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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/10/2007 at 10:43

MM - that's great news on the growth spurts!

(I too am 'working' today, hence all the posts!)

Don't worry about the colds - we actually went through a fairly good period between March and September (with the exception of my tonsillitis), so I think after the first 3 or 4 months at nursery they do settle down.

Minks - re: milk feeds.  I think it's entirely normal for babies to drop off their milk feeds when they are established on solids.  When are you giving him milk?  Jacob was a very reluctant solids eater, so we didn't have that problem, but at 7 / 8 months, he was having a morning milk feed after he got up, then sometimes he would have milk after his lunch at 11.30 (if he hadn't eaten much lunch - but mostly he went without then); then he had a mid-afternoon bottle, but often didn't want much of that; and then another feed before he went to bed.  If Kit doesn't seem to want the milk, I wouldn't worry about it too much, as long as he's not dehydrated and is eating OK...

Jacob was also an incredibly sucky baby.  When we go away, I can't stay in the same room as him because he sucks his thumb ALL night and makes 'goyagoyagoya' noises all night long.  He has big splits on his thumbs from all the sucking (prefers his left thumb but the right thumb will also do).  He also won't drink milk from anything other than a bottle.  If I stop giving him a bottle, he stops drinking altogether.  Normally he drinks water / juice from a beaker or tumbler during the day and just has a morning and night-time bottle of milk, but if I give him milk in a beaker in the morning or at night, he doesn't drink that or anything else all day.  We went 10 days without him drinking anything in the attempt to wean him off the bottle.  In the end he was dehydrated and I was desperate, so he's back on the bottle again.  The HV said not too worry too much because he is only having the bottle twice a day and downs the milk in about 3 minutes flat.  Apparently, the problem is worse when the child has the bottle all day and sucks on it constantly.    We will have to wean him off it eventually but the HV is confident that he will either do that himself when he is ready or we will be able to bribe him when he's a bit older by letting him choose himself a nice new mug to drink his milk from.

16/10/2007 at 11:03

Minks my Harry is a reluctant milk drinker. We are switching to cows milk next week so maybe he will drink better then. he has 4-5 oz at breakfast followed by cows milk on his cereal, about 2oz in the afternoon or 3 if we're lucky, then 5-7 before bed. J has about 3oz more a day. They both love cheese and yoghurts though, rice pudding and anything milky, maybe why I craved cheese when pregnant! CM my two do love yoghurts but tend to snack on fruit and dried fruit and have loads of finger vegs with lunch and tea.

We use the anyway up cups for their milk to avoid spillage on new carpets, and for water when out and about. I have other cups for water at home. We dropped their bedtime bottle this week and it seems to be OK, bit worried H is drinking less, but not too much less.

16/10/2007 at 11:21

MM - we have tried every type of beaker under the sun.  it makes no difference.  J won't touch milk if it's not in a bottle.  he'll suck from the beaker but when he realises it's milk, he spits it out and yells.  he then throws the beaker away and that's it - until you put it in a bottle...

I wouldn't actually mind too much if he didn't drink much or any milk (he does eat cheese and will eat yoghurt - reluctantly) as long as he drank something.  But once we stop giving him milk in a bottle, he goes on strike and won't drink anything at all from a beaker.  We were having to spoon liquid into him last time and even then he was yelling and screaming.  So we are just sticking with the two bottles a day for the time being.

Babies are very strange beings! You wouldn't think they could be so manipulative!

16/10/2007 at 12:10
They know exactly what is going on CM, and understand much more than we think. My two now understand things like 'Bath time lets go and climb the stairs', I open the door to the hallway and they re off like a shot, amazes me!
16/10/2007 at 12:22

Oh, they do, you are so right!  Jacob has started pulling his highchair out from where we store it when he's hungry.  He also opens cupboards and shouts loudly if pulling the highchair out hasn't got me to spring into action!

He also does the same thing with bathtime and heads out to the bathroom when I say 'time for a bath' - and gets impatient when I want to undress him before he gets into the bath!

He also recognises where we are when we get close to places.  He got so excited yesterday when we pulled into the supermarket (he loves sitting in the Bob the Builder tractor ride - I never put any money in it, though, poor chap!) and when we pulled into the car park at the park yesterday - before he even saw the swings.  He knew where we were.  It's very rewarding when they are excited about being places and doing things!

One of Jacob's favourite things now is going to the local pub for a Sunday roast.  He loves roasts - he's a right carnivore, and because we do our swimming session mid-morning on a Sunday, dropping into the local for lunch at midday is a nice thing to do because it means we can all eat together at lunchtime (I wouldn't have time to prepare it otherwise).  And the owners  know that they need to get his food out quickly because he won't wait.  He knows where the door to the kitchens is and starts banging on it straight away as soon as we go in there.

16/10/2007 at 21:32

Much better day today!!! I think it was a growth spurt. Last night Ben ordered me to go to bed on my own and get some proper sleep while he took JP to the spare room and gave him some formula if he was hungry. I got up in the night to express so my supply didn't drop, and today I've had more than enough milk and JP has been like a different baby! We also think he might have a touch of colic, as he would not stop crying no matter what we did and kept pulling his knees up to his chest and generally thrashing around (!). So Infacol has been my best friend today!

Have managed to do the GF routine with some modifications today - i.e. I am a lazy bogle, so it's been 8 til 8 instead of 7 til 7!! Now I've caught up on sleep a bit I'll try to do it 7 til 7 tomorrow.

Baby curry poo - funny!

16/10/2007 at 23:02
Hi all, I've finally made it to this forum! How long did that take me??? Too long!
Nearly as long as its taking for me to get back out there and run!
Have only been out twice since the birth of Winnie, and I've actually put weight ON since having her! ; ( not good!

anyway, enough of that - I should be saying a big hello to all those icons (and people behind those icons) that I recognise!

Hope you and all the bubs are doing well...

and on that note, I'm going to bed and I'll log on again tomorrow!

Nighty night

16/10/2007 at 23:32

Quick hello from me too - just popped in as I've been without internet for a fortnight - eek!- and have just got it back again tonight so am trying to catch up - looks like the thread has been busy though, so I'll try and read back tomorrow.  Hope all's well with everyone and lovely to see a few more graduates of the pregnant runners' thread.

sb x 

17/10/2007 at 10:40

Hi girls

Hope you don't mind me popping in again. I have less than 4 weeks to go until my due date and am really looking forward to joining you all...

I know so much depends on the birth but how realistic is it do you think to be running again by Christmas? Due date 13/11/07.What have you gals found?

 I keep driving past happy runners trotting in the Autumn leaves and just feel so keen to be one of them again. Any encouraging words most welcome as it just seems a lifetime away...


17/10/2007 at 11:41

Sequin - welcome!

It does depend on what kind of birth you have, although even if you have a csection, if you feel physically well and are recovering well, you could still be out for a wee trot before Xmas. 

I had a normal delivery (very quick, no complications) and went for my first run 10 days after having my baby. 

But in hindsight that was too early for me, as I was absolutely exhausted and really struggling with breastfeeding, so it was a bit mad to try and start running again so quickly.

But if you are well and baby is well and you feel up to it, I'd say there's no reason not to try a short plod as soon as you want to.  Bear in mind, though, that your ligaments will still be all stretchy and you will need to take it very easy...

17/10/2007 at 12:13

Thanks Caramel - think I owe you a big thank-you as I believe you set up the pregnant running forum? Am I right? What a great idea.

This is baby number three for me so hoping for the same kind of labour as I had with number two...

Thanks for offering me hope.

17/10/2007 at 12:40

Sequin - hi! As you know I had a 3rd c-section with Eddie 9 weeks ago - I started run-walking after 4 weeks, then gentle running at 6 weeks - now up to 10-12 miles a week over 3 runs. Not fast but enjoyable!  I tried to stick to te same rules as when I was pregnant - eg listen to your body, don't get dehydrated (v. important if breastfeeding), don't run if really tired etc.  So I think Christmas is realistic if everything goes well with the birth. I had major running envy at the end too - and I'm really enjoying my runs now, especially getting out in the country.

Good luck for the next few weeks (I'm really enjoying having 3 - it's great so far!)

sb x

17/10/2007 at 13:04

Phew!  Just caught up!

Am quite glad now that we haven't had to put Kit into nursery as with only working 3 days a week I don't want to be off sick all the time!  Had to laugh at the pooey nappy stories!  Kit has had a few 'explosions' in his time too.  When he first started on solids his nappies were a nightmare - very frequent and very loose - and we had quite a few 'accidents', usually in the least convenient of locations!  I did get a bit worried at one point about the sheer number of nappies he was producing - I think the worst was 8 in a day - but it seems to have settled down now that he's established on solids and although on some days he still does quite a few, the consistency is more paste-like and tends to stay inside the nappy rather than dribbling out of the sides and down his legs!!

MM, I had to smile reading your post as you're exactly the same as me with routines and schedules!  I love having a schedule for my running and find myself getting quite unfocused if I don't.  Hubby's the same as well so fortunately we were both agreed from the start on the need to get Kit into some semblance of a routine as soon as possible.  Like you, we didn't wake him for the middle-of-the-night feed but allowed him to wake of his own accord.  Once he went to about 5:30/6:00am we dropped that feed - initially I think we gave him a small feed then topped him up at about 7am to keep on schedule with the routine.

He has been a bit better with his milk feeds since yesterday, and his three top teeth are fully through the gum now so maybe he feels a bit more comfortable.  CM, he has three milk feeds a day - one at 7am, one at 2:30pm and one at 5:45pm.  That's the only part of the GF feeding routines I haven't followed religiously - GF tells you to give the evening solids at 5pm and then the milk feed at 6:30pm after the baby's bath.  We have always found that Kit struggles with his milk after his bath as he's too tired to drink it (this was the case even before weaning).  Before weaning I used to give him half his evening bottle at 5pm and then try to get him to take the other half after his bath.  Now I give him his evening bottle at 5:30-5:45pm while he's still awake and hungry, then follow it 15 minutes later with his solids, then wait 20 minutes and bath him.  This seems to work OK at the moment but not sure how it will pan out when he's taking more solids.

How have you all started your little ones on finger food?  I prepared some carrot sticks yesterday, lightly cooked so they were soft but still with a little crunch.  Kit took a small bite then screwed his face up and wouldn't have any more.  I ate one as well and have to say if I were him, it wouldn't have encouraged me to eat either!  Tried doing the same with banana last night but it was too slippery for him to hold and kept shooting out of his fingers, poor little chap.  I want something that he likes so he's encouraged to eat, but also don't want to be offering him (say) one small slice of a piece of fruit because that means the rest will get wasted.  But also don't want him having sugary rusks or similar.

He's now able to sit unsupported which is great.  He's still slightly unsteady so at the moment I sit behind him in case he topples backwards.  Yesterday he was happily playing with his stacking cups, but every so often he would reach behind him and touch my knee, as if reassuring himself that I was still there.  And he would once in a while lean right back on to my lap and grin up at me.  So cute!

17/10/2007 at 13:20
hi all,
just been reading your post minks, it seems that, just as you get used to your bubs and the routine, you have to change to think about solids etc! All this fun to come!
How old is your little one now, I remember when you were still posting on the other forum before you had him! Its seems such a long time ago! He must be about 5 months now???
Also when did your little man start teething? As I think winnie may have one on the way.

I managed to get out for a run this morning, did 4 miles, and it was hard. Also ran Sunday - and couldn't walk in the afternoon, I'm hoping today will be better!

Right, I'm off as I need to cut the grass. Going to get Winnie wrapped up in her pram and out in the garden with me - i'm sure she will love watching mummy cut the grass!

Have a great day ladies - its wonferful out there!

17/10/2007 at 13:21

Hello all, sounds like everyone's fine today.  It's funny on the pregnancy forum we used to worry about each other if someone disappeared for a couple of weeks, now it seems to be taken as read that family life is probably getting in the way of accessing the internet!  (Ie you were missed SB!)

Mitts - It;s really good to see you again, I've really missed you being around!

Sequin I was pretty much like SB, I was running again after about 5 weeks.  I started cycling first to get in the low impact exercise at about four weeks, but I walked miles pretty much from as soon as they let us out of hospital!  Like SB I had a section too so it is possible!  Big sister was like nothing happened within a week of the birth after number 3 - not normal!!!

All this talk of weaning is quite scary as I know it#s going to be round before I know it...  Can't believe that Ted is 13 weeks and although nowhere near ready for weaning I know it's going to hit me fairly soon. 

We're having a bit of a nightmare with his sleeping at night though at the moment, Ted was sleeping until around 5.30-6am but he's taken to having a 2am and 4.30am feed again which is like having a newborn...  We're wondering if it's because he's still in his moses basket at night so are going to be putting him in his cot tonight, but think we will have to keep him in our room for now as he's still waking several times just to have his dummy - aagggh!!!!  Really cursing myself for giving in on that one for now...  Anyone got any tips?  I know a solution could be to put him in his own room but while he's waking up so much I don't know if I can handle traipsing out so many times.

17/10/2007 at 13:31

sequin - i can't take credit for the pregnant runners' forum, unfortunately.  that was americano who set it up, but we haven't heard from her for ages. 

minks - re: finger foods, i agree totally with the carrot stick thing.  i used to try carrot sticks and baby sweetcorn with jacob but he never ate them. have you tried rice cakes? you can get baby ones which have nothing in them but rice.  they also taste fairly grim, but jacob used to eat them. try ripe pear as soon as you can as i think you said kit liked pureed pear.  you should still peel it for him.  i guess it's probably a bit slippery as well, but he will manage eventually.

once he has a pincer grip, he will love picking up things like peas and raisins.  that should be quite soon.

you can get no sugar biscuits made by hipps and organix, but if you think kit is sensitive to gluten (didn't you say he had a bad nappy after oat cereal), it's best to avoid that.

he might manage strawberries / raspberries / blueberries (expensive but jacob LOVES them) but just watch the nappies.  they are also quite tempting for the babies to squish in their fingers, so it can be rather messy.  also satsuma segments well de-pithed etc.

also, don't give up on something just because he won't eat it initially. jacob refused cheese for ages but now suddenly will eat all cheese, including really strong stuff.  so do keep trying with the carrot. 

kit will get onto finger foods soon enough and will then stop letting you feed him with a spoon, which can be really frustrating when you have cooked a lovely risotto for him and he insists on trying to feed it to himself wit his fingers - and it ends up EVERYWHERE but in his mouth!

re: milk feeds - you may have to re-time the pm milk feed once you start giving kit more tea.  or you may find that as he gets bigger, he isn't quite as tired so can manage milk after bath.  otherwise you may find that you can get him to drink his milk with his tea in a beaker (quite a few of my friends do that, but jacob won't drink milk from a beaker so no good for us).

17/10/2007 at 13:37

JT - the nighttime waking is a nightmare, but it could just be a 'phase'.  jacob was doing really well at around 12 weeks and had several nights of going through without a feed and then suddenly was feeding every 2 hours again for a while.  and then from 13 weeks or so, he slept through and hasn't fed in the night since.  it could be a growth spurt?  but it could also be that he needs a bit more space and would be better in the cot.  i have to say, jacob was in his cot in his own room from 8 weeks because he was SOOOO noisy.  he would suck his fist all night and groan and strain (i think it was colic), so even though i was getting up when he woke to feed him, at least i stood a slight chance of some sleep if he wasn't right next to me.

the dummy thing is a right bind as well.  i didn't have that because jacob sucked his fist (and now his thumbs), so i don't have any suggestions for you...

17/10/2007 at 19:27
Hi all,
janie thank you!
I appreciate the welcome hugely - I think I feel abit low lately.
So thnk you very much for cheering me up. ; D

This talk of weaning is quite scary! I'm just getting to grips with the feeding, and before you know it it'll be different again!

Janie, my friends baby also started waking in the night, not sure what it was - he was a baby, so I think they either started him on solids early, or up't his feeds. I'll ask her and see.

Dont have any suggestions re dummy. Winnie has a dummy, but she doesn't seem to need it all the time. She also sucks her thumb as decaff said her son did. So that prob makes a difference.

17/10/2007 at 20:37

Wow, it's busy on here today! And yet more familiar faces too - hello Sequin, SB and Mitts! Sequin - can't believe your due date is coming around so soon! You were about 17 weeks gone when I joined the pregnancy forum, which seems like 5 minutes ago. How time flies...

Another really good day. I could kiss GF. I actually have time to come on here in peace, sit and eat dinner with Ben, get the house looking halfway decent AND do a teeny walk/run! I only did a mile, but it felt really good and I was quite surprised how fit I felt. Going to build up VERY slowly though and not push it too hard too soon!

17/10/2007 at 21:15
Evening all

Well, Megan is 2 weeks old today and its been both the quickest but yet the longest 2 weeks of our lives (if that makes sense).

Tatty Bogle - like you we are trying GF but also on the 8am to 8pm (Megan just isn't in tune enough to do 7am to 7pm at the moment and we are too lazy to think about getting up at 7am anyway so we figured what the hell if we're an hour out, the routines are the same).

However, having had a decent enough day with Megan she has just grizzled since going down at 7.30pm tonight, have no idea why! DH is currently trying to appease her and we've both had cold dinners and are now about to have cold pudding, ph the joys of parenthood! I'm thinking of going to formula at either 4 or 6 weeks (I don't think I will be able to stand breast feeding past that) and wondered if it will be easier to do so if we are giving Megan formula at her 10.30pm feed each night anyway - GF recommends a bottle feed (either EBM or formula) and I just wondered if there was any point using EBM for this bottle feed if we plan to go formula in a few weeks anyway.

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