked his fist and went straight to sleep.  i wouldn't obviously recommend it because it's associated with a risk of cot death, but it worked for us and we have always put him to sleep on his front.  we still do now and he's 15 months.

23/10/2007 at 11:00

Regarding weightloss, i'll make you all feel better about yourself's, i'm still a stone heavier than when i got pregnant (and a stone and a half heavier than the upper end of my normal weight range) and Isla had her first birthday on saturday.  I did have plans of being back in shape within 9 months and also planned to go back to work in my old jeans at 10 months but that didn't happen either.  I can get my old jeans on and the zip up but they're just too tight to be comfortable.

I know why i haven't lost the weight, since i got pregnant and been breastfeeding i've used it as an excuse to have a treat everyday and am in the bad habit of having some choc or cake everyday.  Also have had injury problems, sore back on 3 occasions now, stiff joints and a sore hip when trying to run again.  Was getting back to running again and even had a 10k planned but then i got a nasty cold and my back started playing up, ist is getting a lot better now and planning to try a run next week sometime and try to do a lot more yoga/pilates/stretching type exercise.

I also think that i've probably been breastfeeding with bad posture and that's not helped.  Isla is only taking a feed in the morning and before bed now, so going to try stopping the morning feed for a week or two then stop bf altogether.  May have trouble with the night feed as she usually goes to sleep on the boob at night.

MR sorry to hear about the sleeping troubles, to be honest i can't remember much about the first 3 months, it was all a blur and that was with a baby that fed and slept without to many problems, so you have my sympathy.

23/10/2007 at 11:30

I am still 7lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy and it just won't shift so am resigned to being slightly bigger. I was very light anyway, so now still pretty light and thin, but I guess would still like to be the way I was!

My two turned one on sunday. They had a fantastic birthday party, it was brilliant, we had everyone who had been involved in their life so far, next year will be smaller, but we wanted a big bash for us to celebrate too. Exhausted now but it was worth it.

I was lucky my two rejected the dummies in favour of their own thumbs and like CM's Jacob my Joshie has a very worn out thumb!

J stood by himself for over 2 mins last week, won't be long now!!

23/10/2007 at 11:45
MM, sounds like you're twins party went well, our party was chaos, mainly because of my sisters kids who ran riot and covered the place in crumbs, they are all bigger than Isla, 5, 3.5 and 2 and had to watch Isla the whole time to make sure they didn't stand on her, trip over her or push her over, exhausting stuff was glad when they all went home !!!
23/10/2007 at 13:34

mrs o and mitchie moo - congrats on your babies' first birthdays.  unbelievable how quickly time flies...  (once those first really horribly hard weeks are over, that is!)

we also had a big bash for jacob's but both he and i were unwell (i had tonsillitis - he had lurgy), so neither of us had that great a day.  but you have to do these things, don't you?!

lol mm on the worn out thumb!  when do you reckon it's right to try to get them to stop sucking thumbs?  at the moment, jacob sucks his thumb to go to sleep and then all night long as well - i know this because on the nights i've tried to sleep in the same room as him, he's kept me awake all night sucking his thumb and making goyagoyagoya noises.  you can obviously try to stop them doing it during the day, but at nighttime, it's impossible (unless you put something on their thumbs, but i don't think he'd go to sleep if he didn't suck his thumb!).  i think jacob's teeth are already showing signs of protruding due to the incessant thumb sucking.  he only sucks his thumb during the day when he's tired or if he's not feeling very well, but it's the all night sucking which is not going to be good for his teeth in the long run.

23/10/2007 at 15:14

No idea CM. I wasn't going to worry about it till the next set of teeth, as obviously these fall out by 10. May ask HV about it sometime. J had a sucking blister on his thumb that got infected, now that was revolting!! Had to have it lanced!

Had their jabs yesterday, nasty as it now goes in their arms! Next ones are MMR.

Hubbie was unwell yesterday, he threw up when he woke up! Very bizarre. I am just tired! But really enjoyed my run at lunchtime today in the sunshine, have to get in while boys at childminders! Now just have tonnes of toys, but thats great, baby toys going into the attic this weekend.

Our party was slightly chaotic, my Mum found it very stressful. There was 30 adults and 30 kids of various ages. We had it in the village hall. Madness, but we all survived and all the toys are intact. All the food went, just some cake left. I had to make two cakes of course but had my Mum to help decorate them. We did a lion and a monkey as had a jungle theme to the party, and J is a really cheeky monkey all the time, H is just like the lion on the wizard of oz, but is very brave.

23/10/2007 at 15:27

oh yuck - infected  blister! j's splits on his thumbs do occasionally look very red and sore but have never got infected - yet. 

the only reason i was wondering about the teeth thing was that they say with dummies it can have permanent impact on their teeth, but i think they usually say that as long as they stop by age 4, any 'damage' can be reversed.  not sure though.

so cute to have a themed party - and how lovely to have a monkey and a lion!  i call jacob my little monkey as well, because he is very cheeky. in fact, half the time i just shout out 'oi, monkey' at him, when we are out and about and he's wandering off or getting into trouble.  i think people wonder who / what i'm talking to!

we had our party in our garden - fortunately it was a dry / warm day (July), because we had people turning up all day between 10am and 7pm.  we were exhausted as well.  my m-i-l ached like mad the next day from chasing / picking up children all day!

i am now into my 3rd week of lurgy.  i never really recovered from a bout of tonsillitis in september.  as soon as i had finished the penicillin, i got a load of mouth ulcers / cold sores and then came down with a horrid virus, which has just left me exhausted, snotty and feeling very cold.  hubby and mum are suffering as well. fortunately, jacob got off lightly with just a cold and a bit of a cough.  i can't even remember what running feels like!

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