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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/10/2007 at 13:34

mrs o and mitchie moo - congrats on your babies' first birthdays.  unbelievable how quickly time flies...  (once those first really horribly hard weeks are over, that is!)

we also had a big bash for jacob's but both he and i were unwell (i had tonsillitis - he had lurgy), so neither of us had that great a day.  but you have to do these things, don't you?!

lol mm on the worn out thumb!  when do you reckon it's right to try to get them to stop sucking thumbs?  at the moment, jacob sucks his thumb to go to sleep and then all night long as well - i know this because on the nights i've tried to sleep in the same room as him, he's kept me awake all night sucking his thumb and making goyagoyagoya noises.  you can obviously try to stop them doing it during the day, but at nighttime, it's impossible (unless you put something on their thumbs, but i don't think he'd go to sleep if he didn't suck his thumb!).  i think jacob's teeth are already showing signs of protruding due to the incessant thumb sucking.  he only sucks his thumb during the day when he's tired or if he's not feeling very well, but it's the all night sucking which is not going to be good for his teeth in the long run.

23/10/2007 at 15:14

No idea CM. I wasn't going to worry about it till the next set of teeth, as obviously these fall out by 10. May ask HV about it sometime. J had a sucking blister on his thumb that got infected, now that was revolting!! Had to have it lanced!

Had their jabs yesterday, nasty as it now goes in their arms! Next ones are MMR.

Hubbie was unwell yesterday, he threw up when he woke up! Very bizarre. I am just tired! But really enjoyed my run at lunchtime today in the sunshine, have to get in while boys at childminders! Now just have tonnes of toys, but thats great, baby toys going into the attic this weekend.

Our party was slightly chaotic, my Mum found it very stressful. There was 30 adults and 30 kids of various ages. We had it in the village hall. Madness, but we all survived and all the toys are intact. All the food went, just some cake left. I had to make two cakes of course but had my Mum to help decorate them. We did a lion and a monkey as had a jungle theme to the party, and J is a really cheeky monkey all the time, H is just like the lion on the wizard of oz, but is very brave.

23/10/2007 at 15:27

oh yuck - infected  blister! j's splits on his thumbs do occasionally look very red and sore but have never got infected - yet. 

the only reason i was wondering about the teeth thing was that they say with dummies it can have permanent impact on their teeth, but i think they usually say that as long as they stop by age 4, any 'damage' can be reversed.  not sure though.

so cute to have a themed party - and how lovely to have a monkey and a lion!  i call jacob my little monkey as well, because he is very cheeky. in fact, half the time i just shout out 'oi, monkey' at him, when we are out and about and he's wandering off or getting into trouble.  i think people wonder who / what i'm talking to!

we had our party in our garden - fortunately it was a dry / warm day (July), because we had people turning up all day between 10am and 7pm.  we were exhausted as well.  my m-i-l ached like mad the next day from chasing / picking up children all day!

i am now into my 3rd week of lurgy.  i never really recovered from a bout of tonsillitis in september.  as soon as i had finished the penicillin, i got a load of mouth ulcers / cold sores and then came down with a horrid virus, which has just left me exhausted, snotty and feeling very cold.  hubby and mum are suffering as well. fortunately, jacob got off lightly with just a cold and a bit of a cough.  i can't even remember what running feels like!

23/10/2007 at 17:12

Lovely to hear about the 1st birthday parties! I'm sure it'll feel like no time before we have to start thinking about Eddie's - hopefully as he's an August baby we'll be able to have it in the garden - with my other children's birthdays are April and October, so it's impossible to plan outdoor parties - although it invariably ends up being sunny.

Thumb sucking's a tricky one, I've found - both my older 2 started thumb sucking as babies and it looks like Eddie is too - he's just started to settle himself by finding his thumb in the last day or so.  DD stopped thumb sucking of her own accord when she was 7 and is has affected her teeth ( but I think she would have had to have orthodontic work anyway due to the shape of her jaw) - we did try to get her to stop earlier but she wasn't having any of it - and it's hard to police the whole time, especially when they're in bed (she did stop sucking her thumb in the day about a year earlier).  DS1 is now 5 and we've started to suggest to him that he shouldn't suck his thumb - doesn't seem to be having much effect yet though. We did try incentive schemes with DD but it was only when she was ready that she stopped.  And her thumb has just about returned to normal now (she's 11!).

Eddie had a better night last night - just waking once at 4am so hopefully we're back on track. I feel a lot more human today as a result.

23/10/2007 at 17:48

Sorry  - meant to say hope you feel better soon DCM - sounds rotten.

sb x

23/10/2007 at 21:07

Hi all, looks like another busy day.

DCM - hope you're starting to feel better, tonsilitis is a horrible thing and can take ages to recover from.  Just keep an eye that you don't get a water/kidney infection as it's the same bacteria that affects them.  I had to have a tonsilectomy at 23 and suffered terribly with both.  We will be at Eeezee Play on Monday, we usually get there for 2pm and gather round the baby section.  There are some other mums with slightly older ones (up to 3) so he should be fine.  You can email me if you want more info.

SB - Glad to hear Eddie might be back on track.  We were up to two feeds again last night.  I'm hoping that it was because he had a bottle for his bedtime feed as I was still on my run.

Congrats to Mrs O and MM - time flies so quickly, July will be round before I know it!

Poor little mites with sore thumbs - it's difficult to know what to do isn't it?

Well spent the afternoon in Cafe Junior today in Cardiff with a friend which was fab.  She has a two year old so he was kept well entertained whilst we ate and had good coffee!  Karen and I were debating whether we should try and recreate the idea in Newport!  Can't see that I'd really have the guts...

23/10/2007 at 22:08

hi folks, another busy week on the forum!

Well we've been for our wee trip round the country - down to Chesterfield, over to Stoke for the day and then over to Liverpool.  Louise was an absolute star even though her feeds and sleeps were all over the place.  She smiled and giggled her way through the days and slept through the night just as normal. 

We had a bit of a mare though because on the way into Liverpool we were sitting in a queue of traffic at lights and some eejit in a white van ran in the back of us.  The damage wasn't major but it was a very loud bang!  I went mental at the chap and he was very apologetic about it, even saying he wouldn't blame me if I decked him but then Louise went and smiled at him!!  She's fine but the boot on the car wouldn't shut so it had to be picked up by green flag and is being transportered back to Edinburgh.  naturally this happened on Saturday afternoon and there wasn't a hire car co open and then on sunday I tried two companies at the airport being the only places open and they didn't have a car!!  We managed to hire one yesterday and got back 7pm last night.  Have spent today trying to swop the car but no one phones back even when they say they will.  We hired a fancy car as we needed an estate car to get back, what with me having taken the kitchen sink with us, and the only one available was a saab 95 aero.  very snazzy.  however am panicking that the chap's insurers would be within their rights to say I have hardly hired like for like so am trying to swop it for something closer to my skoda estate.   So far the accident has cost me £525 hire car (had to pay for 14 days upfront), £102 to increase my insurance cover for the saab as it's so much more stealable than a skoda, £85 new carseat for Louise....blooming nora!! 

 Anyway, enough of that.  We are going shopping tomorrow to buy Louise a present for being so fab.  When we were in Stoke they had an old bouncing tigger that they had had for their grandsons and she just adored it so I think something Tigger is in order. 

Went to spinning last tuesday and this and I forgot how much I adore it.  You feel properly knackered afterwards.  Got some training tomorrow too.  All the weight chat is sort of depressing yet reassuring cos I am seriously stuck at 10st5 ish.  Can't stop eating crap either which doesn't help.    Plus that's my weight in the morning, post feed, pre brekky and after a pee!!

Hope this all fits or I'll cry.  Away to dry my hair now and have a cup of options hot choccy to stop me eating again. 

MR I'll be in touch re meeting up.  Glad you seem to be getting Megan settled a bit now, such a relief to know what was wrong. 

23/10/2007 at 22:11
I forgot the outrageous thing about the accident - on Monday I got a call on my mobile to ask if I had suffered any personal injury and could they help me claim???  (a) there was no inury and (b) how the hell did they get my mobile number, I didn't give it to anyone except my insurance co and I have legal expenses insurance so they shouldn't be handing it on cos they'd be doing my claim if there was one.  In fact they will be doing my claim for uninsured losses.  If they did hand it on though I am seriously peeved and am sure it is a major breach of the date protection act. 
24/10/2007 at 09:08

oh EF.  that sounds horrendous.  so glad no one was injured but what a right nightmare for you all.  i hope it's sorted soon but it really isn't the sort of hassle you need.  i don't think they can really quibble about the car you hired to be honest, as you didn't have any options and you needed an estate.

hope you find a lovely tigger for louise.  jacob was a fan of tigger as a wee baby but has lost interest now! upsydaisy (from the night garden on cbeebies) is his favourite.  he tried to steal one off a little girl at the park on saturday.  i would buy him one but my husband won't let him have a doll.  how cruel is that?!

JT - i know what you mean about cafe junior.  i'd be up for creating one with you in newport!  my dream is to own a coffee shop (don't know why!), and now that i have a little one, a coffee shop where tinies can play appeals so much!  cafe junior is great but i think the drinks and food are a bit overpriced for what they are, given that you have to pay to get in in the first place. mind you, quality is much better than eeeezzzeeeeeplay. talking of which, i plan to join you on monday pm.  won't get there for 2 because jacob still sleeps after lunch, but should be there by 2.30-ish.  jacob will be the little blond chap running around shrieking and waving his arms in the air going 'yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah'! i'll be the one going 'oi, monkey, come here.  i need to take your shoes off first'.

how was last night?  hopefully you got a bit more sleep!

still not much improvement in the virus.  mouth ulcers and cold sores have now gone but throat is still lumpy and sore (but not tonsillitis sore, so i don't think it's that).  i think it's the glands which are swollen so when i swallow sometimes it's really painful.  i did a short walk yesterday just to get some air.  think i will do the same again today.  husband is now on 2nd week of no training due to virus (this is unheard of - even when he tore knee cartlidge he was still training!); i'm on 3rd...

24/10/2007 at 16:43

Wow - MM and Mrs O, can't believe your little ones have celebrated their first birthdays!  MM, very brave to have such a big party!  Sounds as though it went really well.

Kit's a February baby so outdoor parties are - unfortunately! - not going to be an option.  I have hideous visions of marauding 4-year-old boys tearing around our house, high on sugar overload, wrecking the place!  Will have to think of places to hold birthday parties I think!  Am also dreading the whole party thing once he reaches school age and it all gets horribly competitive: apparently these days every child is expected to invite the whole class; hope that's not really true!

EF, what an absolute nightmare.  Not what you need.  Having recently been through the whole prang experience it's a major pain in the neck.  Our accident was very minor, and was entirely hubby's fault - but I was horrified to discover when we got the mechanic's assessment that it has cost over £4,000 of repairs including parts, labour and VAT.  There were a couple of dodgy days during which the assessors debated whether or not to write the car off, but fortunately its low mileage placed its value at higher than the market value for that make and model so the repair was agreed.  Finally got it back last week after 4 weeks without it.  In the interim the insurance company arranged for a courtesy car but it was a 3-door Nissan Micra - very awkward with a car seat!

Sorry to hear you're still below par, DCM.  It really does seem to be lingering.  Not sure what to suggest really - probably another course of antibiotics wouldn't be a good idea.

I think I'm probably still a few pounds heavier than pre-pregnancy, although don't own any scales so can't confirm this.  If I am, it looks as though it's here to stay but was very tiny before so  can probably get away with it.  It only seems to be my waist that's slightly bigger which is no bad thing as all my trousers used to fall down!

24/10/2007 at 22:20

LOL Minks - I have a very strange vision of you wandering round pulling your trousers up!!!

Know what you mean about the whole weight thing though.  I am losing weight (and my friend very kindly said that every time she sees me I look like I've lost more which is nice) and I can see that I'm losing weight quicker than many of my ante-natal class friends.  We are trying to eat healthily (I've found some of the recipes on the Channel 4 Cook Yourself Thin website are great, really tasty and filling) so I guess that helps too.  I'm planning on going back to swimming tomorrow night (been trying to psyche myself up for the 9.15pm start) and generally once I get back to that the weight starts to drop off me.  Once I swim again I'll get back up to training 4 times a week one way or another so I would hope it does come off!!!  Was pleased with my run tonight as it felt good - even had a rugby guy shout out 'good skills' to me! 

Have to say the running group that I have found is great but I'm very much in the middle.  The three mile group seem to be working at around12-13 minute miles and the 6 mile group is working at 7 minute miles which I can't see myself EVER achieving.  (i'm a typical swimmer, not a fast runner).  That said it's good company and there was another guy there this week who was a very similar pace to me which was great.

DCM - Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, has just occurred to me that it's half term though - eek!  Glad to hear you'll be there a bit later, we're usually running at least ten minutes late!  Ted was up again twice last night, to be fair hubby had put his nappy on wrong, but he has dropped waking up for his dummy so we seem to have knocked that on the head - phew!

EF - What a complete nightmare.  Hope you manage to get your uninsured losses back.  Think you have a strong case against the other party though surely as you needed a larger car and couldn't get anything else.  You're also trying to get a different car so surely that should count in your favour?  Glad to hear that your training is going well - you're very brave to weigh yourself, I haven't dared!

Well it's sleepy time for me now, off to feed the little man, he seems to have worked out that he gets a feed at this time now and has been squeaking for a bit so it can't be long before we get a full blown wake up!

25/10/2007 at 09:44

JT - yes, i did think about it being half term as well.  oh well - we'll just have to hope it's a nice day and all the big kids are taken to the park instead! we went on sunday afternoon and there was hardly anyone there because it was a nice day.

lol at hubby putting ted's nappy on wrong.  we have such a battle getting j's nappy on after his bath now.  he's in reusables during the day, but i always put a pampers baby-dry on him overnight.  he wees so much overnight it's ridiculous - and i am sure he'd wake up wet through in a reusable.  but he hates getting out of the bath and screams / rolls / goes rigid etc when you try to dress him, so his nappy usually ends up being a bit of a thong effort! i'm thinking of trying some pull-ups for overnight because at least that way he doesn't need to be laid on his back for his nappy to be put on.  he HATES being on his back so much!

i'm working from home this week (hurrah!) and have got guys in replacing soffits / fascias / gutterings on our house.  we're in a dormer bungalow with a single story extension and great big eaves, so have 130m of fascias (most houses have around 15 apparently!), so it's a 3 man job for a week!  they are great guys but yesterday i made 36 cups of tea and coffee!!! today isn't looking like it's going to be any different...

25/10/2007 at 09:54
JT - are you running with a running club?  if so, which one is it? i went out once or twice with the lliswerry runners (wrong side of town for you i guess).  they aren't particularly fast (in fact, i was the fastest woman and i am NOT fast!), but they were friendly.  i think they run on a weds night from the tennis centre at spytty.
25/10/2007 at 22:52
just a quick post...
Its good to se the old group!

Does anyone look back at the pregnant runners and think... if only I was there... again?
Or have I lost the plot?

Also, as a reminder, did anyone else have pethidine, and if so, do they have a numb leg...?
or it could be any other injection given...

Finally, have been suffereing from a really bad back... along the bra strap region. Can't bend over, lift up etc... and wondered if this was due to the baby, or going runninf too soon.

If anyone has any suggestions/advice, I would be very appreciative.

thank you
26/10/2007 at 09:59

We have the same battle, trying to bath two of them and get them both nappied and dressed for bed is a nightmare. Its like trying to dress an octopus!! And they crawl everywhere causing chaos, I hate doing the bath by myself!

My two wear their washables over night with a booster, but J has often leaked. We have tried a pampers overnight but that was worse not sure which one, and tesco superdry is sometimes OK but does leak, so we've stuck with the washables. He was dry last night. Like Jacob a big wetter I think. H is never wet in the morning.

Not wanting to be back there yet Mitts, and maybe never will be as better half doesn't want anymore so he says just now. Although I would like a little girl. I had an epidural so had a sore back for about a week, but only pains I had in my leg was from steroid injections, but that passed pretty quick. I started running at 4 weeks after a natural twin delivery, but walked a lot before that.

26/10/2007 at 11:35

Has anyone else's baby started refusing a bottle at about 8 months?  Kit turns 8 months tomorrow (can't believe it!) and over the past week has suddenly started to completely refuse his bottle after about 5oz.  Previously he was having 7-8oz per bottle - he now has three bottles per day.  I could maybe understand him cutting down on the mid-afternoon one since he has a decent amount of solids for his lunch, but this morning he wouldn't take more than 5oz from his bottle, which is the only one that (until today) he's been having OK.  Once he's made his mind up that he's not having any more, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it!  I know at this stage that they're supposed to have about 18-20oz a day, which he's probably getting inclusive of milk in his cereal, baby rice and in cheese sauces etc, but am finding it quite distressing/frustrating and also worrying about what I'll do if he cuts down any more.  Also surprised he wasn't starving this morning as he only took 5oz from his bedtime bottle last night, so thought he'd have a good feed this morning.

He's cut 4 teeth in the last couple of weeks but I'd have thought that once they're through the gums they shouldn't be giving him any pain?  He's eating his solids fine - loving them, actually! - so should I be concerned?  Do they naturally want to cut down their milk at around this age?  He is perfectly happy in himself and still sleeping well - am just worried that if he cuts down too much on his milk he'll start waking again in the night.  Plus obviously concerned that he's getting enough nutrients etc. - maybe I should swap to the follow-on milk which is richer in iron and vitamins?  (Still using Aptamil First at the moment).

26/10/2007 at 13:46

Another milk question... I have been using expressed milk for James' cereal and suddenly I can not express (having previously expressed for a bottle feed as well as for breakfast).  Now there is not enough for a cornflake never mind a bowl of them.  Have not used cows milk or formula due to hubbie and I having dairy allergy/intolerance and am waiting until he is a year.  He does have soya yoghurts - can I give him soya milk (yuk!) on his breakfast or any ideas why I can no longer express.  He is still having 2-3 feeds a day, so I am still producing milk.  James was 11 months on Wed.

Mitts - I would love to have another but Mr PA is happy with just one (although we have saved everything.........) and there is no way I would want to be pregnant whilst still breastfeeding James.  Guess he will stop the feeding completely soon into the new year.  Have to confess I occasionally have looked back at the other site, but there are no names I recognise really now

26/10/2007 at 15:06

Sorry, just lurking from the pregnant runners forum to catch any tips from all you experienced mums, and caught Mitts question about the numb leg.

Mitts - It sounds as if they gave the pethidine injection into the muscle, and this can sometimes cause an area of numbness around the area where the injection was given.  It's probably caused by a bit of local irritation to the nerve, and may gradually get better, but you may be left with a little numb patch.  Since this is on your thigh it probably won't cause any problems, but just make sure you don't get any cuts or do any damage to that area without noticing!  Hope that's some help!

26/10/2007 at 17:02

Minks, babes do cut down naturally. I also find it really goes in waves which coincide with growth spurts I think. My two roughly have 4-6 oz first thing, plus milk on cereal. Then they have 2-5oz in the afternoon, and 5-7oz before bed. Harry is the lower amounts. I give them lots of cheese and yoghurt. One mum told me that a fromage frais is times three to equal milk, so 50g pot = 150ml milk. Don't worry, am sure he is doing fine. Give him lots of cheesey pasta sauces, chunks of cheese to nibble, yoghurts etc. He'll be fine.

No idea about soya milk PA. My two are refusing cows milk, so have had to mix it this week, now down to 3/4 cows milk, 1/4 formula so getting there. Otherwise its all go, they can have everything which is great. They really do have what we have for dinner, I just chop it up with scissors. Well we eat what they are going have to be more honest. Although they have had a mild thai curry now, and lots of pasta with garlic, herbs and tiny amounts of chilli.

26/10/2007 at 17:32

DCM - It's the Ruperra Runners that I've been running with.  Very local as they meet outside the Ruperra Pub in Bassaleg.  Have picked up info for Lliswerry and they seem to meet around the Stow Hill area which is not too bad for me. 

Thinks there's still going to be a few of us on Monday which is good, was worried that half term might put people off but it looks like the baby zone will still be fairly full!  Like you say, let's hope for a dry day!!!

PA - I know a friend of mine was expressing for her baby initially and then found that because she wasn't feeding the milk gradually began to disappear.  Could it be because you're not feeding at this time any more perhaps?  Just a thought, wouldn't like to put it to a breastfeeding guru!

Mitts - must admit although I do want another, don't think it will be for a year or so yet!  Time is on my side though as I'm still 32, I know some of my older friends (that sounds terrible) who are in their 40s are seriously considering number 2 though.

Well we're fine, a fairly quiet weekend ahead I hope.  Hubby has just been informed that he is expected to attend corporate events for just about every other weekend until Christmas!!! Next weekends is to watch the Cardiff - Leicester rugby game - in Leicester!!!  He's not a happy bunny as you can imagine, it's not exactly conducive to family life...

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